one step closer to the finale


See here is the thing I don’t mind Climon and Izzy/Raphael (Rizzy) because I know they are just minor relationships adding onto bigger plots and bigger relationships. I mean don’t get me wrong, Climon can sometimes get me feeling because they are cute (better as best friends) but they are still cute. And it’s nice to know that Simon was finally able to admit his feels and act on them even if the relationship isn’t going to last. Plus with Simon and Clary finally dating, we are one step closer to CLACE! 

Rizzy on the other hand is nice… I mean kinda random, very very random. But hopefully it means more screen time for Izzy and Raphael even if they are ‘together’. I mean I wish the forming of their relationship wasn’t based off Izzy’s need for drugs, but it is what it is. I don’t mind the drug abuse storyline because when she finally kicks it, it will be a nice arc for her character. It will prove that she is a strong shadowhunter and person, even if she doesn’t think so. 

Shadowhunters is a good show, a great show. But like all shows it has its ups and downs, it’s enviable. These last few episodes the show runners and writers have messed up majorly with Malec and isn’t okay. But we need to look past their mistakes and look towards the plans they have to redeem themselves in Season 2b. (They can’t really do much season 2A, because it’s over in like 2 episodes.) All I know is I am not going to stop watching this show. Their love for their fans and their diversity  ( some would so limited, I might say needs improvement.) make the show a lot more than what it is. Their heart and passion is inspiring. 

This is just my opinion on all the major topics people have been talking about lately. I mean no disrespect to anyone who might think differently. We have a right to proclaim our own opinion. And I mean to do no harm to anyone. With all respect. xx 

p.s Magnus Bane is the true hero, it’s nice to see a character of the LGBQT community have such a major impact on all the characters. Harry Shum Jr. has been doing an amazing job.

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  • just hold on - steve aoki ft louis tomlinson
  • house’llelujah - stromae
  • step one two - kaskade
  • dis, quand reviendras-tu? - fanny bloom
  • love runs out - onerepublic
  • there’s not a step we can take that does not bring us closer - jason webley
  • sing - pentatonix
  • 1996 - ella henderson
  • finally - m.i.a.
  • blow your mind (mwah) - dua lipa

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carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Hey, Vitya, have you seen my laptop?” Yuuri asked, looking around. “I swear I–”


“What?” He blinked, turning around and immediately backing up from the star-eyed, grinning Victor. “What?

“What did you just say?” Victor came closer, his steps like a predator’s who has just sniffed out its pray.

Yuuri swallowed. “Have you seen my laptop?”

“Before that,” Victor’s grin was so sharp, Yuuri had trouble focusing on anything else.

When his brain finally caught up to what Victor wanted to hear, heat rushed to Yuuri’s cheeks. It was a little embarrassing, because the name just slipped out of his mouth without any warning since he’d been thinking so much about surprising Victor and calling him that one day. It was even more embarrassing when Victor clearly wanted him to repeat it while staring closely at his lips.

Yuuri’s whole face reddened.


There was a moment of silence before… Victor squealed. Like a little girl that sees a doll she wants. He squealed and jumped on Yuuri, hugging him so tight it was hard to breathe. But Yuuri didn’t necessarily mind it.

“Once more,” Victor demanded.

Yuuri’s ears stung a little, red, but he repeated obediently, “Vitya.”

And Vitya giggled.

It was so unexpectedly cute that Yuuri couldn’t react at first. His heart was beating wildly in his chest for some reason and his breathing seemed to have stopped altogether. And then he chuckled too, and hugged Victor back, because his happiness was infectious and Yuuri didn’t feel like fighting it.

“You really like when I call you that?” he asked, smiling into Victor’s shoulder.

“You have no idea,” Victor replied, and Yuuri just knew he was grinning from his voice alone. “But there’s one more I want you to try.”

He pulled back a little, looking at Yuuri with sparkling eyes. How could Yuuri say no to that?

“What is it?”

“Try to say Vitenka.” Victor’s voice trembled a little and Yuuri thought he knew why since his own heart trembled as well.

