one week to make or break the internet

Youtuber AU Headcanons

(Lowkey inspired by a post by @whizzerbrowne who brought the idea to my attention and it has since dominated my brain). Let’s just get started:

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One time I dreamt I became a maid for this old fashioned and posh hotel in London and it just so happened that on my first day amazingphil and danisnotonfire booked in for a holiday. I felt really guilty because I thought that the two were having a break from being surrounded constantly by fans, with me being a massive fan myself. And so, in a flawed attempt to try to make things more convenient and reassuring for them, I pretended that I didn’t know what the internet was for an entire week

anonymous asked:

How can I detox from social media?

Social media can sometimes feel really gross – like eating an entire package of Oreos at once. Two hours of scrolling pass by, and you come out feeling kind of ill, self-critical, and in need of a cleanse. It’s why many people – including myself! – regularly feel the need to detox from social media.

But here is the thing about detoxes: They’re not useful unless they’re helping you build habits that you will continue once the detox is over. It doesn’t work with diets – abstain from sugar entirely for a month, and you’ll likely return to the exact same pop habit when the diet is done – and it doesn’t work with technology.

So instead of fully eliminating social media from your life – because it will inevitably return – simply develop a healthier relationship with it. And healthy relationships have boundaries, like certain days and times that you don’t check social media at all. I do this regularly, and in those breaks, I don’t miss anything! I have never once come back to Twitter, for example, and thought: Gee, I really wish I had spent an extra hour reading internet bickerings! If something happened in the news that was discussed at length on a given platform, I go to one of the publications I trust and read the actual story.

Avoid accounts or feeds that make you feel negatively about your appearance or superficial aspects of your life – do not, however, cut out sources of news or media that challenge you. You want to have a healthier relationship with the internet, not disengage entirely.

If you’d like more ideas, I talked specifically about better internet habits in the Apathy Detox I designed. Check them out here.

If you figure it out, please let me know. I make little promises to myself at least once a week about taking a break from social media and I’ve tried a number of different things. Like my love for Thin Mints and buying purses, everything should be done in moderation and when it begins to interfere with your relationships and your life, it is time to take a break. In my house, we don’t bring phones to the table when we’re eating and we try to not have them in our bedroom (though I’m not sure how to wake up without my phone; where does a person buy an alarm clock?). When I’m with my children, I do my best to be present with them and not check email or engage on social media. A woman that I admire tremendously, Arianna Huffington, has compiled an incredible list of resources through her new company, Thrive Global, to not let social media interfere with your life, to get enough sleep and to take care of your physical and mental health.

Crim Kardashian Breaks the Internet

Infamous socialite and TV personality Crim Kardashian launched a new internet campaign this week allegedly aiming to “break the internet.” Partnering with indie magazine, Parchment, Crim and her famous tail end hit over four million views online. While that doesn’t quite #breaktheinternet, it is an enormous number of views for the otherwise obscure magazine, making this move one of its best business decisions of its entire existence.

The images themselves were met with a great deal of controversy, though such is hardly unusual for Kardashian’s online antics.

More conservative members of Sornieth vocalized concerns at normalizing public nudity. As one concerned guardian mother told Sornieth Times, “it’s just not right for the hatchlings. They-“ The dragon paused to cover her hatchling’s ears, before continuing in a whisper. “They’re too young to hear about nudity.”

Of course, thousands of clans throughout Sornieth never wear apparel at all, and thus fail to see the issue. “……… what are clothes?” voiced a perplexed fae from the Windswept Plateau.

On a less polarized response, many dragons throughout Sornieth commented that they were unsurprised, citing the celebrity tundra’s past incidents with leaked films of similar material – which is what led to Crim’s fame to start with.

Parchment commented on their publishing in… hindsight, telling reporters, “We learnt so much and our traffic is 10 times what it was a year ago.”

Bringing you the bare facts, this is The Sornieth Times.

You know, I find it absolutely devastating what this fandom has become. This is the second time in less than 6 months when bullying people got so far that people are taking breaks, leaving Tumblr, deleting their blogs. It’s been nearly 25 years since The X-Files started and it’s been 21 days since Season 11 has been announced. We could have all the reason to celebrate our show, our luck, invite and welcome new fans to join us in the next crazy ride. But guess what we are doing… Hating on each other! 

