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female awesome meme; 4/5 ladies with the best development: michaela pratt (how to get away with murder) “i am that girl. the one that tried to slap you, from the backwater bayou, that southern ghetto trash. i just spent a long time trying to hide her away so I could claim the prince. your shining, black, perfect son of a prince and i did. but that girl isn’t me. he doesn’t love me. but here’s the thing… i love me. so i’m done.”

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I'm sure you've probably gotten this question before, but what is your least favorite era of fashion? Myself, I've never been fond of Regency Era clothing; empire waist makes everyone look pregnant. Like c'mon guys, your waistline and your bustline are supposed to be /different/.

I don’t think I’ve ever got a least favorite era! Most of the time it’s favorite era.

I think it would probably be the late 1820s-1830s? I feel like it’s one of those so bad it’s good eras. Like those sleeves should not be paired with that high waistline. 

I think a close runner up would be 17th century Spain aka the time that Spain decided to ignore what everyone else was doing and did it’s own thing

And it’s not just the ladies. 

A doodly-doo I did because of that one fic that actually managed to grasp Wade’s and Peter’s characters perfectly, and that took entirely too much time considering that I’m only happy with their faces.. Also, drawing Wade’s skin was one of the most relaxing and forgiving things I did art-wise in a while so let me know if you’d like me to try and draw more of these idiots! xoxo

P.S. can you tell my Spider-Man is Tom Holland? His features are so difficult to get right

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Nicknames: Taiga

Star Sign: Scorpio ♏

Height: 4′11′′

Time: 21:48

Birthday: October 29th

Favorite bands: BTS, EXO, Got7, BigBang, BlackPink

Favorite solo artists: (Agust D, G-Dragon, Taemin, Yongguk) Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Dean

Last movie watched: Silenced (I cried a lot boi, I thought my eyes would fall)

Last show watched: One Piece

When did I create my blog: I don’t remember

What do I post: Memes and beautiful things related to Kpop

Last thing I googled: How to write my birthday date in English

Do you have other blogs: I had a personal blog but I forgot the password

Do you get asks: Yes I get a lot and I don’t know why (I love you all)

Why did you choose your url:

Following: 542

Followers: almost 30.000 💛

Favorite colors: Black and yellow

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: 2


What am I wearing: A loose shirt

How many blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream job: Tattoo Artist and if I could sing, I would like to be a singer

Dream trip: Canada and South Korea

Favorite food: Pasta and Pizza

Nationality: I am Spanish

Favorite song right now:


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One time there was this guy who came to my register and greeted me in Spanish. Usually when the first thing out of someone's mouth is in another language, it's bc that's the only language they know. So I go through the motions of trying to tell him I don't speak Spanish even though I wish I did. (Sadly, I skipped Spanish class in hs) He doesn't understand. Turns out he doesn't speak any Spanish but automatically thought I only spoke Spanish since I'm so obviously brown.

Good Great Comet things

- Lucas Steele winked at me on the “women and wine” line so we started in a great place
- Amber Gray was so near to me so many times, at one point in thigh highs so I had a gay panic every moment
- I got a letter that called me a fine-apple
- I made eye contact with everyone in the cast, or if I didn’t I did my damn best
- Ingrid Michelson? Yes
- Nothing could have prepared me for Dust and Ashes
- Oak was so amazing as Pierre
- Marya and Helene made out very much not far away from me and I wasn’t ready
- also the lesbian dancers were right by me
- and all of the beautiful women smiled at me
- maybe they knew
- I wanna reiterate that Amber Gray sat next to me
- she also hit me with her dress a lot
- a lot of them hit me with their costumes
- Denee Benton is so small
- Sonyas party outfit was a neon corset and it made me feel… things
- Lucas Steele also picked up my water bottle and handed it to me so we’d toast with him
- every time I almost cried I was in the light
- the great comet made me feel things man


replied to your post

“people assuming things about me will never stop being funny”

what did they do this time?

i got two separate asks from two different people, one was accusing me of being a “nasty cishet guy”(?) who wants to infiltrate LGBT spaces and the other one was someone gushing about me being a good “trans guy artist”(???) and im like,,,,, buddos,,,,, i am neither of these things,,,,, id like to know where these people get their info on me

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How did you deal with backgrounds? I know many authors use 3D models but I can't find many I can use so do u have any tricks?

I think about 70% of the backgrounds in Always Human were hand-drawn.

