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Somehow this photo captures Thanksgiving with your fam SO well…

There’s your one uncle swanning around bragging about his new Tesla, basically borderline trolling everyone else’s financially strapped asses…

There’s your uncle by marriage who was dragged to “the yearly shitshow” by your aunt and is barely keeping his rage and hatred of his in-laws under wraps…

And then there’s you dreading that someone at the table can tell you just blazed/masturbated/ate two packs of the King’s Hawaiian rolls everyone’s been looking forward to…

Yoosung/Zen + Break Ups

Summary: Basically MC has moved on, but her ex has not. Maybe I’ll do the rest of RFA later if people like this one

Yoosung Kim

~Reason for break up?? He cheated.

~it’s really shocking actually. Before you two had met, he even got you to invite the monogamy group to the party. he promised over and over and over to love you and treat you right. and yet he cheated.

~You don’t know the girl’s name-you don’t really want to know anyways. Yoosung told you straight out because he wanted to be honest. You only asked one question; did he sleep with her? Yoosung was honest.

~even if he lied, you would have broken up with him.

~so you packed up your bags and left that night, living with Jaehee for a while. The messenger was oddly dark for a while. Yoosung was worried and then he realized that everyone was just not talking to him. eventually his friends opened up to him again, chastising him (yelling and lecturing) but he never heard from you.

~one day, months and months later, a chatroom has opened up and your name is the only one in the log. Yoosung felt so incredibly relieved. everyone had told him you were doing well but Yoosung had the mental image of you depressed and sick and alone

~you greeted him with a short hello and went right on to give out the information concerning the next RFA party. Yoosung couldn’t help the small pride that blossomed in his chest-you were in total control now, choosing the date, choosing the guests, choosing the caterers.

~the party came quick and Yoosung felt eager to go. He just wanted to see you, apologize, hold you and kiss you. God, nothing could begin to describe his guilt and anger towards himself. You are perfect and he threw it all away.

~Yoosung checked in, hardly looked at anyone and ran in to find you, mentally rehearsing what he wanted to say. A year’s worth of words waited in his throat to be spewed out and then he sees you. Your hair shorter than it was and a champagne dress is draped over your figure with pretty sheer sleeves on your shoulders. his heart feels like it could burst

~and suddenly there’s someone coming behind you, touching your shoulder. You look up from your clip board and smile at him. not Yoosung


~You’re smiling at V. You two are talking. V doesn’t have any glasses on. Did he get the treatment?

~V runs his slender hands through your hair, leans down, and kisses you. you’re actually kissing him back

~Yoosung wonders if you dated V just to get back at him. surely you know how Yoosung feels about V? V parts away from you after a few more minutes of smiles and talking, leaving you back to your check list

~He clenches his fist at his side and moves to walk over to you. he has to talk to you

~Jumin stops him, grabbing his shoulder and giving Yoosung a firm shake of his head

~Yoosung is glad he didn’t make a fool of himself because that evening V and MC announced their engagement

Hyun Ryu/Zen

~You were the one to end things. And believe me when I say things were serious. Or at least that’s what you thought. You had grown sick of how things were going. Zen just signed an agreement to be ‘single to the public.’

~Meaning that he basically had to pretend you were no longer in his life.

~Zen tried hard to pretend he felt alright

~you two stayed on speaking terms

~it took some time for you to be able to be friendly and polite but after a year things weren’t as awkward. You never chatted with him directly but you always acknowledged and spoke with him

~Zen never got over you

~even after two years he could NOT stop loving you and one day he decided he’d just tell you

~he marched to your apartment-your actual apartment, not Rika’s

~he knocked on the door, nervously smoothing his hair and clothes before it opened

~Jumin Han, the person Zen wanted to see the very least, had opened the door

~”Oh. Hello, Zen,” he said in that nauseatingly calm voice 

~”Why are you here?” Zen felt thrown off from his original plan

~”Baby, who’s at the door?” You called from another room

~Holy. shit.

~Zen turned on his heels and bolted the hell out of there


#everything about this makes me smile #the fact that a marvel femslash ship was brought up #at a popular kick ass female panel #the fact that the panelist #did some research up on the show #and cartinelli must have prominently come up #and drawn enough attention # for it to spark interest # as well as hayley’s lovely reaction with her cute smile #and then gal gadot (aka fucking wonder woman) also smiling #a m a z i n g


Yeah, but we only use them when we mean it!

