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What story/save are you guys most eager to see updates for next? The Larsens - to continue Ezra’s confrontation now that he knows about Arashi? The Hawkes - where we learn more about what Toby is going through & someone possibly finds out a secret we’ve all been waiting for him to hear? A Place in Hell - where we see the flashback to Vincenzo deciding what to do with his newest prisoners, answers to what landed them there & the creation of Commander Reyes’ most trusted officers?

Edit: Also, a Dating Game update for anyone who is wondering - completed the questions for the next round & sent them to the contestants so we’re moving again on that too :)

I can’t wait til I’ve saved up enough money for a cat. I hate living alone. It’s too quiet, and my thoughts are too loud. I feel so isolated, I don’t even have any family to come home to at the end of the day. Just silence. And being an adult sucks because everyone’s too busy all the time to visit. So I go weeks without seeing anyone outside work sometimes. And now that I’ve moved, it will be very likely that there will be solid MONTHS without seeing anyone, just like the last time I lived alone.

Thank god for let’s players and longass livestreams. I just let them play as background noise so I can pretend I’m not completely alone.


I haven’t posted any selfies in about 10 years so here have an outfit from the other month that I liked (don’t reblog pls!!). But yeah, life is too short to not match your sunglasses to your dress

(in which it’s been a pretty good week and I’m sort of on top of things, so prayer circle I actually get some Chisolm’s 7 writing done this weekend because oh my lord I’ve been unproductive after work lately haha)

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Do you think Kil'jaeden looked at Rakeesh as his own son, in a way? He stole him from Velen and raised him in his own image, after all. Rakeesh's death could be a catalyst for both KJ and Velen to say, "That's the last straw. One way or another, this ends NOW."

Ouch, you just hurt me so badly and I blame you.  But yeah, I absolutely agree.  Even Velen seemed to flip- he said that the Light is no longer with us, or something like that.

@scp106 EXACTLY even if i did want to get into it i’d need to learn more about it and the concepts and characters in-depth and i really dont have the time or energy for that right now

and i’m not elitist hipster garbage who thinks theyre better than everyone because i dont care about the hip new fad. thats fake as hell. pokemon is even more popular but i love the pokemon franchise like its my only solace because it has been nothing but a positive reinforcement on my life

it’s literally about the fact that with autism it’s hit or miss for me. most of the time when i join a fandom i stay for a long time because the reason i got into it in the first place was because it interested, resonated, and has greatly impacted my life in one way or another. and i become a walking fuckin encyclopedia about said thing. i don’t jump in and out of new fads because it’s just too shallow for me in the time i have to get invested yet within its peak popularity

also the exposition of taz just doesnt seem to genuinely capture my interest? if i dont care about something, i dont care about it. i just don’t have the time to learn about it and listen to it and understand everything, mental energy, and this is a time of my life that i need as much stability and familiar routine as i can get for reassuring comfort and nostalgia

taako looks like elf onceler and i just


Dear Walt,

You fucking left this planet on Monday, March 20th, 2017 . You were the brother I never had.  You were supposed to be here this Saturday for my next art opening.  We were going to do more art projects.  I was going to paint more murals on the walls in your apartment.  There were more backdrops to be constructed, more painted clothes for you to style and photograph.  We were going to do shows in different cities.  We were going to distract each other visually 4-ever. Anger and complete sadness fill me up because you peaced out.  I guess your heart could not take it any more.  For over 10 years you came into my life in one way or another.  Reincarnate and come back to NYC completely as correct as you were. Please come back and fill up this huge empty place inside my heart.  How many dollar slices did we eat together?  My continuing  to paint that backpack with the monkey you always carried around. I will miss seeing you with that ball chain necklace from the 90′s you always wore.  I will miss your Michael Economy tattoos. I will miss you wearing the Adam Levine clothes from Kmart. I can not go on facebook with out seeing photos of you and your work, which I know you would have loved.  I am your number one fan.  Your camera needs to be cremated with you so you can take photos where ever you are.

Love Peace and Blessings


Walt Cessna 1964-2017

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who do u think is going to storm out of the party in episode 10??? and why does that person storm out??? luv ur page❤❤

probably jughead. i’m not exactly sure why, but i bet it’s going to hurt. maybe it’ll have something to do with reggie and the other football players that pick on him? i’m sure they’re going to end up at the party one way or another 

and thank you <3333 

184: normal

“Hh… Trashbag.”
“You say… you love me… but you lie. Hh… You’re a sadistic, bullying–”
“And you’re slowing down again!”
“Go fuck yourself… hhh… right into… the sea!!”

High above the Ashlands, the cliff racers circled, their scavenger senses telling them that, one way or another, somebody was about to die.

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Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”


The only version of this song that matters.

I need to know why I’m so broken, so I can fix myself. One way or another. Maybe this place can help me do that, and then I can finally look forward to my future. Because I’m starting to realize there’s something worse than stepping up and facing your fears – and that’s living as if you’re already dead.
—  A.G. Howard, RoseBlood