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The complementary personalities… the matching color schemes… the mutual extreme dedication to fitness and health… Sportacraig is the true power OTP

Have you no idea that you’re in deep? 

I’ve dreamt about you nearly every night this week 

How many secrets can you keep? 

‘Cause there’s this tune I’ve found That makes me think of you somehow 

And I play it on repeat Until I fall asleep

“Your Move” Masterlist

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 in which Baz’s tea needs more salt.

Chapter 2 in which the game begins.

Chapter 3 in which Simon makes a somewhat dangerous assumption.

Chapter 4 in which Baz takes the Normal route.

Chapter 5 in which Simon makes a terrible mistake.

Chapter 6 in which Baz is a grump.

Chapter 7 in which Simon crosses several lines.

Chapter 8 in which Baz breaks several rules.

Chapter 9 in which Baz moves out of turn and Simon starts to trust him.

Chapter 10 in which Baz makes a risky move and Simon finally figures something out.

Epilogue in which Simon and Baz are definitely not getting up for breakfast today.

smol Yoonjin Flower Shop AU sketch | Twitter | Please do not repost/use/crop/etc.

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Tododeku, "alive and breathing" Thank you somuch for writing all these prompts, you're amazing!!!

Sometimes, Shouto can’t sleep. Insomnia isn’t a stranger to him, from childhood habits of staying up late nursing bruises and practicing how to tell teachers that they’re from being clumsy when clumsiness is a foreign concept to him. But now, the reason Shouto can’t sleep lies beside him on the bed, eyes closed and breathing soft.

Midoriya sleeps on his side, arms loosely curled in front of him, always ready to roll over into a crouch at any loud, sudden sound. His forehead scrunches up occasionally, eyes darting beneath his eyelids as he dreams, mouth slightly open. He looks more mature when he sleeps. 

But Shouto, Shouto wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, chest tight with a fear that’s unfamiliar because he’s been trained to think of himself and only himself, how to take care of himself and no one else. He keeps his shaky breaths quiet, glancing over to make sure Midoriya is still there—and he is. He always is. 

Neither of them are light sleepers. Comes with the job, really, but Shouto can’t help feeling guilty when Midoriya stirs and blinks up at him groggily. 

“Sorry,” Shouto says, but Midoriya is already reaching out a hand, tugging him back down, closer to him. Shouto doesn’t resist Midoriya’s touch, because as guilty as he feels, he’s infinitely grateful for the calm the other boy provides. 

“It’s okay,” Midoriya yawns. He curls back up against Shouto, letting Shouto’s hand rest against his chest where his heart is.

Shouto feels the steady rhythm of Midoriya’s heartbeat, sure and certain and warm, and when he’s finally convinced himself that Midoriya is still here, alive and breathing, Shouto closes his eyes, and follows Midoriya back to sleep.

Written for the @introvert-club​ weekly Wolfstar writing prompt! This week’s prompt was, “Remus is having a terrible week. The only thing keeping him going is coffee, that and the new barista who’s dead set on getting Remus to display a genuine smile.”

