one sword and a world of troubles

Classics Day!

The Slayers anime was released in the 90s based on a series of light novels. It was considered one of the top anime of the 90s.

The novels had been serialized in Dragon Magazine, and were later adapted into several manga titles, televised anime series, anime films, OVA series, role-playing video games, and other media. 

A well established wiki can be found here, that gives all the usual wiki details and even has a fourm page that has fanart, merchandise and much more.


In a medieval sword and sorcery world, there is one mage who is notorious for her power and grace (at least that’s how she likes to put it), Lina Inverse. In reality, she is a teenage mage with a penchant for collateral damage, obnoxiousness and gluttony. This series chronicles her adventures with companions, such as the powerful but dumb swordsman Gourry Gabriev as she quests for gold and finds a heck of a lot trouble along the way. (Source IMDb)


Introducing Artemis!

Artemis is an Akriri, or Birdfolk, one of an original species created by Kel-Del
though she was designed by the amazing kuritures

Artemis is a potion maker who works alongside her business partner Ferrer, a blacksmith. (owned by the lovely allanwolf) Together they run a shop called Swords and Sorcery and travel around the world.

She’s young, only 15 in a race that lives hundreds of years. As such she can be a bit of a baby sometimes. It’s easy to ruffle her feathers, and she sometimes gets in trouble because of it. Good thing Ferrer is there to bail her out most of the time.

anonymous asked:

Bill Cosby is not a good dad figure, the Subway guy is in big trouble, Donald Trump is the top Republican in the polls. Seriously, what the hell Sam? If feels like we are in an alternate universe where everything is upside down.

People are people even those in the world of celebrity. In fact one of the most difficult things for a celebrity is keeping this fact from an admiring public. You see fame is a double edged sword. We love to have our celebrities who have become our heroes out of legend but we are also jealous of their fame, wealth and power and so we relish the idea of their fall from grace. Cosby is a perfect example. Many people in the industry have long known that Cosby was a sexual predator and a racist. Yet the public did not know. Once they discovered it they turned on him like rabid dogs. The same went for Mel Gibson. 

This is the strange aspect of hero worship.


“You deserved better from me than one sword in a world of troubles. 

I’m sorry.”

Tarot Today August 16th

Seven of Swords

Did you plan out for success this week? If not today’s your last chance to tie up any loose ends to make things happen. Don’t procrastinate!

The Seven of Swords is not a very auspicious card, but it doesn’t mean doom and gloom - it’s a message to be on the lookout for trouble in business, love and relationships.

Other people will be watching you but that doesn’t mean you have to watch them back. Do yourself a favor and do your best work like no one was watching.

It may seem like the world or other people against you right now. If you feel there are obstacles, make your plan to skirt around them. It can be done. Your chances of success are very real, but it’s up to you.

Make way for opportunities no matter what the circumstances.

gerome is sulking bc miriel has just informed him that both him and his brother are too big for her to pick up. and also because morgan proceeded to tease him by pointing out that he’s not much bigger than her even though he’s older than she is. and also because he is the prince of sulking. (miriel insists she is not built to carry anything much bigger than a stack of books, and that rules sulky eight year olds right now. cherche on the other hand could easily pick up both of her sons at once, and will probably be begged to do so as soon as her and lon'qu both return from a well earned nap.)


so i finally did the kid chart only i didnt actually do it in the chart bc boxes stress me out. hopefully u can tell who each parent is meant to be just by looking but they’re labeled if u click on the pics anyway. which u will kinda have to do to actually see them bc photoset and small and wow can u tell i have been drawing children for like seven hours or what. some of them are drawn in their base classes and some are in my fav classes for them and there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason as to who got what other than i guess outfits i prefer drawing??? anyway yeah. children!!!