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The Great Marauder’s prank wall headcanon
Okay but imagine this…
-The Marauders having a wall in the dorm covered with paper
-It starts out when James writes a note to Sirius about the potions homework
-Then it just becomes the default place to stick reminders and notes that are just never taken down again
-Then Remus takes a risk and adds a photo of the four of them at the end of the first year
-The photo stays up and is quickly joined by hundreds of others
-When Sirius starts writing really bad poetry he sticks that up there too
-The others like to write feedback to him
-James kind of misses the point of ‘constructive’ criticism
-When the war starts they stick up articles about disappearances they want to solve
-A shrine is made in one corner to commemorate those lost
-When they leave they each sign the wall with non-removable ink
-They also write one thing they want to try and do before they die
-When the war is over Mcgonagall finds the wall
-On it is written the following
-‘Before I die I want to make peace with my brother’
-'Before I die I want to gain control’
'Before I die I want to have a whole bunch of kids with the best woman ever and then they’ll all form a super Potter quidditch team’
-And last of all in the smallest and neatest writing it says
-'Before I die I want to not be afraid’
-Mcgonagall takes everything down and puts it in a large box
-She sends it to Harry anonymously
-She adds a note saying this
-'Before I die I want to be outlived’

Do you think Derek ever remembers the Stiles that he first met, the loud mouthed, cheerful, quirky, smirking, always moving, always curious Stiles, basically the definition of ALIVE, and he knows Stiles has been through a lot even before that but it never crushed his spirit completely.

Do you think he looks at the Stiles after the nogitsune and everything else he’s had to go through, seeing right in front of him how much quieter Stiles is, how he might flinch at surprise noises or contact, how he doesn’t strive to know everything about anything anymore, how he keeps his head low and approaches things in a more calculating way, a tired way, rather than wholeheartedly.

Do you think he sees the tight lipped smile and the dark eyes and thinks to himself how he should have been more present, how he should’ve been able to do something, ANYTHING, to stop this from happening. Because it happened to himself, he should know how it goes by now, he should’ve seen the signs, he should’ve dared to believe the nagging voice in the back of his head and should’ve stepped forward when he saw that no one else would. But no, he had let himself believe in his self-pity, that Stiles, someone so great could never fall, that he could never experience something like Derek because he was too strong and too precious and too amazing, that he could never need someone like Derek when he has so many people around him.

Do you think he blames himself for not realizing sooner that they are both just people, that he is not some monster who attracts and deserves all the worst for just existing, that what happened to him could happen to anyone, and that Stiles is not an actual angel, who is immune to everything (even if he was Derek’s guardian angel).

Do you think Derek’s heart breaks over and over again every time Stiles half heartedly jokes that they’re all just broken now and that Derek isn’t alone.

Do you think he sees the plea in Stiles’ eyes that he doesn’t dare speak, the way Stiles had seen it in his before he had even known what he wanted, a touch, a hug, unconditional trust, but that he doesn’t know what to do because he still doesn’t trust himself, and all he wants to do is fall to his knees and tell Stiles he’s sorry for letting things go this way, and he knows that it’s pathetic and he’s just being his self-deprecating self again, and that it’s not helping anyone - it never has - but he doesn’t know what to do, all he knows is what Stiles had done for him and he knows he can’t be as great as Stiles, he can’t.

Do you think he tries anyway because he would give his heart and his soul, or what’s left of it anyway (sometimes he doesn’t believe there’s anything left at all but considering he’s alive, and considering the way something beats hard in his chest when Stiles’ eyes meet his there must be SOMETHING there) no matter how small and shattered- he’d give it all for Stiles. And he can’t rewind time and he can’t fix him, and Stiles deserves so much more than his shattered pieces, and one day surely, Stiles will find someone better, someone who serves as a cooling balsam to the pain within, and that thought makes his throat close up and his chest burn and it almost makes him turn away from Stiles because he’s been taught in the past not to give anything if there’s a risk he’ll get burnt- but he does it anyway, because this is Stiles and if he’s not getting what he needs from anyone else, if by chance he’s not letting anyone else in for the moment, if Derek knows where the cracks are and how to warm them, then he’ll be there. And he might not be enough but at least he’s something and maybe, just maybe he can serve some kind of purpose, whichever it may be, to preserve that last part of Stiles that’s hidden behind the cold exterior, maybe he’ll be just enough to help Stiles survive until his life pieces itself back together again and Stiles is back on his own two feet.

