one time she slapped me in the face

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Three

-A mother told her daughter that her haul of toys rang up well above her limit. She placed her hands on her face in shock. “Oops, I had no idea!” she said, in a voice which betrayed the fact that she did, in fact, have an idea.

-An older woman asked me if she needed to have her store credit card with her in order to use it. I told her yes, but this answer was clearly not what she had hoped to hear, as she cursed, turned, and handed me the store credit card she had in her hand the entire time. I only wish I knew what her circumstances were that caused this to news to be a problem.

-In a fantastic feat of accidental dexterity. I managed to launch an entire stack of dollar bills out of my register and send them flipping into the air. This stunt had potential to be impressive, but this chance was quickly blown, as the wad of ones followed their trajectory and slapped me solidly upside the face.

-Given the exponential incerase in technological development in recent times, it can sometimes be difficult for members of a certain generation to keep up with these advances. Such was the case of the woman who took my conveyor belt for a stationary counter and struggled to keep up as her purse was advanced away from her.

-A woman stubbed her toe on her cart and loudly announced, “I did not say a bad word, but that hurt very, very badly.” I may not know this woman, but I am proud of her and very grateful to have shared in this triumph.

-I make it a point to avoid discussing rude guests, but one woman today had such gall that I cannot mince words. She was perfectly polite for the duration of the transaction. She smiled and exchanged every pleasantly that could be expected with complete sincerity. However, she purchased $500 in Disney gift cards without once asking if I would like to accompany her and her family to Disney World. This kind of nerve, I simply cannot stomach.

Strange - Request

Requested by anon: Can you do a one shot with Stephen Strange where the reader is jealous of Christine and he reassures her that’s not true and end it with really cute fluff and smut? 

Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader

Word count: 3.727

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, jealous reader.

A/N: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was sick. BUt it’s here now!


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Stephen had been missing for months, and (Y/N) was at the edge of an anxiety attack due to the stress of being so powerless. He had lost everything after the accident, and (Y/N) knew he was willing to give his whole self in order to save his hands, which made things a hundred times worse considering Stephen was impulsive and too ambitious for his own good.

She had managed to keep the apartment in which they lived by spending half of her salary in paying for it. Of course, he had lost everything else, and (Y/N) couldn’t have saved it without filling her own bank account with endless debts, but she wanted to make sure Stephen had a place to get back and call home when he came back – if he came back at all.

Because of her nervous breakdowns, (Y/N) was quite clumsy, and so she had multiple accidents every week. That time, she had fallen off the stairs after imagining the sound of Stephen entering the door. She ran without thinking that she only had one shoe on and now she had a sprained ankle.

“You’ll be fine.” Christine said soothingly as she finished putting (Y/N) the bandage on.

“Thanks…” (Y/N) muttered. Christine was about to leave when (Y/N) stopped her. “Hey, um… have you… You heard about Stephen at all?”

Christine sighed heavily. “Our relationship finished a long time ago, (Y/N).” Christine repeated, “If there is someone that should have heard something about him is you, and trust me, you know more than I do.”

With that being said, Christine left the room.

(Y/N) forced herself to walk, jumping on one foot while trying to keep the other high enough not to touch the floor. A strange alarm called her attention, dragging her eyes to the end of the hallway.

Stephen was there, calling for Christine.

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The Good Man

Title: The Good Man

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary:  You return from a hunt after a run-in with another hunter.

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1003

Warnings:  Self-doubt, “mean” girls/women

Author’s Notes: This is my entry for @percywinchester27‘s PJO Quotes Challenge. My quote was “You, sir, are a ray of sunshine.”

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Day One Hundred and Thirteen

-A trio of equally eager and elderly women approached me at my register. One jammed her phone into my hand and pleaded with me to get her a ten-dollar coupon. I told her that I had a paper copy I could scan for her instead. She continued to force her phone upon me. I was left with very few options. I hope I chose the proper one.

-A woman handed me a stack of gift cards after already completing the payment process, expecting me to be able to subtract them from the total after the fact. She insisted I use them anyway, so I voided her transaction and attempted to run it again. It was not until the receipt had printed that I found she had not learned from the past and instead doomed herself to a repeat.

-I have never been a morning person, but I believe that my morning shifts may change that. I am finding that this is the time where the store is filled almost solely with sweet elderly people and lovable infants with almost none of the rowdy hooligans or sexist businessmen.

-A young four year-old girl, once given stickers, proceeded to take the only natural action. She slapped one right on the side of her infant brother’s face, leaving neither he nor his mother any the wiser.

-A woman handed me a cut-out coupon. It was not a coupon. The woman insisted I accept her coupon. In large print, it read, “NOT A COUPON.” She asked me to accept her coupon.

-I have once again witnessed the mind-boggling sight of a man of potentially Middle Eastern descent wearing what was potentially religious garb. This was not the baffling part, but rather, the panicked frenzy of furtive looks, clenched fists, and hushed murmurs of “I’m not a racist, but-”. I am relieved by these murmurs though, as, were it not for them, there would be no denying their deep-seated racist tendencies. However, as they said, such is not the case, so they may live free of all guilt.

-The single most squeezable youngster came through my lane. We shared a thought-provoking conversation based upon all of the words that she knew. She started off on a deep note, saying, “Stickers,” as I had just handed her stickers. She then made an interesting point by remarking, “Glasses,” due to the fact that I was sporting glasses. She finally brought this conversation to an impactful close as she solemnly said, “Back,” while turning and pointing to show me that she had a back.

-A man’s girlfriend said, “I have a quarter.” A woman’s boyfriend said, “I have an eighth.” This was followed by the heaviest silence I have yet to witness at my register. I watched her eyes glaze over as she made a mental note to break up with him the moment they escaped the public eye.

Pretty Boy - Soulmate!Au Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by pandasubaru

Summary: Soulmate!Au - Your soulmates first words appear as a tattoo on your body. Imagine (Y/N)’s reaction when her tattoo reads ‘Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order?’.

[Prompt from this link!]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.2k was suppose to be shorter but oh well

A/N: Requests are open! Send me some requests ❤️
This fic is a small cute one to make up for the few days of inactivity - a fluffy requested fic for bucky is coming up along with a Loki one soon! (; yay!



‘Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order?

Written perfectly on her arm, she traced her fingers over the ink before sliding her sleeve back down. She loved knowing the fact that she knew where to meet her soulmate or what their job is but every employee is made to greet their customers that way. That makes it almost impossible to know who she was destined to fall in love with unless they point out their tattoo.

'I fucking hate it! I hate it so much, I hate how it gives me an advantage but at the same times gives me such a disadvantage!’

She took a sip of her caramel frappe in front of her before setting it down and leaning back in her chair. She couldn’t help it, she always found her way to Starbucks. Whether it was after school or right before they close, her legs found their way there. There wasn’t a street in her town that didn’t have one, and so she’d visit them all.

She was desperate to find her soulmate because she had never experience love or any relationship before. Most of the girls in school grew up with an hourglass figure and a slim body. Her? Not so much. She was big in the wrong places and small in the wrong places. She hated herself, but she loved the fact that somewhere out there, there is someone made for her. Yeah, having a pointless high school relationship would have been cool and a way to boost her ego but deep down she knew that her soulmate would have to accept her. Nobody else did, but she knew they would have to.

Sure, they made look at her like she was a mutant rat but they were soulmates, two people destined to fall in love. No one can just avoid that.

She sat there staring at her cup, clearly in deep thought as a man ran into the store out of breath and panting.

“I’m so sorry, Steve! I know I’m 20 minutes late and that you had to stay over but my car broke down and I had to run here.” He quickly ran behind the counter before picking up a green apron and tying it around him.

“Save it, Buck. My family needs me, I have to go.” The mad friend, apparently named Steve, forcefully ripped the apron off his body before setting it onto the hook and proceeding to walk out the door.

“Yeah, I hope everything’s fine. Sorry again.” The ding from the bell above the door went off as Steve walked out. Once again, the store was quiet. She was the only one there, sitting in the corner waiting for her friend to arrive. As if on cue, her phone went off. The mans eyes wandered to the back corner when he heard the ringtone, staring at the woman sitting alone.

“Hey, Nat.”

“(Y/N)! Hey, the traffic out here sucks but I’ll be there in a few minutes, mind ordering my drink? By the time I get there, it’ll be done and I’ll pay.”

“Sure thing, love. See you soon, bye.”

Buckys eyes were still focused on the mysterious woman, eavesdropping on her conversation. He had to admit, his heart dropped a little when he heard her call the person on the phone ’love’. Yeah, he didn’t know her but he was somewhat attracted to her. He figured the person on the phone was probably her boyfriend or girlfriend so he left it at that.

She adjusted her body in her chair, cracking her back before standing up. The moment she shifted in her seat he turned around and pulled out his phone as a distraction, he didn’t want her noticing that he was staring at her. She walked up to the counter before leaning on it and realizing the man wasn’t paying attention.'Late and absent minded. Employee of the month.’ She thought to yourself.

“Hey, pretty boy! Here to take an order.” Her voice echoed as he silently cursed to himself and turning around with a smile.

“Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order-” His words suddenly stopped in shock as his eyes widened. Utterly confused, she felt her forehead wrinkle as her eyebrows furrowed together. He heard that before - not because someone has said it to him before - but because he read it on his arm his entire life.

“What-” He knew what this meant, or what it could possibly mean. Was it possible that she was his soulmate? Before finishing his sentence he stared her down, staring at every perfect curve on her body from up close. He soon realized she was staring at him in a creeped out and confused way, so he quickly finished his sentence.

“Wh-What did you say?” His voice completely stuttered making her confusion grow even more.

“I said I’m here for an order.” Her arms found their way to each other before crossing.

“No, before that.”

“Why does that matter- oh my god.” Her hand found their way to her mouth as she realized what was happening. A smile lit on his face, that could only mean one thing.

“So you are!” His voice gained volume from the excitement and adrenaline pumping through his veins.

“No fucking way, no fucking way. Holy shit this can’t be happening.” They both rolled up their sleeves and flashed the inked words in the others direction.

'Hey, pretty boy!’ It was printed clear as day on his arm. His gaze connected with hers as huge smile appeared on his face. Surprisingly, he held out his hand for a shake. She giggled before slowly accepting.

“James Barnes, but please call me Bucky.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N). I get called a lot of things but I prefer (Y/N).” His face was in awe as he stared down every feature displayed on her face.

“Wow, can I just say that I hit the jackpot? You’re absolutely beautiful.” Her cheeks began to turn from her natural skin tone to a bright pink color.

“I-I uh, thank you.”

Before he could respond, the door bell dinged and Nat walked through.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Sorry I’m late, I guess that means we’re even because remember that one time you were late to my surprise birthday party? Yeah, the one you planned for me.” Nat laughed before walking up to (Y/N) and giving her a hug.

“Wow I didn’t know my soulmate was such a bad friend.” (Y/N) playfully leaned across the counter and slapped his arm. “Hey! Ow!” His arms raised up in defense as he laughed at her.

Natasha was standing there with her arms crossed, a huge smirk across her face as she watched the two. “Soulmate, huh? Maybe we should meet up another day, huh (Y/N)? Seems like you already have plans.”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” (Y/N)’s eyes wandered back over to the smiling man before mirroring his reaction. “But do you want to come over tonight? I have no plans. I can’t just exactly bail on you right now.”

“Hey you, blue eyes. Have any plans tonight?” Natasha completely ignored (Y/N)’s question and looked up at the Starbucks employee.

“Uh wha-?” He cut his sentence off short before staring at her in uncertainty. “I mean, no? no I don’t?”

“Now you do! See you tomorrow (Y/N)!” Before she could say anything, Nat snatched the drink out of her hands and gave her a wink. She took a sip from the cup before walking out the front doors.

“Did she just ask me out for you?”

“I guess she did, pretty boy.”

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The Game (Ethan Dolan)

part three.

part one, part two

Inspiration: Sorry by Halsey

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I can’t tell you how long I had been crying, I lost track of time hours ago. I just couldn’t believe how stupid I was. I should’ve known this would happen. Ethan seemed like such a good guy. He seemed true and sincere but it was all an act. It was all to win a stupid game, a game I should have never agreed to. We could have been happy. I know that, and it's perhaps the hardest thing to know. my phone had been ringing non-stop since I left. I shouldn’t have but I opened the messages from Ethan reading each one.

Ethan: please let me explain.

Ethan: I didn’t care about her okay, I cared about you.

Ethan: I still do.

Ethan: please just meet me somewhere so we can talk?

Ethan: I’m begging you.

Ethan: I know you hate me but just give me a chance.

Ethan: I don’t want to lose you.

Ethan: you don’t need me, but I need you.

Ethan: I haven’t felt like myself in months, but when I’m with you everything just makes sense.

Ethan: I’m an asshole, I’m a player, I’m probably the biggest douche bag in the world but one thing I’m not is a liar. Nothing I said or did was a lie, please know that.

Ethan: I will do anything for you to please just talk to me.

Ethan: I’ve called 32 times and this is the 9th message I have sent you, I didn’t expect you to answer.

Ethan: just know how sorry I am.

