one thing that will never change

One of the best enrichments for hands-off birds is simply giving them new things to interact with.

The vast majority of hands-off birds are this way because they’re fearful. To get them to gain confidence, you have to teach them that not everything is going to kill them, and interacting with new things can be rewarding! The most people have with this is they go too fast, you need to start small and advance at the pace your bird is comfortable with.

Before Bjorn and Ursula were in my care, they never had change. They had the same flock, enclosure, food, perches, everything; their life was static. Suddenly everything was turned upside down and they were shoved in a box and thrown into a scary place with birds they’ve never seen and surfaces they’ve never stood on!! This made them extremely fearful, because they simply did not know how to react to new things. So I had to give them space for a while and let them settle down.

Now that they are starting to relax around me and even eating out of my hands, I need to get them confident to get them to progress further. I do this by putting new objects in their enclosure. Nothing too scary, start by putting things they can see outside of their enclosure everyday. For example, there’s a useless little brick that just chills outside the yard barn. It’s small, about the size of my hand, barely big enough to perch on. All I did was put it in their cage without anything to entice them to begin with. This was easy for them, Ursula responded positively and was down with this brick right away! She hopped on it and called Bjorn so they could both spin in circles and coo on the fun new texture.

Next step is something a little more scary, a rock. These birds are used to polygonal shapes so a round, lumpy rock was WEIRD. Luckily the stone brick helped them get used to the texture, so once they got passed the stretching their necks out and turning their head every which way stage, the coolness didn’t freak them out too much. Pigeons really enjoy having unique things to stand on, so I still wasn’t using treats to entice them at this point.

After I’ve given them multiple rocks to interact with with varying size and color, I’m going to move onto an earthly-colored cloth on a rock. Then I can try putting in bright colored cloths to help them be okay with any clothes someone might wear that would be bright. Eventually I’ll move onto something like say, a metal spoon, and put treats in it to encourage them to interact with it. This will help lead up to enrichment toys that they have to work to get the food out.

It’s really important to put yourself in your bird’s shoes, er, feathers. Think of all the things that are completely normal to you, but are new and foreign to them. Don’t be like “but it’s just a cup! How can you be afraid of a cup” because how are they supposed to know? Try to think of when you were little, maybe you went to the zoo and saw an animal like a sloth you’ve never seen before. It might’ve freaked you out! Maybe your parents had to calm you down and insist that it was fine. But with birds that don’t know they can trust us, we can’t do that, we have to let them figure it out themselves. Be mindful that a hands-off bird will typically be happier and more confident with a feathered friend that they know and love- it’s safer in numbers.

he y so… ive been thinking about stuff and i came to the conclusion that i have this really bad habit of Loving a thing very much & drawing lots of fanart for it but never actually posting it anywhere bc im embarrased or something like that

and i really really wanna break said habit, so i think im gonna start posting more diverse content on here from now on!!

The one thing I will say is that that lynching will always be on Sept. 30th, 1919. That will never change. Yom Kippur will not. So if people were going to discuss this then they should have prioritized the black lives lost that day and what it means, as an example of what white supremacy does to all of us, first and foremost. People should have been tasteful. No one should have made it into a conflict or devalue the lives lost, especially not after so many people devalued the legacy of slavery this past weekend. Especially when the majority of black death is forgotten even by people who claim to stand against white supremacy. Especially when so few black people are getting justice for their murders in the modern era.

Accommodations should have been made but black people should not have to apologize for commemorating such an important date because of an accidental coincidence that was easily rectified, and people shouldn’t always frame the recognition of black suffering as if its at the expense of others. This discussion should,never have left black people (including Black Jews) and non black people shouldnt have tried to project their frustrations with white supremacy and their antiblackness on to this issue. They should,have kept their mouths shut. We have to change the way we talk about black people and other groups should be doing the research so that they can approach this with the sensitivity solidarity requires, instead of framing it like they’re calling out a white supremacist march.

