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3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU [Part 5]

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: Maybe fluff, most likely angsty

Warnings: Death, swearing, mentions of kidnapping I think

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A/N: Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, we had lost power due to 60 mph winds. I hope you like it! This one is a long one. Also, update on the Playlist Scenarios; Tumblr Girls will be posted tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish it by today. Sorry again for the delay and I hope you enjoy! 

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Ji Yong knew you saw those girls. He knows that you’ve seen worse, but the feeling of anger and annoyance showed up when he thought of it. He tried protecting you for so long. He didn’t know how you would handle it. He still doesn’t know how you’re currently handling it. You were really quiet in the car, which wasn’t exactly unexpected, but he did expect for you to cry way more than you did. He was worried about you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

He looked down at the bodies on the ground. Blood slowly dripping out of the hole in their heads. There were four of them. Two topless hookers and two idiot men. They knew that someone important was coming. Everyone knew to be on their best behavior, but nope they decided to ruin not only their name but Ji Yong’s image on you.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Trust me.” Seunghyun said, knowing what’s bothering him. Ji Yong shrugged, thinking of your face as he killed your brother. The pure shock and pain that filled your eyes. It was hard for him, but it’s not like he hasn’t killed before. “I know. She’ll have to move on sooner or later.”

“Ji Yong, come here for a second.” Mr. Kwon said. Ji Yong nodded and walked towards his father. Mr. Kwon was talking to three guys at the time. All of which looked like they had been through the worst things you could imagine. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and one of them was bleeding. Mr. Kwon didn’t seem too happy with what they said, despite the smile he gave them. “Yes, dad?”

“Now boys, please repeat to my son what you just said to me.” The boys stood in fear, nodding their heads at uneven, fast speeds. One of the boys went to open their mouths, only to have a hand clamp their mouth shut. Someone else spoke up. “They got away sir.”

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oh no i’m having a sad night :c

Sock Drawer Trauma

One of the tasks I wanted to get accomplished today was straightening out my sock drawer and tossing away all the crap I’ve accumulated in there. (I did the bra drawer too - and tomorrow, the clothes!)

Most of the stuff was things I thought I needed to save for one reason or another but now think better of it and need to toss.

But then I came across my pregnancy test from the baby I lost, wow, almost 2 years ago now. That and the bracelets from the hospitalization. I threw the bracelets away, I’d not like to remember that. But the test, the test I put in my chest with the baby books and tests from my other children. He may not have made it, but I carried him under my heart as I did the others. For a little while anyways.

Ugh, and then I found my invitation to the junior prom (!) with both our names on it. HOW’S A GIRL SUPPOSED TO MOVE ON?! Kidding. Almost threw it out, but tucked it back in there instead, behind my socks and undies, with cards from my kids and yeast infection medicine.

I’m sentimental and practical.


April 4 2017: Why did you make a studyblr?

I study so much and I love taking notes and this studyblr is where I can talk about my life freely and it automatically documents for me and everything; I can’t stick to a bujo but this is like an online one so it’s so nice.

Today I went to a rush event for Phi Delta Epsilon (a professional pre-med co-ed fraternity) and that was the most socializing I’ve ever done, but I enjoyed it! I’m going to the second one tomorrow :)


Hump day Happiness (that sounds weird, but I’m sticking with it):

hmmmm. I really don’t know. It wasn’t a terrible day, but nothing particularly good happened either. I guess I got 100% on all 3 or 4 quizzes I had today.

Economics is organized common sense. Here is a short list of valuable lessons that our beautiful subject teaches.
1. Many things that are desirable are not feasible.
2. Individuals and communities face trade-offs.
3. Other people have more information about their abilities, their efforts, and their preferences than you do.
4. Everyone responds to incentives, including people you want to help. That is why social safety nets don’t always end up working as intended.
5. There are tradeoffs between equality and efficiency.
6. In an equilibrium of a game or an economy, people are satisfied with their choices. That is why it is difficult for well meaning outsiders to change things for better or worse.
7. In the future, you too will respond to incentives. That is why there are some promises that you’d like to make but can’t. No one will believe those promises because they know that later it will not be in your interest to deliver. The lesson here is this: before you make a promise, think about whether you will want to keep it if and when your circumstances change. This is how you earn a reputation.
8. Governments and voters respond to incentives too. That is why governments sometimes default on loans and other promises that they have made.
9. It is feasible for one generation to shift costs to subsequent ones. That is what national government debts and the U.S. social security system do (but not the social security system of Singapore).
10. When a government spends, its citizens eventually pay, either today or tomorrow, either through explicit taxes or implicit ones like inflation.
11. Most people want other people to pay for public goods and government transfers (especially transfers to themselves).
12. Because market prices aggregate traders’ information, it is difficult to forecast stock prices and interest rates and exchange rates.
—  Thomas Sargent

well, i’m gonna do Bottom!Kit first since most of people told me to do that and to be honest i’m okay with either that or Bottom!Richard so i might do another one in a future no so far so you can also have that one…writing right now so i can post it, hopefully, later today if not i’ll post it tomorrow… @jhonbloom-my-love @instantlyvirtuallight i know you wanted to Top!Kit but oh well, hope you will like to read it anyways

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Ah, Christmas. It was a bright and colorful time of the year. Lights were strung up everywhere you went, lamps were decorated with petite bows, couples were walking around, using the cold as an excuse to huddle close. It would be an odd thought to think of someone who didn’t enjoy this holiday- Your thoughts cut short as Hanzo shook his head, his arms crossed over his bare chest, as his eyes held no amusement. “For the last time, I will not dress up for this idiotic holiday.”

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I figured I’d do some assassin!Tae since today is his birthday in Korea and I’m v v excited for the post that will happen tomorrow bc it’s my aesthetic and I’m just really excited rn also, I hit 700 followers!!! Thank you all so s o so much!!