Ethan: I made a mistake, now I’m living with the consequences. I regret it, I really do.

Ethan: I’m so sorry.

I put down my phone not able to read another message. I wiped the tears that fell down my cheeks. I heard a loud knock at my door making me suddenly aware. I walked over opening the door to see Grayson standing there with an angry look on his face. I’m sure at this point he knew all about it. I was sneaking behind his back and betrayed him.

“Grayson I..” I started but was quickly cut off.

“you went behind my back and with my twin brother, how could you do this to me? After everything, how could you?” He said frowning.

Grayson was really hurt, and I felt terrible. I didn’t realize how much my actions would hurt Grayson’s feelings. I was being selfish.  

“Grayson I’m so sorry. I’m such a terrible friend. I shouldn’t have went behind your back like that, friends don’t do that. It was a stupid game, that I never should have agreed too. I knew what I was doing would hurt you, and I did it anyways. I don’t know why I did it but I did and I’m so sorry Grayson. ” I said feeling more tears fall down my face.  

Grayson stood there staring at me. I don’t blame him for being angry. I hated myself for hurting him. 

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m the only one who looks stupid now. I understand if you never want to talk to me again, I wouldn’t. I don’t deserve a friend like you.” I said feeling as if I said everything I needed too.

Grayson and I stood across from each other. The tension in the air between us was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I deserved to lose him.

“Grayson please say something.” I said not being able to take this tension anymore.

I expected Grayson to yell and scream at me but he didn’t instead he hugged me. I was so confused. He hugged me tightly rubbing my back.

“you should be mad at me, you should be screaming at me, cursing me out, I deserve all of it Grayson. I deserved to have everything that’s happened to me.” I said feeling disgusted with myself.

Grayson took my head in his hands making me look at him.

“I’m hurt, I’m not going to lie. I’m hurt you went behind my back. I’m hurt you lied to me. But most of all I’m hurt that you can’t see that I’ve been the one in love with you this entire time.” Grayson said quietly.

Grayson was in love with me?

“Grayson.” I whispered in shock.

I thought about all the time I had spent with Grayson. Us cuddling on the couch while we watched movies. Us spending all night just talking about life. Us laughing about everything and anything. It was never just friendly. I was left contemplating everything. Grayson was right in front of me this entire time but instead I was chasing Ethan. I was so confused. It was as if everything in the past few weeks has crumbled around me.

“Grayson.” I said still in shock.

I couldn’t form sentences as Grayson stared holes in to me.

“Ethan doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who knows you inside and out, you deserve someone who sees all of your quirks and admires them. You deserve someone who’s seen you on your worst days and is in love with you regardless.” Grayson said stepping closer to me.

“someone like you?” I questioned my voice just above a whisper.

“someone like me.” Grayson said leaning in.

I felt my heart racing. Grayson was about to kiss me.


I deserved it. It still hurts like hell but I deserved it. I hurt her. Me. I picked up my phone dialing her number again. It went straight to voicemail much like the thirty two other times I had called.

“it’s me again. this is voicemail number thirty two. Y/N please talk to me. I want to see you, I need to see you, I need to explain everything. Please just hear me out.” I said hitting send.

It was my fault. I made a scene and now everyone hated me.

As soon as she walked out, I was surrounded by people. One of them being Grayson, and one of them being Allison the girl I was technically dating.

“so you were cheating on me this entire time?” Allison asked her hands on her hips.

I didn’t say anything, there was nothing to say. Of course I did it. Was I sorry about it? Not really. Allison was a distraction, like most girls I date.

“you really are the biggest asshole on this planet Ethan Dolan.” Allison said slapping me across the face.

She walked away with tears streaming down her face but I didn’t care. It sounds kind of heartless but my heart just walked away from me. Her words replaying in my mind "congratulations Ethan, you won the game, but you lost me.“ Grayson came running over to me shoving me roughly to the ground.

“what did you do to her?” He growled.

David, Zane, and Toddy ran over grabbing Grayson and trying to separate him from me.

“no guys it’s fine.” I said waving them off.

David, Zane, and Toddy took their hands off of Grayson but stayed close by. I stood up slowly brushing the dirt off of myself.

“what do think I did Grayson, what I do best, I broke her heart.” I said.

Grayson clenched his jaw before punching me in the nose. It felt good to get what I deserved.

“I made her fall in love with me Grayson and then I broke her heart.” I said.

Grayson punched me in the nose again knocking me on the ground. I clutched my nose feeling the blood trickle out of it.

“she was the only one I had left and you took her away from me too.” Grayson growled.

“yeah well you don’t own her Grayson.” I said clenching my jaw.

Grayson punched me again before being grabbed by the boys again.

“Grayson enough.” Toddy said.

“no guys stop, I deserve it. Come on Grayson is that all you got?” I taunted standing up again.

Grayson broke from their grasp tackling me to the ground. He punched me a couple time before being ripped of me.

“I don’t want to be around you anymore, I don’t want to be your friend anymore, E, I don’t even want to be your brother anymore. You’re right, you deserve everything that happens to you because you don’t care about anyone but yourself.” Grayson said.

Grayson kicked me letting out all his anger. He had a lot of pent up anger and if hurting me helped him, I didn’t care anymore.

“you’re right Grayson, I’m a bad friend and an even worse brother. You’re right that I deserve this. But your wrong about one thing. I don’t just care about myself, not anymore.” I said wiping my bloody nose with the sleeve of my shirt.

“don’t you dare say you care about her.” Grayson said balling his fists again.

“but I do Grayson, I really do.” I said standing up to face my brother again.

“you don’t deserve her.” Grayson said.

He was right, I didn’t.

“I know that but it isn’t going to change the way that I feel.” I said facing Grayson.

“well that’s too bad Ethan, cause I’m not going to let you hurt her, not again.” Grayson said shoving me down once more.

He stormed away leaving me laying there. A couple of my friends came over helping me up.

“not cool dude.” David said to me before going to follow Grayson.

“I’m sorry dude, but you really screwed up this time.” Zane said walking away too.

“you want to tell me I’m an asshole too?” I said turning to Toddy.

“take care of yourself bro.” Toddy said patting my arm.

everyone was still staring at me, no doubt recording what just went down.

“party is over.” I said walking away from the people.

I went to the bathroom examining the bruises that covered my face. I looked like hell, that’s how I felt. last night played in my head like a nightmare and I just wanted to turn it off. But the truth is there is no reset button in life. You can’t take anything back, and you can’t undo anything. All of you actions have consequences, and the things you say and do will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. I hadn’t seen Grayson since last night but it didn’t matter, he wouldn’t be talking to me anytime soon. I walked back out pacing around the room. I looked at the couch, memories of her beautiful lips on mine flooding my head. I heard a knock at the door. I ran over hoping it was her, but it wasn’t it was Cameron.

“ you look like hell.” Cameron said.

just seeing my sister here made me break down.

“Cameron I really screwed up this time.” I said as the tears fell from my eyes.

Cameron walked with me over to the couch sitting down.

“Ethan, look I don’t know the whole story but you’re my brother and I can see you’re hurting. If there’s one piece of advice I could give you it’s this- when there’s something you really want, fight for it, don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems. And when you’ve lost all hope, ask yourself if ten years from now, you’re going to wish you gave it one more shot. Because the best things in life, they don’t come for free.” Cameron said looking at me.

everything she said hit me all at once. Cameron was absolutely right, in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

“go after her.” Cameron said pushing me towards the door.

I nodded my head quickly walking out of the door. I replayed everything I wanted to stay as I sped towards her apartment. I couldn’t lose her, not now. I quickly pulled in tires squealing. I ran up the stairs to her floor. As I got closer though my heart stopped. Grayson stood outside her door.

“I’m hurt, I’m not going to lie. I’m hurt you went behind my back. I’m hurt you lied to me. But most of all I’m hurt that you can’t see that I’ve been the one in love with you this entire time.” Grayson said just loud enough for me to hear.

“Grayson.” she said shocked.

please don’t say you love him too.

“Grayson.” she said again.

“Ethan doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who knows you inside and out, you deserve someone who sees all of your quirks and admires them. You deserve someone who’s seen you on your worst days and is in love with you regardless.” Grayson said taking another step in her doorway.

He was right, I didn’t deserve her.

“someone like you?” she said in a low voice.

“someone like me.” Grayson said.

I felt the tears fall from my eyes as I walked away. I blew it and now I was too late to fix it. We could have been happy, I know that. It is perhaps the hardest thing to know.

part four maybe…. xoxoxo

Complications (Part Three) | Teen Wolf

Title: “December”

Summary: Modern AU! A series of complications come about when Stiles, a man that has been your best friend for years, realizes he’s in love with you. He just can’t manage to get the words out of his mouth.

A/N: Apologizes if you don’t celebrate Christmas, because this chapter is all about Christmas.

Gif Credit: Google

Part Two | Masterlist | Part Four

25th of December 2017

Christmas came around faster than Stiles had anticipated and soon enough, he was pulling the black sweater with a pattern of snowflakes midway over his head. With a glance in the mirror, he ran his fingers through his now flattened hair and allowed his brown orbs to travel along his face, noticing the dark circles forming; they were vague, but if anyone at the dinner party inspected him closely, they’d notice. Stiles sprayed on the familiar aftershave, the scent lingering in the air as he stumbled down the stairs to his father, who was waiting at the door holding trifles and Christmas pudding that he bought in the shop fifteen minutes ago.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my bad lol and like just 14 & 5? you so cute<3

7. W/ Young!Sirius 

Okay so I combined two prompts again coz i can. Also, I know I said I wasn’t going to include prompt 8 in this but as I was writing it I just went ‘fuck it, it suits’ *throws glitter up in the air* *sprinkles it over your head* here you go, mah nonnie

8. “Why are you so jealous?”, 7. “I hate how much I love you,” 14. “Just be my best friend and not the guy I just confessed my love to,” and 5. “Well. Yell, scream. Say something! Anything!” 


You couldn’t pin point the exact moment you knew you were in love with Sirius Black. It was more of a slow realisation than an epiphany. First, he was the jerk on the Hogwarts Express that you met in your first year. Then, he was the jerk who stuck up for you when some Voldemort-infatuated Slytherins bullied you over blood. Then, he was the sort-of jerk who is kinda nice, clever and witty, who made you laugh at the most cringe-worthy of jokes. Then he was the sort-of jerk who became your best friend, and you adopted three other children who followed you around like a shadow. Finally, he was back to being the jerk you were in love with and perhaps this was the stage you loathed the most.

You hated love. You hated loving him.


Shit. You stopped, sighed, and spun on your heels.


“W-What just happened?” Sirius’ eyes glittered, two stars against an obsidian sky.

“I poured an entire bowl of some good quality punch on Melanie Bishop’s head….” You resumed walking and Sirius followed, much to your dismay.

“I know,” he chortled, “And–trust me–it was a sight to behold. Never letting that go anytime soon…” he paused, hesitating. Then – “but why?”

“You saw the way she was acting!” you snapped, “She was being a bitch! The girl needed to cool down before all that plastic went to her head…”

‘Bitch’ was an understatement. Melanie had been all over him. Perfectly manicured fingers combing through his hair, sprawling across his chest, sliding over his shoulder as though she were branding him hers and it was driving you insane. Not only because her polished cackle was like nails scratching against a chalkboard, or her obnoxious flirting was assaulting your eyes, but because he was yours. Sirius Black belongs to me.  

It is a selfish thought and you want to slap yourself in the face for even thinking it but whenever Sirius spent time with someone else, it killed you slowly, softly, one small blade piecing your heart at a time. 

“But the (Y/N) I know wouldn’t do something like that…” He had a point. You were a schemer, not an ‘in the moment’ type of girl.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ve been hanging around you lot too much!” you turned the corner sharply. 

“I don’t think it’s that…” Sirius sent you a scrutinising stare, studying every line of your face. He wouldn’t ever in a million years guess why I had acted so br– “Are you jealous?”

Well, shit.

“No!” you snapped. Sirius continued to stare. “Y-Yes…”

Jealousy was such a petty thing that, most often than not, pitted girls against each other at a time when they should be united. But it was too late for apologies. 

“Why are you so jealous?”

“If you’re such a genius, you figure it out!” you barked.




“Sirius, please!”


“Oh would you stop that!”

“(Y/N),” Sirius’s face had softened, his smile genuine, “Please tell me why…”

“Sirius, please leave me alone…”

“(Y/N), please…”

You stopped walking, almost making Sirius crash into you. Spinning around, you dug your nails into your palms and gritted your teeth.

Oh, fuck it.

“Because that girl’s shallow interest in you is…well…its shallow! She doesn’t know how you like your toast or the way you sit in a chair, limbs flowing all over the arm rest, because you’re mother used to smack you with a cane if you didn’t sit upright. Or the way you hum when you’re doing something you love, or your interest in motorcycles and how, one day, you’d like to dissect one and rebuild it so you can claim it your own. Or how you tap your fingers when you’re thinking, and how you know seven languages but only because you wanted to learn how to swear in seven languages!”

Sirius watched with wide eyes, lips parted in stunned silence as you continued to vent.