The remaining 30% were models from the sketchup 3D warehouse. I exported the lines (see this tutorial for how) then added any extra lines by hand as needed, and then coloured underneath.

I found that much of the time it was easier to draw a background than use a 3D model. Clip Studio Paint (the drawing program I use) has perspective rulers which makes drawing backgrounds pretty easy (there are heaps of tutorials about this on youtube, here’s one of them). Drawing a background can be much faster than digging around in the 3D warehouse and trying to find a model that fits.

I mostly used 3D backgrounds when:

1) I really, really, really didn’t want to draw a thing (eg. the spaceship in the final episodes. I did not want to draw that!)
2) I knew I’d need the same background multiple times, from multiple different angles. Accurately drawing one location from multiple angles is fiddly and very time consuming so I decided to save myself the time (and tears) by finding an appropriate model in the 3D warehouse.

When I couldn’t find an appropriate model I occasionally frankensteined models together (eg. the space elevator and the floating city underneath were a couple of different models that I copied and pasted bits and pieces from.)

I hope that helps :)

Imagine getting drunk with Queen but you’re the only responsible person among them.

Brian is getting progressively hysteric, switching between laughing at his own jokes (that aren’t actually directed at any one he’s talking to) and crying because he’s so tired. Roger’s got his eyes out for every woman around, sloppily leaning on tables and bars, slurring this like “heyy baby, did you fall from heaven?” or things like that, CLEARLY not doing himself any good. John is in the middle of the dance floor (because drunk John=social John). He’s not really dancing, he’s just kinda spinning around and putting his arms in the air and his head is just kinda lolling side to side as if he’s already passed out. Freddie’s perched proudly on a bar stool surrounded by an entourage of his swooning beaus who he has all under his thumb with his clever anecdotes, their laughter roaring over the club-beat. You turn around for one minute, next thing you know, Brian is sobbing in the corner, John is asleep on the dance floor, Roger is buying drinks for everyone in the club, and Freddie is just gone. You’re the only one who is sober and you’re their only designated driver. Your mission is to make sure they don’t kill themselves in the middle of LA.
This is Get Him To The Greek: Queen Edition

Hello friends! I was finally able to get the musical ball rolling again and I’m back with some TAZ filk. I didn’t write this one, but I did do some orchestration to it and honestly just had a really, really good time. This is a cover of the song Ravens Roost, originally written and performed by @scribefindegil

Check out the original here!

Thank you so much to her for letting me cover this absolutely gorgeous song! I’ve been in love with it since I heard it a few months ago, and I finally got around to doing a cover of it. Like I said before, I had a BLAST putting this together. Between layering tracks and writing harmonies, it was just a really really good time. 

Lyrics under the cut! 

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Say what you want about Jeremy kind of just… slating the Supercorp fandom like that, like I love him and have for years- but I’m not happy with that at all either. But at the same time, don’t call him homophobic. 

He’s not. Period.

I just don’t understand how mal gonna act like uma and the other lost kids don’t deserve to be at auradon like she didn’t try to be evil throughout the first movie and half of the second one. Why isn’t this about evie she’s actually a good person who cares about people unlike mal, like she did nothing to help the other kids left behind.
Jay and lonnie are so cute together.
Carlos is so adorable with jane they’ve been setting them up since the 1st movie.
Uma was such a good villian and that show down with mal was EPIC, and I’m convinced she and harry are secretly a thing. Mal is selfish and doesn’t deserve ben or evie.
Space between was so cute kinda gave me gotta go my own way vibes and it was their ways of apologizing to each other for not being honest . Girl time was the cutest. OK LAST THING DIZZY IS A TREASURE AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HER BECAUSE SHE DESERVES THE WORLD.

Do You Even Lift, Deku?

“Kirishima-kun look out!”

The next thing the spiky redhead knew, he was being lifted up into the air and carried out of range of the blast from the flash bomb used during training.

When he was set down, he turned to say thank you only to gape. The one who set him down was Midoriya of all people! “Dude! Did you just pick me up while I was using my Quirk?!? I weigh a whole lot in that form!”

Izuku blinked. “Really? You weigh about as much as Iida-kin though, and I wasn’t even using my Quirk…” Both boys yelped as another bomb was chucked their way, scrambling to avoid the blast.

“If you have time for talking you have time for dodging!” Aizawa called, grinning evilly as he tossed out more flash bombs. Bright little things that made a big noise, but harmless really.

It was only after training, during free time in class, that Kirishima leaned over to Izuku and poked him. “So, exactly how much can you lift without using your Quirk anyways?” He questioned once he had gotten the green haired boy’s attention.

