one team one family

  • Jason: Three teams, okay?
  • Jason: Team one. Resurrected kids.
  • Damian: Me and you, yes.
  • Jason: Team Two. Faked-their-death kids.
  • Steph and Dick: Riiiight.
  • Jason: And Team Three. Boring kids.
  • Tim: Boring?
  • Cass: ?
  • Jason: Team Boring. Yes.
  • Cass: ...
  • Tim: Okay, yes, maybe Team Boring is the team for me. But Cass?
  • Jason: Hm. Point taken. Team Half-Awesome, then.
  • Tim: *sighs*
  • Cass: *touches Tim's shoulder* We will win.
  • Tim: Any team with you on it, sis.
  • Jason: *cocks Nerf gun* Game on, Princess.
  • Cass: ?
  • Tim: He's... talking to me.
A Growing Brood

Baze leaves for an off-world job and returns to find his impulsive husband’s adopted a child.

He hopes this doesn’t become a habit.

(Pure Spiritassassin & Family Fluff. Because this movie needs those. Ao3 link.)

Baze trudged through NiJedha with a heavy gait, weighed down by the weariness of travel. It was abated somewhat by the profit lining his pockets, and the thought of seeing Chirrut after his two-week absence.

Speak of the devil. He had barely crossed the threshold when Chirrut rounded the corner, wielding that uncanny foresight of his. Kriff, it was a crime how the crinkling around his eyes, creased by his disarming smile, dispelled much of the dreary muck clinging to Baze like a second skin. 

“Welcome back,” Chirrut greeted warmly, as was custom. Less expectedly, he threw his arms around Baze’s neck and promptly kissed him with a vigor that an absence of this duration didn’t warrant.

Despite his doubt, Baze caved into the affection, responding in kind by cupping the hollow of Chirrut’s hips as he reacquainted himself with his husband. He lingered in the embrace for a minute more before pulling away.

“What did you do?” he demanded, scrutinizing his husband’s face. Chirrut grinned unabashedly.

“Me?” he rebutted. “Do what?”

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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

imdjainsworth  asked:

Jessica, first of all, I love you. Second, what's it like being a part of the first class that was 50% female?

Thank you!  The best part is that I think the fact that our class is 50% female simply reflects how far our society has come, and that is a great thing!  To us, there really is no difference on whether or not we are female or male, what backgrounds we come from, etc., we are one team, one family, all contributing to the same cause (which is an extraordinary feeling!).  I’m definitely very proud and honored to be part of the 21st astronaut class.

Highlights of my ‘Splinter and his many terrible kids’ chat with @lulusoblue

CL: I just wanted to let you guys know that we are all still here and we will always be one team, one family.

CL: Minzy, Bom, Dara will all be doing great things on their own and I will always love and support them.

CL: What we have to remember is that we made amazing memories for the last 7 years together and I wouldn’t have had it in any other way, with any other group of people.


Schlieri & Sevi back in the days having a pleasant talk with a finnish interviewer

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Customs (Rebelcaptain, 2)

I talked with a few people and everyone agreed that I could not leave the “accidentally married” prompt alone as it was, nor did I want to. So this one is from Jyn’s perspective upon waking up and her reaction. I’m probably going to end up writing a "the night of" flashback and maybe a reaction or two from the other members of the crew, depending on how I feel. Sometimes, I just want something light and fluffy with a hint of angst and confusion. Enjoy!

The first thing Jyn notices upon waking up is something soft and warm pillowing her head. She buries her face further into it, breathing in the smell of smoke that clings to it and another smell that is incredibly familiar but she can’t name without thinking and she really doesn’t want to think right now. It lulls her back into a brief doze as she hugs whatever it is until her other senses begin to poke and prod at her mind.

Like the fact that her feet and legs are cold and the strange rough yet soft feel of sand burns her bare skin. She furrows her brow, groaning and griping that these feelings won’t let her fall back asleep, and curls in on herself in an attempt to get warm. Why is she so cold? She remembers… Well, she doesn’t really remember a lot from last night, but she remembers being very hot. This is quite unpleasant and a rude way to wake up.

Finally, when she is unable to deal with it any longer and knows it will be impossible to fall back asleep, Jyn opens her bleary eyes and lifts her head. Strands of her hair hang in her face and she can feel just how much of a mess it is, but she doesn’t care. Instead, she takes in the scene: bodies scattered everywhere on the beach, half of them snoring, empty cups and bowls lying tipped over on the ground, the burnt remains of what had been a large bonfire. She vaguely recalls the rituals they’d gone along with while negotiating with the natives of this planet and the celebratory ceremony afterwards, but nothing specific jumps out.

How much had the aliens insisted they drink after each decision? Why had she gone along with it? Only Cassian really had to drink, but as far as she knows, everyone on the team joined in so that he wouldn’t be completely obliterated. They would’ve been fine…had they not continued to drink after. That was all their fault.

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The Hug

A beautiful thing happened tonight.  After seven long season we got to see Rick and Daryl show their love with an actual embrace instead of nods and glances.  It was totally worth the wait and it was the perfect hug.  The way Daryl started getting emotional and bowing his head, the way Rick grabbed him in the hug and held tight to his neck with a hand in his hair, the length of the embrace…. it was all just perfect.  

And Daryl, right hand man as always, gives Rick back his colt.  Having the boys and the rest of team family back together again is a great way to end the season.  After the pain from the premiere and the agonizing episodes with everyone separated and waiting for multiple weeks to see even a glimpse of some of our favorites- Finally we get a reward.  There’s been a lot of complaining about where TWD has been going this season.  I know this because I was one of the ones complaining.  But if 7B gives us Team Family back together again and fighting… I just may forgive 7A.