one team to rule them all

just thinkin abt team skull nonsense

game nights at the mansion with shitty mario party knockoffs and monopoly and scrabble. everyone cheats because there are No Rules in guzma’s house and more often than not a controller gets launched into a wall bc no one fucking lets ya boi ever win this isnt fair youre all banished get out of my town

monthly hair dye runs where guzma n some grunts go out to “raid” the nearest beauty salon and plumeria always has to go in after them to apologize and stop guzma before he gets himself arrested like the time before because what do you mean you dont have the right dyes you had them last time

graffiti expeditions where most of team skull goes out to spray paint important buildings or popular tourist destinations and every time they get caught but it doesnt matter because they’re team skull and they do this every week and they use paint that washes off easy and theyre all having a good time, why bother stopping them?

cold days where guzma makes tons of hot chocolate for everyone and turns on the heater for once and everyone gets comfy near the fireplace and watches funny movies

i just…… i love team skull

how to main lucio
  • so you want to main lucio? why the fuck would you want to put yourself through hours and hours of dying and having your team blame you for not being a good enough healer
  • well fine here we go
  • your team will tell you to switch to a better healer like Mercy or Ana. Ignore them and get 30,000 healing and 8 minutes of objective time out of pure salt
  • speaking of, remember that you’re the fastest and best solo healer, so make sure to waste amp it up when all but one of your teammates is at full health and zenyatta is currently healing them
  • always stay on healing, except for when you’re on speed
  • ok. now we get to the good shit, cardinal rule of maining lucio, remember that LUCIO IS A TANK
  • yeah that’s right just run up to the objective point and wall ride the fuck all over it and there’s nothing the enemy team can do to stop you because your hit box is fucking tiny and no one can aim for shit
  • reinhardt? pfft, no problem! charge in towards reinhardt and hit him with a bomp! nothing can possibly go wrong with that plan
  • literally the most satisfying thing is to push people off cliffs, so do it as much as you can, avoid healing your team to make sure that mei that’s been bugging you falls into the ilios pit
  • wall riding. literally the most fun ability in all of overwatch. do it always, never stop, wall ride away from the payload, wall ride on a wall on a control point, wall ride ON the payload
  • there will be many times your entire team is dead and you’re the only one on the point or the payload, remember to stay alive out of spite 
  • oh yeah, and in general, heal your team, do it with a ton of salt because they left you on the payload alone with 5 enemies because they were trying to kill an ulting enemy winston, tell them you hate them but heal them anyway

AU where Musashi and Yamato stay together and become the greatest duo Team Rocket’s ever seen. Rather than getting jealous of Musashi’s status in Team Rocket, Yamato accepts that she’s good and is supportive of her girlfriend. She also takes the opportunity to develop a friendly rivalry with Jessie which in turn challenged her to be a better Team Rocket trainee. When it came time during their training to partner up, they convinced their superiors to allow them to be a team (despite the rules saying that partners should not be involved romantically with one another). They passed all their tests with flying colors and were made permanent partners. They were successful in all their endeavors and were quickly promoted to executives.

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Rules: tell us your one favourite character from ten different fandoms & tag around ten people

  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jemma Simmons (UGH. That was Sophie’s Choice, right there. But I chose to be on *Team Biochem*, and I essentially want to be Jemma Simmons, so that was the deciding factor.)
  2. The Man in the High Castle - Juliana Crane (She’s so boss and true, it’s amazing.)
  3. The West Wing - Donna Moss (Fun fact: She’s played by Janel Maloney.)
  4. Glee - Finn Hudson (Don’t start.) 
  5. Lost - Jack Shephard (Dude saved them all.) 
  6. The Office - Nellie Bertram (She’s so ridiculously amazing. I wish she was there more seasons.) 
  7. The Librarians - Cassandra Cillian (She is so amazingly strong and suffers and still so refreshingly upbeat and full of life.) 
  8. Broad City - Ilana Wexler (Even though I like Abbi’s storylines better, I love Ilana.) 
  9. Girls - Shoshanna Shapiro (When she’s not over-the-top, she can be extremely relatable.) 
  10. The Newsroom - Jim Harper (He’s so adorably charming. And such a dork.) 

I stuck to the TV route and gave unwanted commentary for each, but whatevs. 

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“Beyond The Field”  Pt. 18 Setting Sail

Working at Beyond the Field was something that was never easy for me, for starters I like sports, but I wasn’t crazy them until I started working here, so for about four months I had to spend every spare minute I had, not only learning about rules, but also players and trainers; which is not bad when you think of Golf, but it was a complete nightmare with football or basketball and it´s million players.

I used to be all about working by myself, and hated team work (until a certain extent I still rather work solo, but not as much as I used to) until I came here and met Tom, he has taught me a hundred and one things (most of them about sex, and about drinking games, but I´ve learnt a lot nonetheless).

My peers here have brought both joy and patience to my heart, Harry is one of the youngest journalists to ever work at a news show, and yet he is so full of wisdom, he gives sometimes in three simple words the advice only and elderly could give.

I had truly grown while working here, I had transitioned from being a little girl fresh out of university into someone who had learned how to earn her place in the world,  so I couldn’t believe myself as I was walking to Joe´s office to submit my resignation letter.

