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The Sun in the Houses

The Sun in the first house: It is essential that you affirm your personality. You are active, egocentric, worthy and proud of your accomplishments. Success comes through your personal efforts.

The Sun in the second house: You have the practical sense, you are tenacious, interested in money, and skillful in judging the value of things. Your material goods reflect your deeper values. Financial stability is important to you, and its achievement brings you satisfaction.

The Sun in the third house: Curious and loquacious, you gather information and express yourself with ease, in writing and otherwise. Travel and brothers and sisters play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the fourth house: You are intuitive and introverted, with a strong sense of self and a strong attachment to your ancestors. The home and family play a central role.

The Sun in the fifth house: In search of pleasure, romantic, you find happiness through love, children and activities that give you the opportunity to express your creativity.

The Sun in the sixth house: It is essential for you to find a fulfilling job, because you are fully dedicated to your job and you define yourself by it. Although you are worried about your health, it is usually good. Whatever your solar sign, you tend to be perfectionist.

The Sun in the seventh house: Marriage and other relationships are essential to you, although you may waver between the fear of isolation and the fear of commitment. The balance of forces is a problem in relational life.

The Sun in the eighth house: You are a deeply emotional person whose need for exploration of your own psyche supports liberation and transformation. Sex, money and besquets of all kinds play an important role in your life.

The Sun in the ninth house: You are all your life a researcher who wants to find a meaning and broaden his consciousness through studies, religion, philosophy, and travel.

The Sun in the tenth house: Your determination to succeed and your desire for public recognition make you a natural leader, and these are excellent indicators for a professional success.

The Sun in the eleventh house: You have high ideals and high aspirations, many friends, and the ability to work well in groups.

The Sun in the twelfth house: Intuitive, solitary and secret, you prefer to stay behind the scenes, and you may be in danger of isolation. Spiritual activities attract you. You may be engaging in big institutions such as hospitals or prisons.

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Enneagram Cliques

Rad Girls: nines, sixes, ones
Sad Girls: fours, twos, fives
Bad Girls: eights, sevens, threes

anonymous asked:

The stereotype is that fours are over-sensitive, emotional whiny crybabies, but I also see a lot of people say they can be extremely aggressive? These two traits seem to be mutually exclusive, but the stereotypes exist. Why? And do you have an example about why/how a 4 might be aggressive?

Well here’s the thing. Every enneatype is either phobic or counterphobic in expression– some people disagree on what numbers are which, but this is my opinion:

Cp: 1348
P: 2579
Both: six

Since six is ruled by anxiety and people deal with anxiety by either avoiding it or confronting it, that’s why the expression of six is either p or cp.

That said, obviously I think fours are counterphobic for one main reason: they are not afraid of their emotions. They confront them and integrate them into their self-definition and self-understanding.

They don’t avoid their emotions– if they do, they aren’t a four (though fours CAN BE ashamed of them). Because fours value and integrate their emotions into their identity, this includes negative and “aggressive”, otherwise belligerent ones. And they’re not afraid to express any emotions, including those. Or at least a properly developed four isn’t– some SO or sx dom fours may try (and fail) to curtail their emotional expression around certain people/people in general. However, they still confront them.

Fours may have difficulty accepting these emotions, but not looking them in the eye. Because of all this, fours are cp both theoretically and in expression.

They are the artists, poets, inspirational speakers, and great visionaries of our time when they channel their deep #complex emotional life. This even includes four fixes, to a lesser extent. And as we know of all artists, poets, and world movers, they will stand for and express something– with fours, it’s how they feel, be it positive or negative.

All cp types/cp ruled types (2 or more cp fixes) are world shakers in their own way. It’s primarily because we can very easily stand for and fight for something, whatever it is, with minimal fear to the consequence. For ones, it’s their moral vision, their ideal utopia, or their “law”. For eights, it’s their lust for life, continual self improvement, and eventually, desire to share their strength with others. for threes, their insatiable ambition to better advance themselves, which has both negative and positive effects on others. And fours, who, when well developed, share their feelings and highly value their self expression above all, and are capable of great creative and inspirational works when they get over any emotional shame they have.

Nine. [Hinanami Week 2017 Day One]

Haha suckers, it’s still the ninth on the west coast. So this isn’t even late.

