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Dark Desires

Was it requested: Yup! By the amazing @little-red-wolf-hood! Find it here! AND I merged it with the beautiful@xxx-its-like-im-sleepwalking-xxx‘s request, which you can find here! And also this one!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton/reader, Sister!Reek(Theon)/reader [not incest, obvs]

Your gran will ban me from her house and murder me in my sleep with a chocolate eclair 

Warnings: Violence, hardcore smut, swearing, basically BDSM I guess? (NGL I have no clue if it’s BDSM or just plain kinky), Ramsay Bolton, possessiveness, jealousy

Summary: [the requests their-selves]  Hi, could I get a Ramsay Bolton Imagine where the reader is Theon’ s little sister and to spite him Ramsay arranged to marry her and they have kinky rough sex on their wedding night and the reader slowly but surely falls for Ramsay, but Myranda tried to break them apart by flirting with Ramsay but he reader doesn’t accept that and attacks Myranda and Ramsay realizes how savage his gf is and they have more rough smutty possessive sex? Sorry for how long it is, I just love all of your Ramsay story 
I need really rough hot ramsay smut. Dear lord. Like choking the reader while having really rough sex and spanking her . Maybe something like he has quiet the interest in her but she is always like the quiet type but someday in hia chamber when he insults her family again she says fuck you and he grabs her and says something like ’ I’d prefer to fuck you instead “ lol . I’m so dirty
Hey I hope you’re having a great day :) when you get a chance I was wondering if you could do a ramsay bolton imagine one that has reek/theon in it. You can decide what happens and etc. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work !!!!

Author’s note: I’m sorry this took me so long lmao; also, not my best work, I won’t lie, I’ve done much better. I’m also a lazy shit, hence why I used this for 3 different requests instead of doing 3 separate fics lmao

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  • person: can you stop talking about your favorite character?
  • me:
  • N
  •   O
  •     O
  •      o
  •      o
  •       o
  •      o
  •      。
  •     。
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