Do you think he takes Stiles’ hand, silently because he was never good with words, and because he remembers that most of the time Stiles had comforted him by touch alone, small gestures, rather than his wide vocabulary of words, and that he’s surprised when Stiles isn’t.

Do you think that the tears that form in Stiles’ eyes at the contact take all of the sorrys from Derek’s lips because he loses his breath when Stiles gives his hand a gentle squeeze and sniffles, smiling ever so slightly, not strong enough for an honest full fledged smile, because it would be a lie if he did, but this one is real and it’s the most beautiful thing Derek has ever seen because it means he was right, Stiles is still in there and he might know the one or other thing about getting him out.

Do you think they’re still overly careful around each other and about digging too deep, they’re cautious to protect each other, and they might seem to bicker and argue harshly on the outside about trivial things, but when it comes to words with depth they’re both quiet and calm, and Derek sticks to his silent gestures until they start losing their power.

Do you think the time he sets a hand on Stiles’ back and Stiles pulls away, fear makes his chest tight that he’s reached his limit and he’s not enough anymore, that he’s got nothing more left to give and that this is the point where he has to let Stiles go to find someone better, someone worthy, who will put that real, honest, full fledged, ear to ear grin on Stiles’ face in the most vulnerable of moments.

Do you think Derek remembers that time, where Stiles broke through all his walls and looked straight into his soul with just one word, a seemingly irrelevant word in an irrelevant conversation that had nothing to do with either of them, really, except for fighting off a threat with a paralyzing tail.

Do you think he remembers how Stiles gave everything back then, prior to that word, he used all the energy he had left in him to keep both their heads over water and that he would’ve died to try and save them both, and Derek had found a way to dismiss it, thinking Stiles is the kind of person who would sacrifice himself for anyone, kind of like himself except that Derek did it because he thought he deserves to die much more than anyone else and Stiles probably did it because he thinks no one deserves to die unless they’re trying to kill someone else.

Do you think he takes a step forward to chase the step Stiles took away and tells him simply “you’re not alone”, and it’s three words to Stiles’ one but it’s the best he’s got and he always knew his best is not even close to Stiles’, and he knows he’s got to try everything, give it everything he’s left in him all the way to the end, because Stiles’ would do the same for him if he let him, and he has to take the chance just in case Stiles lets him to the same.

Do you think Derek keeps on talking, thinking about the way he likes hearing Stiles’ voice when he’s down, and talking might not come easy to him but it gets easier when he sees Stiles is listening and his shoulders slump as if he’s finally letting some of the weight of his walls fall.

Do you think Derek envelopes Stiles tightly, not trying to prevent it when he breaks and starts sobbing into his chest, but holding him together so that he doesn’t feel shattered and scattered all over the place when the tears slowly cease, and it hurts, seeing Stiles like this, hearing the sobs that wrenched from him, and maybe it’s such a punch to the gut that Derek tears up himself, but this time he has to be there for Stiles so he keeps talking, making sure Stiles has something to focus on beside the sounds of his sobs.

Do you think that maybe when they both quiet down, exhausted, and Derek sees how reluctant Stiles is to leave his side just for a shower, even if he can’t look Derek in the eyes at the moment, and how they somehow drift back to each other when they lie down, how Stiles grasps onto his shirt tightly when Derek brings his arms back around him, that maybe Derek starts to think maybe there was a reason they kept getting pulled back to each other, maybe there’s a reason they can see past each other’s defenses and see more in each other than either would ever dare to admit, maybe, just maybe, he can be enough for Stiles, the way a scrawny, pale but dotted with moles, sarcastic 147 pounds of skin and bones teenager simply believing in him was enough or him years ago.