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Hii capri~ coffee anon here, i feel abit down in the dumps lately so could you please do a happy kaisoo spam for me, love you💜~coffee

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Thank you thank you thank you! A lot of people, unfortunately not only people who only watches the show only thinks Arya would never develop romantic and want to become a mother and that's so wrong. The thing is Arya didn't had a choice, she was different, she wanted to train and to be able to fight like her brothers, but she was stuck doing what ladies did and she was never good at it. No having a choice means one day she would have her husband picked up and would've been taken away and 1/4

have to had his children. Which she would hate, I’m sure Ned would have picked a good honorable man but doesn’t change the fact she wouldn’t have much of a say, wouldn’t be out of love. There’s also the fact only now Arya is developing into a woman, at the age of 9 me, also a tomboy didn’t want to even hear about marriage, now even though my take is not as dreamy I do hope to find a good companion. Even in one of her first moment we see Arya was jealous Sansa got to sit next to the beautiful 2/4

and she next to the short less beautiful one. As you said she has a lot of protective instincts to small children such as Weasel, even she was annoyed at times she took care of her and protected her. Also when Jon and Robb scared the younger siblings that she was like “you scared the baby” because Bran was crying. I agree she is very maternal. And a lot of people seem to ignore like it makes her weak the idea of her marrying and having children and Arya craves a home and a family. ¾

One thing it is to have it picked out for her, which she would hate, but out of love she marries and has children is not ooc at all and I’d love to see and if goes as we hope she will develop romantic feelings for Jon and even if she wouldn’t be too happy about maybe (probably) being a queen doesn’t change the fact she will be in love. Also Jon would love to have a family, he thought he’d never dare have one. As a king with Arya by his side building a family would be beautiful to read about. 4/4

I must confess that my first reaction when I opened my inbox and saw so many messages was “oh shit…I must have angered someone pretty bad this time”. XD

Then I read your messages and I they made me happy XD. Totally agreed with your opinion. There’s also the fact that Arya was way too young in the books and it’s not usual for a child of 9 to think about marriage with enthusiasm. Arya would be rebellious to the idea of someone else choosing her future for her and I would love to see Ned despairing over the task of finding her a suitable husband. It would break his  heart, I guess.

In  a scenery in which Arya gets a say in the matter, things would likely go easier. I don’t get it when people say that Arya would never get romantically involved with anyone, or that she is absolutely against marriage. Arya is against being denied, or told what to do. She is not particularly good in “feminine arts” and fails to reach the gender standards westerosy society impose on her, but the first line to introduce Arya in the books is “Arya was already in love”.

You mentioned how she stood to protect Bran when Robb and Jon scared them at the crypts. This is probably my favorite scene EVER! In that scene Sansa runs away in fear and she is crying. Arya, the younger daughter, stood to protect baby Bran, who was holding her hand very tight. She even gave her older brothers a lecture because they have scared the baby! Arya is so precious in this scene and very it was a very maternal attitude from her.

There are other examples too. Arya liked to talk to older women, mostly the wives of her father’s banners. She would create names to their unborn children! She also would gather their young children and play with them! This is Arya being adorable and kind to children and the whole concept of maternity.

There’s also Weasel. Arya stood up to defend her when the boys started picking on her and told the girl should be left behind. A crying girl whose family had been killed. Arya, even though she was annoyed by Weasel, defended her and after that the girl started following her everywhere.

People love to dismiss Arya’s femininity just because she “doesn’t look feminine”, but the ignore those traits of her personality. I blame the show for cutting away every scene in which Arya gets the chance to be more feminine, like the scenes in Acorn Hall with Lady Smallwood. Is it too much to ask for them to give Arya a feminine look like the one she wore in Braavos? Why can’t she wear a dress eventually? Arya wore boy’s clothes to practice and because on the run it was safer to be a boy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like dresses at all.

As for an ending in which Jon and Arya get married and have a bunch of kids…That’s the dream! I don’t think an eventual marriage between them would be flawless. I think they would suffer a lot while overcoming the idea that they grew up as siblings, but I can totally see them as loving parents to a number of children (Winterfell/King’s Landing Royal Kinder garden. I’m talking of 6 children at least) . I think Jon would be particularly good with daughters. This is my head canon: Jon teaching his boys how to swing a sword and being somewhat harsh with them to behave properly, but being a complete fool with the girls while Arya rolls her eyes and tell him “you are not making my life any easier”. Another head canon I have is Jon going nuts while Arya is in labor. The maester tells him “you shouldn’t go in there, my lord.” Jon answers “try to stop me then!” and storms his way into her chamber just to be by her side when their child come into the world kicking and screaming. 

