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MAMA 2016

Yo… so many debuts this year.. Astro, Blackpink, SF9, Pentagon, WJSN, KNK, NCT 127, NCT-U, NCT Dream, I.O.I, Gugudan, VROMANCE, then a whole bunch of other debuts that will happen in the next 2 months…….. who the hell am I suppose to choose for rookie of the year?!…

  • what he said: I saved you because you are strawhat-ya's friend
  • what he meant: It is my obligation as his HUSBAND to go and save you because you two just suddenly decided to become fking BESTFRIENDS if he didn't like you I will just leave you there ok I only saved you because it will make him SAD to see you die BUT do NOT get the wrong idea that he likes you A LOT because he only has eyes for ME he love me the MOST don't you think otherwise HE IS MINE

when people say same-sex parents can’t raise children and use examples like “look this particular kid didn’t turn out well, they’re not happy etc”. I don’t know about you guys, but I could count the people I know, who actually get along with their parents and have a loving family, on one finger. If that argument can be used for same-sex parents it should be used for all parents. I don’t think anyone would ever be considered qualified to have children if we evaluated all parents the same way we do with same-sex parents

I don't want you to go. Tate Langdon x Reader

A/n: fuck so much angst I can’t , but I had to , I’m so sorry

You moved out of the murder house against your will. Your parents didn’t like it there anymore , after all that kept happening around the house they decided to move.

You were against it , for many reasons. But the mane one wat that you didn’t want to leave Tate all alone.

The day you moved in you felt a pair of eyes always watching you , and at first it creeped you out but you soon got used to it. As time passed you met the boy sitting in the middle of your room like nothing was wrong with it.

You soon became friends with him. He protected you from the other spirits in the house while you kept him company. You soon grew close together. Seeing him offer a long and tiering day at school was always the best part of day for you.

You won’t deny that you were scared when he told you what he is and what he has done. But hearing his voice crack as he called your name as you ran out of the house made your heart break. You cried in the backyard for hours before coming back to the house. You didn’t say a word as you walked in to your room where Tate sat in the dark corner. As he looked at you , eyes red scared , of you leaving him , he wanted for you to say something.

You didn’t say anything. You just fell in to his arms, hugging him , pulling him as close to your body as possible, fearing he will disappear. At Tate , while still in shock , with shaking hands hugged you back. You didn’t let go for a long time , just sitting there in his arms , before you spoke “ don’t ever keep such secrets from me Tate, ok ? I love you too much to lose you ” you said as you slightly tilted your head up to see him. His brown eyes stared at you , he didn’t say a word as if waiting for you to say it was a joke and you didn’t mean it. You slightly wiggle up so you were at his eye level.

“I love you Tate. More that anything.” You say again , a gentle smile on your lips. You felt his grip on your waist tighten and a small smile tugs at the corners of his lips. “I love you too (Y/n)” he said before he kissed you.

That’s how it started.

You loved that boy to bits. Spending every waking hour with him , yes hi couldn’t leave the house but you still had small dates of your own. Movie nights were a must as well. He was your first in everything, from being your kiss to being your first in bed with you. You loved him with all your being and he loved you just as much.

That all came to an abrupt end when your parents said you were moving.

That night you cried your eyes out while Tate was holding you as close to him as he could, knowing he didn’t have forever with you as you always wanted. You wanted to die in the house, to stay with Tate, forever. But he didn’t let you. He wanted you to live for just a little bit more.

“Hey , hey (Y/n) look at me . Babe look at me . ” he said as his hands were rubbing small circles on your back. You looked at him , eyes red and still crying, you saw he didn’t hold back the tears as well. He oh so slightly smiled at you “As much as it hurts me that your leaving it won’t be forever right ? Promise me you will come back. Please (Y/n)?” He begged as more tears fell down his cheeks. “I promise Tate , I love you so much ” you said as you layed your head down to his chest as he slowly rocked you back at forth , slightly calming you down .

That was 3 yeas ago and your feelings for him were just as strong. You were a young adult now , and now the new owner of the murder house and couldn’t be happier. As soon as you bought the property you ran to pack your bags .

You stood in the drive way with your bags , looking at the house that was now yours. You looked at the window that was once your room. You looked a bit closer as saw a shadow .

With a smile on your face you grabbed your bags and ran to the front door , unlocking it you ran straight in to something , arms wrapped around you as you felt the familiar warmth. Your legs felt week and gave in and you tumbled to the floor, not letting go of the figure , you didn’t need to look to know its him .

You felt tears drop to the top of your head as Tate held you closer to him “is it really you ?” He asked, voice shaking. You looked up the same smile an your face “Yes , Yes Tate its me, I’m back and here to stay , forever ” you smiled again as he started to kiss you all over your face .

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Anon: Can you do One Direction Hogwarts AU or Camp Half-Blood or both…
Me: *Puts everyone in the same house, so they can all be together*