one street of separation

Because that script tease got me thinking.

It seems they’ve done this for ages, planning and then splitting up in the middle of Main Street, going their separate ways on one mission or another. When he allows himself to truly think about it he’s stunned at how quickly it’s happened - there was no slow slide into this life in Storybrooke, no gradual build into their current mode of operation. He was thrown into it but none if it felt sudden; he slipped so easily into the role he’d scarcely realized how abruptly he’d arrived there.

He doesn’t regret a bit of it. Especially not with Emma at his side, though he is forced to part with her on this particular occasion. It’s just another piece of the puzzle, just another way they work together, and the knowledge that they’ll both retire to the same home, the same bed at the end of the evening makes it that much easier.

Truth be told, he likes it. He likes being useful, enjoys righting wrongs in a way that scratches the itch he felt as a young lieutenant, finally stepping into the shoes of the man he so desperately wishes to be. He feels he’s slowly getting there, an admission he hasn’t yet made to Emma - he plans on doing so soon, but it’s a strange thing, to have something driving him that isn’t directly related to his love for her, to want to be better for himself rather than someone else. He hadn’t realized it until he apologized to Belle, played back his words to her in his head over and over.

Perhaps he should speak to the Cricket after all.

Despite all that it’s still Emma, always Emma at the end of the day who truly centers him, and he steps away from her knowing they’ll be wrapped around each other soon enough, sweet and warm between their sheets.

“Hook,” she says, just as he’s stepping away.

When he turns back to face her he’s fighting a smile; she always refers to him by his more colorful moniker in front of others. He much prefers how she addresses him in private, loves the sound of “Killian” on her lips.

“You forgot something.”

He can feel his eyebrow going up despite his best efforts. “What’s that?”

She doesn’t answer, not with words, but her sly smile reveals her intentions as she steps in close, her hands reaching for his lapels as she leans in close and presses her lips to his.

He sighs into her mouth, tilting his head but not daring to push things farther, not with her father a few feet away. But it’s yet another thing he’s so quickly grown used to, a sweet well-wishing from his beloved before undertaking a mission and he’s not about to let the chance pass him by. It’s so easy to get lost in, the warmth of her lips and the press of her palms against his chest.

She pulls away first but doesn’t go far, her lips against his while she smiles, her “There we go” sounding incredibly satisfied.

His grin mirrors hers. “How could I forget?”

Can’t Wait

 Request:Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where they live in separate buildings across the street from one another and they’ve talked a few times but one night Peter hears a crash outside and the reader is like limping home so he helps her and she explains she was like taking out the trash or something and they become friends and start dating a while after

Requested by: anon 

A/n; hope you like it anon! 

warning: fluff, swearing? 


Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

Peter’s pov

Peter climbed up to his floor of the old building he and his aunt lived in. He looked around to make sure that no one was looking. Even though it was 3 am you never knew who was out there.  

Peter climbed inside and closed his window, he took off his mask and threw it in a corner of his closet. 

Peter patched himself up and got ready for bed, he didn’t have a lot of bruises only one near his lip and few scars on his cheek. Other than that he was fine, Peter was glad that he didn’t have any serious injuries since he didn’t want May to find out. 

Peter climbed in his bed, he twisted and turned till he found the perfect spot and started to feel sleep take over him. Just when his eyes were giving up on him and he was going to fall asleep. A loud crash came from outside the window. 

Peter jolted out of bed, and walked to the window, he looked outside and saw a girl? It was Y/n, she lived in the building in front of them, he would see her all the time on his way to school and the way back. They didn’t really talk much they would share a few “hi” and “how are you’s” but that was it. 

Peter continued to look at her he didn’t want her to get hurt not on his watch. That’s when he realized that his neighbor was limping, he thought that it was most probably the crash he heard a second ago. 

Peter worried ran out through the window, he didn’t realize till later on that he didn’t have his spider suit and that now he was only Peter and not Spiderman. 

He wanted to run back and go get his suit but he couldn’t risk it, he needed to know if Y/n was safe and didn’t get hurt.

Peter found your limping from walking home and he ran as fast as his legs could have that moment. 

“H-Hi,” Peter said in a shaky breath, he didn’t mean to scare you but you could help but get started by his presence. “fuck- Peter it’s only you” you put your hand on your chest trying to calm your racing heart. 