“Sirius, I know all these things about you, all your little nervous ticks and mannerisms, but that girl only knows what she sees. She wants you naked, in her bed, so she can say that she slept with Sirius Black. But I want you, by my side when the whole world collapses, because I’m bloody in love with you. I love you so much, my whole body aches with the pain of it. I love you Sirius. And I hate you. I hate how much I love you.

Silence. A horrid, cold silence crashed over both of you as you stood in the hallway. A portrait behind you snorted, awakening from its slumber, and complained about the noise.

“There it is. Right there. And now, oh god now, now you’re going to hate me. You’re going to hate me and you’ll never want to see me again.”

Still, more silence.

“Oh, and now you pity me. You probably hate the sight of me so you feel awkward and you’re trying to think of something nice to say to let me down easily. If that’s the case, I don’t need that. I need…I need you to be my friend. Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.

Sirius stared at you, something unreadable in his eyes, and you wanted to punch him in the face with your own face, anything to replace the shame burning your cheeks and Sirius’ incomprehensible gawk.

Well? Yell, scream, say something. Anything!” Nothing. Apparently, there were no words to be said. So, you would just have to leave him there, rooted to the floor in the hallway, completely bewildered. You turned, and then, you heard Sirius whisper something to the air.

“Have you ever seen yourself when you wake up in the morning?” Sirius suddenly asked. You turned to gape at him, slightly offended.


“When your hair is all disheveled and your cheeks are rosy. I love that,” His voice grew as his confidence blossomed, “And your voice is all husky and sleepy and Merlin I could just listen to you all day. Or when I borrow a book from you, and I’ll be reading and find some random, dried flower between the pages because you plant them there but you forget about it. I have a collection of them, under my bed. They remind me of you. And when you talk about something you love, you get really passionate and wave your arms about in the air, like you’re filled with so much passion, you’re going to explode.”

Sirius stepped closer to you, took your hands, and held them, his thumbs brushing over your skin. “See, you’re not the only one who loves the little things. I love them, too. I could go on forever about all your little quirks and habits. But, the truth is, I’d rather tell you after I kiss you because now I know for certain that you love me, and I know for certain that I love you. So can we please kiss because I’m dying to taste your lips.”

Without another word, you stood on the tips of your toes and kissed him, passionately, held him captive between your lips as you poured every single emotion into him. Magic sparked the air and hummed in your veins as he pulled you closer, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he held onto you as though he were trying to merge your souls together. As your lips danced with his, it was then that you realised he was subconsciously speaking to you the words scribed across his wild, reckless heart.

I’m yours. And you’re mine.

Sirius Black was yours.

no more prompts please

Hey, Bartender (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Request:  So I have this idea (because in my opinion there just isn’t enough protective Steve and Bucky) where they go into a bar one night. Both Steve and Bucky immediately get bad vibes. They watch as this bartender is getting treated like crap by all these different guys. Like cat calling and unwanted touching. They notice how she doesn’t do anything about their behavior so they ask her about it. She tells them that she can’t otherwise her boss will fire her. This outrages Steve and Bucky. They hear this one group of guys talking about jumping her once she’s done closing. Steve and Bucky walk her home that night, and every night after until she finds a new job.

“I don’t know, Steve, this place looks a little shady,” Bucky grimaced, taking a quick look around the bar, having to squint in the darkness despite his enhanced abilities.  There was a heavy haze in the air, a combined stench of old smoke, cheap cologne, and spilled alcohol stinging at his throat with a biting dryness that had him ready to leave before even taking his seat.  A deep groan escaped his throat when Steve clearly ignored his input and dropped onto the bar stool, leaving Bucky no choice but to join him.  “This place is nasty,” he continued, grabbing a napkin to wipe the cushion before sitting, “I have no idea why you keep coming in here.”

“They have the only bartender in town who gets my drink right every time,” Steve smirked, watching you approach.  “Hi, (Y/N),” Steve greeted you enthusiastically, “how’s business tonight?”

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Break Part Two

Break Part Two

Lance Tucker

Warnings: sex, unprotected sex, oral sex, swearing

Tags: @littlevelvethearts @hoepalace @anitavalija @jesslovesfandom @dokuroskull23 @angelsdeadromance @potterhead7656 @breakingsupernaturlbad101 @sebastian-stans-thighs @buckysteetime @casandcaffrey @thatbandchick39 @insickopedia @carabarnes13 @petals-overdaisies @canadiancoven @laurenxyz @hoopluh @cassandralallorona @spiritassassins

Part One

Part Three

Part Four

Lance isn’t entirely sure how he found himself in this position, this had never happened to him. He’d trained a few girls in the past and never once had such an issue.

That issue being that Lance was incredibly, absolutely, painfully rock fucking hard.

And, well, the thin material of his track pants wasn’t doing a damn thing to cover it up. He couldn’t even put a hand over it because both of his were being used to rub kinks out of Y/N’s back.

He’s not sure what caused it, having multiple reasons why it could’ve happened. It could’ve been the sports bra he picked was pushing her breasts out, or how the shorts she wore were up her ass. But, he thinks it’s definitely the fact that he’s seated on the round of her ass, driving his thumbs into her skin.

There’s a lot of reasons as to why he’s uncomfortably hard. Every slight brush against his crotch when he’d move, every sense of friction against his pants - his cock was taking it all in and pulsing even harder with every touch.

It really didn’t help when Y/N would let out a soft moan whenever he hit the right area. Or when she’d wiggle into his touch, silently pleading for more. Or, when she’d look back at him and smile.

Damn, that smile did things to him that he never even knew could happen.

“You need to get loose. I’m not going to be able to rub out your back halfway through your routine when you make it to the Olympics.” Lance sniffs, hips shifting so he can lean forward and reach her shoulder blade.

She hums, lifting her foot up behind him. “Maybe not halfway through, but before would be great.” She digs her head into the mat below her, sighing when he hits a particularly tense muscle.

He can’t help it when his mind races to thought of how she’d look under him, undressed and begging. If he had his way with her she’s be so entirely fucked out that she wouldn’t walk for the next few days.

“Alright, what else hurts?” He asks, clapping his hands together to get her attention.

“Lower back.” She groans, eyes clenching when she adjusts her hips below him. She brings a hand behind her, pointing to the lowest dip of her back before the arch of her ass. 

Lance nods, blinking rapidly. He brings his hands down again, rubbing at the bare skin between her bra and her shorts. The muscles are so wound together, he’s shocked that she was even able to complete half the routine. 

“When’s the last time you went to get stretched?” He asks, driving the pads of his thumbs into her skin.

She sighs, looking back at him. “Caleb stretched me out last night before I left the gym. Hope asked him to do a full body with me.”

Lance scowls, pushing her rising body back to the mat. “Caleb’s been here for two days, he isn’t allowed to touch you again. You understand me? Not going to allow some newby to fuck up my protege.” He seethes, feeling overwhelmed by the unreasonable anger rushing through him. “And Hope isn’t your coach, tell her to fuck off next time she tells you to do something.”

“She said you told her to have me do it.” She murmurs, placing her head on her forearms. “And that - oh!” Y/N’s body jolts up, pressure being released under Lance’s finger.

And shit, he would give everything (probably not everything but a decent amount of whatever) to hear her make that noise again.

“Right there?” He nudges, watching her head nod. He digs his fingers deeper into her muscles, pulling and pushing along them. “Don’t listen to anyone but me. Hope’s just jealous of you.”

“Well no shit. She’s still living in her glory days when she was America’s Sweetheart and she fucked you all the time. I can see where she’d be jealous.” Y/N sighs into the mat, wiggling in Lance’s hold.

He smirks down at her. “Is someone jealous that Hope got to fuck me? It was only a few times for fun, babe.” He hums, an amused look crossing Y/N’s features. 

“No, not really. Not at all, actually. Plus even if I was jealous, I could fuck you if I wanted to.” She huffs, moving her shoulder when he drags his hands back up her back.

Lance furrows his brows, a small frown on his lips. “What do you mean you could fuck me if you wanted to? I wouldn’t fuck you, you’re my athlete, I’m your coach. And I’m older than you.”

“As if that’s really stopping the raging hard-on you have pinned to my ass.” She scoffs, smiling up at him. He swallows, unaware of how much she could feel through his pants. 

He stands up, his lips tweaking up at the edges. “You didn’t say anything earlier? Did you enjoy feeling my cock pressed against your ass, or what?” His snarky nature comes out, covering the embarrassment he would have.

“Well I didn’t complain about it, did I? Plus I was getting a massage, why would I want that to stop?” Y/N brushes off her hands, chalk particles floating up in the air. “I’m just happy my ass got you hard.” She laughs.

Lance nods, looking at her fully. “You do have a huge ass.” He chuckles, walking around her to survey her body. She pats a hand on it, looking behind herself.

“Guys seem to like it so it can’t be as bad as you make it out to be.” She smirks, brushing some chalk off of the black material. Lance looks up at her, shaking his head.

“No more guys, no distractions. I need you focused on the Olympics, focused on the gold we’re going to win.” He snaps, feeling the unreasonable anger flowing through him again.

Y/N rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. “Aren’t you the one who told me I need to get fucked more often only 8 hours ago? What happened to getting loose, huh?” 

“I didn’t think sex was that big of a deal for you. Didn’t know you needed sex to live.” He smirks, sauntering around her. She shakes her head slowly, laughing at his words.

“I don’t need sex to live. But, while we’re on the topic - I fucking love sex. I think it’s quite great, if I do say so myself. So I’m going to have as much sex before, during and after the olympics as I want.” Y/N leans back, eyes on Lance.

He stays quiet for a moment. “Okay.” He says, watching her cock an eyebrow. “If you want sex so badly then fine, I’ll be the one to fuck you. No distractions means no distractions.”

“I’m not going to have sex with you.” She scoffs, her eyes unashamedly moving down to the bulge in his trackies. “You’re my coach. I’ll tell you about my sex life, I will not have you be part of it.”

Lance shrugs, stepping towards her. “I don’t know if you heard me right. I will be the one to fuck you. The only one to fuck you. The only one you’ll even think about fucking. Got it?”

He steps until his chest is pressed to hers, his head tilting down to look at her. Her eyebrows are furrowed together, annoyance crossing her features. “Got it, Coach.”

“Good. Back to the routine.” He swats at her ass, pointing at the uneven bars. She stands in the same position, looking at him without any emotion on her face. 

“No.” She defies, a hint of a smirk on her face. “I want to have sex. Now.”

He would’ve been taken aback if it wasn’t so damn early and if he wasn’t so fucking hard. So instead of speaking, he nods at her, shrugging his shoulders to let her know it was okay.

He actually liked the dominance in her voice. Of course he would never willingly let her take control, but the idea of it seemed fun enough for Lance to let her brashness off the hook.

He steps towards her again, knocking her a step back. “Then lets have sex.” He whispers, palming the back of her head until he pulls the ponytail out. Her hair flies around her body, giving Lance something to grab onto.

He tugs her head back, exposing her neck to him. Leaning down, Lance latches his teeth to her skin, nibbling softly - just enough to get a rise out of her, a whimper or something of the sort.

Her rise ends up being a hand in his hair, tugging him closer to her neck. Which absolutely fucks Lance to his core.

Lance only bites at her skin, not daring to press his lips against it just yet. He works his way up her neck, across her jaw at to her lips where he fans his breath across her smooth ones.

“How much do you want to have sex with me?” He grins, a shit eating grin really, that he knows will send her off with a sarcastic remark to slap in his face. But, he likes the sarcasm - it keeps him humble.

“Considering you’re the only person i can have sex with for a long time, very fucking much.” She breathes, her lips brushing against his with every word. “But, if I was allowed other options I wouldn’t want to fuck you at all.”

He smirks, holding in a laugh. “Them’s fightin’ words.” He snickers, sliding his hands around her to hold her waist. He pulls her into him, his cock resting on her stomach.

They stand there and stare at one another for a moment, but as the tension in the room rises, they both become aware of the growing situations in their pants.

“So, you gonna kiss me or not? Because I’m beyond okay getting myself off in the locker room shower.” She smirks, nudging her head up against his.

He chuckles, shaking his head ever so slightly. “I would’ve kissed you earlier but you never shut the fuck up.” 

“Says the one who has to have an entire monologue before even saying ‘good morning’.” 

“Fair enough.”

He bends down, catching her lips with his own. Its forceful and possessive, just shy of pain. It’s a bruising kiss, just molding to each other with no tongue involved. Lance lets out a small whimper when she tugs at his hair, pulling him even closer to her.

“Feisty, huh?” He chides, pulling away and tapping a hand on her bum. She shrugs, moving her hands to rest on his abs under his shirt. He knows where her hands are - exactly on the neckpiece of his medal.

He smirks inwardly at the knowledge, knowing he’ll be able to say some type of remark when his clothes come off.

He leans down again, pushing his lips into hers. This time he slots his tongue between her lips, licking his way into her mouth. She reciprocates the kiss, wrapping her arms around the back of his head.

She takes control for the moment, just enough time to push him back into a stack of mats, his back resting against it. 

