one thing i do not miss

(small blurb of things while I wait for my ankle to stop swelling and the painkillers to work… I hope you don’t mind!!)

So I was re-reading your tag “Space Australia” and I had a thought… from the pov of aliens, Oro is p much THE human?? I mean:

  • Will adopt anything that looks like an orphaned being. Smol alien being alone in space? Oro’s now.
  • Also has significant bonding with any alien species that looks like a snake. Has probably tried and successfully pet any last one of them.
  • His experience has an actual 50/50 chance of starting the Armaggedon but somehow??? it always works
  • Has probs eaten things no one should and came out fine
  • Walks out of a crash, ten days later “hey what did I miss? Also here’s my new child, I met them while scavenging for things and you won’t believe what the motors can do now
  • If you try and tell me he didn’t attach a kunai to a snake and named it “Stabby" you’re lying and it definitely happened.

(i’d say i’m sorry but i’m really really not)

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Headcanons and a little au-ish. If Sidon, Teba, Riju, and Yunobu became the next champions and the spirits of the previous champions didn't move on and instead stuck around on the divine beasts and could be interacted with, what would the two generations talk about? Please and thank you! I'll stop now.

This is a really cool idea! Pls don’t stop!

Not sure what to title this though.

-Mod Pinks


  • “SISTER!”
    • Tearful reunion out the wazoo. 
    • If they can hug, you bet your ass they do.
  • Sidon tells Mipha of all the things she’s missed, of how the Zora kingdom is faring and how things are going for them.
    • Also tells tales of his one accomplishments, looking for her praise.
  • Mipha praises him for becoming a wonderful prince, and is really proud of him. She continues to be a wonderful mentor to him.


  • “….Man, the Rito warriors have lost their sense of fun over the years.”
  • It’s a rough few first conversations
    • Revali thinks he’s too serious, that he should be enjoying life.
    • Teba thinks he’s too proud, too loud and arrogant.
  • They eventually bond over a mutual friend- Link, when he visits.
  • They still nag each other to death though.


  • “Mom!”
    • There was not a single dry eye in the Divine Beast that day.
  • Urbosa listens to Riju tell her of the Gerudo- how they’ve changed, what’s the same, what ruling them has been like.
  • Urbosa tells her that she is proud of her daughter, and tells her tales of when she was first a ruler.
    • Comforts her.


  • So nervous about being a champion
    • Constantly asking advice from Daruk on how to do better.
  • Daruk tells him stories from when he was alive, trying to inspire him
  • In return, Yunobo tells him of what has happened to the Goron nowadays.
bedding (part 4)

Title: Teacher

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warnings: swearing, smut

just so you know, I’m writing this past midnight with a winnie the pooh blanket over my head while I should be asleep due to my test tomorrow… okay anyway- i’m not to great at writing smut and this one especially sucks (bud-um tsk). so, sorry bout that.


The next morning you send a maid to the hospital wing immediately to bring you the month-lasting medicine for being “active”. Daniel decided to teach you how to properly do things in a manner that would bring pleasure to both of you that night, after doing both of your daily duties.

“Y/n, mimic my mouth, alright? Kissing is a natural thing people do, and my love you are amazing, especially for being inexperienced, but you’re missing tongue.” He explains. He was sitting at the end of the bed and you were standing between his legs. You were both in your underwear as well, but that was Daniel’s request.

“Alright, I’ll try.” You reply. He leans towards you and you lean down a bit, connecting your lips. You move your tongue into his mouth and massage his tongue with yours like he did a couple nights ago. He moves his lips against yours and pulls you into him as he falls back onto the bed, bringing you with him. You bite his lip and he pulls away slightly, groaning.

“Am I doing good?” You ask quietly.

“Yes, baby girl, just sh.” He replies, pulling you back in.

Baby girl wasn’t a name you’ve ever heard of, and it didn’t seem like something a queen should be called, but you can’t help but feel the place between your thighs dampen.

