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- Lance takes Keith to the beach for the first time and and treating them both with cold sweets. Lance is probably planning on getting Keith in the water one way or another but Keith knows that Lance is up to something and totally prepared… as always - 


The only version of this song that matters.

A few thoughts on the promo and the line that has apparently made a lot of people upset.

I think people are freaking out because they think the implication behind what Daisy said is that it’s only Jemma who made him kind. But I didn’t take it that way at all really. For Daisy, she’s only seen Fitz and Jemma together. And when they weren’t, Fitz fell into some really dark places. Daisy is Fitzsimmons shipper #1 (sorry guys but it’s super true) and so of course now that she sees this Fitz being an apparent asshole with no Framework Jemma in sight, she’s going to be like “Of course he’s not at his best because you’re gone”.

To me, this doesn’t mean that Jemma is the only reason he’s kind, I just think that Daisy understands that a Fitz without his Jemma is going to be miserable. Also, I don’t think Fitz’s regret has anything to do with Jemma directly. I’m of the mind that they have never met in the framework, personally. 

Way back in Seeds we were introduced to one of the most blatant Fitz foils in AOS: Donnie. Donnie was very close to what Fitz could have turned into if several things were different. The most obvious, and the one Seeds pushes as an episode, is the idea that meeting Jemma allowed Fitz to come out of his shell and work with some towards the betterment of society. This stands in direct opposition to Donnie’s friend who pushed him to create things for money. 

But, there’s another part of the episode that also stands out. “When Shield told my dad I was gifted, he said ‘At what?’” - Donnie

The most stand out thing about this promo was that it didn’t really provide a direct “yes” nod in terms of what regret AIDA fixed for Fitz. With the others, the quotes from past episodes directly lined up with the footage from the flashforwards. Not with Fitz. 

I’m still firmly in the boat that the regret they fixed for Fitz is something to do with this father. Whether this comes in the form of making his father be not an abusive asshole or if they make Radcliffe a more permeate stand-in of some kind, I truly believe that this is the regret that was fixed. 

We all know how backstory in this show works, they don’t bring things up unless something relevant is happening with it later. We spent four years begging for something Fitzsimmons related and we’ve only gotten scraps. So, why then, spend a whole episode on this plotline if it’s not relevant? Why bring up over and over again how much Fitz’s Mum means to him, how much she helped him when he was little and alone, how much she tired to shield him from his father, if not to make it clear that his Mum has a lot to do with his kindness now. His mother showed him how to be kind even in the most horrible of circumstances, she tired to allow him an outlet for his intelligence to the best of her abilities even if she didn’t fully understand what her son was talking about, and she showed him what loving unconditionally looks like.

For me, I think that there’s a lot of factors that lead to Fitz acting this way. Those factors for me include: The distance or even removal of his actual mother, his father/Radcliffe’s influence, yes the loss of having Jemma around 
(though I think this is more a case of he feels like something is missing than she made him a good person), and finally, as a result of all this, the loss of any barriers to his success. 

Humans grow as people because of the challenges we face. Fitz faced a lot of them to get where he is now. These challenges didn’t just involve Jemma in fact a lot of them probably happened way before he met her, when he was a child trying to deal with his father, his intelligence that alienated him from everyone, and trying to prove his worth to the world. 

But the point is, in this world, I’d imagine that AIDA has removed as much of those as possible. She’s let his get to this point with minimal challenge, and removed one of Fitz’s biggest role models in his mum, and that will completely change a person. 

So, to sum things up, I think it’s once again a case of “we got one line of spoiler stuff and we’re all jumping to conclusions without the full range of information”. I don’t think the implication behind Daisy’s quote was that Jemma is the only thing to make Fitz kind, I just think she understands that Fitz is always better with Jemma so of course this framework version of himself is not the best Fitz can be. 

Ok. But can we talk about how Howl is all so cool and composed in the ghibli film, with this mistery around him and the prince-transforming-into-beast (hot) aura… and then in the book here is this sarcastic-bitchy-womenizer-drama queen-metrosexual baby that makes you want to love him and kick him square in his perfect ass and ugh…damn.


reliving 1D glory days in the form of watching the greatest music video of all time.