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A Game of Stars

Jonsa • Star Wars AU

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Sansa Stark may not be Force-sensitive, but having one of the most powerful Force lineages in the galaxy makes for a charmed life. Growing up on Alderaan, Sansa has little to worry about besides her sister’s pranks, the quick temper of her fiancé Joffrey, and the growing rumors of a rebellion against the Targaryen Empire.

That all ends when Ned Stark, one of the Empire’s most trusted lords, is revealed to be a rebel himself. House Stark is stripped of its lands and power and Ned is taken to Coruscant as a hostage, while the rest of the once-great family is banished from the Core Worlds. Sansa is horrified to be leaving her home in disgrace, but her family isn’t done with the rebellion. There’s another secret Ned Stark has been keeping to protect his children from becoming weapons of the Empire: the Stark children are, in fact, Force-sensitive.

Sansa finds herself living on the frozen wasteland of Hoth, a planet devoid of life except for fearsome creatures like tauntauns, direwolves, and underground rebels. All she wants is to be back in Alderaan, not helping the rebel army and training to use the Force—no matter how much she loves the Jedi knights from old songs. But while her siblings have their own Force gifts, none of them can manipulate the thoughts of others as well as Sansa, making her invaluable to the rebels.

Jon Targaryen is more than just the Mad Emperor’s grandson being groomed to take the Kyber Throne: he’s an imperial general who uses the Force to command Rhaegal, one of the galaxy’s three legendary dragon-class starships. Fearsome in combat, there are whispers that he wields his red lightsaber like a flaming sword as he leads his elite stormtrooper unit Blizzard Force into battle. Jon, a bastard, was never meant to rule until his siblings were killed by rebels. After their deaths, Jon wants nothing more than to end the rebellion once and for all.

It’s a small galaxy, and secrets don’t stay hidden for long. When the Mad Emperor’s little birds tell him that the Starks are Force-sensitive, he tracks them down, discovering the hidden rebel base on Hoth. He sends Jon and Blizzard Force there with one order: Burn them all. But bring the Stark children to Coruscant.

It’s time for the two most powerful Force bloodlines in the galaxy to merge.

i’m sorry but how the hell is tony stark selfish? the man flew a fucking missile into OUTER SPACE knowing that there was a chance he could die, but lived and ended up suffering from ptsd from it. also the man made his company stop selling weapons after seeing how dangerous they could be and seeing it in the arms of terrorists. let’s not also forget that he went after his mentor when he learned that he was dealing under the table. this is also the same man who tried to create ultron with the idea of helping the world when the avengers can’t (like oh idk when there’s some random ass alien invasion???). he also wanted accountability for his team, since they’ve destroyed manhattan, dropped a city, which resulted in MANY lives lost, also let’s not forget the incident in lagos, where people died. he also was most likely the one hooking up his team with nice gear, the same team where most of them turned their backs on him to help a guy who seemed more worried about the safety of one friend, which resulted in all their arrests when st//ve and the friend got out fine. 

but tony stark is the selfish one of the group?


Gif source:  Peter  |  Steve

Imagine being Peter Parker’s best friend and asking him to introduce you to Steve Rogers, who you have a celebrity crush on.

——— Request for anon ———

“Come on,” you whine, letting the last word resonate until it was raspy in the back of your throat as you fell back onto Peter’s bed. “Dude, we’re, like, best friends? Can’t you do this one thing for me?”

“Dude,” Peter whines back, tucking a dirty outfit into his hamper, “I can’t just bring you to meet Captain America! I mean, Mister Stark has a rule about getting all fanboy-ish on them.”

“I can totally reign myself in!” you reply, looking at your best friend with a pleading look. “I know how to be a normal person!”

“Are you sure about that?” Peter teases, making you shoot him a deadpan look until he gives in, “Alright, alright, but you have to promise not to get weird!”

“I promise!”

Me Against You


A/N: The positive feedback for the first part of the story has been overwhelming, and I am so happy that you guys liked it! It was originally meant to be a one-shot, but there will be a total of six stories set in this verse before I post another story!! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you like this installment!! 

Your recent fight with Peter makes it difficult to come back to the airport. Your talk with him about trust and friendship haunts you, and you try to imagine him fighting. Who’s winning? Is it us, or them? Since when had there been an ‘us’ or a ‘them’? Is he getting beaten up? You know it’s ironic, considering that you’ve just shoved Peter out a window, but there’s still a small part of you hoping that the others will go easy on him.

Try as you might, you can’t just erase years of friendship with a snap of your fingers.

Those traitorous tears well up again, and you swipe them aside impatiently. There will be time to cry later, to mourn what you have lost. Now, you have to keep yourself from falling apart so you can give your best in the fight.

A large jet sits in the middle of the hangar floor, large enough to carry at least ten people. It vaguely resembles a shark, with a sharp nose, sleek body and wings for steering. Ex-agent Barton had explained earlier that for each ship, there’s supposed to be a pilot, co-pilot, two wing-men to control the computer-aided blasters, and a flight leader to check the route, communicate with the team leader and base, and carry out other administrative tasks.

“The hatch, get the hatch open,” You mumble to yourself, your fingers finding the button on the side of the jet.

With a hiss, the hatch pops open, and a ramp slides out. You run inside, keeping a careful eye on the doors to the hangar. You’d managed to wrench them shut with a flick of your hand, but there’s no telling how long it’ll take before someone gets them open again.

