one that you can just scroll past without reading

anonymous asked:

So I get its your blog and you can write about what you want but none of us followed you to read about a character barely in the show that nobody likes. You should go back to Lucifer and Crowley before you lose followers

So here’s the thing, and I’m sorry if this comes across as rude - unfortunately you caught me on a bad day.

I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming and working on this new series.  I want to get the characterization perfect so I have bugged my poor British friend ( @thegreatficmaster) with silly questions about terminology and underwear and I have worked over this character that we know little about and what makes him tick for hours with @lucis-unicorn.  So for you to dismiss it because it’s not someone I normally write pisses me off and honestly makes me wonder, yet again, why I bother with this site. 

You act like I permanently walked away from Lucifer and the others.  I haven’t.  I’m just doing something new. It’s one story out of the 100+ I’ve already written.

Additionally, I haven’t seen a drop in my followers and if anything, I may not be getting a lot of “notes” on the story but I’ve gotten more feedback than I have from anything I’ve written.

And I use a cut so it’s easy to scroll past without reading.  Just FYI

So feel free to unfollow me or ask me to stop tagging you in the series, but don’t go on anon just to start off with saying “I know it’s your blog and you can write what you want….but don’t write about this.”

sophie-is-a-mess  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love your studyblr, and it's really motivating :) I wondered if you had any advice for starting up a studyblr of my own, such as finding a good url, blog title, theme, blogs to follow, etcetera. Thank you, and have a lovely, productive day/night!!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot :) This message immediately lightened up my night when I read it especially the second sentence haha. Here are my tips for starting a studyblr.


Note: The examples are already taken URLs.

  • Have the word study/studying/studies/studyblr in your URL so it’s easier to identify that your blog is a studyblr. My URL is an example of this: study + ally (syn. colleague and friend). Or your name + studies. An example of such is kimberlystudies. Or study + plant/animal/thing. Examples are studyrose, studybird, and studypulp.
  • Think of some words that relate to studying or focusing on studying, and combine those words. Examples are coffeeforcollege, and asbeforebaes (A’s before baes).
  • You could also have whatever it is you’re studying on your URL. Examples are psychology-studyspo, and englitstudent (english lit).
  • Keep your URL short so it is easier to remember.
  • Or use a phrase/sentence that relates to studying. Examples are studyandgohighertoday, and workhardlikegranger.
  • Google search for synonyms, like how I came up with mine haha
  • You could also follow what I did and make a temporary URL, then change it later on once you’ve found the best URL for you. I used to be studymaniacme. I really wanted to have a studyblr last year that I just went with that URL.

Blog Title

  • A short quote or statement you stand by
  • Word or phrase summarizing and describing what you re/blog about
  • Motivational statement or quote
  • Or whatever it is that satisfies yourself :)

Note: Some of the tips listed in this section is opinion-based (my opinions), so you may or may not approve depending on your preferences.

  • Can easily be navigated (sidebars, menu bars, links, etc.). You can find themes with sidebars and menu bars on here.
  • Has infinite scrolling because it’s more convenient than clicking a page number to go to another page
  • Font size and color that can be read comfortably
  • Has captions on homepage, because (and I’m just typing what I think here) it is a hassle having to go to the permalink page of a post just to see the full post when one can just read the caption of the post immediately on a tumblr’s homepage then scroll past it once one has read it.
  • Has two or three columns to make scrolling or skimming through posts easier

Tips/motivational statements:
Note: Some are based off quotes/statements I’ve read somewhere before.

  • Never put things off for later. Do everything you can now.
  • Never ever compare your first to someone else’s middle.
  • Plan. Write a to-do list. Stick to it.
  • Develop focus and discipline. 
  • Invest in things that last or that can develop into so much more.
  • Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  • Success is jumping from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm to succeed.
  • When you fail, get up. Don’t let failure consume your mind. Remember why you started. 
  • People can help. Don’t hesitate to ask help, especially from teachers, your own parents, and everyone in the studyblr community.
  • In order for you to start, you must simply start.
  • Forget about making big progresses. Start making noticeable ones. Change your former ways, if needed. Try new things.
  • Nothing is ever impossible. It’s just that “impossible” things take more time than those considered “possible”. You’ll eventually get there.
  • Hard word beats talent when talent does not work hard.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Forget about finding keys to doors. Create a gate and build a castle. (I just thought of that now as I’m listening to disney tracks lol)

Some studyblr-related things:

My favorite studyblrs:
Note: I’m sure looking at the sources of their reblogged posts can help you find your way through more studyblrs to follow

If you’ve created a studyblr and have officially joined the studyblr community, please send me a message of your URL. Have a good day xo

If I flirt with you, hug you, tease you, claim that I want to marry you or even just talk to you really then it doesn’t mean I like you, it probably actually means the opposite because I avoid my crushes actively.

And i reached yet another milestone, 6k wonderful souls joining the Sharkside!  (don’t ask me how because i really don’t know lol)

So it’s that time of year again, time to show love for those who are the reasons i still on tumblr, those who i would follow into war, people who are friends with me and no show shame on it (but should), people who made my days better and my life easier: My follow forever friends Royal Court!

 mirilawsons  - jessigaypearson  - youpagedme  - baltaks - maiagaru  - itsfuckingdistractingohgood  - 9zed  - darthvaderr - bruceswayne  - thealaktarr - stahmatarr - psytrances - perceptivehands  - stillmygirl  - witwer - thisyearsgirls  - talesofnorth - justpayingattention - emotionalfriend  - deanthebabe - lrbcn  - ad11sophiealdred  - justjasper - floydlawtons  - ajennifer  - alphaquadrantic - caricevanhouten - stormqueen - bffewylion - nataliedormr - maributerfly - triglave - catelynstark - avalencias - kovacsed - ihatetombs -  agentturner - elenorguthrie - wenchoftarth - renegons 

And of course there’s the VIP people i don’t talk as much as my royal court, but without them i couldn’t have such a quality dash. 

I hope each and every one of you know how much it means to me just talk to you guys, or scroll past my url tag and re-read all your wonderful replies, to know that i have such amazing friends that every time i catch myself thinking about leaving tumblr i feel bad because i would never let you guys!