one thing i know about hair is that it grows

My Problems Dmab Nonbinary Representation
  • Everything is dfab centered, from dysphoria ref pages to nb safe spaces, everything where we should be seeing ourselves equally
  • “Masculinity isn’t androgynous” while well-meaning does not do it’s job of helping feminine androgyny grow. It makes people who have no choice but to look masculine (aka dmab people) feel like shit
  • When we are brought up, it’s in two ways: posts that are ‘sorry’ we aren’t mentioned more, or us being lumped in with trans women
  • Being ‘sorry’ doesn’t do shit, how about do something proactive so apologizing isn’t necessary
  • While trans women are wonderful, we are not the same. We have different needs. Many of us can’t find refuge in feminine things like (most) trans women b/c nb people often don’t feel comfortable expressing masculine or feminine. 
  • While reference guides for tucking are nice, we need more dysphoria refs. We don’t all tuck. We need other information spread too (safe hair removal for instance, which after years of growing hair I personally know jack shit about)
  • Inclusion. If you’re running an nb help blog, or an advice column, or anything like that, you’d better have at least one dmab mod, if not, more. Otherwise you’re really not helping us.
  • Community. Spread posts and information about and for dmab people. Make sure your community spaces are inclusive and welcoming to us so we don’t feel guilty for being around. It’s not fair for us to feel unwelcome because we can’t see ourselves where we have every right to be 
  • Please reblog this, or contact me if I was too vague about a point or incorrect about something
  • Other dmab nb people: feel free to talk to me, I’m here for you
Under Appreciated TFB Lyrics

“I’m stabbing at the thoughts only to see what’s bleeding while I’m tripping acid and you’re tripping mushrooms.”- The Wrong Way

“You and your friends feel free and you’re way too cool for me and you do drugs now and all your problems run so deep”- Taking My Uzi to the Gym

“I keep asking questions I will never know the answers to”- The Winds

“It’s okay to give up ‘cause nobody here could care less”- So Sick We’re Dead

“We are so dishonest with ourselves”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Keep yourself distant and remote, unhappy and alone”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Times were pretty good before they started to unwind”- Silver Shinbone (Bucket Song)

“Believe me I’ve tried, and what I found
Was what we have is nowhere near as good as what we should have by now”- Not Yet

“I’m fine, I’m alright, but I will never let it go”- Somebody Else

“I have no idea what you’re going through so I won’t act like I do”- Somebody Else

“If I tell you all my secrets will you tell me all your lies?”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“He said no one’s going to listen until you mean every word you say”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“We keep saying we’re unhappy and they keep saying that we’re fine”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“Everything you’re feeling is common even though you’ve never felt so alone”- Rhode Island

“She says you gotta promise not to break no matter how far you are bent”- Rhode Island

“I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom”- Santa Monica

“If you need a little sunshine you can borrow some of mine. It’s okay if you’re unhappy, I would say before I leave her,
just take a look around there’s no one here that’s happy either”- Lonely Eyes

“If for some reason, you don’t feel like talking, I would just sit and enjoy your company”- Lonely Eyes

“Stop asking questions and learn to accept that the things that we have right now are the best things we’ve had yet”- Molly

“In this moment, I was pretty pleased with the person I was pretending to be”- Summer Shandy

“Well I’m staring at unfamiliar ceiling and I should leave ‘cause everybody here is tripping some new drug, except for me. WHY?! ‘Cause I don’t have the money”- More Than It Hurts You

“I am alone only half of the time, the other half I am only hiding”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“There’s a voice in the back of my head in the back of my head, says, ‘let 'em be just let them be happy.’”-Legit Tattoo Gun

“Whenever I’m alone or feeling lonely 
I pretend I can play the drums 
Inside my head”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“I need to stop playing out relationships
inside of my head because every one of my memories is filled with shit you never even said.”- If You’re Happy

“I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now”- Lipstick Covered Magnet

“And this is only a cry for help, you said watch me fade away.”- If You’re Happy

“Today we could do something we would’ve never done before”- Jim Bogart

“Hey, Sweetheart, where’d you get those eyes? You think that I could have a pair?”- Just as Big, Twice as Swollen

“I should hug my friends more than I do”- The Distance That I Fell

“All the kids I used to spend my time with but now can’t stand seem to be dying”- The Bells

“She’ll go to church and pray to god one day but is she getting into heaven? There is no fucking way”- Carry Me Down the Street

“The end of the world makes me nervous because I, for one, have not found god yet or someone to fall in love with, rob a bank, shoot a cop with”- The Cops

“Don’t ask questions, keep your head down, learn your lessons, 'cause no one with money ever goes to jail”- Current Events

“Only the strong survive and that is only the biggest lie”- Current Events

“I shaved my head last night to start anew in a chapter I call without you and it’s going to be the best I’ve ever written”- Current Events

“Sometimes you get sad when we’re together because you’re not sure if you’ll miss me when I’m gone”- Everything I Own

“I get these strange phone calls at night with no one on the other side”- Flying Model Rockets

“I’m always focusing on the wrong things and then the wrong things become everything, I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything”- HELP

“She is begging you not to cut your hair 'cause curly hair don’t look good cut short”- Hooped Earings

“She’s coming over because it’s better than being alone”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“Well I’m not going to sit here and deny what I think I felt”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“I’ll stop writing the book because the book, I realized, was boring”- I Wrote a Book

“I just want this to mean something to anybody even if they don’t know who I am”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“It’s a shame the bad habits are the hardest ones to break”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“I will stop cutting my pants into shorts, I will address the issues I cannot ignore, I will do the things that I think you might like, and I will be alone probably the rest of my life”- Swimming Pool

“I have been thinking about letting my hair grow, I have been thinking about cutting it short, I have been thinking about dying it yellow, but I don’t think I have the bone structure or wardrobe to support that type of look”- More Than It Hurts You
Bit of a Flirt

Request: Can you do a TJeffs image with 16,18, 21?