“Sorry y/n didn’t mean to scare you. I heard a crash from my room and wanted to check it out, that’s when I saw you limping so thought I should come and help you out” Peter rubbed the back of his neck. 

Y/n smiled “ that’s so sweet thank you Peter” Peter smiled and offered to walk her home. Which she gladly accepted.

“So Y/n you never told me what were you doing in the middle of the night?’’  Y/n laughed and Peter looked at her confused but couldn’t stop the smile that was forming on his lips. 

“You see Peter I came to take out the trash,” she told him “wait why would you take out your trash at this hour?” you laughed once again. “I had some guest over and they left a few minutes ago, so my mom asked me to take out the trash since we were cleaning” Peter shook his head understandingly. 

Peter frowned, something was still bugging him “what’s wrong?” Y/n asked him. “I get why you went outside this late, then why were you limping?” peter looked at you “ well when I went to take out the trash I kinda..” Peter waited for  her to continue “don’t laugh ok?’’ Y/n raised her pinky in the air, Peter looked at her than her pinky. He smiled and hooked it with his own. 

“okay Y/n I won’t laugh” Y/n took a deep breath and spoke, “ my mom warned me that it was icy outside and it was really slippery near the garbage can” she looked at Peter to see if he was still listening, which he was. “so I may or may not slipped and fell right on my butt” Y/n looked at Peter he was trying hold in his laughter. “You can laugh Peter I know it’s funny,” she said and both of them looked at each other and started to laugh. 

They started to talk to more after that night, they would wait for one another in the morning and would walk to the subway together, since they didn’t go to the same school. 

They would also meet up after school and over the weekends. 

Y/n ended up changing school’s and now both her and Peter were in the same school and took the same classes. 

He ended up telling her about Spiderman as well, (they were best friends after all) “did it hurt?” she asked, wide eyes like a child on Christmas morning. Peter didn’t realize that his crush on her was growing bigger and bigger every day. “At first but then it stopped" he assured her.  

*3 years later*

“three years Peter can you believe it? We’ve been friends for three years now?” Y/n told Peter, they were sitting on the roof of Peter’s apartment building “yeah I can’t believe it” he said wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“Y/n?” “hmm?” she said “I need to tell you something” Peter took a deep breath “what’s wrong Peter? is everything alright?” Y/n got worried. “Yeah everything is fine, well not really but ugh why is this so hard! ok, I’m just gonna say it, Y/n I have a crush on you I alway had one. Since day one and I want to know if you want to go out with me?”.

Y/n jumped and warped her arms around him “OMG yes Peter Yes I will go out with you” Peter laughed at her excitement and kissed her hard on the lips. 

“can’t wait”



David Welsborough, Cabinet Minister

Big fan of Margaret Thatcher

DAVID: Oh, it’s a sort of shrine, I suppose, really.
DAVID: Bit of a fan of Mrs T. Big hero of mine when I was getting started.

(The first of six Thatcher busts gets smashed at the Welsborough home.)

The Welsborough Family


Major Barrymore, Commanding Officer of Baskerville

Big fan of Margaret Thatcher

SHERLOCK:  Copy of “The Downing Street Years”; one, two, three, four, five separate biographies of Thatcher.

‘Maggie’ is the code which unlocks 'Baskerville’

(Including the 'Downing Street Years’ - this makes six books about Thatcher, if I’m not mistaken)

Father and son - Barrymore senior - Falklands veteran.

 The Barrymore family? Mummy, Daddy, brother, sister?

A lot of interesting parallels.

Coincidence? The universe? Or something else?   


I leave you to your own deductions.  Thanks @callie-ariane for the scripts.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing headcanons, could you give some for Bertholdt and Reiner moving out together for the first time in a small, old, grungy apartment (either romantic or platonic is fine with me)

Oh boy can I give you some Reibert moving out/in together headcanons! (Fun Fact: one of the fics I started for Reibert week that I was too lazy to finish actually walked through each month of the year of these two moving in together. So. Yeah.) (Also, I hope modern au is okay cause I find modern au easier to work with than canon these days.) (P.S. This got long.)

