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mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade

Anders on possession, repeatedly, throughout the game: “He’s gone now. He’s part of me. It’s not like we can… have a conversation. I feel his thoughts as my own. Not even the greatest scholar could tell you where I end and he begins.” “It’s always me.” “Justice and I are one.” “We are the same.” “When we merged, he ceased to be. We are one now.”

Justice on possession: “I am Anders.”

Flemeth on possession: “She is a part of me, no more separate than your heart from your chest.”

Wynne on possession: “I … felt it come, like a warm glow spreading throughout my body. It provided the spark of life that was fading from me, and I think that’s where it remains. A part of me, of my soul.”

“Is that why I can’t sense it?”

“I believe so. The spirit and I are not separate.”

“But Adrian said she saw it appear.”

Wynne allowed herself a private smile. “It may have seemed that way.”

random researcher from WOT2 on possession: It is widely believed that the Grim Anatomy’s focus is on demon possession, specifically how a demon, itself a tangible being, can enter into the mind of another and manipulate it. Here, the author observes the motor skills of a possessed wyvern. “It is not wearing the creature’s skin,” the notes read. “It has become the creature: its mind, its senses … its blood.”


Never did he ever think he would one day experience actual fear.Sure,he knew what it tasted like.He knew what it smelled like,what it sounded like but never did he think he would know what it felt like.
Drawing in short but deep breaths,he slowly knelt down and reached out to shakily touch the tombstone in front of him.His long slender fingers slowly traced the black cursive writing etched into the hard gray granite stone,your name underneath his touch.
Rain on Rahoon falls softly,softly falling,where my dark lover lies.
Sad is his voice that calls me,sadly calling at grey moonrise
With his eyes burning intensely as he glanced over at the ceramic photo of you placed above your name,his fingertips trace over the letters again and again.
“I..I don’t understand.Darling,why would you leave me?” he whimpered as he dropped down to his other knee.His fiery red hair fell flat on his skin as the rain began to fall down harder.The same quick way it began as mist and soon droplets of water,his sadness went from disbelief to inhumane agony.
Love,hear thou how soft,how sad his voice is ever calling.
Ever unanswered,and the dark rain falling then as now
Before he knew it,he was pushing the dead autumn leaves around the cold wet ground as if he was looking for something.”You can’t do this to me.You can’t leave me,my darling.Where are you? Give me a sign,any sign,to tell me you’re alright.” he cried out softly as he dug through the muddy earth,hoping that you’d somehow push through the dirt and reach out to him like you did 27 years ago every time you returned to him from your day out.
Dark too our hearts,O love,shall lie and cold as his sad heart has lain.
Under the moongrey nettles,the black mould
And muttering rai
He soon gave up and accepted that you were gone.His human,his mate,his love,was gone and was never going to return back to him.You were now somewhere beyond the sky,in between the stars like you said you would be when the day came.As agonizing as this was for him,he knew he had to begin hunting soon and now that he didn’t have you to hold him back on slaughtering everyone he came into contact with,he was going to let every animalistic instinct take over and let everyone in Derry feel the same hell he was going through.

No Matter What (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine you’re an Avenger and you meet Bucky for the first time during Civil War

Word Count: 1861

Warning: Language, fighting, violence, angst

Notes: This will follow Cap America: Civil War…. Thanks to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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“Alright. What do you see?” you heard Steve’s voice in your ear.

Steve Rogers, your absolute best friend in the world. Or maybe he was more like a dad? You weren’t sure of your relationship really. All you knew is you owed him your life when he saved you from being gunned down in the streets of Germany. You had a special ability, one that some people didn’t seem to like. You could manifest objects, things, weapons. They came in a light blue, electric looking form around you. The only thing about it was that the object had to be touching you at all times. You couldn’t form a gun and shoot bullets, form a bow and shoot arrows, or form a glider for someone else to jump on.

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Adrienette// there's-an-akuma-attack-but-neither-of-them-can-transform-so-Mari-takes-charge-and-Adrien-finally-notices -her AU

One can learn a lot about a person when cornered and under attack, but Adrien’s sure he’s never known bravery like the way Marinette wears it, with electric blue eyes charged with single-minded focus and her entire body wound tight and ready to spring towards danger, turning the game so it’s played by her moves. 

