one time i made an art

Here it is

I’m a little bit proud of this

I know I could’ve done better… But I’m running on a time limit. I hope it looks okay. You can see where I screwed up the shading… and blending… and colors in general… But today I tried a new way of making the outline. I’m pretty happy with the results.

@princeofmints has been one of my favorite artists for a while. Similar to Moho, Zachary is great with anatomy. He can made amazing works of art with so many layers that it makes my vision blurry. Or I just need glasses. Anyways, Zachary is always fun to check up on. I love seeing new art and this artist’s happiness generally makes me happy. I can only wish him the best, and hope that he doesn’t let anything bring him down. His OCs are awesome looking, and from what I’ve read about their personalities they’re really creative and cool. I wish him the best in life, because in my opinion, he deserves it. Zachary, from what I’ve seen, really is a sweetheart. I think that others who admire him like I do will agree. I hope one day I’ll be able to draw bodies similar to how he does. I don’t want to be just like him art wise. I want to be able to envision what I want and draw it out like he does. Whenever I watch a speedpaint, I’m always baffled at how he creates his lineart. He can always get better. Everyone can. Still, you can tell that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he does. You can see the results of hard work and practice. Out of all the things I admire about Zachary, that’s probably the biggest one. Not only for him, but for all artists who do their best.

He’s a truly amazing artist, and this is my gift to him.

Off-Color Gemsonas... UNITE!

Right before the year ends, it’s time to celebrate some of the new characters that have appeared in Steven Universe over the past couple of months! We were introduced to a colorful group of Homeworld gems known as the “Off-Colors.” On December 17th of this year 2017, gemsona makers will be asked to post and submit art and literature of their Off-Color gemsona(s). You can make a new Off-Color gemsona or show off the ones that you have made since we met the crew!

How do I participate?
Create art, literature, videos, playlists, animation, or use any other medium to make an Off-Color Gemsona or showcase one that you have already created!

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #OffColorGemsonas within the first five tags on your post, and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (deviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work via Submission Box and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?
Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 17th, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the 17th. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #OffColorGemsonas tag until December 21st!

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fan mail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources​ or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)! Click the “Read More” for the rules on submissions and Off-Color prompts to help you brainstorm ideas!

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Okay, so that one ask about a face reveal and me digging through ancient art folders made me want to do a self-instert OC for PJatO.

So. This is me. Like. Really very close to reality, as close as me and my art-style can get I guess.

I mean, do you remember that time when you made up suuuper obvious self-insert OCs for all the things? I loved doing that, way back before I knew what fanfiction was. And I realized that I haven’t done that in fifteen years.

So I figured, it’d be fun. Let’s imagine me in the Percy Jackson world.

After much consulting, I came to the conclusion that I must be a daughter of Hades. I mean. I can hold a grudge for… literally a decade, over the dumbest things. I never forget anything if it agitates me. Also, people - looking at you, @elements1999 and quite some others - keep dying in my comment section. Yet they always come back to life. Which means I must have magic powers over death, obviously. Also, let’s be real, self-insert OCs are always funnily overpowered, so I’ma child of one of the Big Three now.

Now, a good OC needs a name. I played around a little with my username and since I always refer to myself as Phoe, then Phoenix should be the firstname. But Takara is a bit of a weird last name, so I figured - hey, that means treasure and in German the words for treasure and darling are the same, so maybe Phoenix Darling then? (And that’s how my brain works :D)

So, meet my demigod self who I will never use in a fic but who was fun to draw and create anyway - Phoenix Darling, daughter of Hades.

Drawing myself is… weird. Like, really weird.

Oh and I added a short semi-comic. Because I was bored.

Firstly, me arriving at Hades Cabin because “Yeah. That makes sense. Kinda.”.

Then, upon entering the all-black cabin going “Time to redecorate”, because black is kind of not my color.

Next up, Nico coming home to find his cabin in all purple and with fangirl stuff thrown around, being all “What’s going on here?”.

And lastly, me confronting my new brother a la “Liste up. I’m your big sister now. Let’s make Percy Jackson your boyfriend.” and Nico going “…Whut?”.

Also, the seven beads on my camp necklace represent the seven years I’ve been part of this fandom now. Meeeta :D

Aaanyway. I had fun with this and even though I’m not gonna post a photo of myself on the internet, take this as referrence on how to imagine me, if you want, I guess? xD


This time we are in La Fiesta Tech and at the home of Stella Terrano, who is just starting her Senior year. This is, once again, a Jodeliejodelie exterior makeover. [and I forgot to place a road overlay oops].

Stella spent her first two years in Fiesta Hall dorms, where she made a few friends, spent a lot of time painting and making honor roll each semester. On entering Junior year, she moved into this place on Land Lane. Her LTW is to be a game designer, she’s studying Physics and her one true hobby is tinkering… although she does games and arts and crafts quite a lot too.

Despite having a few friends, she hadn’t really found anyone she clicked with, so at the start of Senior year she decides its time to throw her first party… and she pretty much invited everyone she knows (except the professors because that’s a bit weird). Guest list includes the Sorority girls Monica, DJ and Jessie (Stella hadn’t met Sarah), Jasmine Rai, Ophelia Nigmos and Johnny Smith, and a few university townies.

C&C Ref Sheet I

Kinda’ went crazy and did one of these information-dump posters I’m so fond of for C&C (minor spoilers, huehuehue). Hope ya’ll like it as much as I do! <3

Given my recent sharpie adventures I thought it was time to invest in a proper inking pen. Now I’ve never been one for traditional art, I’ve always found digital easier… BUT HOLY GUACAMOLE. So this is how everybody gets all those cool effects! Something about this brush pen finally made traditional inking click for me. Forgive my skewed frontal and 3/4s headshots- I know they’re wonky, I need more practice.


space dad and space fab


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)

Keith, my love. (*´◡`)/♥ Who made you angry? (Shiro, Hunk) | Redbubble

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


Based off this post by @pngpotpies



so continuing from that basically, team pidge and keith are kinda losing until pidge finds out keith loves singing and referencing songs which is pretty much one of the only times he’s like super confident and just amazing. They use this against lance. 

I done made another one!  

What started off as a fun little project to do on my free time, turned into art therapy.  Been dealing with a lot of stress and this helped clear my mind for a bit.  

Like the other animation, this is rotoscoped using a reference video I shot.  This time around however, there is sound! Ooo. And lip syncing! Ahhh. And in-between frames! Zhdfbju. Which meant it took about twenty or so total hours to complete a 3 second animation :D  Maybe, some day, I’ll animate something that’s 5 or, dare I even think it, 10 seconds long!

Btw, the audio is not mine.  That is from Little Kuriboh’s Marik’s Evil Council of Doom. 

Speedpaint’s up now!

I took way too long to read Crown of Midnight (reader’s block is a thing, apparently), but I finally finished it and I loved it. As promised, one portrait per book, so here’s my second portrait of Celaena, but I couldn’t do it without Nehemia this time.