  • Okay so this lil innocent bby couldn’t hurt a fly
  • At least that’s what they all think
  • He’s lowkey one of the most ideal set ups for an assassin bc no one even thinks about questioning him
  • Literally like who’s gonna look at smiley lil Tae playing with the puppies in the corner of the room and think “he did it”
  • It’s s o easy for him to get his hits wrapped around his finger bc everybody loves Taehyung
  • He just reels them in with how pretty and sweet and lovely he is and they never stop to think oh hey this kid’s an assassin
  • We’ve all seen I Need You (which I’m still not over and probably never will be) just gonna point out that’s basically assassin!Tae
  • He does have a moral code though
  • He only assassinates those who have committed a horrible crime
  • Also bringing back iny, does everyone remember the outfit he wears like all black, black hoodie black jeans aka one of my favorite looks on him
  • That’s what he wears like 25/8
  • You and Tae have been together for like 5 years 
  • You were with him long before he got into the business and you’d be with him long after he got out
  • He tried keeping it a secret from you at first but this kid + lying = no
  • It took you all of a month to find out about it
  • You’d told him not to get into it from the very day you found out, you were still highly against it a couple of years later but you knew he was in too deep to be able to just step away from it at this point 
  • You were just happy he at least didn’t assassinate just anyone, it had to have a reason
  • He tries to keep you as far from it as he possibly can, he never tells you any of the details
  • You soon learn that “I’ll be home late” is code for “you don’t really wanna know where I’m going rn”
  • You two (along with the other boys) move around a lot, from city to city
  • Sometimes you change your name and it feels weird to not be able to call him tae in public but you soon get used to it
  • You help him dye his hair whenever you move, using the cheap motel’s bathroom to do it
  • Sometimes you cut it, give him a new hairstyle, anything to make him look different
  • One of the first things he does when he gets into the business is teach you how to defend yourself in as many ways as he could
  • He taught you how to fight, where to punch and when to do it
  • He always made sure you kept his number at the ready as well as a can of pepper spray or any sort of self defense tool bc he has a lot of enemies who would just love to use you against him
  • There’s only one time they actually manage to find you but it doesn’t last long
  • They find you in your new apartment, Taehyung was out buying groceries and you were at home, trying to figure out how to work the new lamp (it took you a couple minutes to realize the light bulb needed to be changed)
  • Just as you finally get the light to come on, a hand is over your mouth, two more are grabbing your arms and feet and you’re being carried out of the room before you can even register what’s happening
  • Their worst decision though was to stay in the apartment and decide that just calling Tae and taunting him would be enough
  • They seemed to have forgotten that he had 6 other boys who thought of you as a family member, as well as Tae who very obviously considered you his whole world
  • He has a range of emotions when he finds out about the situation
  • The first one is worry like are you okay did they hurt you were they going to??
  • Then anger kicks in and he’s just pissed at everything and everyone and is ready to basically tear them apart
  • Then he surprisingly calms down bc he realizes if he wants to make sure you get out unscathed, he’s gotta go in there with a clear mind
  • Then it’s just straight to the car bc he’s gotta g o
  • He calls the boys on the way and they all agree to meet him at the apartment bc someone’s fucking with you that means they’re fucking with them
  • There’s a reason they’re the highest paid assassination group so like some newbies who couldn’t even tie the knot on the rope that bound your wrists together weren’t all that challenging for them
  • Tae’s main concern is you like the second he can get out of the fight, he’s out and running over to make sure you’re okay
  • He literally checks like every inch of your body, from the top of your head down to removing your shoes to make sure your feet are okay
  • You’d gotten a small bruise from accidentally bumping into a table but he thinks one of them did it and it literally takes you like 5 minutes to convince him to not attack them again
  • It’s that event that makes him go rogue (eventually the other boys follow bc family sticks together)
  • He was okay with running the risk of himself being caught, he was okay with having to play all of the mind games but the second your safety was endangered, he was very much not okay with it
  • You two move over to Japan and he finally goes back to his birth name (which means yay you can call him Tae in public now) and he lets his hair return to its natural color and he’s just extremely ready to settle down and leave the assassination life behind him
Frankenstein! Michael

Words: 3.8k

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N creates the man of her dreams with clay and deceased peoples organs. She manages to get him to life and she shows him a few things ;)  


It was weird you knew that, trying to stitch body parts together to get a real life creature. But in this day and age nothing was impossible. The body parts weren’t real well apart from the insides, but they were of the deceased; used for science. I got a hold of the last roll of my black thread and poked it through the tiny hole of the needle. I looked down at the body that was moulded out of clay. It’s taken nearly 2 years to complete, to get the structure right and to gather all the inside parts.

The last part was stitching the rest of the hand to the arm, since I had sowed some of it earlier. Then after I had finished that I would finally shock the body to get the heart pumping and getting the blood flowing. I had been stitching the body for about a year, starting with the feet and delicately making my way upwards. This included a clay penis, that was probably the hardest thing to make as well. Being a mad-scientist you don’t get out much so there was a hard choice to make on what a perfect penis was and I wanted this man to be perfect.

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Daily art submission is a quick doodle of the egg. <3

Not 100% if there will be one tomorrow because it will be even busier than today.  I’ll be traveling back to my home city to spend two weeks with family.  So most of my day will be spent in airports and then settling in and relaxing because airports stress me out.  I’ll try to at least get another sketch like this one in though. ;)

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Could you write a drabble where Harry goes on a business trip and Will gets hurt badly. Eden doesnt tell Harry about it and when he comes back River accidentally tells him about it and he gets really mad at Eden.

I just fixed this together a long while ago and forgot about it. Forever sorry 🙈  I hope you like this! Thank you for requesting! I didn’t have Harry figure it out when he came back because if he’d figure it out when he got back days after the fire would have been dimmed slightly and I wanted a blow up argument right when it happened instead so hopefully that’s alright. xxx [requests are still closed.]

☁️  He’s our son! Not just yours!” ☁️

word count: 7.1k

River makes jam with the raspberries she should have been eating whole. She smiles broadly as she keeps banging on the berries with the back of her small spoon. She likes the way banging sounds and that she can cause it. It’s better than what it was a few months ago. Where River was still enamored by gravity and so she threw just about everything to the ground.

She’s almost three and nothing is boring. There’s always more things to bang, more things to throw to the floor and more things to explore.

“Do you have to do that?” William looks up from his phone, the noise bothering him.

“Pink.” River smiles. “Berry pink.”

“S’when you know she’s not hungry anymore.” Harry lifts her off her high chair. “Playing with your berries like they’re paint.” He wipes her berry mouth (and chin) off with her bib.

“Thank you for eating so well.” Eden wipes off her hands with the baby wipes they always have laying around. “Only half of it is on the floor today.”

Harry is going to miss his flight if he keeps trying to clean up all of River’s morning mess. And Eden knows that.

“You’re going to be late.” Eden reminds him as she takes River from him so she can play with her toys on the floor and he can get going.

River is small but she knows that whenever Harry has to go (which Harry tries to keep it to a minimum) she’ll get a present. With William it was train sets, from places his dad travelled to.

William is older now, thirteen. Too old for train sets? Only he knows. Now he’s just waving at him lethargically as he scrolls through his phone over his bowl of cereal. “Have a safe flight.”

River is less picky. Her preference can range from stickers (she likes to wear them because “s’like daddy’s skin drawings”) to shoe laces (she loses quite a few practicing her ties.) But she likes things that make a lot of noise the most. Anything that lights up while making a racket is best. (Not for William or for anyone but River.)

“M’already late.” He grins bending down to help River with her shoe laces. “And you have an exam today.” He tells William.

“I do?” He asks surprised still scrolling through his phone.

“Don’t scare me.”

“S’that why I’ve been buried in books for the last week and a half?”

