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“I’ll tell you I love you as many times as it takes to mend your heart. For every bruise you’ve suffered, I’ll repeat it again. And I’ll do this until all of your insecurities wash away, or lose out to happiness.“ 


Bernie is on a third date when her phone alert goes off. She sighs. She likes Serena. She’s witty, intelligent and incredibly beautiful. Bernie likes her enough to see a future with her, but this is now the second date that has been interrupted. She’s running out of close family members who can suddenly become ill.

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Me, the motherfucker with an incomplete dangansona AU: AND HERE’S ANOTHER P5 EDIT SET FOR A DIFFERENT FANDOM

You receive a video alleged to be cursed. Despite the warnings, your curiosity gets to you and you watch it. Once it finishes, the phone rings.

“You have seven days.”

Of course it’s seven days. It’s cliched, but nonetheless, you’re significantly more scared than you were several minutes ago just because you got the call in the first place. But there’s nothing you can do, so you simply continue as normal.

Seven days pass, and you remember the call.

The phone rings again, and you answer it.

“It’s been…”

The door slams open.

Left To Fate - MISSYriver - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen/Original Female Character(s), Felicity Smoak/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Tommy Merlyn, Thea Queen, Moira Queen, John Diggle
Additional Tags: Alternative Universe - No Arrow, Strangers to Lovers, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Sex, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Alternative Universe - No Island, Falling In Love, Unrequited Love, Lost Love, Explicit Sexual Content, olicity - Freeform, Olicityhiatusficathon, Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon
Series: Part 1 of The Fate of Olicity,
Summary: Chapter 4 Blue Eyed Devil

She couldn’t shake her head hard enough to get the word Flynn out of her head. She already ate the last of her ice cream last night, so she can’t even stress eat. This was worse than the fear of a proposal she didn’t want, this was her broken heart demanding it be heard. Felicity had pushed everything down. She shut it away and tried not to think about that time.

Her time with Flynn had been a moment in her life, a mere seven days, and it left a lasting impression. Their time together had been magic, it burned hot and sizzled out like it had never happened. She knew the rules, she’d been the one to set the rules, and yet when he didn’t break them it had broken her. She thought that he would gather the clues she had left him and come find her, but she never saw him again. She couldn’t hate him no matter how she wished she could. She did cry for him, she ate too much ice cream, gained ten pounds and coded her way into a mutli-million dollar company.

@magda1102 made this art for the story and I love it.

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manager: *introducing me to a new hire* this is Barbara! She was such a shy little thing when she started this job, hardly said a word!

me: really? right to my face? you see me like once or twice a week, how do you know anything about me? when I started this job I worked myself half to death to be outgoing and social

fight me, lady

TCR Birthday Bash Prompt #4: Happy Birthday

There was humming.

Gentle, soft, sweet, filling the morning air alongside the sound of bird chirps and the sound of chimes. He laid in bed, listening to it for a while, figuring out the sound came from the room next to his. He sat up carefully, working to make as little noise as he could.

He pulled his robe over his pajamas, noticing the way the curtains were pulled back and the early sunlight streamed in. He followed the humming until he found what he wanted.

Haru stood in the center of the room, a blissful smile on her face. She didn’t even notice him, eyes fixed on the rising sun. She hummed full heartedly, swaying gently.

“You’re up early.”

He laughed.

“I could say the same for you. How long have you been up?”

“Mm, not long.”

He smirked at the innocent look she tried to feed him.

“I don’t like being lied to, Miss Haru.”

She groaned, shaking her head disapprovingly.

“Oh goodness, don’t you dare bring that back.”

“Oh, but why not?”

“Because, for one, I’m not a Miss, and two, that brings back… Memories.”

He laughed, knowing she didn’t mean bad memories.

“You’ll never live down being little Miss Haru, stumbling her way to the Cat Bureau.”

“And you’ll never live down being Baron, the dramatic butt that takes time for a wardrobe change.”

They both laugh, though stop when they realize how loud they’re being.


“It’s fine, we’re fine.”

“Okay, okay good.”

She smiles again, turning to fully face him with the sun to her back. Messy hair, still half-asleep eyes, and something in her arms.

“What were you humming, my dear?”

Her smile blinded him.

“Happy birthday.”

“And why is that?”

She shrugged as he came close, leaning down to press his lips against the sleeping baby’s head.

“Because it seemed fitting to do so.”

“… Haru you gave birth a week ago.”