Yuuri licked his suddenly dry lips and cleared his throat, gathering courage, very aware that Victor’s whole attention was tuned in on him.

“V-Vitenka,” he said, looking up at Victor.

The reaction was equally as intense as before, but so much more subtle. Victor’s cheeks flushed, his ears turned red, and his eyes widened so much Yuuri thought he would pass out. And the worst was: Victor was quiet. He wasn’t saying anything, wasn’t making any sounds at all, almost as if Yuuri’s words were a magical spell that froze him into a living statue.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked. “Are you okay?”

It snapped him out of the weird state. Victor blinked.

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.” He covered his mouth with a hand, looking away and mumbling, “It was just cuter than I imagined…”

Yuuri smiled, relieved. “Can we go back to the matter at hand then?”

“Yes, right.” Victor nodded and Yuuri looked about the room once more, turning his back on him. “What were you saying before, Yuu-chan?”

Yuuri was never struck with lightning, but in that moment he imagined it must have felt a little like that. His whole body froze, temperature suddenly rising until his face turned red up to the roots of his hair. Robotically, totally numb, he turned to Victor.


“Yuu-chan,” Victor repeated. “Did I pronounce it right?”

He did. Perfectly.

“Yuu-chan, are you okay?” Victor asked, concerned, but he was smiling as if he knew Yuuri’s internal dilemma.

And Yuuri was in deep, deep trouble.

For those of you

Taking finals this week, I hope you all do well. Although finals suck and are very stressful all you have to think about is that you are one step closer to being able to read those books you have had on your reading list for the past couple of weeks :) 


He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change.”

“You don’t. You stink.” Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her arm. She stuck a foot between his legs and tripped him, but he yanked her down with him, and they rolled across the floor of the smithy. He was very strong, but she was quicker. Every time he tried to hold her still she wriggled free and punched him. Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad. He finally caught both her wrists in one hand and started to tickle her with the other, so Arya slammed her knee between his legs, and wrenched free. Both of them were covered in dirt, and one sleeve was tom. on her stupid acorn dress. “I bet I don’t look so nice now,” she shouted.

George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

Good morning.

For those of you who didn’t know, Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States of America.

Now, with this comes a lot of hate and discrimination against groups of people, those of us who didn’t wish for this, and for those of us considerably less fortunate than the rich, white elitists Trump obviously ran for.

But, remember, 2016 wasn’t all bad.

Some good things happened.

  • The tiger population world wide, has increased. 3,890 now, compared to the 3,200 recorded in 2010.
  • Giant Pandas are no longer on the endangered species list.
  • The Juno space craft finally reached Jupiter. Meaning Jupiter’s wife finally checked in on him. 
  • India planted 50 million trees in ONE DAY!! Literally smashing the world record!! That’s a lot of trees!
  • ALS is taking steps in advancement, as doctors and scientists find the gene responsible for the disease. Meaning we are closer to finding an effective cure!
  • There has been a lot of advancement in finding cures for different kinds of cancer, and some are already being tested!
  • Pokemon Go is helping a lot of people with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses get out and possibly meet new people, and new friends!
  • Pokemon Go players also dropped lures by children’s hospitals so the kids inside could play too!
  • Ghostbusters, with an all Female leading cast, came out and exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. We are still reaping int he tears of the fanboys who didn’t want this to happen because it “ruined their childhood”.
  • Kubo and the Two Strings, a movie that really stunned, came out with beautiful stop-motion animation, loveable characters and a good plot.
  • Captain America Civil War came out, and made us choose a team to be on.
  • X-Men; Apocalypse came out, and we all realized that wow the 80′s were great and a lot of us just want a boyfriend like Kurt Wagner?
  • A new Star Wars movie is coming out at the end of this year. We have that to look forward too.
  • When the Daniel Lara, responsible for ‘DAMN DANIEL’ received a lifetime of free Vans from the company, he donated them to a Children’s Hospital in California.
  • Someone today, someone yesterday, the day before and so on had their first kiss with the person they’ll be with happily for the rest of their life.
  • Someone out there today, and on days already passed this year, is going the the finalization of their adoption meaning they’re now one with a family who truly wanted them.
  • Someone today, someone yesterday, the day before and so on realized they were in love, and all of them may have had a different reaction to it. But alas, love wins in a world full of hate.
  • Michael Jordan donated 2 million dollars to help bridge the people of the USA and the police.
  • California is powering 6 Million homes on Solar Power. (A US record)!
[170216] JINGYU appeared on TV channel