My thoughts had wondered about that chance for weeks,  I waged the different options and consequences each one was going to have, but I reached the conclusion that I was no longer  happy there( and I even questioned if I had ever been at all). I wanted to gain experience on the field when I was fresh out of university, therefore I thought I was just going to work here for some months, and I ended up staying longer than that.

It all happened so fast and so slow at the same time. My heart was racing, and my palms were sweating. I hoped, and prayed that he wouldn’t be there, but the universe is so wonderful and made Joe stay that afternoon to have a conference call, and just after he was done, I happened to be the person who walked through the door.

“Good evening Mr. Peters” I knocked on the door.

“I haven´t called you Cassandra”

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe Cassandra, breathe.

“I know, but I was coming to drop this letter”

He must have seen it coming, he lifted his gaze to see me.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“I can´t read minds, so I can´t know what you are thinking”

“Don´t play games with me Abrahams.”

“I´m not. I´m gonna leave this on your desk, and my work has been emailed and I finished with the script you asked me” I said turning around.

For a second I felt like the most powerful human on the planet, not because I was resigning, (I was actually feeling worried about how was I going to pay my bills) but because I had managed to do so without screaming at Joseph.

As I was three steps away from Joe´s office he said,

“Most of the ones who are going to be great quit right before they make it”

I felt how a knot was forming inside of my throat.

Right before they make it? Right before they make it? Was he delusional? What was I going to accomplish here?. Beyond the Field was never my dream, I thought it was going to be just a stepping stone, and the only thing it has brought me closer to is to mental institution.

I couldn’t control myself.

“Excuse me?” I said turning around.

“You heard me.”

“You know what-” I took a step forward. “I´ve taken so much crap from you throughout my time being here, I´ve been called stupid, inept, and so much more. I´ve been worked out to the point where I  could no longer write one coherent sentence, and you are telling me I´m a quitter?” I faked a laugh. “Oh no no, at least before I was getting payed, but now I was being insulted for absolutely no money.

“No, you already know you are a quitter, I am just reaffirming that!” He said raising his voice.

“I don´t need to prove to you that I am not a quitter! I think by now it is really obvious I am not!” I raised my voice too.

He smiled, and re gained his composure. “I know you are not a quitter, you have proven that to me,-” Joe stared deep into my eyes. “but have you proven that to you?” He said raising his eyebrows.

I was now boiling with anger! He was being an imbecile to everyone at the office most of the time, and now he was using psychology bullshit?

“I know who I am” I said turning around and marching heading towards the exit.

“Do you? The Cassandra I know wouldn´t drop everything she has worked so hard for, so she can be with an athlete” I heard Joe say behind me.

I didn´t bother turning around. I had heard enough. I was angry and at the same time I was feeling the need to cry like a baby. All I wanted was to mourn my last day at Beyond the Field, but instead of having a memorable day, and have Joe behave like a decent human being just for once he behaved like the uncivilized ape he was, just like he had done before.

Saying goodbye was hard, I had known these people for a long time and they had become a part of my life.

Harry was brief, as he usually was, he hugged me and said he hoped I find the happiness I´m looking for, and Tom, well I´m sure I saw a tear roll from his eye.

“Casey, who I´m gonna tease when she has´t had her morning coffee?” He said giving me a hug.

“I´ll miss you too, you annoying, and lazy shit” I smiled and hugged him back.


“How was your last day?” Calum greeted me with a hug.

“Oh you know, I would have killed Joe if I had the chance. Cleaning the Earth from that man´s presence might be worth the time spent in jail!” I spat.

“Cassandra don´t say that” He scolded me

I pouted and rolled my eyes.

“I have good news for you!”

“Did they announce Joe had died while I was coming home?”

Calum made a face and rolled his eyes, “No, remember Klara my friend?”

“The one from the BBQ? The friendly one?”

“Yes, exactly that one. Well the thing is I was telling her about how you were going to quit your job, and she told me there was a vacant as an executive producer on some show in case you want to apply to it”

“What?!” I was surprised

“Yes, she-”

“I mean that is incredible, but-”I cleared my throat. “I´ve never been a producer, I´ve helped one, but I haven´t done the actual job”

“Well maybe you can send her your CV, and see what happens”

“I guess I can” I said looking down.

“Hey” Calum came closer. “Don´t feel bad, everything will work out” He tried to comfort me.

“That´s easy to say when you have your whole life figured out”  I buried my face in his chest and he placed his hands on my lower back.

“You are doing fine, don´t be so hard on yourself” He said before placing a kiss on my head.


Is there such thing as destiny ? Fate?

I still don´t know the answer to that for sure, but I think that sometimes gives or shows you what you need at the right time.

I ended up calling Klara, I explained my situation. She arranged and interview and somehow I got the job.

Yes, I am as surprised as you are. I became an executive producer for a show at BBC, an enviable position since it was one that had the potential to give me the chance to become an anchor.


One day as I was making dinner, I was flipping through the channels when I happened to stumble across a re- run of that day´s Daily News.

