one week one week one week!

me: that game’s $30, I can’t afford that

also me: buys $30+ of games during the sale and plays maybe one of them


Day 4: Free Day


“Come on, Percy,” Lapis muttered from the bed of the truck, legs tucked in under her chin as she rewatched an episode of Camp Pining Hearts. The gem couldn’t help but scoff in irritation as Percy pleaded with his ‘friend that was a girl’, Paulette. “Just make a new friendship bracelet and get over it. Really, you’re just being obnoxious with all that crying.”

Generally, this would be the moment her companion would agree, adding in some other backhanded commentary about the apparent dependency Percy had developed on Paulette and why it was just unneeded on so many levels. There would be some long tirade about how Percy was better off without Paulette, how he should just go to Pierre already and save them all the misery and suffering of having to deal with his train-wreck of a relationship with Paulette.

But, Peridot said nothing from her spot beside Lapis. The blue gem didn’t expect much, but it still twisted something painful inside her heart at the silence.

She turned back to the television, smiling, though it was fake and forced. “Oh, hey look, Peridot. It’s your favorite part of the episode, Pierre’s cheering Percy up after the Paulette fiasco,” she said, watching as their favorite pair had a heartfelt talk.

Still, there was no response.

Lapis bit her lip as she curled up tighter, making herself smaller against the bed of the truck. It…wasn’t fun watching Camp Pining Hearts when she didn’t have Peridot giving snarky commentary beside her. It just, it wasn’t the same when only Lapis was talking. She couldn’t enjoy her favorite show without Peridot now, how silly was that.

It wasn’t just watching the show that had lost its spark with the silence of the green gem. Everything around the barn became dull, like it’s only source of light and joy had left. Which, in a way, was rather accurate as far as Lapis was concerned. She missed Peridot. Her excitable nature, her prideful boasting, her smile, her laugh. She just, she missed Peridot so much.

The blue gem looked beside her. The folded blanket that nestled the green gemstone atop.

“Peridot, just… come back already, please?”

Summer Q&A - Week One

We are thrilled to share our first installment of Summer Q&A

Each week, you will be introduced to several Olitz fanfic authors, who will share thoughts on various topics such as writing, personal favorites, advice, and of course, Olivia & Fitz. 

This project is a fun way to get to know your faves who make our days exciting with their stories. 

Featured This Week: @babycakesbriauna, Lauryn Joleigh ( @joleighjack​ ), Gabrielle ( @labellebeaucoup​ ), LiveInLoveAndLaughter ( @livelovelaughter531​) , Michelle (Sucker4Scandal)

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Elsanna Week: The Sky’s Awake

Anna couldn’t sleep.

Usually, that wasn’t a problem. No one was even awake to ignore her at night, so after a long day of roaming empty halls, sleep was a welcome break. After a long day of roaming the North Mountain, she shouldn’t be awake for another two weeks.

Maybe being frozen undid all of the tired. Magic side bonus of no longer being an icicle. She should ask Elsa about that.

Could she ask Elsa about that?

Was that a thing again?

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good grief, today’s been such a busy day that I’ve barely been able to catch my breath. I’ll still post that Quality Content the second I get on a computer if it’s the last thing I do, but geez did I need a break today. Also, apparently the conference thing I agreed to go to is three days instead of one (something I did not mentally prepare myself for rip) and I don’t know how much internet access I’ll have while I’m away. My phone’s pretty crappy as it is. But I’ll try!! Gotta keep that energy up!!


tagged by @emis to post 2 selfies + 10 facts abt me!! lets go lads

1. i have no chill and i’m literally screaming all the time I Am Very Loud and I Will Not Shut Up

2. i do music shit!! mainly guitar and piano but i play a few other instruments too AND SING

3. i have yet to finish a loz game bc im a dink but hopefully botw will be my first and hopefully im gonna feel super accomplished whenever i do that 

4. i’m probably a bit too arrogant for my own good but i like who i am so

5. i go from being really happy to fucking awful within 5 minutes and it’s fucking shitty

6. i rewatch bnha way too much i rewatched 3 times in one week once It Was Bad

7. ive gotten 5-6 friends into bnha maybe?? idk exactly but It’s Good

8. i bought a foam master sword and i want a hylian shield too but the sword’s been sitting on the kitchen table for 3 weeks and idk what to do with it

9. i never learnt to ride a bike

10. i’m really super clumsy i trip on things that aren’t even there

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Can I just honestly say how much fun season five has been for me to write from past seasons? Not only are the episodes so intresting/complex/and hilarious, it’s the ideas that you guys given me that has shaped this entire story so we could get at this point. I’m writing the very last part of “My Bloody Valentine” and…I don’t know. I just feel so happy with how everything is running so smoothly. (And terribly painful, if you ask me.) We’re at the point of the season where we can explore the reader’s own story line and tying it with the boys. To everyone who’s submitted ideas to me…(And all fanfic writers!)
Not Talking - DryDreams - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Mchanzo Week Day 6 Prompt: First Date

Jesse and Hanzo finally “hang out”.
This is honestly just Netflix and Chill except it’s the future and there’s no Netflix.

(Rated M)   

After playing the Val/Kenna scene in the last chapter and seeing the Dom/Kenna and Diavolos/Kenna scenes, I feel like the Val/Kenna one was WAY less detailed??

:Dddd well i got a C, an I, and an X this term! im esp happy about the X bc i really didn’t want to make up all those writing assignments lol (or tbh more likely, be under a lot of stress about them, not finish them, and end up with an F)

“X grades carry no credit and are not included when calculating G.P.A. … The X grade is used when there is little or no attendance and no work/performance upon which to base an academic evaluation.”

im SO glad i just gave up on that class when i did lol !! i love it !!!!!

not so happy about the C but you know, it’s a passing grade. And I got 0% on the final lmao soo idk, not bad!