And even if it was, I’m the mod of hinanami week, who the hell’s gonna stop me.

Anyways, I’ve been playing too much Zero Escape, so here’s a DR Zero Escape AU for hinanami week.


Hajime Hinata woke up with his head throbbing. He groaned, and then proceeded to hit his head on the ceiling as he sat up.

After taking a moment to wake up, the first thing Hajime noticed was that he was in a bunkbed.

The second was that he had no idea where he was.

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Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Rating: T

Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Prince & stable boy AU - Romance - Fairytale - Pining - Fluff

Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Sunset in your eyes. Moondust in the lining of your skin. What hope did I ever have?

He had been in love with the prince of sunset eyes and moonlit skin for as long as he could remember, his sweetshop window, wishing for an impossible dream. He was but a stable boy by the name of John, just John, working in the dirt, and longing for the stars.

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I have to go.”
“You just got here.”
“Valkyrie business. Possible code three-eight-one: heroic death in progress.”
“You’re making that up.”
“I’m not.”
“So…what, somebody thinks they’re about to die and they text you ‘Going down! Need Valkyrie ASAP!’ followed by a bunch of sad-face emojis?
—  Rick Riordan, The Hammer of Thor
Appearance Headcanon

One: Has the longest beautiful hair that reaches her lower back. Six likes to call her Rapunzel and Marina is always braiding it.

Maggie: Has light green eyes that are still visable through her glasses. They come as an extension of what i suspect her legacy to be Clairvoyance

Hannu: Lean built but muscular. Everyone always asks if it’s okay to touch his biceps. Hannu is shy about it but ultimately agrees.

John: Cheesy smile that everyone thinks is cute (Nine cant get enough of)

Five: Baby face is all i have to say. He has a hard time getting people to believe that he in fact IS older than he appears.

Six: Has naturally pouty lips. One and Sarah force her to wear red lipstick and it looks DEVINE.

Marina: Her teeth are really straight and white which makes for a killer smile. Eight always makes her laugh because he likes her smile.

Eight: Tatts. his stories for the tatts are always hilarious and never fails to take off his shirt to talk about them. He has more but you now public decency and all that

Nine: looks hella attractive with facial hair. He used to shave but One told him that John thinks he looks nice with stubble so its all history.

Ella: She has a Marilyn Monroe beauty mark. It makes her look very sophisticated for her age.

Adam: Has resting bitch face and is beautiful. Everyone always asks One if Adam is okay. She tells Adam this and feels like he has to apologize to everyone

Daniela: She has naturally arched eyebrows which makes her look fierce af. She knows she has resting bitch face and isn’t apologetic AT ALL 


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Name: Two quattuoroctogintacentillion, seven hundred eighty-eight treoctogintacentillion, eighty duooctogintacentillion, one hundred four unoctogintacentillion, nine hundred fifty-seven octogintacentillion, six hundred thirty-nine novenseptu