They had hired a guy, he was talking about something regarding climate change, but to be honest I was not paying attention to what he was saying, I was studying him.

He appeared to be just about my same age, dark blonde hair and brown eyes, he was wearing a gray suit, something very typical of anchors, but something about him was off.

Not because he had the job that could have been mine, but because he was actually doing a great job. He appeared to have read all the notes about the subject, he seemed professional. If, I can be honest, and I hope I can, I think what my eye perceived as off about him was the fact that I could have been the one who was sitting on that chair talking informing the viewers about climate change; I could have been the one in front of the camera, instead of what I have been all my life so far: someone who stays behind it “waiting for her big break”.

The knife and the tomato I was peeling feel to the ground and I went along with them as I broke down crying.

I don´t know how much time went by from the moment I started crying to the time Calum came and found me.

“Cassandra?” I heard some steps. “Cassandra!” He rushed to where I was.

The scene must have been quite interesting, a woman hugging her legs close to her chest as she sat on the floor and was against the wall while kitchen implements where around her.

“Are you okay? What happened? Did you hurt yourself?”He held my face in his hands. Concern was written in his eyes.

I kept staring at the wall.

“What is wrong Cassandra? I´m worried, are you hurt?”

I couldn’t speak. Inside my head there was a mess, the ideas couldn’t be organized.

Calum held my arms, and shook them softly “Cassandra speak to me, please!”

The tears began to flow once again, “Calum I can´t do this anymore! I can´t, I´ve tried so, so hard but I just can´t”

It was the truth. I couldn’t hide it any longer, I was not happy. Some people might have looked at me and thought that I was living a great life, working as a co-producer in London, and dating Calum, not for what he was, but because of who he was, and yet I was not happy.  My life was a dream, but it wasn’t my dream.

I had to fight the urge to sob, I was growing tired of that.

I was tired of holding back the tears, of not looking at my phone sometimes because I was afraid of finding something about the Daily News, I was tired of hoping for a better future as a way to compensate for my present and most importantly,  I was tired of being afraid.

“I can´t live this life anymore. I thought I was home but I was just afraid” I stated finally managing to look straight into his blue eyes.

“What do you mean?” His voice broke and his eyes suddenly became red.

In my life there have only three moments where I have experienced a profound pain; the first was when I was jumping on my bed and I fell, breaking my wrists. The second was when I stepped on a piece of broken glass while at the beach, the pain was stinging, and for some time I thought I was going to get my foot amputated. I was so miserable at the hospital that  my family brought me big pints of ice cream so I would stop crying at the hospital.

But without a doubt, the most painful moment of my life, the one where I felt my heart break in two, was when I saw Calum standing in front of me, with tears trying to escape from his eye, and I had just heard his voice break. That was not him, that was not the man that I knew.

He is the epitome of happiness and joy. To make Calum angry, or upset was a titanic task, but to make him sad was even more difficult, he was always a ray of warm sunshine when you felt winter would never end. He saw the glass half full when for you it definitely seemed almost empty.

I knew he was aching inside. I just knew it, my words were hurting me just as much as they were hurting me, yet, he was pretending to be strong. He hugged me tight, in an embrace that felt like was supposed to bring comfort to me, but also to him.

“Calum-” I fought the tears from coming. “I am not happy, I cannot live a life without knowing what would happen if I decide to move to the US, I need to know how that story ends. I owe that to myself, I can´t have that lose end.”

Calum studied my face for a second.

“Cassandra, I want you to be happy. I love you and your happiness means the world to me, and if that is what you need to be happy then go and take that chance.” His eyes watered.

“But Calum” The phrase that was coming I knew would be as hard for me to say as it would be for him to listen. “If I do that I need to focus my energy on that, I´m afraid that we would have to break up”

I couldn’t keep it inside anymore, it was so painful, I felt as if my body was going to dehydrate from all the tears and I would stop breathing from the knot inside my throat.

And while I was a mess Calum was there silent, there was nothing left to say. There was no other way, it was impossible to have a relationship with Calum when we were going to be living across the world from each other. It was not fair to him, he did not deserve that.

I didn't´t dare to look at him, and he just pressed me as hard as he ever did to his chest, our bodies almost felt like one as he planted kisses on my forehead and caressed my forehead.

“Calum?” I said finally managing to look at him

“Yes love?” He answered the same way he had done many times before, both with his voice and his blue eyes, he answered as if I hadn’t just said that I needed to break up with him.

“I know this might be the most stupid request of all, but I would really like to have one more kiss before we are officially over.-”

As I was saying this a warm smirk was drawn on his lips

“Just one-”

And before I could finish that last phrase our lips were crashing against each other. There was no teasing, this was a “let´s do what we came here for” kind of kiss. His arms pressed me again hard against his torso, and they roamed through my back, while my arms tangled themselves between his neck and head.

“Just one more night Cassandra” He whispered to my ear while his hands began to roam under my blouse.

“Just one more night” I replied.

One moment I was sitting on the floor next to Calum and the next,  we were on the bed, he was on top of me with his torso exposed and my hands explored his body one more time. I was trying to make my hands, my body and my head remember what was like to feel Calum´s body.

