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13 reasons why playlist

I made a playlist for a few characters from 13 reasons why. Not all of them have 13 tracks, but I tried my best lol. Feel free to add on / edit, but give credit :))

Better than me - The brobecks
All of the drugs - The brobecks
Make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
The cold - exitmusic
Time to say goodbye - twenty one pilots
Breathe me - Sia
When the story ends (piano) - the fray
Nothing - the script
Unsteady - X Ambassadors
Goner - Twenty one pilots
You found me - The fray
I gave you all - Mumford and sons
Empty - the click five

Get on the road - tired pony
Always on my mind - Elvis
If I could fly - one direction
Love you all along - La strada
All I want - kodaline
Turning page - sleeping at last
Angel - theory of a dead man
Johnny boy - twenty one pilots
I found - amber run
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
Six feet under - Billie Eilish
Hurts like hell - Fleurie
Terrible love - birdy

She’s so mean - matchbox twenty
Primadonna girl - marina and the diamonds
When you were young - the killers
You’re such a - Hailee Steinfeld
All the boys- panic! at the disco
Down - Jason walker
You don’t own me - Grace ft. G-eazy
When you’re gone - Avril Lavigne
Never say never - the fray
Photograph - ed Sheeran
Oceans - Seafret
Total eclipse of the heart - sleeping at last
Lovesick fool - the cab

My life - billy joel
Gotta get away - the black keys
How could I have known - Keaton Henson
Six degrees of separation - the script
Not over you - Gavin DeGraw
If you’re gone - matchbox twenty
Breaking inside - shinedown
Jet black heart - 5 seconds of summer
Heartless - the fray
Look after you - the fray
Screen - twenty one pilots
Blue - troye sivan ft. Alex hope
Call me - shinedown

Broken - Lund
Golden - fall out boy
Teenage dirt bag - Wheatus
What a catch, donnie - fall out boy
How’s it gonna be - third eye blind
Yellow - coldplay
Truce - twenty one pilots
Not about angels - birdy
This is gospel (piano) - panic! At the disco
Drown - bring me the horizon
Better than me - hinder
21 guns - Green day
The funeral - band of horses  

Bulletproof heart - my chemical romance
Dirty little secret - the all American rejects
Take care - Beach house
Don’t dream it’s over - crowded house
Ends of the earth - lord Huron
The scientist - coldplay
Lullaby - nickelback
Build a home - the cinematic orchestra
Mercury - sleeping at last
How to save a life - the fray
Rewind - Paolo Nutini
Fake your death - my chemical romance
Heroes - David Bowie

Same mistake - James Blunt
Don’t like you anymore - the brobecks
Ghosts that we knew - Mumford and sons
Sleeping pills - the brobecks
I’m not okay - my chemical romance
Taken by sleep - Tyler joseph
Cut the cord - shinedown
Semiautomatic - twenty one pilots

Mr. Brightside - the killers
Bully - shinedown
Gives you hell - the all American rejects
I will follow you - Tolouse
Reject - shinedown
Teenagers - my chemical romance

Saturn - sleeping at last
If I die young - the band perry
Far too young to die - panic! at the disco
Losing your memory - ryan star
Far away - nickelback

Kissed a girl - katy perry
Secret love song - little mix
You’ve got to hide your love - Brian Epstein

the downside: i don’t have a name tag @ work (no one does)
the brightside: after one day of calling me the wrong name and me actually speaking up to mention that my b*rth name being used makes me severely uncomfortable and often times i don’t even realize i’m being spoken to, everyone just. started calling me milo. like that was it. ppl asked abt it but no one turned it into a game of 20 questions or a joke, that’s just. what they call me. when talking TO me and talking to other ppl, abt me. wild

from another room tunes really fuel imagination in terms of like , it’s either a confession scene or a youre in a car with a beautiful boy and he wont tell you he loves you but he loves you type of situation

drarry oneshots

just an assortment of some of my favorite draco + harry one shots :)

Mr. Brightside by JulietsEmoPhase

After sharing a kiss, then not talking for months, Harry is justifiably convinced that it meant nothing to Draco. He can’t stop torturing himself by looking at Draco and Astoria at the latest Ministry function. But maybe…hope isn’t all lost.

So Worth the Yearning For… by digthewriter

After months (years, really) of pining, Harry accidentally asks Malfoy out on a date.

Come With Me Into the Light by tryslora

Everything has changed by the time Harry returns to Hogwarts for his second attempt at his final year. He no longer wears glasses, he mourns dead friends from the war, and Draco Malfoy walks the halls as if he is a ghost as well. When Pansy asks Harry to help snap Malfoy out of his silence, what else is he supposed to say? Malfoy needs to be saved, and that’s just what Harry does.

I’m a Keeper by yeahimprettyawesome

The baby gets its first Weasley jumper.

Mr. Brightside (Ending 1)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: very light mentions of smut
Words: 1303

A/N: Anon, you got my binge listening to the Killers for three days after you sent me this request, which then turned into a complete early 2000s alt rock binge. Thank you for that. I forgot how awesome that music was

ALSO: There is an alternate ending!! I wrote two endings and could not decide which one I wanted to use, so I’m going to post both. 

Listen to the song here!


Dean sits up against his headboard with a beer at his lips, staring at the door with pure anger and frustration. 

You were out tonight. Out with that PR douche you met at the bar last month. 

Who knows how long you’d be out.

Last time you weren’t home til two in the morning. 

And one time you didn’t even come back at all. 

Dean chugs the rest of the beer and chucks the empty can across the room.

He doesn’t want to be bothered by this. You have every right to go out with this guy. And it’s not like he had any type of claim on you.

It was only a kiss.

He thinks back to the night right before you had met your boyfriend. 

