one thing photoshoot

If something is your passion, listen to your heart. If it’s what you love more than anything else, don’t stop doing it for anybody. 

i work in fast food and people from our cooperate office reached out to me last week and gave me the opportunity to be a model in a photoshoot they’re doing 

and the photoshoot is tomorrow and im being excused from my shift to do this and im so excited but incredibly nervous 

I haven’t been blogging much the past couple days; I actually went to MTAC this weekend at had an absolute BLAST cosplaying a Team Skull grunt. I was going to make a post about that but honestly SO MUCH happened that day that I’m actually considering… animating it? Like a little Jaiden-esque animatic with a bunch of different anecdotes from that day. I’m not entirely sure but like, what do you guys think?

Say hi to the “conspiracy wall” I made in my bedroom. This is for a TJLC photoshoot project I’m presenting at university next tuesday. If you’d like, I could post the complete work then. I wanna reinforce how important it is to speak with others about everything we lived and still live in this community. I’m using what I have around - the academic environment - to raise a discussion on queerbaiting, LGBT representation and the importance of conspiracies in matters of saving lives and connecting people. But you can do that in any way you can! We’ll never allow this whole experience of being a part of TJLC be forgotten, right? Get ready to pull this off together.

Love you all!

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