How he towered me, how he was always warmer than me, his arms; how strong they were, yet how delicately they held me as if I was going to break.

I kept touching his body with my eyes closed as he made sure to kiss my neck and press me against his chest. His face had a lustful gaze, he did not look like the quiet guy that he usually was, there was  thirst in his eyes, and he needed it to be satiated. I was thirsty as well, for him.

Soon enough we were both naked. We had kissed every inch of each other´s bodies, and then he began to bring more pleasure into my body, while soft moans escaped from his mouth. I arched my back more and more with every thrust and stuck my feet and hands against the sheets.

Then it all became rougher, I bit his lip while we were making out, and he began thrusting harder. My hands clung onto his back and scratched  it, I was not controlling my body, and I´m sure Calum was just letting himself go. At that moment we were just allowing our animal instincts rule us…

The next morning I woke up before Calum did. He was hugging me, and his face was buried in my neck.

The room was a testament of the night we had, clothes were discarded all around the floor, my arms and legs were sore.

I turned around to see Calum´s face, it was so tranquil, so kind.

He scratched his nose agains my shoulder and hugged me tighter.

I blew air onto his face until he was awake.

“What?” His voice was raspy.

I smiled.

“Let me sleep Cassandra, I´m tired.”

I smiled once again, kissed his head and tucked my self once again next to him and slept.


Asking for a second chance is never easy, but I decided to it would be nice to start by writing an apology to Mr. Davis, and hoping for the best which is the part that I struggle with the most, but I had to try, maybe it wasn’t too late. ( Ok, it was definitely too late, it had been more than two months and they had a new guy but sometimes miracles happen)

“Do you think this sounds sorry enough?” I showed Calum my letter.

“I mean-” He said with his eyes focused on the screen. “It sounds good to me, but I don´t really know much about the subject.”

Apparently he did know about it, since the Daily News team agreed to meet me once again. It was stated from the beginning that I was now going to get a little less money, if they decided to take me, since now there was another anchor on board.

To be honest, I would havse worked for free, but food isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and I need to live somewhere, as much as I like to think of myself as a free spirit.

Telling you about how my friends and family reacted to when I told them I was moving to America,( without a safe job, or with a job at all, after all they just wanted to speak with me, but I was feeling positive) would bore you to the core.

It was very typical, my mom cried and advised me to make sure that it was something I wanted, my dad was quiet and didn’t say much about the subject, he probably thought it was a bad idea, and Tom and Maya were more excited about the fact that they were going to be visiting me than actually thinking through what I was saying.

So, I would like to fast forward to the part where I am leaving the country.

That morning, my heart was racing like  a horse (I’ve never seen an actual horse race, I’m not that posh, but I think they must be pretty fast), I had stayed the night at Calum’s since he offered himself to take me to the airport.

“Do you have everything?” He asked.

“I think so”

“Then we are good to go” He said with a wide smile.

The ride to the airport was very silent, I contemplated England, the streets, the cars, the people and the scenery. I wondered when was I going to be back, was it going to be soon? How soon? or, was I going to come back in ten years? Maybe twenty? Never?

“We’re here” Calum announced as we entered Heathrow. “Nervous?”

“Extremely, but I think I am ready”

Calum helped me with my luggage and the only thing left to do was to say farewell.

“So, is this a goodbye?” I asked.

“No! What do you mean? I will watch your every game, and I don´t know how you are going to do it, but you are going to start watching my show.”

Calum laughed.

“I mean it! You better start learning about politics Chambers”

He just embraced me.

That embrace proved me that time was actually relative, I felt like we had stayed like that for hours. Like nothing else mattered, just us, just that moment.

But soon it was over, and I had a plane to catch.

“Have a safe flight Cassandra. I would say good luck, but luck is for amateurs, you are a star, you are great, and soon you will see it”

“Are you trying to make me cry” I cleared my throat. “Once again. For like a third time today.”

“No, I just want to wish you a good flight” He held my hand and kissed it. “I just want to give you an advice, I don´t consider myself any expert in life coaching, but I now you are embarking onto the path that will change your life, there are going to be times when life is going to beat you so hard you will think you can´t move any further, your bones will ache, and your soul will flake, and that is alright. Feel that, cry, but the next morning, make sure to wake up having left your yesterday in the past and make sure to be ready to start again. Many people give up right before they make it, just that extra effort is what makes the difference between a champion and an spectator.”

I smiled at him, treasuring his advice.

“Thank you” I finally managed to say.

“Oh and one more thing, I know dreams are amazing. They are great and they are a very important aspect of life, but remember that the only time where you are living is present; it is amazing to reach the top, but if you only focus on that you would have missed beautiful sceneries. Enjoy every step, the big ones and the small ones.”

When did he become some kind of motivational speaker? My skin was covered in goosebumps. I knew he was amazing and wise, but I never knew he was THIS amazing and THIS wise.

“If you ever get tired of playing football make sure to write a book”

“Only if you read it” He leaned and whispered to my ear.

“I will conduct the interview.”

“Great, we´ll be a great team” He raised his hand in a high 5.

I smiled and touched his hand.

