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Why stop posting photos of humans entirely? Why not only take down the ones that upset people?

Not sure where you’ve been, but everything I post ends up upsetting someone, either genuinely or because they’re trolling. Usually a mixture of both. I can’t rely on my own judgement of people’s likelihood to misinterpret my intentions.

For instance, I’ve kept a “freckles” tag for a few years with photos of people with dramatic freckles in it, ‘cause I think they’re cool and appreciate their aesthetic. People have repeatedly taken this to mean that I have a sexual fixation on scattered patches of skin pigment, and therefore reblogging studio photographs featuring minors or children in that tag is “sexualizing minors”, even that I am “grooming my followers”.

In the last five months, I don’t think I’ve reblogged a single professional-quality artistic photograph of a black person without getting criticism about it in one way or another… either overt racism, suggestions that I’m fetishizing black bodies, accusations that I’m reblogging the photos out of white guilt, or that I’m demonizing dark skin by tagging photos the same way that I tag similar aesthetics featuring white people.

Explaining myself is exhausting and pointless. Ignoring it is also exhausting. Asking myself, “What are all the possible reasons people could find fault with me for posting or reblogging this?” is futile. Deciding to reblog only aesthetic portraits of cis white people to avoid well-meaning controversy strikes me as cowardly and worse than not reblogging any human models at all. I might make a side blog or something so I can maintain art references without inviting constant criticism.

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Something that really annoys me is when people hate on Sansa for not telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale. I personally think she made the right decision but fair enough, she could've told him. But people make it out to be like it was the worst decision ever but 'perfect' Jon made a massive error in judgement and fell into Ramsay's trap, just as Sansa warned him against, and without Sansa bringing the Knights of the Vale, Jon would've easily lost the battle

Anon here we disagree a little. I love Sansa with all my heart (she is my favorite character is clear by the content in my blog, and i admit, i am biased towards her because i love her too much). But Sansa not telling Jon about the vale was a shitty  thing to do. I also think Jon made a whole “leeroy jenkins” move in the battle, so the blame is on both. Personally, I think they made Sansa not tell jon about the knights only because  “cool surprise effect” not really for any plot point. (and also because they had to re-introduce Littlefinger in the plot). I think in the books it wont happen like that  at all. (my wild guess: Sansa will escape Harry the heir, run to Jon at the wall, littlefinger will convince the knights of the vale  to go to her, in the battle harry will die. Taken winterfell, Littlefinger will try to kill Jon, Sansa will execute littefinger for it..). 

Having said that I absolutely agree that the knights of the Vale will be the real reason for the starks re-taking winterfell. Not because its described by littlefinger, but because Robb and Catelyn foreshadow the “jon/sansa” problem of ruling  Winterfell (which can be resolved only in a marriage… yes i say  this again because it makes sense to me…) in this quote (before sansa even escapes kings landing….) 

Young, and a king,” he said. “A king must have an heir. If I should die in my next battle, the kingdom must not die with me. By law Sansa is next in line of succession, so Winterfell and the north would pass to her.” His mouth tightened. “To her, and her lord husband. Tyrion Lannister. I cannot allow that. I will not allow that. That dwarf must never have the north.”

“No,” Catelyn agreed. “You must name another heir, until such time as Jeyne gives you a son.” She considered a moment. “Your father’s father had no siblings, but his father had a sister who married a younger son of Lord Raymar Royce, of the junior branch. They had three daughters, all of whom wed Vale lordlings. A Waynwood and a Corbray, for certain. The youngest… it might have been a Templeton, but…”

“Mother.” There was a sharpness in Robb’s tone. “You forget. My father had four sons.”

She had not forgotten; she had not wanted to look at it, yet there it was. “A Snow is not a Stark.”

“Jon’s more a Stark than some lordlings from the Vale who have never so much as set eyes on Winterfell.”

 Petyr arched an eyebrow. “When Robert dies… Harry the Heir becomes Lord Harold, Defender of the Vale and Lord of the Eyrie… and when they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden’s cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back… why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright. So those are your gifts from me, my sweet Sansa… Harry, the Eyrie, and Winterfell.