16: You’re cute with glasses.
18: What are you five?
21: Don’t give me that look! It’s not my fault!

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warning: lots of sexual innuendos/jokes, swearing? but when do i not swear in fics lmao

Kink Tag: none!

Period: Modern

Song: “Thin Air” - Olivia Holt ft. Jordan Fisher

A/N: So I collabed with @daveeddiggsit for this one and it ended up way cuter than we expected?? lol hope you enjoy!! (also there are several criminal minds references bc i’m like that)

You pushed your glasses back up the bridge of your nose as you continued typing away at your final thesis paper of the semester. Hair up in a bun, and some ratty university sweatpants on, you were looking a little worse for wear. But that was normal during finals week, right?

The library you had been holed up in for the past five hours was dead silent, allowing you to completely focus on your paper. Your eyes were glued to your laptop screen when you heard the sound of a chair scraping backwards but you were too in the zone to look up. As long as they didn’t disrupt your concentration, you’d be good.

“You ever think that the reason you’re wearing glasses is because you’ve been staring at that screen pretty closely for about two hours straight?” You heard a curious, deep voice interrupt your thoughts.

“You ever think about how the library is a quiet place for people to work,” you retorted without looking away from your screen.

“If you really want a quiet place to work, we could head back to my place and work on some other things too, if you know what I mean.” You could practically hear the smirk grow on his face.

“That sounds like one of the first lines in a Criminal Minds episode. Hard pass.”

“You like Criminal Minds? How about you let me profile you.

You finally glanced over and you could see that there definitely was a smirk on the very attractive man’s face. His hair was wildly curly, yet somehow tamable to an extent, facial hair adorned his defined jawline, and his amused brown eyes stared into your slightly-narrowed ones.

If you weren’t supposed to email this paper to your professor in six hours, you probably would’ve taken him up on his advances, but what was more attractive than Smirky Guy was an A on your paper. Which you then turned back to.

“Are you seriously just going to keep ignoring me?” He asked.


“I’m just going to keep flirting with you until you talk to me.”

“You call saying random pick up lines to a girl whose name you don’t know and receiving little to no response flirting?”

“Yup.” He said, mocking you.

You rolled your eyes and continued to type your paper.

“Aww, come on, four eyes, take a break and talk to me. It won’t hurt anyone.”

You completely turned to him. “‘Four eyes,’ really?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “What are you, five?”

“Hey, ‘four eyes’ isn’t a bad thing. You look cute in glasses.” He grinned at you and even added a wink this time.

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Look what I’m working on…

Serendipitous Fate 

Chapter 23 - Unofficial Preview (spoilers)

The most rational thing that Marinette could figure was that she was dreaming. Or maybe even in the midst of a nightmare. Yes, a nightmare. That was the only conclusion that made sense.

Yet, it was the little things that contradicted what she would like to think was certainty. The cool feeling of the porcelain toilet lid seeping through her shorts and searing her skin like a burn. The familiar grain of the hardwood floor beneath her feet. The soft murmur of voices in the other room. But what was most jarring was the too-close sound of scissors shearing through hair. It wasn’t consistent like everything else. It stabbed through her ears like a dull, choppy blade—like being sick with the flu only to be shaken every few seconds.

She wanted it to end, but was afraid that if she said anything, she’d be forced to recognize what was real. So, instead, she stared at the floor as chunks of black hair fell softly down around her feet, the weight gradually lifting from her head with each sharp, grating slice of the scissors.

Her mother’s hands were gentle as they sifted through her hair, evening the strands and snipping at flyaways. Until, finally, the shearing stopped.

Finally, Marinette could close her eyes and convince herself that none of it was real.           

That everything was fine.

“How does it look?” Her mother’s voice, though even and calm, was nearly as jarring as the scissors had been. Marinette snapped her eyes open to see that a hand mirror was being held out in front of her.

Out of expected habit—because her body knew motions well enough to substitute for her lagging brain—she reached up and took the mirror, before holding it up so she could see the reflection of the back of her head in the large bathroom vanity.

“It looks fine,” she replied, voice rough from misuse. No more pigtails. Though her heavy bangs remained, the back and sides of her hair had been trimmed within millimeters of her head, so as to even out where Queen Bee as cut away the strands during their battle.

Queen Bee… The battle…

Marinette didn’t want to think about it.

She wasn’t too torn up over the loss of her hair—she’d had short hair before. Not this short, but it’d grow back. There were worse things, after all.

“Marinette,” her mother said softly, touching her shoulder. She sat down on the edge of the tub a moment later, so they were facing one another. “Are you alright?”

She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to think about it.

Changing the subject to anything else was better.

“You were Ladybug before I was, right?” she asked, despite already knowing the answer

Sabine’s hold tensed on her shoulder, before her hand fell away. Much like her gaze did, becoming distant as she peered to the side.

“I was. But that… was a long time ago.”

“You’ve known I was Ladybug this whole time,” she determined.