[170216] ‘Dating super star’ season 1 is now broadcast on Qilu (Shandong) channel from Mon to Thurs.

→ Oh yes finally JINGYU can appear on TV!! Even though it’s just a local channel, I’m still happy that his scenes weren’t cut ♡

Before, there was unconfirmed info that Jingyu would also join season 2 with GOT7 Jackson and some other Chinese stars, but now I heard that he couldn’t join it due to his schedule of filming new movie.

I got a letter in the mail not too long ago that I’m accepted into college and a highly competitive nursing program! Ever since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, my heart was set on being a pediatric nurse in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit). I want to help and take care of others when they’re in need of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to comfort them in the midst of a frustrating and scary situation, just like the nurses did for me when I was in the hospital. And I finally got notified that I’m one step closer to pursuing one of the goals I’m most passionate about. I just thought it was important to tell you that because I’m proud of myself, and I hope you’re proud of me too! Love you, sunshine!

I told my boyfriend everything that was worrying me and we managed to work things out together. I’m *finally* realising it’s always a good idea to talk about what’s worrying you because if you don’t, it’ll just be all bottled up inside and both of you will only feel horrible. It’s good to get it out in the long run for the sake of your relationship. Understand and help each other grow, that’s the point


Imagine being Tony Stark’s assistant and supporting him in every way.

**Based off of Sick of Losing Soulmates by Dodie Clark**

You stepped hesitantly into Tony’s lab, your shoes crunching over shards of glass. “Boss?” you asked softly, blinking at the man through the half-light.

Tony didn’t look at you. You could tell by the set of his jaw that he was upset, as if the broken windows weren’t already an indicator.

“Do you want me to get you anything, Boss?” You licked your lips and took another cautious step closer. “Sir?” You hesitated before asking again. “Tony?”

Tony let out a chuckle that grated in his throat, “Where the hell would I be without you, [f/n]? Heck, what the hell would I be without you?” He lolled his head to one side to finally look at you and you could see the bags under his eyes. “If you hadn’t found me sitting all alone in the dark?” He gestured to the dimly lit mess of a lab. “How many times have we been in this situation over the years?”

You flashed a tight-lipped smile, “I don’t know off of the top of my head, sir.”

Tony tilted his head to one side, squinting slightly at you, “You’re such a strange being. I can’t think of a single other person who’d’ve stayed with me through all of this.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, sir.”

Tony let out a harsh laugh that didn’t reach his eyes. “You must be as messed up as me to put up with all of this.” He sniffed and wiped quickly at his eyes. “I’m sick of losing soulmates, [f/n]. I’m sick of losing people, of them leaving me or dying or betraying me. I’m sick of being alone.”

You stepped closer, crouching in front of Tony and resting one hand on his arm. You forced a small smile for him. “You’re not alone, Boss. I’m here. I know it doesn’t help much, but I hope that it helps a little bit. We’ll grow old as friends, I’ve promised you that before.”

Angry tears trickled down Tony’s cheeks and you could smell the faint stink of alcohol on him. “How do we win, [f/n]? How do we win in this crazy, messed-up world?”

You rubbed Tony’s arm softly, “I don’t know, Boss, but I’ll do my best to help you figure that out.”

Tony gave a tight nod, resting his hand over yours on his arm. “Where the hell would I be without you, [f/n]?” he repeated softly, staring hard at you through bleary eyes. “What the hell would I be without you?”