You pull away and lead your kisses down his neck, chest and to the rim of his underwear.

“No, love I don’t think you’re ready fo-”

“I am. I want to make you feel nice Daniel. Be my teacher, I want to know how to make you feel how you make me feel.” You whisper to him, bringing your face close to his. He looks in your eyes before slowly nodding. You repeat the process of trailing your kisses down his body, but slower and more teasingly this time. When you get to his underwear, you pull them down and continue kissing til you get to the base of his cock.

“What do I do?” You ask, looking up at Dan with big eyes.

“Oh, fuck.” He moans at the innocent expression on your face. “You lick and suck on it, baby. Hollow your cheeks. I can teach you how to do this better later if I need to, but right now I need your mouth on me.” He replies, tilting his head back.

You lick from the base of his erect cock to the head and kiss the top. After licking the head, you take as much of him in your mouth as you could handle for the moment without him hitting the back of your throat. You swirl your tongue around him and bob your head while hollowing your cheeks like Dan told you to, and sucking.

“O-oh fuck.” Dan moans.

“Stroke the part you can’t get in your mouth, love.” He pants.

And you do just that.

Dan bucks his hips up and he hits the back of your throat, causing you to gag.

“S-shit.” He moans loudly.

Registering in your mind that he likes that, you do it again. Pushing your head farther down his erection, you feel him hit the back of your throat and try your hardest not to gag. You continue bobbing your head, taking as much of him as you can with each motion, sometimes letting him hit the back of your throat because the sound Dan makes when it happens creates a pool between your thighs. Suddenly your mouth is filled with warmth as Dan lets out a string of swears and moans. You swallow and pull your head away. He looks down at you, your eyes innocent and a line of saliva stringing between his dick and your mouth.

“Fuck, y/n.” He says, rolling his head back before looking back to you. “Did you swallow?” He asks. You nod. “All of it?” He asks further. You nod again and he moans at the thought.

“Alright, baby girl now it’s your turn to feel good.” Dan says, pulling you back up to him and capturing your lips with a kiss.

I’m replaying Night in the Woods to get at some of the crannies I missed and there’s a scene between Mae and her mother out in a field which is just amazing.  Like, the kind of character stuff you’d find in a good play, just the lightest of knocks at the door of Mae’s solipsism

It’s extremely missable, too.  I think one of the things I admire most about this game is its willingness to hide some of its best writing - like, you can do a full playthrough and never talk to Angus up on the mountain or Lori out on the tracks or hear any of Selmers’ poems

It bespeaks both a confidence in the work and a confidence in their audience, that the people who will want to see this stuff will seek it out, no matter how much redundant wirehopping it requires.

If I wrote a scene like that I would make sure everybody saw it, and it would lose a chunk of its effectiveness as a result.  A way that writing in games is like no other kind of writing: there are no secret levels in novels, and nobody, unless your work ends up required reading, is going to go achievement hunting through your play

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dreamkeeper05  asked:

Hey Jenna. I struggle with foreshadowing. I went looking to see if you had a vlog on this topic but didn't see one posted. Do you have one that I didn't see? Sometime, I miss things because I'm blind as fuck. If you don't, could you make one, please? Whenever you get around to it of course. Our wonderful, and beautiful Cyborg Queen is very busy, I'm sure. I would greatly appreciate it! Your advice always seems to click in my brain better than that of others. Please, and Thank you! :D Love you!

There’s no foreshadowing vlog currently. I’ll add it to the list :) 

You know, that whole ‘microfic day’ thing we had going was pretty rad.

@queenvallkyrie @butteredonions @paladinpuppypile we should do this again sometime.  It was CRAZY but it was so fun

Best thing about getting out of a relationship is now I can search for Miss Right again. Or wait no I can party it up and get drunk without someone on my back. Don’t have to answer to no one and can do whatever I want whenever I want. Plus I can finally be with my one true love Danny. Nothing is holding me back now. If you can’t tell I am happy to be a free single man. Judge me all you want, but sometimes it feels good to be free as hell. Off season has been going great for me, but I am ready to get back out there on that field and win another SuperBowl since no one else can touch us.