I had wondered for a while why Yang purposefully said “father figure” here.
It’s not just Ruby, Yang totally sees Qrow as a father figure too and I love it.


not everyone
not y o u


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finally! the end of my almost-three-weeks long hiatus (ive been living in queue for so long) even though i already have a good two spreads completed (´~`ヾ) just been way too lazy to take good photos because i have to wake up at exactly nine in the morning to do so~

anyway, this is my exam schedule and spread! didn’t have time to complete a full one during the exam week, but i think i did decently on time for once. ♡ remember to check out @doctorsafraid and her stickers on etsy @mochiandmoon - quote ATTICSTUDIES for a discount! ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

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There’s a real bitter-sweetness in having a friend leave an online social space because they’re focusing on sorting out their real life. that thing when they admit to using the internet as a distraction from real problems and decide to take time away to actually attend to them. friends, school, job applications, ambitions swept to the wayside because existing as an icon, and a username, and an array of text was always easier. some part of you hopes for the best, hopes they succeed, hopes they never return. some part of you wishes they’d never even considered it, so you’d never see them go. so you’d never have to pause and wonder for yourself if you ought to be doing the same.

Markiplier Gothic

-The lucky flannel has returned. The lucky flannel will always return. You cannot seem to destroy the lucky flannel. No matter how many times you steal it and burn it in the woods behind your house, it always makes its way back to him. You have tried to warn him many times, warn him that the luck comes with a price, warn him that the flannel will one day demand that all debts are paid; he has not heard your warnings, or perhaps he is ignoring them. Either way, you sadly conclude, it is too late. He is too far gone now.
You stop trying to steal the lucky flannel.

-“Herb lore,” you hear one, solitary voice chirp. It is a voice you do not recognize.
“Herb lore.” Responds another.
A cacophony of voices suddenly surround you. “Herb lore, herb lore, HERB LORE!” They chant, although not quite in unison.
You do not know where these voices are coming from, nor do you remember when you started chanting with them. With each passing repetition, you forget a little more about the life you lived before herb lore. You keep chanting anyway.

- @markiplier uses a slightly different voice for approximately 4 and a half seconds in a video. By the time you click away and open a new tab, Tumblr has created a character out of this voice. They have named him Kevin. Kevin now has four ask blogs and twelve fan blogs, seven of which have some variant of the phrase “protection squad” in their usernames. One of them is dedicated solely to NSFW KevinxAntisepticeye fan fiction. It already has 300 followers.

-Every once and a while, you hear the Ancient Ones howling outside your window in the middle of the night. “COLA AND MEAL PLEASE, NO BREAD,” they shriek. You do not know what this means. You are too afraid to ask.

-“Markiplier’s fanbase is a bunch of 12 year olds,” you hear them say. You look around, but you can’t see any. You realize that you can’t remember the last time you saw a 12 year old at all. What does a 12 year old look like? How long have you been older than 12? Were you ever 12?
You turn to the person nearest to you. It is a middle-aged man. He has a wife and two children. He works in accounting.
“How old are you?” You ask.
“12,” he replies.
You scream.

-“Subscribe for More!” reads the cheerful font at the end of the compilation video. It is not a suggestion.

-A blonde woman in an alien-themed sweatshirt passes you in the grocery store. As she walks around your cart, her arm brushes against a six pack of Corona.
“I CAN’T DRINK THAT, OR I WILL LITERALLY DIE,” a voice booms, the noise crackling in the air like lightning. The woman glances at you and you nod, confirming that, yes, you heard it too.

-“Shares are a little low this month,” he tells you. Something about his tone fills you with a strange, primal fear. You share his videos with your friends. You share them with family. You write the URLS on pieces of paper and staple them to trees.
“Shares are a little low this month.”
You’re positive it’s a warning this time.

-You go on a date with Markiplier. “You look so familiar. Have we met?” he asks. You decide not to tell him that you have. You have done all of this before. You have always been on this date with Markiplier.
There are now two Markipliers. You are holding them both at gunpoint. You know that the one on the left is the real one, because you have done this before. You have always been doing this.
You shoot the one on the left anyway.
Afterwards, you go out for ice cream.
“Bonjour!” The man behind the counter smiles. His eyes are not yet filled with quiet desperation. He must not know about the time loop.
You go on a date with Markiplier.


Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3