Gillian just published a book about honesty, acceptance and finding ourselves and look at this fandom. Does this behaviour remind you of those principles? A fandom should be a mostly fun, safe place with a hint of drama. The beauty of it should be that we are different with different views and different experiences. This diversity should be celebrated not used to generate hate.

This fandom is divided, that we have to deal with. We have to accept it, and just move on, people! It’s really not that difficult, showing some respect by leaving each other alone!! Anon hate will never stop and bullies gonna stay bullies, but! 

Please don’t leave. Please don’t let your little world being shuttered by strangers on the internet. Take a break, sure. But please don’t leave.Turn off anon mode, block everyone who hurts you. Just focus on people who make you feel safe, loved, and accepted. Create your nice, little bubble and stay in it! The X-files is coming back, Fox Upfronts is next week. As someone who lived through the months leading up to Season 10, I promise you it’s gonna be epic. It’s gonna be a lifetime experience and probably it’s gonna be the last time. Let’s come together and enjoy it! Please. 

As Gillian said in one of her interviews:

“So let’s practice what we preach and with the acceptance that we expect from others. Let us stop being so damn judgemental and crucifying of everyone who doesn’t fit into our boxed-in perception of what is right.”

Lip Balm

Title: Lip Balm

Summary: Dan and Phil leave the next Danisnotonfire video up to the fans and they vote for the lip balm challenge. 

Relationship: Phan

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell, Phil Lester

Word Count: 2,139

Warnings: M/M, some serious swearing (I mean, come on guys… It’s Dan we’re talking about here), some bants (meaning banter - lmao it just looks some weird ship name for pants), we got a little bit o’ making out (dayyuuuum but I guess you can kind of assume from the summary??), FLUFFFFFFFF, humour (well idk it depends on if you think it’s funny - personally i think i’m fukin hilarious but idk that’s probs just me), friendstolovers yo

AU where Dan and Phil aren’t married.

Or the one where Dan gets distracted by kissing Phil and forgets to guess the flavour. #friendstolovers


There’s a long pause before Dan finally breaks the silence.

“This is actually happening.”

The camera is on a tripod and rolling, the lights are focused on their faces, and there’s a bag beside each of their feet.

This is actually happening.

They’re sitting on Dan’s bed next to each other and Dan can’t help but feel extremely nervous.

“Hello internet! So last week, we had just returned from New York and couldn’t think of any video ideas. Instead of making an incredibly generic overdone video, we turned to you guys!” Dan explains enthusiastically.

Phil is just nodding along and glancing at Dan every now and then, adding another layer of extra pressure.

“We asked you all to come up with an idea for my next Danisnotonfire video, and the percentage was overwhelmingly outweighed by one specific idea. You’ll never guess what it was…” He trails off, giving the camera an extremely annoyed expression. “A generic, overdone video.”

Phil chuckles from next to him, causing the corner of Dan’s mouth to twitch but he stills it mentally and keeps talking. “We asked you guys for an idea to avoid a generic video, and you guys voted for a generic video.”

“You might want to tell them what we’re doing, Dan.” Phil reminds him patiently, a hint of laughter still in his voice.

Dan shoots Phil a look and retorts, “Calm your titballs there, Lester! I’m getting to it.”

Phil shakes his head and Dan ignores this.

“Today - because an overwhelming 76% of you asked for it - Phil and I will be doing…”

His flatmate drums on the post of Dan’s bed.

“The lip balm challenge!” Dan announces as Phil ends his reckless drumroll.

“I think I’ve seen this before,” Phil comments, looking curiously over at Dan. “Isn’t this for couples?”

“It is indeed,” Dan agrees with a sigh. “Basically, how this will work is person A will put on a blindfold, then person B puts on a chosen flavour of lip balm and locks lips with person A. Person A will have to guess which flavour it is that person B has on.”

“Dan and I went to the dollar store because Dan’s cheap and-”

“I am not cheap!”

“-We bought five different flavours of lip balm.” Phil explains, ignoring Dan’s interjection.

Dan huffs and goes to pull the lip balms out of one of the bags at their feet. “But - of course - we couldn’t go to a bath & body store without Phil buying
a thousand bath bombs and facial moisturizers.”

Phil crosses his arms indignantly. “That’s not true! Besides, you like them too.”

Dan smirks as he holds up the lip balms and prepares to name the flavors for the camera. “Touché.”

