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Spectre 2.
Phoenix Leader.
General Syndulla.

I just made a fifth smuggler ooops. XD


We [Twi’lek] females are virtually bred to be frivolous – good only as slaves, playthings, or pampered princesses!

Twi’lek females aren’t treat well in [star wars] universe - since birth they are   emotionally, physically and socially oppressed.


I am a female, I am a Twi’lek, and I am a Jedi. The galaxy is wider than your prejudices, little one.

Longtime coming redesign of my Star Wars crew (the original picture doesn’t exist anymore shhhhh)

Rogue One

So I watched Rogue One yesterday with my boyfriend, and let me say, it was absolutely amazing. Not only was the story well written, but the acting I thought was good, and the vision of the entire movie was overall wonderful.

There are a few things I would like to talk about though. Easter Eggs/Cameos.

*spoilers, obviously*

Now, if any of you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of the Star Wars Rebels series that is on Disney XD. The Twi’lek pilot of The Ghost is known as Hera Syndulla, who is the daughter of Cham Syndulla, who fought during the Clone Wars. This relates to Rogue One because during the scene where Jyn is walking out of the meeting were everyone concluded they shouldn’t go to war, and Cassian walks with her, over the intercom you can hear them say “General Syndulla”. Now this means that its either Hera, or Cham, and it is my belief it is Hera as she is apart of the rebellion, and currently she is at the rank of Captain, and Cham has had a bittersweet relationship with the rebellion. 

Next is how on Jedha, we see the two men from the bar on Tatooine that Kenobi and Luke meet. 

Another easter egg is whenever Bail Organa is talking to the leader of the rebellion, and she says something similar to “Are you going to contact that jedi friend of yours?” Which is a very obvious nod to Obi Wan Kenobi.

So now we just have the familiar faces. C3P0, R2D2, Grand Moff Tarkin, Bail Organa, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader.

I wish to talk about Vader for a moment, as his addition in Rogue One seems needless, but its actually crucial. Vader is needed in Rogue One, as it shows how he has come into chase of the Death Star plans, instead of assuming and guessing how or when. I think my favourite thing about Vader in Rogue One, is how ruthless he is. He has no idea about Kenobi, he has no force presence, and it shows just how much he doesn’t care about the innocence or the rebels. Whenever he walks onto the connecting ship to Leia’s ship, he mows down the rebels without any effort, emotion, or care. His only inconvenience is stepping over their dead bodies. This just further shows how after he gets rid of Ashoka, and forgets about Kenobi, he has nothing from his past keeping him down, his only hesitation ever coming up is after he kills Kenobi, when he realizes Luke is his son, because his son is his future.

Overall, Rogue One was an excellent movie. Whenever I think about all the characters deaths, i tear up, because they did an amazing job of making me have connections and feelings for them. I am also very proud of Lucas Productions for being able to break out of the shell that Star Wars held, and that shell being one of strict Jedi stories. Rogue One is a story about the faces behind the rebellion, the faces that had nothing but hope and death to back them up. All their deaths were warrior deaths, ones truly deserving of the win that they got. I truly loved this movie, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do. 

Thank you for reading.

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #5:

I have not been following “Star Wars Rebels,” the latest animated Star Wars TV show, very carefully. Hera Syndulla is one of the band of rebels, and I think, the captain and pilot of their ship. She is a Twi'lek, one of the humanoid, but not human, species in the Star Wars universe. This means, (fun facts that I just learned on the “Wookiepedia” today) that parts of her brain are located in her “head-tails” and that her eyebrows are tatooed on.

I felt I had been shirking the color possibilities of the dinosaurs in the series so far, making them all an amorphous grey/green. Of course, no one knows for sure what sort of coloring would be accurate….

The color scheme definitely got away from me on this one. The greyish green solution looks pretty good in retrospect.