Playing with Fire

(Hello my dears, we have another chapter of Benny reaching out and makin’ friends in his own unique way uvu. This time it’s with The Flaming Toon himself, Johnathan! So much thanks to @themarshmellowsnowqueen for not only letting me work with her boyo and his lovely family but helping me get this giant…thing all together! This beautiful AU is also by @thelostmoongazer ! Go see their stuff! It’s beauty! ENJOY!)

If there was one thing that Johnathan could not oblige…it was snoops. Things had been going smoothly as per usual but then, something changed. There were toons wandering about in his territory that he had never seen before, playing up the lost tourist gimmick. One just didn’t wander into a mob boss’s territory without knowing where you were and it did not sit right with him at ALL. It got especially irksome when one of these said snoops got a bit too close to his main complex for his liking and he had had ENOUGH. Johnathan growled lowly as he stood in his office looking out over his part of the city, his hands clasped tightly behind his back. On his desk were scattered various folders, filled with photos of the toons that just did not belong. Closing his eyes, he rubbed lightly at the gold band on his left hand with his thumb, trying to calm the rage that was rapidly rising within him. Whoever was sending these spies was going to get a talk, a very long and dangerous talk at that.

The Flaming toon’s eyes glinted a dangerous gold as he turned and let his gaze drift over the folders, doing his best to keep himself from singeing the floor again. The last thing he wanted was for Belle to get upset with him for ruining the hardwood. He let his arms drop from his side as he flipped open the folders, glancing over the photos that had been taken. One thing that all these toons seemed to have in common was that when they removed a glove, there was a strange marking on the inside of their palm. It looked like some sort of pentacle in bright red ink and it was enough to get his hackles up. The last thing Johnathan wanted was some fanatic trying to muscle in on his turf. The frown that was etched onto his features did not change as there was a knock at his door. “Come in.” He said sternly, not taking his eyes off the pictures as he closed the folders, stacking them lightly.

As the door opened, a few of his more loyal men walked in, looking at their boss with concern. It was rare that something had gotten his goat THIS badly, but they knew that Johnathan meant business as he held out the folders to Mike, the one in charge. “Find these toons. Bring them to me.” He said with a dangerous note in his voice. “I don’t care how…I want them in enough pieces to interrogate,” Johnathan continued as he let his eyes trail over the group. They all shifted uncomfortably under that gaze, knowing just how ruthless their boss could be when it came to interrogation. Let’s just say, that they did not envy the ones they were about to collect. “You got it boss.” Mike said, giving a nod and whirling on his cohorts. “You heard the boss you mooks! Scram! We got toons to grab!” He all but shouted, herding them out of the room to leave Johnathan alone with his thoughts.

The mob boss settled heavily into his chair, his anger still seething below the surface as he looked over to the framed picture that rested nearby. Seeing the smiling faces of himself and his family helped calm the anger, but that was nothing compared to when the door opened once more. There were only a handful of people who would dare to open his office door without knocking and he lifted his gaze to see none other than Belle walking in with a bit of a concerned look on her face. “Johnathan? Sweetheart…what’s going on? I can’t say I’ve seen you send out a force like that in a while..” She asked softly as the bunny toon crossed the office and made her way to his chair. He sighed heavily and pushed back just a bit to hold one arm out for her as she settled into his lap. “There’s some f***er sending spies to scope things out and one got much too close to the safehouse for my liking. So, I’m putting a stop to it. I’m going to find out who these snoops are working for and..” He trailed off, Belle giving a soft laugh as she touched his cheek. “Show them who they’re messing with?” She offered, looking up at him in adoration. Johnathan returned her gaze with a warm look and nodded slowly, a sigh coming from him as he settled his forehead against hers gently. “That’s right…” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss to her lips as he held her, tempering his rage in her light jasmine perfume and the softness of her frame against his. “Thanks for coming to check on me sweetheart,” Johnathan sighed as he tucked his face into her neck, relaxing as the silky brown curls dropped his world into a comfortable darkness.

