one time i came home and she was asleep in that shoe



It was nearly midnight when I came home from my late shift at the diner. I opened the door to my apartment expecting Ally, our rescue puppy, to greet me at the door like usual, but she never came. I figured that she was asleep somewhere, but that faded once I saw me and Calum’s bedroom door open. Since we got Ally, I never left the door open, because the one time I did, she got into our closet and chewed up Calum’s shoes. On top of that, there were things out of place. I was on alert, making sure I made little noise as I moved towards the bedroom an umbrella in hand.
I finally got to the bedroom, and my heart stopped. On the bed was a sleeping Calum, snuggling Ally. Without hesitation, I jumped Calum, waking him by smothering him in kisses.
Calum wrapped his arms around me. “Shit, I fell asleep,” he immediately said, his voice groggy with sleep. “I was supposed to surprise you.”
I smiled. “By surprise you mean scare me half to death? Then yeah, you did that. I thought someone broke in.”
Calum laughed. “Didn’t you see my luggage?”
I immediately felt stupid. “No… I was expecting you to be home in a week. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early?”
“I wanted to surprise you and plan something romantic, but I came home and played with Ally… and fell asleep.”
I laughed. “Well, you hungry? I can make you something to eat.”
Calum shook his head, placing a kiss on my temple. “Maybe later. All I want right now is to cuddle with my girlfriend and my puppy.”
I smiled. “I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too,” he replied. “Why’d you think I came home so early.”
“I love you, Cal,” I said, pecking him on the lips.
“I love you too.”


Ugh, where is she!?
I sent another text to Y/B/F/N.
Y/N: Are you almost here?
A moment later her text came.
Y/B/F/N: Yeah, I’m sorry I’m so late. Had to go back for my wallet.
I sighed. Y/B/F/N had kept me waiting at the diner for over an hour now. I was starting to panic. I mean, I was okay with being alone, but when I knew I was supposed to be meeting someone it was different. It’s really hard to explain and the whole situation made me feel weird.
Y/B/F/N: Be there in 5, sorry
Y/N: Kk
I went to look over the menu, when I felt a presence. “Excuse me, miss.”
I froze. I knew that voice. I lowered the menu, and there he was. Michael. I swear just seeing him made me want to burst into tears. I hadn’t seen him in person for 5 months and now he was here. I pulled him in for a hug, and a moment later, I pulled him into the booth to finally kiss him. Then I realized, something wasn’t right.
“Mikey, how’d you know I would be here?”
“Why’d you think Y/B/F/N was so late?” he questioned, smirking. “SURPRISE!”
I grinned. “You did all that to surprise me?”
Michael nodded. “Of course,” he replied. He grabbed the menu from me and started looking it over.
I plucked the menu from his hand, and he gave me a questioning look. “Y/N?”
I smirked. “I think we should go home,” I said, giving him a suggestive look.
Michael’s eyes widened with understanding. “Oh, yeah… Let’s go home.”
I smiled. “I can’t believe you’re back.”
He nodded. “I’m back and all yours.”
My phone buzzed in my hand as we left the diner.
Y/B/F/N: So, I’m guessing u got ur surprise?
Y/N: Ilysm rn, thanks
Y/B/F/N: ily 2, now u two gonna get freaky?
Y/N: U know me so well
I threw my phone into my bag and kissed Michael. “I love you.”
“I love you too, babe.”


It was almost 4pm and I was in a rush. I had fallen asleep and didn’t wake up until 3, and I had to pick up Luke from the airport. My boyfriend was finally coming home from tour, and here I was late. I mean, I had been dying to see him for months, but I couldn’t even be on time to see him. I was such an idiot. I didn’t even set an alarm for my nap either, assuming I was gonna wake up in time. Goes to show how wrong I was.
I grabbed my purse and rushed out of my door. Of course, me being me, I had to ram into someone the moment I step out of the apartment building. My purse fell of my shoulder, some of my belongings spilling out onto the floor. Some of the guy’s stuff fell as well.
“I’m so sorry,” I exclaimed, as we both kneeled down to grab our things. I didn’t even look at him. I was only focused on picking up Luke.
The guy laughed. “It’s alright, babe.”
I looked up at the sound of his voice, my eyes finding his baby blue ones. “Ohmigod, Luke,” I exclaimed. I hurriedly grabbed my things and stood, pulling him in for a hug.
“I get that a lot,” he teased.
“Shut up,” I said, hitting his arm playfully. “Why are you home so early?”
“I caught an earlier flight,” he replied. “Good thing too since you were gonna be late.”
“Hey, I fell asleep.”
“Yeah, well, you gonna kiss me or what?”
I laughed, pulling him down for a kiss. “I can’t believe you’re finally home.”


I had just left for the airport when my mother called.
“Hey, y/n, I know you’re on your way to pick up Ash, but can you stop by real quick? I got something here for you.”
“Umm… Can I stop by afterwards?”
“I’m actually leaving pretty soon, and your father’s using the spare key.”
I nodded to myself, glancing at the clock on my radio. I still had a lot of time to get to the airport. “Yeah, okay,” I said. “I’ll be there soon.”

“Mom,” I called, entering my parent’s home. I was instantly hit with the scent of her famous homemade pizza, Ashton’s favorite.
“In the kitchen,” she replied.
I walked into the kitchen to find her rolling dough at the kitchen counter. “What you doing?”
“Making dinner,” she replied.
“But I thought you were going out soon.”
“Yeah, but after I called you, your dad called and said he’d take care of it,” she said.
“And the pizzas?”
“Oh, I was hoping you and Ash would join us for dinner after you picked him up. I can’t wait to see him,” she said, adding sauce and cheese to the dough’s surface.
I nodded. “Sure, he’d like that,” I replied. “So what about that thing you wanted me to pick up?”
My mom smiled. “It’s in the living room,” she said, pointing towards the room with a wooden spoon.
I walked to the living and gasped in surprise. On the couch was Ashton with a bouquet of roses. “SURPRISE!”
I immediately ran over to him, practically tackling him as I hugged him. In that moment, I didn’t even care about those roses. All I cared about was that he was finally here. “Ashton, I- ohmigod!”
Ashton laughed. “Y/N, you better not cry.”
“I’m not. I just, you’re here.”
“I know, I came home early just to surprise you.”
I kissed him. “You don’t even know how much I love you right now.”
He smiled. “And you don’t know how much I missed you.”