Gif Credit: Tony

I that am lost, oh who will find me?
Deep down below the old beech tree.
Help succour me now the east winds blow.
Sixteen by six, brother and under we go!

Without your love, he’ll be gone before.
Save pity for strangers, show love the door.
My sould seek the shade of my willow’s bloom
Inside, brother mine -
Let Death make a room.

Be not afraid to walk in the shade
Save one, save all, come try!
My steps - five by seven
Life is closer to Heaven
Look down, with dark gaze, from on high

Before he was gone - right back every my hill
Who now will find him?
Why, nobody will.
Doom shall I bring to him, I that am queen
Lost forever, nine by nineteen

East Winds Blows
Eurus Holmes

Rapping 101 (J-Hope x Reader)

Requested by anon. I am so happy I finally did a Jhope scenario and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by iyeols

You got signed as a trainee at the blooming age of 13, since you were a toddler you loved to sing and dance, you would even make shows for your parents and siblings every sunday. You admit that it was hard and it needs patience and hard work but you honestly loved every minute of every day, the main reason was that all the hard work brought you one step closer to your dream, so you worked damn hard and became one of the best.

Your group ‘Pink Champagne’ debuted and it became a huge hit across Korea, you were the lead singer and your vocals could give goosebumps to every person that would hear it. You were always happy and cheerfull, you loved playing with the fans and you would always make time for them, your group was very humble and everyone kept their heads straight.


You were his celebrity crush from the start. You still remember the interview

“So have you met BTS?”

“No, but we would love too, they seem like very cool guys”

One of the members replied and you nodded.

“A member from BTS is a fan of a specific member”

“It’s got to be (y/n)”

“Why me?”

“Cause you are both crazy and… weird”

You slapped her upper arm playfully and giggled at her little dig

“Well let’s see the video, shall we?”

~So who is your ideal type?~

~That’s a question for J-hope~

Rap monster said with a sneaky smile as he turned to him. J-hope had this huge grin on his face that made him look adorable.

~I can openly admit that (y/n) from pink champagne is my ideal type~

~really? why do you like her?~

~She seems so positive and happy about everything, she is also very… pretty~

he said while blushing. Your members started teasing you and congratulating you

“So what do you have to say about this?”

“Well…. I don’t know. He looks like a great guy so… thank you”


You met him during the MAMA awards. Your group was performing right after his, so when you had to rehearse the whole show to make sure everything was right you bumped into each other a lot. Everyone was right, he was as energetic as he seemed to be on interviews and just… life. You got along amazingly well and you started hanging out whenever your schedules allowed you too.

You don’t even know how you became a couple, it just came along the way. You would be hanging around and then you started flirting then kissing, then boom you were boyfriend and girlfriend.
You loved how sweet he was, he always took care of you and made you crack a smile no matter what.


You always liked rapping, but you were too scared to do it. You admired how brave Jimin was when she went to Unpretty Rapstar, it was something you wished you could do. Then Hyorin and Heize and Yezi. You were very close to Hyorin so you supported her a lot and talked to her on a daily bases

“Do you think I would be able to do it?”

“Of course, you are naturally talented. I believe you should give it a shot”

You nodded and spun your chair around. Hyorin always supported you and she even helped you on a lot of things. She was the first one to know that you would be on Unpretty Rapstar 4


Hoseok’s notification were blowing up, he wasn’t really able to catch up.

'Why is she doing this?’

'She is going to fail’

'J-hope needs to control his woman’

'Isn’t she a singer?’

'That she has a boyfreind who is a rapper, does not mean she is one’

'He should teach her how to do it’

'J-hope must be mortified’

'J-hope is her coach’

'I hope he can teach her how to not embarass herself’

What the hell? He didn’t really understand, so he went on google.

“Lead singer of Pink Champagne (y/n) on Unpretty Rapstar 4?”

“(y/n) confirms the rumours about Unpretty Rapstar”

He was stunned. He knew you liked rapping and you did rap sometimes, but he never thought you wanted to do it professionally. He wanted to help you


“Babe are you sure?”

