one stag

You and your becoming

There were many questions going into this, such as ‘How do I draw a stag?’ and I also decided on trying a different style of shading, so it was a bunch of fun new experiences!
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                       ₪₪ M O D E R N   O L Y M P I A N S ₪₪

                                                      a r t e m i s

Keep your walls up
I know he makes you laugh
And that he is cute as hell
But you know better
You know how easy
They fade away
Or let you down
So keep your distance
Your heart
Doesn’t deserve
Any more aching
Not now
When you’re just rediscovering
All your lost light
Your senior prom
Will be just as good
If you go stag
No one has to tell you
That you look gorgeous
For it to be true
And maybe he will be there
To make you laugh
And spin you like a princess
And there for the weekends
When you wanna chill
Or go on stupid adventures
But don’t get your hopes up
Not yet
Don’t let him disappoint you
He’s no more worth
A bad day
Than the rest were
So please
Try to to fall so fast
—  ~clm(thepoetryenthusiast)-Not So Fast

Petit papa noël,
Quand tu descendras du ciel,
Avec tes jouets par milliers…

S’il te plaît, ne coupe pas mon oreille

“Noble creatures, stags,” the hare sighed. “Did  I ever tell you I wanted to be one; a magnificent royal stag with great coathanger antlers?”

Basil Stag Hare meeting the Royal Stag. I know Redwall doesn’t have this kind of lore, but if Basil is an old soldier, I wonder if he’s had his share of near-death experiences. I want to remake this already and add more details.

I see a lot of fics where Lily and James like each other but aren’t dating for various reasons (other relationships/people, the war, their past, difficulty acknowledging their feelings aloud) but I haven’t read one where they aren’t dating simply because they are Head Prefects together.

I really hope it exists because there’s honestly few things that give me greater joy than the idea of them leaning in as if they were going to kiss each other, and then one of them goes, “But we can’t. We’ve got to maintain a professional relationship.”

And the other goes, “Yes, but what if we banged on this table?”