“Wow.” He chuckles as she drops to her knees, placing her hands on his track pants. “Eager, are we now?”

Something changes inside of Y/N and fuck, Lance loves it.

She’s no longer fighting against him. Instead, she’s pulling out all the stops in order to show him exactly what she can do.

She rolls her fingers along the waistband of his pants before looking up at him from under her lashes. “Shirt.” She murmurs, beginning to pull the material down his legs.

Lance whips his hands to the bottom of his shirt, peeling it over his head and tossing it somewhere around the room. “Are you fucking serious?” She deadpans, putting her hands on his hips.

Lance smirks triumphantly, knowing she’s referring to the grand masterpiece painting his lower abdomen. “You asked me about it, you already knew I had it.” He shrugs.

“I thought it was a fucking joke. I also didn’t think it’d wrap around your cock. Are you really that materialistic as to get it near your dick?”

“Not materialistic, proud is the wo – oh – oh!” He’s cut off by Y/n placing the tip of his cock on her tongue. “Fuck.” He curses, palming the back of her head as she works her way down his cock with ease.

She suckles and licks at every ridge, pressing her thumbs along the pulsing vein at the base of his cock. 

She moves at an enticing speed and Lance can’t help but watch the way his cock disappears into her throat with every stroke. “Just like that, baby.”

“Shut the fuck up.” She pops of his cock, looking at him. “Ruining the fucking mood.” She mutters, licking her lips before diving back onto his cock.

“Feisty, feisty, feisty. Better watch your mouth.” Lance grins, rubbing a hand down her cheek to feel the hollow of it as she sucks on his dick, pulling him into the back of her throat.

She swallows around him, enjoying the little gasps and whimpers escaping his lisp every time she did a new move. “You’re quite good at this, huh?” He muses, chewing his bottom lip. “Might just have to cum in your mouth.”

“This isn’t about you, it’s about me. If anything, I should be the one to get off from some oral.” She smirks, stroking his cock in her small hand, twisting along the base. Her breath fans across his cock, causing it to twitch in her hand.

“Well baby, you’re the best I’ve ever had so far. So yeah, might have to cum in your mouth.” Lance smiles, lightly thrusting into her mouth, edging his hips from the mats behind him.

“Never heard that before.” She hums, stroking him. Lance peers down at her with a cocked eyebrow. “That I’m the best anyone’s ever had. The guys I sleep with just want half a blow job then some sex before they leave.”

“Well their fucked.” Lance groans, his head falling back against the mats. “So, so good.”

She takes him back into her mouth, sucking with some force this time.

“That’s it, just like that.” He moans, pushing hair from her eyes so he can look at her. “Fuck, that’s good. Keep doing that thing – fuck.”

He can’t help but swear when she does a particular twist-suck combo on his cock, her hands moving rapidly along the vein pulsating. She nuzzles him into her mouth so far that her lips curl around the base, sending a choked cough out of Lance’s mouth.

“Christ.” Lance purses from his lips when she swallows around him again, his tip tucked neatly in the back of her throat. He can feel the clenching of his stomach and he knows he’s closer than he’d like to be at the moment.

A shudder rolls up his spine, his fingers clasping along the mats behind him. His knuckles are turning white from the pressure. When her teeth rub against his length, he loses all control.

“So fucking close – ‘m gonna cum – like that, yeah.” He brushes another finger along her cheek, reveling in the feeling of his cock poking against the thin skin. She winks up at him, her cocky side taking over once again.

 He can honestly say that Y/N is by far the best sex partner he’s had, and he hasn’t even been inside of her yet. He used to think Hope was so great with her gymnastic moves but fuck, this girl had his cock all the way down her throat and she still managed to toss a sarcastic jab in there once in a while?

Yeah, she was the best he’d ever had.

Lance can’t even prep her for his orgasm, because when it comes, he’s blindsided. His hand slams down on the mats, eyes locked on Y/n’s mouth and teeth biting dangerously hard on his lips.

She manages to move back quick enough to avoid being drowned by a load of cum (which Lance will have to apologize about after he gains his footing again). She moves back to his tip, sucking on it as her hand drives up and down the skin.

Lance is a complete wreck above her, his body jolting in every way. He’s even shocked at how much cum he just poured into her mouth – enough so that it started spilling out the corners of her lips. 

But, just as he thought, she swallowed it all, with him in her mouth might he add, and threw a smile up at him two seconds later.

She stands, licking her plump and swollen lips. And Lance, well he’s utterly fucked out after that. He’s not even sure how he’s standing at the moment, let alone breathing.

When she steps closer, her thigh brushing against his overly-sensitive cock, that’s when Lance snaps back into the real world. 

“Welcome back, Coach.” Y/N teases, pressing small kisses to his neck, chewing on his skin.

“You’ve been holding out on me.” He chuckles, sucking in as much breath as he possibly can in order to get his head to stop spinning around the fucking room.

“You never asked what i could do with my mouth, so I technically wasn’t holding out on you.” She murmurs against his neck, biting harshly to create a dark mark that he won’t be able to cover up.

He nods, blinking the haze from his eyes. “Let’s take care of you now, doll.” It takes only a second for Lance to hook her legs around his hips, his body holding her up.

He’s able to get her sports bra off with ease, his mouth attacking her collar bones and the swell of her breasts as her fingers thread through his hair. He sucks marks on her skin, smirking at the final product.

He crouches down, laying her on her back against the floor. Running his hands along her stomach, he lowers himself down her body. After he gets her shorts and paints off, she spreads her legs for him and smirks.

“So fuckin’ wet.” And Lance is actually really amazed by the sheer glistening droplets that are clinging to her skin. He can feel his cock getting heavy at the sight.

He kisses his way down her thigh, pulling his fingers along her folds to spread her juices evenly. When Lance looks up he finds Y/N with her eyes closed, one hand on her breast and the other tangled in his hair.

God, his hair’s going to be a fucking mess after this.

He flattens his tongue along her clit, dragging the rough pad of his muscle along it to emit a whimper from her mouth. He does it again, also moving his fingers to her opening.

He knew from the first taste of her slick that he was completely enamored with her.

It didn’t take long for Lance to find himself lost in his job, his eyes closed and his fingers soothing their way inside of her as if it wasn’t his first time touching her body. Everything just felt so natural to him.

“Please, more.” She breathes, tugging at the roots of his hair. He reaches his free hand up to grip her breast, tugging at the nipple and running his callused fingers along it.

“Lance..” He likes it. Fuck does he like it. The way his name rolls of her tongue - he really fucking likes it.

Bucking her hips into his face, Y/N moans out for him. The noises she’s making sends a throbbing sensation throughout Lance and he’s sure he could cum just by the sounds she’s emitting.

“Taste so fucking good.” Lance mutters against her heat, pulling his fingers from inside of her. He brings his hand up to her mouth, watching as she encloses his digits in her warmth.

She sucks and licks along his fingers just as she did for his cock, something he wasn’t even sure he was expecting. He kisses he clit and crawls up her body, nipping at the skin along the way.

“Fuck me.” She whines, sending a fuck load of blood to his cock. Lance nods, pressing his lips against hers in a sloppy manner.

“You on the pill?” He breathes, not even caring if she was because his cock needs attention and it needs attention now. She just nods up at him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth.

“Can you get on all fours for me, baby?” He grabs her hips, helping her to turn over. “Perfect. That’s it,..” He runs his hands down her ass, getting a handful of the plush area that’s been the center of his masturbation thoughts all week.

He’s happy when she dips her shoulders to the mattress, lifting her ass so far that the slope between her ass and her head is a huge curve.

Lance positions himself behind her, running his tip along the slick of her heat. “You ready?”

“Would you just fuck me? Sick of this damn commentary.” She smirks up at him, tossing a wink in there as well. 

He chuckles, slapping her ass. “Watch your fucking mouth.” She laughs at his words, wiggling her bum in the air.

Once he finds her hole, Lance sheaths himself entirely inside of her. He has to stop himself from moving because fuck, she was so warm and inviting and so, so tight.

“Fuck.” Lance groans, feeling the pulsing of her walls against his cock. She nods, moving her ass around to get him to move even an inch. Lance pulls out the whole way until just his tip is left inside, then plunges back into her at an alarming speed.

“Lance.” She prolongs his name as it tumbles from her lips, her head digging into the mat below them. He nods to himself, appreciating the way she chanted for him.

She felt fucking amazing around him. So warm and tight, making him want to nuzzle his cock inside of her and never pull out.

He places his thumbs in the divots at the base of her spine, using it to pull her back against his cock. He enjoys the way her ass looks whenever it bounces off his hips, rippling and smacking against his skin.

He smirks when her moans grow louder. Made him want to make as much noise as they possibly could. Made him was to have her scream his name so loud that every other guy will know to stay away.

“Feel good?” He leans down, placing his fingers against her clit and drawing fast circles with no particular rhythm other than that of getting her off before him.

She lets out a broken moan, her breathing becoming labored. “Fuck, fuck! Right there!” She gasps, her hands pulling at the mat below.

“So, so tight.” He groans, slamming into her with such force that he can feel the mat moving along the floor. He watches his cock glide in and out of her, glistening with her juices.

He angles his hips differently, nudging his cock against her furthest wall. “Lance! Oh, fuck. Coach Tucker..” She groans, her hips starting the shake from the pleasure.

He doesn’t stop, he couldn’t imagine stopping that this point anyway. He keeps swiveling his hips, rolling them into her to explore her. Lance leans down and sucks a mark on her shoulder blade, feeling her quake against him.

He ruts relentlessly into her, her moans bouncing off the walls of the gym. He didn’t care that it was around 3 in the morning and that she would have to sleep in tomorrow to catch up. She clearly didn’t care either.

“Fuck – fuck! Lance, fuck me!” She curses, clutching to the mat. He feels her stiffen against him before a wave of pleasure knocks her down. She whimpers and screams, shaking uncontrollably in his arms. 

She clenches hard around him, not allowing him to have any movement what-so-ever. She screams again, an echo of his name that bounds off the walls and circulates back to him.

And he is absolutely delighted by the sound.

It only takes a few more thrusts for the coil in his stomach to spring open, exploding inside of her. He paints her walls with stuttering hips and a dropped jaw.

“Well, that was better than expected.” Y/N chuckles breathlessly under him. Lance moves away, laying on the ground next to her so she could flip onto her back.

“Much better.” He agrees, lifting a hand to high five her. Their skin slaps against one another and Lance can’t help but grin.

This Was A Stupid Idea

Prompt from @fyotpprompts: I’ve been looking for the Vampire I made out with last Halloween for a year.  And I finally cornered him in a dead end, low lit, low trafficked alley, behind an abandoned building. I really didn’t think this through, AU.

I changed it up a little bit and I totally got carried away but yolo I guess

It’s been bugging Trini for over a year.

Zack dragged her to one party. The one time she left her dorm, the one time she left her quiet, peaceful life, she met someone. She met someone beautiful and funny and it was perfect for all of five seconds until she found out the truth.

That the girl she met was a goddamn vampire.

It’s natural for everything in Trini’s life to go obscenely wrong, of course. But a vampire?

Naturally, she found out when they were making out and the girl had bit her lip and it was damn good kiss and the bite was sexy as hell until her teeth were just a little too sharp and she was sucking just a little too hard and-

Then she was gone.

And the worst part is, Trini can’t get the damn girl out of her head.

She swears she sees her at the edge of her vision sometimes. Smirking, toying with her. In class, when she’s walking, when she’s eating. She sees this girl everywhere.

And honestly? She’s had enough.


Zack’s head flies up from where it is on the couch so fast that he falls onto the floor. He groans loudly, rubbing the back of his head soothingly. “What the fuck, T? Can’t a guy take a nap?”

“It’s Halloween this weekend. You’re taking me to that party we went to last year,” Trini says with finality, throwing his black leather jacket at him before throwing her own yellow bomber jacket onto her back. “Now c’mon, pretty boy. Make me look sexy.”

Zack grins excitedly up at Trini before hopping up off of the floor, putting his jacket on quickly. “Trying to get laid, Crazy Girl?”

Trini chuckles dryly, shaking her head at her own insane idea. “I wanna look like a damn meal.”


Zack does not disappoint Trini’s expectations one bit.

The night of the party, Zack slaps Trini’s hands away from her face, tutting disapprovingly as she tries to do her own hair and makeup. “No no, I got this. Just sit back and let the hottest pan in the house do his work.”

“Every time you say that I want to punch you in the face,” Trini rolls her eyes but sets her hands down, letting him do his magic.

“You’re just jealous I’m better at doing makeup than you are,” Zack smirks, grabbing a few brushes and a pallet of eyeshadow. “Put your contacts in before I start this, I’m not letting your watery eyes ruin my art.”

After an hour of letting Zack meticulously do Trini’s eye makeup, costume makeup, and hair (or as Trini liked to call it, torturing her), he finally lets her look in the mirror. 

Trini gasps slightly, barely recognizing herself in the mirror. Her braids are gone, her hair is tousled to look almost like it’s still wet, and her eye makeup in contrast to the blood red contacts is incredibly well done. Her lips were painted a deep red, and the fake bite marks on her neck are almost realistic. Paired with the deep cut black three quarter sleeve shirt and the connected black chokers on her neck, she looks nothing short of sexy.