“I realized it shortly after your first encounter with Hawkmoth, yes. I’d know those earrings anywhere. And the ring too.” She took a deep breath. “I knew Adrien was Chat Noir the first time I met him.”

Which was before Marinette had known.

“The miraculouses extend their users lifespans,” Marinette went on. “How old are you?”

“Much older than I look,” Sabine replied, finally looking back at her daughter and able to wear a small smile. Yet, Marinette said nothing, and so Sabine gave in. “I turned 97 this year, one year younger than Gabriel. I was Ladybug for most of my life.”

“Is that how you and Mr. Agreste know one another?”

“Yes. Gabriel is… a very old friend. We fought together during World War II, myself, him, and… And we stayed together for many years after, the three of us. Then the four of us.” Reaching up, she touched her forehead, looking wearied. “Thinking so far back really makes me feel my age.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Reaching out, Sabine patted her knee. “I’m not nearly as old as some.”

Make The Cut

Last year we saw a massive influx of celebrities and bloggers all making the decision to take off a few inches of hair. Emma Watson and Taylor Swift had been one of the first celebs to start the trend before it was taken on by many other girls, including YouTuber Zoella. All have taken on the new hairstyle known as the ‘long bob’, but why has this style been so loved?

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mcenziehughes said: Will you please do a what dating Jasper Hale would be like? Please I’m sorry for bothering you.

A/N: Yes of course I’ll do this imagine for you, love. You’re not bothering me no matter what. Request as many imagines as you would like, you don’t bother me. That goes to anyone who ever requests or would like to speak to me, just ask anything, any request, message me anything and I won’t judge you or treat you without respect. I love basically everybody and I want you to know that you’re no bother whatsoever! Please enjoy the imagine!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Jasper Hale would include:

- Him always knowing what you’re feeling.

- Jasper always calming you down with his gift when you’re upset, angry, ect.

- Jasper loving you unconditionally and very passionately.

- Jasper always giving you that smile of his that let’s you know he’s absolutely invested in you.

- Being an adventurous couple in more than one way, if you get what I mean.

- Jasper always holding your hand because you soothe him.

- Slow long and loving kisses that lead to more.

- Both of you listening to country and folk music.

- Jasper telling you stories about the battles he has been in.

- You being totally lost in Jasper’s story telling.

- Jasper smiling at you because you get so lost in his words.

- “It’s only a story, (Y/N).

- “Yeah, but you lived that stuff. I’ve only lived in this modern era and it’s not exactly the most proudest era to live in other than the scientific and medical and technological advances we’ve made.

- “That’s a fair point, (Y/N), but your immortal life has almost begun and I’ll be lost in your stories.

- “You really think so, Jasper?

- “Absolutely.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Jasper.

- The two of you never leaving each other’s sides.

- Facing everything together.

- Supporting each other no matter what.

- Jasper getting awfully playful with you.

- You continually challenging him, - especially when you’re training for battles-.

- “Are you challenging me, (Y/N)?

- “Probably.

- “Well I hope you’ve been listening, because I’m not that fair.

- “Oh I know!

- Jasper showing off the impress you.

- “Are you showing off again?

- “Possibly.

- “Stop showing off!

- “I don’t know what you mean.

- Being a playful yet loving couple.

- Jasper being scared of how angry you get so whenever he senses that you’re angry, he automatically uses his gift on you.

- “Stop using that on me!

- “It’s for your own good and my good.

- “Why your good?

- “Because you’re scary as hell when you’re mad.

- Falling in love with Jasper’s Southern twang and drawl in his voice.

- “Are you listening to me, (Y/N)?”

- “Uh what?

- “Lost in my voice and good looks again?

- “Don’t flatter yourself, Hale.

- “So am I right or am I wrong?

- “Right.

- “I thought so.

- Jasper’s sexy smirks.

- Jasper being incredibly protective over you.

- Jasper getting jealous when other men flirt with you.

- “Are you jealous, Jasper.

- “Possibly.

- You being incredibly protective over Jasper.

- You getting jealous whenever other women flirt with Jasper.

- “You’re jealous aren’t you?

- “No!

- “It’s bad enough that you lie about it to other people, but to me? Come on, I already knew the answer before you walked over here.

- “Shut up…”

- Jaspers arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

- “I love you so much.” he whispers in your ear.

- “I love you too.” you smile back.

- You always asking Jasper what he feels because you’re curious when you can’t read him.

- “Totally and utterly in love.

- “I’m the happiest immortal man on this earth.

- “I’m feeling very grateful.

- Jasper always flattering you with nice things and compliments.

- Jasper taking you to museums to help you get a better understanding of when he was a human being.

- Loving your immortal life because you have Jasper to be with forever.

- Learning Jasper’s real age.

- Jasper always trying to find out things about you.

- “So what was life like for you when you were growing up, (Y/N)?

- “Nothing interesting, I guess.

- “I doubt that. You’re lying. I can feel the discomfort in your system.

- “Why are you wondering?

- “Because I would like to know.

- “Curious are we?

- “Possibly?

- “Curiosity killed the cat, Jasper. Don’t be that cat.

- “Why not?

- “My past wasn’t a nice one, let’s put it like that.

- Jasper holding you tightly to him and playing with your hair or rubbing your back.

- You feeling warm to Jasper and vice verse because you’re both vampires.

- “There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for you, (Y/N).

- “Awe, the same goes to you, Jasper.

- “Good.

- Getting lost in his golden ochre eyes.

- Jasper getting lost in your burgundy eyes and loving how they turn more golden as time passes by that you diet more on animal blood.