Inside you find walls that are black where they aren’t covered by grids upon grids of back-lit buttons, all different colors and sizes, as well as switches and meters to measure pressure, missile inventory and engine heat. There are three radar screens, each on a different scale, a blinking ship schematic, and seats with sleek black helmets on each seat. Fully realizing that your actions mean life or death to your team, you sit in an unfamiliar cockpit, flex your fingers over the controls, and hoping you remember everything that you’ve been told.

The main steering, if you remember right, is essentially simple: A joystick for direction and levers for speed and nose angle. Examining row upon row of buttons before you, you crank the engines on to full power. There’s no ensuing explosion, only a quiet whir that fills the cockpit. It’s safe to assume that you haven’t set off any laser beams or worse – the self-destruct sequence. You press a few more buttons, stowing the wingtip blasters and lasers to make the ship as sleek as possible.


You rise from the cushy driver’s seat, only for your rear end to plant itself back on the chair with an anticlimactic umph! Your left arm is pinned securely to the armrest, held firmly in place with a length of white string that’s a lot stronger than it looks. You squirm in your seat, trying to wriggle out of the sticky mess coating the length of your arm, but unless you want to walk around with a chair glued to your arm, it looks like you’re stuck in place.

And for the second time in an hour, you scream in frustration. “Peter! Let me go!”

(Y/n), please,” Peter’s voice is soft and familiar. At least it’s him, and not that scary-looking guy in the black cat suit. Your heart swells in relief when you see that he looks relatively unscathed from his abrupt tumble out the window, but the sight of him makes you feel sick all over again about what you’ve done, what you’ve said – and his willingness to toss aside years of friendship for Tony Stark. “We need to talk.”

“You have the worst timing,” You snap, baring your teeth at him. “We’re in the middle of a fight!

“I know. You just shoved me out of a window.”

It was meant to be a joke. It would be so easy to laugh. But you don’t. You can’t.

“You were beating Sam and Bucky up! I couldn’t just stand aside and let you!” You retort, eyeing the webs gluing your arm to the chair. “How do these even come off?”

“Well, you have to use a cleaner – But that’s not the issue here! About me being Spiderman … I wanted to tell you. I really did. But there wasn’t a good time, and it wasn’t safe. If – If people knew that you knew, well –”

You should be touched that Peter’s looking out for you, that he’s concerned about your safety. It was as he’d said; if people knew about his friends, they might be tempted to use them against him. But you’re angry at him for lying. It wasn’t as if the omissions were harmless. If you’d known, you could have done something. You could have helped. You could have avoided many a sleepless night spent tossing and turning, worrying and fretting about what your best friend was getting up to. And you wished that he’d given you a say in the matter. Surely you were more than capable of making up your own mind about what was dangerous and what was not.

“I can take care of myself,” You say instead, staring at a black-tinted helmet and making it hover a few inches in the air. It bobs up and down, held in place with the power of your mind. “In case you hadn’t noticed.”

It’s enough to coax a laugh out of Peter. It’s the first time you’ve heard him laugh since you’d gotten to Germany, and your heart feels lighter almost instantly. “Well, to be fair, I didn’t know about those, either. Until today. How long …?”

“Not long,” You lie – if he can, then so can you. “Discovered them about a week ago.”

You’ve had them for as long as you can remember. Your parents had discovered that you had a strange and startling ability – you could move objects with your mind. Your mom first realized it when you’d held out a hand, and a toy had floated up from the floor and into your hand. Since then, you’d quietly worked on developing the skill, as a game at first, and then more seriously, when it had become clear that the world was changing.

But you’d never used your powers to hurt anyone before.

Until today.

“Uh, what about you and Captain America?”

“He asked for my help. I couldn’t say no.” Gracelessly, the helmet drops to the floor with a thunk, rolling under one of the seats. “What about you and Stark?”

“Oh, uh, Mr Stark dropped by the house, and –”

“– And bribed you with a brand-new suit in exchange for your help?”

Peter protests weakly, “It wasn’t a bribe! He just saw a couple of those videos on YouTube, and he kind of discovered who I was –”

Blackmail? If you survive this, you’d like to slap Tony Stark, something you’ve never done to anybody in your life.

“And you’re still fighting for this guy? Peter, come on!” You turn your head and gape incredulously at him, almost unable to believe the words coming out of his mouth. “How can you be so blind? Do you know what’s really going on here? Don’t you have a mind of your own?”

Spiderman? More like Mr Stark’s Little Lapdog. And why didn’t his Mr Stark tell him about the five other assassins on the loose? Or doesn’t he think it’s important?

“Mr Stark isn’t the bad guy here! It’s you, and –” He breaks off, swallows. He doesn’t want to start a fight; he’s purposely skirting around words that might set you off. “There are rules, there are the Accords, you can’t just ignore them. You can’t. That makes you –”

Dangerous. A criminal.

You stare. This isn’t Peter. It can’t be him. For one moment, your mind flashes forwards to the situation, rapidly spiraling out of your control. You want to close your eyes. You want to cover your ears, and you want for all this not to be happening. You want to wake up in bed. Instead, a hysterical laugh bubbles its way out of your throat.

Peter’s still talking, but his voice sounds like it’s coming from underwater. “– But Mr Stark said that if you and the others surrendered, he could work some kind of deal out.”

He doesn’t understand.

Is he even listening to himself?

The chasm within you that Peter’s opened up grows wider, wider, and more blackness sweeps inside. You could almost drown in it.