“Meeting you has been marvelous Calum, I will forever be thankful for this time, I really don´t have words to express what I´m feeling right now, but I can start by saying thank you” I saw the time on my watch. I had to go now. “See you soon”

I made sure to kiss his cheek as slowly as I could, and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and hugged me.

“Be safe Cassandra, I will be here for whatever you need” He said with his head on mine.

In my mind I had the courage to ask for him for one last kiss, on the lips. But I couldnt, I didn´t like goodbyes, let alone painful ones, and a last kiss always makes things more painful, so instead I decided to let go of his embrace, and walk right ahead. One foot after the other. I figured there was no turning back on this decision now, or at least that is what I told myself, so I decided to not look back as I entered Heathrow.

Saying that I didn’t shed a tear would be a lie. I cried a  at the waiting area, and a little more while on the plane, people must have thought I had some kid of sickness that made my eyes water like a fountain, or that I had just been dumped movie style… Probably the second one.

But, if there´s  one thing I´ve learnt is that it is worth chasing your happiness, you owe that to yourself. God forgives, but time does not, it is best to go after what makes you happy and then work it out from there, than staying at the safe harbour and die slowly with the “What ifs?”

So, we´ll see how it goes…

Squish Squish


Summary: A bunch of adult-children have too much time on their hands.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: language (Said in Steve’s voice)

Request: Anonymous said: Could you try the avengers as a group generally being lil shits to each other? Teaseing, pranks, and all around mischief? (Could be like a group prank war with teams and betrayals, or one of them messing up and the others never let it go)

A/N: Okay this one took on a mind of it’s own…  *smirk*

Marvel Masterlist


“Okay, here’s the rules. First, no using JARVIS to track one another. Second, must stay in the living quarters of the tower. The first team to reach 10 points wins, each hit is considered a point and Jarvis is going to keep track.” Tony explained.

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I love the fact that trc and tfc are somehow connected on social media. There’s this beautiful collection of humans who have read both of the series and they’re just struggling to comprehend what could be more perfect in the world and they would all die for their sons and they don’t really understand why the Raven Boys have any relation to the Foxes but they love them. They love all of them and they’re all mixed up together, running around Cabeswater, Gansey playing Exy in boat shoes and an orange team sweatshirt and Ronan is swearing and Andrew is glaring and Renee is complimenting Blue on her latest outfit and Nicky is trying to be sly as he checks out Henry’s ass and Matt is in awe of the Camaro and Kevin is shouting at everyone because no one, except Noah, seems to be following the rules of the game and Adam and Neil are comparing how shit their fathers are and for some reason that no one can explain… They all seem to fit together. And they’re all beautiful. And all the people who love them are beautiful. And I just wanted to say that. 

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A good look on you

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

summary: It just takes one poke to be teased for all eternity.

length: 1 538 words

a/n: this prompt! team fic, pre-Stony!


A good look on you

It was an unspoken rule among the Avengers, that after particularly nerve wracking days, the whole team gathered in the shared living room, to watch movies, until one by one, they all fell to sleep. No one remembered who started this tradition or how did it happen in the first place, but it was a comforting thing to do and something that made them feel at ease. After all the horribleness they had experienced during the day, a movie night was a reminder that in the end, they were regular people who had a right to simple pleasures.

Steve yawned, sitting curled in the corner of the couch. He watched his friends with a small smile, the way Natasha and Tony were arguing over what movie they should watch, Thor spread on his favorite armchair, snoring loudly (god or not, Thor always nodded off as the first one), and Bruce, sitting in small distance from Steve, his face tired, and not approving of Tony and Natasha arguing, but he didn’t have any strength to take his usual role as a mediator. One person was missing.

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Captain America: Civil War MBTI Types

Captain America/Steve Rodgers: ISTJ

Steve is not, i repeat NOT, an ISFJ. Captain America is clearly Te. As the leader of the Avengers he gives orders like a pro. He is shown ordering police, soldiers, and team-mates, in a very calm and collected manner. He is driven to do the morally right thing, rather than the thing that helps the most people, indicating an Fi/Te axis. I think we can all agree he’s an Si dom, as that is his whole shtick.

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Iron Man/Tony Stark: ENTP

We can all agree on this one. Inventor, razor sharp wit, quips galore, hyper intelligent, and beautifully flawed. The definition of his type. Tony Start isint just an ENTP, he’s THE ENTP, the one ENTP to rule them all. 

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Back Widow/Natasha Romanoff: ISTP
Agile Assassin, Rule breaker, authority hater, gymnastics expert, secret jedi. Natasha loves getting her hands dirty and do flips while doing it. It should be noted that she’s a rather developed ISTP.

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The Falcon/ Sam Wilson: ESTJ
I’ll admit, i know the least about this character, comic-wise. This will be the typing I’m least sure about. However, let me just say, people don’t understand how much shadow Se defines ESTJ’s. Coming from a military background and having the ability to comply with orders to a tee, I’m gunna have to guess ESTJ. Will update if that changes.

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Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff: INFP

Deeply passionate, introspective, outwardly intuitive, uses figurative language effortlessly, emotionally turbulent. One of the best INFP’s on the big screen in terms of originality as it’s not the INFP character we’re used to. She’s got the signature INFP self-doubt, lashing-out from pain, figurative launguage, and need to do whats right (once she knows whats right, at least). 

