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How does he react when you tell him you are pregnant?

Requested by Anon


Sam breaks into a big goofy grin and all of your worries disappear immediately. Sam picks you up and twirls you around completely ignoring your pleas to stop until you tell him “this cannot be good for the baby!” Sam lowers you back onto your feet with an apologetic smile.

From that day on Sam hardly leaves your side. He searches the internet for everything pregnancy related. He informs you how big the baby is every week and how it is now developed. He researches cribs and strollers making sure you get the best ones.

He drives Dean crazy baby proofing the bunker even before the baby is born and puts a carseat in the impala. He drives you crazy watching everything you eat and makes sure you don’t have any coffee but as soon as you are done sulking and pouting when he removes the cup from your hand you can’t help but smile when he turns his back. There is no doubt in your mind how much Sam loves you and this baby already and you love him right back even when he steals your coffee.  


Cas will almost stop breathing when you tell him and as soon as he has regained control of his respiratory functions he starts apologizing to you. He has put you in danger and worse than that it is his fault your child will be hunted and in danger.

When the dangers starts to dawn on you and Cas sees the fear in your eyes his will start to leave him and an overwhelming need to protect you sets in. He will rush across the room and wrap you in his arms and promise you he will never let anything happen to you or the baby. He will promise you that for as long as he is around you will both be safe.

From that day you feel him with you. Even when you know he is off on a hunt with the boys you will feel his presence. Like he somehow is watching you from a far. Making sure that you and the precious child you are carrying is safe. His child. Cas never thought he was going to be a father and at first the thought scared him but now there is nothing in the world he wants more. Yes as long as Cas is around everything is going to be fine. Perfect.  


When you first found out you were pregnant you were scared to tell him. Dean always said he didn’t want to bring anyone into the life. He said that hunters were never kids. That he never were. So you were sure he would leave you to keep you safe when he found out. The blank expression on his face when the words finally made it over your lips didn’t help your panic. It felt like hours were you just stared at each other but then a big smile slid across his face, “I’m gonna be a dad?” Tears where streaming down your face when he hugged you as you whispered yes!

Off course Dean was scared for the child’s safety but he swore to himself you would never know that. He also swore to himself he would die a thousand times over before he would let any harm come to you or his kid.

Ever since the day you told him you were expecting his child his hand would find his way to you belly a dozen times a day or more. He would wrap his arm around you when you were having breakfast or sat in the library doing research and rest his hand on you stomach. He would walk up behind you and kiss your cheek as his thumbs drew circles against your abdomen and every night you would fall asleep with him spooning you and his big hand stretched out on your belly. You would feel safe and loved and know that he would always be there to protect the both of you. Dean was going to be an amazing dad.


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oh damn, i think you delete your asks after a while. i asked you where you post your workouts and/or if you have a channel or something, but i lost my internet access and maybe lost the answer too :(

Hii! Sorry I’ve been traveling on spring break/doing midterm/applying for jobs the past 3 weeks so I’m so behind on messages, so sorry if this is a late reply!!! I either post them under pictures or as individual posts–I haven’t been great at tagging them though, but a few are tagged under ‘workouts’. From here on out I will definitely make sure to tag them more effectively so you can find all the ones I’ve posted! If I have time later tonight I will definitely post today’s back/bicep workout too :)

A few thousand of you believed this blog could become a book.

A few thousand of you will determine if this book reaches the world.

You helped art-direct the cover. You rewrote the book’s back cover. Your reblogs and orders jumpstarted presale. 

Today is the Amazon and Kindle release, Tumblr.

And today I am a girl standing in front of the Internet hoping it loves her as much as she loves it.

Without you Tumblr, there is no tipping point.

With you, there is no stopping point.

And while we’ve been trying to retire the worn-out phrase “it-girls” for a while now, I think it’s fair to say that whatever “it” is, the woman who’ve made our annual Women in Music list this year- including Ella Henderson, Florence Welch, Tinashe, and Sleater- Kinney—possess It in abundance. Cover girl Taylor Swift, whose latest album sold an incredible 1.3 million copies in it’s first week, looks stronger, and tougher than she ever has in “This Is Getting Good Now!.”

People are rightly fascinated by Swift, a beguiling mix of sugar and candor and ambition who probably could have gotten famous in the internet age on her legs alone. But she’s the real real thing: a gifted storyteller who can sing and think at the same time, break your heart and make you dance in the same song—and who has written one generation-defining hook after another that just won’t leave your head, even as you bang it against the wall trying to make it stop.

—  Robbie Meyers in the Editor’s Letter for the June 2015 Issue of Elle Magazine