Arrest me, then! Lock me up and throw away the key!” That sour surge of satisfaction comes back all over again when Peter flinches away from the rising inflection in your voice. Causing pain with words is new for you. You wonder if this is a new power of yours. “Just don’t come running back when this is all over!”

The anger is white-hot, scorching and burning everything in its path. It’s almost enough to wash away all the guilt that you feel for shoving Peter out the jet and into a concrete wall.


anonymous asked:

Love your Ned and Sansa parallels. Wish we saw more of their relationship. Can we hear your Cat/Arya parallels

Aww thank you! For me  Arya always admired her mother Catelyn. She thought she was a fondamental figure in Winterfell. And it shows here in this quote: 

“The Lannisters are proud,” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

“The woman is important too!” Arya protested.

which for me foreshadows Arya being like Queen Nymeria. Marrying a lesser lord (gendry) and using her own Stark sigil to rule. (and her own army of wolves…) 

As for Catelyn, she loves Arya very much. And even though she cant understand her more wild side, she admires it. When she sees a strong woman, Arya is what comes in her mind. 

The Warrior was Renly and Stannis, Robb and Robert, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow. She even glimpsed Arya in those lines, just for an instant.

Also arya has defently taken her more dangerous side, her desire from revenge from her mother. This list of names sounds very similiar to Arya own famous one.

I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one, every one. But my girls … my girls will …" 

(its also why i believe Arya will be the one to give Lady stone heart, the mercy of death. Which will be tragic for her, will make Arya stop persuing revenge and make her return home to fight the others..) 

I like how both want to look brave and strong but sometimes they just want to be held, to rest, to be vulnerable:

She woke aching and alone and weary; weary of riding, weary of hurting, weary of duty. I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all … a day … an hour . . .

“I wish I was home,” she said miserably. She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but sometimes she felt like she was just a little girl after all.

As for my head canons: Catelyn is always proud of how northen Arya looks. How she has took after her husband Ned. And when the septa tells Catelyn about Arya not being a lady, Catelyn goes to Arya room and consoles her. Reminding her that she is beautiful in her own way. Arya loves how her mother manages the keep, and how people ask for her opinion. She wants to be respected like her when she grows up. 

Movie AU Masterlist

Here it is: the long-awaited masterlist for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge! Here’s the thing–the easiest way for me to do this was to list all the movies and all the blogs who are writing for them, and then just link the fics as we go. So right now, you may see plenty of names, but not a lot of fics linked yet! Sorry! 

Please click here to see the FAQ & Rules/Reminders post, if you’re in need of that! You may see fics listed on there that have not yet been reblogged by us… If we get tagged in a few within one day, it’s easier for me to add them all at once to them masterlist, even if we are only reblogging one of them at a time. Under the cut so that it’s not a mile long when its reblogged :)

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Things I want out of GoT S7:

- for Arya to find Nymeria (and for Nymeria to be perfectly healthy and stay that way stop killing direwolves 2k17)
- for Jon to find out about his parents
- for Ghost to remain safe and healthy
- for Sansa to be left the hell alone by men in general and Littlefinger in particular
- for Dany to kick some ass
- for Dany’s dragons to eat some bad folk
- for Arya (and Nymeria, and Nymeria’s wolf pack) to make it safely North to Jon and Sansa
- for Jon to meet Dany and for one of the dragons to adopt him
- For Dany, Jon and Sansa to create an alliance and go and smite first the Walkers and then Cercei, and then rule all of Westeros peacefully between the three of them while Arya runs amok with her pack of wolves and finds Gendry somewhere along the way and inducts him into her pack and for them all to live happily ever after

That’s it that’s all I want, just give me happy and safe Starks and Targaryens and give me their affiliated animal family members also being happy and safe, that’s all I want, pls

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Picture Imagine #23

Requested: Yes

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A/N: I do not support the Accords because I have some personal issues with them.


After the Avengers’ Civil War, you find Steve one day and rip him a new one about how much pain your dad Tony is in because of how Steve took the Accords.

“You’ve done terrible things, Steve, and I’m ashamed that you feel it was the right decision. All of the fear people have after Sokovia and all of the pain the team puts them through. You may try to save everyone, but wake up. The team needed rules to live by, ones that the people knew. If you think you’re the only one hurt here, think again.”

- - -

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A Test of Patience

Summary: Lord Baelish’s words are starting to grate on his nerves though Jon tried to remain unaffected, something broke when those words left the man’s mouth and the next thing he knew, he was choking him. Based on the Game of Thrones Season 7 Official Trailer.

Relationship: Jon Snow & Sansa Stark

AO3 Link: x

Notes: This is what I though is happening based on the spoilers and jonsa tumblr fans’ ideas…? There is also a link for the AO3 one if you liked that format. This is a oneshot.

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***As promised, here is volume 2 of Malec fanfic recommendations since you all seem to enjoy the 1st edition which still can be found here.
Again, if you liked this and want me to continue doing this, let me know, okay? And now, have fun reading. I know you all want to have more Malec love in your life.***

I WANT TO ROOT YOUR SYSTEM by @sweetillusionketz [ T | AU | 14.7k | complete ]

Magnus Bane has made a name for himself in the fashion industry after raising high against all odds and becoming the Editor in Chief of the world’s most celebrated fashion magazine, Pandemonium. He’s powerful, influential, and most of all, he’s a genius. Just not when it comes to technology. In fact, Magnus hates it with a passion. So one can imagine his distaste when, after a huge thunderstorm, Pandemonium’s office lost every in a short circuit and he was forced to buy thousands worth of new fancy products from Light Inc., the world’s most renowned technology company. Good thing all that high-tech crap comes with instructions in the form of Alec Lightwood.


