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Okay so this might be a bit weird...But could you do fo4 companions reacting to seeing horses for the first time?? Even with them apparently being extinct? Ps Your Bootyful.

This is a really old ask and I gotta say, I think about this one a lot. I just don’t entirely understand it but, that’s okay lmao. There’s just a few older ones that, are so, strange. Like I don’t know how u guys are thinking of these. (not that that’s a bad thing!!!) Also let’s just say they’re not like, irradiated or anything. A true miracle. 

Cait: Basically just >:oooooo 

Curie: Genuine curiosity. She’s kinda scared of it bc of how big it is. Sole has to tell her that they were often tame back in their day. Curie still doesn’t entirely trust it, but she likes to admire it from afar. 

Codsworth: Knows a weird amount of fun facts about horses(?) He was around when they were, so he remembers them fondly. 

Danse: Not especially impressed. He just pretty much thinks of it as a prettier radstag w/o the horns or extra head. 

Deacon: “……… much do you wanna bet I can ride that thing and survive?”

Dogmeat: Barking at it constantly.

Gage: He just kind of, stared at it. When Sole asked his opinion, he just, shrugged, and kept staring at it. He was probably in awe and didn’t have the words. It resembled a radstag, but, nicer.

Hancock: Pretty similar to Deacon tbh. He said he road it, but whether or not he actually did has yet to be proven. 

MacCready: Saw them in books as a kid. They’re so much bigger than he thought they were. Doesn’t really want to mess with it but also low key really wants to ride it. 

Nick: He likes it, they’re nice to watch and they’re graceful n stuff. He doesn’t have much of an opinion other than that honestly. 

Piper: Pretty much amazed, wants to tell everyone about it. She’s too scared to get up close enough to touch it though. 

Preston: Knew of them but never saw them irl. He didn’t react very much on the outside but on the inside he was probably thinking about how minuteman-y he would look on one. 

Strong: Doesn’t really care, he could beat it up if he wanted. No big deal.

X6-88: Knew about them prior to seeing them so wasn’t entirely impressed. Similar to Nick, he liked to watch them go about their business. 

  • a well-meaning but misguided fool: garfield the deals warlock has been serving his true master all along, Jon Hunger Arbuckle
  • my shit-ass brain: garfield the deals warlock has clearly malicious purposes, but his purposes are not aligned with his one-time companion, Jon Hunger Arbuckle, and if his allegiance ever was with jon it has long since been betrayed. but make no mistake, the fact that he works against jon does not make the deals warlock a hero - he is no doubt another villain, perhaps even an even greater villain, and whatever garfield’s true intentions they are surely a cursed and unfathomable grab for power that will spare no one in its unholy path, including jon, maybe even Especially jon as garfield slurps up that vore plane like a bunch of lazagne in a horrible act of Vore Vore,
  • me, crying: please just let me go

One thing that stuck out to me about the Jaws of Hakkon DLC is that, every time one of the companions or the Inquisitor is condescending towards the Avvar about their spiritual practices, treating them like quaint barbarians courting possession, it’s always the non-Avvar in the interaction who comes across as ignorant and superstitious. 

Because the Avvar obviously know what they’re doing. They’ve spend possibly thousands of years learning about spirits and forging a mutually-beneficial symbiotic relationship. They interact with spirits on a daily basis, even those who aren’t mages. They understand how this all works. They have actual expertise.

Lowlanders, on the other hand, don’t know shit about spirits (with a few exceptions like Solas and Cole, but like, those are unusual cases to say the least). But they don’t realize that they don’t know shit. And they come in all arrogant and certain, and to the Avvar they must sound like gibbering fools.

I don’t know, it’s just so funny to me. “Civilized” folks embarrassing themselves in front of “barbarians”.

I’m grumpy about the troopers getting both Aric and Elara back while the other republic guys have no LI’s back tbh.

I’ve invested way more time and energy into the “Frisk arrives 6 years earlier” scenario than I originally intended to. But it’s ending up really cute??