“I have to hand it to you, Taylor, I look damn fine,” Trini smirks, turning slightly in the mirror to look at herself from a different angle. As she goes to flip her hair out, just to give it some more volume, she hears the telltale sound of a camera going off. Turning, she glares at Zack, who’s too busy admiring his picture to notice her angry eyes.

“What the fuck are you-”

“When you see this picture, you will love me,” Zack smirks, turning the phone around to show her the picture. Trini’s jaw drops, grabbing the phone from his hand and staring at the picture of herself in the mirror.

“And that, my darling little friend, is how to transform a mess into a full course meal,” Zack says smugly.

“If I wasn’t so impressed, I would beat the shit out of you for calling me a mess,” Trini breathes out slightly. “Now hurry up and get ready. And send me that picture, it’s going on my instagram.”



“I still can’t believe you made your username ‘tinytrini’.”

“I may be little, but I’m feisty.”


The party’s in full swing when Zack and Trini arrive. Naturally, Zack had to go as something that would “accentuate his body structure” as he put it, so he’s almost completely nude, posing as a male stripper. Trini rolls her eyes, thankful that she won’t have to be around his ass much longer tonight. She needs alcohol, half decent music, and that bitch of a vampire that won’t leave her alone.

The frat boys running the party eye her unashamedly, and she has to bite back the insults crawling up her throat so that she can get into this damn party.

Once inside, Zack whoops excitedly before running to the beer pong tables, leaving Trini to wander to the drinks alone. Snagging some of the jungle juice, she downs a whole cup as fast as she can before refilling it, nursing the second drink much longer than the first. After fifteen minutes of standing around uncomfortably with an empty drink, she moves to refill it a third time when someone presses up behind her.

“If I knew you’d look so good with those marks on your neck, I would’ve had my way with you a year ago.”

Trini turns slowly, much calmer on the outside than she is on the inside, coming face to face with the vampire girl from last year. In the light she can better distinguish her features; short, choppy brunette hair that somehow looks messy and perfectly placed at the same time, deep brown eyes, full lips curled into a devious smirk, and surprisingly tanned skin.

“Vampire,” is all Trini says, is all she can say. It’s not like she knows the girl’s name or anything.

“You remember me,” the girl’s lips curl even more than they were before, excitement noticeable in her facial features. Her eyes flash with some emotion, and Trini can’t tell if it’s a good one or a ‘I can’t wait to suck all of the blood out of your body’ one. “I’m surprised.”

“I’m not,” Trini scoffs. “You’ve been following me around for the last year. You aren’t that slick.”

“While that may be true,” the vampire drawls, stepping closer to Trini. Trini steps backwards with every step she takes forward until her lower back hits the countertop behind her, the vampire trapping her against it with her arms. “It’s definitely not the only reason you remember me.”

Trini doesn’t know if vampires have seduction powers or if she just really wants to get laid, but she’s grabbing at the back of the girl’s neck and yanking her down for a rough kiss immediately. She barely gets to run her tongue along the vampire’s bottom lip before the girl is laughing, stepping back slightly just out of Trini’s lip’s reach.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” the vampire chuckles darkly, and Trini can’t help the shiver run through her body at the way the nickname sound’s on the other girl’s lips. “If you want me, you’re going to have to find me.”

Before Trini can comprehend what the girl said, her head still spinning from the kiss they shared not moments before, the vampire is smirking and sulking off into the crowd, leaving Trini alone. Trini looks around frantically, trying to see where she went, but she can only see drunk frat boys and sorority girls.

Fuck,” Trini runs a hand through her hair before taking off into the crowd, trying to find the vampire. She makes it out of the kitchen and into the hallway, catching a glimpse of the vampire girl smirking at her teasingly before disappearing to the left. Trini runs down the hallway, shoving people out of the way to get there, but the girl is gone when she gets to the end of the hall.

“You’re getting closer,” Trini hears in her ears, turns to see no one around her paying attention to her, but her eyes catch the vampire climbing up the stairs, that damn smirk still on her face. Rolling her eyes with a groan, Trini runs up after her, running into the only empty room only to find no one there.

“Son of a-”

The sound of the door slamming behind her causes Trini to jump, turning around to see the vampire girl standing beside the doorway, arms crossed and teasing smirk firmly planted on her face.

“Well, you’ve found me,” the vampire says in a sickeningly sweet tone, one that actually scares Trini. The shorter girl realizes that she’s alone, upstairs, away from the party and away from all of the people, trapped in a room with a vampire.

She really should’ve thought this through.

“I saw your little picture on instagram, and I’ve been dying to see you,” the vampire admits, biting her lip slightly as she sulks closer to Trini with each step she takes. “Despite the fact that I’ve kept myself away from you, you have no. idea. how hard it’s been.”

Despite the fear in her veins, Trini can’t help but feel her confidence skyrocket as well as her desire for the girl in front of her. Smirking slightly, she takes a step forward, helping to close the distance between them.

“I think I at least deserve to know your name for all of the stalking you’ve been doing,” Trini says with a coy smile, her eyes twinkling in delight.

“I guess you’re right,” the vampire says as she comes to stand chest to chest with Trini, her head cocked to the side playfully. “It’s Kim.”

With that, the vampire, Kim, grasps at the back of Trini’s neck and tugs her in for a rough and passionate kiss. Trini groans into the kiss, Kim immediately taking the opportunity to brush her tongue against Trini’s, both girls moaning softly at the first touch.

Trini’s hand comes up to grasp at Kim’s neck, her other pulling her closer by her waist. Kim’s grip on Trini is almost vice like, probably because she’s a vampire and probably has super strength, but it doesn’t stop Trini from whimpering into the kiss. Kim’s kisses move downward to her jawline, nipping gently at her skin and soothing the irritated area with her tongue.

Kim,” Trini whimpers, nearly melting into the taller girl’s arms. Kim’s lips move from her jawline to just beneath her ear, nibbling on her earlobe playfully, causing Trini to groan loudly into the empty room.

“God I’ve been waiting for this,” Kim husks into her ear as her kisses move further down, closer to Trini’s pulse point, kissing harshly and making sure to mark Trini’s skin, to claim her. Trini’s a panting mess in her arms, moaning and whining with every kiss placed onto her skin. “And I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Trini manages to breathe out, too focused on the pleasure coursing through her veins due to Kim’s lips.

Suddenly Trini feels two sharp stabs of pain in her neck and she cries out loudly. She can feel the blood moving through her veins to her neck, can feel how Kim is sucking against her skin-

Then everything goes black.

anonymous asked:

Hey gal can you pretty pretty please do headcanons for adopting the twins before anything bad happens to them? I just want to save them both so badly. Like, they're 4 or 5 years old and they need a good mom ;-; . So like can you do headcanons on how they would act if they were adopted and had a good mom growing up, and how they would react if their adoptive mom brought home her girlfriend and introduced them to her? Thank you so much!!

Bless you.

~I need to save them. Thank you for this request!! I might have gotten carried away but I’m so passionate about this???!

  • They weren’t in foster care long before getting adopted out to her
  • She was so ready to be a mother
  • After hearing a story of siblings ripped apart through the adoption system, she decided that she needed to have siblings
  • No way could she stand by and let that happen if she could help it
  • When they told her they had twin boys, she couldn’t believe her luck
  • No, more like fate!
  • They were both very timid at first
  • This was all a little overwhelming for them as they entered a brand new home
  • She had a room for each of them
  • One was animal/zoo themed (for Saeran)
  • The other was space/rocket ship (for Saeyoung)
    • “Do you boys like your rooms?”
    • “…These are all ours?” Saeyoung asked.
    • “Yes, of course! They belong to you, now.”
  • He grabbed Saerans hand and pulled him inside to look at all their new toys
  • However Saeran wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night, and the dark room scared him
  • She often woke to find Saeran cuddled with Saeyoung in his bed
  • The boys grew strong with proper nutrition
  • The first few weeks, she was astounded at how much the boys ate
    • “What is this red stuff on my pancake?” Saeran asked.
    • “That’s a strawberry, honey. Do you like it?”
    • Mmmhmm. It’s yummy, mom!”
  • She had to excuse herself for a minute, and cried quickly and quietly in the bathroom
  • It wasn’t the first time the twins didn’t know about something like a fruit or vegetable
  • How could someone have treated them so poorly? she thought 
  • She didn’t expect to be hit so hard by these random moments…
  • The glimpses of neglect
  • She always pulled herself together quickly, though
  • They were with her now, after all. And she’d see to it that they were happy from this point on
  • She took them to the zoo, to the museum, to festivals
  • So many things they had never seen before
  • They were like little sponges, soaking up all this new information the world had to offer
  • When she felt it was finally the right moment, she introduced her girlfriend to them
  • They were nothing but elated tbh
  • I mean, they went from one bad mom to two amazing moms??? !
  • They loved her
  • Their favorite thing was all four of you baking in the kitchen on the weekends
  • The twins were in charge of pouring and mixing the ingredients
  • Saeran always tried to make a mega cookie or beg for an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Each weekend they traded off who got to lick the spoons
  • So many macaroni art projects and drawings covering the fridge and the walls, she is so proud of their art omg!!
  • As they grew older, Saeran seemed to be the more level-headed of the two
  • Their personalities started to shine through even more
  • One day she came home to find them sitting in the living room, the parts of the remote broken apart and scattered all over the place
  • They flinched, expecting to get scolded or hit
  • But she just bent down to their level
    • “Did you guys do this?”
    • “Yeah,” they nodded.
    • “Why?”
    • “…I wanted to see what it was like inside,” Saeyoung replied.
  • She went out the next day and bought them several science and robot kits for kids
  • Just really supportive of their hobbies tbh
  • They were building all sorts of stuff around the house
  • And as they grew and grew, they were just normal boys
  • They fought sometimes, had each others backs other times
  • They had their hearts broken by crushes at school
  • And had their moms’ lectures if they started slacking in a class
  • They were just like any other family
    • “Saeyoung, do you remember our biological mother?”
    • “Hm…a little bit, why do you ask?”
    • “I can’t really recall much.”
    • “I think I remember her being…really mean? But I don’t remember a lot. We were so young…”
  • She had prepared herself in case the twins ever asked about their bio mom
  • But they never did, they never asked to meet her
  • Saeyoung and Saeran were the best of friends
  • Their slightly differing personalities made them very good work partners
  • Eventually they graduated with scholarships, went to college
  • She cried like a baby dropping them off at their dorm room
    • “Mooooooom you’re embarrassing us,” Saeran groaned.
    • “Yeah what if a hot chick sees or something?!” Saeyoung chimed in.
    • “Sh-shut up and give your mom a hug,” she slapped them both playfully through her sobs, “and I don’t want you eating junk while you’re here! Promise me one more time you’ll call me if you need money for groceries or anything…”
    • “Yes, yes, we promise. Mom. We’ll be fiiiine.” Saeyoung hugged her.
  • They ended up creating a successful robotics company together, really leading the industry
  • They made their moms retire, buying a nice lake house for them
  • And eventually
  • Their moms became grandmothers
  • The best grandmothers!
  • They’d get together for holidays and weekends with the kids and S/O’s
  • She felt her heart overflowing when she looked into her grandchildren’s faces as they sat on her wife’s lap reading books
  • She baked with them the same as she baked with the twins all those years ago
    • “Mom, no sugar before dinner!”
    • “Oh hush. I don’t recall you complaining when it was your turn to lick the spoon at their age,” she’d wink.
Cinematic Masterpiece - Damian Wayne x Reader (Inked Soulmates AU)

(A/N - This is the first installment of my soulmates series! Let me know if you guys want to see a part two for this one!)

The day his older brothers saw the tattoo on his collar bone was debatably the worst day in Damian Wayne’s life. Jason was in tears and Dick was just about pissing himself with laughter.

“I have to be dreaming,” Jason cackled, “because there is no way that God himself would bless me like this.”

“I have to meet this girl. Holy crap,” said Dick, barely choking down his laughter long enough to speak at all. Damian scowled.

TT,” he huffed. When Tim entered the room, Damian didn’t have time to cover the words on his skin before the older boy saw them.

“You guys have got to be shitting me,” Tim said. “This is a joke, right?” When Dick and Jason started shaking their heads, Damian turned a dark shade of crimson.

“Mother of God. Just to clarify, you’re going to find your soulmate, and the first thing you’ll ever hear them say is ‘screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece?’” he asked. Damian nodded slowly. Tim snorted, his laughs immediately being joined by Jason’s.

“Well, guys, at least his soulmate has good taste,” Dick offered. Jason scoffed and Tim responded with a sarcastic “Yeah, right.

“Shut up, Drake. You too, Todd,” Damian said, hoping that they would leave it. They most certainly did not.

Damian sat alone on a park bench. A few weeks had passed, but the relentless teasing from his brothers hadn’t. He glanced at his watch, realizing that he couldn’t sit alone forever (regardless of how much he preferred his own company to Drake’s). He started walking over the cracked pavement, listening in on the group of three girls walking directly behind him.