Looking at him feels like looking directly into the sun and Alec wonders inwardly if he might go blind just from the way this man shines so brightly. He is the most beautiful human being Alec has ever seen. Too bad he’s a parking spot thief and now Alec has to hate him.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT by @highwarlockkareena [ M | 34.1k | WIP ]

Alec and Magnus never met each other. They didn’t join forces to fight the Circle when they attacked his lair, they never met to help Clary recover her memories. When the Clave refused to investigate the rumours about the rise of Valentine, Magnus, Luke, Raphael and the other Downworlders saw the problem coming for them. They banded together and rose up to stop Valentine. This story is set six months after his defeat.

HURTING AND HEALING by @swans-hooks-and-books [ T | AU | 11.5k | complete ]

“Magnus freezes. It’s then that he realises. He should’ve seen it before. He’s fairly certain he’s crushing on his best friend. His neighbour. The one boy who grew alongside him.” Childhood sweethearts AU where Alec and Magnus grow up next door to each other. Over the years, they transition from playmates to best friends to something more. But as usual, the path to happiness is always complicated.

STRENGTH by heartsdesire456 [ E | 11.7k | complete ]

After Jace disappeared with Valentine, Alec and Isabelle are put under house-arrest by their parents so that they don’t run off and screw things up worse than they already are. On top of that, they took their phones, so Alec hasn’t spoken to Magnus since Jocelyn woke up, and it drives him insane, because what he feels for Magnus feels so big and he knows, deep down, that Magnus feels the same. How do you handle knowing that Magnus Bane’s heart is in your hands?

MASTERS OF WAR by @lecrit [ T | AU | 13.6k | complete ]

Alec and Magnus hate each other. They know it. Their families know it. Their friends know it. Alec and Magnus hate each other. Or do they?

I WON’T LET YOU FALL by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 75k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #1 ]

Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

OF LOVE, GOSSIP, AND DANCE by @jezthemadficster [ M | AU | 2.2k | WIP | IWLYF Universe #2 ]

Texts between the original pairing of Raj x Elias from my fic ‘I Won’t Let You Fall’ . Raj and Elias have begun dating a little while ago and are totally in love but they just noticed that their two friends, who live in very different worlds are starting to interact. Of course these adorable gossips would be texting each other behind Magnus’ and Alec’s backs.

OF CATS AND MUSES by @theonetruenorth [ not rated | 1.2k | complete ]

Chairman Meow really liked his life. Living with Magnus was amazing. But lately he has to share him with a certain handsome Shadowhunter. Chairman Meow is not amused …

BLUE SHIELD by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 35.7k | complete | Blue Steel series #2 ]

When Alec finally decides to propose to Magnus, he’s called to a crimes scene, where a dead junkie lies without a coat or shoes in a filthy alley. He and his partner, Jace, find a witness. Behind a dumpster, a boy crouches, hiding. The boy does not speak. He does not trust anyone. Except for Alec. Alec and Magnus have to take the boy in and give him a safe place to stay. Especially when whoever killed the junkie found in the alley wants to keep the five year old child quiet.

BLUE INNOCENCE by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 46.8k | complete | Blue Steel series #3 ]

After a party, Isabelle discovers the body of a… well, fellow model. When she finds herself stuck in a bind, she calls the only person she can, her brother. While preparing for his wedding to billionaire Magnus Bane, Alec is forced to work to clear his sister of a crime she didn’t commit, to find a way to protect her as he hadn’t been able to protect his brother, Max.

IT’S A LOVE STORY (BABY JUST SAY “YES”) by sephirothflame [ E | AU | 5.9k | complete ]

Alec works as a doorman in Babylon Tower apartments. Magnus is living in the penthouse, and makes his interest known very clearly from the beginning.

JUST LIKE DIAMONDS DO by @muttttum [ G | 1.3k | complete ]

Magnus blinked at him, surprised. “You want to see my eyes?” he repeated slowly. Alec nodded, embarrassment flooding his face, flushing his wind-bitten cheeks an even darker pink. “How they really are, without the glamour,” Alec elaborated. “If - if that’s okay?” “Sure,” Magnus said, still sounding a little bewildered by the request. “If you want to.”

THE TIME ALEC DID (NOT) STARE AT MAGNUS’ ASS by vulturemonem [ E | PWP | 2.8k | complete ]

Magnus is horny. He teases Alec with a provocative dance. They end up in bed (obviously).

WHEN DAWN BREAKS by heartsdesire456 [ M | 9.5k | complete ]

When a text from Isabelle sends Alec to Magnus’s house as one last ditch attempt to get him to call off his wedding, Alec and Magnus come clean about their feelings and the consequences of them. When dawn breaks after one night together, Alec has to choose between doing what’s right and what his heart wants.

DEFLECT by @livhtwoods [ T | 3.3k | complete ]

Magnus had always found runes fascinating, and the power each one provided was amazing to watch in action. The way they contrasted against skin, standing out stark and powerful. The warlock also found the placing of some of them to be quite interesting. Especially Alec’s. Or: Five times Magnus agonized over his fixation with Alec’s neck and his deflect rune and one time he did something about it.

COAX THE COALS by @povverbottoms [ E | PWP | 7.4k | complete ]

Raphael, in turn, looks at the ginger root Magnus is holding and says, “Díos, this again?” “What do you mean, again?” Jace asks, looking curious. “Have we just abandoned all social rules?” Simon asks, going mostly unheard as he follows Raphael into the loft. “Does no one say ‘hi’ anymore?”

