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There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something -Jon Bernthal 


No one asked for late night doodles but here I am uploading them anyway. Just wanted to do a personal take on them. Evidently, my take on them is mainly BTAS with hints of other iterations. I dig it. Have a good week ahead folks. :)


He’s an ambitious assassin with no limits, and of questionable moral alignment but I love him all the same.

Any girl want to walk through the snow with me until our cheeks are red (but it’s okay because it makes you look super cute) and our hands are cold (but it’s okay because then we can hold each other’s) and then we can come home and cuddle on the couch under a big blanket and you can put your cold hands on my neck and I’ll act shocked (but it’s okay because I love you) (and I’ll kiss your cold nose and tell you just that)

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Im so sorry all these anons are bothering you, they should really think before they ask such personal stuff. PS I think your FAQ link is broken, the one in your blog description, i clicked on it on mobile and it just wouldn't load. Not sure if it loads for other people though.

Oh it’s alright, thank you for the concern! Also, I’ve checked and clicked the link myself on mobile and it works for me tho? It might be the app being faulty!

can we…. can we discuss That Line in 4x07? the “all of yours” line? the “We had a deal. How about a new one? Give me my vengeance on Eli - settle my score, and I’ll settle yours. All of yours.”


Robbie doesn’t even know Mack


Robbie is finally rid of this thing he hates so much


This has been his mission for so long, to live without the Rider, so much so that he explicitly told Daisy as much in an earlier episode


Robbie confronts his worst fear to save a man he’s just met


Robbie damns himself - literally! damns himself! forever! - in exchange for Mack’s freedom


oh my god, listen, Robbie didn’t even hesitate - when the Rider wouldn’t accept one deal he made another, every chance he had to back out he resisted, every single time he could have taken the easy way out he didn’t! instead bringing a lot of pain on himself! sacrificing himself to actual literal hell! Robbie Reyes!

bring him back to us, our sweet boy. my GOD.

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Tbh I see quite a lot of pan positivity on my dash could you clarify what you meant by that?

i see it from like, specific blogs for LGBT+ support, or pride flag art, & very occasionally from other users, but 90% posts are more like “reblog if you support trans, gay or bi girls!” (which is still great & i still appreciate), i just rarely see posts casually include pan people within their support or representation 

9 November 2017
I’ve wanted to draw Loki for ages but I didn’t know how to draw… and then the obsession kind of died when I got too overwhelmed by all the superhero movies and kind of boycotted them… But it has been refueled. (I just finally watched Thor: The Dark World for the first time, and then I got to see Thor: Ragnarok with some friends.)
Please don’t judge it too much, I have very little experience with coloured pencils…