He holds the lip balms up higher so they are definitely in the shot. “These are the five flavours we chose.”

He hands two to Phil and takes three for himself. “Here I have Rosemary Eucalyptus, Tangerine Lime, and Cocoa.”

Phil checks his lip balms too. “I have Grapefruit Clove and Cinnamon Mint.”

“So - with that in mind - I guess we will begin. Are you ready Phil?”

“I’m ready!”

“Then let’s get started.” Dan turns and grabs the familiar red blindfold from the bag at his feet and looks at Phil. “Who wants to go first?”

“I want to go last,” Phil says quickly. “I want to know what each one tastes like on my lips before I go.”

Dan sighs and his heart starts to pick up pace. “I guess I’ll go first then.”

He hands the blindfold to Phil and turns so that Phil can tie it around his head.

As soon as it covers his eyes, Dan gets a lurch of panic that sparks through his body.

No matter what, there’s no going back now.

He can no longer see anything coming so he has no time to prepare.Taking a deep breath, Dan sticks his palm out with the lip balms he has in Phil’s general direction until he feels their weight relieved from his hand.

Folding his hands in his lap (because what the fuck else is he supposed to do with them), Dan feels his other senses kick into hypersensitive mode.

He’s aware of Phil’s presence, of the racing of his heart beat, of the the blood pumping through his body, he can taste the saliva in his mouth, he can smell the lack of fresh air caused by not opening a window in a while.

Everything is beginning to overwhelm Dan from all of the information his senses are sending his brain.

“Do I just show which one I chose to the camera?” Phil asks suddenly, startling Dan by his spontaneity.

“Er, yeah sure. I’ll edit in a count of how many points we have after we finish filming.” He adds.

Phil goes quiet again and Dan just assumes that he’s showing the camera his choice of lip balm and putting it on.

“Alrighty Daniel, pucker up!” Phil exclaims cheerily.

Dan’s heart trips over itself at the childish words.

He can literally feel the space between them getting smaller and smaller.

His last fleeting thought is, ’fuckity fuckity fuck’.

Then a pair of soft, warm lips wrap around his top one and his brain goes white.

He is too shocked to react, but Phil’s lips move at a perfectly paced tempo, slowly coaxing Dan’s body into reacting.


Dan’s lips twitch against Phil’s and suddenly they’re moving in sync, harmonizing in the beautiful symphony Phil has started.

And fuck this is so good.

Somehow, his hand finds its way to his best friend’s cheek and Dan stabilizes the kiss, relishing the taste and feel of Phil’s lips on his own.

They’re so soft and delicate and Dan’s almost afraid Phil’s bottom lip will just slip right out from between his own, but it doesn’t.

The next thing he knows, Phil’s pulling away and Dan makes what has to be the most mortifying noise of disappointment he’s ever made in his life.

His cheeks flush crimson and there’s just no point in hiding it now.

“What’s your guess?”


“What flavour do you think it was?” Phil repeats.



Dan was supposed to be guessing what flavor of lip balm Phil was wearing.

But he was too caught up in actually kissing Phil than guessing what flavour the bloody ChapStick was.

“I didn’t really get that great of a taste.” Dan admits awkwardly. “Could I get another go?”

Phil laughs and Dan’s ears perk at the sound.

He opens his mouth to speak again when he’s cut off by Phil’s lips connecting with his own.

And he’s sucked right back into Phil’s addictive lip-lock.

Focus Dan! You want to win this thing, don’t you?

Forcing himself to stop twirling in the high that is Phil’s kiss, Dan tries to focus on tactics to get a better taste of the lip balm.

Lick it off.

His stomach flutters at the thought, but it does make logical sense.

Here goes nothing.

Dan slowly lets his tongue venture out and glide innocently along Phil’s lower lip.

And the whine that Phil makes is so fucking hot.

Swallowing a groan, Dan gently sucks Phil’s bottom lip into his mouth, licking it with long, precise strokes.

He definitely recognizes that flavour.

A small moan - so small Dan almost can’t hear it - is released from Phil as Dan sucks skillfully on his lower lip and Dan literally has to pull himself away so he doesn’t jump Phil then and there.

Their lips disconnect with a soft popping sound and Dan resists the powerful urge to lean back in.

That can wait for another time.

Instead he clears his throat and says, “That was definitely eucalyptus. Whatever that eucalyptus flavour was, it was that one.”