  • Right after college, (and two and a half years of dating,) Reiner and Bertholdt decide to move in together.
  • Bertholdt’s got a job as a history teacher at a local high school, and Reiner’s been offered a job as a junior accountant at the business he interned at during school. So they have the job front covered. Now for the apartment.
  • They find a place that’s decently close to both of their work places. 
  • The apartment isn’t the greatest, it is rather old, but it has it’s charms and it’s a place to live so they don’t worry about it too much.
  • It’s a simple apartment on the third floor of three. There’s a coffee shop underneath it at the street level, with one other apartment separating the two. The layout’s pretty plain: large-ish living space, kitchen with a small space just big enough to put a table, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Nothing fancy. 
  • They move in in June, and it’s quite an adventure. Hauling furniture up three flights of stairs was hard enough… but having to arrange it and have it look decent once in the apartment? It’s like a giant game of Tetris that causes way more stress than necessary. 
  • They have to take a break after finally deciding which way to put the couch, and end up taking a nap on said couch, the two of them barely fitting on there at the same time. 

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Heavy police presence keeps anti-Ann Coulter and geared-up alt-right activists apart at Berkeley

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter’s cancelled appearance at the University of California, Berkeley drew hundreds of her supporters to a nearby park, many of them dressed in flak jackets, helmets and other protective gear in anticipation of violence. Many wore “Make America Great Again” caps and displayed symbols such as Pepe le Frog and the Kekistan flag, which have become associated with the alt-right movement via 4chan.

However, there were no major confrontations between Coulter’s supporters and opponents, largely because of a significant police presence and the fact that members of an extremist left-wing group did not show up to provoke clashes. While the afternoon rally ended without serious conflict, police at one point formed a human wall in the street separating anti-Trump protesters from the park where pro-Trump groups were gathered.

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Coulter had publicly floated the idea of making a controversial visit to Berkeley despite the cancellation, but did not show. Many lamented what they called the latest blow to free speech in the home of America’s free speech movement. Both her supporters and detractors voiced frustration that she didn’t get to speak and that the university’s reputation as a bastion of tolerance was suffering. Coulter had planned to give a speech on illegal immigration.

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media and founder of the pro-Trump “Proud Boys,” was one of several speakers at the gathering. He delivered the speech Coulter had planned to give on illegal immigration, on her behalf, to the crowd’s raucous applause. “They tried to ban her and we can’t allow that. It’s unacceptable,” McInnes said as he left the gathering surrounded by private security. “Free speech is about uncomfortable speech. Yes, it’s often about hate speech and it’s about speech that’s banned.”

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Most popular: Donald Trump warns of ‘major, major conflict’ with North Korea

Anti-Coulter and anti-Trump protesters at the park held a banner that read: “It’s not about 'free speech,’ it’s about bigots trying to normalise hate.” Six people were arrested, including one for obstructing an officer and wearing a mask to evade police, and another for possessing a knife.

Earlier this month, a bloody brawl broke out in Berkeley at a pro-Trump protest that featured speeches by members of the white nationalist right. They clashed with a group of Trump critics who called themselves anti-fascists. In February, violent protesters forced the cancellation of a speech by right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos, who like Coulter was invited by campus Republicans.

Officials at UC Berkeley said they feared renewed violence on campus if Coulter followed through with plans to speak, citing “very specific intelligence” of threats that could endanger Coulter and students, which Coulter said was motivated by a university bias against conservative speakers.

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I’m With Him

Nalu Fluff Week 2016
‘I’m With Him’
Prompt:  AU ~ Fake Dating AU
rating:  t - cuss words  0.0
word count:  1360

As a reward for the hours she’d spent studying, Lucy decided she’d earned a few late night snacks.  This was why  she’d gone out to the local 24-hour corner store, to pick up more fuel.  She needed a few other necessities anyway.  The walk there and back would clear her head and burn a few of the calories she was going to consume.

It was a store that she was long familiar with, but had never actually been out to so late on a week night.  Lucy waved to one of the cashiers, a tall dark haired young man around her age that she’d never seen crack a smile.  He was attractive in a brooding sort of way she thought.  Efficient at bagging her groceries and brief with the small talk; that was all she needed from him anyway.

Despite the late hour, there were many other shoppers in the store.  Some were pushing carts and some like her carried baskets.  In the middle of the junk food aisle stood a young man wearing ear buds.  He wore a shocking pink hoodie that matched his hair and what Lucy considered sinfully fitted jeans.  Right now, he was crouching down to survey the selection of chips on the bottom tier of the display.