Belle hummed softly, her ears drooping in contentment as his warmth pressed through her fur, a hand coming to gently stroke over the back of his neck, pulling a soft contented sigh from her husband. “Of course Sunshine…the last thing I need is for you to catch the rug on fire again with your angry pacing.” She teased, earning a wince from him as he pulled back with an apologetic look. “You know I didn’t mean to do it..” He said sheepishly, Belle giving a warm laugh as she nuzzled his cheek. “I know you didn’t~ save your anger for when the boys come back…you’ll need it to get some answers out of those punks,” She said with a smile. Johnathan couldn’t help the soft laugh that pulled from him as he held her close, settling his chin on top of her head. “Heh, what would I do without you?” he asked softly, earning a hum from Belle as she gently settled a hand over his chest, drawing a small heart over the fine linen of his shirt. “I dunno…and I don’t wanna even think about it,” She replied softly, adjusting and kicking her feet over the arm of his chair to settle in for a nice long bout of snuggling. If she knew her husband, he was going to need it whenever the boys returned with their bounty.

As the day went on through Johnathan’s part of the city, toons were being quietly snatched into alleyways, some were cornered and none too gently knocked out as they were collected; there were six in total that had the misfortune of being curious today. The boys worked quickly and as quietly as they could. They noticed something very strange though, for enemy goons, these toons were…wrong. Most of them were terrified out of their wits as they were corralled and shoved into cars, some even cried and began to panic. One of the boys even had a guy vomit in his car from fear. They had all looked at one another curiously and then double checked the folders to make sure that they had gotten the right toons. When the pictures matched, they could do little more than shrug at one another. “Welp, Boss knows what he’s doin’..” had been the consensus as they finished their collecting and drove back to the complex. Shivering and terrified toons were dragged out of cars and herded down towards the back of the building to the holding cell. The unconscious ones were none too gently tossed in and soon the cell was secured. “Go get the Boss, tell ‘im we got ‘em,” Mike said to one of his partners. The suited toon nodded and made his way up the stairs as the captive toons shrank back nervously. “Heh, I dunno what you punks are doin’ on The Flamin’ Toon’s turf, but yer gonna learn that it’s probably gonna be th’ last mistake you ever make.” He guffawed as he turned to leave, the key ring swinging round on his finger as he went.

Through the day, Johnathan and Belle had moved about in his office, but had barely left it. Belle knew how her husband got when he was working on something important, so she brought lunch to him. Together they lounged and ate, talking quietly and laughing with one another. He was reclined with Belle laying ontop of him, playfully feeding him bits of her famous apple cinnamon cupcakes. “Aww c’mon honey…please?” he laughed, giving playful snaps after the treat while she giggled. “ did say please…” She cooed, finally letting him have the small bit of cake in her fingers. He hummed in delight as he chewed, taking a small sip of his nearby wine glass. Johnathan was so grateful for her to be honest, she was the quench to his flame that helped him calm down and focus on what mattered. Though the instant there was a knock, the laugh he had died in his throat, a frown slipping onto his features. “Come in.” He replied, putting his wine glass aside. Belle blinked over and smiled to see one of their crew poke his head in nervously. “Ah! Alex! Welcome back!” She said sweetly, earning a sheepish look from the toon as he stepped in and removed his hat. “T-thanks ma’am…uh Boss? We found ‘em..they’re in the holdin’ cell right now.” Alex said as he nervously fiddled with the brim of his fedora. Johnathan’s eyes narrowed and he nodded lightly. “Get them ready for interrogation. I’ll be right down.” He said seriously as he gently disentangled himself from Belle.

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that thing people say about knowing when to ask for help and how no one will know to help you if you don’t ask first - that’s fair, but also not everyone is the type of person for whom help is available. if you’re the average trans woman of color, you can ask for help a hundred times in a hundred different ways - with a desperate confession, with biting criticism, with strangely removed humor, with the nicest picture of yourself and your best prose - and it doesn’t matter because as much help as you do receive it will not be what you asked for, it will not change things so that you won’t need to ask again, it will not be enough in any true sense. but you know there are people who get everything they ask for and there are people who even get more than they asked (those are the ones who dare to ask for more assistance than you ever could) and of course there are all the people who never get to this place, never have to ask, because this world was made for them because this world takes from you and all your friends to give to them. i don’t know what else to say except that this world and everyone who succeeds in it deserves only our disrespect, our laziest work, our most creative acts of theft, our incoherent anger, and the very worst of what we imagine could threaten it.