He really had done just that. Eden had to remind him about the dinner getting cold downstairs and the sleep he had to do.

“You’ll do great.” She kisses his forehead. “Just have to do your best, can’t do anymore than your best.” She picks up his empty bowl from the table and brings it to the sink.

“Tie her shoelaces.” Harry reminds William. “Until she learns.”

“When’s she gonna do that?” He mutters.

“M’teaching her!” He groans and William just grins.

Harry does have to leave at some point, he does have a plane to catch that isn’t waiting for him. But he stalls for as long as he can because he doesn’t want to start missing them all yet.

“Bye, bye.” River grins opening and closing her small hand in a wave when he does the same.

“Bye, bye.” He grins leaning over to her. “Be good.” He kisses the top of her head. And William chuckles to himself, River can’t be good…she’s a menace.

“You too.” He reminds William.

“Me good? M’always good. River although has managed to, in the few hours that she’s been awake, dirty her clothes, bring mud into the house and draw on the table. All three in less than an hour.”

“Once, ages and ages ago that was you.” Harry reminds him but William doesn’t believe him.

It feels like seconds ago.

Harry doesn’t like leaving Eden. It’s his least favorite thing to do. And it doesn’t get any easier or manageable no matter how many times he’s done it. Because he knows that yes, he has full work days ahead of him. But nothing compares to Eden’s day, nothing will ever be as tiring as Eden’s day. At least when he stays put, he’s back in the evenings and can relieve her from the rest. The night shift. But when he’s elsewhere for a few days there’s nothing he can do and she’s doing all of it. From start to finish.

“Call me when you land,” she reminds him like she always does. A habit already formed. And she makes sure to tell him that if she doesn’t answer it could be because she’s at River’s swimming lesson or they’ve gone outside for a bit. But she forgets one thing while she’s busy telling him each of their kids’ schedules for today and how they align with his.

“I love you.” He closes the gap between them, reminding her that she’s forgetting something else just as important.

“I love you too.” She laughs as he lingers his lips in front of hers. Then it all clicks, what she’s forgetting and what he’s waiting for. And then so do their lips.

But the second the door closes after him trouble starts and everything falls out of place.

“River!” William groans taking away the toy she’s making a racket with. And predictably, she starts wailing. It was in her small hands one moment and the next—

“William!” His mum scolds.

“She’s annoying.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to grab it from her! Give it back to her and apologize.”

“She isn’t playing with it, she’s banging with it.” He slides it back to her and River’s tears dry right up. “Sorry.” He mutters. “She doesn’t even cry, she pretend cries.”

“Good, you don’t want to be around when she cries for real then.”

“I didn’t pretend cry, didn’t even do a whole lot of crying to begin with.”

“You didn’t have anyone stealing your toys.”

William is the eldest so he never had the luxury of having his toys stolen or having to steal them right back. William had enough toys to submerge himself in and certainly enough to let go of two dozen without noticing. And little by little they all more or less went as he got older. And when River arrived new toys made their way into the house, two times the amount William had. Because River gets sick of her old ones fast and the new ones became old ones just as rapidly.

The time William spends on toys now is only cursing at the when he trips over River’s. Or it’s the groans he lets out when she storms into his room looking for one she might have forgotten in his bedroom. The rest of the time is spent by William hiding the most annoying toys River owns (and they just so happen to be her favorites.)

She notices when they’re gone and that’s when the tears start streaming (fake or not.)

“Have a good day.” Eden smiles as William’s got one foot out the door.

“Thanks.” He mumbles.

“And good luck on your test, but I don’t think you need it.” She brushes some stubborn strands of his hair back to their place and he of course, fixes them right back to his liking.

“Bye bye.” River waves her hand at him, the other holding her second most annoying toy.

“You’ve got practice today right?” Eden asks.


“Do you want me to come to the game tomorrow?” She asks. Harry won’t be around to go and he’s the one who always does.

It isn’t that Eden doesn’t want to go to the games. She would go, with signs and cheers and all. But William didn’t choose golf or ping pong as a sport to pursue. Both are sporty and neither of them as rough. What’s wrong with either? He chose a game where he’s freely tripped or cut off or pushed and everything else.

She never had a problem with the sport before. But what’s to lose your head over a ball with black and white spots? And since she became a mom of a child who climbed and fell off too many trees. A son who wrestled his dad before he could complete verbal sentences with two verbs and several subjects. She realized that she’s way in over her head and watching him in any situation where he could possibly get hurt sends her into a panic.

So Harry goes to all the games instead and she gets the details later.

“Could you stomach it?” He smirks.

“Probably not but I’m willing to try.” She shifts River in her arms, she’s getting older and taller and with that, heavier.

“It’s fine, wouldn’t want you to do what you did two years ago.” No one had told Eden that she wasn’t allowed to just walk onto the field at any given moment. But even if they had, that wouldn’t have stopped her. Some boy had pushed William to the ground. William did get up but so did Eden.

“He pushed you!” She argues. “And m’allowed back, just had to sit out the next two after that one.” She’s done her time.

“It’s fine mum.” He zips up his coat.

“No,” she shakes her head. “So the alternative is you playing with no one cheering you on? I’ll be there.”

“With her?” He glances at River. William won’t ever say it. Nothing will make him admit it but Eden has a feeling. Football is his thing and if River comes it doesn’t really stay his thing. Because like all babies or small children they quickly draw in all the attention. And then Eden is no longer looking at William kicking around a ball or even scoring it but she’s making sure River doesn’t wander off.

“We’ll talk.” She winks at him. Because she knows what he means even when he doesn’t say it. William has his things. But they don’t always stay his when River joins. William was old enough to understand what it meant when they told him he was getting a sister. He knew most of what came with it. But slowly by slowly things he was so used to disappeared. The only thing that stayed because Eden does everything to make sure it does is her and William’s day every second to last Saturday. It’s been their thing since she and him could remember and it stuck.

William only has a few things now that are just his. So when his games come around whenever they do, to him they stay his when his dad is the one who’s there cheering him on. So if there’s anything he can keep just his he tries his very best to do so.

River keeps waving at him until she can’t see him anymore and he’s turned the street corner.

Eden’s day begins now more or less, when she’s left with River and the rest of her day is dedicated to keeping her entertained.

She’ll be headed to preschool soon and Eden values these last few months where it’s just them. She isn’t looking forward to missing her daughter for most of the day but she does have to get back to work at some point. And keeping River, the girl who never walks only runs, entertained is harder than it looks.

Everyday is different. On Mondays, like today she has her swimming lessons. Those are at noon until two. And River must take a mid morning nap or else she will not swim nor float in the water. River without a nap is a house without electricity. Nothing can get done.