“I agree, that guy back there did literally look like a discount Troy Bolton,” one insisted.

“Jesus Christ, girl. You two have problems, your bad taste in movies being one of them,” one said, giggling. Damian could swear he heard the bell from a bicycle as the third girl chimed in.

“Screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece!” He didn’t have time to process what he had heard before he saw the bike coming.

“Look out!” he shouted, turning around and pulling a girl out of its path. Her friends, who had been standing further back, watched the passing bike in shock before turning to face him. He didn’t realize that he had yet to release the girl from his arms until he heard a small “whoa”. He let her go, hands lingering on her shoulders. She pulled up her sleeve, glancing at the tattoo on her bicep. Damian saw it as well - Look out! He wordlessly unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing his collarbone. She gasped.

“It’s you,” he said quietly, getting a better look at her face. Is it even possible for a person to look so perfect? he thought.

“I-I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N,” you greeted.

“Damian Wayne. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”  

“Holy crap, Y/N, your soulmate is hot!” one friend gushed. The other slapped her arm, excusing them both.

“We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. You chuckled as they walked away, taking Damian’s hand into your own.

“So, Damian Wayne, tell me about yourself,” you said. Damian shrugged.

“Well, to start, don’t ever tell my brothers, but I think I have to agree with you… High School Musical is, in fact, a cinematic masterpiece.”

Scintilla - Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: could u do a fic along the lines of remus likes a girl and gets jealous because she’s flirty with sirius but she actually likes him? thanks!!!!!
Warnings: My English. Language. Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners. So, December arrived and therefore… CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, everywhere!!
Scintilla: (n). A tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing;  a barely visible trace.
Word Count~2k+
Pending Requests

She didn’t do it on purpose. She didn’t mean for it to happen. But it did. Remus felt his entire being so damn pulled towards her. It had started in such a subtle way that he could never imagine how difficult it would become for him to be in the same room with her. Especially when one of his friends was being rather flirty and touchy. However, that wasn’t even the worst part. She was flirting with him as well. Of course, she was. Sirius was everything he wasn’t. Somehow, every girl and some boys were all over him all the time. She was different, not like the girls Sirius was usually fooling around. She was smart, creative and kind. She was shy but she never shied away from anything or anyone when her friends and her ideas were been questioned. She was beautiful in a way that made him think of roses; breathtaking view with thorns. She was complicated and mysterious. He believed that she deserved better than just him. A person with a problem that consumed his life and mind. He would be an egotistical jerk if he acted on his feelings. Also, he was afraid of the inevitable rejection that was coming his way. And then, how would their friendship heal? It wouldn’t. That was why he just stood there, watching them flirt with each other, oblivious to her feelings. 
The common room was always a crowded place but it was literally packed this time of the day. He was trying to study but the noise was overwhelming. Students chatting, couples kissing, groups gossiping. Sirius flirting with her and her … It was always her. With her radiant smile and her curious eyes…she seemed to brighten up the entire room. No, wait. His entire life. Every time she would accidentally touch him or whenever her sugary scent would be lingering on… And those rare times she would be tracing patterns of non-existing shapes on his skin…he shivered just in thought. She was too… Out of his league. He didn’t want to burden her with his problem even though he knew her opinions and beliefs about similar issues. She was always so caring yet fierce and he didn’t want to make his problem hers. 
He tried to focus on his assignment but her smile and Sirius’ smirk were distracting him. He didn’t want to hear whatever Sirius was telling her and he didn’t want to think all the possible scenarios that played on in his mind. He had absolutely no right to feel the way he did. What was that feeling anyways? He didn’t hate them for being… Close… He did hate that they were close, though. ‘No, you don’t. You’re just jealous’ said the bitter voice in his mind. He never wanted to admitted and he wouldn’t. He wasn’t jealous. He wasn’t. 
“I promise to always be by your side. Or under you, or on top of you” Sirius remarked and she playfully smacked his arm but laughed nonetheless. Remus bit his lip to stop himself from exclaiming something that he knew he would regret. He simply closed his books with a thump and got up. Something that she noticed and her smile fell and he saw it. Whatever, he thought. He simply grabbed his things and without responding to the confused look James was giving him or to the hurt one that she had. Yeah, right. Like she would be hurt because he was about to leave. She had Sirius. With that in his mind, he climbed the stairs and closed the door behind him, making him the only one in that dorm. At least, he would suffer in silence.

“He hates me” you admitted to Sirius. You felt like the feelings you held for him were one-sided. Even worse. Not just that he didn’t like you back but judging by his entire demeanor towards you, he had to hate you. Lately, he was leaving the room you had just entered, he didn’t talk to you, looked at you or breathed the same air as you.
“Nah. He is just jealous” James answered casually while he was watching Lily like a hawk. Sirius smiled triumphantly. You sighed in annoyance and disappointment.
You were still in the common room but now it was just the four of you. Sirius was yawning, James and Lily were eye-fucking each other from across the room and you wanted to bang your head against a wall.
“Bye guys!” James said in a hurry as he followed Lily when she winked at him. You waited till they were far enough and laughed. He was so predictable. And in love. Love. Shit.
“Listen, by standing here and not approaching him… You will never know how he feels. I agree with Pr- James. I think he was jealous. I mean, look at me!”. He tried to give you advice but he was a cocky asshole and you never did take him seriously - what an irony! It was time to let him know that you knew about their little secret.
“I am aware Padfoot, I am not stupid. It’s just that… He makes it so damn hard. He never even gives me a chance” you huffed. Sirius was startled at first but he came to his senses soon enough.
“So… You know. Alright. Okay. Sure. Um… Just talk to him. Trust me on this one” he mumbled and stood up. You rolled your eyes but you gave it a thought. There was only one thing that was still keeping you from acting on your feelings. What happens if he didn’t like you? You couldn’t go back to being friends because if you did kiss him as you had caught yourself thinking about doing way too many times, it would mean that you had feelings for him and he would be aware of that. Shit. Shit. Shit.
“Goodnight, sleep tight. Preferably with Remus” Sirius said rather loud, causing you to blush and shush him. His laughter was echoing through the stairs and the empty room.
And you were left alone with thoughts of the guy you liked… Since forever. Shit.
There was a word. Scintilla. It described exactly how you fell for him. Slowly, tentatively, without realizing it. Until one day, when you found yourself blushing when he gave you the same smile he was always giving you. Then you realized that it wasn’t just friendship you wanted. You felt… More.

He tossed and turned for hours before finally got up. Of course, he couldn’t sleep. She was constantly on his mind, torturing him. Some days it was bearable. He could talk to her like a friend. Some other days -and lately they were simply too many- he couldn’t even look at her without feeling his heart ready to jump out of his chest and rib cage. He couldn’t think clearly. He felt dizzy and lost in a haze. Why why why did she have to make him suffer during Christmas? Why couldn’t she like him? It was past midnight. It was Christmas, he thought bitterly. ‘Merry Christmas to me’.
He put on an oversized jumper and a pair of sweatpants and got out of the room, leaving his friends to sleep peacefully. He didn’t know that Sirius was smirking at the scene his friend would walk in to.
Once Remus had set foot in the common room, everything became still. He noticed the bright red and warm fire burning in the fireplace and then he noticed her. She was breathtakingly beautiful. The air left his lungs. The dim light was dancing on her hair, illuminating her soft and delicate face. She felt ethereal to him. He had to channel all of his self-control in order not to just grabbed her and kiss her.
She turned her face and looked at him with her big, tender eyes and he momentarily forgot how to make his heart beat. She smiled kindly as much as cruelly because that smile would never be his. He gulped and tried to escape.
“Remy?”. Her small and tentative voice was like melted chocolate to his ears. Irresistible.
He halted and reluctantly faced her.
“Hey” he greeted her cautiously. He was captivated by her entire essence. She looked like an angel, he thought.
She patted the space next to her. She was seated in front of the fireplace on the carpet with her legs exposed. Merlin, he was dizzy. Her oversized sweater had fallen off he done shoulder and it didn’t cover much. It wasn’t just her appearance that he liked. Not even close. But he was a human being after all.
He slowly made his way to her and sat down but he couldn’t relax. Her gaze was suddenly upon him. Her eyes held so much honesty that it became overwhelming after a while for him but simultaneously, he couldn’t look away.
“Remy, can I ask you something?” she softly questioned, not wanting to invade his privacy without consent. He didn’t trust his voice and just nodded. She was playing nervously with her ring - a small silver one that she always had- a sign that whatever it was that she wanted to ask was something that had been bothering her for a while.
“Do you trust me?”. He did not expect that. At all. He furrowed his eyebrows, quite confused but replied anyway.
“Of course”, that was the easy answer, at least. She smiled a bit sad and he tried to realize what was the thing that made her worry.
“How come you’re constantly lying to me then, Remy?” she asked him with a hint of guilt. Did she believe that she had anything to do with that? When he didn’t answer due to the lack of proper words, she just shook her head.
“You say you trust me yet you have never told me about your scars. Don’t worry, I am not as dense as you may think. I know. What I don’t know though is why would you think that I wouldn’t have stayed if you had told me. Am l that awful?” she was trying not to cry and not to slap him at the same time. But hey, she knew? And she was okay with it. He felt his mouth gone dry and his face fell.
“I just didn’t want to burden you with silly problems” he said with caution. Truth was, he didn’t know how to make things better. And on top of that, he had to restrain himself from doing the one thing he truly wanted.
“Remus” she reprimanded him fiercely. He was sure that his heart hadn’t beat that fast ever before.
“One last question” she warned but she smiled playfully as if she knew his reaction to her.
“Earlier, with Sirius… Were you jealous?”. Okay, he preferred his furry little problem better. That was something that he could never answer. Because yes, he was jealous. He was driven insane by his jealousy. He envied and hated all those who had the guts to approach her, to talk with her and flirt or even… He didn’t want to think what other things they were doing.
He didn’t answer, he looked at the fire instead.
She sighed and moved a bit closer. His nails were dug into his palm to keep him from reaching out to her.
The next thing he knew was her soft and warm lips caressing the scar on his neck. His eyes went wide but as soon as her arms were wrapped around him and she was straddling him, he let go.
He placed his hands on her waist, squeezing it a bit. Her lips found their way to his. It was slow but passionate, deep and addictive.
She tasted of caramel and tea. He was so done for. She pulled away, making Remus whimper in lose of her lips but she just moved to his ear.
“Merry Christmas, Moony” she whispered and even if her tone held nothing seductive, he just gripped her tightly and started nibbling her neck.
“Very Merry, indeed” he murmured against her skin. He was a very lucky werewolf, he thought with a drunken smirk on his lips.

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The party’s only just getting started

This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Requests: “Could I please request a fanfic where reader is hugging Archie at a party or something and FP walks in a catches them and then finds the reader later on a “punishes” her or something? (Whatever you’re able to write I’ll be fine with thankssss)”

“some more FP smut would be greatly appreciated👀️ I can’t wait for season 2 to start💗💗💗

“REQUEST Keen for some Fred Andrews x Reader smutttt and FP x Reader smutttttt!!! If you’re still available to request from and whatnot. Its so sad no one finds fred daddy material :( makes me sad. But honestly thanks if you do!”

The reader is legal age (18/19).


The gang had decided to throw Jughead a surprise party but it didn’t work out too good. Jughead hated surprises, especially ones that involved big crowds. Cheryl and Chuck had shown up with half the school and two huge keggers. I was currently with Archie, trying to talk Jughead to come back to the party.

“Come on, Juggy! Betty worked really hard on this party. The least you could do is pretend that you want to be there.” I begged Jug as he continued to pet the dog, ignoring my pleas. I stood up with a groan before walking over to Archie and putting my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around me when a knock came to the door.

“It’s open,” Jughead muttered out as FP walked in. I turned to see him glaring at Archie. “Dad?” Jughead questioned before Archie and I stood up straight.

“Mr. Jones, hey. How are you?” Archie questioned while I just smiled at him.

“Hey, baby.” You see everyone knew we were together. FP and I really didn’t give two shits if people accepted it as long as we were happy nothing else mattered.

“Hello, son. Archie.” FP muttered Archie’s name before turning to me. “(Y/N). What are you all doing out here when the party’s in there?” FP questioned to his son, turning his attention away from me.

“Jughead doesn’t want to go to the party and (Y/N) and I were trying to talk him into going.” FP nodded with the same glare spread across his face.

“Well, Jug. You should go enjoy the party with your friends.” FP said turning to his son. Jughead shook his head.

“No, thank you,” Jughead replied before turning his attention back to the dog. FP sighed.

“Where can I put this?” FP questioned holding up a gift box. I smiled as I removed myself from Archie’s grip.

“I’ll show you.” I walked next to FP while he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’ll be back,” FP said as he glanced back to Jug before we headed out the door and on the way to the house. “What was that?” FP snapped while his grip tightened.

“What was what?” I questioned. FP stopped mid-walk, he walked in front of me with his eyes wide.

“That thing! With the Andrews kid!” I smiled to myself before replying.

“Are you jealous?” FP raised his eyebrow at me as he chuckled.