“Rosemary Eucalyptus?” Phil muses.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Dan waves it off.

He holds his breath as Phil is silent for a moment.

“I… I think you’re right…?”

“I’m right. I know eucalyptus when I taste it.” Dan says confidently.

“Should I move onto the next one?”


“Alright. How many am I doing again?”


“Right. Well, I’ll tell you when I’m done, okay?”

“Fine by me.”

And Dan’s forced to wait again.

He can’t help but wonder why he’s always refrained from kissing Phil.

He knew deep down he was scared. Not because of sexuality or fans or anything like that, but scared of losing Phil.

Before Phil is anything, he is Dan’s best friend and Dan would cry himself to sleep every night if Phil left him.

It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

“Phil, I- mmfph.” Dan begins to express these thoughts to him when he’s - again - cut off by Phil’s lips and he nearly passes out.

How does this get better every single time they do it?

He goes for the tongue quicker this time, opening his lips against Phil’s and gently tugging his lower lip into his mouth, the slow suction releasing a strong flavour of cinnamon.

Dan immediately pulls away and gags, coughing as he turns to face away from Phil.

“Are you alright, Dan?” Phil asks worriedly.

Dan doesn’t respond, instead attempting to swallow away the overwhelming flavour.

Once he can speak again, he chokes out the word, “Cinnamon.”

Phil gives him the point.

Eventually - by the time they’re switching - Dan’s blindfold is untied and he flinches at the bright lighting, giving his eyes a moment to adjust.

Phil offers him the blindfold and Dan smiles and takes his, tying it gently around Phil’s head and securing the knot.

“Fifty shades,” he says in a false husky tone as he finishes.

Phil barks out a laugh and Dan chuckles as well, mentally going through his lip balm options.

Which will Phil not guess?

He settles with Cocoa and holds it up to the camera to show the viewers. He is then uncapping the lid and putting it onto his lips until they’re slick and flavourful.

Dan turns to look at Phil and warn him of his advance, but his eyes soften when he sees the sight presented to him.

Phil is sitting in front of him with his knees pulled up underneath him in a cross-cross position and a cute smile spread across his lips.

For this reason, Dan has no trouble crawling forward on hands and knees and connecting their lips softly.

Phil squeaks in surprise and Dan chuckles breathily through his nose.

After a few seconds, Phil gets more adventurous and rolls Dan’s bottom lip between his teeth to get the flavour off of it.

Dan moans.

He literally moans.

Like… Sexually.

And his cheeks flush with embarrassment, but Phil doesn’t seem bothered by this at all, instead continuing the action with more confidence, leaving Dan in a wrecked state when he pulls away to answer.

“That’s chocolate,” Phil announces, wiping his lips on the back of his hand.

Dan pouts. “You weren’t supposed to get that.”

“I thought it was cinnamon at first, actually. Then I realized it was richer and I knew it was chocolate.”

Dan nods, tasting some off of his lips. “Alright Phil, I’m about to choose the next one so I need you to be quiet, which I know is quite challenging for you.”

Phil sticks his tongue out at Dan and the brunet laughs.

Holding up the Grapefruit Clove flavour, he makes sure that it’s focused and visible.

He applies it to his lips and crawls forward to press them to Phil’s.

Phil - clearly not expecting this - turns his head and they bump noses.

Fuck!” Dan exclaims, clutching it as he retreats.

Phil cringes and grabs at his own too. “Ouch! You could’ve warned me, Dan.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to turn your head, you acorn!” Dan retorts, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Phil sighs and Dan softens a bit.

“… I’m sorry,” he says quietly.

A small smile finds it’s way onto Phil’s lips and Dan’s heart stutters.

“It’s alright, Dan. I should’ve waited for your cue to move anyway.” Phil consoles, reaching out for Dan’s shoulder blindly.

Dan snickers and moves so that it does.

“I’m going to go for it now, if you’re cool with that?”



And Dan leans forward, colliding heaven and Earth once again as their lips meet.

He melts into the kiss and they slowly begin to morph into more lip-sucking (purely for the tasting aspect of course…) and lip-rolling.

Dan even gives into the urge to lean back in and peck Phil’s lips a last time before pulling away.

They play this game again after the video is finished, as well.

They claim it’s to taste all of the flavours, but they both know very well that this is a load of massive horseshit.

