one thousand words unspoken

Reasons to ship Mondé:

1. Louis is is patient with her, gentle, soft spoken and respects Mary. 

2. Their chemistry is so passionate that they don’t even need to touch in order for fans to feel it. 

3. One look speaks a thousand unspoken words between their hearts.

4. He desires her and only her.

5. Even the wind in the trees reminds him of her.

6. He has to fight every instinct pulling him toward her, and even though the gravity of that pull is so strong, he STILL respects her enough to resist his impulses because he would die first than to ever hurt her. 

7. The way he loves Mary is so noble and chivalrous. 

8. He had to be blind folded in order to have sex with another woman because he could not make love to her with his eyes open. He needed to fantasize about Mary the entire time.

9. He is willing to risk it all for the woman he loves.

10. Louis is brave of heart.

11. Louis is charming and sexy as fuck.

12. Louis is Prince of effing Condé and he OWNS IT! x)

13. The remaining billion reasons are too long to list…

14. Just freaking jump aboard and ship them already!