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The Secrets that Change Us (Part 5)

Summary: The sequel to Before We Were Us and follows how secrets can make or break your relationship with Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Alcohol, sexual assault

A/N: Okay. I’m letting you know ahead of time that this is a pretty intense part of the story that includes actions of sexual assault. Please let me know how you feel about this part. I do not support sexual assault in any way shape or form and do advise to seek help whenever possible if you have been sexually assaulted. 

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It was the night of Bryce’s party and you were ready for something good after the week you had. You hadn’t spoken to Zach since your argument. The only exchange the two of you had was sorrowful glances whenever you saw each other. It was like a piece of you was missing and you weren’t sure if you would ever get it back.

You were just outside of the house trying to build up your confidence before you went in. You only attention you were hoping to catch was Zach’s, so you wore a simple one shoulder little black dress and accessorized with the necklace that Zach gave you. You took in a deep breath before entering the party and found nearly half the school was present for the event. The bass from the stereo had enough force to rumble your chest.

You walked around the house in hopes of finding somebody that you knew until you heard a familiar voice call your name.

“There she is, Y/N, the party girl came,” you followed the sound to see a smiling Bryce. He came over to you with two red cups filled with what you could assume was beer in each hand. “Now that you’re here, you need to catch up. Your boyfriend Zach is finishing off his second beer,” he nodded over in his direction.

You followed his nod and saw that Zach was hanging around the drinks, talking to Justin and Jessica. He wasn’t engaged in the conversation they were having, his eyes were trained on you. You could see him mouth the word “shit” making you chuckle a little to yourself as you took your sip of beer.

“Anyway,” Bryce said breaking your train of thought, “If the idiot doesn’t want to talk to you, I’ll be around, especially if you need anything special,” he winked.

“Sure,” you said as that was the only thing you could say. You knew what he meant by it, but you already had plans of not entertaining Bryce’s behavior.

You found an empty spot on one of the couches and made yourself comfortable. Not too long after you felt a dip in the opposite side of the couch you were sitting on. You turned to find Zach, his eyes slightly frantic.

“What are you doing here?” he questioned as he looked over his shoulder to see if anybody could hear us.

“I’m trying to have a good time after the shitty week I just had,” you said matter-of-factly.

You could tell that Zach was already annoyed. “Fine, but just stay away from Bryce, okay?” he warned.

You felt offended that he would tell you something like that. “So, I have to have you approve who I hang out with?” you raised your voice. You could feel the heat rise in your cheeks.

“That’s not what I’m saying, Y/N,” Zach tried to defuse the situation “Please just trust me on this one,” he pleaded.

You had enough of the conversation. You chugged down the rest of your half full beer and shot up from the couch, making your way to the beer keg. “I’m getting another beer, or did you want to control my consumption of alcohol too,” you snapped.

“Y/N, just hear me out on this one,” Zach was nearly begging as he grabbed for your hand.

You turned to him with a disgusted expression on your face. “Zach!” you shouted, yanking your hand out of his, “Just leave me alone!” You dashed off to get another drink and left Zach sitting alone on the couch.

The party was at its peak and you were nearly wasted. At first, you were playing a game of suck and blow with your new friends until one of the couples joined in and dropped the card, ending the game in a sloppy make out session by the couple. You flopped down on the couch feeling a bit sluggish from the numerous cups of beer that you had. You were going in and out of consciousness when you felt a tap on your shoulder, bringing you back.

“Hey, you alright there?” asked the person who tapped you. Your vision was blurry, but after squinting a few times you made out figure to be Bryce.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you slurred your words as you sat up.

“You look a little tired. Did you want to go upstairs and take a nap?” Bryce offered.

“Sure, I’m down for that,” you shot up from the couch and nearly lost your balance. Bryce reached his around your waist to hold you steady and you threw your arm around his neck to hold yourself up. He guided you through the crowd, up the stairs, and into a deserted hallway leading to one of the bedrooms. He stopped for a second, pressed you against the wall, and started placing kisses against your neck.

“What are you doing?” you giggled still under the influence of the alcohol.

“Don’t worry about that, babe,” he said huskily. He gripped your hands above your head as he placed sloppy kisses against your lips. One of his hands started to travel down your body and stopped at the side of your thigh. His actions were hurried as hiked up your dress and tried to pull down your underwear. You let out an absentminded groan as Bryce made work of your underwear, but his actions were halted by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Y/N!” the voice called for you.

“Here!” you called back without a second thought and giggled at your drunken behavior.