. its clear what Grrm is doing..its setting up a possible confrontation between SANSA/JON about ruling winterfell. I want to be clear here i think there  wont be any “stark bowl” or shit like that, because Grrm with these quotes makes it evident how Jon and Sansa wont be fighting for the north: 

Jon: ”By right, Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa" 

Stannis: “Lady Lannister, you mean? Are you so eager to see the Imp perched on your father’s seat? I promise you, that will not happen whilst I live, Lord Snow.” … 

Jon: “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” 

Stannis: “I have heard all I need to hear about Lady Lannister and her claim. 

He was only her half brother, but still… with Robb and Bran and Rickon dead, Jon Snow was the only brother that remained to her. I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again.- Sansa Stark.   

Who will rule in the north then?  my guess: Jon will be crowed King, but he will find out about his parents and leave for the south (when he will meet dany), leaving Sansa ruling until Bran comes back home. At the end of the of books Brandon Stark will be the king in the north… But Bran cant have children, Sansa doent have a good reputation after being married to a lannister and being associated with the Vale, and Jon doesnt have the Stark name. So all these people cant rule individually. But togheter? They have everything: 

Bran can have an heir (jon and sansa child), Sansa can have an husband that is loved in the north and cares for winterfell and the starks, and Jon can have the stark name thanks to his marriage with Sansa. Its the only solution for the north and the stark name to survive. Marriage for duty is a predominant  element in the books but most fans dont like it.. but i am sure Grrm will close the series with one (look at these quotes here):  

“what has love have to do with marriage?  A prince should know better. Your father married for love. How much joy has he had of  that?” 

or this: 

We don’t choose our destinies but we must do our duties.”

and of course my personal favorite: 

Even when he took her maidenhood, their love had more of duty to it than of passion. We made Robb that night, though; we made a king together. And after the war, at Winterfell, I had love enough for any woman, once I found the good sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face

(as for Arya, she wont ever marry for duty and if she ever marries, it will be with Gendry…that union of house Stark and Baratheon will happen like my dude tyron says to Sansa here it was a really good idea:  “More’s the pity, the match was one of Kings Robert’s  better notions, if Joffrey hadnìt mucked it up”)


∟55 days of Delena 40/55  → Delena AU/AH

Everyone knows not to get in the middle of a feuding war between the Salvatore’s and Gilbert’s that goes back to the founders era. However Damon and Elena were never one to let the past stop them from going after what they really want. Away at college they found their way to one another when they needed it the most. Now there’s only one problem. She’s pregnant and it’s time to face the music back at home.


- Wow, okay, my apologies if he misread things. 

- What could he have possibly misread? We have been nothing but professional.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 3

I can’t bury another friend.”
“You won’t.”
“If anything ever happened to you, Rowan -”
“Don’t,” he breathed. “Don’t even say it. We dealt with that enough the other night.”
He lifted a hand - hesitated, and then brushed back a strand of hair that had fallen across her face. His callused fingers scraped against her cheekbone, then caressed the shell of her ear.
It was foolish to even start down this road, when every other man she’d let in had left some wound, in one way or another, accidentally or not.
There was nothing soft or tender on his face. Only a predator’s glittering gaze. “When we get back,” he said, “remind me to prove you wrong about every thought that just went through your head.”
She lifted an eyebrow. “Oh?”
He gave her a sly smile that made thinking impossible. Exactly what he wanted - to distract her from the horrors of tomorrow. “I’ll even let you decide how I tell you: with words”- his eyes flicked once to her mouth - “or with my teeth and tongue.
—  Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

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Asuna and Kirito suck as a couple. I don't understand why people like them together. Asuna is always one way or another in trouble and Kirito has to save her allllllllll the time.

I’m going to to have to stop you right there because it’s obvious you haven’t read the progressive novels or any of the other novels. So please, sit back and relax as I teach you a lesson and hopefully burn this into your brain and anyone else’s who don’t get it. I’ll pull two examples from the show and then from the novels.


Episode 14 and SAO Season 1 

DOES THIS NEED ANY EXPLANATION? Nobody can give me any bullshit on how Asuna didn’t save everyone in SAO. She literally jumped in front of Kayaba’s sword to protect Kirito and she ends up “dying”. 

