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“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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If you had to choose a best play through: high or low chaos, corvo or emily? Who to kill and who to spare?

That’s a tough one, because constructing narratives out of any given set of choices is a ton of fun. I don’t have a ‘best’, but here’s one for high chaos week:

Play as Emily. Worried about your father, your city. Shaking with anger, that everything could be taken away from you with such ease.

Stand for a long moment underneath Grim Alex’s wall of trophies. When you chewed through the city’s finest to get there you lopped off heads, fingers, arms. You never thought to keep them. Spare the good doctor. You’re curious.

Jindosh’s voice in Emily’s ear, and his insistence that social standing come from intelligence alone, is the most irritating thing you have ever heard. Monarchs are born not chosen, and besides, you were chosen by the Outsider. Turn him into a simpleton. Poetic irony in its cruelest form.

Your duel with Breanna is the most challenge you’ve had for a while. By the time she’s dead on the floor, half the museum’s wrecked. Good.

The voice of your dead mother stops speaking to you at this point.

Choosing between criminals and zealots is a false dichotomy if you ever saw one. The world will be better off without either Paolo or Byrne.

Similarly, choosing between the duke and his pet doppelgänger doesn’t interest you. They both die at your hand. You find yourself disgusted by the opulence, the wealth. You’ve gone so long now stalking back-alleys, eating rotten food, curled up at night wherever seems safest, or on Meagan’s lonely little ship, that it takes you a long time to even recognize the palace’s round beds for what they are. They had so much power and they chose comfort over control? You suppose you weren’t that different, in Dunwall, before all of this.

Dunwall is ruined and you are furious. Kill Delilah as fast as you can. You feel surprisingly little as her breathing stops. Free Corvo, and send him away to Karnaca to rebuild. It’s hard to look him in the eye. Alone in Dunwall, you grow increasingly more frustrated that you can’t solve every political problem with your sword, and as the years tick by the rage in your gut at everything that has happened to you festers and sours. You were chosen. You’re the sovereign. You didn’t deserve any of it, and the world paid.

almost nobody interesting lives near me and the only people i enjoy talking to are people online who live like, hundreds of miles away from me sadly

and it’s been like this for years basically? i have friends from high school that i talk to but we don’t necessarily have the same exact interests and we just got along because mutual friends but it just feels


By far the thing I find weirdest about the d/eh fandom is the shipping of evan and connor. Aside from any issues I may have with the portrayal of mental health in the musical itself, I don’t understand how people can take a character who abuses his sister and only appears as himself for about 10 minutes in the show and call him their “dead gay son” then pair him up with a guy he never even knew who exploited his death and invented a whole new personality for him just because they “sound gay” in the song one of them spends lying about their friendship

Gin (C.M X Reader)

 last time I was drunk I cried to sk8er boi by Avril Lavigne and this takes inspo from that night (also hey im not dead anymore lmao) 

Ship: Connor Murphy x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, Cursing

Jared normally called you for two things, late night 4 am chats, and to beg for answers to homework. So, having him call you in the middle of the day asking to hang out, was suspicious as hell.

“I know you want something. What is it?” 

“Wow-Is it so unbelievable that I would want to hang out with my wonderful friend?” You can feel his smirk through the phone.

“Yeah, Jared. It is.”  

“Come on (Y/N), live a little! You know, my moms aren’t home, and there is an open liquor cabinet with your name on it.”

“……..I’ll be there in 5.”

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What does jeast look like?

like this

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oh wow! the anon is back! means i can give you ANON COMPLIMENTS without you knowing who i am!!! you're friggin great and amazing, extremely talented, and you can do anything you dream of! and at the moment im to smol to have my own money on the internet but guess what happens when i stop being too smol? that's right, im gonna support the heck out of you. so wait till i grow up and give small amounts of money because i seriously doubt i'll be able to earn a lot of money soz if this sounds creepy

(ノ∀`♥)  aw thanks..!!!! i really appreciate that!!  [but u dont have to, save your mones so u can buy burgers and milk]

Omg, you guys, I was at this little party my friend was having and her little sister came up and started talking with me about mermaids. Guys, I THINK I FOUND A WAY TO HAVE THE READER AND IWA END UP TOGETHER WITHOUT IT BEING THE DISNEY MOVIE PLOT. I mean, I gotta check the lore behind it, but this nine year old just changed my life, like YES.

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Do you think Jaehyun is a silent person, the type to not talk because he is not very talkative or a Shy person?

I don’t think Jaehyun is a shy person, I think he’s being quiet sometimes because he’s very aware of the fact that he’s a public person and everything he says might affect him, he also seems more cautious of his worlds than other members (sometimes he would even take pauses before saying something). But you can sort of see his actual personality in NCT life when it’s just him and nct members and a few managers. Also people that went to the same school as Jaehyun (starting from middle school to high school) all said that he was always very popular and was friendly with everyone and he’s generally a very easy going person (DK from Seventeen was even afraid to talk to him because he was too handsome and too popular lol). Basically he was that™ person that played football, basketball and did well academically. 

My mom continues to tell me that I’m not feeling flutters because she cannot see it from the outside………very aggravating. I didn’t realize the movement isn’t real if other people don’t see it lmao. “It’s just gas and your body changing.”

And now I’m being sensitive. This is why I have kept to myself this pregnancy! Everyone has to give their two cents. I could be being a cry baby, but she’s annoying.

tfw the entire fandom forgets soul has admitted hes socially anxious