So the first part of the day before her nap is dedicated to doing things in order to tire her out. It changes everyday but today is gardening. Simply because Eden has decided to do some of that. She wants to plant a few more things in their back garden and she’ll need River’s help. Eden used to bathe her right after breakfast because she properly needed it but Eden soon found out that she got even dirtier only a few minutes later. So baths are left for before her nap and in the evening when Harry and Eden are sure she doesn’t have anymore energy left in her to get herself dirty.

River loves digging the holes needed for the planting and she’s very good at picking out the pesky weeds that aren’t wanted. After that it’s reading time, where River just listens. The hour after that River draws the shapes she remembers from the days before until she gets them all right.

As River naps Eden busies herself with the folding of laundry, tidying rooms and finishing that book that’s been taking much longer because of her two year old.

River eats before swimming, not minutes before they’re out the door but just like her naps she has to eat something or else she won’t be doing anything. River isn’t a picky eater and Eden thanks whoever’s up there every day for that. She can’t say the same for when William was small but they’ve gotten past each hurdle in due time.

River is still being taught not to play with her food, she’s getting there. She’s stopped throwing her cup to the ground and Harry and Eden are all for seeing the little steps to progress.

River likes swimming, she’s almost got it down and Eden’s waiting for her to get there. That way, she doesn’t have to drive them both all the way across town for her lessons. They’ve got a pool right out back, perfect for swimming and it’d make Eden’s day a little more manageable.

Sitting in traffic with River isn’t the easiest.

Food shopping however, has turned out to be one of Eden’s favorite things to do. Because River is nearly too tired from kicking around in the water and fidgeting in her car seat to do much in the store.

They’re both exhausted when the day comes to a near end. When Harry comes home he takes over the rest. The cleaning of the kitchen and what hopefully is River’s last bath of the day. So on days when he’s gone Eden’s got to do all of it. From waking up William and River in the morning to making sure William doesn’t stay up too late at night. And when she usually comes into his room for the second time to remind him for the second time she finds River in there too. ‘Get her out.’ He’d whisper as she slept in his bed because that’s where she climbed onto and stayed. She does that every time Harry leaves and they still haven’t completley figured out why. Eden thinks it may be because River does that to them sometimes. Not as much as she used to but she still does. And so Eden thinks it might be that William reminds her of Harry.

But Eden does at some point bring River back to her own bed because William won’t sleep if she doesn’t leave. He’s always worried he’ll knock her over, push her to the floor by accident. (He’s a restless sleeper like his dad.)

But the day still hasn’t fully ended to there yet. River is still loud and very much awake. They’re putting together puzzles now. River does most of it as Eden talks to her mum an ocean away.

It’s almost holiday time. That gets Eden through most days. The tough ones. Soon they’ll be soaking up some California sun, not this unreliable sun. And she’s just as excited as her mum is. Her mum is just as sick of seeing her grandchildren through Skype and face time. She’s only seen River one other time since she was born and seeing William twice a year is never enough for her.

“I can’t believe how big she’s gotten.” Katherine beams through the small screen on Eden’s phone.

“She’s busy playing with her puzzles but she knows she’s seeing you soon.” Eden pushes aside some curled strands that are bothering while she fits pieces together. “She’ll be fully swimming by the time we’re there. You’ll be swimming through waves won’t you?” But River is too busy with her puzzles.

Eden’s phone vibrates with in an incoming call and she hates to cut her conversation short. “We’ll call you right back.” She hangs up the video call. “Hello?” Eden answers trying to keep River from putting something she isn’t supposed to, in her mouth.

“Mrs. Styles?”

“Yes that’s me.” She answers distancing the thing that River is so compelled to put in her mouth. Eden hadn’t changed her last name but she’s still addressed as if she had and she’s just gotten used to that.

“Good evening I’m William’s football coach, I’ve just tried to get a hold of your husband—”

“He’s away on business,” she explains while setting River down again again. “Is there anything I can help you with?”  

“William took a fall just a few minutes ago during our practice. He’s being cared for, but it does look as if he’s broken his arm—”

“He what!” She yells and River turns to her with wide eyes. Someones pushed him, someones shoved him, she knows it!

“He took a dive, tried to stop his fall with his hands, landed wrong. He’s—”

“Where is he!”

“He’s being taken to the hospital now, Royal.” He specifies which hospital they’re heading to. “I’m right by him. He’s conscious and communicating with the help. I’ll hand him the phone now so you’re able to speak to him.”

She knew this was going to happen! She knew something like this was on the way. Harry is going to be hearing an ear load of this when he gets back. Because she was right. She’s been right since he started this years ago.


“M’fine mum,” he says but she can hear a hiss of pain in his voice. “Just happy it wasn’t m’leg.”

“You’re not fine! I hear it in your voice.”


“Does it hurt? Of course it does! I’ll be right there ok? I’m headed to the car now.”

“You don’t have—”

“William!” She shouts in frustration. He’s always had this thing in him, part of his personality where he’s always worried he’s bothering someone. Making someone go out of their way by helping him. She knows he gets it from her, she’s the same but gosh it’s irritating. “Just please tell him to let me know where I can find you when you get to the hospital ok?”

“Ok.” He agrees.

“I’ll be right there.” She promises. She’s already up and pulling up her boots. River is confused and still busy with her puzzle.

“Take it with you, c’mon get your coat on.” She tells River and she goes to grab her coat hanging where it usually is by the door. “Shoes.” She points down to her untied laces. And Eden rushes to tie them for her so she doesn’t trip and break something. She won’t be able to explain why under her watch and without Harry two of their children are injured. “Get your umbrella down as well.”

Eden rushes to her car as the rain comes down harder than it did in the afternoon. She puts River in her car seat, makes sure she’s tucked in before coming around to her side. Eden tries to calm herself, that nothing good can come of her driving like a mad woman. So she doesn’t rush through the traffic lights, only when she can.

Her phone rings inside her bag at the passengers seat and she probably shouldn’t be scrambling for it. She should be focusing on the road but she thinks it might be William or something related to William.

“Are you driving?” Harry asks when she answers.

“Well yes—”


“I’m putting you on speaker, hold on hold on.” She sets her phone back down so it isn’t a hazard to anyone.

“Daddy!” River screeches and kicks her legs once she hears him resume the conversation.

“You’re still awake!” He asks.

“Yeah.” She grins.

“Where are you two headed?” Harry asks.

“Food shopping, there are a few things we’re out of.” Eden went food shopping only a few hours ago.

“Where’s William?”

“Practice, right? S’where he usually is at this time on a Monday.”

“How did he do on his exam?”

“I haven’t seen him yet, but he told me it went fine. He’s a boy of very few words.”

“Daddy!” River yells again.

“Yes!” He laughs. “M’here.” He assures her.

“Did…did the flowers today.” She grins. He already knows this, that she planted flowers in their garden today because Eden always sends pictures. “And the swimming.”

And the swimming?”

“And the swimming.” She confirms. “All of it.”

Eden doesn’t know what to do when they get closer to the hospital.

