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Damirae week 2018 day 3 : deal with the devil. We have two perspective from here. It’s either you see damian will be killed by raven or he made contract with raven who’s now as a demon to get immortality. I wish he made contract with raven about the immortality 😭😭😭 then it’ll become black butler dc version lol. Anyway enjoy!!

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Fated to Fall

i’m a little late on this one bc my sleep schedule is nonexistent but here’s another fic for Lucio! @thearcanaweek‘s prompt was “Snub”

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Another quip and Lucio has had enough.

“Out.” The courtiers look to him in shock, Nadia even more so. Lucio slams the table in front of him and roars, “Get OUT.”
Only Nadia stays. The rest of the court nearly tripping over themselves to push out the door, the consul nodding to the Count and Countess as he locks the door behind him. Lucio shoves the table away from him, knocking it to its side as Nadia stands.

“What is the matter with you?”

“How dare they.” Nadia tilts her head as he glares out the window. “How dare they talk about their subjects as if they’re nothing more than dirt beneath their feet.”

He’s so upset he’s shaking. Listing every reason he had for hating the courtiers, snubbing their reputations to her as he growls out critique after critique. Nadia holds her hands to her chest as he paces, throwing his hands in the air, “They can’t even pretend to give a shit?”

“Lucio, we’ve been over this,” Nadia hides the hint of a smile behind her hand. “They’re idiots, they don’t really know what they’re doing or–”

“I don’t know what I’m doing either but at least I act the part,” Lucio scoffs. “I can’t…I can’t listen to them when they go on like that.”

“Well, I don’t know how to fix that,” Nadis shrugs as she moves to Lucio. He’s still pacing but he’s not as destructive as before it seems. “Snapping at them without telling them why won’t help them learn, I’m afraid finding new courtiers would be difficult but we could–”

“I used to kill people like them.” Lucio looks from her to the window, letting out a tired sigh, “There were a few times I’d be paid to kill nobility like them. A bag of coins in the local bar that multiple people contributed to, stressed and upset and not knowing what else to do. They wanted a strong hand to help…”

Lucio doesn’t always talk about being a mercenary. Unless it’s a story that paints him as a hero, one he can tell even when drunk, one that puts a smile on his face as he talks about how he’s the best fighter Vesuvia has ever seen.

It’s a…chilling difference.

“I hated snobs like them,” Lucio mutters as he walks to the door. Nadia grabs his arm before he leaves. He doesn’t look to her.

“You can ignore them, do what you think is best. Their job is to advise, nothing more.”

“And what about when they have to do more?” He barely looks over his shoulder as he whispers, “When they’re in charge?”

“That won’t happen, Lucio.”

“How do you know that?” Lucio finally looks to her. He’s not glaring, but he’s upset. He knows he’s right and it pains Nadia to admit he is too.

“Lucio, the likeliness of something happening to the both of us–”

“You’re not immortal, Noddy.”

“Well, I hate to be the one to inform you but neither are you.”

Lucio smirks, chuckling as he wrenches his arm from her grasp, “Not yet, my jewel. Not yet.”

If anyone was wondering how my broken foot is doing, I saw the orthopedic surgeon today and I don’t need surgery and he’s switched me from my splint to an air cast which is hella more convenient since I can take it off to bathe and sleep, but I can’t put any weight on it for a minimum of six weeks, at which point I have to get it re x-rayed and can possibly start putting weight on it after that and will still need to wear the air cast for at least another couple of weeks.  So, really, there goes this semester of karate.

13 pages into this paper, and I think the end might be in sight. /flop

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When is a Comic coming?!

The Under/Source comic updates on Saturdays at 9:30 AM PST, and has yet to deviate from that schedule save for special events or chapter end breaks. :)

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Ok, so there is definitely a Brave fic coming your guys’ way!

So I’ve accidentally adopted a third kid.