Izuku blinked, confused. “Umm, as in total? I dunno, I lost count after the 300 kilogram weight limit at the gym. They don’t carry any lifting weights higher than that, so I’ve been stuck using old cars at a junkyard.”

The conversation was overheard by Mina and Kaminari, who scooted closer in awe. “Woah!!! Do you think you could lift me and Kirishima at the same time?!?” Kaminari demanded, eyes practically sparkling.

Izuku sweated nervously as Kirishima nodded excitedly. “Well, in theory, yes?” Izuku said, glancing between his two classmates.

Which was why when Aizawa walked back into class, he had to take a moment to fully process the scene in front of him.

It seems that after successfully lifting Kaminari and Kirishima over his head, the others demanded a turn as well. It was currently Todoroki’s turn, on his back and curled in the fetal position, Izuku easily holding him up with one hand strategically placed in the middle of the half and half boy’s back.

“Do I even weigh anything to you?” Todoroki asked, slightly curious as he stared at the ceiling.

Izuku looked up from where he was writing notes about his own strength. “Hmm, maybe like, a bunch of grapes or so? Slightly heavier than Sero but less than Kouda.” He said thoughtfully, turning back to his notes.

“Hey I have an idea! Midoriya-kun, you should lift all of us at once!!!” Mina shrieked suddenly, jumping to her feet in excitement.

Izuku nearly dropped Todoroki. “Wait what?!?” He yelped, Todoroki rolling off his palm and landing gracefully on the ground.

“Midoriya, if you’re going to lift the entire class, please do it outside. I’d rather not have the classroom destroyed.” Aizawa yawned from his new position by the blackboard, peeking out from his usual yellow sleeping bag tiredly.

“Yes!!!” Mina trilled, grabbing Izuku by the arm and dashing out the door, the rest of the class following excitedly behind. Bakugou was only going to watch. No way in hell was he letting fucking Deku pick him up.

It was only a little while after the kids left that All Might stepped into the classroom. “Aizawa-kun, where are the children? Midnight said she passed by earlier and saw that nobody aside from you was here.”

Aizawa merely yawned. “They went outside for break. Something about lifting.” All Might raised an eyebrow, but left anyways.

He really wasn’t expecting to see the entire class of 1-A climbing over one another in a huge pile, carried by none other than Young Midoriya himself!

Kirishima and Sero were currently struggling to pull a roaring, exploding Bakugou up to the top of the wriggling pile of students, Momo yelping in pain as he kicked her in the ribs and Mineta shrieking in terror as a blast got too close to his face.

Izuku merely looked pained and was stumbling around, trying to keep everyone together in one group on his arms. A few students hadn’t gotten into the pile yet, and Uraraka was currently climbing up Izuku’s back and up the pile, apologizing as she stepped on Todoroki and Iida’s heads, Iida’s eye twitching and Todoroki merely indifferent.

All Might had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop spitting blood as he laughed at the scene, absolutely thrilled at this new development. Young Midoriya looked five minutes away from activating One For All to help lift the weight, seeing how he was straining now as more weight was added as Young Kouda joined the pile.

Soon, Bakugou was crowing victory at the top of the pile, the entire class now on Izuku’s shoulders. Unfortunately, Kaminari, who was one of the first people Izuku had picked up, sneezed and accidentally activated his Quirk, electrocuting the entire human pile.

Everyone shrieked and Izuku dropped the class, everyone tumbling down into a giant dogpile on top of their strong classmate.




All Might sighed. Looks like the fun was over, better stop this bloodbath before it started.
I have no explanation for this. But I had fun writing it.

Thread on bullies on Reddit. Makes me wonder: adults are useless, and we tell kids not to fight, but honestly, I’ve never heard of anything working to get a bully to back off other than showing you will fight back. This seems suboptimal, and I don’t want my lesson to my kids one day to be “You can’t trust your teachers; your best bet to stop a bully is to find five friends and lay into them in an alley somewhere,” but idk what else you’d do.

I was bullied for a bit in school, and I suppose I always thought at the time my teachers didn’t really know about it; but I found out years later that they did know. They all knew. My mother knew. They cared, even! They felt terrible about it. That did not get them to do a damn thing about it. Maybe, I don’t know, it was some fucked-up old-school idiot Adult Logic about how Kids Need to Sort This Out Between Themselves. But children, even teenagers, aren’t conflict resolution specialists; “sort it out themselves” means, at minimum, somebody’s going to get hurt.