“Me? Jealous?! In your dreams, little girl.” It was now my turn to raise my eyebrow at the older man.

“Oh really? Well, if you’re not jealous, then you won’t mind if I spent the rest of my night hanging with Archie.” I said grabbing a hold of a passing Archie.

“(Y/N)? Mr. Jones. Something wrong?” Archie asked while I still held a hold of his arm.

“Oh no, Arch. I was just telling FP, that I was going to hang with you all night and he has nothing to worry about.” Archie nodded his head in agreement before turning to FP.

“Trust me, Mr. Jones. I’ll keep her safe, you have nothing to worry about.” FP clenched his jaw as I grabbed Archie’s arm and headed for his house. As we were going in Jughead ran passed us and headed for the door.

“Jug!” I yelled as he continued walking. I glanced at Archie before making our way down the hall after him. Cheryl and Chuck blocked the door before Jughead could leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cheryl snapped.

“Out of here. Move.” Jughead replied. Cheryl and Chuck chuckled before Cheryl reached behind her and locked the door.

“Not before we play our little game.” Archie and I exchanged looks before Jug spoke up.

“What game?” Jughead questioned.

“You’ll see. Now, everybody listens up! We’re going to play a little game so everybody needs to get into the living room asap!” Archie lead me into the living room as we took a seat next to Betty and Veronica. “We’re going to play a game called, ‘Secrets and Sins. It’s a little twist from truth or dare. I’ll start it with… Veronica Lodge.” As the Cheryl went on tormenting Veronica. I sat in between Betty and Archie when Chuck spoke up.

“I guess, it’s my turn. I choose Betty Cooper.”

“Leave her alone Chuck.” Archie snapped as Chuck chuckled.

“You might get a free peep show every night, Archie but you don’t know the real Betty Cooper.” I felt Betty tense up while Chuck continued. “Everyone knows why I got suspended but what you don’t know is that she dressed up like a hooker, in this God-awful black wig and handcuffed me to the jacuzzi.” I glanced at Betty to see a single tear streak down her face. Anger boiled within me as I stood up.

“Hey, Chuck! Why don’t you learn to take your own advice and shut the fuck up because none of us want to hear it!” I snapped out before Cheryl began to walk my way.

“You’re one to talk serpent slut! Your boyfriend is what? Twenty, twenty-five years older than you? You can’t say-” I reached my hand up before slapping her across the face as Jughead punched Chuck. FP and a few other guys pulled Chuck and Jughead off each other before kicking everyone out. I began to walk over to Betty.

“Hey, are you alright?” Betty surprised me by standing up and pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N).” I chuckled before hugging her back.

“You’re welcome. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine.” Betty smiled as she nodded her head. I glanced behind her to see Jughead standing there. “Ah, listen to Hun. I got to get going but I think there’s someone who’s wanting to talk to you.” I said pointing at her. Betty glanced back before nodding her head.

“Alright, see you tomorrow?” I nodded before hugging her one more time and heading for the door. I walked out the door to see Archie leaning on his porch.

“Arch!” I yelled as he turned to face me with a smile.

“(Y/N). Sorry about Cheryl, she can be a real…”

“Bitch?” I questioned, finishing his sentence. Archie chuckled before nodding his head.

“Yeah, exactly. I think FP’s waiting on you.” Archie said pointing towards FP who was leaning against his truck.

“I should go.” I reached over and wrapped my arms around him. “It was a great party. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Archie hugged me back before we pulled away with a smile and a nod. I walked down the steps and over to FP. I immediately wrapped my arms around FP’s neck.

“Hey, baby.” FP’s hands gripped my waist before turning us around and slamming my hips against his truck before roughly kissing me. I kissed FP back with the same amount of roughness until we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“FP Jones. What are you doing on this side of the tracks?” I sighed as FP let go of my hips and turned to face Alice Cooper.

“I am trying to celebrate my son’s birthday while spending some quality time with my girl before you rudely interrupted.” Alice glanced at me with a look of disgust.

“Can’t you do that on your side of the tracks?” I rolled my eyes before speaking up.

“Can’t you mind your own business?” I snapped at her as she stared at me in shock.

“Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking too?” Alice questioned still in shock.

“I do actually. I’m talking to an ex Southside slut who got knocked up after the high school prom by a rich douche bag and made it big by mooching off him. Now, if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something and we’d like to get back to it.” I snapped before removing myself from FP’s grip and heading for his truck. I opened the door before closing it behind me. FP walked around the truck before doing the same.

“Well, baby that was hot,” I smirked to myself as FP continued. “But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting punished for flirting with the Andrews kid.” I felt my panties get wetter at his words. FP started up his truck before glancing at me with a smirk and taking off.

We pulled up to his trailer while he parked the truck. I opened the door as FP blocked my way. He reached up into the truck before hauling me out and lifting me into his arms.

“Save your strength, because tomorrow you won’t be able to walk.” I blushed at his comment as he continued to make his way up to his front door. Holding me against his chest he dug around his pocket for his key before unlocking the door. We walked in as FP kicked the door shut. “Pick your place.” I stopped and thought for a moment.

“The bedroom.” FP nodded his head. He made his way to the bedroom with me still in his arms. We walked into his room as he threw me down onto the bed. “Not going on easy me, are you?” FP chuckled before shaking his head.

“Not even a little bit, baby girl.” I giggled at him. “Now, strip for me.” I raised an eyebrow at him while I propped myself onto my elbows.

“What if I say no?” FP chuckled before leaning down on the bed as he looked at me with his lustful eyes.

“I’ll rip all these clothes off you. One by one. And then I’ll take you against the wall and pound into you until you never can walk again.” I moaned at his words.

“Fine… Daddy.” FP’s eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. I slid off the bed and began to slide off my jacket, FP stood up and turned around. I reached up before pushing him onto the bed. I slid my hands down to the bottom of my shirt, taking a hold of it and pulling it off. Leaving me in my black lace bra and blue skinny jeans. FP reached his hands up to touch me as I slapped them away. “No touching.” I reached down to the bottoms of my jeans and undoing them. Sliding them down my legs revealing my matching black lace panties. I walked over to FP, putting one leg one each side of him until I was straddling him. “What now?… Daddy.”

“Fuck, baby girl. I love it when you call me that but it still doesn’t make up for flirting with the Andrews kid.” FP flipped me over in his lap. So, that my stomach was flat against his knees. “We won’t be needing these,” FP said ripping my panties off and throwing them across the room. His warm hand came to my bum as he began to knead my cheek before laying a hard slap across it. I squealed out in pleasure and pain. “I want you to count each slap.” I nodded furiously. FP slapped me again, this time harder.

“O-one.” FP rubbed the spot before doing it again.

“Two.” This continued for six more slaps. My cheek was red and numb when FP finished. I sat up before turning myself around on his lap.

“You took your punishment so well, baby girl. I think it’s now time for you to get a reward for your good behavior.” FP said whispering into my ear. He stood up with me still wrapped around his waist. FP turned around before kneeling on the bed and laying me down.

“These need to go,” I said tugging at his belt. Undoing the loops, one by one.

“You got it,” FP said ripping down his pants before doing the same with his shirt.

“I’m on the pill, by the way,” I said winking at him.

“Fuck! First, you started calling me daddy and now this. If you don’t fuck me soon I’m going to come in my pants like a teenager seeing a tit for the first time.” I giggled before pulling him down to my lips and pressing a kiss to his. Our lips moved together while FP’s hand slid between us and lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me as I moaned into the kiss. FP began to thrust going harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Fuck daddy!” I moaned out which made FP speed up.

“Fuck baby! Who makes you feel this good?!” FP moaned out as his thrusts picked up the pace.

“You do!” I screamed out feeling my climax beginning to rise.

“What was that?!” FP moaned out as my climax hit.

“Fuck! YOU FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out. FP’s thrust began to become sloppy until he slammed into me one more time. FP fell limp before hauling out and laying beside me. I rolled over until I was laying on his chest.

“I’m sorry for flirting with Archie. I wasn’t trying too.” FP smiled. Lifting his hand, he took a hold of my chin and pulled me up until I was looking at him.

“That doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that we’re together and we’re happy.” I smiled before nodding my head in agreement.

“You’re right, I love you, FP Jones.”

“And I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

short commission i did for @leoqueen082​ :) 

fun fact: people really forget that these two kids are filthy rich and probably run in the same circles all the time. which makes for some interesting convos :P

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid
Pairings/Characters: Gen fic, Chloe & Alix
Summary: Chloe and Alix bond after getting sent to the principal’s office

The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

Useful bit of information that Chloé learned today: there was a limit to how much trouble her last name was capable of getting her out of.

Which, seriously, how ridiculous was that? What was the sense of being the daughter of the most powerful man in Paris if she wasn’t going to be totally immune to punishment? She tried to explain that to her teacher but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much because here Chloé was, getting sent to the principal’s office with a bag full of extra credit homework that was going to take her hours to do.

Sabrina really picked a horrible day to be home sick with the flu. Chloé had been doing her nails during history class this entire quarter and now she had to write a whole paper by Thursday.

To be fair, Chloé kinda toed the line a little close today. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone other than her father who was going to love an explanation for the mess she’d gotten herself into. That was going to be a fun conversation. She wasn’t sure if her justifiable hatred for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was going to be enough to let her off the hook, and that was the real travesty of the day. Because seriously, this was all Marinette’s fault.

But whatever. At least Chloé got her revenge. Definitely worth potentially losing her credit card privileges over.

M. Damocles was busy scolding a student in his office while another three sat right outside the door awaiting their own lectures. Chloé snorted when she realized that one of them was Alix who was crouched over her handheld and growling at the video game she was playing while she waited. Well, that explained why she wasn’t in class last period.

It was funny that people complained so much about Chloé (almost) never getting in trouble because of who her father was. Alix got sent to the principal’s office at least four times a week and only ever left with a slap on the wrist because of who her father was.

Figures. M. Kubdel gave a monster of a donation to the school last year.

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Joker Imagine - Make me love you

Anonymous said:Could you make an imagine where the tables have turned and instead of the joker not believing in love, the reader is the one that does not believe in love❤️ J tries to make her his, but she just can’t love..😢

Note: Thanks for the request. I TRIED. I hope you like it :) Also I was listening to ‘I can’t make you love me’ while writing so that’s probably why it’s a little sad OH WELL 

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Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Y/N’’ I said her name as calmly as I could. The girl turned to look at me, her arms crossed and there was a slightly angry look on her pretty face. We were outside, in an alley in Gotham city. It was night, but the lights from the buildings allowed us to see. ‘’Go away Joker’’ She told me roughly, but there was pain obvious in her voice. I sighed, trying my best to keep my cool. She wasn’t just a girl, no not even close. Y/N had somehow managed to make me feel good things. She was a normal girl in her 20′s with a dayjob as a nurse, but at night she grew into a wild animal. I had seen her take down 6 men alone. She truly impressed me and ever since I had tried to make her come to my side.

Somewhere during that time when I tried to convince her, I grew attached to her. Yes I know, Joker likes someone? I didn’t believe it until I had to save her. For years I had been a cruel man who survived very well without a partner. I mean I had money, power and henchmen. I ruled Gotham and if I wanted to play with someone I had to piss off Batman. But then I bumped into Y/N. I ignored my stupid feelings for a few weeks, but back to the story when I saved her. Some wannabe gangsters knew that I had spoken to Y/N a lot. Of course they kidnapped her and tried to make me give them money and a part of Gotham that I ruled. I didn’t give them that, but instead I took a few of my goons and we attacked the sad losers. Then I saved her.

So I guess it was safe to say that I had feelings for this girl. I thought that she had feelings for me as well, but she kept pushing me away. She sighed and snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked into her E/C eyes and hurried to think of something to say. ‘’Wait, Y/N don’t go’’ I growled, possibly a little too angrily, but I couldn’t help myself. She clenched her jaw,but listened to me. ‘’We could rule Gotham together’’ I told her, stepping closer by a few steps. ‘’I don’t need to rule Gotham Joker, I’m happy with what I got’’ She hissed madly. She was like an angry cat, ready to claw the shit out of someone. But behind that I saw her trembling. Something was wrong.

‘’I could keep you safe and you know that’’ I sighed, getting angrier as time passed. I was never good with my nerves, but damn I truly tried for her sake. When I got too angry, heavens knew what I’d do. ‘’You think I can’t help myself?’’ She raised her eyebrow at me. I put my hand against the cold tile wall and took a deep breath. Don’t get angry at her! ‘’No, but you’d be safer kitten’’ I explained as calmly as I could in the heat. Then I saw how her eyes started to glisten, almost like she was holding back tears.