“You’ll call again when she’s about to go to sleep?”

“I will.”

“Because she won’t sleep if you don’t. So in an hour or two from now?”

“I’ll be there.” He assures.

It did come to mind, to tell him where she’s really headed and what’s going on but she brushes it away.

Eden somewhat parks, a bit crooked but she doesn’t have time to get back in and park properly. She gets River out of her car seat and rushes her along as River climbs and steps out of the car.

She decides to carry her, that’ll go the fastest. She runs through the sliding front doors and rushes to the front desk. She spends the time she doesn’t have proving that she is William’s mum and they let her through.

William’s soccer coach is an older man, seemingly serious and straightforward. Eden recognizes him from the times (few and far between) she did go to William’s games. She rushes to him with River in her arms.

She doesn’t have time for a formal greeting. She’ll manage that later when she has all the facts and she’s as calm as she can get in a situation like this.

“He’s having an X-Ray now,” he points to the door behind them. “Should be all wrapped up in no time.”

“That’s good,” she nods. “River come back,” she runs after a wandering River. “Stay by me, you can’t get lost here.” If River gets lost her that’ll be a whole other problem she can’t have. “How did this happen, I know you said—River come back.” She takes her in her arms. “Sorry.” She sighs.

“He was heading for the ball, dove for it as he tried to get it in with his head and then landed on his right arm when he came back down.”

Eden can’t stand that. A ball willingly hitting his head hard. That certain technique if she can even call it that. She knows it can’t be safe and it doesn’t mater how many times William proves to her that it is. And Harry is no help, none whatsoever because apparently that’s his signature move. Bullshit is what it is.

“He heard it, he said he probably broke it. Said he heard a snap.” He explains as Eden shudders.

“Sorry for being morbid.” He attempts a smile.

“It’s fine.” She assures.

“Scored though.”

“Yes well,” she attempts a smile as well. “At least that.”

“We haven’t met before.” He holds out his hand. “Joe.”

“I know,” she smiles apologetically. “I’ve heard good things though.” She assures. “I’m soft when it comes to sports…I wasn’t always like that. Only when he started playing them so I can’t watch for very long. I cringe at nearly everything, figured it’s better if I keep away because I will run on that field if someone hurts him. Already did that…few times actually.”

“Yes, I remember a story like that.” He smiles.

“His dad thinks I’m crazy but look,” she points to the door behind him. “He’s injured now and I knew I was somewhat right about all of this. I knew something like this was close.”

“You don’t approve?”

“Isn’t really my choice is it?” She smiles. “I know he’s good though, I do.” She assures. “I hear all about the games I’ve missed from my husband, records some bits for me too.”

“He is good.”

“Just don’t know why golf wasn’t contemplated or swimming maybe.” She admits pulling back River’s curly hair.

“Like you said, wasn’t much of your choice was it?” He smiles.

“No.” She agrees. “He’s going to make it to big leagues without asking me isn’t he?”

“He’s close.” Joe admits. “They want him.”

The door opens behind them and Eden is the first one to it. She hasn’t sat since she got here, all she can do is pace.

“I’m the mom.” She rushes through with River. “Thank you so much.” She smiles back at Joe. River has already rushed in, saw an open door and she ran right to it. And Eden does have to run in right after her.

He’s sitting upright with a cast on his right arm and the X-Rays lit up in the back of the room. Where Eden, although the furthest thing from a doctor can see a noticeable fracture.

“William.” Eden attempts a smile but it comes off only as worry. “Is it better?” She asks and he nods. “Is he in pain?”

“He’s received pain medication, you’ll be getting them to take home as well.” The doctor assures. “He’ll be in the cast anywhere from four weeks to ten.”

“What makes the difference?” Eden asks. William is supposed to go on holiday in six weeks, he’s supposed to be able to swim and do everything he usually does.

“Everyone is different, the healing rate isn’t up to us.”

“He’s going on holiday, we all are in six weeks.”

“He could be well and healed by then. We’ll hope for that.”

Eden listens carefully to all of what needs to happen next. How his cast can’t get wet, he’ll have to cover it with a plastic bag when he showers. He will be in pain for the first few days, that’s what the pills are for. He’ll need to keep his arm elevated for the first few days. Eden wants to sigh loudly when the first thing out of William’s mouth is when he can he get back on the field. She doesn’t though, she kisses his forehead and watches his features frown when the same answer is given. Maybe four weeks or maybe ten. She thanks the doctor and has to remind William to do the same as well.

“Does it ouch?” River points to it his new cast.

“Not so much anymore.” He shakes his head.

“I keep telling you both to stop this nonsense.” She holds him close to her. She means Harry as well. She’s tried to get him to get William to change sports. But nothing works. He must really like it, and he’s good at it too.

“S’not nonsense mum.” He groans.

“I know.” She kisses his forehead. “I know it isn’t nonsense for you.” And she didn’t expect anything less when he wipes his forehead off with his good hand. “But would it be terrible to say I’m glad you have to sit the next few out?” She grins.

“Yes it would.” He tries not to smile but like his dad, he doesn’t really have to actually smile. His dimples turn him in.

“You could come with me to River’s swimming classes.” She grins. “Could be brother and me instead of mummy and me swim classes.”

“I’d rather break my last good arm all by myself. Or a leg.”

“You would?”

“Can’t swim mum, not with this on.”

He’s right. He won’t be able to do a few things now. He’s also right handed and that’s the one in a cast. “You’re right.”

“Have you told dad?” He asks. His mum just doesn’t get it he decides. She doesn’t see the problem. He has to keep playing, if he doesn’t he gets rusty and then…he can’t even think about what comes next. He needs to talk to his dad, he gets it.

“No, we’re not telling him. Don’t have to, you’re fine now thank God.”

“Don’t have to?” he looks at her like she’s crazy. “I’ve got a cast on. He’ll know whether you ring him or not.”

“Then we’ll tell him about it when he gets in on Thursday. No use in keeping him up at night.” He’s got a busy day tomorrow and she knows him well enough to know that the smallest things will throw his day off.

Once William is given the OK to leave he rushes to his coach who’s been waiting outside. Eden didn’t think he would stay. It’s late but he’s still here.

William knows this is a setback, his mum doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that the scouts are coming right when William comes back from California and William thinks he might not be at his top performance by then. After sitting out for so many practices and games.

William is like his mum, he hates not having control. He doesn’t have any of it now. Nothing is up to him. He just has to heal, let his body do the work. He can’t rush it along and he hates that. But Joe tells him the same thing. That there isn’t anything to worry about, that it isn’t worth it. He needs to let himself heal and rest. They’ll figure out the rest when they get there.

He can get into the front seat of the car all on his own but Eden insists on helping him in.

“William,” she starts. “I know I don’t know too much about all of this but promise me you’re going to let your arm heal and you’re not going to get back on that field—”


“William.” She looks at him seriously. “Promise me.”