Bemused, Lucy watched the boy shop.  He sniffed the packages, shook them and then took what she presumed was the bag that smelled the best.  Curiosity ignited, she followed him up and down every aisle.  She shook her head at his more outrageous behaviour and grinned to herself.  He never noticed the blonde girl keeping pace as he did his shopping and sang along with his music.

Lucy almost lost her composure when he frowned and made faces at the jars of pickles.  She had to detour down the feminine product aisle but found him again by the sounds of his growling stomach.  He was squeezing the bread and talking to it.  Part of her wanted to tell him to stop fondling the carbohydrates in such a lewd manner.  But the voyeur in her needed to know what he was going to do next.

Lucy swore to herself she was just taking her sociology class to heart, observing this unique individual.  It didn’t hurt that he was nicely constructed.  Yes, very nicely; wide shoulders, slim hips and an ass that she wanted to pinch.

Into his cart he threw in a handful of chocolate bars.  Weird, he didn’t stop to think and compare like he had with the other products.  Lucy made her own careful selection, treating herself to a luxury brand chocolate bar.

Lucy was so confident that the boy was absorbed in his shopping she followed closer.  She passed in front of him to grab her product choice and then fell back to keep apprised of his actions.  All without him leering at her or trying some lame pick-up line.

Lucy checked her wallet.  She’d run out of the house she shared with three other students with only a twenty dollar bill in cash.  Oh well, if her impulse purchases ran over her limit, she could always use her debit card.  The boy she’d dubbed in her head as 'Fire Boy’ (he had picked out three different kinds of hot sauce - who does that?) was now heading to the checkout lanes.

No way was she going to lose sight of him now!  Lucy queued in line behind the cute boy.

He tossed the contents of his cart on the conveyor and removed his ear buds, letting them dangle free.

The taciturn cashier greeted the pink haired boy with a casual, “Yo.”

“Hey Gray.  Ring this up quick, I gotta start studying.  Oh yeah, gimme your discount too.”

“Natsu, you can ask me nicely.”

Lucy rolled the sound of Fire Boy’s actual name in her mouth, Natsu.  Nice, but not as nice as he smelled - a bit like sandalwood and campfire.  An odd mix, but addicting.  He’d said he needed to get back to studying.  Natsu must be enrolled at her college.  If she was lucky, she’d run into him around campus.  Right now though, she wanted to pay for her stuff and get home so she could study more.

“Why?”  Natsu rolled up his sleeves and crossed his arms.

Lucy cancelled her idea that things should hurry up.  Natsu’s forearms were sleekly muscled.  The more she saw, the more delicious this piece of eye-candy was becoming.

“Listen Flame Brain, management has been cracking down on stuff like this.  I gotta toe the line, understand?”

“Ugh!  I just want my stuff!”

Lucy plastered a fake smile on her face as the two men argued.

“You know what?  This is the express lane.  You’ve got too many items.”  Gray glared at Natsu.  "Get rid of,“ he waved at the product littering the conveyor, "half of this or go to the regular check-out line.”

“But I need all this!”  Natsu wheedled his erstwhile friend.  "C'mon, who cares if there’s a few things over twelve?“

"I don’t, but my manager does.  Choose, what do you want?”

“Fine!”  Natsu looked over at the other line, now four people deep with giant carts of purchases.  He turned back and finally noticed the pretty blonde girl behind him in line.  Natsu whipped his head back to the cashier and then to Lucy, letting a wide grin spread over his face.  Without speaking he moved the divider separating her few items with his, placing it so that he had twelve only.

“Great, I’ll be buying what I’m allowed, and my beautiful girlfriend will buy my surplus items.”

Gray sighed and began running the things over the scanner.  "Since when?“

Lucy opened her mouth to disagree, but the hopeful look on her 'boy friend’ was making her knees melt.  He had the most amazing deep dark eyes.

Natsu whipped his head back around to berate Gray.  "She’s always been beautiful!”

Gray rolled his eyes.  "I meant since when did you hook up with this chick?  Why haven’t you told me about her?“

Irritated with Gray’s tone and enamoured with Natsu’s previous sweet words, Lucy felt exposing Natsu’s  lie would be petty and beneath her.  What he said next cemented her decision.

"Hey, you’re talking about a lady.  Quit it with calling girls 'chicks.’  Chillax ice princess.”