Fuck cherry lip balm, Dan’s new favourite flavour is Phil.


Exam Study Tip Reminders :)

As your final exam season approaches I wanted to post some techniques and some personal tips on techniques I give my students for how to prepare for your exam mentally. 

As studying can be tiring, make sure you take plenty of short breaks to refresh your body and mind- you may chose to engage in some meditative or contemplative practices to help prioritize your mental health. Here are some things to try!

Three Step Chair Stretching: Place your hands in a comfortable position while sitting, and do the following: 1. Plant your feel firmly, flat on the ground. 2. Straighten your back so your shoulders are aligned with your hips and 3. Focus on your breathing, and only your breathing, for one minute. Tip: At this stage you may focus on thought which you see as constructive- work on clearing your mind. If other thoughts begin to surface, be gentle with yourself. Acknowledge those thoughts and then gently let them leave your mind. Chair stretching is one of many physical techniques of contemplative practice which can help you to focus your mind while stimulating your body.

Color or Doodle: Using a piece of paper and a marker or colored pencil, allow your mind to wander while you draw. Spending as long or as short a moment you can spare. Try to use colorful tools for this experience, and don’t focus to heavily on what you’re drawing- just draw! Tip: coloring-books are currently a popular product for meditation for adults, and are helpful for some. Drawing can be a helpful creative method for relaxation, especially if you’re studying something repetitive. Not a big fan of drawing? Jump in a cool shower, crank up your favorite music, and sing your heart out for five minutes to relieve the tension of lengthy work periods. 

Go for a Brisk Walk: While studying we can end up sitting at home or in the library all day. Take ten minutes to go for a walk around the library or your block. Breathing different air- preferably fresh, but any will do, will refresh your body and give your mind a temporary break from your hard work. Tip: If you find yourself beginning to become distracted more frequently or easily, your mind may need a break. Don’t fight what your body needs! You’ll maintain focus for longer if you allow yourself consistent breaks. 

Do Something Else Productive: When you’ve got an exam coming up quickly, studying can become stressful, especially with time constraints. If you find you’re becoming overwhelmed, take a minute to conduct a short but productive task. This can be something like putting in a load of laundry, cleaning some dishes you’ve put off for weeks, tidying up your room, or just making your bed. By completing a small productive task you’ll give your mind a rest without the guilt associated with checking Facebook or watching TV. Tip: The finite nature of chores means that once one is complete you’ll be on a set schedule. When breaks involve watching television or going on the internet, you can quickly fall into distraction quicksand, with little chance of sticking to a schedule and getting back to work. 

Bonus For Classics Students (since I’m teaching Roman Culture):

In case you need something silly to cheer you up, Horrible Histories is a show from the BBC about Ancient Rome for children, but some of their videos are quite funny. Here is one on Roman Medicine:

Here are some songs that have something to do with Ancient Rome if you’re looking for some music to study to! 

Pompeii by Bastile:

Venus by Bananarama:

Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand:

Hercules by Sarah Bareilles:

Viva La Vida by Coldplay:

Happy studying!


Chanyeol x reader
word count: 976
genre: fluff
warning: none. All this came out of a very good dream I had, unfortunately it was only a dream, days later Chanyeol shows the photo of his abs so thank god and sammy that translated this scenario for me, love u bro.
author: Maari
Summary: It’s hard to concentrate when you’re in the same house with Chanyeol, especially when he wants you to admit your feelings.

“I still didn’t understand why I have to supervise him, as far as I remember, he is of age.” I crossed my arms and my friend smiled.

“You really want to leave Chanyeol alone in this house?” she asked and I stood in silence. Yeah, he could burn the house or even throw a party like in those cliche teenage movies “And Chen said that he want to enjoy that the town is small and no one know that they are famous”

“And I turn the nanny?”

“As you are actually thinking this a bad situation, right Y/N? Just confess you always wanted to be alone with him at least once in your lifetime.”

“Look, it’s not because I had a crush on him when I was younger that I still have. I’ve grown up, okay?”

“You liked him till last year…”

“Aren’t you and Chen going to buy whatever?” I changed the subject quickly, talking about that wasn’t going to be good to my sanity.

“Fine, I’ll leave the two birds alone.” my friend joked and I pushed her to go soon, not before hitting her arm lightly.