BETWEEN A MOMENT AND THE NEXT by @actuallyredorchid [ M | 1.6k | complete ]

While Clary and Simon look for the Book of the White in Camille’s apartment, Alec and Magnus go off on their own to check the perimeter.

(Missing scene to episode 1x13)

GOOD NEWS TRAVELS A LITTLE TOO FAST by @gideonhardwood [ T | 2.7k | complete | Lightwood-Bane Chronicles series #2 ]

Jace and Clary are finally engaged to be married. The only hitch is that Jace still hasn’t told Alec, and everyone else already seems to know.

HOLD ONTO ME (CAUSE I’M A LITTLE UNSTEADY) by MagnificentlyMagic [ T | 30.3k | complete | I’m overcome in this war of hearts series #1 ]

His parabatai rune was burning, not with death, or injury, but with betrayal.

AFTERNOON WORKOUT by nyghtmare [ E | PWP | 6k | complete ]

“Well, the way I see it, you have two options. Take a shower or shut up and take me to bed.”

INTIMACY by @banes-wood [ E | 3k | complete ]

“Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together. Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

DON’T GO WANDERING OFF by @one100suns [ E | 28.5k | complete | Battle Scars series #1]

After being kidnapped and used as a food source for vampires, Alec finds it hard to go back to the life he once knew. Plagued by nightmares and unable to hunt, he turns to the only person he is actually comfortable being around. Magnus Bane.

I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU (EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN BE SUCH AN IDIOT) by @justnightwingit [ T | 3.1k | complete ]

Alternatively titled: The 5 times Magnus said no to Alec’s proposal, because seriously what the heck Alec you don’t propose at times like those.

DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES by @lecrit [ M | AU | 17.5k | complete ]

Magnus looked up when Alec stopped in front of the rusty gate and quirked an eyebrow upon seeing him. “Your Highness,” he muttered, deadpan. “Don’t,” Alec sighed. “Aren’t you afraid to tarnish your royal blood by coming to visit a pirate?” Magnus continued, his lips twitching with the beginning of a smirk, lacking the humor Alec had witnessed so many times before. His mesmerizing eyes told a different story, though. They were defeated, tired and it only made Alec feel worse. “I tried to explain it to them but they wouldn’t listen,” he murmured in a desperate attempt at defending himself.

In which the prince of Idris and an infamous pirate find themselves stuck together on a deserted island and have to face the consequences when they get back on land.

Queens were expected to marry and bear children for their kingdom. Sansa Stark was no different. She was Queen of the North and she ruled over all of the houses that occupied that land. All twelve houses had pledged their loyalty to Sansa the day she returned to Winterfell and Sansa made sure to rule over them fairly yet sternly just like her father had before her. But even she was not free from the duties that were expected of a Queen. It was decided that she had to find a husband who could give her heirs and who could help her control the North.

It was one of her most trusted lords who suggested that Sansa find herself a foreign husband. It would help her forge bonds with other countries just in case anyone decided to invade Winterfell. There were plenty of clans and houses willing to wed their sons to the Northern queen. Even though she was being forced into this whole affair, it was up to Sansa to make the final decision. After much debating and pondering, Sansa finally decided to just wed the eldest son of this unknown clan and be done with it. She wrote the letter to them herself. The last thing she wanted was for others to think that she was a weak queen who had others speak for her. No, she would let them know that she was strong, that she would never be cowed and she would never submit to any husband no matter who he was.

swansansa  asked:

What do you think will happen if Jon and Daenerys do get together or hook up at some point? Like how will his relationship with his siblings be effected?

Hmm this is a really interesting question! I haven’t seen many people talk about this yet, it’s mostly been about how the Northern houses would view Jon over this, so this is really interesting to think about!

I think his siblings would understand him teaming up with Dany because they’re all survivors and understand making unlikely alliances just to survive (Sansa may even be the one to push Jon to meet with Dany). But I just don’t think they’d like it. Jon is now the KitN and bending the knee to a foreign queen with dragons is bound to make any of the Northerners concerned/pissed, especially his siblings (who, tbh, DO all have a better claim to ruling the North, and might be bitter). Sansa and Arya know Cersei personally, and they might prefer a dangerous queen they are familiar with over a dangerous conquering queen they don’t know how to destroy.

I also just don’t think they’d ever trust Dany, and not just because she’s foreign/southern or because the Starks have (totally legitimate) trust issues. Dany has idealized, superpowered versions of each of the Starklings’ survival skills. Sansa/politics: she has experience with leadership and ruling. Arya/combat: she has an army and dragons. Bran/magic: she has the dragons and her whole latent, Unburnt thing going on. Basically, Dany is sort of unstoppable, and pretty terrifying. On top of it all, Sansa, Arya, and Bran have lost their three wolves, but Dany still has her three dragons. That could make them secretly envious of her (“why does she get three bonded creatures when I don’t even have one anymore?”). Even if they accept Jon’s alliance with her, I think this mix of fear and envy could drive the Starklings away from Jon, who’s more trusting than his siblings.

If Dany and Jon do hook up, I think that would just further drive Jon and his siblings apart, especially if it turns into a long-term romantic relationship that could end in marriage. That, plus him going south, plus the big Targaryen reveal… it could all severely distance Jon from his siblings. (BUT, to me this seems like a temporary problem because I don’t think Jon*rys is endgame, and I think any romance they have will only really appear in S7… but I won’t get into that now because this post is already super long!!!)