- Supporting each other and helping each other with feeding on animal blood.

- Being the most supportive and loving couple on earth.

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Business and Pleasure - Part 7

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,267

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

You had meant to get back to work after leaving James’ office. You had every intention of being productive today, but you couldn’t get your mind off of what happened earlier in the day. How the hell could you have let yourself sleep with James? After everything that the two of you had dealt with in the past few weeks. It had been a stupid, rash decision, but you couldn’t help it. He was infuriating, but strangely intoxicating. To make matters worse, you couldn’t help but cringe at your parting words to James.

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In a universe where we age backwards.
We are born at the bottom of graveyards.
Dust becomes bone
Bone become flesh.
As we enter the surface there is light.
Later we will learn that they call it the sun.
For now;
we are wrinkled skin and slow smiles.

We are assigned to younger adults who become our caretakers. Mother. Father. They teach our tongues the words of their people. We get better at remembering.
But no one recalls the life before this one.

We learn to walk without the cane; without the limp.

At school; the best teachers are children. They tell us of all the years they have lived.
Between classes we talk about what we want to be when we grow down.

At graduation, the grey fades and we find out our true hair colour for the first time; women begin to bleed; their breasts rise; our bodies become firmer; the wrinkles smoothen like pressed flowers.
We dance for the first time. And don’t feel tired.

My caretakers are teenagers now. They’re loud and hard to understand. The scientists say it’s something with their hormones. I find that my mother skips work and listens to sad songs; she spends more time looking in the mirror now. My father cries when no ones looking;
it’s hard for a man to become a boy.

When we go to find jobs the younger ones interview us. When we turn 13 we will have to retire.

I save money to put my caretakers into a children’s home when they get younger. Just like they did for their grandparents.

I was assigned my first elderly person. He’s 95 and confined to a wheelchair. He doesn’t have any hair yet but I know it’ll grow soon. Sometimes he grabs my wrist to look at the way our skin doesn’t match. When he gets younger I’ll tell him about race; he’s too old to understand such things. I name him Luke.

I fall in love with a younger man; a writer named Hercules. He says funny things like “Imagine a universe where we age backwards; where we start off babies and die when we grow old.”
I try; but it seems impossible; too farfetched.
At our wedding; Luke is the ring bearer.
(He walks down the aisle without his wheelchair and I can’t help but cry).

Hercules kisses my forehead every time we meet. Says he wants to savour the days when he stands taller than me.

My caretakers are babies now. And Hercules is a teenager. There’s something different about him; he says I’ll understand in a few years.

They say that my mother wouldn’t sleep the night my father passed on; that she wouldn’t stop crying for what seemed like no reason but I think that somehow she knew. He’d been asleep in his crib at the time; the passing often happens this way.

Hercules holds me tighter that night. He’s started having nightmares. I guess it’s harder for a writer. To know that one day he’ll forget how to say how he feels; how to read.
I wonder how babies manage it. To have all these thoughts and no way to express them.

I’m eighteen today and it’s full moon. Hercules takes me to the beach and insists we bathe entirely naked. Between the waves he tells the whole sky of stars that we’re rebels now; that becoming a teenager makes us free in ways I don’t yet understand. I think that he just wants to taste everything before he dies.
After sharing a bottle of wine on the sand with him and dancing to the sound of the ocean’s monologue…
I believe him.

Our love has changed. From candle to fireplace to forest fire. I want to touch him all the time. He likes writing poems on my skin; but says that even without them I’m the best book he’s ever read.

My breasts are shrinking. And my bleeding had stopped. Though no one really understands why it happens. Hercules says maybe it served a purpose in the life before. His voice is high pitched now; more like mine; a sign of maturity.

Being teenagers was hard but nothing prepared me for childhood. They say it is a lot like old age.
Luke put us in the nicest children’s home he could find. It’s full of interesting people who’ve retired like us. But the babysitters are always watching. We play games during the day but they force us to go to bed even if we don’t want to. Hercules and I have to sleep in separate rooms now.

Yesterday they caught Hercules trying to paint his hair grey again. He believes he can fight it somehow. He hates that he can’t stay focused long enough to finish books but he still brings me love letters; crooked hearts coloured with crayons. I stick them on the fridge and stoop so that he can kiss my forehead.

When the babysitter told me that Hercules had passed on… I learnt what it felt like to be crushed. Some days I’d feel the ghost of his lips against my forehead and feel so angry. I’d cry and scream and curse. They called it a tantrum.

I’m five years old now and I’m beginning to understand that the end looks so much like the beginning and that’s why they call it the circle of life.

—  In a universe where we age backwards // Ceres @mentamorphisis
Xeno - 4

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: Do you even read these? Probably not lmao. This chapter was supposed to be something else but then it turned into this. Kill me. The damn storyboard said fluff, but it turned into angst. ARGH. 2.2k Words

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Originally posted by bangtannoonas

It was finally back to work – which meant finding out more about the cyborg. You figured that some background information would help you get his feelings back; memories were always the root of all human emotion, after all. 

You had no problem in leaving him alone at home. There was food for him to eat, clothes for him to wear, and the smart TV was there for entertainment. He could take care of himself, even if he went out. You figured he had some common sense.

“Y/N, I need you to help me with something.”