I barely had contact to the guys of exo, even that my best friend is Chen’s girlfriend, it wasn’t like I had a free pass to see them anytime.

It’s been one week that they entered the hiatus after the last comeback. After a long tour which I had been forced to follow through the internet with my friend, they’ve been on a break and would think about the next album next month. Chen was available so my friend always invented a trip to the weekend, and I was included in all of them. And for my infortune, so was Chanyeol.

I did not hate the guy, on the contrary, that was the problem. The fact that he is so loving, kind, polite and such a kid, just make people falling in love with him, and I am one of them.

Chanyeol were my bias since the beginning, even before my friend telling me about her relationship with Chen, but I knew I had no chance with him, after all, he is a celebrity, I never hide this fact to my friend, which now make everything so I stay in the same room with him. She knows that now he isn’t just a crush, and try to be our cupid.

We are now in her parents house in the country town, quiet and with a few population, it was the perfect place to spend the vacations at.

During the trip, my friend insist that I sat beside Chanyeol, she succeed at being the least discreet as possible, and even me being embarrassed I tried to not look affected. In the end, when I arrived, was nice talking to him, he was funny and didn’t make things awkward.

But I wasn’t a fool, I knew he was flirting with me shamelessly, smirking all the damn time.

The confidence I had all day was gone when Chen and my friend left. I tried to keep myself calm, I knew he wouldn’t force me to do anything, I just needed to act as we were just friends, and do not show my real desire. I drank a cup of water and went to check on Chanyeol and tell him that our friends went to pick some food, maybe he even wanted to play some videogames…

My room were beside his, Chen and Chanyeol slept in the same room, because I was not so stupid to sleep in the same bedroom with him, not when I had this huge crush on him.

His door was open and I stopped there feeling my legs weak and my chin dropping. Right in front of me Chanyeol was undressing his shirt slowly and leaving his abs expossed. I must have stayed there a long time staring at his body.

Before I could left there as nothing had happened, Chanyeol turned and stared at me with that damn smile. The son of a bitch was doing on purpose!

And I couldn’t stop staring.

“You know, Y/N, you can do this whenever you want to.” he spoke out loud and I didn’t know what to answer. To tease me even more his hands moved the buttons of his jeans and I runned away from him, hiding behind a wall still mouth opened and feeling my heart beating too fast, my face was warm and I needed to breath deeply before I passed out.

I turned to look back at his room, thinking that I would find nothing and realizing that I was dreaming. But I was caught by surprise again when Chanyeol’s face was inches from mine, I felt his lips on mine quickly and he backed away smiling.


“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You are so cute with your face red.” he smiled and I raised my hands to my warm cheeks.

“And whose fault is that?” I smiled, although I still wanted to hide my face.

“Oops” he approached and I let him put his hands on my waist, if it depended on me his hands would stay there for a long time.

The height difference between us was no problem when his lips touched mine again, with no hurry, with no surprise. My hands raised to his broad shoulders.

I didn’t know I wished that until I finally had it, kissing him was a new and good sensation, to good to my sanity, his lips were soft and a knew in that moment that I could spend my whole life kissing him.

“You really liked the vision right?” he stroke my cheek when his forehead touched mine.

“Was that your plan? Making me see you shirtless?”

“It worked, your chin was really dropped, I should have taken a picture”


In need of money ASAP

This damn place we bought is a bigger fixer upper then we were told

We’ve sink all our money just into fixing it

And we are in a lot where we have to pay $220 a week cause we can’t do monthly

Our trailers to “small”

It’s just one thing after another and we are extremely stressed

Me and @vios-coldspace

Are taking commissions

Plz ask about prices

My computer won’t seem to run the internet (we are using the parks internet ). So you’ll have to contact him for either of us. To commission

Or I can answer on phone idk

So stressed so tried

Pissed cause we feel ripped off

Everything breaking one after another and uggghh

Wee need to make $300 by next week


How does he react when you tell him you are pregnant?

Requested by Anon

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Sam breaks into a big goofy grin and all of your worries disappear immediately. Sam picks you up and twirls you around completely ignoring your pleas to stop until you tell him “this cannot be good for the baby!” Sam lowers you back onto your feet with an apologetic smile.

From that day on Sam hardly leaves your side. He searches the internet for everything pregnancy related. He informs you how big the baby is every week and how it is now developed. He researches cribs and strollers making sure you get the best ones.