Scrapped the original angle and came up with something new, more focused on matching the tone and mechanics of the game and using the more minor characters. It’s good to be getting out all my “what’s everyone’s backstory” headcanons that I’ve been sitting on for ages, haha

also it’s hard to make things not about Sans

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

Merelsa AU: “I never knew what I was capable of… what we’re capable of. Together.”

In which Merida follows Elsa after the young Queen runs away, but instead of trying to make her come home, the two travel the mountains and valleys together until Elsa makes the decision on her own to return to Arendelle.

Dorian: Living a lie… it festers inside you, like poison. You have to fight for what’s in your heart.

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How about everyone getting together one evening to play strip poker?


Hancock: is winning, everyone is 99% sure he cheats, but no can find proof yet, he will give up every other article of clothing he owns, but he will sooner quit the game before he gives up his hat and coat.

Danse: as everyone was rather quick to find out, Danse is terrible at poker, especially strip poker, it didn’t help that he pretty much only came in the BoS jumpsuit and a jacket. He loses EVERYTHING.

Piper: Has a terrible Poker Face, she is easily distracted by everyone else who is losing, ends up losing quite a few articles of clothing because it’s totally way to hot in here guys, really I wanted to lose those anyway.

Cait: hell, she doesn’t even care that she’s losing, she came for the view and is staying for the view. Also she was promised free drinks. Probably the one who talked everyone else into playing.

Deacon: keeps making ridiculous faces at everyone, and so everyone accuses him of cheating, but he argues that it is definitely not cheating to just make silly faces, and it’s definitely not cheating to wear as many articles of clothing as humanly possible. Ends up losing them all anyway. SMH.

MacCready: doesn’t fully understand the rules of strip poker, fights tooth and nail to try and keep his hat, eventually loses it though, is too busy trying to keep himself covered to fully pay attention to his cards

Nick: he is incredibly good at poker, and has an amazing poker face. Loses nothing, everyone is slightly disappointed. Says he has the house edge by having 200 years worth of poker experience

Curie: somehow always ends up with the best cards, is the reasons everyone else has lost most of their clothing. She does lose quite a bit in the beginning though, which she quickly wins back.

Preston: He’s won some, he’s lost some. has a terrible poker face. Is blushing just a little to hard and is finding it hard to concentrate on his cards as the night goes on.

X6: Has the absolute best poker face ever, which is good because He keeps getting dealt terrible hands, and as a result, is quick to lose his uniform, no one dares try to take his sweet shades though.

Strong: doesn’t understand strip poker, why humans play game to lose armor? This is stupid! Probably flips the table over.

Codsworth: he wouldn’t dare risk losing his hat! Instead he serves drinks.

Dogmeat: is busy hiding all of the discarded clothing while everyone else is paying attention to the game.

so you know how that one storyline where one of your companions gets the taint almost made it into the game


Scott Lobdell • Dexter Soy & Mike McKone •  Variant cover by Guillem March

“THE LIFE OF BIZARRO” part two! Bizarro is dead…or is he? To save Bizarro’s life, Red Hood and Artemis must turn to Lex Luthor, Bizarro’s creator, who claims he can resurrect their fallen friend. But what plans does Luthor have for his one-time companion? The battle for Bizarro begins here!

AUGUST 9 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+


That time in eighteenth-century France when Barbara and the Doctor had a post-Aztecs followup chat about time-travel. And I loved it for the following reasons:

  • This is the first historical since The Aztecs, but what this conversation makes clear is that he and Barbara have talked about it since, and several times by the sound of it. 
  • While Ian continues to be the Doctor’s Science Bro, it’s clear that the Doctor’s relationship with Barbara is to a large extent grounded in the fact that they have both learned their lesson about time-travel and history the hard way. Or at least it’s heavily implied in The Aztecs:

(Gifs by Cleowho)