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Dean, Not Sam

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,597

Warnings: Jealous!Dean and we all know how he can get then fluffy!dean

Request: Heyyy can u do a Dean x Reader where Sam and the reader are best friends and have a lot in common and Dean feels like shes gonna leave him for Sam but the reader reasures him that she’s not

Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Living with the Winchesters was always an adventure. Each day was open to something new happening but you wouldn’t trade this life for any others you might have dreamed of in the past. You were dating the hottest and you were best friends with the tallest.

Your life was good and you were happy with how things were going. You just started dating Dean a few months ago even though you’ve been flirting for a lot longer than that. You were friends with both Winchesters a lot longer before you moved in with them.

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My Dad and I
  • <p> <b></b> [We were talking about haircuts]<p/><b>Me:</b> You know, a lot of people say that the worst thing you can possibly hear is, during a haircut, the hair-person-whatever-they're-called says, "Oh, crap! I didn't mean to do that." I disagree.<p/><b>Dad:</b> Oh, yeah?<p/><b>Me:</b> The worst thing you can hear is, while you're getting a tattoo, the artist goes, "Oh crap! I didn't mean to do that." Because hair grows back.<p/><b>Dad:</b> *nods* Yeah... But I can think of worse.<p/><b>Me:</b> *looks up at him inquisitively*<p/><b>Dad:</b> One word: surgery. And do you want to know what's even worse than hearing, "Oh shit," during surgery? *Grins*<p/><b>Me:</b> What?<p/><b>Dad:</b> Just moments before the anesthesia kicks in, you hear, "Lord Satan, please accept this sacrifice..."<p/></p>

Playlist || Part One

Edward Lupin || Could’ve been something else

01. Attic lights // 02. What do I know? // 03. little lion man // 04. ho hey // 05. dirty paws // 06. red right ankle // 07. things we lost in the fire

Victoire Weasley || Ivory Bones

01. Lisztomania // 02. Daydream Believer // 03. flowers in your hair // 04. Oblivion // 05. Grow old with me // 06. All about your heart // 07. Nancy Mulligan

Fred Weasley || Sans Removyr

01. Afraid // 02. get home // 03. Icarus // 04. Angels fall // 05. Habits of my heart // 06. I found // 07. Americas suitehearts

Rose Weasley || In The House Where I Live

01. Dear sister,your brother // 02. Babel // 03. Little talks // 04. Reflections // 05. House of Gold // 06. Don’t be afraid // 07. Lego house

Lily Potter || By Any Other Name

01. Galway Girl // 02. Young blood // 03. She will be loved // 04. Big girls don’t cry // 05. Slide // 06. Punching in a dream // 07. Winter winds

A month of AUs - June 3

A/B/O verse Hanzo discovers he’s pregnant and worries about his ability to be a decent parent.

(Heads up, there may be a number of days in the A/B/O verse or variations of it, because while I CAN come up with 30 distinct AUs… I do not necessarily feel like writing a scene for all 30 of those distinct AUs)

Staring down at the stick in his hand, Hanzo feels like the air has escaped his lungs. It takes him a moment to remember how to breathe, his hand falling to the bathroom counter to keep him upright.

He thought he’d been prepared for this possibility. As soon as he’d recognized the symptoms he’d considered all avenues. Pregnancy… pregnancy was not the worst possible thing anymore. He wasn’t on the run. He wasn’t being hunted. He even had a mate. He’d lived with Overwatch for three years now, been with Jesse McCree for the past two years. Overwatch had returned to being a legal entity not long after he joined, and the protection that came with it made life almost easy.

He thought he’d be okay with the possibility of being pregnant.

He wasn’t.

He doesn’t realize he’s sobbing until a knock on the door pulls him from his thoughts.

“Darling? You okay in there?”

He’d nearly forgotten McCree was waiting in their room. For a second, Hanzo considers not saying anything. Then he looks at the window and contemplates escaping to the roof.

Eventually, he stands and opens the bathroom door.

McCree is standing there with his hand still poised to knock. He takes in Hanzo’s appearance before noticing the red tint to his eyes. “Oh, Hanners…”

Hanzo falls into his arms before he can say anything else, not crying, but refusing to look up at his husband’s face. “It’s positive. I’m-. We, are having a child.” He can feel the stutter in McCree’s chest as he inhales, and his grip around Hanzo tightens.

“You mean it, babe?”

Hanzo can’t speak. He only nods, holding back another sob now at the guilt from how excited McCree sounds. Of course he would be happy. McCree had brought up his wish for children so many times since they had begun their relationship. He had never pushed, never asked for them to settle down, but Hanzo had known anyway.

With a gentle kiss to the top of Hanzo’s head, McCree leads him over to the bed, pulling the smaller man down onto his lap, arms curled around each other.

“So what’s the plan then?”

“Hm?” Hanzo asks, still refusing to look any higher than McCree’s chest. “I suppose we will have to see Dr. Ziegler to schedule appointments. See Commander Amari about-… about my pregnancy leave.”

“We don’t have to-”

Hanzo ignores the interruption, pulling away slightly as McCree’s closeness begins to feel like it is suffocating him. “I must inform Genji, see if he can steal our tombs from Hanamura to ensure our child bonds with his dragon without incident. I will of course be unable to go. I will be unable to train as well. Commander Amari will need to find another sniper, leaving our teams vulnerable-”

McCree does the only thing he can think of to stop Hanzo’s rant before he begins to panic. He puts his hand over Hanzo’s chin and forces him to look up. “Han. It’s okay. I need you to breathe.”

He does, heart racing and head feeling faint as if he hadn’t been breathing at all this entire time. “Jesse…”

“You’re panicking, darling. Wanna tell me why?”