“Would you shut up?” hissed Bryce. The figure that called for you was Zach. He stopped at the final step to witness the scene. His eyes widened in shock. You could see his eyes darting from your giggling form to Bryce’s unethical action. Zach didn’t think twice about charging Bryce and tackling him to the ground. As Bryce fell to the ground, he let go of you, you lost your steady foundation, and fell to the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing to my girlfriend?” was the last thing you heard Zach shout followed by punches making contact with various body parts before you lost consciousness. After what felt like hours of sleep, was disrupted by somebody picking you up bridal style down the stair. You let out a groan and began to stir in the person’s arms. Your eyes began to focus on the figure carrying you to see you were in Zach’s arms.

“Where are we going?” you asked sleep still in your voice.

“Out of this shithole and away from him,” Zach said sternly.

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Heels (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3000 even (YES. BE PROUD.) Request/Summary: “Can you do 55,57,58 with Lafayette x reader please?”- @zoemonster200​ Warnings: I dropped the f bomb so many times in this the entire city is in ruins, some diet smut, fighting/arguing/yelling, that should be it. let me know if I left anything out.

A/N- Ruby ( @whatdimissmotherfuckers​ ) helped me out with french translations and became my thesaurus for a bit lol. Thank you Ruby. AND. Lafayette is just a tall curly haired bag of salt in this fic. Be warned. ALSO. Please give feedback! I love to hear from you guys!

Shit. He was in love. He sure as hell didn’t want to be. But it wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it.

“I don’t think you understand John. I can’t sing.” You told your freckled friend, entering the room with the three boys and Eliza Schuyler. “Agreed.” Lafayette said, snapping out of his daydream. Damnit. How was she so beautiful?

“Fuck you.” You growled at him.“You admitted it.” He sneered. “I was just confirming your suspensions- how you say? Oh, suspicions.”

“Shut up you two.” John flared pulling out a chair a sitting down. “Somebody’s in a bad mood.” You muttered, hopping up and sitting on Lafayette’s counter. “Off the counter.” He grunted. “Hmm.” You pretended to consider his request. “Nah.”

“Get. Your butt. Off. My. Counter. L/N.” He gnarred. “I’d rather not.” You smirked, swinging your legs. “Off the counter!” He barked, thrusting your shoulder backward. “No!” You retorted, shoving him back.

“C’mon (Y/N). Off the counter.” Alexander groaned. “I’d rather not have you two get into a fight again.”

“Again?” Eliza asked, the newest and most innocent of your friend group. “It was ugly.” Hercules answered, glancing toward her momentarily.

You sighed and slipped off the counter, strolling around the peninsula to sit next to John. Lafayette couldn’t keep his eyes from dropping downward as you walked away, your hips swinging. You taunted him relentlessly, and you didn’t even know how much you were tormenting him. His jaw clenched, how could he let this happen? Of all the girls to lose his heart to, it had to be the one who hated him most.

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Let Me Know [Taehyung x Reader] REVAMPED

Chapter 1. 

“Y/N-ah!” I turned around to see him. His eyes sparkling with delight and joy. Running down the hallway with absolute glee. I’ve been dreading this moment.

“Y/N, I’ve been searching for you everywhere! You didn’t answer my calls.” He puts on this pout and his puppy eyes, thinking he can get away with it.

“Sorry SeungJae, I was busy with work and school. I thought you were hanging out with Gaeun?” I looked at him. His nose scrunched in the way I used to adore when he was asked ‘difficult’ questions.

“I was, but I’m free for the rest of the day and I wanted to spend time with you, my love.” He winks at me. I went along with it, “Oh, alright, did you just want to take a walk around near the Park?” He smiles, “Sure” and grabs my hand

Five minutes in and he lets go, excuses himself, takes out his phone and calls someone. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that? Unless it’s your mother?? Then I heard it. Her voice.

He speaks so sweetly into the handheld device, “Hey Love, I’m with Y/N  right now, I’ll break it to her gently and then we can get going on our date right after I break it off.” Seriously? On our one year anniversary? Cheating on me?

He hangs up and walks back with a fake smile plastered on his face. “Hey babe.”

I look at him, “Hi.”

He starts off “gently,” “I have been meaning to talk to you…”

“Sure, what’s up? Is it about our one year anniversary?” I looked up in hope. Today was our one year of having a “relationship.” Honestly, I feel like he just asked me to be his ‘secret’ girlfriend out of pity for me.

He looks at me with sorrow. I doubt it though. You’re going to break up with me. I know it too, fool. I’m not stupid. I wish I could say these things aloud.

“Well…I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to break it off…It’s not you, it’s me. I think I stopped loving you in this sense.”