Gray scanned the last item and tossed it in a bag.  "I’ll give you the discount if you stop calling me ice princess.  That’ll be $18.24.“

Natsu gave him a twenty dollar bill and shoved his change into a pocket.  "And my girlfriend gets the discount too, or I’ll tell her all your other nicknames.”

“Ugh.  Fine!”  Gray snapped.  Lucy’s and Natsu’s items jumbled together as he ran them over the scanner and bagged them.  "I don’t know what you see in this dork, but your total is $34.87.“

Lips in a firm line, Lucy fished out her debit card.  Her 'boyfriend’ had better pay her back.  Finishing the transaction she made to take the bags of groceries.  Natsu was already carrying them, his friendly grin putting Lucy at ease.

"I got this.”  He angled his head with another sinful grin at Lucy.  "Lead the way.“

"All right.”  Lucy nodded and after stashing her card in her purse, she zipped it shut.  Outside of the corner store she loitered under one of the street lights.  "Um, can we separate our groceries now?“

"Let me carry them to your place, it’s the least I can do after all.”  He shifted the bags to one hand and thrust out his other at Lucy.  "Let me introduce myself -“

"Your name is Natsu, I overheard you talking with Gray.”  Lucy let his hand envelope hers, it was warm and callused.  "I’m Lucy.“

Natsu winked at Lucy after shaking her hand.  "Naw, I’m thinking 'girlfriend’ suits you better.”


“I don’t let just anyone buy my groceries.”

“I need you to pay me back!”

“Tch, looks like I picked a stingy woman.”

“I am NOT stingy!”

“Oh, so you are my girlfriend then.”

“Just walk me home.”

Natsu grinned and strode beside Lucy, thanking his lucky stars his friend Gray was sometimes a douche.

What’s this? Tangy writes original things? (Only when she can’t help it)

For those who asked for it, my short story for my advanced workshop class. A witch and a fairy have joint custody over a couple’s firstborn. 

Good Seeds

(Or What Happens When You Promise Your Firstborn)

The folk of Creeping Spearwort liked to refer to it as the day Coriander started keeping Wisteria. In the years since, the very mention of Wisteria became a colloquial phrase that meant, as much as anything, the promise of summer coming soon to the northern lakeside village. To Creeping Spearwort, it was a sign as infallible as the lengthening of days and the budding of leaves.

Wisteria should be coming in this month.