“Let me rephrase that. Tell me why.”

It’s not really an order. If Hanzo did not want to discuss it, he could remain silent. But phrasing it as an order gave him an out. Gave him the opportunity to talk frankly and not feel as if he were being weak by wanting to share his fears. So he puts his hand on McCree’s shirt, playing with a button as he gathers his strength.

“I do not believe I should be a parent.”

McCree tenses at the admission. “And why’s that?”

There are so many reasons. And he lists them all. His mother and father were terrible examples. The elders were hardly the basis for a good family dynamic. He doesn’t know the first thing about children. He grew up thinking murder was a part of life. He tried to kill his own brother as adults. Oh, and that one time when he and Genji were small, when Genji came down with a flu and Hanzo thought he was faking and pushed him out into the snow.

He began his training when he was still a child, barely old enough to consider attending school. Would he be a bad parent for not wanting their child to train as diligently? Wouldn’t that just be setting them up to be hurt or killed, unable to defend themselves?

And what about school and education? Discipline? Could he stop himself from raising his hand against his child if they acted out? Should he do that? He read that it was wrong. And he was terrible with his words. What if his child grew up thinking his father hated him? What if-

“Darling, I had no idea you felt that way.”

Of course Jesse would cut him off from those thoughts just as Hanzo was beginning to have them. He was a good man.

“I did not know I would feel this way.” Hanzo admits after a long moment. “I thought I was prepared. I thought I would feel… excited? I am not sure.”

“Well, why did you think you’d be excited?”

For the first time, Hanzo placed his own hand on his stomach, considering the small group of cells that were growing there. Why had he wanted to try for a child with Jesse? “… I wanted a child with your eyes, your smile. I wanted to see a miniature version of you in my arms, with you smiling at us.”

He can feel Jesse’s smile against his hair before the other man speaks. “You know you ain’t the only one with fears, Han.”

Hanzo scoffs, but allows Jesse to continue.

“I ain’t even know who my dad was. And my ma died when I was just a kid. I don’t know the first thing about how a parent is supposed to be outside of movies and TV. Even when Fareeha was visiting the base, she was usually hanging with me and Reinhardt, not her mom. I remember Ana would keep her artwork and call her during missions, but I don’t remember much else. And you ain’t the only one with insecurities either. I have ta quit smoking right now if we’re going to do this. And recalibrate my arm so I don’t crush nothing when I get mad or distracted.”

Something in his words catches Hanzo off guard and he finally looks up at his husband. “I am not sure why I assumed you already knew all about child rearing, but I did.”

“I don’t even know how to change a diaper, honestly. Or where to buy them.” He makes a face and suddenly goes pale. “Oh my god. What do babies eat?”

“Jesse, I am sure I will be capable enough to feed our child.”

“Yeah, but what about when you’re on a mission? Do we just get formula or something?”

Hanzo falls silent.

It takes Jesse a moment to realize. “Han? Did I say something wrong?”

“No.” Hanzo assures him. “I just… I assumed that I would no longer be welcome on the team. Would I not be a liability?”

“Well, I ain’t goanna say I want you out there in danger, but that ain’t no different from when you go out on a job without me. I suppose it’ll be up to you and Mercy as to when you go on leave. And I guess I just assumed you’d be wanting to get back into things right away. I know ya don’t like being cooped up and I don’t mind staying behind sometimes. Long as you keep yourself safe.”

“It seems we have both assumed many things about each other.”

Jesse can’t hide his smile. “Seems like. So, how are ya feeling about all this now?”

Hanzo shrugs once, then gently raises his first to meet Jesse’s eyes. “I still have concerns over my ability as a parent but… perhaps, we can, as you say, figure things out on the way.”

Jesse grins. “And hey, worst case scenario, I’m sure the team would be more than happy to help us out.”

Hanzo hadn’t even considered asking their teammates for assistance, but he finds the idea warming. Their team is their family. Of course they’d help.

Hesitantly, Jesse slides his hand down to Hanzo’s belly, placing it over Hanzo’s own hand.

“So… this is really real.”

Gently, Hanzo entwines their fingers together.

“It is.”

Damian x Batsis

Summary: Batsis takes Damian to the zoo.

Requested By: Anon

A/N: I apologize, I wrote this thinking I recalled the whole prompt, I reread the prompt again and realized you had requested it being the first time he goes. If you want me to rewrite it, I will! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it!


   "Sister, while I appreciate your efforts in ‘distracting me’ since Father won’t allow me on patrol, please answer me as to why you picked the zoo of all places?“

   (Y/N) glanced down at her little brother as they walked towards the Australian exhibits

   His right arm held tightly to his chest by a sling, with his deep blue cast peeking out slightly across his hand. A broken arm he had unfortunately sustained during patrol a week ago.

    “Well, maybe I wanted to come here because I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time. Maybe it’s not for your benefit, but for mine. And maybe dad asked me to bring you because all you did was nag him at home about joining him on patrol when he clearly told you no several times.” She replied, gently flicking the side of his head.

    Damian glared up at her and rubbed the spot she flicked with his free hand. “So Father made you bring me to the zoo?”

    “I told you, I wanted to go. Dad just asked in a very tired voice if I would be interested in bringing you along.” (Y/N) reached down and grabbed his hand. “Come on, Dami. We’re gonna have fun. You can tell me everything about the animals that the zookeepers don’t know.”