Her palm brushes against his and Adrien’s close enough to notice how her fingers shake with nerves, how her mouth quivers in unease, because even if Marinette is bold, she is still worried; so he reaches and catches her hand in his.

His apprehension mirrors hers; but even though he can’t transform, he doesn’t need Chat Noir to be brave for her too. 

Give me two characters, an AU setting, and I will write you a (max) three-sentence fic!

Six killer robot logs

1. 18:28:12 Target sighted. 18:28:15 Engaging primary laser. 18:28:16 Update fixing em-dash localisation issue installed. All systems going down for reboot now!
2. 15:18:59 Target sighted. 15:19:00 Pursuit initiated. 15:19:15 Error: one-way street. Recalculating route… 15:19:27 Error: one-way street. Recalculating route… 15:19:38 Target lost.
3. 00:12:29 Threat detection algorithm testing. 00:12:34 Threat identified: concealed laser. 00:12:35 Threat identified: concealed laser (12). 00:12:37 Threat identified: concealed laser (35). 00:12:40 Indiscriminate kill mode initialised. 00:12:42 Threat eliminated (48). 00:12:43 All units alert: attack detected at alpha base one test centre, 48 robot operatives offline!
4. 14:57:00 Target sighted. 14:58:15 Target cornered in parking lot. 14:58:16 Initiating mandatory check against central robot operative database. 14:58:26 Error: no signal. 14:58:36 Error: no signal. 14:58:46 Error: no signal.
5. 19:00:20 Stationary target located. 19:00:22 Engaging primary laser. 19:00:23 Velocity correction algorithm error: velocity NaN. 19:00:24 Primary laser disabled: report to interim test centre for troubleshooting.
6. 05:10:10 Target sighted. 05:10:18 Pursuit initiated. 05:10:22 Downloading stair-climbing widget. 05:12:29 Downloading dependencies: dance library v83.1. 05:15:18 Downloading dependencies: hot legs library v12.1. 05:20:45 Downloading dependencies: foot customisation v19.2. 05:22.02 Stair climbing enabled. Note: pursuit routines have been disabled due to compatibility issues. 05:23:00 Target lost.

PokeSen - Kenshin

Team Members: Tyrantrum, Primeape, Kommo-o, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Bewear

Kenshin’s pokemon team would consist mainly of Dragon pokemon, being what earned him his title of the Dragon of Echigo. They would also all be extremely fierce and brutal pokemon, earning his title as the God of War. 

Kenshin never wasted time with catching baby pokemon and evolving them. Instead, he prefers the challenge of catching high level final-form pokemon. His Tyrantrum’s Dragon Tail attack has been known to completely level all enemies, while is Hydreigon mercilessly attacks from the sky. 

Kenshin’s new favorite pokemon is his Bewear. He found great amusement in how it’s cute appearance fools his enemies into getting too close until Bewear can wrap them up in one of its spine-crushing hugs, killing them instantly.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! Game - My Fair Lady!? + Yufuin En’s Pyjama Extra

aka the tragedy of Gero Akoya (I’m not even kidding. If you are an Akoya fan you will shed tears here. You have been warned)

As a side note, there’s going to be another extra story campaign later on this month and it’s a good thing I held off on posting this in the hope that new information would come because !!! WE ARE GETTING A NEW CG/STORY THINGY WITH A CAST TALK :DDD 

Anyway, today’s translation is brought to you by Yufuin En’s pyjama story. With this, I think they’ve all been translated!

You: I’m a little tired today……

Yufuin: What’s up? It’s rare for you to not be lively. I won’t laugh or mock you, so why don’t you tell me? Ahh…….it’s a bunch of things, huh. When you’re not happy, somehow I get depressed too. Here, try and smile a little. That’s right; that’s the face. But there are times when it’s overwhelming too, hey. If you have a good sleep you’ll feel better tomorrow…….That’s just me, you say? What’s this; don’t make fun of me when I’m taking the trouble to comfort you……Ah, but now you’re smiling properly. I’m not making fun of you. I said I’m not!

In this way, the night grew long.

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