one up crew


I’m not even over their No More Dreams era and now they comeback with a new era that’s hurting me so much. Back to the drawing board //crawls back since they told me to crawl when I can’t run or walk 

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades


You speaking another language fluently and it is so attractive to them.

Spanish or Russian. Spanish is so fast and snappy and hot, plus with that Spanish dirty talk 😍.
Russian is more throaty and deep, your voice naturally deepens when you speak Russian and its so smooth too, it always sends pleasant tingles through his body.

Japanese or French. His heritage is incredibly important to him, so when he finds out you speak Japanese fluently, he is super excited. He’ll ask you to speak to him in Japanese and the two of you will often have conversations together in the language. French is a such smooth and warm language, he would be delighted to know you speak it. It’s also such a lilting language, you have no problem hitting on him in French.

Gaelic or Arabic. Honestly, he would find it cool if you could speak anything that wasn’t english, but Gaelic is such a intricated and interesting language, and it’s hella fun to just listen to it.
Arabic is fun and lovely to hear you speak in, but to hear you sing in Arabic is even BETTER. He'lloften ask you to sing for him and just stare at you lovesickly while you sing 😶.

German or Japanese. He would love to talk with you in Japanese! Show him how much you know, and he’ll teach you what you don’t. With Donnie, there is so much more to learn.
German is such a cute language to him. When he finds out you speak it, he’s gonna come up to you and ask you about it and tell you facts about the language. I.e: “did you know gineau pig in German is small hairy cow in english?”
Hes so cute, oh my God??

French or Italian.
French is honestly such an attractive language to her, she could and does sit for hours just listening to you talk on the phone in French, or sing in French when cooking.
Italian is a bed language for April, it’s an absolute turn-on when you mumble a goodmorning or goodnight in Italian to her. Like hell its ‘goodnight’, your gonna be up for a good few hours 😃.

so what if the ground beneath your feet burns?
what if the sky above your head crumbles down?
what if the seas dry up and the rivers wither?
what if the world is dead and reborn?

so what if everyone you know disappears,
what if you sleep for a thousand years,
what if everything around you is new and changed?
what if you die?

the earth still spins. the sun still burns.
blood is still as red as it ever was. 
you have a new name, a new face,
but you are still here.

Man never changes–
and so War never does, either.
War never disappears–
and so we never do, either.

Darling, don’t you remember?
We’ve fought this fight before.
We’ve seen this battle a hundred times.
We’ve stood on the same battlefield,
spilled the same blood,
wrought the same destruction,
heralded the same apocalypse–
and we’ll do it again a thousand times.

—  whoever heard of a warrior finding peace? ( j.p. )

I’ve seen some hc’s of Gavin joining the crew after he’s caught badly pickpocketing Geoff, but what if he wasn’t? What if Gavin was the thief who not only robbed the king of Los Santos and got away scott free, but was cocky enough to do it again and again. The first few times Geoff doesn’t even notice, thinks its bad luck, faulty memory, blames himself for the loss and moves on. So Gavin gets cheeky, takes bigger risks and pinches more and more expensive items, escalating until Geoff notices, then further still until the man is worked up into a rage about it.

When Geoff finally catches him (A moment Geoff swears up and down wasn’t orchestrated by Gavin, but even he has doubts) Gavin is decked out in Geoff’s missing rolex, his pricey cufflinks and obscenely expensive sunglasses, his tailored jacket and his goddamn favourite belt-buckle. He has Geoff’s phone, the keys to one hide-out and half-a-dozen stolen cars, a wallet full of cards and one very valuable custom-made beretta. But Geoff has him now, and he’s going to kill him. Except, well. Geoff wasn’t expecting a kid, and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting said kid to treat his aggressive interrogation like a freaking job interview.

Say what you will about his methods, Gavin’s a bright guy and it didn’t take him long to work out where the real power lay in Los Santos. He had no intention of messing around with low level gangs in the hopes of gaining the right attention, of working his way up to the big leagues. No, he knows his talents, is confident in his ability to talk his way into a job once he gets an audience, and boy does he like to make an entrance.

Sometimes, when the sky is clouded over and the sea is dark, Brook forgets. He sits very still on the mast bench with his white bone-hands folded in his lap, and stares at nothing. He doesn’t react when people pass him by. Sanji calls them all in to dinner, but Brook seems not to hear.

Eventually, Zoro gets up from where he’s been sleeping in the grass, and approaches him. The others disappear into the mess, the sound of their voices a distant murmur once the door closes behind them.

“Oi, Brook.”

The skeleton is singing, Zoro realises, a deep humming under his breath.

“Hey.” Zoro reaches out and places his hand gently on Brook’s arm … bone. It feels odd; thin and hard under the rough fabric of his suit.

Brook stops humming. He looks down, studies Zoro’s hand for a long moment. Then he looks up. “Oh. You’re real,” he says.

Zoro nods. “Come on. If we don’t get up there, Luffy will clean our plates.”

“Yes.” Brook clears his throat and stands up quickly, fussing with his hat like he’s embarrassed, or maybe moved. Moved that it was real after all. The voices are not in his head, the ghosts are solid and alive. He is no longer alone.

Michael is me. I am Michael.


You know Sulu’s under a lot of pressure, and so is Uhura. There’s a lot of uncertainty, but we have to sorta like never lose that regard, that flare of confidence. Because we have so many crew members that are depending on us. You know morally and spiritually. And it’s also this conviction that we’re gonna be okay. That if we stick together, continue to do the right thing, we’re gonna be okay. So the one thing that I realized on this journey is that Uhura and Sulu have a lot in common. When it comes to just doing their duty. And really just their faith, they are very faithful to their crew, to Starfleet, to what they do. And I don’t know I guess it was really nice to see these two characters work together to… to get freedom for the crew. It’s pretty awesome. - Zoe Saldana