one warm night

i didn’t get much done today bc i’m pretty worn out but this sketch turned out ok. i get fucked up constantly by the idea of jonathan being a good father figure that giorno never had

Life with Cetra

It was pleasant enough, at first. The herbs struggling on the kitchen window sill perked up and flourished. The little bouquets she brought home sometimes lasted for weeks and weeks. They took long walks. He fed her well, and like the plants, with sunlight and a little cool water, she thrived.

Then his mint plant broke its pot and took over half the window, battling the parsley for dominance. If he missed a spot sweeping, grass sprung up in the smallest smear of dirt. It was when he found the seedling growing out of the shower drain he had to put his foot down.

“I’m trying,” she said, stuffing her face with herb-and-lemon river trout on a bed of wild rice, both on sale with an added coupon from the Sunday news. “It’s not like I do it on purpose, you know, it’s just how the energies respond.” He was never sure how an average healthy, non-Midgarian-raised Cetra ever managed to keep a low profile, much less stay completely hidden.

And the plants kept growing. He got hedge clippers to battle the coriander. Weeding the bathtub became routine. They woke up one morning to find that the evening’s bouquet had flourished into a full bramble, a mess of bright flowers atop a thicket with thorns. With clippers and kitchen shears and a little bit of the sword, they hacked it into manageable bundles and set them loose in the park with a vague hope they would not strangle all other life.

“Sorry,” she said over fresh sea salt bread and rosemary baked chicken. “That literally never happened before.”

It’s not her fault. It’s technically her gift, that living green would hear the Planet in her nearby blood and strive to grow towards it. And she’s strong now, healthy and fit like no below-plate Midgarian ever was. And if she’d been strong enough even then to make flowers grow out of starving earth, well…

He put some of the herbs out on the fire escape and hoped they did not take over the whole town.

“Warm On a Cold Night” | Rafe x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive


DESCRIPTION: After the Christmas party you and Rafe host every year, the two of you tidy up and get ready for bed.

This one’s a bit short; just a little fluff to keep you warm through the holiday season :)

Inspired by this song (Warm On a Cold Night - HONNE) 

You can hear the gentle clink of the stemmed wine glasses and low hum of the dishwasher downstairs as you slip the straps of your evening dress off your shoulders. A light chill crosses your bare skin as you stand in the closet, closing your eyes briefly as the familiar haze of champagne swirls through your head.

It was the third annual party you and Rafe threw every Christmas Eve. Tonight’s party was a tad bit busier than the previous ones; Rafe had invited a few colleagues from work, and one had brought a lady friend whom you tried your hardest to make pleasantry with despite her obsession with collecting coins. You, complacent with your group of friends, tried to include her in your conversations, but it was difficult when the topic was always diverted back to her extensive collection.

You sigh gently as you pull on a soft sweater and whip your hair up in a quick ponytail, happy to finally be done with the night. Clicking the closet light off, you head down the dimly lit staircase towards the dining room where muffled jazzy Christmas music plays.

Downstairs, your fiancé leans over the kitchen counter with his back to you. He reaches for the last of the empty dessert plates on the table, the muscles of his back straining gently against his shirt. The sleeves of his white button-up are rolled quickly at his elbows and you catch a whiff of his dark cologne mixed with the slightest of whiskey.

Rafe doesn’t notice your presence behind him, so you spend a little while longer admiring the love of your life standing before you.

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NCT 127 Reaction - They Find Out You Have A Tattoo

A/N: I really need to do shorter reactions, so I’m like typing this up as fast as I can before 11:30pm because I gotta wake for college at 6am lmfao.

Request: NCT 127 reacting to you having a tattoo? love your blog btw :p


Yuta just stares at the tattoo on the bottom of your back with his usual shit eating grin on his face, hoping that he could see more of your body as he was getting extremely turned on.

You wouldn’t happen to have any more hidden anywhere, would you?


Silently wonders to himself where else he’d like more tattoos on your body, complementing whether or not to book you in for an appointment at a booth or not.