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please send me these so i can spread my love || accepting

@obdurare jfc ily & i love hector & ik we don’t have much going on rn but i really love seeing your headcanons and ooc/ic shenanigans and just ??? everything? you’re such a cool person and I’m really glad you’re here <3

@agirlofwinterfell HOE WHERE ARE OUR THREADS no but you’re seriously already one of my best friends here even though ic interaction is like 0 like seriously we need to change that bUT i’m so glad i have you in my life bb <333 & i love arya, so precious please never change

@ahopefulbunch you’re just so dedicated to all of your muses & making sure all of them get love & i really love that? i love seeing anything you write, esp. will for obvious reasons & i’m sorry for all the things eliza does you know it’s bc she loves him a lot <3

@conquistadoradelmar so i don’t really know you that well ooc but i love vianca so much, every time i see her on my dash i’m just like <333 what a babe. she’s such a cool character and i love her story and just. everything. both of you, just keep on keeping on pls & thank you

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(different anon) Not to butt in, but some advice for lonely anon. I'm 26 and single, but have a bit of experience with unrequited love. Talk to them. If they don't feel the same, i know it's hard, but they obviously weren't the one. I get lonely too. But you gotta put yourself out there so people know you're single and looking. But you also gotta be happy with yourself and BY yourself first before anyone else can make you happy.

This is very true. The most important relationship you have is with yourself. If you can’r enjoy your own company, if you’re looking for someone else to solve things for you and change things by loving you…that’s never going to help. Love yourself first, as the tall one says.

Testing Model (The Vestige)

Lightning stared up at the titanic figure of Odin. The legendary Eidolon was in even better condition than during the days when she and Serah had piloted him. After that last, horrific battle, there had been plans to scrap the war machine. However, public outcry had forced the Eidolon Program to set aside those plans.

Instead, Odin had become a one of a kind testing prototype. He was the only Eidolon in existence that could be piloted by a single individual thanks to the heavily automated and much rougher control parameters his updated Drift system used. It made him all but worthless in combat since he would never be able to respond quickly enough, but it allowed him to live test many of the innovations that Professor Dia and the Eidolon Programs other specialists came up with.

The first thing they’d changed was his core. Odin’s new core was the first of its kind, the prototype upon which the cores for the Mark Vs had been based. His new core was stronger, more reliable, and far more resilient than his old one had been. The same could be said of his propulsion systems and machinery.

The original Odin had been the fastest Eidolon ever built at the time, and its unassisted speed records had yet to be broken, even by the Mark IVs and Mark Vs. In principle, Odin was now capable of moving at least 50% faster than before if only they could get all of the systems in place. As it was, he couldn’t do much more than amble around.

Even his weapon systems had been upgraded to test out ideas that had either already been put into practice or would soon be put into practice. His thunder knuckles had been increased in both power output and durability, and his transforming gun blade had likewise been improved. He even had wrist blades similar to the ones Bahamut had, along with shoulder-mounted plasma cannons and the ability to transform his thunder knuckles into plasma cannons.

Lightning smiled faintly. Vanille and Rikku had come up with that last idea, something so expensive and intricate that they had yet to win approval to apply it on a wider scale. Odin remained the only Eidolon with such intricate transforming parts.

In a way it could be seen as a waste of money, but they simply could not risk carelessly upgrading a combat-committed Eidolon. Odin, for all that it cost a lot to update and maintain him, gave them a way of seeing if their ideas could even work outside of a simulation. Due to the Drift system updates, they only needed Serah to pilot him. Sure, he would be clumsy and slow, but they only needed to see if things worked, and that was good enough for their purposes.

And yet…

Buried in the countless lines of code that operated the mighty Eidolon’s Drift system was a backdoor of sorts, one that stripped away all of the additional support and allowed the pilot to interface with the Eidolon completely, to an even deeper level than current Drift systems allowed.

It would turn the pilot’s brain into much in less than twenty minutes, which was why the Eidolon Program had added all of the automation and roughened the control parameters to reduce the strain, allowing one pilot to operate him well enough for testing. But before the pilot’s brain became mush, before they ended up either dead or brain dead, they would be able to control Odin to an unprecedented degree.