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2999 = 5 357 543 035 931 336 604 742 125 245 300 009 052 807 024 058 527 668 037 218 751 941 851 755 255 624 680 612 465 991 894 078 479 290 637 973 364 587 765 734 125 935 726 428 461 570 217 992 288 787 349 287 401 967 283 887 412 115 492 710 537 302 531 185 570 938 977 091 076 523 237 491 790 970 633 699 383 779 582 771 973 038 531 457 285 598 238 843 271 083 830 214 915 826 312 193 418 602 834 034 688 — five novemnonagintillion, three hundred fifty-seven octononagintillion, five hundred forty-three septennonagintillion, thirty-five sexnonagintillion, nine hundred thirty-one quinnonagintillion, three hundred thirty-six quattuornonagintillion, six hundred four trenonagintillion, seven hundred forty-two duononagintillion, one hundred twenty-five unnonagintillion, two hundred forty-five nonagintillion, three hundred novemoctogintillion, nine octooctogintillion, fifty-two septenoctogintillion, eight hundred seven sexoctogintillion, twenty-four quinoctogintillion, fifty-eight quattuoroctogintillion, five hundred twenty-seven treoctogintillion, six hundred sixty-eight duooctogintillion, thirty-seven unoctogintillion, two hundred eighteen octogintillion, seven hundred fifty-one novemseptuagintillion, nine hundred forty-one octoseptuagintillion, eight hundred fifty-one septenseptuagintillion, seven hundred fifty-five sexseptuagintillion, two hundred fifty-five quinseptuagintillion, six hundred twenty-four quattuorseptuagintillion, six hundred eighty treseptuagintillion, six hundred twelve duoseptuagintillion, four hundred sixty-five unseptuagintillion, nine hundred ninety-one septuagintillion, eight hundred ninety-four novemsexagintillion, seventy-eight octosexagintillion, four hundred seventy-nine septensexagintillion, two hundred ninety sexsexagintillion, six hundred thirty-seven quinsexagintillion, nine hundred seventy-three quattuorsexagintillion, three hundred sixty-four tresexagintillion, five hundred eighty-seven duosexagintillion, seven hundred sixty-five unsexagintillion, seven hundred thirty-four sexagintillion, one hundred twenty-five novemquinquagintillion, nine hundred thirty-five octoquinquagintillion, seven hundred twenty-six septenquinquagintillion, four hundred twenty-eight sexquinquagintillion, four hundred sixty-one quinquinquagintillion, five hundred seventy quattuorquinquagintillion, two hundred seventeen trequinquagintillion, nine hundred ninety-two duoquinquagintillion, two hundred eighty-eight unquinquagintillion, seven hundred eighty-seven quinquagintillion, three hundred forty-nine novemquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-seven octoquadragintillion, four hundred one septenquadragintillion, nine hundred sixty-seven sexquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-three quinquadragintillion, eight hundred eighty-seven quattuorquadragintillion, four hundred twelve trequadragintillion, one hundred fifteen duoquadragintillion, four hundred ninety-two unquadragintillion, seven hundred ten quadragintillion, five hundred thirty-seven novemtrigintillion, three hundred two octotrigintillion, five hundred thirty-one septentrigintillion, one hundred eighty-five sextrigintillion, five hundred seventy quintrigintillion, nine hundred thirty-eight quattuortrigintillion, nine hundred seventy-seven tretrigintillion, ninety-one duotrigintillion, seventy-six untrigintillion, five hundred twenty-three trigintillion, two hundred thirty-seven novemvigintillion, four hundred ninety-one octovigintillion, seven hundred ninety septenvigintillion, nine hundred seventy sexvigintillion, six hundred thirty-three quinvigintillion, six hundred ninety-nine quattuorvigintillion, three hundred eighty-three trevigintillion, seven hundred seventy-nine duovigintillion, five hundred eighty-two unvigintillion, seven hundred seventy-one vigintillion, nine hundred seventy-three novemdecillion, thirty-eight octodecillion, five hundred thirty-one septendecillion, four hundred fifty-seven sexdecillion, two hundred eighty-five quindecillion, five hundred ninety-eight quattuordecillion, two hundred thirty-eight tredecillion, eight hundred forty-three duodecillion, two hundred seventy-one undecillion, eighty-three decillion, eight hundred thirty nonillion, two hundred fourteen octillion, nine hundred fifteen septillion, eight hundred twenty-six sextillion, three hundred twelve quintillion, one hundred ninety-three quadrillion, four hundred eighteen trillion, six hundred two billion, eight hundred thirty-four million, thirty-four thousand, six hundred eighty-eight (301 digits, 4100 characters)


lorien legacies fan cast:

  • anna sophia robb as number one.
  • molly quinn as number two.
  • alfred enoch as number three.
  • hunter parrish as number four.
  • miles teller as number five.
  • kacey rohl as number six.
  • adelaide kane as number seven.
  • robert sheehan as number eight.
  • tyler blackburn as number nine.
  • abigail breslin as number ten/ella.

Stranger Things Season One

[8P/Eight Piece] FULL VOLUME!!

FULL VOLUME!! - Hatanaka Tasuku, Nogami Sho, Yashiro Taku, Enoki Junya, Arthur Lounsberry, Kousaka Atsushi, Masuyama Takeaki, and Chiba Shouya, for the seiyuu variety show 8P (Eight Piece)

As your face breaks out into a smile, you look even more spectacular than you did yesterday.
That’s what we’d like to see even more,
So come on, let’s sing together.

Full translated lyrics under the cut!

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