It was too warm one night and you decided to wear pj shorts and one of Taeyong’s loose shirts to bed. The next morning you heard your apartment door open and Taeyong walking straight into your bedroom just as you were climbing out of bed giving him a lovely exposure of the matching tattoos on the front of your thighs. 

Well damn, y/n, that’s gotta be the hottest morning surprise you’ve ever gave me.


Legit surprised that you even owned a tattoo in the first place and was internally screaming. Despite his protests for you to cover it up it wasn’t because he didn’t like it, he god damn loved it and he didn’t want to get too excited in public.


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Asks like 400 questions along the lines of, “Shit did it hurt?”, “Oooh, should we get matching ones?” and “Does it wash off in the bath?” So you have to buy him a temporary tattoo to make him stop asking questions.


Rethinks his whole life choices and instantly falls in love with you all over again, never hesitating to kiss you over and over until both your lips are blue and purple.


All you know is that one minute you were showing your boyfriend your tattoo and the next he was throwing you onto the bed and climbing all over you like you were an adventure play ground. 

How about you go for another paint job today and then we’ll go for round two?

First Kiss

For day five of Lapidot Anniversary Week

It was late one warm summer’s night.  Beach City had effectively closed as its residents had retired to bed for the night, the sound of the sea gently lapping against the shore filling the calm evening air. All was peaceful and still.

However, the same could not be said for a certain barn on the city’s outskirts…

Peridot and Lapis were sat together on their sofa, the room illuminated by the television’s flickering light.  They’d been re-watching their favourite show – Camp Pining Hearts – for most of the day.  Peridot had mentioned that there was something in one of the episodes that she didn’t really understand, and wanted to see what Lapis thought of it.  

Peridot didn’t like not understanding things and Lapis knew this.  She gave the green Gem a soft smile, watching her beginning to fidget slightly in her seat, clutching the VHS’s remote control in her small hand.

“Peridot”, Lapis enquired, “What is it that’s bothering you so much?”

“You’ll see in a minute, Lapis…” Peridot answered.  

Their pair of them continued to watch the scenes unfolding on the screen in front of them, when Peridot suddenly sat forward in her seat and grabbed hold of Lapis’ arm.

“This is it!” Peridot exclaimed, pointing somewhat frantically at the screen.

Lapis watched as two of the show’s main characters – Percy and Paulette – slowly moved towards each other, closing their eyes and…

Peridot paused the video and turned to Lapis.

“What are they doing?!” she cried, “I don’t understand.  Are they attempting fusion?  Or is it some sort of… bizarre human ritual?!”

Lapis let out a laugh as Peridot looked on, bewildered.

“Oh, Peridot…” she said softly, “They’re kissing!”

Kissing?” the green Gem replied in confusion.

“Yeah!  It’s what people do when… well…” Lapis was trying to discreetly hide her now slightly blushing cheeks from her roommate, “when they love each other.”

“I see”, Peridot replied, completely oblivious to the fact that Lapis had suddenly become slightly flustered, “And this… kissing… is it an earth tradition?  Or is it also customary for us Gems to partake in it as well?”

“Um…” Lapis replied, “I mean, humans do kiss an awful lot, but it’s not unheard of for Gems to do it too.”

“But what’s the purpose of this ritual?” Peridot asked, now becoming slightly frustrated, “What does it achieve?”

Lapis was blushing even more now, her face becoming a much darker shade of blue.  Peridots are very practical Gems, she thought to herself – especially my Peridot.  

She realised, then, that there was only one way she could make Peridot understand her…

Without saying another word to Peridot, Lapis shifted closer towards her.  She turned her face to look directly into Peridot’s eyes, the smaller Gem gazing bemusedly back at her.

Lapis slowly lifted her hand and gently cupped Peridot’s face.  She could almost feel Peridot’s cheek becoming warmer as she inched closer towards her; the small technician completely mesmerised by those beautiful, deep-blue eyes.

“Lapis, what are you…”

Before Peridot could finish her sentence, she felt Lapis’ mouth connect with her own.  Peridot’s eyes widened as Lapis continued to kiss her. Peridot had never experienced anything quite like this before – she felt light, like she was floating along in a state of pure bliss, as she wrapped her arms tightly around Lapis and returned her kiss.