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Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes: ISFP

Bucky is a deeply complex character, he is plagued by guilt but has no way of fixing anything or making amends. He hates being controlled and he’s running from those who seek to control him. It should be noted that male ISFP are especially closed off emotionally and very intense. 

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Vision: INFJ

This one is subtle. Almost behaving like an INTP at times, vision isint human. Vision has those subtle Ni qualities that are so hard to pick up at first glance and, to me, cant be said to be a Ti dom. Certainly a Fe/Ti axis though. He’s polite, hauntingly expressive, and a lover of humanity, all with the Ni idiosyncrasies that make INFJ’s so compelling as characters.

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Back Panther/T’Challa: ISTP

Vengeful, outside the law, dislike of diplomacy, and a little Ni to boot. Great recipe for an ISTP. Has the flips, visceral movements, and gymnastics consistent with action-y ISTP’s.  

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War Machine/Rhodey: ESFJ

Friend of the establishment, rule-follower, nice guy. Rhodey wants to be well liked by his peers and generally tries to do whats best for everyone. Mostly likely avenger to bake everyone cookies. 

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Ant-Man/Scott Lang: ESTP

Down-to-earth, cool guy, agile and quick on his toes, quip machine. The every man of the Avengers. Good at problem solving, very good. A thief, loves moral grey areas, generally likes to leave an impression on people. Important to note, this is a very well developed ESTP.

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Hawkeye/Clint Barton: ESTJ

My typing of this guy might be a bit of an upset, however i think that, as i said, people underestimate the Se (shadow function) component of ESTJ’s. At the end of the day, Hawkeye is a family man who takes pride in his career. He is a bit dry, ain’t he? He sometimes has a hardtime with the more heady stuff that happens, but he always keeps calm and does his part. A welcome down-to-earth level-head in the frenetic avengers crew. 

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Sharon Carter: ENFP
Not alot of people can recognize a serious ENFP character. ENFP’s make great commanders, but they aren’t often in that position. ENFP’s challenge authority and solve problems from the perspective of whats right. 

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Spider-Man/Peter Parker: INTP

Look, he’s a weird INTP with IxFP-ish qualities. These qualities have always made most iterations of Spider-Man hard to type, however at the end of the day, he’s a budding genius and doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to warrant being an Fi dom. This is a particularly weird Peter Parker, well written, weirdly acted.  

Baron Zemo: INFJ

Hurt, broken, vengeful, human. Having lost everything he comes up with a complex and hyper-intuive plan to defeat the avengers by destroying the ties that bind. Not much more i can say without getting too specific.

Thanks for reading everybody! Hope you enjoyed it!!

First time rule check.

Continuation of


The party had just gotten smashed on the strongest alcohol in the world. one shot took got them all drunk. One by smell alone. Well the tengu was out cold for a few hours but the barbarian wanted him awake for some training, and the drow was in the bar chatting with the Gnoll so she couldn’t stop him.

Barbarian: I start pouring water down his throat.

DM(me): ok how long do you do this for?

Barbarian: a minute

DM: *pulls out book and starts looking up the rule for drowning* I never thought I’d need to look up the rules for drowning in this campaign.

Tengu: why?

DM: You guys are in a desert!

Tengu*laughs* oh yeah

DM*points at tengu* now make 10 fortitude saving throws

Tengu:*stops laughing* O.O

(He survived and remained unconscious for another 2 hours)

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headcanon request please!! karasuno's (if you don't want to do all of them then maybe 1st and 3rd years?) reactions/feelings on finding out their s/o is extremely into body worship (specifically thighs)? like they find out their s/o has an extremely soft spot for their legs if that makes any sense??

hey friendo!! are u also the one anon who was asking for the rules lol anyway can u resend this one request? i’m a lil confused abt it like… is this an asadaisugakiyo + s/o ? or a kagehinatsukiyamayachi + s/o? or the literal whole karasuno team + s/o oh my god but yaaa im down for doing ur request but u gotta resend it thank u!

also i’m going to make a easy-linkable post for the rules when i reopen the askbox for everyone but here’s the rules ATM for ease of access~


  • I’ll be taking requests for scenarios and headcanons (fluff, nsfw, angst, AU, w/e) for both charas+reader ships and multi-canon-chara ships
  • I’ll also be taking polyship match-ups (minimum 2 charas from haikyuu for you, and a bit of a description on how i think ur relationship will go!)
  • please keep your asks to one poly ship at a time. the more people in a poly ship, the longer it’ll take for the ask to be written, the longer the ask box will be clogged!


  • please be specific with your ask! “[polyship] fluff” is not going to work. add at least some description, it doesn’t matter if you fill the ask character limit. setting, time, s/o description, anything that can/will affect the ask is appreciated.
  • please tell me at what perspective you want it to be written. i know some like it better with “you” pronouns, and some as “s/o”: it depends on the asker. if you don’t specify it, my standard is using “you” pronouns. (since i love self-ships tbh)


please don’t simply describe your appearance for the match-up huhu. while i do believe the boys have certain look-tastes i still think they’ll matter up on the heart still. so while you can describe the more interesting/important physical features of yours, i will need these four as a requirement.

