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—Oncers Spread Project (Christmas Edition)—

We’re baaaack! For those of you who have never participated in our  Oncers Spread Love projects, you’re in for a fun treat! As previous participants know, Kenzie and I started this project a few years back after seeing so much negativity and hate in the fandom. We wanted to combat that hate with love. So, we started a project where we randomly paired up several of you with another anonymous user and had you get to know each other over the month before revealing yourself at the end! Because we love running this, we wanted to bring you all a Christmas-themed one.

It’s a Secret Santa concept this time around. We’ll pair you with a random blog for the days of December counting down to Christmas (the first to the twenty-fifth). Through that month, you will be expected to get to know your partner. Scout their blog and find out what ships they fancy, characters they adore and other such things. Ask them questions! Send them encouraging notes, hellos, geeking, etc everyday ANONYMOUSLY. Hey, as an extra treat, you can even make them a gift based on the characters/ships/etc that they might love! And if you’re really ambitious, do something for them every day counting down until Christmas — like an advent calendar. Then, on December 25th or 26th, you will reveal yourself to your Secret Oncer. Sounds fun right? Of COURSE right!

How to enter: Like this post. If you wouldn’t mind, would you also reblog it? We’d love it if you would help us spread the word! But make sure to note that only liking this post will get you entered. *(If you are a sideblog and wish to receive asks from your sideblog url, you can reblog the picture to enter just make SURE to write in a comment when you reblog saying that this is the sideblog you want to receive messages on.)* You will receive an ask within the coming weeks from either Kenzie, Katie or (our loverly new admin) Lacey. Once you get your name, ask either of us any questions you may have via our askbox. The end date for liking this post is November 28th. We will begin sending out your partners on November 29 and 30, but remember to not send your partner your first anonymous message until December 1.


  1. Make sure you have anonymous messages checked. Otherwise this wouldn’t really work out to well, right? It also helps us not have to send out tons of messages to those of you who don’t have the option checked. Also, if you do not have an ask box even available on your blog, we will not be including you, unfortunately.
  2. There is no sarcastic, or un-sarcastic, hate allowed. Period. The excessive amounts of ridiculous hate is the reason this was created. Let’s be nice, mature human beings who know how to send excessive amounts of love in return.
  3. You get who you get and, please, don’t throw a fit. If your partner has completely opposite views in ships and favorite parts of the show, try to acknowledge that people think differently on subjects. Probe them as to why they like the ship with interest or find something else in common to talk about.
  4. Your Oncer is your new tumblr best friend for the month of December (and hopefully beyond!). Learn EVERYTHING you possibly can about them as soon as you can. You want to be able to strike up a conversation with them don’t you? Since it’s the holiday season, make them a gift if you have the time or talent! But don’t feel pressured if you don’t want to or can’t make anything. ;)
  5. Send at LEAST 1 message every other day. We know life can get busy, especially during holiday times, but we don’t want partners who aren’t contributing, right?
  6. Track the tag ‘Oncers Spread Love’ for future updates. Also, as you begin receiving messages, tag those asks with the tag so we can watch your journey together with your Secret Oncer!
  7. We recognize that people may not be able to reveal themselves to their partner exactly on December 25th for various reasons, but try your hardest. That said, if absolutely not possible, we’d like it if you could reveal yourself to your partner anytime between the 25th or 26th of December.

Questions? Please direct them to our ask page on this blog.

Now Oncers, it’s time for us to start spreading some good Holiday spirit!