He stopped loving me. Is that a real thing? Stop loving… I look up at him, “Okay” and walked back to my apartment

I didn’t even tell him about the reservation. He didn’t even chase after me. Oh wait, he has a mistress to go to. My best friend.  Is this what it means to fall out of love? To stop caring? I want to cry, but the tears won’t fall. I just felt numb. I checked my phone, it said -4:30-

My reservation at C’est La Vie was at 7 I had a couple of hours to ponder and think. I got back to my apartment after half an hour. I decided that I was going to take my reservation, it was a lot of money. I’m a  poor college student that doesn’t go out at all  and I’m not going to waste my money at a nice restaurant by cancelling over a stupid boy.

And then….this happened. I got near the entrance and I walked into something– or should I say someone, since I wasn’t paying attention. A deep voice spoke,” Yah, you need to watch where you’re going. You’re going to ruin my clothes, person”

I looked up to see a man with dark, chocolate, brown  hair, I would be lying if I didn’t think he was handsome. But there was a problem. He referred to me as a thing that was going to ruin his clothes.

“I’m sorry” I looked up and scanned around to see about six other men standing in the vicinity.

“You know, you can pay attention and be careful unlike all the ditzes we’ve seen in this town” He snarled at me.

I would fight back, but honestly, I was really heartbroken and tired of the way I’ve been treated.

“Sorry, it won’t happened again.” I started walking by to get to my apartment and all of a sudden a hand grabs my left wrist.

“You refer to me as sir, wench. You don’t disregard that you almost ruined my clothes, these are expensive. Don’t think you’re going to get out of it by saying sorry multiple times. ” He kept a tight grip on my arm and it actually numbed out the pain, but something odd started happening. I felt tears roll down my face..

He looked at me in shock, “Yah, are you okay?”

“Taehyung, you made the girl cry” Said the silver-haired man. “I didn’t mean to! She just got in my way and I told her that she should ruin my clothes! That’s not something to cry over, she’s just a loser” He lets go of my wrist and I just walked away to my apartment. I opened the door and I heard footsteps behind me, I pulled out my pepper spray, just in case. (Y’KNOW LIKE A GIRL GOTTA BE ALERT)

“Wait! Don’t go in yet!!!” Yelled a man with bright orange hair, right behind him another male also with chocolate hair like the supposed Taehyung, earlier. They stopped in front of me, panting.

“ Jimin, but since you’re cute you can call me Jiminie” The carrot top says.

“ You can call me Kookie.” The other male looks at me.

I stopped observing them. “Is there a reason why you’re here? Is it to pay for your friend’s clothes?”

They had guilty looks. Jimin spoke, “Um..” He paused, “I don’t know your name, so this is a bit awkward.”

“Y/N” I stared at them. They kept staring back. This was getting awkward. I cleared my throat.

“Y/N-ah” Jimin started. “I wanted to apologize for my friend’s attitude. And since you seem like a nice girl, we wanted to take you out for dinner as an apology.” My eyes widened a bit, these guys seemed different.

“That would be nice, but I have to take up a reservation at C’est La Vie since my Boyfr- I mean Ex-Boyfriend dumped me.” I started to walk inside.

Kookie pulled me back, “Wait, we have reservations there too! Would you like to join us? If you don’t want to be near Taehyung,you can sit with us and we can make you laugh and smile? We could be friends!” He had the puppy eyes on. Ugh, I can never win at these things.


“YAAAAAAAAY!!” The two started to prance around like deers. I looked at them incredulously…

This was going to be interesting.

“WOAH, Noona you look beautiful!” Kookie was ogling me.

I never thought I was pretty, beautiful even. SeungJae never called me beautiful I was just “You look okay”. As sad as that sounds, we never really sought out to compliment each other. For a whole year, too. I don’t even know how I dealt with that.

After getting ready, I got to know Kookie and Jiminie more. Kookie was younger than me by a year and Jimin was older than me by a year. Basically all of them are Oppas and Jungkook was the Dongsaeng, The Maknae, The Baby.

I had a semi-fitted one-shoulder black dress with black ankle boots to match. It was simple, but classy enough (I was actually going to wear my pjs if they didn’t invite me) for this restaurant.

“Oh, thank you. Sorry I don’t know what compliments feel like after they’ve been delivered… haha” It was embarrassing…

“Noona, I’ll compliment you more, you’re very beautiful.” He looked at me with determined eyes, I had no idea if he was joking or not. But he was really cute about it. Jimin just stared he didn’t say anything yet. I waved my hand in front of his face.

“Jiminie-Oppa?” He snapped out of it and he turned red like a beet and hid behind Kookie.