“yes, why do you think I can do it?”

“No, no that’s not it. But do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“You’re calling me stupid now?”

“What? no”

You loved messing with him. You knew that his heart was at a good place, he was genuinely worried, both of you knew that girls can be very nasty and they won;t go easy on you.

“I’ve been practising every day, even Jessi came to give me tips”

“And that’s great but… you know that they might use my name as a weapon against you right?”

“And that’s why i’m practising, so I can bite back. You don’t believe me? let’s rap battle”


He asked. You got up and got your phone searching for a beat. You found one and pressed play

“Do you want me to start?”

You questioned him. He got your phone and turned off the music immidiately

“I’m not battling you (y/n). How about I help you?”

“Like what?”

“Rap for me and I will give you tips. Rapping 101”

He pressed play again and waited for you to start. He could understand that you have been practising, you sounded much more confident and your rhymes were very smooth, but they were still minor mistakes you did

“You need to focus on your breath, you need to take quick breaths inbetween but without missing your beat. Also your voice gets a bit shaky, you have to work on staying on the beat and not let your voice get shaky”

“Ay Ay Captain”

You said very louldy and saluted him. he laughed and hugged you

“But you were very good. You’ve worked hard”

“Thank you baby, it means a lot”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

Trust me [Simon]

I didn’t even give Simon the time to close the door behind him before throwing myself at him; my arms wrapping around his waist as I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his scent. The bag that was hanging from his shoulder fell to the floor and he started laughing as he lifted me up and started spinning me around. I couldn’t even believe he was really there; he was just back from L.A and it felt like I hadn’t seen him in years.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much” I said as he finally put me down and smiled down at me. He looked at me dead in the eye and cupped my face before slowly leaning in and gently pressing his lips down on mine. He was so careful, as if he was scared I was just going to disappear and I felt my heart start to beat faster as he brought me closer.

He eventually pulled away and took a step back; one of his hands finding mine as he looked at me from head to toe.

“Look at you; even more beautiful than I remembered” he complimented as he attempted to make me swirl but I hurriedly grabbed his waist and hugged him instead. He wrapped his arms around me once more and we stayed like that for a while; our chests heaving up and down at the same time.

I lifted my head up and looked at him in the eye; then trailed my gaze down to his lips and I got on my tiptoes to kiss him. His right hand went to the back of my neck and he deepened the kiss; his tongue tracing over my bottom lip and I parted them to get a proper taste of him.

His fingers traveled up to the top of my blouse and I stopped breathing as he started undoing the first button. I pulled away and took his hand in mine before smiling up at him.

“What’s wrong?” he frowned and I tried to smile wilder as I shook my head.
“Nothing!” I immediately answered before turning around and walking toward the living room; “what do you want to do, baby? Movies?” I asked and he hesitated for a second before cautiously following me.

“Huh… I haven’t seen you in months; I know what I want to do” he stated; his eyes racking up and down my body and I felt myself getting embarrassed as I sat down on the couch and waited for him to join me but he just stood in front of me and waited for me to say something.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he took both my hands in his and made me stand up again. I looked at my feet and bit on my bottom lip. I really didn’t know how to say it; a lot had changed while he was away and as much as I hoped seeing him would make me forget everything; I couldn’t shake the feeling away.
“Is it about me?” he asked; his fingers brushing the skin under my chin as he forced my head up so that my eyes met his. I shook my head and I felt tears appear in the corner of my eyes as pain filled his.

“Is it about you?” he tried and the look on my face was probably enough of an answer because he wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer.
“What is going on?” he asked worried; I took a deep breath and tried to swallow the lump that had formed on my throat.

“I don’t feel that good about myself anymore” I confessed with a weak voice; my eyes dropping to the floor again as I didn’t want to see the look on his face in that moment.

“What?” he whispered; his hands squeezing my sides and when I finally looked up, I noticed that a frown had formed on his face. “Why wouldn’t you feel good about yourself?” he asked and I shrugged before pressing my cheek against his chest.