    He replied with a tt before wiggling his fingers in between hers. “Fine. I will only do this for you. At least you picked a zoo that has a good reputation for its humane habitats and fair care of the animals.”

    (Y/N) leaned down slightly to kiss his temple. “You’re a peach, Dami.”

    He glared at her once more. “Nobody says things such as that.”

    “And nobody talks in such a fancy way like you, kid. Come on, let’s go see the kangaroos and the wallabies.”


    (Y/N) stopped in front of the elephant exhibit, munching on the remaining bits of kettle corn she had bought earlier. One of the elephants had walked up close to the fence and seemed to being eyeing the zookeeper that was giving a presentation to the growing crowd and stationed nearby with a large bucket of apples.

    “Wow,” (Y/N) said softly, gazing up at the massive creature. It’s ears slowly waving back and forth in an attempt to cool itself off in the summer heat. “I always forget how big they actually are until you’re up close.”

    Damian took the empty bag of popcorn out of her hands and tossed it in the trash can, reaching a little further to place his empty water bottle in the recycling bin. 

   He looked up at the elephant who gently accepted an apple offered by the zookeeper. “She’s actually a rather average height for an elephant, they can grow up to about thirteen feet tall. Although, they only measure up to elephants’ shoulders, much like they do with horses.” He informed her, walking back over to stand beside his sister.

    “Huh. I didn’t know that.”

    “Hence the reason I decided to inform you.”


    The two of them watched as another elephant came over to join the first one.

    “Hey, Dames?” (Y/N) asked, looking down at her little brother and noting all the little things about him. The warm summer breeze ruffling his fluffy black hair, the bandaid on the right side of his jaw, his normally sharp green eyes softened as he watched the massive creatures in front of him.

    “Yes, (Y/L/N)?” His attention now on her.

   "Thanks for coming with me, even though you didn’t really want to.“

    He glanced down, contemplating whether or not he wanted to tell her that he actually did want to come and was glad she invited him. He glanced back up and gave her a nod. "You’re welcome. I actually am happy you invited me.”

   She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled. “I’m glad.”

   Damian turned back to watching the elephants, where yet another one had decided to join for free treats.

   "I have a great respect for elephants.“ He said, watching the massive creature lumber by a small gaggle of humans staring up in awe on its way to the food.

    (Y/N) stepped behind her brother and rested her forearms carefully on his shoulders, leaning down slightly to nuzzle the top of his head and place a gentle kiss. "Yeah, Dami. I love them too.”

Ayee, time for hair masks

Sooo, ma ladies (and long-haired 80-90s styled gentleman), some nice shit, that I use on my hair.

So, I had extreme short hair (half-shaved, yee). But, I really want a 19s Russian century dress (Dostoevsky times, yay) for my prom. So I want to grow hair to match it. I use one hair mask, which helps me. Don’t know about you, but for my hair type it’s good. I have oily hair, which I have to wash every day. This hair mask is ideal for me.

● 1egg

● 1 teaspoon cocnut oil

● 1 teaspoon castor oil

● 1 teaspoon honey

The amount of ingredients depends on length.

Apply on hair, put a hair bag (or how is that called? Forgive me, I’m russian. Don’t know how most things are called😂) on and leave on hair for 1.5 hour. Rinse with a lot of shampoo, so not to leave any oils. Wash with warm, not hot water, so not to bake an egg on your hair😁😂

I can’t stop thinking about this for some reason okay so we all know about hockey players and their playoff beards, yes? (lets pretend i know things about sports) what if they had the same tradition in exy? I’m just imagining all these exy boys with their beards please bear with me

  • before and during the pre championship games, the fox boys just stop shaving
  • listen to me
  • kevin with a beard, o shit
  • kevin has one of those beards that grows in real nice, i’m talking like chris evans’ beard except darker
  • he looks fucking beautiful, with his dark hair and his green eyes, he was already a heartthrob before, but exy fans (female and male alike) are losing their pants over this shit
  • neil was aware of this tradition but this is his first time participating
  • he does not want to join in, but matt hid all the razors in fox tower
  • neil cannot grow a beard. it’s patchy, it’s scraggly & itchy and he is NOT HAPPY
  • until andrew starts scratching his fingers through it when he kisses neil (which is even more frequent than before, andrew thinks neil’s ginger ‘beard’ is hot, he wont say so, but thank u playoff beard)
  • matt’s beard grows in real thick
  • dan has forced him into a flannel at least once for that LumberJACKED Aesthetic™️
  • nobody can be in the same room as them for very long, nicky jokes that dan is in heat
  • nicky always wants to look smooth and beautiful but he didn’t want to be left out
  • he convinced erik to join in all the way from germany
  • he skypes erik like 20 times a day complaining that it itches the first week
  • andrew and his blonde beard, please imagine this i’m fuckidngs;skfah
  • neil wants to die
  • andrew looks good with a beard
  • & 12000% more deadly tbh, people literally avoid crossing paths with him in pubic because of his permanent Murder Face™️ mixed with a beard
  • cue neil slipping off with andrew to do dirty things like 25/7
  • when will wymack catch a break
  • they rarely hear from aaron anymore, he’s always with katelyn (having straight person sex, as nicky calls it)
  • even wymack joins in, he looks so burly & intimidating. nicky tries to find out if abby likes it but instead earns himself 5 miles around the court
  • BONUS jean grows out his beard & is speaking french, jeremy is pretty sure he’s gonna have a heart attack, he wont survive championships with this shit

I have this head canon that when Keith can’t sleep he goes to Lance. And Lance, growing up with a ton of younger siblings, knows all the little tricks to getting people to sleep. So, Lance will let Keith lay next to him and he does these little things. Some nights he may quietly read to Keith, playing with his hair while he does. Or he may he’ll tell Keith stories about his family, the happy stories, and even the not so happy ones. Keith’s favorite thing that Lance does is sing to him. In English or Spanish, it always calms Keith down. Relaxing him enough to fall into a deep sleep surrounded by Lance.