‘’I-I need to go’’ She excused herself and tried to leave, but I was quick to grab her wrist. She tugged her arm, but it was useless. Although she stopped, she didn’t turn around to face me. ‘’Y/N what’s holding you back?’’ I nearly growled, sensing that someone was behind her sadness. Oh I’d slaughter that person if I knew who it was. ‘’Y/N’’ I said her name again. Her body was trembling ,but it wasn’t cold outside. ‘’Talk to me’’ I told her seriously. Suddenly she turned around and slapped me, out of the blue. I was so surprised that I let go of her wrist.

 her body froze for a second, giving me time to see the shock on her face. Then the next thing I knew was that she was running away fast. My senses told me to chase her and teach her that no one could do that to me. If she wasn’t so special I’d probably hurt her, but I couldn’t. I was two minds in one now. I growled and tried to contain my anger. Then I kicked the wall and yelled out loudly. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I grunted and then rested my head against the wall. I tried to calm down by breathing slowly, but it was fucking useless. Then I started laughing. Sweet laughter left my lips and it turned into a loud session.

I looked at Y/N who was far away now and she’d turn to the left of right any second now. ‘’You’ll be sorry baby’’ I whispered by myself. Then I sighed and watched her disappear. Yes it hurt that she left, but the slap didn’t. I’d find a way to make her mine. I had to.


*the next night*

For the first time in a while I was nervous. I was dressed up in my favourite black tux and I even put my green hair nicely.I held a bouquet of red roses in my left hand. Aaand there was a sleeping gas in the roses that I’d launch by pressing a button. Maybe this was wrong, but I would do anything to make her love me. I stopped behind a grey door on the second floor of a building she lived in. Then I knocked on the door three times.

A few seconds passed until someone opened the door. It was Y/N. She was wearing a red nightgown that barely covered her bum. As she saw me, her eyes widened. ‘’Didn’t expect to see me?’’ I asked bluntly. I swear she looked kinda scared. It wasn’t the Y/N I knew, she could hit me if she had to. Now she looked terrified.

‘’Who is it?’’ A man yelled angrily in the background, making her flinch. ‘’Um..n-no one’’ She yelled back and then looked at the roses. Jealousy burnt in my guts. Who the heck was that guy? ‘’You can’t be seen here J’’ She whispered to me. ‘’But I got you roses’’ I pouted, trying to get inside. Y/N was between the door frame and the door, giving me no access inside. ‘’Thanks, but you need to get out’’ She warned me. Then I heard footsteps approaching. A man walked up behind Y/N. He had short brown hair, dark eyes and one of them was looking bad, like he had received a punch. He was wearing a dirty white T and sweatpants. ‘’Why the fuck are you here?’’ The man growled at me.

Before I could answer, he pulled Y/N’s hair and pushed her on the ground, making her wince in pain. That’s it. ‘’I was going to take her with me, away from a snob like you’’ I answered angrily. Then man was obviously afraid of me, but he was acting tough. ‘’Good luc-’’ he started, but I wouldn’t listen to that asscrack. I punched him in the other eye and then launched the sleeping gas right in his face. He grunted in pain, but a few seconds later he collapsed on the ground. I made my way inside to Y/N who was still on the wooden floor.

‘’He’s going to kill me’’ She whimpered sadly. I kneeled down and tried to see her face, but she hid it with her hands. ‘’You know he won’t’’ I sighed and then grabbed her wrists more gently than yesterday. Then I saw her face. She was crying. ‘’Yes he will you idiot! When he wakes up, I’m dead meat’’ She sobbed loudly, obviously scared of this loser. It made me angry. So I let go of her, stood up and grabbed my gun that I had inside the jacket. Y/N stared at me in horror as I loaded the gun and pointed at the sleeping douche. ‘’I wished I could torture him, but I can make it easier for you’’ I sighed and pulled the trigger, piercing his skull with a silver bullet. A smile appeared on my face as I saw the blood pooling around him, some of it ruining the wallpaper. I loved killing people like him.

As I turned to look at Y/N, I saw that she was in shock. Her eyes were open wide and she wasn’t breathing. ‘’See? He won’t hurt ya’’ I shrugged while putting my gun away.Slowly she turned to look at me. ‘’Leave me alone J’’ She whimpered and tried to breathe, but she couldn’t do it easily. First she was breathing really quickly and then her breath hitched in her throat. her chest rose wildly and her body was trembling again. It took me a while to realize that she was panicking.

Since I wasn’t good with words, I shut up. Then I got back on the ground and wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t like seeing her like this. I would do anything to keep her happy. I was so pissed that this man treated her like this.What if he was the reason she kept me pushing me away? If he was still alive, I’d skin him slowly. ‘’It’s okay now..’’I whispered quietly. Then I clenched my jaw and stared at the wall. Y/N was crying loudly now. Her arms were around my waist and she was holding onto my back. It felt good to finally hold her like this, but I hated the fact that she was so sad.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I apologized and then grabbed the flowers. She looked up to my eyes and tried to speak, but I launched the gas at her. Y/N breathed it in and I saw how it started to calm her. Her muscles relaxed, but she kept looking at me. ‘’I’m taking you home, you just need to relax’’ I explained to her and picked her up in my arms. Then her eyes shut and she was completely asleep in my arms. It gave me time to leave the apartment and get in the car. Frost was waiting for me outside.

As I walked down the stairs, my frown turned into a smile. I knew that what I did was wrong, but truth be told I was a criminal. I did things differently, including love. I’d make her love me. I walked outside and Frost stood there, holding the backdoor open. He was here with the purple lamborghini. ‘’We need to hurry, someone heard the gunshot and the bat sign in up there’’ Frost told me seriously. I looked at Frost and nodded. ‘’he won’t catch us’’ I growled seriously and put Y/N inside the car. Then I took off my jacket and put it on her, since she was nearly naked. I shut the door and got seated on the front seat ,next to Frost. He started the engine and it roared loudly. 

‘’Let’s go’’ I nodded and leaned against the car door. Just as we drove off, I saw a black shadow coming closer. Batsy came too late. He tried to chase us, but the car was quicker. It made me laugh. ‘’Maybe next time Batsy’’ I giggled loudly at my worst enemy, but the person who drove my motivation. Then I sighed and tried to relax.

I had Y/N now.

A/N: Sooo thoughts?PART 2 *CLICK ME*


For anon…reader is Harry’s twin sister as requested

“I swear I’ll punch him right in the face,” Y/N groaned at her brother.
“What’d Malfoy do this time?” Harry asked bemused.
“What does he always do? Act like the arrogant irritant he is! It’s like he just breathes and it upsets me.”
Harry chuckled. “Don’t worry, Y/N. He’s not worth the energy.”

She grinned before hugging her twin. He may be the Chosen One, but to Y/N, he was just her brother. They were all the other had while living with the Dursleys. Gleefully, she switched the topic of conversation to something less stressful as the wandered through the corridors.

“No,” Y/N barked toward the end of the Potions class, “The Girding Potion turns blue after adding the dragonfly thoraxes, Malfoy!”
“It turns blue after a measure of doxy eggs,” he bit back.
“No, you dolt! That’s when it turns pink! Do you even listen?”

“Both of you, calm down,” Slughorn pleaded.
Y/N scrunched her nose, trying to be respectful of the professor. She needed to be in order to help Harry further.
“Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Potter is correct. The potion turns pink after the first doxy egg,” he added calmly. Slughorn turned to the other students. “That is all for today’s lesson. Remember your homework.”

Y/N roughly shoved her supplies into her bag while the other students hastily filed out of the room. She paid no mind to those who wanted to avoid the next eruption from her and Draco. Surprisingly, the Slytherin was the only one taking his time. Even Slughorn had left in a hurry.

“Turning blue after its first doxy,” she murmured, “What a bloody idiot?”
“What was that, Potter?” Draco bit.
She raised her hardened gaze. “You still here? Would’ve figured you’d be off to torture my brother some more on the pitch.”
“I’m sure you do it well enough.”
“If by ‘it’ you mean support him through this chaos, then yes. I do ‘it’ quite well,” she quipped.

Y/N threw her bag over her shoulder and started leaving the room. Draco was close behind, still not finished with the argument.

“You’re also pretty great at being a know-it-all. Granger help with that?”
She growled, “There’s a difference between listening and being a know-it-all.”
“Ya get that from Weasley?” he taunted some more.

Angered, Y/N stopped and whirled to face him. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were narrowed. She poked his chest, backing him into the wall.

“I am getting sick and tired of you ragging on my brother and friends twenty-four seven. It’s not enough that you’ve got to sick you fa-”

Draco cut her off. He managed to pin her to the wall, his lips crashing against her. Her eyes fluttered in shock. The surprising calmness in the kiss caused her to lower her defenses. Her eyes became half-lidded as she began to kiss back.

“No kissing in the corridors,” a monotone voice called as it walked closer.

Draco pulled back to see Professor Snape gliding down the hall. He clenched his jaw. He stepped back from the student against the wall in an attempt to show they would no longer be doing so. Y/N failed to see the silent conversation pass between the pair’s eyes. The few quiet moments gave her some time to think. When Snape turned down the corner, Draco returned his attention to Y/N. Unexpectedly, she slapped him in the face.

“What was that for?”
“For kissing me while I was talking,” she whispered back harshly.

He quirked a surprised brow at her. She smirked only slightly while raising her gaze to meet his green one. Before he could say anything, Y/N grabbed his tie and pulled him back into the kiss. It was just as gentle as before, but without the hesitation over closing her eyes. Draco wrapped his arms around her waist gently. After a few moments, the pair pulled apart.

Y/N giggled. “Figures Snape would be the one to have found us. He seems to enjoy the dungeons.”
“He did teach down here.”
“Touche…but really. Pink after doxy egg number one.”
It was his turn to laugh. “I know. I just love seeing you like that.”
“Oh really?”

Want to Request?

anonymous asked:

Could you write something off the song ' Fools gold '? That song is completely beautiful

I wish I was stronger.  I wish I had that thing that some people have where you can see how dangerous someone is.  It’s right in front of you, screaming at you like a freight train.  So you move.  You get clear.  You run away.  But I wasn’t born with that gene.  At least not when it came to her.

I was born with the other gene.  The one where you twist yourself into knots to please someone else.  Where you watch a cheesy rom com and are bawling by the end of it because you want to be the person who loves someone so much…they change.

I would never be what she needed.  No matter how hard I tried or what I did for her, it was never going to happen.

And I knew that.

But it didn’t stop my heart from racing when her number popped up on my phone.  And it didn’t stop me from answering the phone with such glee in my voice it was disgusting.  And it sure as hell didn’t stop me from inviting her over to my house.

I knew what she wanted.  It wasn’t me.  But maybe if I pretended hard enough, I could convince myself it was.  So that’s what I did.

Every time.

The pizza was done when she finally made it to my house.  She was late.  Par for the course.  I knew she would be.

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X-Files Fic: What Was Taken, What Was Lost- Chapter Four

This chapter is rated “M” for explicit sexual content.  I know, you’re all so shocked and scandalized, aren’t you?

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three

There are voices at the very edges of Mulder’s awareness, one very familiar, one less so, pricking at his consciousness, seeking to drag him out of the peaceful slumber into which he has fallen.  It’s warm where he is, comfortable, though he knows, somehow, that the warmth is wrong, a dangerous illusion.

MULDER!”  Even through his fog of confusion and lethargy, he recognizes Scully’s voice, hears the panic and terror that tug at his heart.  He knows he should answer her, knows he should call out and draw her to him, but the only sound he can force through his lips is a weak, breathy whimper.  His arms and legs refuse to obey his commands to move.  He feels weighted down, unnaturally heavy, unable to think clearly.

“You’re dying.  Just let it happen.”

The cold, cruel whisper comes from beside him, from somewhere just outside of his peripheral vision… but he doesn’t need to see to know who’s speaking to him.

“No,” he croaks, gasping at the pain the single word costs him.  The voice chuckles heartlessly.

”She’d be better off without you.  You know she would.”  He doesn’t dispute this, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to let her go.  Not this way, not by force.  ”It’s too late, anyway.  Feel how warm you are?  How sleepy?  That means the end is almost here.”  He knows this already.  He’s perfectly aware that the snow that’s blown into his lap should not feel like a comfortable quilt, that the wind on his face should feel like a sharp slap and not a gentle caress.

“Why are you doing this?” he whispers hoarsely.  “What do you want?”

”I want what was taken from me,” the voice hisses.  ”But you can’t give me that.  No one can.  So I’ll settle for your life, instead.”  The sinister laughter fills his ears again, and at the same time, he hears Scully’s voice, further off.  She’s moving away from him.

Mulder thinks of her face in the hospital, when she had come out of Emily’s room for the last time.  He remembers the dullness in her voice when she’d told him that it was over, the way she’d shied away from him when he’d tried to embrace her, how she’d simply asked him to please find her some information on local funeral homes while she went to call her mother.

He thinks of the pain in her face at the church, the anguish, the confusion of the empty coffin, the way she hadn’t been able to bring herself to put her cross back around her neck for well over a week.

He remembers her face when she’d come to his motel room at night, how she’d clung to him, how she hadn’t been able to meet his gaze as she’d mounted him, no matter how much he’d tried to get her to look him in the eye.  He remembers how badly he had wanted to help her to feel better any way that he possibly could.

If she wants to leave him, to save herself, to spare herself the heartache he seems powerless to stop visiting on her, she can leave.  But he will not leave her.  Not like this.  Not in a way that is guaranteed to bring her even more pain.

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