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If Carisi can’t say anything to Barba about the law then the next time Barba tells the detectives what to do or anything about how they handled the investigation then I expect the same righteous indignation because Barba isn’t a Detective, has never had a gun to his head on the job, or had to make a split second life or death decision and has never carried a badge. At least Sonny IS a lawyer.

Speaking of gun to the head, would this episode have aired soon after Next Chapter if they’d aired as filmed? Anyone remember Sonny almost being killed? Could be a bit of continuity we were looking for. (Sorry I giggled as I wrote that but hey, who knows… maybe?)

I’m kind of over both Supergirl and The Flash in general but I just watched “Duet” and it’s not only WAAAAAY better than “Once More With Feeling” but also better than La La Land. 

The End.


Aopadasdkad. My anan magazine arrived today, but I didn’t realize the images were on one (double-sided) poster. How am I supposed to choose? (´;︵;`) I say that but I’m leaning on the one of them sitting outside of the rink. The images of them skating are in the magazine, too, so I could cut them out… but Victor and Yuuri are on the front and back of one page respectively. Please, anan, why are you making me choose?

On another note, they included information about their stats and programs. I guess Victor really is officially 28 now, and apparently enough time’s passed that Yuri Plisetsky’s 16! Since I think some people are still confused about the timeline, it also mentions that the two Yu(u)ris skated their programs during the 2016-2017 season. Victor skated the Aria of Stammi Vicino during the 2015-2016 season.


Written for @lokisgame in response to an ask about how Scully managed to read fanfic on stake-outs as revealed in a previous story of mine. This is also my final entry to the dialogue only challenge for @txf-fic-chicks.

You can read the companion pieces here: Tried and  Tested

“Scully, do you want coffee?”

“Real coffee or the granules of dirt that someone puts into the old Nescafe jar at the refreshment station?”

“I was just going to the photocopier, so dirt I guess…”

“Fine. Double dirt please. And Mulder, can you collect my expenses reports? They should all be printed by now.”

“One double dirt with no cream or sugar. One doubly dirty great pile of expenses reports. What are you claiming for here, Scully? Every single pair of hose you’ve ripped in the line of duty, receipts for every lettuce leaf and carrot strip that comprise what you allegedly call lunch, Steristrips for all my boo-boos?”

“Mulder, printing out the report for all your boo-boos would take all year and the paper stock required would decimate the world’s remaining rain forests. This, on the other hand, is a month’s worth of standard X-Files expenses, and if you bothered to do any of your paperwork, Mulder, you would know that.”

“Scully, you know how much I love it when you dot all the Is and cross all those Ts for the team. Your manual dexterity is far superior to mine and I know how much you thrive on logic, rationalism and scientific fact. Expenses reports are nothing if not factual.”

“Really, Mulder? When was the last time you actually read one of these things? This one contains so much of your particular brand of ‘I Want to Believe’ dreaming that I’m pretty certain I could put your name to it and Skinner wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”

“Except that he knows I don’t write them and that would raise suspicions.”

“Well, thanks for the dirt and thanks for the non-input into this magical report where the unicorn accountants will stamp their approval with their rainbow hoofs and get you off the hook from your ridiculous claims by sprinkling fairy dust over the facts. Again. I’ll catch you later, Mulder.”

“Stake-out tonight, Scully. Don’t forget. Wrap up warm, bring your own thermos of real coffee and some quality reading.”

“By quality, I presume you mean something without pictures, Mulder.”

“Ouch, Scully. There’s another boo-boo to add to my collection.”

“So, what are you reading, Mulder?”

“Oh, just some stuff I printed out earlier. You know.”

“No, I don’t know. What stuff?”

“Nothing that would interest you.”

“No? Try me. We’ve got all night.”

“You first. You’ve been engrossed in your medical journal for ages now. Just how much fun can the ‘American Journal of Pathology’ really be? Or is December the Christmas special? Do you get extras like ‘World’s Most Bizarre Autopsies’ or Cause of Death word searches or…”

“Mulder, I’m reading about cutting edge research and technology. That’s pretty absorbing.”

“But you’ve been shifting around in your seat like whatever you’re reading is making you…”

“Making me what, Mulder?”


“You still haven’t told me what you’re reading. There doesn’t seem to be any naked skin on the cover, so that’s an improvement.”

“Sometimes, covered skin can be just as sexy, Scully. Don’t you think?”

“I haven’t really given it much thought, Mulder.”

“Because you’re totally engrossed in the latest article on cell injury and repair?”

“Have you been reading this journal too, Mulder?”

“I might subscribe…”

“You subscribe to the AJP?”

“You sound sceptical, Scully.”