“Y-You’re pretty” was all he squeaked out. He was cute too. I’m glad that there were some decent people on this world.

We walked down to the lobby where all the other guys were and they were ogling. Am I ugly or something? Do I have something on my face? I really don’t have high self-esteem… I’m starting to get nervous.

The man with the platinum blonde hair spoke up, “You can ride with me, Maknae, Jimin and Taehyung”

I started to panic. Taehyung? Wasn’t that the guy that called me a wench? The mean one?  I felt dizzy now. We start heading to the cars, and I had to brace myself for about a two hour ride with people I barely met. Tbh, I still can’t believe the freaking restaurant was two hours away. I honestly wanted to go to that restaurant and stay in that town to go to the famous museums the next day. I just had a thought….. What if they’re going to sell me?. What if they kill me? What if they’re part of a mob? There were so many ‘what if’s’

Taehyung sat on my right and Jungkook sat on my left and I was stuck in the middle…wonderful. Jimin was in the front helping with navigation since he was the calmest one while directing out the routes and directions.  Ten minutes in with the ride and I was already tired. I felt my eyelids drooping and I don’t remember anything after that.


“Hyung, she’s asleep.” Kookie looked with envy when your head slowly slid down onto Taehyung’s shoulder.

“She’s so annoying. Get her off of me.” He looked at you with disgust but inside he had butterflies fluttering around. He felt guilty for being mean to you. You looked so innocent and hurt when you started crying. He wanted to comfort you to tell you it was okay, but he couldn’t give up the act right now. He had to pretend to hate you. He didn’t mean to be scary and intimidating. He had a bad day.

“Hyung, what if I wake her up? She seems tired, can’t she just sleep?”


Jungkook didn’t even know you. He had an interest in you. Age wasn’t a bother for him. He stared at you. You looked so peaceful. He wanted to caress your face and just hold you in his arms. Was he beginning to like you? It’s been only a couple of hours.

You stirred a bit and got even more comfortable with Taehyung and he was becoming aggravated.

“Jungkook, take this girl off of me, who does she think she is, ruining my clothes and rubbing her drool on me?”

Without hesitation, Jungkook swiftly grabbed you and pulled you over to his shoulder without waking you up. He was celebrating inside. Watching you, being able to smell your sweet scent, He put his jacket over you to keep you warm.

“Jeon Jungkook, if you keep treating her like that she’s going to stomp all over you and take your money.” Taehyung sneered with jealousy, but he didn’t want that to be known.

“Taehyung-Hyung, she’s just sleeping.  I’m just doing what a proper gentleman would do.”

Jimin popped in, “Aish, I want her to sleep on MY shoulder, she’s so cute and adorable!!!”

“Hyung she’s sleeping on ME. I win.”

“I call dibs on sitting next to her, Maknae.”

“Fine” Jungkook cooly responded.

Unbeknownst to you, everyone kept stealing glances of your sleeping face.

You were worming into everyone’s hearts the rest of the ride and night.  


We finally got to the restaurant and I realized I was sleeping on someone…. this is awkward… I sat up quickly with shock written all over my face.


He put his hand over my mouth and said a simple sentence, “It’s okay, it’s my job to be there for you, now.” He smiled at me.

I looked at him with utter confusion. Be there for me? What does that mean? I don’t even know him that well. Then he took my hand to drag me out of the car and led me into the restaurant. I sat between Jimin and Jungkook. Awkwardly, Taehyung was across from me. It was already bad enough that he had a horrible impression of me. We ordered our food and everyone started talking. And then a man sitting on the right of Kookie threw a huge smile at me and said,

“Y/N, right?”

I responded with caution, thinking that he might be like Taehyung as well. “…Yes.”

“My name is Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi-Oppa because it’s cute, and you’re pretty cute too. You should go around the table and tell us your first impression of each person by looking at them. I’m curious to see what you think of us.”

I looked like a lost child hearing his words. I only know four of them. How am I going to guess who they are? Hobi told me the other men’s names so I could do this and in my head…I was thinking of plans to leave.

Should I pretend to be sick and go pretend to throw up?

Should I say I’m on my period? Or something? I have no idea. I just stuck with it and went along with what he requested me to do.

“Uhh, okay Oppa. I can try.” I looked around with nervousness. I started with Jimin and then worked around.

“Jiminie-Oppa,you seem like you’re very caring and loving towards friends and family, and you have a very sweet nature.

Easy to be around. Yoongi-Oppa…”

I was scared to over guess what this man was about…He had an intimidating

His eyes narrowed in on me when I was figuring out who he was through first impression. “Swag.”