Neither of them knew how long they were sitting there, locked in a passionate kiss, feeling wave after wave of pure euphoria washing over them as their hands began instinctively wandering over each others’ bodies.  They lay down, still kissing, not wanting this moment to ever end…

However, they were both suddenly snapped out of it with a thud as they fell off the sofa.  Lapis was sprawled on top of Peridot, who was flat on her back against the wooden floor of the barn.  

They looked at each other, breathing heavily and blushing furiously.  Peridot’s hair was sticking out at some very interesting angles and her shirt was hanging off one shoulder; the bow holding Lapis’ shirt together was now slightly undone and she looked incredibly dishevelled.

“Wow… thanks” Peridot managed to say with a deep sigh, looking starry-eyed at the ocean Gem.

Lapis let out a snort of laughter and Peridot began cackling.  They sat up and Peridot pulled her roommate into a hug as their laughter trailed off.

“Lapis…” Peridot murmured as the blue Gem gently ran her hand through the other’s triangular hair, “I love you.”

Lapis pulled slightly out of their tight hug so that she could look Peridot in the face.  The small green Gem was smiling so sweetly at her, her face glowing with a huge blush and her half-lidded green eyes full of such genuine adoration.

“You… you mean everything to me…” Peridot continued, fumbling slightly now and struggling to keep eye contact with the beautiful blue Gem in front of her.

Lapis moved closer to Peridot again now, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I love you too, Peridot,” she replied with a caring smile.

They both sat for a moment, just staring into each other’s eyes.  Neither of them would have ever imagined that they’d end up like this, after the very turbulent start of their relationship – and yet, here they were. Sitting on the floor of their new home, completely besotted with one another.  Living a life together that neither one of them would change for the world.

Lapis leaned towards Peridot and began to kiss her again.  This time, they weren’t going to let anything stop them, as Peridot reached behind Lapis’ neck and slowly undid the dark blue bow completely…

>be me

>about 10-11 years old

>ADD af

>in spite of this, mom lets me sign up for Taekwondo

>because I love Dragonball Z

>and I want to be strong like Goku and Vegeta dammit

>my Taekwondo teacher is pretty hardcore

>he uses crunches as a punishment in his class

>usually those who are talking/not paying attention during lessons get this punishment

>guess who often talks/doesn’t pay attention during her lessons

>yep that would be me

>end up having to do 30-50 crunches each lesson

>in addition to those we already do during warm-ups

>one night at home my old sister notices my midriff

>”do…do you have abs?”

>look down at my stomach

>sure enough, I have the beginnings of a six pack

>my ADD gave me abs

Tyler Seguin - Longing Pt. 3

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Wowza! Part 3 already?! I have to say this was my favorite one to write so far and I got a little carried away so it’s a long one. I’m going to try and update this at least once a week. Thanks again to everyone who has been commenting and messaging me with feedback, I really do appreciate it. As always, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an ask letting me know what you think!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

And they had been incredibly invested in one another.

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Ergh, this one just didn’t agree with me one bit but I spent so many dang hours on it so whatever, here you go, gays stargazing. (I don’t even have an excuse for nearly topless Scarlet. Make up your own explanation.)

Friends? // Theo Raeken

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Request:  Can it be where reader is the only human member of the chimera pack, like the female version of stiles, only she’s like super shy/innocent and she’s secretly in love with theo but doesn’t know he feels the same until he admits it?

Requests are open

You stood with your back against the gates of Eichen House, watching Josh and Theo’s conversation, but not being able to listen to it, being the only human in the Chimera pack had its many disadvantages, and not being able to listen in on conversations unlike the rest of the pack was one of them. You had no way of knowing what they were talking about, but it seemed to have hit a nerve in Theo.  You watched as he rolled his eyes and sighed heavily, clearly wanting the conversation to end.

Theo. The person whose eyes and voice caused such a reaction from you that you couldn’t quite believe it yourself. The way your name rolled off his lips caused you to lose focus for at least a few seconds every time he said it, and his touch that made you unable to sleep, staying up thinking about him, him and you. The person who you secretly loved even though you were afraid to say it to yourself, never mind him. The person who would always see you as a friend. As only a friend.