I don’t know if the show will go in this direction with the limited screentime left—they may just have Sansa make Dany a dress, Arya be made a Dothraki warrior, and Bran a dragonrider or something and call it Starks Bonding with Dany time. But I think this is closer to what would realistically happen.

Thank you for the question @swansansa!!

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Who is the Stark child that is most like Ned in your opinion? (I don’t count Jon.)

I think all the Stark kids took after Ned in some aspects and internalized a lot of his values and lessons, and at the same time, none of them is really “like” Ned? Each surviving Starkling is growing into his or her own person and, in a way, moving past their father’s example (see: some of them develop manipulative skills, while others grapple with more nuanced and ambiguous notions of “honor” & “justice”; all of them are starting to break some rules). I like that GRRM resisted the impulse of turning one specific Starkling into an obvious Ned 2.0: instead of funneling all of Ned’s legacy traits into one kid, he’s distributed his qualities and flaws among all the children (almost) equally.

That said: barring Jon—whose Ned-ness is actually a bit complex, and not as straightforward as his physical resemblance imo—I see echoes of Ned’s personality especially in Bran and Sansa. (Or maybe they’re just the ones whose similarities with Ned interest me more, as they’re not exactly the most obvious choices, I don’t know)

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As we’ve seen R+L=J confirmed, I’ve seen a lot more comments on Jon’s place in the Stark family, and whether it’s to support Jon as King of Westeros, support specific ships, or to criticize his role as KITN, it’s all become rather uncomfortable - some of the most uncomfortable comments being that Cat was “right” to suspect Jon, that his sisters will see him as a romantic interest when they realize that he’s their cousin, or the Jon Targaryen posts that declare he’s only a Targaryen.

Whether it’s to support or criticize Jon, the main arguments I’ve seen have been “he’s not really a Stark, he’s Rhaegar & Lyanna’s son.” However, this ignores two very important things:

  1. Lyanna was a Stark. The 8 Starks that we know and love are not the only Starks in existence. Lyanna was born a Stark and she died a Stark, and like Ned told Jon, “you may not have my name, but my blood runs through your veins.” Jon being descended from a Targaryen does not change the fact that he is also a Stark.
  2. Jon has been raised by Starks. I don’t care that Ned is biologically Jon’s uncle. He adopted Jon. He raised Jon. He loved Jon, and while Rhaegar is Jon’s biological father, Ned is also Jon’s father. Ned will always be Jon’s father. Ned didn’t think “ah yes, there is my nephew”, he looked at Jon and saw his son. Jon has always wanted to be a Stark, to be a complete part of the family, and his siblings saw him as just their brother. Even the ones who may have seen a difference wanted him to be legally a part of the family. Robb legitimatized Jon in the end, made sure his brother could be a Stark like he wanted.

So many arguments suggest that Jon is going to reject the Starks, or fall in love with his sisters, or plot against his family to steal their birthrights. I’ve seen comments saying that Jon is stealing from Sansa, that Cat was correct in mistrusting them - as if Jon wants to rule, or is intentionally scheming against his sister. Other comments talk about how once Jon realizes he’s a Targaryen, he’ll immediately want to be with Sansa or Arya. Whatever the comment, they all seem to completely disregard Jon’s character - his desire to fit in, his sadness about being a bastard, his love for his family - and assume one basic thing: since Jon is not biologically Ned Stark’s son, the sibling bond between him and the other Starks will be gone. 

It not only assumes that as an adopted family member, Jon isn’t a “real” Stark, but also takes all the emotion out of the Starks - as if they didn’t spend 5 books, 6 seasons thinking of one another, hoping to see one another again, as if they didn’t spend their entire lives with each other. Bran shouted that Jon was his brother, Arya has stated how she’s felt most connected to him, Sansa has accepted him as her brother. And yet, somehow, Jon being their cousin means those emotions will go out the window to fit whatever plot point fans want to criticize or support.

And even if he’s not legally a Stark? Sansa said it best - he’s a Stark to her. The Stark siblings love Jon, and no matter what he legally is - bastard, cousin, Targaryen - he’s always going to be a Stark, he’s always going to be their brother. Because Jon is Jon. Their brother, their family. Whatever his label is at the time is going to change absolutely nothing, and the ideas floating around that the Starks will no longer see Jon as their brother because he’s not biologically their brother is so incredibly insulting.

My House (Jojen Reed Imagine)

Imagine: JojenxReader

Requested: Yessss❤️

Plot: Jojen gets jealous, with fluff and stuff.

You were traveling with Bran, Hodor and the Reeds, making your way towards the North, to the Wall, to find the Three-Eyed Raven. You were the Lady of one of the many vassal houses of House Stark, seeing as both your parents were dead, and you were their only heir. But all the people in the town you reigned over loved you, and respected you, since your rule was fair and you were kind to them. But, when you left to help Bran find the Three-Eyed Raven, you had to leave the Grand Maester in charge, which didn’t seem to be a problem with your people. And after that, you set off with Jojen and Meera to go find Bran, which you did eventually. Over time, you and Jojen became very close, and eventually realized that you both loved each other very much. So, you two made a promise that when all this was over, you would be married to one another.