  • The Doctor doesn’t say ‘my position’; he says ‘our position’. He may be the more experienced time-traveller, but he considers Barbara to be a fellow traveller now. They have a genuine friendship these days, and a large part of that is because they both ‘get’ time travel, despite her still having a lot to learn. In fact what’s particularly lovely about their friendship is that they’re far more similar than they could ever have suspected at the start when Barbara was busy administering assorted verbal eviscerations.
  • The fact that all they can do is not get swept away with the tide of history bothers the Doctor, but what bothers and saddens him more is the fact that Barbara appears to be going through one of the however-many stages of learning how to be a time-traveller, which is moving past the frustration of not being able to change anything to simply finding everything absurd. And when at the end of the episode everyone (especially Barbara) is so flippant about the pointlessness of their actions when everything’s already been written, it bothers him. His insistence that they not get carried away with the flood, and his beautiful little speech at the end of the serial about their lives being important if only to themselves isn’t just about selfishness and self-preservation; it’s about not allowing the predetermined nature of history to render your life devoid of meaning. 

A GIF of the Main Companion in Every Episode of the Revived Series (Part 10)

Here’s a bonus GIF, as Amy doesn’t interact with the Doctor in Closing Time

Fallout 4 Companion Headcanons (Part 3)

·When Duncan comes to the Commonwealth and MacCready has to go out for a while, Piper lets Duncan stay at her place.
·Nat and Duncan become fast friends. They share toys, and Duncan will even let Nat have one of his pipboy games. MacCready pretends to be ok with it, but is actually very upset because it was probably his favorite one.
·The reason why all of your companions whine about you picking up junk is because they know they’ll have to carry it later.
·Longfellow doesn’t complain because he secretly likes the challenge.
·One time, all the (humanoid) companions had a drinking contest.
·X6-88 passed out after one shot
·Curie puked after two and was sent to bed
·Followed by Danse with four
·Piper only had four too, but fell off her chair a second after Danse did
·Preston had 5, which surprised everyone still conscious. They all thought he would quit after half a shot and go find a settlement that needed help.
·Sole Survivor had 6, then excused themselves to go to the restroom. They fell asleep on the floor.
·Nick, Gage, MacCready, and Deacon all had an impressive 8 before collapsing. (Let’s pretend that alcohol affects Nick)
·Cait, Longfellow, and Hancock kept going for a long time.
·Eventually Cait got alcohol poisoning and had to wake Curie up so that she could heal her
·Hancock was fine one moment, then was snoring the next
·Longfellow was surprised that he won against a ghoul, but he didn’t stop drinking.
·He only stopped when everyone woke up and insisted that he did so because he could very well end up dying

Captain Who

Timelords shouldn’t leave their TARDIS unattended or criminal masterminds steal them right from under their noses. And just like that, Carswell Thorne is flying through space and time, leading soap rebellions and fighting in intergalactic wars against evil queens.

Among his way, he finds the only mechanic that can repair a battered TARDIS, he’s sure of it. He is less sure about her being a lost princess though. And an emperor that absolutely needs a break from all his emperor-ing - who would be better for the job than Thorne? Wolf hybrids and farm girls, guards and princesses and androids  - everyone finds their place in the TARDIS (it’s a good thing that the TARDIS is “bigger on the inside”).

And finally, a damsel in distress he frees from captivity. A girl who has never been anywhere or seen anything and who dreams of deep soul connections and passionate kisses and daring escapades, not that she would tell him that. (But he knows.)

Being a true gentleman and hero in spe, Thorne takes her with him as his companion. It helps that she’s a sonic screwdriver in human form. A good thing to have by your side if you always get in trouble and have to run and escape. Which they do. A lot. If they are not too busy kissing that is.

But adventures can only last so long and eventually, after many, many journeys through time and space, they decide to stay on the planet that Cress loves better than any other they have visited so far - Earth.


Doctor Who Fest: day 1

↳ Favourite companion: The TARDIS

I chose the TARDIS for multiple reasons and one of them may very well be that I am completely unable to decide between those numerous fantastic people who have travelled with her and the Doctor. Another one is her being the Doctors oldest companion by far and all those occasion when he had nothing left but his trusty ship. We shouldn’t, of course, forget that I just really really love the TARDIS. A lot.


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pestocat asked: Vicki or Susan?