You watched as Josh exited the conversation and Tracy entered it, replacing him. Tracy. You had thought about her and him too, countless times. By now you had become convinced that something was either happening or about to between them; but you hoped and hoped that you were wrong and simply seeing things, that they weren’t together, that they wouldn’t be, because you wanted it to be you, you wanted him, and you wanted him with you, and you prayed for him to say the words had been screaming in your mind, I love you.

You glanced away, to the ground, shaking your head, telling yourself to stop hoping for things like that, otherwise you would just spend the rest of your high school life hoping for a guy who would never look at you the way you looked at him.

“Why is she still here? With us? She’s nothing” Tracy said, causing Theo’s fists to tighten, but you couldn’t hear her.  “I get that Scott’s pack has Stiles, but he actually helps a lot, and your little girlfriend over there is completely useless”

“One. Not my girlfriend” Theo spoke,

“But you want her to be” the girl said teasingly as Theo rolled his eyes and continued speaking, ignoring her comment.

“Two. She’s not useless. Like you said, Stiles helps a lot, and so does y/n-”

“And how so? By offering you distraction in the form of-“

Theo sighed heavily and closed his eyes, “Again, not my girlfriend. And y/n, she’s good at, uh, she’s smart. Really smart; like Stiles. See, not useless”

“Stiles isn’t-“

“But he is. Sure he doesn’t seem like it, but he’s smart. And so is y/n. And Stiles is an essential part of Scott’s pack, in the same way y/n is an essential part of this pack”

“So not at all”

“Tracy, right now you’re the one that’s being useless, so please go find something to do”

“But y/n isn’t doing anythi-“

He began to walk away, not caring anymore for what she had to say. As he walked toward you, Theo could see that you were deep in thought, and you didn’t hear his footsteps, so when he slipped his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers together, you jumped slightly.

“y/n” he started, before hesitating, “Have you ever thought about us- as an us?”

You turned to face him, startled by his question. Tracy wasn’t wrong. He did want you. He wanted to hold you and keep you safe in his arms and kiss you and do all those things over and over again and never get tired of them, because he really wanted them. He often thought about you, the reason why he couldn’t fall asleep, and worried about your body getting cold at night, and wished to be there to keep you warm. He wanted to be there. With you.

You hesitated, before nodding. “Yeah” you said softly.

His face filled with relief as you said that, and he smiled, the happiest, widest smile you had ever seen on him, and pulled you closer, “Just to clarify, you mean that you-“ like me. But he didn’t want to say that, he didn’t want you to like him. He wanted you to love him. “lo-“ he couldn’t bring himself to say it, but he wanted to, but he was scared.

And the word hung between the two of you, unspoken.

“Yeah” you said, smiling softly, without hesitation this time, you knew what you felt, what you had felt for so long, what you now knew he felt too.

what do you mean these two aren’t happily married and representing morrowind at the ebonheart pact council in skyrim

Imagine person A of your OTP loves the stars and enjoys sitting or laying outside at night to bask underneath space. Person B, who’s more introverted (as in they’re not very social) much more prefers spending time indoors in the warmth and security, and they question A on what’s so “great” about staring at the sky at night.

Then, on one warm night, Person A asks B to hang out with them outside for their anniversary. B isn’t super excited about it, but they accept the offer without fussing. But A tells them to close their eyes first before leading them out a good distance from their house into an opened area. When Person B opens their eyes they pause for a moment, wondering where their surprise is. Then, Person A motions to the sky with a nervous smile, and Person B turns upwards only to gape at the sight. An amazing display of the milky way galaxy (or part of it) is shown to them on a cloudless night. Person A had taken them to the darkest part of town (or just a dark spot if they live in the country or wilderness) so that they could show B the true beauty of the stars.

They both end up staying there together for part of their night, either talking, exchanging jokes or stories, or simply sitting together and taking everything in.