No, not unprecedented. Lightning knew better than anyone what it was like to pilot an Eidolon alone. There was that feeling of strength, of terrible certainty, and most of all that feeling that there was something else in the Drift, some ghost in the machine after all.

Still staring up at Odin, Lightning allowed herself to dream, just for a moment, of striding back into battle again. Yes, she thought as a grim smile crossed her face. It would be her last battle. It would have to be. Nothing else would force her back into the Conn-Pod. But it would be a good way to die. 

Odin was, in many ways, the most important thing in the world to her after her sisters. He was a symbol for everything they’d endured and for everything they’d achieved. To die fighting alongside him in defiance of the fal’Cie, that was not a bad way to die. And she wouldn’t die alone. She’d kill as many of them as she could. Odin could do a lot of damage in twenty minutes although she doubted that she’d last even that long, not with her old injuries. Fifteen minutes was all she’d get, maybe.

But it was only a dream, nothing more. Still, it was good to dream sometimes. Slowly, Lightning reached forward and put one hand on Odin’s armoured exterior. She’d wasted enough time dreaming. It was time to get back to work. They needed to find another fifteen billions gil in funding in the next two days. It was honestly disappointing how stingy people could be when it came to saving the world.

If Odin had been hooked up to monitoring equipment, they would have caught the faintest hint of activity in the Drift as Lightning walked away. Something had happened that day when Lightning had piloted him alone. She’d walked away with scars, and Odin… Odin had scars of his own. There was a reason Serah always felt comfortable in the Conn-Pod. 

The ghost in the machine remembered Lightning.

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okay so I was a huge robron fan and I still love them but every time the ons pops on my dash I actually die inside and I start to feel so sad for Aaron and anger toward rob and how convincing he was. How'd you get over that

I am actually dying with you everytime I think of the ons coz that reminds me of Aaron being in prison *breaks down and cries* no kidding I hate it and I hate Robert for having that ons and nothing will change that I thought well yeah mabye you can get over it but I can’t nope I just can’t I will always hate Robert for doing it and I will never believe that prison break up scene was the thing causing it I know Ed wants us to see it that way and I’ve accepted it but doesn’t mean I have to like it. So same. But Aaron forgave Robert for the ons and Ed was over its so quick *makes whale noises* it felt like it didnt even happen it was all so weird and it angers me so much that Aaron went through that hell in prison to set up the sl for Robert cheating and making that baby. His mental health got thrown under the bus for a baby sl, nice one Ed and again they’re not addressing it right *siiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* so to answer your ask short I will never get over it. I am ignoring it I guess cause well i still ship Robron and I want them back together and then I dont  and idk my heads just all over the place and I just decided to see how it all goes, the after ons reveal was amazing it put back a bit of my broken heart togehter, so hopefully ed will make their reunion good, let the boys heal (cough cough hows fighting jason heal aaron tho or robert planing his revenge on the whites ughhh) but i will always be bitter about that fucking ons!

Getting by Without Friends

1. Don’t see it as personal. We all have time when we feel lonely and alone.

2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself.

3. Find different things you can do, and enjoy, by yourself. Also, developing new interests will stop you feeling bored.

4. Spend time looking after a pet or animal. Pets are consistent, loyal and reliable. They’ll never hurt your feelings, and they’re good company.

5. Talk to other people that you meet casually (at the checkout, in a queue, or when you’re ordering some food). You’re likely to find you get a warm response – and that will remind you that you’re actually OK!

6. Don’t let this bad experience undermine your confidence. Keep reaching out to others, and one day things will change - and you’ll find other people who like to be with you.

→ through the flames (and into the lava)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre smut, fluff, slight humor, crack || dragon!jk, fantasy!au i guess

☆ warnings  public indecency, dry humping, fingering, non-penetrative sex, cumplay, i’m sorry

☆ word count  → 7.8k

Your boyfriend is a dragon.