  1. MBTI 
  2. zodiac sign
  3. life philosophy (what keeps you going?)
  4. one song you think describes you the best

also: you can specify in your match-up request if you want the relationship description to be of a specific event (match-up + volleyball tutoring?) you can also specify if you’re looking for a bff match-up or something i don’t mind!

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You need to police the honest hours better. I posted a link and got all of one question. It's not fair.

unfortunately, dear, we did not bring honesty hours into the roleplay to “police” them. honesty hours and meme mondays are purely for fun here in viva, and we feel as if we put too many rules on them besides for the ones already set in place, it would simply take the fun out of them. we are sorry you aren’t getting many questions, but sometimes there are slow days, whether it is for the roleplay in general or for certain people. i know for a fact that some of us on the admin team ourselves may go a day only getting one or even none at all, but other days, plenty. all we can really do is strongly encourage all of you to send questions to each other and make things more fair! but we have no intention on setting any rules on this matter.

team “i’m going to spend every fucking day of setlock wondering ‘what if it’s today. what if today is when those two men are going to kiss each other senseless and film it and personally plot my demise. what if it’s happening right now’ and mortifying myself about it to an extremely unhealthy degree while constantly wallowing in it and whimpering”.

(you’re welcome to join me in my despair)

  • [Akashi, explaining basketball to Kuroko]
  • Akashi: Would you prefer a nature metaphor or a sexual metaphor?
  • Kuroko: Oh god, nature, please.
  • Akashi: When two animals are having sex, one of them is communicating a message to the other. Nothing is mutu-, this isn’t very helpful, you’re gonna wanna hear the sexual metaphor.
  • Kuroko: Was that not the…
  • Akashi: All life is sex and all sex is competition. And there are no rules to that game. There, that wasn’t so perverted, now was it?
  • Kuroko: Was that it? No, that wasn’t bad.
  • Akashi: My point is, there’s one person who is in charge of every team in Japan, and that person is Charles Darwin. In the end, doesn’t he decide who the captain is?
  • Kuroko: Wha… No, I would’ve said no…
To Another World

Hey all,

As Ichabbie Weekend comes to a close, I wanted to continue my grand tradition of little ficlets with my signature style: very little dialogue, mostly narration, and being trash. But oh well, thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

Were there any rules to this weekend’s fic writing? If there were, I’m sure I broke all of them and I just wrote what I wanted. If it breaks rules, just call it regular Ichabbie stuff. 

Anyways, here is how I think this crap show should end. Hope you like it! If you do, give it a reblog! :) Go shady team. 

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What he had shared with Diana had been pleasant and friendly, but deeply unsatisfying, he mused.

A good partner, a competent and steadfast woman to be sure, but it came as a surprise to absolutely no one that ever since the loss of Abbie Mills, the wind had gone entirely out of Ichabod Crane’s sails.

The last moments he had spent with her played on continuous loop in his mind like a phonograph, the memory of his failure weighing him down, oppressively heavy and inescapable. The constant shame of a farewell that should never have been allowed to pass in the first place, and one without a declaration of his love or even an expression of gratitude, had left the very essence of his soul and happiness to crumble and slip away from him like leaves crushed in a fist and released to drift on the wind.

This would have compromised his capacity to carry out his mission a million times over, were it not for the inexplicable and oddly ubiquitous sensation of her presence.  Even gone, Abbie was impossible to forget. He carried her with him everywhere; in every battle he called her forth as fuel. In every mundanity, her laugh echoed in his ears. In his mind’s eye he would look to the driver’s seat and see only her. At his worst moments, he even conjured an image of her that was so cold and unforgiving, so condemning of his selfishness and cowardice. He felt she should punish him, for even this was less painful that the remembrance of the patient and gracious Abbie as she had been. For he had failed that Abbie.

As so there he lay; alone, dying on the battlefield after another gruesome baddie, the rest of Team Witness nowhere to be found. Crane’s body did little to resist the onset of death. He was not a fatalist by any means; he did crave the end of his life, and yet his very soul cried out in yearning, in hope, for that one impossible dream…

That impossible dream that, if he were the luckiest man to have ever existed, a certain someone would be there to greet him at the end. 

As so as he passed from this life and onto the next world, Ichabod beheld a familiar site. He was back at Sheriff Corbin’s cabin, untouched, clean, a fire crackling away. And as he looked around, a diminutive figure appeared, leaning in the doorway, casual as ever.

“Welcome home.”

Truly this God was a forgiving one, and truly this was what piece of heaven Ichabod Crane was to be afforded.

Tears springing to his eyes, and tears springing to Abbie’s eyes, he took her hands.

“I thought we might meet again, my love.”

Finally touching his lips to hers, the two finally settled in to their peculiar, but perfect, happily ever after.

Pokemon Go: Church and Cemetery Etiquette

With all the news about people doing stupid things in Pokemon Go I wanted to get a list out there on this subject before anything bad actually happens…I’ve already seen posts about people running around cemeteries at night and suggestions to look for certain types of pokemon in them, so even if your local church/graveyard isn’t a Pokestop or Gym, players will still probably be drawn to them for one reason or another.