You were helping Jojen keep up with the group, since he was becoming weaker and weaker with each passing day. “We can take a break, if you need to relax, alright? Don’t be afraid to ask for a break,” you kept repeating, but Jojen was almost as stubborn as you were, “We’ll rest when night falls, but not before then.” You sighed frustratedly, before wrapping your arm around his torso, helping him to stay standing, before slowly continuing to walk. Eventually, the group stopped for the night, and suddenly, Bran caught your attention; he was struggling to reach something that was too far away, and given his paralyzing fall, he couldn’t exactly get up and go get it.

“Hey Bran, you need some help?” You called out to him, getting up from your rather comfortable spot next to Jojen. Bran grinned, and just smiled, “If you could, you’d be an angel.” You felt your face flush red, and you smiled timidly in return, before reaching for whatever it was he needed, before handing it to him, only to see him smiling at you warmly. You felt your face becoming hot, and your palms became sweaty, but suddenly, you felt somebody grab your hand, making you jump. You spun around, only to see a not-so-pleased Jojen. “Jojen, you alright, love?” You inquired, obviously confused as to why he was acting like that. You saw him hard stare shift slightly to something behind you. Or, more precisely, SOMEONE. That’s when you realized what it was.

Jojen Reed, the calmest and nicest man you’ve ever known, was JEALOUS. You turned back to him and grinned, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” You saw Jojen’s face turning darker and darker red, and his eyes, his beautiful, deep brown eyes, seemed dull, almost pained. You felt a strike of guilt go through your heart at the sight of your beloved in pain, and you immediately leaned forwards, pressing your lips to his softly, and you felt him kiss back urgently, your fingers intertwining. “Remember our promise? After all this is over….” You trailed off, studying Jojen’s face, as he smiled lightly down at you, “You’ll be the lady of my House. You’ll be MY lady.” You grinned back at him, “Lady (Y/N) Reed. I love the way that sounds. I love you Jojen.” He pulled your chin up, before planting his lips on yours once more, “I love you, (Y/N) Reed.”

Captain America: Civil War MBTI Types

Captain America/Steve Rodgers: ISTJ

Steve is not, i repeat NOT, an ISFJ. Captain America is clearly Te. As the leader of the Avengers he gives orders like a pro. He is shown ordering police, soldiers, and team-mates, in a very calm and collected manner. He is driven to do the morally right thing, rather than the thing that helps the most people, indicating an Fi/Te axis. I think we can all agree he’s an Si dom, as that is his whole shtick.

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Iron Man/Tony Stark: ENTP

We can all agree on this one. Inventor, razor sharp wit, quips galore, hyper intelligent, and beautifully flawed. The definition of his type. Tony Start isint just an ENTP, he’s THE ENTP, the one ENTP to rule them all. 

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Back Widow/Natasha Romanoff: ISTP
Agile Assassin, Rule breaker, authority hater, gymnastics expert, secret jedi. Natasha loves getting her hands dirty and do flips while doing it. It should be noted that she’s a rather developed ISTP.

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The Falcon/ Sam Wilson: ESTJ
I’ll admit, i know the least about this character, comic-wise. This will be the typing I’m least sure about. However, let me just say, people don’t understand how much shadow Se defines ESTJ’s. Coming from a military background and having the ability to comply with orders to a tee, I’m gunna have to guess ESTJ. Will update if that changes.

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Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff: INFP

Deeply passionate, introspective, outwardly intuitive, uses figurative language effortlessly, emotionally turbulent. One of the best INFP’s on the big screen in terms of originality as it’s not the INFP character we’re used to. She’s got the signature INFP self-doubt, lashing-out from pain, figurative launguage, and need to do whats right (once she knows whats right, at least). 

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Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes: ISFP

Bucky is a deeply complex character, he is plagued by guilt but has no way of fixing anything or making amends. He hates being controlled and he’s running from those who seek to control him. It should be noted that male ISFP are especially closed off emotionally and very intense. 

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Vision: INFJ

This one is subtle. Almost behaving like an INTP at times, vision isint human. Vision has those subtle Ni qualities that are so hard to pick up at first glance and, to me, cant be said to be a Ti dom. Certainly a Fe/Ti axis though. He’s polite, hauntingly expressive, and a lover of humanity, all with the Ni idiosyncrasies that make INFJ’s so compelling as characters.

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Back Panther/T’Challa: ISTP

Vengeful, outside the law, dislike of diplomacy, and a little Ni to boot. Great recipe for an ISTP. Has the flips, visceral movements, and gymnastics consistent with action-y ISTP’s.  

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War Machine/Rhodey: ESFJ

Friend of the establishment, rule-follower, nice guy. Rhodey wants to be well liked by his peers and generally tries to do whats best for everyone. Mostly likely avenger to bake everyone cookies. 

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Ant-Man/Scott Lang: ESTP

Down-to-earth, cool guy, agile and quick on his toes, quip machine. The every man of the Avengers. Good at problem solving, very good. A thief, loves moral grey areas, generally likes to leave an impression on people. Important to note, this is a very well developed ESTP.

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Hawkeye/Clint Barton: ESTJ

My typing of this guy might be a bit of an upset, however i think that, as i said, people underestimate the Se (shadow function) component of ESTJ’s. At the end of the day, Hawkeye is a family man who takes pride in his career. He is a bit dry, ain’t he? He sometimes has a hardtime with the more heady stuff that happens, but he always keeps calm and does his part. A welcome down-to-earth level-head in the frenetic avengers crew. 

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Sharon Carter: ENFP
Not alot of people can recognize a serious ENFP character. ENFP’s make great commanders, but they aren’t often in that position. ENFP’s challenge authority and solve problems from the perspective of whats right. 