He drives Dean crazy baby proofing the bunker even before the baby is born and puts a carseat in the impala. He drives you crazy watching everything you eat and makes sure you don’t have any coffee but as soon as you are done sulking and pouting when he removes the cup from your hand you can’t help but smile when he turns his back. There is no doubt in your mind how much Sam loves you and this baby already and you love him right back even when he steals your coffee.  


Cas will almost stop breathing when you tell him and as soon as he has regained control of his respiratory functions he starts apologizing to you. He has put you in danger and worse than that it is his fault your child will be hunted and in danger.

When the dangers starts to dawn on you and Cas sees the fear in your eyes his will start to leave him and an overwhelming need to protect you sets in. He will rush across the room and wrap you in his arms and promise you he will never let anything happen to you or the baby. He will promise you that for as long as he is around you will both be safe.

From that day you feel him with you. Even when you know he is off on a hunt with the boys you will feel his presence. Like he somehow is watching you from a far. Making sure that you and the precious child you are carrying is safe. His child. Cas never thought he was going to be a father and at first the thought scared him but now there is nothing in the world he wants more. Yes as long as Cas is around everything is going to be fine. Perfect.  


When you first found out you were pregnant you were scared to tell him. Dean always said he didn’t want to bring anyone into the life. He said that hunters were never kids. That he never were. So you were sure he would leave you to keep you safe when he found out. The blank expression on his face when the words finally made it over your lips didn’t help your panic. It felt like hours were you just stared at each other but then a big smile slid across his face, “I’m gonna be a dad?” Tears where streaming down your face when he hugged you as you whispered yes!

Off course Dean was scared for the child’s safety but he swore to himself you would never know that. He also swore to himself he would die a thousand times over before he would let any harm come to you or his kid.

Ever since the day you told him you were expecting his child his hand would find his way to you belly a dozen times a day or more. He would wrap his arm around you when you were having breakfast or sat in the library doing research and rest his hand on you stomach. He would walk up behind you and kiss your cheek as his thumbs drew circles against your abdomen and every night you would fall asleep with him spooning you and his big hand stretched out on your belly. You would feel safe and loved and know that he would always be there to protect the both of you. Dean was going to be an amazing dad.


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You can do whatever makes you feel comfortable If you need a break, take a break If you don’t wanna be on the internet, don’t be in the internet It’s youre choice and you’re choice matters

i know. i did take a break the week before. 

it was a dick move of me to tell no one. and the worst time too for my phone to go off and the fires to happen which took out a lot of service for everyones phones around me. but eugh…

i dont know.

i just wanted a break. and i took that break and had a lot of fun with my family. plus at this point, i knew that if i told them i was gonna take a break, they would’ve flipped out anyways. but there technically was no point since all they never really talked to me anyways except for when they needed me. 

its selfish of me to feel this way but…

i’ve been pushed around. manipulated. and so vulnerable for so long. i give the warnings. i bring up my damn weaknesses and what i can’t handle…haha yet no one listens

there is only a few people that listen and are still there for me no matter scared to lose them but i just gotta trust in them..

ive been hating watching all these mushy shows about friendship or youtube videos with people so happy with their friends because im starting to realize i’ve lost the people that i really thought that cared about me. 

Imagine 15: Tony Perry

I know requests are closed but ah I really love your imagines and could you do one where you’re on a date with Tony Perry and he’s awkward and nervous and he thinks he messed up the date but it makes you like him even more. Super cute and fluffy please :) <3

(I’ve been on winter break for a week now and I haven’t written one imagine, and I feel really bad and I need to start getting some done. So I wrote this the other night and I don’t even wanna know how horrible it is, but my internet was down so I’m posting it tonight. Enjoy lovelies. xx)

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Apparently people are tripping over the golden maknae getting some new earrings. Let’s be honest folks…these piercings are maybe a 6 gauge at most which is 4mm which is…small (but they seriously look even smaller. Photos (from Hi, spring) were taken a week apart or so. Hoops show real gauge because those screw on plugs are deceiving as hell) You can tell they’re not that much larger than a few mm because he still has the natural shape of his earlobe. As someone who had 2 inch gauges before trust me…at his age he could take out the gauges and in a few weeks have them back to nothing. So quit tripping. This is not damaging his life forever. Let him enjoy that ear cheese that comes with gauging your ears. Plus it makes him look like a little badass.