If she didn’t do that, Kirito would have died and everyone would have to beat all the levels to 100 and then defeat Kayaba.

But that didn’t happen. Kirito was so desperate to meet Asuna in death that he ended up getting himself almost killed, then felt he should go out defeating the game, and then DOES.

It was an emotional rollercoaster to go through but hey, we made it.

Episode 21 SAO Season 1

Does this need explanation too? Asuna escaped her cage on her own in this scene. Yes, she gets caught and has to go back into her cage but she wasn’t willing to wait for someone to save her. She took initiative to get out and see Kirito and her life again. 

And yes, Kirito does ultimately save her but I believe that if he didn’t come when he did, Asuna would have tried again until she got out.

SAO Light Novel 10


For some background with minimal spoilers: Kirito is stuck in a “game”. It’s not really a game.. you have to read the novels to completely understand and I don’t want to give too much away because it’s really interesting. 

But literally Asuna is a detective trying to find Kirito and SHE DOES. She skips school and lies to her parents so she can find him and stay with him until he gets out of the game and heals. This takes about 1 or 2 weeks.

SPOILER: She disguises herself to find out who stole Kirito away from his hospital in Volume 9 and placed him into the “game”. Why he is in the hospital is not for me to tell ..

She didn’t wait for him to turn up somewhere, so she is saving HIM.



Asuna has to go into the “game” Kirito is currently healing in because his soul is being destroyed. Kirito has so much guilt in his heart and is very depressed (about an event that happens that I can’t say because SPOILERS) and ultimately is destroying his own soul because of it. He can’t move or talk and so Asuna gets into the “game” in an effort to save him.


So, to anyone who still thinks “Kirito saves Asuna all time” please message me so I can give you the full extreme of my lessons.

I didn’t have enough time to write all of them but anyway.. hope you learned something.

That is what the universe is: someone gives and someone recieves. There is always a sacrificial victim. Many people believe that the only way to avoid this cycle is ascetism and chastity. But this never works, for in one way or another the individual is devoured.
—  Miguel Serrano

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My dad said I was an introvert and I didn't believe him because all I've ever been told my whole life by everyone around me was that extroverts were one way and introverts were another and I never realized that that's not true and it got me so pissed off when I finally got it???

its bc they are not binaries and they are part of a sliding scale where in no one is truly one or the other, but merely a point somewhere along it, and contains elements of both. It’s really stupid to act as if its black and white because it was not ever intended to be that way and also why doesn’t anyone understand psychology at all there are no black and white areas in psych

I’ve often wondered what has me looking over my shoulder; what has me afraid I might not be okay in this world.  Like many people, I have my share of skeletons from the past; things I’ve been hurt by – things that taught me the world was something threatening; something unpredictable; something chaotic.   And the truth is, the world can be these things, but that’s not all it is.  And we are certainly not meant to live waiting for the sharp backhand of this world or the betrayal of the involuntary circumstances we were given the day we arrived on planet earth.  Still most of us, in one way or another, have a very real fear of life – or of living.
—  Matt Bays, The Blind Writer

There’s this video on FB being shared about how Christians are labeled as intolerant but the minute they speak about their faith, people are intolerant towards them. And I have seen mainly Christian leaders sharing it.

Okay, first of all, the Bible does teach us that the world will hate us for our faith. But the Bible makes it clear, there’s a difference between persecution for the name of Jesus and persecution for being an asshole. People who walk in the name of Jesus and are backed up by what the Bible teaches are rooted in love and a love that considers others as higher than themselves.

But also, no shit, of course people will consider us intolerant. You see hypocrisy all around. You see names like Franklin Graham twisting the verses for their favor. You see whitened tombs walking. No wonder why the world sees us in disbelief. The last commandment before Jesus was held prisoner, when he was still considered a teacher for all cultures in the area, was “love one another the way i have loved you”. The commandment was not for the inside, but it was to also serve as an announcement “so the world can know that you truly are my disciples”. And after he said that, He made sure you knew how He loved us: He went to the cross.