He looked at me. Opened his mouth and literally yelled “HOW DID YOU KNOW. ARE YOU A WIZARD, Y/N?”

Well….I guessed his  personality and life, apparently I got it right.

“Namjoon-Oppa, you seem very intelligent” He smiled with approval

“Jin-Oppa, very wise and a great eater!” He gave me a thumbs up and nodded.

I dreaded this. I didn’t want to do this one.

“Taehyung….. Oppa” I barely said in a whisper looking down at the table. “You seem pretty cool.”

He narrowed his eyes in on me he opened his mouth, “Are you trying to kiss-up to me?”

This made me furious. “No.”

“You shouldn’t kiss-up to someone who doesn’t like you.” He looked away.

Even if I was furious, I ignored it, I wasn’t having anymore of his arrogance. Who wanted to kiss up to a jerk?

I went on with Hobi-Oppa.

“Hobi-Oppa, you look like the hope to everyone’s day…life?” He giggled. “Y/N-ah, you’re so pure. Do you have a boyfriend?”

I blushed. I didn’t blush because he was a handsome man asking me this question, I was blushing because I was just in a relationship/thing/friendship something merely hours ago. I just shook my head. And moved to Kookie.

“Kookie! You’re a total sweetheart.” His face flushed red. “Kookie? Are you okay? Are you getting sick?”

He put his hand to cover half his face, “No Noona, I’m okay.”

Dinner went by quickly. It was awkward since everyone kept staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. Was there something on my face? I excused myself to the restroom.


“Hey guys.” Yoongi started. “Is it just me or is everyone staring at Y/N.”

The boys looked around the restaurant. It was true. Everyone was looking at Y/N while she was walking to the restroom. All seven boys felt a tug of jealousy.

Jimin felt anxious, “I hope our cute princess is going to be okay.”

Taehyung sneered at his comment, “She’s not cute.”

“Yah! Tae, what’s your problem?! She’s an innocent girl who accidentally bumped into you. She didn’t do anything wrong. As your intelligent hyung that you should listen to, you should give her a chance. You never know, everyone is at a different chapter in their life. She might be at that climax of the story or the downfall of it. She might be suffering.”

Namjoon looked pleased when he finished speaking. He never had the chance to be this philosophical during dinner. It was always food that got in the way of his thoughts.  

He was right. Namjoon was right. He didn’t know anything about the girl. Yet he despised her for no reason. Right when he was about to say something, he noticed it.

Hoseok had a mischievous look on his face.

“Guys, whoever can date Y/N first is king.”

Everyone stared at him with caution. Everytime he brought up a plan or bet of some sort, it never ended well.

“Hobi, are you sure? She looks intimidated by us, especially by Taehyung. Plus I don’t think putting a girl in a bet is a good decision…” Jin looked with worries all over his face. His parental-like personality was displaying its true colors.

“YES. I actually like her. She seems cute. But if she doesn’t like me, I won’t force her to date me. No catches with this one. I actually want to treat her with care. Plus I know I’m not the only one that likes her. She seems different. Even though we’ve just met her, she’s giving off a different vibe. It’s attractive.” Hoseok turned around to nudge Jungkook.

“Hey, she’s my noona.”

“WOOOOOOOOOAH, YOUR NOONA?” Jimin was surprised. Kookie was never like this around girls. He barely talked to them either. “I want her to be mine!!!! She’s cute like a princess, kind and she smells good. Her apartment smells good, too.”

Hoseok saw you walking back from the restroom and smirked.

“May the best man win Y/N’s heart.”


After dinner we got home fairly quick (quick = 1 hour with Yoongi’s speeding). Jungkook, Yoongi, and Jimin were keeping the conversation alive. I sat in shotgun this time because Yoongi-Oppa said that a girl like me shouldn’t be around that much testosterone. (LOL isn’t he testosterone himself)

They explained how they all lived together with Taehyung for work, but they were all going home this weekend to visit their families. All of the boys swapped numbers with me because they thought I was cool and wanted to stay in touch. Except for Taehyung.

Yoongi then spoke up before leaving, “Yah, Taehyung. Walk her up to her apartment and spend some time with her. You owe her for being mean. And the rest of us are tired. So we’ll park the car and head out. We’ll see you after our family visits.”

I stared at Yoongi with disbelief. He wanted this fool -personthatwantedtohumiliatemenotoncebuttwicetoday-, to walk me to my home and step into my home… What was he thinking?

“Hyung, I don-”

“Yah, I can care less. You walk her, stay with her for the night and talk to her. She’s a girl walking alone in her apartment complex, you don’t know how many creeps are around.”