Or so he claims.

or; the perks (and unexpected complications) of dating a fucking dragon

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MBTI types and C.S. Lewis Quotes

- Reason is the natural order of truth, but imagination is the organ of meaning
- Into the void of silence, into the empty space of nothing, the joy of life is unfurled

- Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching
- Feelings, feelings and feelings. Let me try thinking instead

- It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it
- Failure are finger posts on the road to archievement

- Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God you do learn
- It’s wonderful what you can do when you have to

- Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different
- Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward

- Love is unselfhly choosing for another’s highest good
- Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less

- There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind
- You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body

- Eros will have naked bodies; friendships naked personalities
- Affection is responsable nine-tenth of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives

- An explanation of cause is not a justification by reason
- What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it

- Life is top deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it
- Do not let your happiness depend on something you may lose

- The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all beauty come from
- A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words

- Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point
- We are mirrors whose brightness is wholly derived from the sun that shines upon us

- Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances
- We are what we believe we are

- You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
- When we lose one blessing, is often most unexpected given in its place

- If I find myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy. The only logical explanation is that I was made for another world
- Friendship is born the moment when one person says to another: “What? You, too? Thought I was the only one”

- Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny…
- No man who bothers with originality will ever be original whereas if you simply tell the truth you will become original without ever noticed

We have to stop relying on how we feel.

Life’s not always easy. Anyone could say that much for certain. There’ll be days when you’ll feel on top of the world, and there’ll be days when you can hardly even find the strength to pray. There’ll be days when you’ll feel God’s presence everywhere and all around you, and there’ll be days when you’ll feel completely alone. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry. You’ll rise and you’ll stumble. You’ll rejoice and you’ll despair. That’s it. That’s life. All in all, change is inevitable. 

The one thing that never changes is the truth of the Bible. And that’s what you’ve got to rely on. That’s where all your dependence has to be. 

Whether or not you can feel God’s presence, He’s always with you

Whether or not you feel like God loves you, He always does

And whether or not you feel like God will provide for you, He always will

Feelings will lead you astray. But God’s truth? Never. In a world where things are constantly changing, choose to lean on the unchanging word of the Lord. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

anonymous asked:

yall wtf is goin on with north korea being able to bomb the us and what does that mean for the people on either side of it

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about this and I’ll try to do my best to answer but I’m really no expert on the subject and would like if others chimed in. 

So the news was that North Korea now has the capabilities to strike almost all of the United States with a nuclear missile. Naturally people are a bit concerned but there’s still a ways to go before we have to worry. 

Right now there is almost no chance that an attack will happen. This was one demonstration that happened, and it was considered successful in terms of long range capabilities. But right now North Korea would be VERY limited in their attacks. It will likely be years before they perfect these missiles and their guidance systems. It will be years (if ever) that North Korea has enough to survive the more-advanced US missile defenses. 

Like, North Korea has had the capabilities of deploying nukes in South Korea, Japan, and a US base with nearly 30,000 US troops and they’ve never done anything. These threats have been here for years and nothing has happened. Are things going to change because they can now hit more places? Probably not. 

Despite what people think, Kim Jong Un probably isn’t ignorant to what happens if he attacks. As soon as he launches a missile, he KNOWS there will be retaliation and whatever damage he does will be met with a devastating response. Kim Jong Un doesn’t want to see his country and his regime destroyed in the blink of an eye, he wants to preserve it. That’s more what these missiles are - a security measure. 

Probably one of my favourite things about sheith is that it’s something we’ve never seen before.

You have Shiro, a soldier and leader who’s been through so much and suffered. He worked so hard in his life, only to be captured and taken prisoner. And after all the trauma and changes he went through, he still knows that Keith’s got his back. Keith’s always there to save Shiro.

Then there’s Keith, an angry pilot who’s had a bad past (which we have yet to see) that Shiro helped him through. Keith’s life would have been a lot different without Shiro. Shiro is always there to help keep Keith grounded and give him advice when he needs it. Shiro’s always there to help Keith.

I have never seen a relationship so strong, deep, and unique in any media, let alone expect to find it in a cartoon. And it’s so well written, that all of what I wrote above is blatant in the dialogue and gestures. It’s not the main story in the show, but it’s such a powerful story.

My point is, these two men support and need each other to the fullest and whether it be platonic or romantic, I fully support their relationship.


Beauty and the Beast ~ Shallura

Let’s be real, we’ve got the headstrong, hot-headed princess Allura in a long abandoned and forgotten castle with no one but Coran to keep her company. I couldn’t just not make Allura the beast. I wanted to make Coran all the pieces of furniture but finally decided to put his mustache to good use. And obviously Shiro’s gotta be the beauty fresh from the Galra gladiator ring.