So, excuse me if I get mad, but Christians should be (and I say should because we are not) the first to raise their voice against injustice, against LGBT discrimination, against blocking healthcare for women and children, against racial violence, and against religious segregation. And as a man who thinks religion is a disease, I mean, any kind of religious segregation for any religion that might be affected. And I do get mad. I am utterly embarrassed by that video, and disgusted to see church leaders sharing it as if they were victims. If they were really victims, they wouldn’t be sharing that, because they’d be living the life of Christ, and they would work harder. I live in a country that still burns down the houses of people who convert to Christianity. And these people don’t look back. They don’t ever portray themselves as victims. They don’t share those stupid “pity me” videos. If anything, they brag about the cross, in which they were crucified to the world, and the world was crucified to them.

Christianity is not a self-pity concept. It should have never even be a religion. Christianity is about living through the Grace of Jesus, loving like He did, and dying for others like He did. So we can be part of His life, as He lives.

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playboy au + baekhyun pls

His cocky way of walking didn’t appeal her, didn’t make her swoon, didn’t make her drool. She was the exception to the general rule that every single girl in school just had to have a crush on Byun Baekhyun. Not that he wasn’t handsome. On the contrary.

The bastard was terribly attractive with his pink lips, long, slick fingers, dark hair and disarming gaze.

But she refused to let herself get caught into his devastating charms. She knew where all this would lead. Baekhyun was acting terrible with the girls. And yet somehow, they all kept coming back to him one way or another.

“Hey, you with the book” a voice called her.

She turned around, rolling her eyes as soon as Baekhyun’s perfectly curved body checked hers out.


“What’re you doing at lunch?”

“Usually eating”.

“You’re the lucky girl that gets to eat with me today”.

He winked at her, causing her to huff and start laughing nervously.

“You can’t be serious” she still laughed.

“See you at noon”.

He winked at her, leaving without giving her the freedom of choice. She could’ve not shown up at all, of course. It was an option. But somewhere deep inside, something told her that Baekhyun was more than met the eye. Something was indeed captivating about him, regardless of his playboy reputation, and she was simply curious as to what was there to be discovered.

Send me a genre + otp/bias and I’ll write you a drabble!

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What are your thoughts on Julie Bowen voicing Arianna? I was kinda sad when I heard the news that she was replacing Ashley Judd. I just don't think Bowen's voice suits Arianna how I imagine her to be. I'm still super excited about the show though ♡

Honestly, I’m unfamiliar with Julie Bowen’s work, so I don’t have an opinion one way or another. I trust the crew, and if they think Julie suits their vision of Arianna better than Ashley does, I’m just going to have to trust them on that, too. After all, they know what they’re going for, and Arianna is largely a clean slate in that regard. It’s not like they’re trying to find someone to replace Mandy as Rapunzel.


I guess, I’m thinking of 3x01, too, when Bellamy asks the others if they should go searching for the Farm Station beacon and they did a quick informal vote then. I’ve figured that’s been apart of Bellamy’s character since season 3, at least. 

That’s the most obvious “democracy”-like situation I can think of other than the ones you said, whereas there hasn’t been too many times we’ve seen something as explicit as putting something up for a vote in a while (besides 4x02, of course). 

edit: reread your post. just saw that u did include 3x01. 

Now that I’m thinking about it more… Bellamy did ask the others if they wanted to join their Luna Road Trip. It seemed like the delinquents all decided in general what they would do. Bellarke didn’t command them one way or another in 3x12. 

hmm… my brain is still going. edit 2. I also keep thinking in season 2 in which Bellamy sort of asks the others to help him save that girl on the cliff. He didn’t tell them what to do. He accepted that they needed to be a team to pull it off, and then when Finn didn’t later agree with his plan, they compromised (although Bellamy probably should have been a more autocratic leader at that time since Finn went off the deep end). 

okay my only solace after watching Talks Machina is that Liam really wants Scanlan to come back so maybe he’ll talk Sam into it…

It sure doesn’t sound like Sam minds that much one way or another….  This was a really terrible time for me to get into the fandom lol

I’m so tickled my question got used though, and Laura’s answer was really touching.  (I asked whether Vex genuinely considered Scanlan VM’s leader)  It’s interesting to me that the players consider the two of them to have a special connection, because I love both Vex and Scanlan and paid a lot of attention to Scanlan’s relationships while bingeing through the episodes and I really don’t recall a lot of interactions between them.


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”