“You don’t get it mum.”

“William look at me.”

“Promise.” He mutters looking back out the window. “But m’still going to practice, just to watch.”

“Just to watch.” She says clearly. “And I’m going to go with you and watch you watch the practice and not join in.” She says and he groans.

William falls asleep right when he gets into bed and Eden doesn’t remember a time like this. She was told that the medication he’s taking will make him drowsy.

She has three missed calls from Harry, it’s way past eight now and she knows she’s worried him. She calls him back the second she closes William’s door after tucking him in. And she makes sure his glass of water is close to him if he’ll need it.

River is still awake and she hasn’t even been bathed yet. She walks to the bathroom across the hall and starts filling the bath with warm water. She heads back into River’s room to get her as she dials Harry’s number.

“Hi—” Eden starts just as he answers.

“I’ve been calling love—”

“I know, I know I’m sorry. I just saw your missed calls now.” She holds her phone between her shoulder and cheek as she lifts River’s dress over her head. “It’s late you should go to sleep.”

She places River in the warm water and she giggles loudly.  

“Why is she still awake?”

“She couldn’t sleep,” she moves the phone to her other ear as she pours water over River’s head once River tilts her head back. “I’m giving her a bath to try to get her sleepy.”

Eden doesn’t want to lie about this. She really doesn’t but she doesn’t see the point in choosing the alternative. William is home now, he’s been cared for and he’s sound asleep now. Yes, it’s late and River is still awake but everything is more or less managed now. She doesn’t see the point in worrying him now when all of the dust has settled. But she knows that when she does tell him the dust will be anything but settled. So she knows that what she’s doing now isn’t really fixing anything it’s delaying the huge argument they will have.

Harry always comes to River’s room before bed, they always have fun chats to get her sleepy. River likes to talk about her day. Goes through all of what she did (and didn’t do.) Ex: ‘Ate M&Ms today…only the yellow bits, no blue.’ Don’t ask her why.

So Harry tries to do the same now even when he isn’t home once she’s out of the bath. She likes making funny faces into her mum’s phone screen and watching him do the same ones. She always has a bit of trouble getting to sleep.

While he does that Eden washes her face and goes downstairs to make sure the dishwasher is set to work.

River holds up her trainers by her bed so her dad can see the tied laces. “See!”

She’s almost there. Can almost ties them all on her own. Sometimes she makes the loops a bit too big and then they come undone just as she starts walking. He’s teaching her though.

“Is William tying them up for you?”

“No,” she shakes her head. “He can’t.”

“Why’s that?”

“He got…got an ouch today…has an ouch. Have to ask Mummy to.”

“Did he hurt himself?”

“He likes kicking the balls, the ones with spots.” She grins.

“He does.”

“Has an ouch from that. Doctor said.”

“What kind?” He asks but River shrugs back.

“He can’t kick the balls now.”

“Can you find Mummy for me?” He asks already knowing what and why Eden has gone about this evening like she has. He’s already fuming, already boiling at what he knows Eden keeps doing.

River nods, very glad she can get out of her bed. So she slips out of it, her new big girl one to find her mum. She walks down the steps to where she can hear her mum in the kitchen and she hands her the phone.

“What is it?” She asks bending down to get it from her but realizes River must have hung up by accident so she calls him back.

“What happened to William?” Harry asks the second he answers the call.


“And while you’re explaining that, want you to tell me why you didn’t tell me.”

She doesn’t know how he knows but he does now. She can’t really lie now either, not when he knows that something has happened. And he’ll be back in a few days anyway to see for himself.

She thinks like this always, that she can buy herself more time and that she doesn’t have to tell him right when things happen. Not until she fixes it, puts something back together and only when she can’t she calls for him. And Harry can’t stand that.

“He broke his right arm. It’s in a cast and—”

“Eden!” He yells, not letting her finish because what she’d said is enough. “What the hell is wrong with you!”


“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“I didn’t have time to, the moment I heard I was out the door with River. And we were rushing to the hospital!”

“Is that your excuse!”

“It’s an explanation.”

“A shit one!”


“When were you planning on telling me!”

“When you got back.” She admits. There really isn’t anymore room for lies.

“Of course you would! Wouldn’t expect anything different from you!”


“Does that seem right to you Eden! You’d have my head if I did the same to you.”

“You’re right but—”

“Our daughter’s got to tell me!”

“Didn’t know that was going to hap—”

“You wouldn’t have told me anyway!”

“How do you know tha—”

“You always wait for me to find out! And then things blow up when I do and we argue!” Harry despises arguing with Eden. He just won’t do it, but when he does…he does.

She just keeps doing this and he’s still blindsided and wrecked by it each time.

Eden just doesn’t want to worry him ever. But in the process, she forgets that going about it like this worries him far more than it would have initially. It dates back to ages ago, when they were still only dating. Her worrying him. Her not telling him anything. And he can’t believe that they’re still at it!  

“He’s my son, our son! Not just yours!”

“I know that.”

“No you don’t! You’re not acting like it!”

“I didn’t want to worry you!”

“Bullshit! You could have rung me!”

“I didn’t—”

“I deserve to know! Can’t believe I’ve got to tell you that as well!”  

“What would that have done? It would have just worried you from miles away—”

“He’s my son!”

“I was handling it—”

“You don’t! You don’t handle it without me!” He yells. “He’s our son!”

“What would you have done! Would have you flown all the way back!”

“If you needed me to! If I knew!”

“I’m not going to ask you to—”

“It isn’t fair what you’re doing to me Eden! It isn’t fair!”

“What isn’t fair?” She really doesn’t see it.

“You have me feeling like the worst parent in the world because I’m here and William’s there and there’s nothing I can do about it!”

“You’re working!”

“But the only thing m’asking is that you tell me! So I at least know what’s going on with my child! Just give me that when I’m miles away!” He thinks that’s fair. The bare minimum that she isn’t giving him. But she’s going to start. “If m’not there I at least want to know!”


“I feel stupid sitting here! Not knowing that my son is hurt—”


“It was just his arm this time but I won’t ever know if God forbid it’s far worse! Because I don’t get anything from you!” He doesn’t even want to think of where the situation has to escalate to in order to hear something from her.


“Where is he?”

“He’s sleeping. He’s not going to school tomorrow…can’t do much if he’s right handed.”

“How long is he gonna be in the cast for?”

“Six weeks, could be less or more…the doctor was vague about it.”

“You didn’t ask whether it was six or more?”

“I did,” she sighs. “Broken bones heal at different rates is what he said. Care to question my parenting some more?”