Congratulations- Eliza Schuyler X Reader

request from anon: eliza x reader 303(“We have to pretend to be married.”) which leads to 295(“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”)at some point

You sat down next to Alex and you turned towards him

.“What is Washington lecturing about today?” You asked him and he looked up at you for a second before looking back at his phone, obviously distracted.

“Dunno. Sorry- Jefferson is in his French History class and keeps on pretending like I don’t understand french so I am kicking his ass right now.”

“So nothing new.”

“Yeah- wait, Eliza didn’t tell me she was joining this class.” Alex frowned, turning his phone off, staring at someone who had just walked in. I rolled my eyes.

“Mm, now you pay attention.” You muttered and he looked at you like you were crazy.

“I don’t know what Washington is lecturing about but look at her. I mean if I were you I would introduce myself.” Alex told you, pointing at a woman with long black hair.

“Funny, I don’t remember asking for your help with my love life.”

“Ha. I’m just saying- Eliza is amazing.” He told you and Eliza looked over towards Alex and he waved her over. 

She smiled as she walked over to the two of you and she hugged Alex tightly.

“Alex, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in person!” She smiled and he nodded in agreement.

“Too long. How is Peggy feeling? Still sick?” He asked her, genuinely concerned.

She nodded.

“She’s getting better but she’s not one hundred percent yet.” Eliza said and she brushed the topic off and she extended a hand to me. "Oh! I’m sorry- Alexander and I always seem to get off topic whenever we talk. I’m Elizabeth.“

You shook her hand.

"I’m Y/N.” You said and she looked at you and smiled.

“Alex has talked about you alot. I feel like I know you already.” She joked and you smiled.

“All good things I hope?”

“From what he’s told me it sounds like you’ve been taking care of him.”

“I’m one of his roommates so I try to make sure he doesn’t pull four days without sleep in a row.”

“So you haven’t changed at all?” Eliza asked with a teasing smile towards Alex and he ran his hand through his hair and he shrugged sheepishly.

“Oh shush. You still wear your hair the exact same way you did in high school.” He argued and she shushed him, her smile growing.

“Mm well at least my hair is still more fabulous than yours.” She smiled as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Alex scoffed and crossed his arms.

“You’re obviously wrong- what do you think?” Alex asked you and you stared at him wondering why he was bringing you into it.

“I think you two fight like an old married couple." 

"Mm Angelica said the same thing, didn’t she Eliza?” Alex asked her and she nodded.

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Engaged to be Engaged to be Engaged, A Bal Fanfic

i read it but i don’t write it so i thought why not give it a shot.

movie: descendants 2

pairing: ben x mal

(a couple hours after the royal cotillion)

The enchanted lake. Every now and then, there would be families on picnics or other teenagers swimming in the lake, but most of the time, it was just Ben and Mal. When Ben was overwhelmed with his royal duties, the couple would come down to the lake to relax. To just look at the sky, talk, and maybe eat some strawberries.

So many of their dates were at the very same spot of their first one. They’d always come here to escape from their hectic reality. That’s exactly what Mal was doing this very second. Alone.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Mal was startled, but not surprised. Ben always knew where to find her.

“Hey,” she greeted boyfriend softly. 

It was nearly 1 a.m. She couldn’t sleep. She didn’t really want to. She just wanted to think about the last few days, and why it all happened.

She didn’t want to be evil. She knew that. She loved being good. She loved being Mal, the girl who went against ‘The Mistress Of All Evil’, her own mother, so she could be good. Good is who she is. ‘Perfect Lady of The Court’ isn’t.

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Don’t Tell Your Friends

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3,363, including song lyrics. 

Request: @everlastingasecond requested a sequal to She Do This Often. It wasn’t supposed to go up until later, but an idea popped in my head and I had to write it! So here it is! 

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends, so language, obviously. Implied smut, light smut and Bucky being teased into oblivion. 

A/N: Inspiration struck me like lightning and I just had to post it! Hope you enjoy, sweetie. Please let me know! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Understanding the 21st century was still one of the greatest mysteries to Bucky Barnes and he spent every day trying to solve a new one.

Today mother nature had decided to torture the humans by putting the warmest day of summer upon them and Bucky was, mildly put: dying. No matter where he went in the facility he couldn’t seem to find a cold place where he could cool down and he was sure that if anyone was to take his temperature at that moment, he would be hotter than fire. He had even contemplated just going down to the lab and walk into the cryo chamber for a solid 10 minutes. Just to cool down.

It would also buy him a great load of time away from the rest of the team who were using the pool as their way of cooling down. The water was ice cold and he knew it would feel wonderful to take a dip and he really wanted to, there was just one very big problem with that idea.

You were there as well.

And he was sure you would be dressed in nothing but a very small bikini and that he couldn’t handle at this very moment. He was boiling up already, looking at you really wouldn’t help any part of him to calm down. Instead, he was sure it would only fuel the fire that was burning up inside him and he was sure no cryo chamber would be able to cool him down after that.

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