“Fine I’ll walk her and stay with her. Just don’t expect anything.”

After we bid our farewells, the other boys left  so they can see their families by the time it would be bright and early in the morning. It was awkward. Taehyung didn’t even look at me. He just walked behind me. We got to my apartment and I spoke up, “You don’t have to stay, you know…”

He looked at me, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“I’m staying because I told my hyung I would. I’m not going back on my word” He walked inside and he sat on the couch. I changed, took off my make up and went back out. I sat next to him.

“Why are you here.”

“It’s my house?”

“I don’t like you.”


He was about to say something and then my phone rang. I picked up.

“Hello?” -It was Gaeun-

“You are such a little whore.”


“SeungJae and I saw you hang out with those seven guys at the restaurant”

My heart stopped. They were there? I felt my hand losing strength and my phone felt heavy. I put it on speaker.

“You need to stop whoring around, I know SeungJae just broke up with you for me, but selling yourself for sex with seven people doesn’t cut it in this society.”

I was furious. Who does she think she is?

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, after seeing you and SeungJae together for a year, I’m glad he decided to dump you on your anniversary today. You deserved it. I hope you die. Go kill yourself. And I was never really best friends with you. Just know that. Just delete our numbers and never talk to us again. Bye.”

I was in shock. The three of us have been friends for 15 years. And now it’s been thrown away. I wanted to cry. Then I remembered. Taehyung was right next to me. My breath hitched. I forgot. There’s been so much stress and pain building up, I felt vulnerable. I stood up. Thinking of sulking by myself. I felt a hand on my wrist again. Taehyung pulled me next to him and he hugged me while tears dropped from my cheeks. I put my head in the crook of his neck and I cried. I cried so much. I never thought heartbreak would hurt this much. They were my best friends. It broke my heart. I felt betrayed.

“I’ll be here for you.”

A sentence.

My heart beat faster. I felt nervous around him. I thought he hated me. I thought I was a loser to him. What am I feeling?

I don’t deserve any of this.

None of it. 

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Promise Me: Part 3 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Hey everyone! This chapter is a little longer than the last so I hope you enjoy! Please like and reblog if you enjoyed this :) If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to send them! If you want to see more chapters of this, let me know! Okay, hope you enjoy! (Thanks to everyone who read this series, I know its taking a little long, but thanks for sticking around :))

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Word Count: 1054

Warnings: cursing, mentions of blowjobs and boners, Anthony being a sex god

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Over the course of the next two weeks, you and Anthony had been texting all day, everyday. You both talked about everything, ranging from childhood memories, to other not so innocent topics of conversation.

“You seriously BLEW on it?!” Anthony texted.

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‘Shenanigans’ Chapter 3: Plan B - Undercover

Mycroft assigns Sherlock to a case in which Molly is needed.

               “Hello brother mine,” Mycroft announced himself as he entered the lab of Bart’s Hospital. Sherlock was stationed at his usual spot studying whatever was beneath the microscope. Molly was very obviously trying to avoid both of them. “Miss Hooper.” The eldest Holmes cast a double glance when he noticed her roll her eyes at him. Well, that’s not fair, I didn’t do a damn thing…yet, he thought.

               “What is it, Mycroft?” Sherlock sighed, not bothering to look up.

               “I have a case for you,” he replied.

               “Not interested,” Sherlock waved him off.

               “Oh, but you very well might be. You see, there’s a man much lower in the government than myself who’s been suspected of embezzlement,” Mycroft explained.

               “Suspected by who?” Sherlock inquired.

               “By me,” Mycroft confirmed. “He’ll be at the Cresswell’s charity ball tonight.”

               “Fine, I’ll go,” Sherlock groaned. “Hasn’t been anything above a three lately, anyways.”

               “There’s a catch,” Mycroft informed him.

               “Isn’t there always?” Sherlock asked rhetorically.

               “You’ll need to bring a date; no admittance without one,” he smiled mischievously at Molly.

               “Oh hell no,” she glared.

               “Please, Miss Hooper? It would be helping me out quite a bit,” Mycroft insisted.

               “What about Anthea?” Sherlock questioned. He didn’t want Molly to feel forced into this.

               “Anthea has a surveillance job to do for me tonight,” he answered. It wasn’t a complete lie. She was doing surveillance but on the impending couple officially named ‘Sherlolly’ on the manila envelope.

               “Fine, I’ll do it but only because you’ve never been an arse to me,” Molly told Mycroft. “But you’re going to owe me.”

               “Understood, Miss Hooper, thank you,” Mycroft replied.