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]

i think if there’s one thing that we often times forget is that: being kind is a matter of choice. yes, we all get torn between doing what is convenient and what is right. yes, i get tired of giving my hand to the people in need sometimes. yes, we all doubt the goodness in us sometimes. yes, being kind feels exhausting at times. but trust me, it happens to everyone and that’s okay. the only thing that matters is what you choose. and i hope you will always choose kindness- choose kindness not only for your neighbors but also for yourself.

This December I’m planning on letting you go, but it’s like the wind on a cold day—it sends a chill that makes my heart beat faster, the goosebumps and shivers part of that exhilaration.

Think of it like this—I take off on long runs and I still come back to the place we met, replaying memories like old film reels in my head. They’re already tinged with sepia, one year ago and it feels like forever.

Do you play them back, too? Do you ever miss the way we used to make each other laugh? Do you miss us?
Because lately all I do is think about where I was a year ago, meeting you for the first time and making you laugh, and talking so fast that we ran out of breath.

I miss you this December.
And I don’t want to miss you. Leaving has become less of a distant daydream and more of a reality, and the only certain thing now is that neither of us will be where we are now. The new year will separate us, finally sever that last thread linking us together. And I don’t want to hurt.

I don’t want to miss you like this. Like late night poetry, and the dizziness of a blow to the head whenever you walk by without a glance. I don’t want to be the girl who can’t let go of something she lost a long time ago, or begrudge you any happiness you might find.
I don’t want to miss you like a weight on my chest, like a physical thing resting behind my eyes, watching you as though from far away, watching you recede like my hometown in my rearview mirror.

This December I am letting you go, I tell myself. I cloak myself in ‘I don’t care,’ put up shields of nonchalance and make excuses about work like I can’t be bothered. This December I want to be better.

And maybe one day I will forget about you, like I forgot the first boy I fell in love with. Maybe one day it won’t hurt to see you, like claws raking across my chest. Maybe I’ll get to a place where I’m okay with you walking out of my life. Maybe I’ll be okay.

But what if I don’t want to let you go? What if the idea of forgetting you fills me with incredible remorse? What if I’m tired of breaking my own heart?
What if I’m tired of the pressure of plans and scraping my heart out, of replaying old memories and telling myself I can’t want you anymore?

What if I’m tired of just okay?

What if this December, I’m just yours?

—  jasminawritespoetry, ‘December’ 

There was a huge push from Asian-Americans to cast an Asian-American actor as Iron Fist, and it would have made this story more compelling for precisely the reasons you’re saying: The narrative of having an Asian-American going back to Asia after losing his parents as a metaphor for regaining power is a really great one. It feels like a missed opportunity.
It is a missed opportunity. That’s exactly how I feel about it, word for word. It would’ve been a brave thing to do, for sure, for Marvel. I can see how that was difficult to make that decision. I think, personally, it would’ve paid off. But I think it’ll come next because people are feeling underrepresented. People are like, “Yo, this was a perfect opportunity to represent us.” They chose not to, and it’s not even their fault. I see why they stuck to the source material because it’s very risky to move away from that, but they’ll move away from it in other areas and in other shows where they’ll take an Asian character and make him white. So you can’t really win with that argument. Because we’ve seen many times when they’ve taken Asian characters and made him white.

Jordan Carlos, Comedian

What inspired you to get involved with The Ally Coalition?

The lineup itself is amazing and to be asked to do it and I was like “duh” that was my answer… I just feel like especially now after the election, things like this are so important. The forces that have been unleashed by the election need to be met in kind by standing up, by vocalizing, and not passively saying, “well looks like our side lost.” I feel like with that said, lending whatever talents I have, I’m glad to do it.

What’s a piece of advice you have for people who want to get involved post election?

