one talks

  • friend: do you just look at someone and you try and imagine how they're so perfect
  • me: yuuri katsuki
  • friend: i mean i was talking about my significant other bu-
  • me: yuuri katsuki

1/3 of the population of my country is albanian (and almost all of them are muslim) and the new government decided that there should be albanian people in the government like in parliament and the fascists, pardon my language, “nationalists” of my country (majority of people) stormed in the parliament and threaten to kill members of the new government because….get this….they elected an albanian person to be in parliament…..a person of an ethnic group that is 1/3 of my countries population………..

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How about a cute scenario where Munakata and Fushimi recommend books they like to each other?

So imagine maybe immediately post-ROK Fushimi’s on light duty only and he’s totally bored out of his skull, he’s able to do computer work but he can’t go out into the field and Munakata and Awashima keep sending him back to his room to rest even when he’s just working on reports. He’s sick and tired of resting all the time though so one day he goes into the library and decides to read something. He has no idea what to read though, I tend to imagine Fushimi as not being much of a reader (of fiction books at least, I feel like he’d dislike any kind of genre fiction about a chosen one saving the world, especially if it’s something where an abused kid becomes loved and respected because fuck that, and he’d probably hate any kind of realistic fiction that is all about the protagonist’s deep conflict within their inner self or whatever because why the hell does he want to read about self important morons trying to find themselves). He finally picks out maybe a nice mystery book and starts reading, soon he ends up unexpectedly absorbed because I can definitely see Fushimi as someone who would want to try to solve the mystery himself and who would probably get annoyed if it was the sort of book where the author deliberately withholds information the reader would need in order to figure it out for themselves. He finishes that book fairly quickly and goes on to another one, eventually he falls asleep reading and that’s when Munakata comes looking for him. Munakata’s amused to see that Fushimi was enjoying himself so much and takes off his coat, wrapping it over Fushimi’s shoulders as he heads off to bed himself.

A couple days later Munakata stops by the library and Fushimi’s awake this time, reading. Munakata sits down next to him and just watches him for a bit, Fushimi’s so absorbed he has no idea that Munakata’s even there. When he finally looks up he’s all embarrassed that he didn’t realize Munakata had joined him, like he’s so used to being always on guard and here he didn’t notice he wasn’t alone. Munakata finds it more amusing than anything though, noting that Fushimi was quite absorbed in his book. Fushimi shrugs, clicking his tongue, but Munakata just smiles and asks if the book was enjoyable. Fushimi’s still reluctant to talk so Munakata gets up and retrieves a book from the shelf, setting it on the table and saying that he thinks Fushimi might like it before taking his leave. Fushimi acts like that was so annoying but he finds himself idly flipping through the book Munakata suggested and soon he can’t put it down. When Munakata stops back at the library to make certain Fushimi’s gone to bed properly this time he finds that Fushimi’s gone but he’s left a book on the table, not the one Munakata recommended but a different one that Munakata doesn’t recall reading before. There’s no note or anything but Munakata recognizes the book as the one Fushimi fell asleep reading the night before and he smiles a bit as he picks it up, noting that Fushimi appears to be returning the favor. The next morning Fushimi goes back to the library to find the book he left Munakata has been put away and another new one left there. After that it becomes a regular ritual for him and Munakata, Fushimi will leave a book that he enjoyed on the table for Munakata and Munakata will leave Fushimi a book in return. Fushimi never admits that he’s doing it on purpose but he doesn’t deny things either whenever Munakata asks him if he enjoyed the most recent selection or when Munakata tells Fushimi that the book Fushimi picked this time was particularly fascinating (Fushimi does eventually regret it a bit though when Munakata gets the splendid idea to host a monthly Scepter 4 book club and suggests Fushimi pick this month’s book).

hey look! a boomix! goodnight!

my manager knows me too well like i didnt know she apparently listens to all the nerd conversations i have with the kitchen guys every morning from her office and today before leaving out the door she said “byee have fun playing overwatch at home!” and i was like 

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I have no problem wearing my matsu hoodie in public but for a while I couldn't wear it to work because I didn't know how to explain it to them. Now when I do they just call it "cloud"

Oh gosh when I was I asked I just said, “It’s a Japanese pine symbol. Apparently it looks like this??” Flustered shrugs and blushes for eternity while making a swift ex i t