I was a good kid; I did not want five demerits and a possible suspension for fighting. I did not fight back. But as an adult now, who is less concerned about being “the good kid,” and who knows no one would have ever come to my aid, I would gladly trade two and a half hours of writing lines on a Saturday to kick that dude in the nuts and tell the assistant principal after what a hypocrite he was.

Watching Newsies live is still so surreal to me.

Like almost every single time I watch it, there’s usually at least one moment that just…. Makes me clench my heart and think –

Did this really happen? Or is this some sort of crazy thing my hyper fixated brain has made up? Am I hallucinating??

And then I realize, yes. This really happened. I’m really watching Newsies filmed live in HD on my laptop/phone/tv.

And then I get emotional because I miss these boys and I miss seeing it live - But I’m so happy. Because it happened. And I have it forever.

One of the things I would really love is an animated version of ASOIAF, but if we couldn’t have that, then I really, really wish someone would make a radio production of ASOIAF, like they did for Neverwhere. Gonna keep listening to this at least a hundred times more and dreaming of an alternate universe where an ASOIAF radio production exists

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So I need a little more info on y/n and Fionn's relationship. Are the best friends to lovers? Do they lose their virginites on one another(would LOVE) a blurb on that of thats the case) and also, when did they start dating?

They’re childhood best friends that turn into lovers - they live next door to one another and they attend the same school and college. They’re pretty much inseparable and are always spending their time together and doing things like best friends would do at the weekends.

They get together and become a couple and start dating when they’re about 15-years old and they do lose their virginities together when they’re around 17-years old - he’s very nervous but expresses how much he does like her and things shoot up from there. Fionn is very shy so he doesn’t really put himself out there with girls and he only ever feels comfortable with (YN) and that’s partly to do with him taking a liking towards her and wanting to be with her. 

When they’re about 19, they move into their own flat in London, with help for Fionn’s dad and her parents, up until he gets his first acting job and he’s able to start being much more independent. It’s a small little home, close to the coffee shop he works in, but it’s fit for the both of them. Snug and comfy, one bedroom, fitting to their style and surrounded with empty canvases and tubes of paint. xx

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No offense but I feel like a lot of people hide behind " bullying " to excuse a lot of things about gabby. Does she receive hard time in the media ? Yes but she's NOT the only one. Simone is another one who constantly has to deal with racism, criticism about her body.... I recall people calling Nastia, Shawn robotic and other things. Aly has her fair share of detractors as well .They ALL do but WHY does it seem like Gabby is always seen as the only 1 with haters/bullies on the gymternet ?

The hate about Gabby was about 100,000% more insane than anyone else received. Every single thing she did was attacked by fans and the media. Simone gets some shit from people but nothing comes CLOSE to what Gabby receives. Even Simone was a dick to her at one time on Twitter, using her broad following to call Gabby out for not texting back, which resulted in literally thousands of people shitting on Gabby all over Twitter. Everyone in the limelight is going to get negative attention, but with Gabby it’s literally the majority of her attention. In 2012 when she made history to become the first black woman to win AA gold, the only thing people talked about was her hair. When Simone did her thing this summer, she got ZERO of that. She was a media darling and again while there will always be some people who are dicks, the majority of what she received was love and support.

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one time i was dissociating and i almost put my orange juice container in cup cabinet, is that a bad thing???



i’m having a pretty hard day bc i can’t get a hold of any of my thc pills (nabilone) bc my pharmacist cannot get any from the producer and is not being told why. 

meanwhile, this little miracle pill targets pm all of my really nasty & weird neurological symptoms (plus serious pain like my bladder IC pain) and generally makes my life possible. i also have to somehow find it in myself to do work and go out today too bc I just got my period (OF COURSE I DID! THIS DAY ISN’T HELL ENOUGH ALREADY/s) and i need more pads made by a particular brand bc i’m allergic to all the other ones i’ve tried. 

so it’s probably needless to say that i won’t be on here much today, but i do have some things queued (largely for the #carebearstare)

oh and you wanna hear something really fucked?

a) this was all just in time for high humidity which is when i need nabilone the most &

b) without the nabilone (which, again = synthetic thc) i need to smoke more pot to compensate, but doing so hurts my lungs more and makes me higher than when i was also taking the nabilone. 

ftlog do i ever miss that small fucking pill, it’s been a serious miracle in my life and that’s not even remotely overstating things