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So, let's talk about Victor Nikiforov for a minute. What do you think his headspace was during that one week in Japan before Yurio arrived? He's flown all the way to Hasetsu only to be summarily rejected by Yuri, but he doesn't go home. He decides to do the coach thing but bans Yuri from the rink until he drops some weight. What's going on with him for that week? The only scene we really see is the 'do you have feelings for Minako' one.

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION. Sorry I took so long to get back. I’m gonna split this meta into two parts, because I have lots of feelings about episode 2:

1. The week of confusion and skating your feelings

2. When life gives you Yuri Plisetsky, make Yuuri fired up

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161214 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Osaka D1

Taehyung: Finally, actor Kim Taehyung’s debut is coming next week!!!
MC: Hwarang’s broadcast is finally coming next week. How do you feel?
Taehyung: I had fun while filming, but about how it would come out… My heart is pounding. Everyone is looking forward to it too, right?
Seokjin: Wait a minute Furuya-ssi. I’m supporting V-gun’s debut too.
MC: Everyone’s supporting him. (laughs)
Seokjin: The OST for V’s drama, V and I! We sang it together.
MC: V Jin’s combination! It’s a duet.
Taehyung: Duet! It fits us perfectly!! (suddenly sings)
MC: I’m looking forward to both the drama and the song.
Taehyung: Looking forward to it.

Quiz Game: Bangtan Master - Suga

MC: How many points should the first question be?
Yoongi: 1 point.
MC: 1 point again? That’s quite low.
Taehyung: Raise it a little higher, about 10 points.
Yoongi: Then 2 points.

1. Q: When is Suga’s energy boosted? (2 points)

Taehyung: やさしい (Quite easy).
Jungkook: 易し 易し (Easy, easy).
Taehyung: It’s simple. Suga-ssi…
Hoseok: Hope Hope!!!
Taehyung: It’s hard.
Hoseok: When singing “Otsukare Song”.
Jungkook: Before sleeping.
Namjoon: I know this, really. The answer is when Suga-ssi speaks Japanese.
ARMYs: What~?
Namjoon: When he says “I’m Suga the genius”.
Taehyung: When things he’s interested in come out. ✔
MC: Correct.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is… Actually, he’s kind of a quiet person, but when the topics he know come out, he’s really noisy.
Hoseok: Suga-hyung gets really excited when talking about music equipments. “This one’s good, this one”, “That one’s better than this one”.
MC: Which topic makes Suga-ssi excited the most?
Yoongi: I…
MC: Real estate??
Taehyung: He’s noisy when talking about real estate.
MC: That’s impressive. And music equipments too.
Yoongi: Yeah, music equipments.

MC: Suga-ssi, how many points for the next question?
Yoongi: 3 points.
Jimin: Hyungnim, raise it a little higher.
Yoongi: 4 points.

2. Q: Among BTS’ songs released in Japan, which song does Suga think has the most difficult Japanese? (4 points)

Hoseok: “Just One Day”.
MC: It’s not “Just One Day.”
Namjoon: The answer is, of course it’s our new song “Wishing On A Star”.
MC: Wrong.
Seokjin: “Boy In Luv”?
Taehyung: “Daijobu datte”? (“Good Day”)
Hoseok: What kind of title is “Daijobu datte”… “Good Day” (laughs)
MC: “Good Day” is correct!
Yoongi: It’s not “Daijobu datte” but “Good Day”!! Wrong!!
Taehyung: “Good Day”!  ✔
Yoongi: It’s “Good Day”. It’s a little hard. A difficult song.
Namjoon: Suga-hyung, please sing it. Show us.
Yoongi: (sings his part in “Good Day”)
Taehyung: Daijobu datte!!!! Oh yeah~

MC: How many points for the last question?
Yoongi: Ten thousand points. 10,000.

