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The Alec & Simon dynamic is probably one of my fave things to write about. Like Alec being 100% done with Simon on the one hand but they also are friends and care for each other on the other hand, you know?

In other news, yes, I need more of that on the show. Especially when Simon starts dating Izzy and Alec will find out. I am already dying at the thought itself. It will be GLORIOUS.

isak is such a hypocrite for saying “you guys need to start getting chicks yourselves” like he didn’t fucking BLUSH every time even so much as looks at him,, like the Kitchen Scene where he deadass could not lift his head and look even in the eye never happened,, we see right thourgh u bitch

Cuz… you know… it’s a joke.
I like to think that Carlos is a religious person, even though he’s in a gang, and prone to break the law. The thing is, that people of Stilwater know him, and know him as a good person. So for every bad thing he did - he probably does a dozen of good things, and probably feels guilty for his “sins”. (Maybe tries to justify his own actions as “it's for the greater good…and the goal sometimes means more than the ways with which it’ll be achieved… maybe… probably… not.”. Then he gets sad). He barely talks about it, and probably is too shy (feels guilty) to go in church, but if he could - he would…
Ion on the other hand doesn’t give a shit. Like,at all. He doesn’t believe in anything, unless he sees it. But he tries to tactfully treat other people’s faith, and never really mock it to the point of being offencive. (His mom is a religious woman, so no wonder…) Yet, he gets really annoyed if someone’s trying to force their faith on him - like, religious fanatics deserve a punch, in his opinion. (Oh, and those pieces of shite who pursue the goal of getting rid of\fixing the homosexual folks - those are the dead ones… no tolerance for those. At all.) It’s a thin line - he’s okay with everything, unless it’s getting personal and hurts him or his friends.

Last night I had to stop myself from slipping into Solas’ voice while writing Jaal, since I’ve been writing Solas almost every day for the past two years and my brain has hard-wired to emotional distance and repression. I actually had to chastise myself at one point for trying to make the cinnamon roll dodgy and pedantic. Stop ruining everything you asshole. 

The X Files themed asks!
  1. Mulder or Scully?
  2. Favourite season/s? Why?
  3. Favourite episode/s? Why?
  4. Least favourite episodes? Why?
  5. When did you first start watching TXF?
  6. Why did you start watching TXF?
  7. Did you have any misconceptions/thoughts about TXF before you started watching it based on what you saw on tumblr/internet or tv and if so how did they change once you started watching (if they did)? 
  8. Fight the Future or I Want to Believe?
  9. Fox Mulder or David Duchovny?
  10. Dana Scully or Gillian Anderson?
  11. Gillian or David?
  12. Which season(s) did Mulder have the best hair?
  13. Which season(s) did Scully have the best hair?
  14. What are your favourite things about TXF?
  15. What is about TXF that you love so much?
  16. Favourite character (other than Mulder or Scully)?
  17. Least favourite character? 
  18. Is there a character you don’t like but everyone else does?
  19. Is there a character you like but everyone else doesn’t?
  20. What do you think of Agents Reyes and Doggett?
  21. Most bad ass Skinner moment/s?
  22. Favourite MSR moments?
  23. How do you feel about The Lone Gunmen?
  24. Favourite Dana Scully outfits?
  25. Do you prefer Mulder with or without stubble?
  26. Mulder & Scully in s1 or s10?
  27. Are there any scenes that made you cry?
  28. Which scenes made you laugh?
  29. An episode plot line you wish happened?
  30. Any hopes and aspirations for the show?
  31. What song/s remind you of MSR?
  32. Do you know anyone IRL who loves and obsesses over the show with you?
  33. Realistically, would you spend your time going on road trips to hunt aliens and try to uncover conspiracies?
  34. Do you believe there is life on other planets?  
  35. Do you think the government is hiding proof that aliens exist?
  36. Do you think aliens have come to earth?
  37. Do you think the Roswell UFO incident really happened?
  38. Have you ever seen a UFO? Where and when? What do you think it was?
  39. Have you ever seen anything that the realms of science couldn’t explain? If so, what and where?
  40. Have you ever been to NASA?