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Spider-Man/Peter Parker: INTP

Look, he’s a weird INTP with IxFP-ish qualities. These qualities have always made most iterations of Spider-Man hard to type, however at the end of the day, he’s a budding genius and doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to warrant being an Fi dom. This is a particularly weird Peter Parker, well written, weirdly acted.  

Baron Zemo: INFJ

Hurt, broken, vengeful, human. Having lost everything he comes up with a complex and hyper-intuive plan to defeat the avengers by destroying the ties that bind. Not much more i can say without getting too specific.

Thanks for reading everybody! Hope you enjoyed it!!

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modern au stark family game night headcanons

500 years later and I’m FINALLY getting to this ask, forgive me @karadnvres (but also blame @dadvos bc SHE sent me like 30 headcanon requests and buried my other messages). 

  • Monopoly is one of the games that must absolutely not be played at the Stark house. Margaery was invited to game night and she suggested Monopoly, and everyone yelled “NO!” That was Margaery’s first impression of the Starks. 
    • For real though Monopoly isn’t good for them because it goes on forever, everyone has different rules, and someone will eventually get irritated enough to purposely mess up everyone’s spots on the board. 
  • Usually one Stark chooses the game per game night (or if a significant other, like Ygritte or Theon, are over, they get to decide as the Guest of Honor). 
  • They actually tend to switch up the games, but there are some favorites. Sansa will almost always choose Taboo, Robb will do Jenga, and Arya is always down for Mafia. 
  • Taboo is always fun; it’s usually the guys against the girls or Ned, Robb, Jon and Sansa against Cat, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. 
    • Sansa is super competitive and she’ll always be jumping up and screaming during the game. 
    • Jon is ridiculously good at the game; if he and Sansa are on a team they’re guaranteed to win. Sansa will just spin her hands in the air and Jon will yell out the answer immediately. 
    • Arya is so bad at Taboo and she hates it; she’ll usually say one of the words on the list by accident and get buzzed out. 
  • Card games are pretty fun as long as it’s safe enough. 
    • Games like Spoons and Egyptian Ratscrew are played as little as possible, however. Last time they played Spoons, Robb ended up kicking Sansa in the ribs and fighting with Bran for the last spoon until it broke in half (he’s very passionate about spoons). 
    • Egyptian Ratscrew is okay, but people’s hands are bound to get hurt. Rickon will sometimes slap people’s hands just for fun tbh. 
  • Mafia is great, and Ned is usually the narrator (though Robb loves being it as well). It’s always fun watching the family very quickly turn on one another lmfao, and they’re all predictable af (Arya and Sansa always kill each other first; Bran was once Mafia and he killed Arya first and laughed as everyone voted out Sansa). 
    • Ned’s always a great narrator, and he has the weirdest ways of killing off people. “While attending Uncle Edmure’s wedding…he was horrifically slaughtered. Sorry Robb, you’re dead.” 
      • Either he’ll make up completely new situations or he’ll be stuck and BS his way through. “Um…let’s see….while attending Edmure’s wedding…she was horrifically slaughtered. Cat, you’ve died.” “Ned, you just used that for Robb.” “Well you both died there okay.” 
  • When the Stark babs were really little they loved playing 7 Up, they had to reinvent it to 3 Up and Ned and Cat were glad when Robb and Jon turned 8 and were no longer amused by it because god was that game boring. 
    • The other games they played when they were little were fun though. There was a lot of “The Floor is Lava” going on, along with Hide and Seek. 
  • Uno is no longer allowed in the Stark household. Ever. 
  • The Starks totally have some made up game that no one outside the family understands. The rules are super complicated and if you ask them to explain it to you there’ll be a bunch of Starks talking over each other giving you random rules. 
    • If you play The Game (they’re not creative okay) with them, the best suggestion is to just go with the flow. The only SO who understands the game is Theon and that’s because he’s making up rules randomly. 
      • Gendry/Ygritte/etc are all confused af. They have to run around the room doing random activities and it’s based off of rolling a pair of dye, and if they get a 6 they apparently have to do a truth, but if it’s a 6 that falls on the floor they have to drink something gross, but if it’s a 6 that comes from a 4 and a 2 being rolled, they have to jump up and down. This is the rule for just rolling a six; that’s how many rules there are for this god forsaken game. 
  • Everyone is just so competitive. Even Jon, Bran, Cat, and Ned, usually the most calm Starks, are screaming if they get something wrong or their team loses. 
    • Ned and Cat literally stood on their couches yelling because they couldn’t figure out Sansa’s clue in charades they have no shame lmfao they’re even worse than their kids. 
      • Ned actually laughed at 6 year old Rickon when he beat him in Taboo (he immediately apologized but still). There are no parents in Stark Family Game Night. There is no love. There is only blood and carnage (or well, mocking your family).  

anonymous asked:

Why do some fans think that Theon can't do something with his life like lead the ironborn and getting respect from them after everything that has happened? It's like all he can do now is stand in the corner shaking due to his trauma.

I think it’s because they think that the story revolves around the Starks, so all Theon can do to them is give up everything for the Starks, they don’t think he can have his own arc, even if he clearly does! I mean, his entire arc is about finding out who he is, seperate from his family and separate from the stark, to become his own person! And I really think that there’s a high chance he will end up ruling the ironborn! I have this dream of him going into history as one of the most peacefull leaders the ironborn have ever had, possibly the one that makes peace with the mainland finally happen (and last)