one simply cant help but adore them

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Headcannon: medic tries his best and over works himself a lot. This leads to him being very tired. Medic also talks in his sleep and only in German. This wouldn't be a problem if he also didn't sleep walk and end up yelling "wo bist du, meine Taube?!" Throughout the base and end up waking up the other mercs. He may even mistake one of them for his bird in his sleep dazed mind and attempt to take them back to his room. No one brings it up in the morning...

i actually really enjoyed this head canon? i believe medic is a complete workaholic, and this leads him to neglect his bodily needs; especially sleep. the man cant help it, his work brings him much joy, and satiating his rampant curiosity is a hunger pain to him. truth be told, medic being all groggy and mumbling in his mother tongue is simply adorable. 💖💗