“Would you believe me if I said I subscribed to Aliens Today?”

“There is no such journal, Scully. But there is an Aliens Tomorrow. I’ll sign you up if you’re serious. If it means one less quirked brow or roll of the eyes before we go on our next case, it might be worth the $29.95.”

“Last of the big spenders, Mulder. I’m touched. Anyway, there’s no sign of our suspect, yet. Trail mix?”

“Will nobody think of the guinea pigs? Our suspect is probably headed to the Bahamas as we speak. How did we land this gig, Scully?”

“I’d like to think that sometimes Skinner advocates for our mental wellbeing by provisioning cases that are actually restful, in a bizarre kind of way. Just sitting in a car, the two of us, talking, reading a little. Not getting abducted.”

“So it’s like one of those team-building exercises where we’re supposed to communicate, discuss the minutiae of our days, really find out stuff about each other. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Maybe. What do you want to know about me, Mulder? Some secret you think I’ve been holding back?

“Have you been holding back, Scully?”

“Have you?”

“I asked first. I was just wondering if being totally honest with each other would actually be beneficial to our partnership. Workwise, that is.”

“Workwise…I see. And by total honesty, you mean like some kind of truth or dare.”

“If you choose to see it that way. I guess.”

“Mulder, I am always honest with you.”


“Now who’s being sceptical? Yes, I am honest with you.”

“But you see, I’m not sure you’re being totally honest, Scully.”

“Truth or dare, Mulder. Just ask the damned question.”

“Are you really reading an article on cell injury?”


“Ooh, Scully. I dare you to strip naked and run up and down the street three times.”

“Mulder, aside from the fact that if I do that three times I’m not going to get back to car, I don’t think that we should jeopardise our stake out on a dare like that.”

“So you’ve already reneged on your first dare. Truth, Scully?”

“Ask another question.”

“No. I want you to answer my first question truthfully. Are you reading about cell injury?”

“No, Mulder. I’m not.”


“And, it’s my turn to ask you a question. Truth or dare?”


“Mulder, are you reading Celebrity Skin?”

“Are you reading something pornographic?”

“Define pornography.”

“I think you know the answer to that better than I do, Mulder.”

“Scully, pornography is usually a selfish perspective – a male perspective. There is an element of distance, where the female, usually, is seen as an object rather than a person, as opposed to…”


“Erotica, where the parties involved are willing, consensual and equally fulfilled by the activities.”


“Erotica is often seen as a more female oriented genre. It has a softer image than pornography. It seems more acceptable, almost more intellectual, cerebral.”

“Is that right?”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Scully.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I found your stories.”

“My what?”

“In amongst your expenses reports. Your erotic stories…”

“They’re not mine.”

“Scully, if there is an agent at the FBI who read ‘Alien’ fan-fiction I think I would have sat with him in the cafeteria on my first day here. Come on. I know it’s you. As I said, there’s no shame. Ripley is a great female character. Why wouldn’t you want to read about her, her adventures, her love life?”

“That’s not what it’s like…I…Mulder, I’m so…I don’t know what to say…I’m embarrassed.”

“Scully, you should know by now that there should be no secrets between us. None.”

“This is hardly a secret. This is just a…”

“A peccadillo?”

“You make it sound sordid, when you put it that way.”

“Scully, there is nothing sordid about sex.”

“Says the man with an obscene Triple X bill. I can’t believe I left that story in the copier. Supposing someone else had got hold of it. How humiliating.”

“Scully, please don’t feel embarrassed. I copied the story. I read it. It was well written, the narrative was strong, the characterisation was spot on.”

“Mulder, it was smut.”

“Yet it was still literary. That’s a skill.”

“It is one of the better ones I’ve read.”

“And how long have you been addicted?”

“It’s not an addiction! It’s a way to…relax. It sort of turns my brain off. Allows me to chill out, forget about the day, the case, the office politics, whatever.”

“I understand, Scully. More than you could ever know.”

“I guess some people drink, some people eat Doritos, some people inject heroin. I read fan fiction. I confess. Do I need the 12 step program?”
“I get it, Scully. I really do.”

“But this is me, Mulder. This is the Ice Queen. Mrs Spooky. The professional sceptic. The spy in your ointment. I write the reports, I do the paperwork, I dot the Is, cross the Ts. I am not supposed to have feelings, or emotions, or to do the wrong thing. That’s you. I’m the one who follows the rules. I don’t print out erotic fiction in the office. I don’t read it on stake-outs. What? What’s this?”

“My confession.”

“Your what? I don’t understand. What is this, Mulder?”

“This is what I’ve been reading.”