  • Remus hurries out of the church basement before the meeting is adjourned.
  • He can’t do this.
  • He was a fool, as usual, for thinking he could.
  • For thinking that the meetings would make a difference.
  • Everyone else in the meeting spoke about their loved ones.
  • How supportive they’ve been since they got the news.
  • As if that’s supposed to comfort him.
  • It doesn’t.
  • It just reminds him that he hasn’t got anyone.
  • He hasn’t got anyone, and he isn’t likely to find anyone, either.
  • Not now.
  • He’s a walking death sentence. No one wants that.
  • If they do, they’re clearly daft, and therefore Remus doesn’t want them.
  • He should head home, but he can’t.
  • He can’t face his cramped, empty flat.
  • Three suspected mouseholes, two overdue utility bills, one lonely room
  • He can’t go back, not yet, not when the day is so lovely.
  • The smokey autumn scent is in the air, the sun is shining gently, the-
  • Oh.
  • He’s working.
  • Remus eyes the coffee shop across the street.
  • The one where he found the flyer for the blasted meeting in the first place.
  • The one where Sirius works.
  • Remus stops by the shop fairly often.
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, some Saturdays.
  • Those happen to also be the days that Sirius works.
  • A coincidence, of course, that their schedules align.
  • Sirius is a bit of a git.
  • Rolling his eyes at rude customers.
  • Pretending not to understand when someone rattles off an overly complex drink order.
  • Writing amusing comments on people’s takeway cups.
  • Maybe that last one only pertains to certain people’s cups.
  • Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on Remus’ part.
  • In any case, yes, Sirius can be a bit of a git.
  • Remus doesn’t mind.
  • Sirius told off that pompous bloke who tried to cut in front of Remus last Tuesday.
  • He slipped Remus a complimentary muffin last Monday.
  • He’s made Remus smile every day so far.
  • Remus heads into the shop to see if the trend will continue.
  • Sirius is stacking sugar packets on the counter.
  • He beams as Remus comes in, calling out a greeting.
  • He smooths his shirt a bit as well, doesn’t he?
  • Leans against the counter, a little too casually, perhaps?
  • Finally, someone to rescue me from this boredom.
  • Remus smirks, pretending like his stomach isn’t fluttering.
  • It shouldn’t be, in any case.
  • I’m afraid I’m usually the cause of boredom, not the cure.
  • Sirius snorts, rolling his eyes.
  • I still laugh every time I remember that joke you told about the pizza delivery bloke and the gynecologist. You’re in no way boring, I assure you.
  • Sirius’ crude hand gesture makes Remus snicker.
  • You’ll want the usual? Busy day today?
  • Usual’s fine. And no, er… not busy.
  • Sirius sets the vanilla soy latte down on the counter, but doesn’t let go of the cup.
  • He’s looking at Remus curiously.
  • Biting his lip, as though he wants to say something but can’t.
  • Or won’t.
  • But then he says it anyway.
  • I saw you coming out of the church. They’ve got a lot of group meetings there.
  • Remus feels like he’s about to upchuck all over the counter.
  • Sirius seems unconcerned as he locks his eyes with Remus’.
  • I’ve got a friend that goes. For an HIV-positive support group. 
  • Remus needs to run, needs to flee, but his blasted legs won’t cooperate.
  • He was supposed to go today, actually, but he had a conflict.
  • Just leave, just leave, why can’t he just leave?
  • Usually gets out around this time, in fact.
  • Remus is fairly certain that he’s about to have an aneurysm. 
  • Or maybe just dissolve all together.
  • Sirius pushes the drink towards Remus, slowly.
  • He still doesn’t move his hand off the cup.
  • Why don’t you sit down? I’ll make myself something and sit with you. Since you’re so boring, apparently, you clearly need me to entertain you.
  • Remus blinks.
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was your break.
  • It’s not.
  • Remus can’t stop the smile that spreads across his face.
  • It compliments the mischievous grin that Sirius wears
  • .Remus reaches out to take his latte from Sirius.
  • Their fingers brush together.
  • It’s highly probable that Sirius is a bit daft.
  • But somehow, Remus doesn’t mind so much.

AND MORE did I not mention that because I should. AND MORE!

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Fidget Pad: $10 AUD, One Stop TV Shop

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm

A local dollar shop near me has a really good display of fancy metal spinners, but most of them are far too expensive for me to justify (even with the whole “but I can review it for the blog” excuse). Doesn’t stop me from looking, of course! They did, however, have the fidget pads out, including an open one for testing, and of course you all know what happened next…

It’s hard to compare them to the fidget cubes, because they have a lot of different functions and textures, but my general impression is this: I like it less than my Zuru cube, but a lot more than my knock-off cube. If you have to pay $10 AUD for a knock-off fidget cube, I’d get the fidget pad instead: you get more for your money.