“Don’t pull out that card Eden!” He’s exhausted by it all. That he even has to make these points, have an argument with her about this. “I am questioning it! We’re supposed to be a team Eden! M’half and you’re half! Which means we communicate! And talk to each other! You always have me worried sick—”


“No, Eden.” He shakes his head. “You’re wrong. You’re wrong in this! There isn’t an excuse for this one or a logical explanation. Our son gets hurt you tell me!”


“Always going on and on,” he sighs loudly. “And on, about communication don’t you?”

“I know—”

“M’not done Eden!” He shouts. “This isn’t how things are going to go! It can’t be that every time I go I worry the entire time because m’sure my wife isn’t telling me something! That maybe they’re hurt or you are. A year ago it was River’s fever you didn’t tell me about and a time before that it was William’s. This stops now!”

There was nothing worse than figuring things out either from William’s teacher at school or Harry’s mum and then Harry feels stupid. Knows he looks stupid too, like he’s not doing his job as a parent. But it isn’t his fault.

“Ok,” she nods even though he can’t see it. “Then it stops now.”

She’s going to try her very best to keep the new promise she’s made. She’s just made one even if she hadn’t said it.

It’s something she never thought to change. It’s just how she deals with those types of situations. She’s used to doing things on her own and solving things on her own. But she hasn’t figured it out yet, that she doesn’t have to now. She has Harry. It’s only when she can’t figure it out she notifies him but then the problem multiples in size. Because she’s no longer dealing with just the first problem but the new one, where she kept whatever it was from Harry and he finds out.

She knows now that she can’t do this anymore. Not with their children who are half his. It really isn’t fair.

“You have to mean it. You’re not a single mum Eden, you don’t handle things without me, you tell me everything.

“Everything.” She agrees. “I didn’t set out to make you upset or worried. I never ever do or want to. But I know I did just that when I tried for the opposite. I’m sorry for that.”

“Hardly ever say sorry,” he says.

“I do,” she argues. “When it fits.”

“Does it ever?” He asks.


“There we go.”

“That’s how you know then, when I mean it. I must really mean it if I don’t say it often.”

“That’s how I know.” He agrees.

“River wants you back. Can you put her back to bed? She’s still not even remotely sleepy.”

“Hand her the phone.” He sighs.

“I love you.” She takes River’s hand and they both walk upstairs. It’s late and they both need to be in their beds.

“I love you.” He says.

“Even when you’re angry with me.” She says.

“Even when m’angry with you.” He agrees. “Especially right? Because I care that much more when m’worried and whatnot.”

“Yeah,” she sighs a smile. “I’ll have him call you tomorrow morning when he wakes up. He doesn’t have plans…that is if I don’t find that he’s run off to the field.”

“He will do that.”

“I know.” She sighs.

“He’s yours. Stubborn and nothing else.”

“Well you’ve got River here, impatient because she’s yours.” She looks down at River who’s reaching for the phone. “Get some sleep ok? He’s fine, I’ve been checking up on him every hour.”

“And what are you going to do then, after checking up on him every hour?”

“Tell you.”

“There we go, that’s better isn’t it?”

“Much better.” She agrees.

A/N: hope you all liked it!! Let me know what you thought of it *here.* Hope you all are well! xxx 💕  💕  

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So no spoilers, but I just watched Beauty and the Beast today and I LOVED it. It was definitely one of the best adaptations. It was actually very close to the cartoon, and despite what a lot of people are saying, Le Fou does not come off as gay at all, but even if he is, it is most certainly NOT for Gaston. It made me cry and giggle and I LOVED this movie.

I’m so glad you liked it! I hope to see it tomorrow (or on one of my days off, here’s to hoping…), and I’m full of anticipation for what my reaction will be! 

PTA Nick

Otherwise known as: I have no clue what I’m doing, but take some Brenda for the road.

requested by ragingwerewolfdude: Nick get buried by fluff, goes down like the terminator, thumbs up

I’m slowly getting through all of these, you guys! Woohoo!

“She’s going down-”


“She blocked another of my fundings- do you understand how much time I put into making those snack bags!”

Judy scrubbed her face. She was standing across from Nick in the kitchen, watching him raid their fridge for whatever sugar stuffed heart attacks they kept hidden in the back. His claw finally settled on tupperware and he pulled out stale eclairs. “Nick, sweetheart. I know you’re upset but… consider the fact that this is a third-grade field trip! They’ll get something either way so-”

He struggled with the top, muttering something dark under his breath before slamming the thing on the counter. From inside, the eclairs rattled sadly. “Oh yeah, sure Judes. I’ll just sit by and watch while our children, born from our noble blood, go on a fucking trip to her husband’s office building! Where’s the passion in that! Where’s the janoo say kwa!”

“It’s je ne sais quoi, sweetie.”

What it is or isn’t doesn’t matter! It’s not there, Judes! It’s not fucking there!

Judy counted to ten. Then twenty. Then wondered in thrity might be necessary.

“I baked a hundred and twenty quinoa cookies, Judith! And what’s Brenda giving them! Kale! The devils spin class snack! Do you know who eats that, Judith? Leggings eat that, Judith. Leggings, and crop tops, and polished hooves. Why not just roll up a joint with the stuff while she’s at it! I’m sure the kids will love that!”

Thirty, as it turns out, was necessary.

“Nick. Honey. Brenda is a part of this program, too. She’s been there longer. And.. I know that you were looking forward to taking the kids class to a museum. But, you know, you’ll still be chaperoning! Won’t that be fun!”

Nick popped the tupperware top and shoved half a stale eclair past into his face. “These children cannot see that their father, a mighty leader and defender of the Zootopia 3-5 public PTA, has fallen under the regime of that snack stealing, manicured, principal seducing witch.” He whipped out his phone. “I have to summon the troops.”

“Sweetheart, your knitting circle is probably busy right now, why don’t you just wait another day to cool off-”

“This can’t wait, Judith!” He typed furiously, eclair cream smearing across the keys. “The Wine and Whine Club must know about her betrayal! We have rosé, right? Tell me we have rosé!”

“You drank the rose last week, Nick.” Judy popped her hip off the counter. Followed him out of the kitchen. “Remember? Brenda took over bookclub and-”

“That’s right! The Fifty Shades incident!”


“I’m going out! We need more rosé! Hold down the fort, Judith!”

She would not let him go that far. With a shrill whistle, and a command of kids, a little help? the fox was quickly tackled and pinned by a pile of fuzzy variety of their most eager-to-please children.

“Hi daddy!”

“Daddy, you smell like sugar! Can I have sugar-”

“Daddy is Brenda gonna die?”

He leaned back against the floor, the assault too much for him to continue on. Nick pointed towards the skies. “Today, you have one, Brenda,” he incanted. “But tomorrow, I will come for you.”

“Mama, why’s daddy saying that.”

Judy patted one of the shyer ones sticking close to her side between her long, floppy ears. “Because your father needs a new hobby, sweetheart.”


“Mama, I’m scared.”

“We all are.”