The three of you had been hunting a vengeful spirit. You and Dean had stayed with the vic while Sam went to salt and burn the body. It went along without a hitch for a most part, but Dean managed to get a nasty gash across his bicep. 

The two of you were back at the motel room while Sam was out picking up dinner.

Dean was sitting on the bed in nothing but a beater while you stitched him up with shaking hands.

Despite the pain, Dean couldn’t help but smile as he watched you work; you were biting down on your lip, and your eyes were narrow in concentration, causing the skin in between your eyebrows to crease.

He’s not exactly sure what came over him, but as you tied up the last stitch, Dean took advantage of your close proximity and leaned forward in a rush until his lips were on yours. His hand slipped behind your neck, bringing you even closer to him as you kissed him back. Your hands grasped on to his shoulders for support, your fingers playing with the straps of his shirt. As Dean’s hand gripped onto your waist, ready to pull you against him, the sound of the Impala door slamming shut rang out, and you pulled away as Sam opened the door, pizza and beer in hand. 

The two of you didn’t speak about it–you couldn’t with Sam around.

But that didn’t stop Dean from thinking about it.

Dean still didn’t know why he did it; It wasn’t because you’re pretty. Dean’s kissed a lot of pretty girls, but pretty girls he’d never see again. Not one who lived with him and amazed him every day with her kindness, or her humor, or the way she saw the best in everyone you met, himself included. He hadn’t even touched a drop of alcohol until Sam got back with a twenty-four pack, so he wasn’t drunk. He couldn’t figure out why he did it; he just did. 

And when the three of you went out the next night to some local bar, Dean was still thinking about the kiss, unaware of the guy buying you your favorite drink, making you laugh, and pushing back your hair as it fell in your face. 

It wasn’t until he slipped you his number, agreeing to pick you up at seven the next night, that Dean finally noticed. 

The first date kept you out past midnight.

The third date had you running out the door yelling, “don’t wait up!” Over your shoulder as you left for the night. 

But Dean did wait up that night, sitting in the library, “researching,” as the pit in his stomach grew and churned until he killed it with whiskey, before finally passing out on the table before you returned home as the sun rose. 

And tonight was their one month anniversary, causing you to curl you hair, paint your lips, and slip on the little black dress you bought specifically for this occasion. 

And even after trying to down out the thoughts with alcohol, Dean still couldn’t stop himself from picturing your hands against his chest as he pulls you close, how his hands grab at the hem of your dress as he pulls it over your head, his lips tracing your body as he lays you on the bed–

Dean launches himself out of bed, suddenly needing something much stronger than beer. 

Dean grabs his good scotch from the bottom drawer of his desk and the shot glass next to it, and heads out to the library to wait. 

Seven shots later, the bunker door pushes open with a groan and you appear in the doorway, and right behind is your boyfriend, gripping your hand tight as you pull him down the stairs in a fit of giggles. 

The two of them don’t seem to notice Dean, as he’s sitting in the library without the desk lamp on. 

He watches, with shot in hand, as your boyfriend picks you up, and you instantly wrap your legs around. 

Dean takes another shot, letting the scotch burn down his throat as you giggle while your boyfriend pushes you up against the wall, trailing kisses down your neck.

Forging the glass all together, Dean grabs the bottle by the neck and knocks it back, unable to take it anymore.

He slams the bottle back on the table, causing a surprised squeak to escape your lips and you drop yourself onto the ground, suddenly aware that someone’s watching.  

“Dean?” You call out with a hunch.   

Standing from the table, still holding the bottle, Dean emerges from the library. 

“You two have fun?” Dean smiles with an arrogant and drunken smirk.

“Are you drunk?” You accuse, suddenly pissed. 

Dean doesn’t say anything, just brings the bottle back to his lips, locking your eyes as he does so. 

You narrow your eyes as he pulled the bottle away from his mouth, smacking his lips with a satisfying sigh. 

“Can I talk to you?” You demand, not giving him an option.

You head down the side hall. Dean follows you, grinning at your boyfriend as he passes. 

As soon as the two of you are out of earshot, you shove Dean as hard as you can, causing him to stumble back.

“What the hell are you doing?” You hiss, trying to keep your voice low, but struggling as your anger boils over.

“Having a drink.” He slurs, holding the bottle up to show you.

“Yeah, I noticed.” You cross your arms. 

The two of you don’t say anything, just hold each other’s gazes until you can’t take it anymore.

“Why are you doing this?” You finally ask, trying to keep your boise from breaking. “It was only a kiss.” You whisper with a shake your head, trying to push down the hurt. 

That night was the night you thought everything was going to fall into place. Dean had kissed you, in the way you always wanted him to. 

But that’s all it had been. And it killed you. 

Dean looks up at you, his eyes shining in the low lights, and you can see the hurt behind them. 

“I never–” He starts, but you cut him off.

“You know what, Dean?” You hold up your hand. “I don’t really want to know.” You shake your head, not wanting to hear any drunken explanation he’s about to throw out at you. 

You walk pass him and disappear down the hall. 

Dean just stands there, listening to your footsteps until they disappear completely as the sound of your door shutting echoes.

Dean leans against the wall and slides down, too tired and too drunk to keep standing. 

He brings the bottle to his lips once more, but as the taste of the scotch teases his lips, he puts it back down, suddenly not wanting anymore. 

He bangs his head against the wall, letting his eyes close.

“I never meant to lose you.” He mutters to himself, wishing he had told you just that. 


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• Two movies - Chicago and Hot Fuzz
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“I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
You know, you know ( No you don’t, you don’t)”

- The Killers - “All These Things That I’ve Done”

So I was re-reading Like A Drum and listening to The Killers and then this happened I guess.
[/Aggressively pretends I have nothing better to do than read good fanfiction]