I find the rounded peanut shape pleasant to hold. It doesn’t have the weight of the Zuru cube, and it’s made from the same slightly grippy plastic as the fake cube, but the curved shapes feel more comfortable to hold in my hand in the way the cube just doesn’t. I like holding the fidget pad so much that I wish there were a higher-quality brand name version available, just for the smoother plastic and weight.

(In one area, the fidget pad beats even the Antsy Labs fidget cube hollow: the USB-stick lanyard-style attachment, meaning it can be added to a keychain or a neck lanyard. I don’t understand why the cube can’t offer something similar, since it makes it so much easier to not lose - it’s a small addition, but a really important one!)

I’ll work my way through each of the eight functions:

Joystick: glides smoothly in all directions with more play than both knock-off cube and Zuru cube.

Click buttons: two loud, two quiet. Quiet ones are silent, which is better than most knock-off fidget toys offer, but the loud ones are the loudest buttons I’ve ever heard (second only to the switch). If you really like the noise, you might like this.

Textured spinner: spins easily. Silent if you roll a finger over it, loud if you flick it into a spin.

Gears: according to the back of the box info, there’s two small gears meant to simulate a combination lock. They really don’t do this at all. They rotate under force with clicking sounds, but they don’t feel like gears or a lock. This is, for me, the worst function. The gears on even the knock-off cube are much better.

Textured rub/worry stone: I like the feel of the rough, raised dots and I wish they covered more of the pad rather than just four thin lines. I think texture seekers will like this part. There’s a lot more space for more textures on the pad they should have used, though!

Paddle switch: it’s a sliding switch attached to a coil of wire that gives it resistance when you push it down the slot. The fidget cube has nothing like this function and I really like it - it reminds me of opening a ziplock bag.

Flat spinner: turns smoothly with a gentle plush of the fingertip. I love how it’s slightly curved to fit the curved base of the pad - it’s really nice to cup in my hand. Now that I have this for good spinning, I really have no use for my knock-off fidget cube.

Switch: very, very loud. (If you love loud clicking noises, get this!) Supposedly, you can pivot this gently for silent movement, but it’s too stiff for this (unlike the switches on both fidget cubes). Even used gently, it’s noisy. Because it’s curved, though, you can actually rock it from side to side without ever raising your fingertip, just by leaning your finger back and forth. You can do this a little on the Zuru cube, but with some bending at the knuckle; you can’t do it at all on the knock-off.

For lip and face stimmers, I find this harder to use than the Zuru cube: the flat and textured spinners are the only easily manipulated bits without use of fingers. It’s really better for hand and finger fidgeting.

I’m really surprised by how much I like the fidget pad. It’s the same idea with a few different functions in a rounded case that is much nicer to hold and fits more naturally in my hand. I’d actually love to get a higher-quality version of this, because in many respects I think it superior in design, for hand and finger stimming/fidgeting, to the fidget cube!

I have to observe, though: after buying the Zuru cube on Monday and the fidget pad today, my thumb pain is bad, and that’s with trying to be attentive to my pain while using. Stimmers with chronic hand, finger and thumb pain need to use these carefully, because they all require small, repetitive, constant movements to use (exception being the worry stone sides). Stimmers without still shouldn’t use these for hours at a time. I’m going to put both in a drawer and not use them for a few days while trying to rest my hands, because they’re the worst toys for my hands, no exceptions.

Image description under read more cut:

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1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #226

Winter Idol // m.y 1

Member: Min Yoongi

Chapter One

Genre: a bit of everything

Summary: working with one of your best friends of years shouldn’t come with so much hatred. With your career sky rocketing along side his everything should run smoothly until jealousy and rumors take place.

Originally posted by tearsavi


I’ve always been one to read stories about how one person loves the other a little too much and how they can’t be together…. And some come together at the end while the others don’t. We have always been the friends who really enjoyed fall and winter times. I call it winter meanwhile he calls it fall. He always finds humor in correcting me when I say they’re the same thing but he wants to be all scientific with it. We are truly on odd pair.