“Mulder, this is fan fiction. I’ve read this one. It’s widely held…”

“To be the best of its kind in the fandom. I know. It’s great. I’ve read it multiple times. It kills me every single time.”
“Are you teasing me?”

“No! I love this shit. It’s the perfect way to escape our work. I mean, I know you think I go home and watch porn or I go swing a baseball bat or shoot some hoops, but you’ll find that I’m more likely to be eye-deep in fan fiction – Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars – have you read the Leia/Han stories? You’d love them.”

“I know. It’s weird, isn’t it? Me and you. Sharing the same guilty pleasure. Are you crying, Scully?”

“No. Yes.”

“Scully, do you have any other kinks?”


“I’m serious. You keep me guessing. I love that about you.”

“Well, I do know how to tie more than one hundred different types of knot. Courtesy of my dad. Does that thrill you?”

“Depends where you’re tying ‘em.”

“And I know how to say fuck you in about twenty different languages. Courtesy of my sister.”

“That might come in useful one day. Any more?”

“I seem to be doing all the revealing here, Mulder. You’re not playing fair.”

“I don’t have any special skills. I’m completely boring. You now know everything about me. Fan fiction and all.”

“Mulder, do you ever wonder where we’ll end up? I mean we can’t spend the rest of our lives reading fan fic on stake outs or hunting ghosts and ghoulies. What do you want? Where do you see yourself in five, ten, twenty years? Do you want the house with the picket fence and the 2.5 kids, do you want to retire and do the UFO talk circuit? Do you ever think about the future?”

“I do.”


“Scully…I think that’s our suspect.”

  • the zombie apocalypse didn’t dampen any of his happiness
  • he’s pretty much still the same, just a bit more cautious as to the volume of his voice lmao
  • most people thought he wouldn’t get too far along but he proved to be full of hidden skills
  • for one, he’s good at repairing broken weapons and improvising in making new ones
  • ever seen a double-sided rake? well now you will because seokmin made it
  • that’s actually how you got close
  • you were on a run and were assigned to bring in every potential weapon you could find before taking them to seokmin for checking
  • you practically had to drag the duffel bag you had because it was full of metal scraps, tools, and a few guns
  • seokmin saw you struggling and immediately tried to help you
  • “here let me help you with that.”
  • truthfully, you were distracted by the light glaring off his sweaty, sleeveless arms and that even more blinding smile on his face 
  • you quietly unloaded all the stuff onto his workstation, yours and seokmin’s hands occasionally brushing against each other
  • “thanks for doing this,” seokmin said, pulling a strip of duct tape loose, his arm muscles (and your eyes) bulging
  • you tried to keep your cool and be like “it’s no problem.”
  • seokmin just smiled and reached under the table before handing you what looked like an upgraded version of a shotgun
  • “take this the next time you’re out there.”
  • and you looked at him all weirdly like “you giving me this for free?”
  • seokmin laughed before going “not really. you can pay me by becoming my new assistant.”
  • you reluctantly agree but on the inside you were like ‘holy shit??? what the fuck???’
  • so for the next few weeks you spend more and more time together, the first few times being a little quieter than you’d like since he did most of the talking, and even then he’d go into long bouts of silence if he was super concentrated 
  • the only reason for this is because you were too afraid of saying something stupid in front of him
  • but eventually you open up and gain knowledge about one another
  • and you honestly believe the apocalypse would be way, way worse without the ray of sunshine that is lee seokmin

computers have been my special interest since i was 6 or 7 and was gifted with one of those computers for kids.

soon after there was a period of my life where i would build paper computers and play pretend i had a laptop. It lasted into my early teenage years btw.

there was a long period where we had an old Macintosh machine with only the OS on it, and no software. the only past time was creating text files (it wasn’t interesting, it had a bug and wouldn’t save the edits to the text files) and nestling folders. I nestled the folders into oblivion, until it made the computer glitch.

there was also a period with an old computer thingy, where we would play games by inserting floppy disks in it. I remember playing some game about Batman, and then one about Double Dragon… what a weird thing it was.

and when I was around 10, the family actually got gifted a Windows 95 computer, and i don’t know how long after a Windows XP laptop, and omg I loved those things. I wrote a bunch of silly fanfictions on them, some actually were collabs with my brother, we had so much fun, it was awesome. I also drew a lot of nonsense using MS Paint and a mouse. I had a way of actually making it look like somewhat clean line arts. I was so proud of myself.

*_* computers 👌🏽…

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold

Just a bunch of concept sketches

Marinette has a full body of freckles and wears a cute lil bun…At which point Adrien says, “You have freckles all over…just like a ladybug! It’s unique and beautiful,” not realizing he’s said something embarrassing.