“I just don’t feel beautiful; I feel… I don’t know… kind of gross. I’m sorry Simon; I know tonight was not supposed to go that way but-” I started but he stopped me with a kiss; his lips crashing onto mine with force and passion as I fought to keep my balance.

“Please, let me show you something?” he pleaded and I nodded before pecking his lips. He took my hand in his and led me to the bedroom. He turned the lights on; took his jacket off and put it on the chair in the corner before turning to me.
“Can you please just… trust me for tonight and just listen to me really carefully; just tonight?” he asked; his hands coming to my hips and I placed mine on his forearms as I nodded hastily.

“You know I trust you, Simon” I answered and he smiled at me before grabbing the back of my neck and kissing me passionately.

“Good” he answered before kissing my nose and he slowly undid each and every button of my blouse; his eyes never leaving mine. I tried to push all my insecurities aside as he let the material fall from my shoulders and trailed his gaze to my cleavage. He then ran his fingers down my stomach and to the button of my jeans; he undid it and pulled the zipper down before crouching down in front of me and pushing the material down my legs.

He stood up again and placed his cold fingers on my sides before turning me around and slowly walking me toward the floor length mirror in the corner of the room.

“Simon-” I started to protest; I was starting to understand where that was going but I really didn’t want to do it.

“Just trust me” he repeated and I let out a small sigh as I let him take my hands in his own. He intertwined our fingers and placed them over my stomach; he left them here. He waited for me to look at him through the mirror before speaking.
“Do you find yourself beautiful here?” he asked and I shook my head; my fingers digging into my flesh as I tried to ignore the fat under my palm.
“I do” he said as he let go of my hands and only let his own on my skin. “Please look at you” he murmured against my ear and I focused my eyes on his hands. He caressed my skin; goose bumps forming under his fingertips as he slowly trailed them up and down on my stomach. He then grabbed my hands again and placed them on my thighs.

“And there?” he asked and I shook my head again. He repeated his actions; letting go of my hands; caressing my skin; making me feel like a treasure; and repeating that he thought I was beautiful.

He trailed his fingers to my back and unclasped my bra; his eyes locked with mine as he brushed the straps off of my shoulders and let the material fall to the floor. There was something really sensual about the way he was touching me and I felt myself blush as he wrapped his fingers around mine and brought our hands to my breasts. He made me cup them and gently squeeze the two globes.

“And there?” he asked again and I didn’t answer; I was mesmerized by the way he was looking at me; his eyes never leaving my chest as my hands slipped under his and hung on each side of my thighs. He pressed his chest against my naked back and his breath hitched in his throat as he started playing with my nipples; rolling them between his fingers as they started to harden under his touch.

A small moan left my mouth and I pressed myself harder against him; my backside brushing against his crotch as he stopped his movement and wrapped his arms around me. His left hand grabbed on my breast as his right one slid under the elastic of my panties and cupped my sex.

“And there?” he asked and it was a barely a whisper; his low voice coming out hoarse as my eyes widen.

“No, I’m gross here” I said as I tried to get out of his grip but he only held me closer.

“No you’re not” he disagreed before sliding my panties down and taking a step back. He walked around and stopped in front of me before hurriedly undressing himself until he was naked. He looked at me in the eyes and kissed me passionately before getting on his knees. I started to panic and tried to take a step back but both his hands came to rest on my backside as he made sure I wouldn’t move.

“Please, baby. Just trust me; you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this and I know you’ll enjoy it” he murmured and I shook my head and closed my eyes tightly as a small voice in my head kept reminding me just how gross I was.

He stood up again and took my face in his hands; his eyes looking right into mine as he calmly spoke.

“Do you trust me?” he said and I let out a small sigh.
“I do, Simon but-” I started but he cut me off by placing his index finger on my parted lips.

“No buts; you trust me, that’s all I need to know” he said before walking to the wardrobe and taking something I couldn’t yet recognize. He came back behind me and gently took my hands in his before placing them together against my backside; I then felt a soft material wrap around my wrist and I understood he was tying them together with one of his ties as I felt his cool finger tie the knot.