What’s going to happen when one of these kids gets a tattoo…I shudder to think. The Internet may break down.

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So I'm going to be a counselor at a camp this summer, am leaving on Friday, and I won't have any internet which means I have to wait until July where I get a one week break to read any new work you post and that is making me very sad as I look forward to your work so much! So while I will then get to bing read your stuff I'm also going to be deprived! Thus I was wondering if you maybe had something, even a little something you could post to tide me over before I leave?:)

Okay, this may not be what you want, but as you’re going off to camp, I feel the need to post you something from the Camp AU. So…. here’s a little sneak peeky snippet from a few weeks into their summer:

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To be clear, Rise of the Guardians did not fail because it was a bad movie.

It failed due to poor marketing and a really rough release date (Both Breaking Dawn and Wreck-It Ralph released within weeks of it).

I hadn’t even seen or heard a peek or whisper about the movie until a few weeks before release, and I only heard about it because someone reblogged a screenshot of Jack and I asked what it was from because he reminded me of a white-haired Colin Morgan.

Trailers had been up for months and I’d never seen one despite the fact that I practically live on the internet. That shouldn’t ever happen .


YO guys I just wanted to make a little update telling you all where i’ve been and whats been going on in the life of your captain! 

A few weeks ago I got sick and it was REALLY terrible. like everyday I woke up and when I hoped it was getting better I was getting worse. Headaches and stomachaches EVERYDAY, weakness to the point I can’t stand, delusion and fever and nausea every day, it was the worst.

As soon as I got “better” my mind was not in a good place. For some reason the sickness (I’m assuming) left me feeling really emotional and all I wanted to do was sit around and feel sorry for myself. 

As of this week I am totally better, no sickness besides the terrible cough here and there, and totally 100% ready to get back to making terrible internet videos for your viewing pleasure. 

Youtube is my home, is my job, and is the one thing I do that MAKES SENSE in my life. I wouldn’t leave you guys over some sickness and feeling down, but just like everyone, sometimes I need a break and need to attend to other things in life besides poop jokes on the internet. 

I love you, Capndesdes/DesandNate crew, and thank you for supporting me as always. <3

Olicity: Our Girl and Hers

Anonymous said: Olicity Prompt: Oliver and Felicity reaction when they find out they’re going to be grandparents. Love your writing!

Originally posted by fernlicity

The laptop closes, the room falls into a peace of huffed laughs of disbelief, pure delight filling the room. It’s just the four of them - Felicity, Oliver, John and Lyla - gathered around the couch. The ladies of the couples had taken seat on the couch while the two men stood behind them, leaning over so they could all see the screen while they skyped with their children.

Andy Diggle and Ava Queen were on their honeymoon.

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Hi! can I ask for an advice? I'm feeling bitter right now, because I didn't passed all my subjects this semester. I fail one major subject. I felt it is a little bit unfair that I wasn't one of the "lucky" who passed, its hard for me to accept and just move on and be happy and tell myself that "that's life". What advice could you give me? on how can I learn to accept it. Thanks a lot! :) May the Lord bless you always!

Hey, I want you to know that I do think this is rough, and I get that you can be tempted to feel bitterness or resentment. College is one of the most stressful times in some folks lives, and the push to achieve is huge.

I want to push back on this “lucky ones” idea though. The Bible says we reap what we sow. When it comes to scholastic achievement, unless there’s a huge corruption somewhere, your grades are no one’s fault but your own.

Proverbs says, “Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”

Studying, paying attention in class, seeking out tutoring help, and doing outside research on the subjects are all things you can do to see a bump in your grade. Doing well academically isn’t a luck thing. It’s a hard work thing. Maybe you need to take a break from using the internet for things other than studying for a semester. Maybe there are other sacrifices you have to make for this season of your life.

Figure out what’s expected of you and do it. I teach classes throughout the week and the students that receive good grades are the ones that show me that they learned the material and did the required assignments. If you see yourself slipping in a class, go to the professor and see where the lapse was and fix it quickly. Sometimes there are tests you can make up or assignments you can at least get partial credit on.

One last thing, the Bible says that every action should be done excellently, as if you’re doing it for God and not for men. And Jesus says that when people see our good works, they’ll glorify our Father in heaven. Doing well in school is less about getting a degree and more about honoring God. When it’s done for Jesus, studying is an act of worship.