Shance Fluff Week: Day 2

Author: ac_123 / heroworshiplusten
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Characters: Shiro, Lance, Keith, Pidge (mentioned)
Pairings: Lance/Shiro
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Prompt: Sea/Stars
Warnings: references to serious bodily injury leading to amputation, underage consensual sexual activity
Chapter(s): 1/1
Series: Shance Fluff Week entries
Word Count: 951
Description: There are a lot of places where we can start this story.
A/N: Written for @shancefluffweek.  Based in a modern!au setting.  The warning are there for the sensitive, but there’s nothing graphic about either.

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6. “I won’t let anything hurt you.” with taehyung | 790

Taehyung’s thought about it before, whether his career would eventually come in the way of his love life, pushing him towards the edges of a difficult crossroad. He’s thought about it before, but never found an answer. 

To say that he’d choose his acting, his singing, his team, over a significant other was the go-to choice earlier in his career. Then, it was about securing their foothold, making their presence known and it had been unanimously decided that their top priorities were each other.

But their songs now blast on radio stations across the country, thrones secured at the tops of charts for how often they rule there, and their name revered in new and old groups alike. They were a force to be reckoned with. They were unstoppable.

Taehyung wishes they were not.

As he sits across from you on the couch, he wishes to be nothing more than just boy-next-door, stable job and regular hours. He wishes that he could go from your place to his own without having to go through the underground entryway and even then, he’s still hiding his features behind a cap and a mask. He wishes, more than anything, not to be the a forest fire but a fireplace instead, where his job could be contained within something to keep his loved ones warm at night, instead of running wild at the edges.

He sits cross-legged in the center of the couch, all attempts to close the gap between your bodies made futile by the cushion you’ve kept tucked under your chin. The light grey of the fabric does little to hide the tears that have fallen from your eyes, damp pebbles sinking their way into material and into his heart.

“Y/N, talk to me …” Taehyung implores, seeking to search your eyes but you’ve clenched them shut. Loose strands of your hair cover half your face, but he still sees another wave of tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Don’t … don’t keep it to yourself,” his voice shakes. The sun’s already set, meaning the two of you have been here for at least two hours. Taehyung’s reaching the end of his line, grasping whatever words he can find and handing them to you. “Y/N, Y/N please,” he whimpers.

“S-Stop, Tae … I can’t, I can’t do this,” your words come up mumbled through the seat cushion.

“Y/N, I promise,” he pleads. “I won’t let anything hurt you.” He rests his hands on your knees, only for you to half-heartedly push them back.

“You can’t promise that,” you reply dejectedly.

Taehyung takes in a sharp breath, swallowing the hot tears that are forming at the base of his eyes, “You’re right. I can’t.”

“Tae,” you whisper, not wanting to hurt the boy in front of you. “I’m sorry. . .”

He shakes his head, wiping the tears that fell. “Is this … Is this it, then?”

You look up, tracing the outline of his face, the ridge of his nose and the deep frame of his brows for the last time. “Yeah,” you take a deep breath. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He nods. “Come here,” he breaths out, getting on his knees and pulling you in for a hug.

The scent of his cologne fills your nose, and you fist the back of his shirt, body betraying your words in an attempt to hold onto him. He presses sweet kisses to your temple first, brows next, and then dropping down to your cheeks. You can feel his hot breath on your skin, dewy lips mixed with the bittersweet run of heartbreak. When his lips creep towards your own, you push him back against his chest. “Don’t,” you warn, tears blurring your vision. “I’ll miss you even more.”

Taehyung nods, hands cupping your face, tilting his head down to lean his forehead against yours. “I don’t think that’s possible, Y/N.”

You suck in a deep breath at his words and bite the inside of your cheek.

Taehyung doesn’t move away for who knows how long.

He’s thought about it before, this dilemma playing in his mind during free hours in their schedule. He thought about it more frequently at times, and barely enough during some other times. He’s thought about it, but only now does he have an answer.

He’s thought about it all this time, but never realized that perhaps, it was never his decision to make. Perhaps, the ball lies in the court of whoever must bear the casualties. 

A forest fire burns for days on end, stretching in all directions, following the wind in whichever way it takes it.

A forest fire does not choose its path.

A forest fire does not choose.