3. Q: In the cold winter when he doesn’t want to get up from bed, the secret that helps Suga get up is? (10,000 points)

Taehyung: Today’s main character is Suga-hyung. Please sit down.
Seokjin: When seeing ARMYs?
Taehyung: Suga-hyung, me me me!!
YoongI: V-ssi.
Taehyung: When having a schedule?
Jimin: Ah~ me!
Yoongi: Rapmon-ssi.
Namjoon: When telling Suga-hyung that I want to go to […] with him.
Jimin: Lamb skewers.
Jimin: When telling him “Let’s go grab something to eat!”
MC: It has nothing to do with food. Hint is “with ARMYs”…
Taehyung: Udon?
MC: V-ssi, I said it’s related to “with ARMYs”. You startled me. The hint is ARMYs.
Jungkook: When going to work, for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When being outside with ARMYs.
MC: And then eat udon?
Taehyung: You ought to eat udon first when going on a date.
Seokjin: When going to sing for ARMYs. Rap?
Taehyung: Ai!!!Gyo!!! (aegyo)
Jungkook: When going to write lyrics for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When going to rap for ARMYs.
MC: The promise with ARMYs!!
Namjoon: What promise?
Yoongi: Concert.
Taehyung: No. He’s a rapper.
MC: The promise he made at concert, when telling ARMYs to go together in the future right? And when eating udon? (laughs) With 10,006 points, the winner is V-ssi! Suga Master is V-ssi

(acceptance speech)

Taehyung: Luck came to my side.
Yoongi: So V-ssi knows me quite well!
MC: Suga-ssi, earlier when talking about waking up in the morning they mentioned udon, do you wake up earlier in the morning?
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is slow.
Yoongi: I… Well… Yeah. I wake up really late in the morning.

Bonus: “Wearing pedometer and dancing” Game

Guest stars (8.6 seconds-bazooka): 130
Taehyung: 2
Yoongi: 435 (started moving even before starting)
Seokjin: 15
Jimin: 380
Namjoon: “I lost it. It fell while I was dancing.”
Jungkook: 201
Hoseok: 44

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Mikayuu Week ✩ Day 1 ✩ Crossover.

I’m sorry I didn’t make a Mika one!I would have done but I ran out of time :c Here’s an Snk x Ons crossover!

*None of the original art is mine. Credit to the owners.

Finn Balor x Reader

Summary :- You and Finn have been dating for a while. You’re about to make history as one of the first inter-gender matches of the New Era, but neither you nor Finn can focus entirely on the match…

Warnings :- Fluff, mentions of cheating

Word Count :- 1,431

AN - This is literally just something I dreamt up last night, so let me know what you think. Should I do a part 2 of when they get back to their hotel if you get when I’m saying? *Wink wink nudge nudge* 

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Ace Japanese promo poster/DVD art for Bronson that I’ve never seen before. This is from back in 2015, when Bronson opened for a special one-week showing at a theatre in Tokyo.

015.10.20 ~ “So far in Japan, this work was not in theaters only available on DVD releases. A lot of voices saying ‘I want to see it on the screen’ were received from the movie-going audience, so a late show in Shinjuku Cinema Carité from 7th to 13th November was set up.“ ~ Source: Cinemas by Shochiku 

And a kind of adorable review from someone who saw it [google transl.]: "Other people will also appear, but basically it was a movie named Tomhu Hardy One Man Show, whose stage as it was. Tomhu Hardy is awesome. The last grinning voice. Although it was funny that Tomhu of a beard smiled a lot by laughing a lot as brawling with himself. Even though there is nothing I can not tell you why the color is beautiful and strange.”

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Can we just take a moment to reflect on how ingenious the formula for the Kamen Rider/Super Sentai series is? Each season is effectively a reboot that last for a year, with a definite tonal and design shift for each season so that you'll never get bored with the premise and you'll always check out the next season to see if you'll like it better. Plus all the merchandise. Theoretically, Toei could keep these series running FOREVER. That is just insane to me. Awesome, but insane.

It’s something you really wouldn’t see in the US, where continuity matters so much.  It’s also amazing because it means there are NEVER breaks between seasons. Because they are different shows with different actors and different directors and people working on them, you can have the next series in production while the one before it is still airing. 

Contrast that with an American or even British production where there are huge gaps between seasons to accommodate time off needed for the actors, writers and producers. You would never see a series (aside from a game show or news program) running continuously year after year, one seasons starting right after the other.  Especially not a scripted sci-fi/fantasy series heavy on effects.