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FAHC Halloween headcanon

Geoff- he may not trick-or-treat himself, but he has to go out with his crew because, as Gavin put it, “ But Geoff, it’s a family bonding experience. You can’t have a family with out a father or other male figure.” Michael backs up his boi with “Yeah, pops. You don’t even have to buy a costume. Just wear that goofy suit and put on an eyepatch. Blam! Instant costume!” After yelling at Michael for calling him pops, he begrudgingly agrees and slips a flask into one pocket and a blunderbuss in the other. “Gotta keep with the pirate theme” he’d mumble. As long as his crew had fun he didn’t mind being dragged along. What helped was Jeremy and Gavin offering him candy every now and then.
Jack- Ever the caring and loving mother figure of course went out with her children. Like Geoff she didn’t partake in the festivities, but laughed as Michael, Jeremy and Gavin got into a heated argument about which fun-size candy was the best, which ended when Gavin shouted “Clearly Jeremy is the best fun-sized candy!!” Which caused bouts of laughter from everyone, cursing and blushing from Jeremy, and Gavin’s candy bag knocked out of his hand. Jack is dressed as Zoey from Left 4 Dead and in her health kit has water and bandages, flashlights and protein bars, and a gun and knife.
Ryan- The scariest guy of the group, you’d think he’d be a scary monster, or pull his “I’m a normal person” routine again. Nobody believes it when he comes out dressed as a “sexy” cat. With all the questioning looks he shrugs and says “Mica wants to be a witch and asked if I’d be her cat. I let her pick the costume….. Take one more picture and you,lol wake up 6 feet under.” Gavin, who was hiding around the corner squawked and ran to his room.
Gavin- Ever the one to be gaudy, dresses as a Pharaoh. His bracelets, collar and headpiece all have an element of real gold and jewels; most likely acquired during a heist. Once he sees Ryan is a cat he struts over to him. “What a pretty kitty,” he’d say, “someone seems to be sucking up.” To which Ryan replies with a set of brass knuckles a hair away from Gav’s face, “It’s the Egyptians that worshipped cats, not the other way around. I suggest you try to get on my good side.” Gavin squawks an apology and runs to the fridge, tossing a can of Diet Coke at Ryan. “That’s no house cat, that’s a bloody panther,” he’d whisper to Geoff, who’d chuckle.
Michael- Wants the candy but doesn’t care so much for trick-or-treating, decides to pull pranks on the teens walking the streets alone. At one point he separates from the group and comes back with two giant bags of candy. When asked where he got them he shrugs and keeps walking. He’s dressed as a classic vampire; fangs, cape, fake blood capsules and bottles in his pockets. He scared a couple teenagers when he leaned in and “bit” one and “blood” spurted out. They dropped their candy and ran screaming as Michael laughed, picked up the bags, and walked away.
Jeremy- Is 100% there for the experience. The trick-or-treating, the costumes, the late night walking about Los Santos, and the candy. The brilliant bugger dressed as a father/grandpa with wires leading to three “kids” dressed as ghosts. He had an iPod with a few recorded clips of kids saying “Trick-or-Treat!” and “Thank You!” He went back to the penthouse with the most candy, took what he liked, and left the gross stuff in a bowl on the table.
Mica- Knew where the party would be, and after trick-or-treating dragged the crew with her. She was a witch, a very fashionable witch. She wore a pointy hat and had a witchy broom but that’s where the likeness ended. She wore a black crop top with stars and moons scattered across the fabric and a grey and black pleated skirt that went to her knees. She wore this leggings with the cat faces like halfway up the legs and a pair of short boots. Ryan followed her, as he was a witch’s cat, and they won best couple costume at the party.
Lindsay- Dressed to the nines, as Scarlett Johansson. Not from any of her roles as an actress, just as Scarlett, walking down the red carpet. Now that doesn’t mean she wasn’t armed to the teeth, a pistol strapped to her thigh under the dress, this barrettes in her hair? A set of iridescent brass knuckles. And a knife sheathed just below the low back line of her dress. Ever a sight to behold she received many free drinks at the party, that she shared with Mica and Jack.
Trevor- A fan of Donnie Darko, dressed as Donnie. He only went to the party where people constantly mistook him as a drug dealer. He sat next to Geoff at the bar and joked “If I had a gram of dope every time someone asked me for drugs, we’d be rich. We could just buy the bar!” Geoff smiled and replied with “I already own this bar.”

what the LoT team did in the past 6 months:

rip: MWF - mourn dead wife, TRSun - stare longingly at sara’s instagram, Saturday - think about life choices

sara: has started a fairly successful underground fight club

jax: just wants to get through one semester of college without hijinks

stein: is at least 1/3 of the way through planning jax’s bar mitzvah, is having trouble deciding on invitation fonts

mick: is trying to get lisa to talk to him again

ray: built 17 homes, cured several rare and strange diseases with nanotechnology, saved the bottled city of kandor, provided power to the entire eastern seaboard, saved a family of seals, gave sara $12,000 that she promised “totally isn’t for a fight club or anything,” stopped a wildfire, was head of boy scout summer camp, stared longingly at a picture of kendra he has in his wallet, helped oliver queen learn to read, helped 25 separate old ladies cross the street in one day, tried to get lisa to talk to mick again, built a rocket ship, helped everyone else in his life find love, learned to knit, almost became a green lantern, adopted a cat, stood outside kendra and carter’s apartment in the rain, threw a charity square dance

Confide In Me

Member: Taehyung

Type: Angst, Fluff at the end, Request

Word Count: 1k

A/N: Tired TaeTae

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“Uh, can I get some more water please?” You asked your waitress. The embarrassment you felt was apparent but it didn’t stop her look. The look she had been giving you for the past hour. At first it was accompanied by “Ma’am are you sure your date is coming?” but she had given up for the moment. As she walked away you made a face at her back before checking your phone.

Your boyfriend, Taehyung, was over an hour late at this point.

Unfortunately this wasn’t new anymore. Over the past month or so Taehyung has been acting different. It had been a while since you saw his unique smile. He barely bothered to respond to your messages and phone conversations were so short they were almost non existent.