Nick’s Revenge: The Race for Rosé

coming soon to a fanfic near you.


i haven’t done most of the days of gtlive, but i’m 110% ready. *cracks knuckles* thirteen days left? let’s do this thing. 22 days of gtlive, here we come.

hands down, the best non-gameplay stream for me has to be the truth or dare one. it’s funny, there’s a lot of good stories, and i think we learn jason’s wife’s name (possibly her nickname? idk).

in retrospect, i think the bottle streams are also among the best. they’re absolutely hilarious. and in the bottle flipping one, steph was being so snarky, dear fates 😂 i’m so conflicted, but truth or dare is my top choice for now.

She Looks Great... *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: “She looks great but you look greater” In which Tony has a party, you and Bucky are pretty close and you both have crushes on each other, Wanda has Bucky’s attention throughout the party; making you a little jealous.
Warnings: Swearing and Bucky fluff
Admins Note: The ending of this would have been so good if I could write smut, but low and behold, I can’t! So I will do what I can to make the ending epic, or I might imply smut and have them wake up in the morning, all cute and stuff.

“Are you going to the party tonight?” you looked at Bucky, he seemed to be in deep thought but ended up nodding with a shrug, you nodded back with a deep sigh; you were both sat on the couch in silence, well not complete silence the TV was on but neither of you were paying attention to the show, it was some show about cars or something. 

Yeah, Steve will drag me along” he mutters and folds his metal arm over his stomach, you nodded in agreement with that statement, Steve liked bringing Bucky to Tony’s gatherings and parties, that way he gets used to people and social events. 

I better go find something to wear” you sigh out and sit up, Bucky turns and watches you start to get up “I’ll see you later, Buck” you tap his knee and leave the room and go to your floor of the Avengers base.
You arrived at the party with Natasha, Pepper, and Jane, all wearing floor-length dresses and looking amazing in them. You decided on a knee length (Y/F/C) dress, with sequins on the hem of the dress, it was really pretty and made you look great. You had your arms looped with Natasha’s who was leading you towards the bar, you waved at the chuckling Pepper and Jane, who then walked off to find their boyfriends. 

So, you planning on gravitating around Bucky?” Natasha asked with a smirk, she was the only one who knew about your crush on Bucky, she always tried to push you into telling him but you somehow always made up some excuse. A blush covered your cheeks, you shrugged taking a glass of champagne from her, she just grinned at you “Well, you look beautiful… he will be following you around tonight” she nudged making you chuckle nervously.

You hadn’t seen Bucky all evening, you thought talking to Steve he would show up eventually but he didn’t, did Steve even bring him along? As you walked to the bar you see Wanda laughing, she was wearing a knee-length red dress and her hair was down and wavy; like normal although she looked perfect. 

Beside her was the person you had been hoping to see all evening, Bucky. He looked great in a black tux, he had his left hand tucked in his pant-suit pocket, his smile was what made his whole look beautiful; bright and happy, he was having a good time, without you… he was having the best time with Wanda! 

You tried not to stare as you sat at the bar, he was laughing, smiling and talking and it was all with Wanda, not you! Your heart was slowly dropping with every smile that wasn’t aimed at you, you shouldn’t be feeling like this, he is allowed to talk to friends: although they look too close to be considered just friends, maybe Bucky has always fancied Wanda, it wouldn’t surprise you- she’s a natural beauty.

“(Y/N)” You turn to see Bucky walking towards you, both hands now in his pockets, a beautiful smile gracing his face as he leans on the bar near you and subtly look around for where Wanda got to “I haven’t seen you all evening” he comments and you nod back at him.

Been with Steve most of the evening” you admit, he purses his lips and nod slowly “also me and Natasha followed Sam around, annoying him by singing Bon Jovi songs” you sigh out, you really had a fun evening, he chuckled at you “how has your evening been going?” you asked. 

Well, me and Wanda have been talking about…” he trailed off, himself and Wanda have been talking about you, how he could possibly ask you out and obviously laughing at embarrassing stories to do with Pietro “talking about Pietro, embarrassing stuff, you know stuff to use against him when he is annoying me” he tells you, you laugh at Bucky, he doesn’t hate Pietro… he just dislikes how annoying he can be. 

“Well you looked as though you were enjoying yourself, I don’t want to get in the way, I was thinking about leaving soon anyway” you trailed off, Bucky frowned, he had only just seen you and you were already thinking about leaving, he wanted to carry on speaking with you. 

“I’ve only just gotten some time with you” he pouted, you blushed and laughed at his antics “stay, talk with me for a few” he takes your hand with his human one, sitting on the stool beside you, a charming smile lightening up his face. 

You laughed very loudly, holding onto Bucky’s shoulder as you leaned over, you both had passed caring what people thought; you did get a few weird looks as you both cry-laughed at each other. 

Bucky calmed down and just watched as you tried to calm yourself, you looked so beautiful, you always looked so beautiful to him; he couldn’t think of a time where you didn’t look like a goddess. You turned your stool facing the crowd of people, your eyes landed on Wanda who was talking to Pietro and Sam, she was giggling at something Sam had said.

Wanda looks really pretty tonight” you mutter, Bucky didn’t bother turning to look, he just grinned to himself as he looked over your face. Your bright (E/C) eyes, shining the chandelier lights, your lips covered in nude lipstick that made them shine and look so kissable; even more than usual! 

You looked at Bucky when he didn’t answer, he seemed to be in some trance “you okay there, Buck?” you asked, a small smile and a blush cascades across your face.

She looks great” he commented, your smile faltered but you nodded in agreement “but you look greater” he carries on, you blink a couple times and he frowns at his words “wow, real smooth. Greater, is that even a word?” he asked himself, you grinned as he argued with himself.

“You think I look… greater?” you asked, he stopped himself and looked at you, blue eyes widen slightly as he coughs awkwardly and nods slightly embarrassed all of a sudden. 

“You always look…greater” he mumbles and you smile, he chuckles nervously, blue eyes finally meeting yours and he swallows slightly and he smiles. 
Would… it be totally weird to kiss you?” he asked, now it was your turn to become nervous, you gulped but smiled; he took that as your answer since you were unable to form coherent sentences,  

He leaned forwards, his human hand resting on your cheek, his lips inch away from yours and tried not to giggle with excitement. Finally, his lips attached themselves to yours, it was slow and meaningful, it was everything you expected and more. The butterflies that swarmed your stomach turned into fireworks, small warm explosions, his hand that was on your cheek trailed down to your hip and rested there as yours went around his neck.

 You smiled pulling away slightly, Bucky followed your lips and pecked them twice before opening his eyes and looking at you, it was the most intense stare you had received from Bucky.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for ages” he mutters and you let out a long sigh with a smile.

(Hope you like this, been working on this for a couple days. I have a few other one-shots coming out either today or tomorrow, no idea. Remember you can request; one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)