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“Who says Cosplay is unproductive?”

I come from a family who really disliked me cosplaying for a long time, saying it is “unproductive”.

My success in national competitions and event invites had started to change their minds.
But what ultimately convinced them was… me helping fix shit around the house.

Today my dad’s shoe went all weird and crumbly. He was going to have to buy new shoes or new sole pads… But then I went and traced some foam, layered it and padded his shoe back up, for free.

My mum has weak finger joints. The doctors were going to charge her $200 to make her a brace. But I saw what the brace was like, and casted her one with Plasti-make, again for free. She had never struggled with her joint again.

I’d like to spread the message to parents out there:
Cosplay is not unproductive.
It is a form of creative problem solving. (How do make something work?)

Please encourage your kids to do something creative. If it’s making outfits from fictional characters… Then please let them.
Watch them become jacks of all trades and develop their hands on and DIY skills.

a desert mirage 

  • You: lotor uses some high quality shampoo like loreal or pantene or dove
  • Me, an intellectual: he uses fucking loreal kids strawberry smoothie shampoo

ok but, barry dming a campaign of the mcelroys tv show and lup playing griffin and utterly destroying that campaign by introducing the clown box. 

BB: i don’t even know how you’re allowed to have this item, like, holy shit, Lu, what the fuck? Um. Alright. Okay, you lead Teen Griffin to the clown box which you’ve left in…the woods, right? 

LT: Yeah, the woods. 

TT: Lulu, m’dude, this is the setup of every single horror movie, I just want you to know that, and also that, Justin, my boy, my boy Juice and all of his kids are in the woods, and uh, if you get them killed, you, as my sister, you are dead to me, capiche? 

LT: Whatever, ‘ko. And it was in the book, Barry! My character gets a special item! Anyway, uh, ok so Griffin, uh, I mean I tell my boy to approach the clown box slowly and give it his phone. 

MB: I am so glad that I made Travis stay inside. 

BB: Uh, ok, so Teen Griffin does that. Uh, roll for me, hon? 


BB: Okay, a hand reaches out and grabs the phone, and Teen Griffin looks kinda scared but he’s dealing with it, and the hand goes back inside and when it comes back out again it has a piece of paper. 

LT: I tell Tee-Gee to grab it. 

BB: He does, but, uh, the clown box doesn’t retract its hand. 

TT: Ah, fuck. Well, we’re dead! Thanks a lot, Lu! 

LT: I tell Tee-Gee to give it…a rock? 

BB: Make a bluff check. 

LT: Ohhhkay. 

[dice clatter.] 

LT: Um. 

BB: What’d you get? 

LT: ….Critical miss. 


Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in a CAS rut and a lot of my sims end up looking very similar. I’ve seen these types of click and drag generators often as writing resources, or as silly games to predict the “future” and thought it might be interesting to tailor it and incorporate it directly into the sims so I’ve thrown a quick one together. Everything is still quite open-ended so it’s all up for personal interpretation, it’s just a push to get you started. 

*Note: I included alien and vampire under gender. If you get one of these options, feel free to drag again until you get male/female to determine the gender, or choose it yourself. Like I said this isn’t set in stone and is more for inspiration than hardcore rules. If you don’t have the vampire pack, just pull a different result. No biggie.

By no means do I take any form of credit for this idea, I’m sure it’s probably even been done on simblr in the past, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and thought I’d share it with all you lovelies as well. x

Might make a fun challenge too? tag your creations as #clickanddragcas or something and see what this prompts us all to make maybe idk!! just have fun nd make cute sims

lydialovebad  asked:

Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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Pleasing you

Synopsis: Stolen from Earth when you were only a teenager, what is left of your life consists of training to become an obedient pleasure slave on Sakaar… that is, until the Grandmaster, your slave driver, decides to gift you to King Loki, who seeks to visit to observe one of the Grandmaster’s infamous gladiator fights. Now, you belong to him, obliged to fulfil his every need. A truly tempting opportunity, is it not? After all—who is the God of Mischief to miss out on all the fun that comes with being king of Asgard?

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 6725
Warnings: (sexual)
submission, kidnapping, (sexual) slavery, imprisonment, mentions of abuse, dub-con, smut

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