Being the worry wart you are you began to fear for your relationship. The fact that this behavior began after no contact with him for a week due to both of your schedules made you think he was rethinking being together.

The sound of someone sliding into the seat in front of you made your head snap up. Your mouth opened to comment on his tardiness but he looked at you with a drained and slightly irritated look. “I’m late.” he picked up the menu. “I know.”

“Then are you going to tell me why?”

He stays quiet, looking over the menu. The rude waitress comes back, not even bothering to look at you this time as she smiles at your boyfriend. “Omo! V!”

He looks up and smiles at her excitement. You cock an eyebrow. This is the first time you have seen him smile in your presence in a month. You watch almost jealously as she licks her lip, listening to his drink order before walking back to the kitchen, face completely red.

Still smiling, his eyes land on you and it drops. “What?”

You simply shake your head before picking up the drink menu.

Damn you need alcohol for this shit.


After the awkward dinner, you are quietly walking along the crowded street. You step one to the left “accidentally” separating yourself from the strangely quiet man. It only takes him a second to realize you are getting lost in the crowd before he reaches in front of someone to pull you back near him. A protective arm wraps around your waist. You glance at him but he is looking ahead.

The walk continues in silence,  until you have reached a quiet street. You pull yourself away from his grasp without a word. Eyes focused on the ground as Tae eyes you curiously.


A spark runs through you hearing him say that and you hope he doesn’t notice as you try to keep your aloofness. He stops holding your arm to make you do the same. “Is something wrong?”

You look up to the darkening sky in avoidance of his stare. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

You shrug and he frowns. “Y/N, I am tired. I should go back to the dorm soon but this is one of the only times I’ll see you like this. Why are you mad at me?”

Breaking away from the plane you were watching, you sneer at him. “I’m mad because you won’t just come out and say it?”

He backs up in confusion. “Say what.”

“That you want to break up with me!” You say as if it were obvious to the world.

His eyes eyes squint in utter confusion. “No, Jagiya, I don’t want that. That’s the last thing I want! What made you think that??”

Of course you don’t believe him and sneer again. “Kim Taehyung, are you joking?!” He stands there still not understanding. “For a month now you have been acting as if you don’t want to be around me. I call you and you barely stay on the phone. My messages get ignored. You come late to things and act like it isn’t a big deal that you didn’t give me a reason why.” His shoulders sink as he begins to understand. “The way you smiled at the waitress back there was the first time I’ve seen you smile up close in a month! And if that sounds like jealousy, it is! But that’s not the point!”

He can see your red face even in the light of the street lamps. “I’m sorry.” he scratches the back of his neck nervously. “I was too ashamed to show you how tired I am. I swear to you, making you feel so terrible wasn’t my intention. I have been having a hard time lately with work. We practice all day and eat healthy foods in small portions that are barely enough to satisfy a small child.” You uncross your arms as you listen. “I don’t even sleep well in the dorm right now because of my crappy mattress. We are so busy we don’t have time to get it replaced.”

You sigh and study his tired frame. He isn’t standing straight and his face looks more sickly pale in this light. You even notice the bags not well hidden under the layer of makeup he threw on. And now that he mentioned it, you could tell he was on a diet. He looked skinnier. Unhealthy. You poke his shoulder. ”You idiot. One of the things about being in a relationship is confiding in me. I want to help you through anything.”

“I didn’t want to bother you with this.”

“And you thought icing me out and making me think you wanted to break up with me was the better option?” He opened his mouth but closed it almost as quickly. “Exactly.”

You shook your head, still trying to understand his logic.

“Can I spend the night at your place tonight?” he asks quietly.

Unable to hang on to the coldness you projected, you softly stroked his cheek. “My tired idiot, of course.” He gave you a smile, leaning into your touch. “But do that again and you’re going right back to the sucky mattress.”

You both laugh and he grabs your other hand, walking to the comfort of your apartment.

guys there’s another six Thatchers

In THoB. In Major Barrymore’s office. The man who holds the secret of HOUND. Sherlock finds them on his shelf and literally counts all six:

“Copy of The Downing Street Years, one two three four five separate biographies of Thatcher.”

One memoir and five biographies. Six Thatchers.

And that’s how Sherlock gets into the files and learns the truth about HOUND: it’s the password. But for a man like Major Barrymore, only first name terms would do.

And if HOUND represents Redbeard…