“There; all you have to do now is trust me; it’s as simple as that” he stated before kneeling in front of me again. He placed his hands under mine and looked up at me as he slowly inched his face closer to my sex. He wrapped his lips around my clitoris and I closed my eyes as I tried to focus on the pleasure that immediately started running through my veins.

He started licking my bundle of nerves at a fast pace and I threw my head back as I felt my parted legs start to shake. I eventually dared to look down as I felt Simon’s finger dig into my flesh and I my mouth fell open at the sight I had in front of me.

his eyes were closed and it looked like he was lost in his own world; his nose was slightly brushing over my stomach with each movement of his head and as I looked farther down; I realized just how turned on he was as his erection rested on his stomach; his tip red and begging for attention.

He opened his eyes and smirked up at me as I felt my cheeks redden. I felt a familiar knot form in the pit of my stomach and I let out a moan as he started sucking on my clitoris a bit more harshly.

“Look at yourself, baby” he murmured and the vibration almost sent me over the edge. I hesitantly trailed my eyes up to the mirror and looked at my body as Luke made it come to life. I could see a beautiful woman; I could see a girl who owned her body for the first time in her life; I could see her letting go of her fears and she seemed free. And I could see the most perfect man I’d ever seen; on his knees for the girls he loved; enjoying it almost as much as she did.

I came undone. My whole body threatened to fall to the floor but Simon held me with one of his arms as he intertwined his fingers with mine. His name left my mouth again and again and I couldn’t stop my body from convulsing as the strongest orgasm I’d ever had hit me.

I eventually felt to my knees in front of Simon and immediately cupped his face before giving him the longest and most meaningful kiss I’d ever given. He seemed shocked at first but he smiled at me as he wrapped his arms around me and turned us both over so that we were kneeling in front of the mirror.
I wanted to return the favour; tell him just how grateful I was but he seemed to have other plans and I let him position his tip at my entrance as he sat on his heels and made me straddle his thighs; my back pressed against his chest.

“You ready, beautiful?” he asked and I nodded; my eyes meeting his in the mirror as he brought his wet lips to my ear and pressed a single kiss under it.
“I’m not gonna last long” he confessed before slowly pushing in. I saw his face contract in pleasure as he pushed my body down on his; his hands on my hips.

He then helped me move up and down and I picked up my pace as I saw him bit down on his bottom lip. I wanted to see him fall apart; I wanted to watch his lips move as he moaned my name and his eyes grow darker as he neared his release.

One of his hands travelled to my breasts and he massaged them; his fingertips roughly digging into the flesh as he started to let out loud groans.

“Simon, fuck” I moaned as hit tip brushed a particularly sensitive spot inside of me. He started moving his hips; his thrusts meeting mine each time and I’d never seen something as beautiful as our two bodies moving together; pleasure written all over our faces.

“Fuck I’m close” Simon let out; his breath fanning over my neck as I muttered a quick ‘me too’.

He brought his hand down and circled my clitoris a few times; jolts of pleasure invading my whole body as I arched my back and let my second orgasm hit me even harder than the first one.

“Shit Si!” I let out and he pressed his mouth on my shoulder before giving two more harsh thrusts and coming deep inside of me; his hands keeping me pressed against him as he let out my name in a breath.

“Fuck you’re amazing” he said before pulling out and lying down on the floor. He pulled me against him and I wrapped an arm around his glistening chest before pressing a kiss to his jaw.

“Simon I … I just love you so much” I said; not finding any other word to express how important what he just did was.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, (Y/N)… And that’s never going to change? Not if I go away for 3 months, not if I see you every second for the next 4 years. I love you” he answered before closing his eyes; a satisfied smile on his face.

The Padawan’s Purpose

In the Jedi Temple, on the night of Order 66, a nameless Padawan finally understands the purpose of his existence.