I met Yoongi back in 2013 again he says it was 2012, technically it was, late December was when I met him, along side Namjoon. At the time I didn’t know who they were or what they did, just a normal Friday night at the underground tunnels shooting shows. That’s what I do. I also didn’t know what kind of things they were about to get me into, and how my life alongside theirs would change for the better in the years to come. Fast forward to today. 2017 was the best year for BTS.

“Y/N? Are you on board or are we taking up too much of your time?” I look up and Lay is looking at me with humor laced in his voice.

“We go through the same stuff every tour ya know but yes I am don’t worry.” I send him a smile and he rolls his eyes as the guys all laugh at my statement.

Currently we are at the BigHit offices working on ways to improve and plan the next tour for BTS the public’s reactions have risen so much and the fan base has risen so much. I question myself how I got so lucky to be in this position but if it weren’t for yoongi believing in my talent I wouldn’t have been here. I’m in charge of all art forms for BigHit Entertainment that’s including video, media, press, concert visuals, and most importantly photography. I’ve always had a passion for it and I think that’s what made me and yoongi so attached, loving the same things. I moved to Korea not really by choice, well I lie kind of my choice and I’m glad I did or else I would’ve never met the people I know today.

“Yo y/n are you coming back to the dorms with us or what.” Everyone is packing up and I look towards hoseok with his beaming smile. I don’t even get a chance to answer because Lay clears his throat quite loudly.

“Sorry but me and y/n have something to do tonight you guys go ahead.” I fake a small smile and that gets them to leave without any questions. Hoseok comes to hug goodbye as the rest wave walking out the door.

“y/n we’ve been through this already.” Lay sighs.

“Lay I really am not doing anything wrong, you act like I’m walking down the aisle with them.” I roll my eyes as I look at their manager.

“And I believe you but the media has increased their eyes on the boys and you know the fans have increased we just don’t want any dating rumors surfacing.”

“Dating rumors? You have got to be kidding me.”

“No I am not. You have always been seen with them hugging and laughing and holding hands and-“

“Oh my god! Once! Holding hands once! And that was because I tripped so yoongi had to help me up at the airport where they were getting mobbed might I add.” I can’t believe he was saying this shit honestly.

“Listen y/n I’m not saying stop hanging out with them okay. I’m just saying please be careful if anything happens I wouldn’t forgive myself. The guys have worked so hard in everything and you have as well. I don’t want a little mistake to ruin it all. Okay?” Lay places his hands on my shoulders and I nod my head. “I’m gonna grab my stuff you don’t have to wait okay?”

Walking to your place isn’t far from the building. You pass multiple little shops and restaurants making a quick stop inside one of them. Living in a foreign country by yourself is lonely. The only friends you have are the guys and of course some other idols, but they’re super busy it being comeback season for most of them. Getting home was the best feeling because you can just lay there and enjoy some snacks. It was October. The weather in Korea was quickly changing dropping degrees and you couldn’t be happier. Walking inside the kitchen you put the kettle onto the stove to boil some water for tea. Walking to the living room you switched on the t.v and turned a candle on as well. The doorbell rang and you didn’t really know what to expect since you didn’t agree to meet with anyone. You walked to the door and see him with two bags of food and his hair tucked inside his beanie. You open the door and his eyes meet yours startled.

“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” He looks so beautiful his face is covered in a mask and you can see his eyes only. His eyes are your favorite, by the way they close together you know he’s smiling.

“I brought food and I wanted to come see you.” You see he’s switching his stance from one foot to the other.

“That’s sweet bub” bub? Wtf y/n “come on in it’s freezing out in these halls.”