I have this idea in mind all day then decided to draw it. You see, my idea is where Reaper constantly tries to reap Geno because he should be dead by now. But since Geno lives in the void where no one can die, Reaper can’t do anything but try to tempt Geno to finally die. Geno, being hard headed, refuses to die (he still hopes to get his old life back). Reaper can still enter the void but his powers are useless, so stays out of the void to see his chances of reaping Geno’s soul. When other versions of himself are able to universe hopping and it made Geno sad and jealous at their happiness but Geno knew if he leaves Reaper would be there waiting for him. I also thought Geno found the line between the void and another universe (in my head, it seems to be a happy place). Geno thought long and hard until he came with an idea. If the void keeps him from dying, what if he have a piece of the void with him so he can’t die? Brilliant, isn’t it? Sadly the void doesn’t have the necessary materials for him to work with and even if the other have the materials, Geno can’t bring himself to take a risk (especially if Reaper is waiting). Then he manages to make contact with Sci and Sci helped him out (but in secret, death have rules, if you help someone escape death, then the person will have to die as punishment) then the void patch is been created! The patch is always under his feet and is about 1 square meter but grows big depending on Geno’s position and how big Geno’s shadow is. You can still fight and hurt him but he can’t die and if your in the patch, well then you’re in for a beating. Then it comes to the point Reaper is frustrated and Geno is happy as he got his revenge on him for making him feel embarrassed and annoyed as you can see from above. The downside is that the patch is always stuck to the ground, so is Geno jumps, he leaves the patch and gave Reaper a chance to reap his soul. He did that once but Geno got lucky and Reaper, well he got chased around and got beaten up by Geno. And if Geno walks, the patch stretches and will not leave the ground where his feet is on.

Hey guys! Figure it out if its Afterdeath or not.

“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” - Jun

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Jun has never loved someone that much. In the sight of him, everyone was just okay. You know, either hate or okay. Until the day he had met you at his favorite coffee shop. He knew, that you two were meant l each other. Jun asked you out for more and more dates. Everything was perfect, you loved each other.
That special day was exactly a year ago, making Jun nostalgic. You’ve never been part of the „let’s celebrate everything” squad, you just enjoyed every moment spent in the other’s company,making the time fly. In your opinion a one year annyiversary can’t make any difference either. Mostly that’s why Jun was so surprised when he got blindfolded by you. He didn’t what was happening, and you didn’t answer any of his questions, keeping hiI in complete ignorance. When Jun felt your hands on his, he started to know what’s going on. Especially when you started pulling him after yourself, making him to take uncertain steps. Jun was afraid of falling when you reached the stairs downwards, but you just kept going, and he had no other chance. He just knew when you stepped out of the building; the light wind immediately messed up his perdectly done hair, making you laugh.
After half an hour of walking, you two reached your destination. When Jun took off the blindfold that made him see nothing, he was the most surprised cutie on this planet. He stood on a meadow, by you on his side, a blanket in front of you, with a basket on it. On the basket was a big, red bow, making it look like a present.
- It’s yours, go open it! -you said, smiling at Jun’s surprised face.
- Really? – Jun asked, making his way to the basket. When he opened it, he couldn’t believe what he saw. A cute little album, filled with polaroids you took trough the year.
- Y/N, what did I do in the past to deserve you? Thank you so much. – he said, tears of joy crossing his face. It was rare to see him cry, so you just couldn’t help yourself, you gave him the tightest, loveliest hug in the history, making yourself cry too.
Some minutes later you were laying down on the blanket, holding hands, smiling. You just stared at the cloudless blue sky,sometimes colorful butterflies and dragonflies crossing your sight. Jun was still pretty emotional by your little present.
- Once again y/n, what did I do to deserve you?
- I don’t know, maybe you were a good boy. -you were laughing again.
- That’s good then. I just want you to know, that I really really love you. I’m sorry for not giving you anything. – said Jun, sounding worried.
- Don’t worry for such a thing. And, I love you too. So so much.
- Promise me y/n, that we’ll stay together forever and ever.
- I can’t promise it. Once one of us will die, we can’t do nothing. – you said, trying to hide the bitter tone of voice. It was hard to think about dying.
- You know what? If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass. -Jun told you, after a few seconds of thinking.
- Wow. I’m stasting to get scared. – you laughed.
- Don’t worry, I would do it foI your good. I would help to avoid loneliness. ‘Cause you know, you would be pretty lonely without me.
- You’re right. I love you.
After that little conversation between, you kept silence, listening to the sound of the other’s breathing. That’s something neither of you wanted to fly away; being with the person you loved and appreciated the most on this Earth. Even if one of you dies, he/she will remain with the other forever.