General Rules - Churches:

  • This first one’s obvious - don’t break in to a locked building / gated piece of land.  Don’t do it anywhere else, don’t do it to a church or cemetary either.

  • Depending on the size of the parish, the location, and other factors, some churches leave their doors unlocked during the day (if not also during the night).  Anyone is allowed to go inside and you most likely won’t be met with any questions as long as you act with respect.

  • Don’t be loud, keep conversation to a minimum if you’re with your friends or speak in hushed voices, especially if there are people in there cleaning, preparing for mass, or praying

  • Don’t swear.  Yeah throwing pokeball after pokeball and missing can be frustrating especially when the pokemon pops back out again when you actually hit it, but just… don’t swear.  If you REALLY can’t help yourself, see the previous bullet - don’t let anyone hear you.

  • You probably shouldn’t show up in in the middle of a service, especially something special like a wedding or a funeral.  Come back later.

  • DO NOT WALK ON/BEHIND THE ALTAR, that space is a sacred space which, in many variations of Christianity, only priests and other people directly involved with the mass (like altar boys) are allowed to enter.

General Rules - Cemeteries:

  • This should fall under the do-not-break-into-places rule but I’m just going to reiterate it in a more specific context.  Do not enter crypts or mausoleums.  Unless it is crystal-goddamn-clear that it’s a public space, even unlocked or open structures are usually only meant for family and friends to go inside.

  • This is another obvious one but don’t vandalize the graves.  Definitely don’t do it on purpose, but be careful not to do it by accident either.  If you see a stone that is leaning, a brick that is loose, don’t try to fix it - you may mean well but this is work for a groundskeeper to do, you wouldn’t want to make it worse by mistake.  Even solid-looking stones could be old and fragile, sitting or leaning on them may cause damage as well.  

  • The no-touch guideline also extends to flowers, candles, and other offerings that have been left.  Do not take them, do not touch or adjust them, just leave them be.  They were left with purpose.

  • DO NOT WALK IN FRONT OF THE HEADSTONES.  Walking directly in front of a headstone is symbolic of stepping on the body buried under the plot.  It’s VERY inconsiderate, so don’t do it.  Walk as far away (at least six feet) from the front of the headstone as you can, or along the back (the side without the writing) of the next row over.  If you must cross a row, cross between stones.  Take note that some stones can be quite short or even set directly into the ground.  More than being hard to notice when trying not to walk over a grave, these can be tripping hazards which could cause you to hurt yourself or the marker.

  • THERE WILL BE MOURNERS.  I have visited my local cemetery Gym twice and both times there were people there not playing Pokemon Go.  Visiting a grave is obviously an intensely personal and potentially upsetting experience.  Be considerate.  Be quiet.  Keep your distance.  Don’t do a celebratory dance when you catch something.

  • If you see a burial occurring (line of cars, gathering of people, a coffin, etc.), just come back later.

  • Probably best to stay out of cemeteries you are not already intimately familiar with after sundown.  Some of them have guards, most of them have neighbors who are happy to call police if they see/hear suspicious activity.

Disclaimer: my knowledge on this subject is from a Christian (specifically Catholic, but many of the same beliefs/traditions extend) perspective.  If you are from a different faith with different practices, please feel free to add any information you have on how people should handle those situations.

Okay but the ABSOLUTE CATASTROPHE that would be Pharah climbing out of a swimming pool.

Come on with Overwatch’s funding and all those Watchpoints, there’s one that has its own probably-indoor pool. And because that would be a nice, open, well-lit common area it’s probably where the team ends up hanging out a lot.

And honestly not warning them is just fucking rude, Pharah.

Mercy happens to glance up from a late lunch at the sound of splashing and then her brain just sort of stops working and she stares for a good five minutes with her fork frozen halfway to her mouth.

Zarya turns to see what she’s looking at, gets distracted, overbalances and flips her deck chair over.

Mei is beet red and determinedly pretending to read but is in fact peeking over the top of her book.

Satya reflexively tries to crush an idle hard-light creation but forgot it was half-formed already and breaks a finger. straight-up stops watching where she’s going, slips on wet tile and faceplants into a fucking pillar.

And then Lena RUINS IT by cheerfully wolf-whistling and Mercy tries to smack her lightly but forgot her hands were full and ends up stabbing her in the face with a fork.

Look. Look. I love her. I love her a lot. But. This post was originally about Zarya stepping out of the showers but that didn’t work. Know why? Because Zarya knows the effect she has on innocent bystanders when dripping wet and wearing very little clothing. Fareeha Amari is ridiculously, unfairly attractive, somehow oblivious to what this does to people, and needs to be more careful before she fucking kills someone.


Here’s what happened at the hyperloop competition

When it comes to billionaire Elon Musk’s lofty vision for the Hyperloop, a theoretical high speed transportation structure, there’s one pod to rule them all. Last weekend, at the Hyperloop Pod design competition at Texas A&M University, 23 lucky pod-designing teams moved one step closer to glory — and showed us the future of high speed travel.

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