(also known as I have been reading far too much Vader fanfic these past few days and I needed to write something for the quiet heroes of the Temple during Operation Knightfall)

The padawan pauses in his step as he senses the newborn monster draw closer.

One of the dozen harried younglings he has been attempting to herd towards an access vent half a level away voices a query in a hushed whisper.

“Why have we stopped?” Twelve pairs of wide, worried eyes stare up at him.

“Shhh,” the padawan says quietly, pressing a finger to his lips. He glances over his shoulder again, braid swinging. The braid behind his ear is not stubby, but it is not long, either - it whispers over his shoulder with the slightest of touches as he turns his head.

The monster slides closer, an obsidian furnace in the Force, newly-stoked and ravenous in its hunger for air and life alike. It is still a few levels away, barely.

The padawan settles his young, war-trained gaze on the even younger eyes that look expectantly up at him.

No, not up at him. His braid.

In the absence of a clan master to guide them, the word of a junior padawan is given the same authority.

The initiates’ Force-signatures are furled tightly inwards, in an instinctive shroud of self-preservation. Perhaps it is good - they do not seem to sense the wall of oncoming wrath.

The padawan smiles gently down at them, and they hurry on, down the flickering corridors, even as the heat from the black flames begin to flicker at padawan’s cloak-hem.

The fire is coming, but the little group moves quickly, with the silent pad-pad of clan-trained feet. The padawan almost believes they will make it in time.

They are two corridors away when he knows they will not.

He flinches in place.

The fire whips towards their direction, like a dragon tasting the scent of prey in the air. The light, tranquil Force-plane of the Temple screeches in agony as it is rent apart at the monster’s passage.

The padawan had heard the rumours, a few minutes ago when the attack had started.

That Anakin Skywalker had fallen to the Sith.

But there is no time for shocked horror, not now.

He kneels and speaks urgently to the eldest of the group. “Go. It’s just ahead and to the right. You can’t miss it. Climb down, get out, and find a change of clothes somewhere. I will find you if I can.”

The Nautolan child scrutinises him with opaque carmine eyes. “You’re lying,” she says, succinctly.

The padawan manages a grin. He cannot find words to reply.

The children bow deeply to him, and sprint off.

In the silence of the long corridor, the padawan pivots in place, unclips his lightsaber, and waits.

Three thudding heartbeats, and the monster is here.

The Force is flash-frozen in sable ink. For a moment, it is as though the air itself has been polluted; the wave of shadow seems to seep down the long length of the hallway and down his quickening lungs.

The padawan stares at Anakin Skywalker’s yellow eyes, and reaches into the Force. The Light whispers to him, and he understands. Finally, and completely.

Four years in the Temple before he was handed his first lightsaber; eight years as an initiate, one as a padawan; months on the battlefield, being trained by master and troopers alike, affectionately dubbed “The Little Commander” by his well-loved troops-

-All of it had been for one purpose, and one purpose only:

To be able to last fifteen seconds in battle against Anakin Skywalker, the new scion of the Sith.

Fifteen seconds is enough. The last of the younglings will be in the shaft by then.

The padawan does not waver. He activates his lightsaber - green, like his master’s kind, wise eyes. Those eyes are already dull and glassed-over, he knows. He sensed her death, star-systems and light-years away, the moment the first attack hammered against the Temple doors.

Anakin Skywalker halts three paces away, and stares down at him with eyes of complete and utter lack of emotion.

The Sith does not tell him to move.

It makes sense. The only path before him now is death.

As the silver hilt clenched in black-gloved fingers begins to rise, the padawan wonders for a moment if the Negotiator has survived, even if the Hero With No Fear is no more.

He hopes the Force will be with Master Kenobi, as it will be with the younglings.

Yellow eyes, wreathed in flame.

The Light.

The padawan activates his lightsaber, and dives forward with a raw-throated yell. The emerald light from his plasma blade washes him with the colour of a forest in Spring, like far-away Endor under bright moonlight.

In the end, he lasts more than fifteen seconds.

He lasts a whole minute.

He has done his master proud.

There is no dea-

The Force. Forever.


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