               “Molly, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Your job title is not to serve us selfish, narcissistic Holmes brothers,” Sherlock said. This statement took her by surprise at the sincerity of it.          

               “I don’t mind,” she told him. “Besides, it’ll give me a chance to wear the dress that’s been in the back of my closet for years now.”

               “Well, with that settled, I must be going,” Mycroft announced. “I’ll text you the details.” Secretly, they were both a bit excited at the prospect of having a night of dancing together.

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A grandaughter's problem

“Ah so there’s my little lightsaber, come to visit your old granddaddy eh?” Obiwan Kenobi huffed wheeling his wheelchair down the hall of his retirement haven, towards the angry form of his most rebellious granddaughter Kira, rolling his eyes at her revealing clothes he raised an eyebrow in the way only a retired member of the Special Joined, Equanimity Division of Intelligence (J.E.D.I) order could “you just missed Rey and Daisy, who by the way had a very interesting piece of gossip to share”

“Daisy and Rey don’t know anything” Kira snapped crossing her arms over her scantily clad chest, taking in his subtle chastisement and making a beeline for Obiwan’s linen closet, emerging minutes later clad in one of her grandfather’s old black Jedi Council tunics and sweatpants three sizes too big “they need to stay out of my bloody life, what gives them the right to butt in?”

“So, you haven’t been receiving flowers for a whole week in a row coupled with Slayer CD’s?” Grandfather Kenobi wondered raising an eyebrow “and you haven’t been refusing to let them read the cards that come with said gifts?” Wheeling himself to the adjacent kitchen Obiwan reached for the ever-boiling kettle that was a hallmark of the Kenobi household “have some tea Kira”

“FINE, I’ll tell you…but only because you’re you and because you’re not being a pain in the ass like Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum” Kira accepted the tea with a grudging smile and groaned “Gramps I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!! I swear one minute I’m fine, going about my life, punching the crap out of my competition in the ring and one minute I’m not and then everything goes bloody sideways, and it’s all my stupid fault for saving Ben’s life”

“Kira, calm down, I assume it’s a long story yes?”

“Of course it is arghhh I just want to punch the bloody asshole”

“Start with the beginning, why did you have to save Ben’s life?”

Obiwan sighed, he often told himself had done a good job with the girls, Luke and Leia could vouch for that, after surviving the fall of the Emperor’s drug empire and with Anakin (no longer Vader) living out his remaining days in a high security glorified nursing home, Obiwan Kenobi hadn’t planned on one day being contacted by social services just about ten or so years later with the news that the secret son he’d had with Satine, who was supposed to be living a happy tragedy less life in Mandalore, was dead and unless he claimed custody of his son’s three orphan children the girls would be shipped off to some place far like Jakku.

So Obiwan had stepped up, retired to a modest house near the beach in Yavin IV and raised the girls himself with the occasional help from what was left of his friends.

Funny how the reason he’d abstained from mixing too much with Leia’s family was because he thought her own set of pre teen triplets were already enough work for Han and her her and in the end it turned out that it was Obiwan who found himself handing out sage advice to her.

Kenobi didn’t regret raising the girls away from Coruscant, if anything he was glad Rey, Kira and Daisy had gone to small town schools and roamed the beach and woods to their hearts content.

He just hadn’t counted with their strange fascination towards the Solo boys.

Anakin (Mustafar blast him) liked to laugh trough his life support and tell him he deserved it for all the grief Obiwan ever put his former Padawan trough.

“The beginning…Well, I guess it started last year when that bantha shit of Ben Solo said I wouldn’t know how to dress like a real girl even if Jessica Pava herself let me borrow her whole wardrobe, which is a load of… ”

“Was this before or after you ruined Kylo’s chance with Rey by showing her that video of him trashing his tattoo parlor after talking to Han” her Grandfather interrupted with narrowed eyes

“a bit after, the next day I think” Kira admitted ruefully “in my defense I have nothing against Kylo, he’s just a violent weirdo who doesn’t deserve Rey”

“Kira! You told Rey that Kylo had torched the falcon with Han inside!” Obiwan scolded “And belittle him infront of her every time you get a chance”

“He’s not good enough for her! Someone’s got to make sure she knows it” Kira protested crossing her arms over her chest.

“And Daisy with Matt?”

“Those two can ruin their relationship on their own”

“KIRA LAN KENOBI” Obiwan snapped raising his voice to scold her once again “sabotaging the happiness of your sisters is not something I approve of”

“But Grandpa!”