However, thanks to the format of Kamen Rider/Super Sentai you do have that in Japan.  When one series ends, another starts the week after.  You don’t really get a break and it actually creates a kind of interest months before the new show starts.  Heck, I was so psyched when the NAME Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger got leaked with what the possibilities might be for the next show even while I was still very much enjoying Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger

I bet all of us fans get at least a little excited when we start hears rumors about what’s coming next or see the initial designs for a new series.  We also know that it will be coming so soon once those start to be revealed. It’s also a great marketing idea because if you, for some reason, don’t enjoy the current series you just have to wait a little while and something NEW will come along. It creates a lot less drop off than if, say, the current season of NCIS is crap and you have to wait through reruns and a huge break before you get more of the same with the same characters and same writers.  There is something to be said for that constant renewal you get with Japanese tokusatsu series.

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I'm a bit surprised you aren't participating in the SephGen week! o_o I thought you would give us some of the nsfw work. no I'm not thirthy for your art... nOOoo. Anyway, I'll just have to read what you already did again, bc it's that good u_u

Ahh, I’m really sorry anon!! Believe me, I would’ve loved to participate. Unfortunately, I’m still in Japan at the moment and the amount of time I have to actually write anything is a big fat zero. orz I haven’t even had a chance to start on my fic for the fanworks exchange yet either (but omg I want to so bad because the prompt I want to write is just hhhnnnnngggh yes).

Maybe if I have a lot of time free when I get home I’ll try and do one or two very belated things for the SephGen week! But yeah. Japan has murdered any semblance of free time. DX But I did get to hoard so much doujinshi, so.

(I actually found a SephGen anthology doujinshi! Sadly I’ve already mailed it to myself so I no longer have access to the book, but as a tiny contribution to the SephGen have a few dodgy photos I took from it. EDIT: if the wifi will fucking work and upload my pictures urgh. DX)

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hello hicchan! congrats on becoming the ambassador for Japan! (I'm the taiwan ambassador hehe) So, I've been recently researching and I've found out this thing called Golden Week in Japan that's like a string of holidays in a week? But I don't understand how it works ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭ can you please explain?

Congratulations to you too for becoming the ambassador of Taiwanヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

Yes Golden Week/ゴールデンウイーク is a string of holidays in Japan and it’s basically 4 national holidays in a week. It’s one of the busiest days/weeks in Japan. 

So the “week” starts from April 29th which is The Emperor’s Birthday, and this used to be a national holiday to celebrate the birth of Emperor Showa. After the Emperor passed away, in 1989, it became what it is known as Showa Day to remember the hardships and the recoveries made in Showa Period, as well as the birth of Emperor Showa and his reign.
After April 29th, the next holiday is May 3rd which is the Constitution Memorial Day, and it is the celebration of promulgation of the 1947 Constitution of Japan. It’s a day to reflect on the meaning of democracy and the Japanese Government.
May 4th is the Greenery/Green Day. Before Greenery Day was declared on May 4th, this day used to be Holiday for the Citizens Day and it’s a holiday for the citizens of Japan to take a day off, BY LAW. In 2007 National Greenery Day became official and it’s a day to appreciate the nature and the blessing of the environment. ((Greenery Day was originally on April 29th from 1989-2006, and it was created because of Emperor Showa’s love for nature and plants during wartime and it was named this was so to not directly mentioning his name))
Lastly May 5th is the National Children’s Day and it is a day to pray for the health and growth of all children. On this day people usually hang up Koinobori, display traditional Japanese military helmet Kabuto and eat ricecakes

The name of the week, Golden Week, was first originally used by movie companies to taken an advantage of the “golden” opportunity to see the film. The term gradually was used by people and later became official name to refer to the string of holidays. 

During this week most companies close down and sometimes longer, and the workers go on a paid vacation. Because there are no other long holidays in Japan for working people, except for Obon and End of Year and New Years, this is the only long holiday they get. It’s the time of the year when it’s not too cold or hot so many people travel to place with their family and their friends. Most people now go abroad to other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapre, Europe, Australia, Hawaii and more. It’s not the best time to come visit Japan as most touristy places would be clouded with people on Golden Week.  

So to sum things up

  • Golden Week is a holiday where 4 national holidays are in the week
  • Most companies will close down and workers gets a paid vacation
  • It’s a week where most people go on a holiday to visit places or to relax
  • and it’s not the best time to visit Japan

I hope this helps and hope you understand Golden Week more
If you have any questions feel free to message/ask me!

The Green-Eyed Monster

Daesung | First Fight / First Morning After

1,201 words

Requested by Anons

A/N:  Combined requests!  This is also slightly suggestive and there is a bit of dirty talking too haha!  I hope this turns out well hahaha.

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“Oh, so it was my fault then?”  

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