Don’t miss an opportunity. It could be at home. It could be people saying things at home. You don’t have to be friends all the time with your loved ones. I’ve had plenty of kitchen table conversations with my parents about LGBTQ issues. It gets real sensitive in the African American community and just like, “hey you raised a generation of kids that don’t feel the same way, sorry.” Just knowing that there’s still love there and even though I might not have changed my parents minds to be exactly like mine, it doesn’t matter. They still respect my point of view and their mode of thinking, event though their openminded and fought for civil rights, it’s 2000 new. So that’s my own personal experience. Don’t be afraid to have your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in front of your family. I know people talk about being in a bubble in public, but really I feel like people always say that Thanksgiving dinner was awkward with my family, it’s all about your relations and your friends. And don’t just unsubscribe or unfriend people because they have different points of view, keep them on, say “you know what, I’m here too.” And just by you being here, your existence is a form of resistance. 

✨Redhead Glow✨ -
Another one of my hair-glow series. After seeing this pic I remembered I haven’t done one for red head, so I took the opportunity to finish this one up! I also finally just got back from vacations so I made this one in Photoshop instead of Procreate. I got to say that I do miss some of procreate’s features in photoshop…Zooming in and out and changing brushes in Procreate is a breeze… PS has it’s own cool things though so I do like them both. 😍

There is a little Syrian restaurant right outside the old medina in Rabat that I used to eat at regularly while living in Morocco. My roommate and I would go nearly every night, and sometimes we’d bring friends. They served the most incredible avocado smoothie topped with almonds and spices that you can imagine… I’d do terrible things for the recipe.

The wait staff all recognized us, and while our Arabic was dreadful, we were also very predicable in our orders. One night after a particularly stressful and upsetting day, the main server arrived at our table with a glass of water. People in Morocco (and most parts of the world) do not typically drink ice with their water. I’d grown accustomed to that and didn’t miss it much, but when the waiter produced a single ice cube and dropped it into my glass with a flourish and a beaming smile, I almost burst into tears. It was an unexpectedly touching and thoughtful gesture. It didn’t actually do shit to cool down my water, of course, but it was just so unnecessarily *nice* of him that I remember it as the single most refreshing beverage I had that year.

i’ll pretend not to know how you are doing when my friends ask me about you  
i’ll pretend not to miss you when that’s the only thing i feel
i’ll pretend that i don’t want to see you when everywhere i  go yours is the only face i look for
i’ll pretend i don’t think of you when i am all alone when you are the only thing on my mind
i’ll pretend that the butterflies i feel in my stomach when you text me aren’t butterflies but leeches trying to suck my blood
i’ll pretend i never wrote a word about you when you are the only person i have ever written about  
i’ll pretend i don’t feel anything for you when you are the only person that has ever made me feel  
i’ll pretend that you don’t mean anything to me when you are the centre of my universe, have been for longer than you should be
i’ll pretend that i don’t even like you when i am in love with you
—  i’ll pretend that i have moved on from you like i never ever held onto you // JustScribbledWords
i think one of the worst things is missing someone but not being able to do anything about it, like you just have to kinda accept it.
A wet dream

So we were doing a one off session jas a couple of us were missing. There were four of us; The DM, a rouge, a sorcerer and a cleric. The basics were that they had been put into a dream and had to fight a Dragon. They had a couple of rounds with little damage to the Dragon; then this happened:

Sorcerer: Can i seduce the Dragon?
DM: You can try, but you have to roll higher than its charisma.
*sorcerer rolls successfully, DM collapses with laughter for a solid minute, as does everyone*
Cleric: Looks like this is about to become a wet dream
DM: *through his laughter* okay so.. as you give the Dragon a cheeky wink it looks at you, you begin speaking draconic; bearing in mind nobody has any idea what you’re saying. The Dragon suddenly picks you up and you call out to the others that it’s fine and you don’t need help. A few hours later they find you covering yourself with a leaf, with a very satisfied Dragon next to you.