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Give Sansa a pop 2k18

Anyway since Funko’s only way of dealing with people asking for when we’re finally going to get a Sansa pop is to either ignore them or vaguely respond, the only thing we can keep doing is asking for one every Thursday during their #AskFunko segments on Twitter. Let them know there are people who are willing to buy and have been waiting for a new Sansa pop for ages. I know not a lot of you collect funko pops, some of you find them stupid or simply think they’re the devil’s spawns of ugly but it means a lot to the few of us who do and it’s still upsetting to know they’d rather make even more variations of the same character than focus on making one character a ton of fans have asked for.

Those of you with Twitter, signal boost and drop a tweet to them next Thursday on their next #AskFunko - be polite enough but make sure to ask for if we’re ever getting a new Sansa Stark funko with actual ginger/auburn/red-hair! You can email them too, like a few of us have but chances are you’d get the same generic message back.

**Reminder that the next known wave dropping in March includes two Daenerys pops, a Jon and a Davos, and that’s all we’ve heard so far. We need to push for Sansa to get one in the next wave, because Alayne Stone is not my girl.**



Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington on Jon and Dany’s romance

EDIT: kit burped which was why he apologized and asked to start the interview again sdjfhfjkfdh here’s what he really said: (lmao sorry for the confusion dhkfgf honest mistake but its so funny even as a shipper)

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!