Yoongi makes his way into your apartment removing his shoes by the entrance, as you do the same. You take a bag of the food from him and make your way into the kitchen where the kettle started to ring. As you remove it you see yoongi shrug off his coat and place it onto the hanger, he makes his way into the kitchen taking the face mask off and taking his beanie off.

“Oh my god…. You’re blue!!!” You gasp as you see the bright shade of blue on his head. It suits him so good. It brings out his pale smooth skin and brightens his smile way more.

“Oh um y-yeah… stylist Mina noona said that they wanted to dye it before the comeback photos and videos.” He starred down at his hands which were being preoccupied with his beanie as he fidgeted around with it.

Walking towards him to be in front of him, your eyes are wide. You couldn’t believe that they would change their hair color without letting you know, now all that’s running through your head is not only how cute he actually looks but changing the damn concept again. You bring your hand to the top of his and run your fingers through it.

“I like it. It suits you.” Yoongi meets your eyes and you give him a smile before grabbing some mugs for the tea.

We sat on the couch until two in the morning. We had schedules that morning at seven, but we always had to leave at around five in the morning giving us about two hours of sleep. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so I grabbed some blankets and crashed on the couch once yoongi left my apartment. Winter was here and the busy schedules were on their way and I couldn’t be happier.

Zach Werenski / Auston Matthews - Mistakes Part Two

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Word Count: 1490

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

“Zach I’ve already told you a million times we need some time apart.” You explained over the phone. It had been a week since you left Ohio. You have been ignoring Zach since you left and finally decided to explain to him that the two of you needed space. But that was the last thing he wanted to hear.

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smiles upshur,, the man the myth the legend

@gayjournalism made this post somewhere about walrider!miles having a.) no concept of time and b.) night vision, thus scaring waylon and blake shitless when they wake up in the early morning to see their bige demon boyfriend eating grilled cheese in complete darkness

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HI there! Seeing as how it's been a hot button issue: what are your thoughts on The Wedding Dress (TM) and the fact that Jen selected it? Does it truly reflect Emma as she is portrayed? And why is such a big deal that everyone is arms about it? Does it showcase something about her character - as costuming often does, or is this more of a Eduardo gave in to Jen sort of thing?

Hoo boy, I was all over this a week ago, so here’s an opportunity for a recap! (In short, I am NOT a fan of Emma’s wardrobe in S6– JMo is messing with the character because on TV, makeup and hair and wardrobe directly go to character.)

  1. Emma Swan’s Makeup and Costume Through the Seasons (1-6, That is)
  2. Wardrobe, Makeup, and Character
  3. Emma’s S6 Wardrobe and Sexual Repression
  4. Wardrobe as Integrated Memories?
  5. Emma’s Wedding Dress as Gothic Horror (this is the one you’re looking for, Anon!)
  6. Bonus wedding dress reply with extra Haunted House info
  7. The Wedding Dress I’d Prefer for Emma


Farewell, Frank Randall

Man, you know what when I read some Outlander spoilers for last night’s episode and people be like “Frank is trying to steal Brianna from Claire!” and I was initially like assuming it was when she was ten or something and like “well ok that’s a dick move” or “Frank had his mistress crash Claire’s grad party!” and also like “ok that sounds not okay…”

Then I watch the episode and A: Frank actually never intended or planned for Sandy to be there while the party was still there, it was a mishap of timing. Like he was actually trying to be discreet. Mind you this isn’t me excusing adultery, I think it’s very sad their marriage came to the point but it was like what else were they going to do? In her own way it was Claire trying to be kind even if it emotionally backfired on them both to a degree. And B- Frank asked for a divorce when Bri was EIGHTEEN so it could be her choice where she stayed. He even made it clear he wasn’t going to force Bri but he was pretty confident she would go with him. Like I mean, yea that’s not entirely awesome for Claire and it was a little tactless for Frank to point out Claire’s absent presence in their lives, but it was also true considering in Season 2 Bri mentioned something about Claire always seeming to be half in another world/absent while there. 

More under Read more as this became a longer thought.

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