“Just continue your story”

“Well, then I told Ben that how would he know, since the only time he’s ever been interested in girls clothes was when he’s trying to take them off some poor unsuspecting soul”

“It all escalated from there until he said that from looking at my chest he understood why guys ran away from me”

“And you punched him in the face” Obiwan guessed wisely

“I did”

“You know his hostility might have had something to do with your single-minded tendency of ruining his brother’s happiness” but her grandfather’s observation got ignored by Kira

“But every time we’ve seen each other since then is the same thing” Kira kept on talking “he was always bloody remarking on the fact that I’m too boyish and tough and violent, and screw him I might not be all boobs and ass like Bazine but I’m not a bloody guy!”

“Isn’t that Bazine the girl you called “skanky cabaret stripper” after the Solo’s last New Year’s Eve party?“ Obiwan recalled the moniker being repeated with way too much frequency whenever Kira complained about Ben Solo’s womanizing and why that made Kylo and Matt entirely wrong for Rey or Daisy

“That’s the one, she’s got fake: nails, boobs, hair, teeth and personality"Kira listed angrily before returning to the subject at hand "so last week after debating it out with Rey in Han’s garage I got fed up, I just went downtown, bought a couple of dresses that would make even someone like Solo stop and pay attention and showed up at Poe’s birthday bash with Rey”

“Yes, I remember, incidentally Daisy told me that you and I quote "looked like a goddess of darkness, but got angry and left early’ and those were her exact words”

Kira smirked she HAD looked like a goddess thank you very much, that red and black one shoulder cocktail dress with her best skull printed fishnet stockings and loose hair had been enough to make her stand out even next to Phasma (which was a feat considering Phas had the term ‘Chrome Queen’ down to a trademark and Kira always looked like a punk rock Hobbit when they hung out together) “here’s the thing Granps, Hux was there too, he tried flirting with moi, which made me laugh at every three words he said”

“Why? Didn’t you want boys to notice the pretty dress? Daisy said Hux was your type” Obiwan had long ago accepted the fact that his girls were grown up, honestly after having to give them the talk before puberty and managing to survive ten or so years of synchronized periods, he considered the whole talking-about-boys thing the least traumatic of conversation topics.

“Hey one, ew it’s Hux, he doesn’t count as a boy because he’s a ginger and please feel free to take offense, gingers are the devil” Kira pointed out making her grandfather laugh “two, everytime Armitage Hux tries flirting with me it’s only because he’s trying to look casual when he turns around to make an actual move on Phasma, constipated and anal retentive as he is” Kira snorted “and three, it wasn’t a PRETTY dress, it was a badass masterpiece of clothing that was dug out from a ceremonial tomb in the ruins of Jedha and restored to its original glory by a black market Tailor”

“Kira what have I told you about doing your shopping in the ill-obtained-goods district of Coruscant?” Old Kenobi interjected with exasperation

“It’s a dress Grandpa…Or two or three, the tomb of Wesi Ker isn’t going to miss them and they came at a lower rate than the designer garbage General Organa loves to dress Rey in”

“Force give me patience” Grandfather said elevating his eyes to the sky “Don’t change the subject young lady, what did Hux do that you left early?”

“Hux? Nothing, didn’t I just tell you that Hux has a weird fetish for gigantic and blonde bi ladies?” Kira snapped, recalling Hux smarmy compliments “it was Ben! He’s the one who called me hot one moment and as soon as he saw Hux said I looked like cheap a skin girl, the idiot, chauvinistic, pompous bantha anus that he is”

“I take it you also punched him for the remark” in fact if she hadn’t it would have been a sign of the Apocalypse for Old Kenobi

“Of course not, it was Poe’s birthday, I promised Rey that there would be no punching”

“Then what..” old Obiwan raised his finger to ask

“…I took advantage of the slit in the leg of my dress to knee him in the nuts” Kira elaborated then she added for good measure “like a lady good and proper”

Privately Obiwan hoped it had hurt as much as Kira’s pride “so you left early” he deduced with a knowing look

“And ended up saving Ben Solo’s life, when I should have left him to die”

“I take it there’s more to the story than just leaving early then”

“Look I was going to! I even made nice with Poe and everything, bought him this very nice empire era X-Wing air freshener as a gift and abstained from insulting Finn’s obvious bad taste in boyfriends” Kira protested hotly “But Poe, the bloody Tautun, had to make a whole spectacle out of it and Daisy was begging me to stay because she’s Daisy and since Solo is Poe’s best friend, he attempted to cajole me into letting him drive me home, Grandpa, the gall of him! as tough I’m some simpering little idiot who doesn’t know what nasty shit he uses the Millennium Falcon for”

“Kira, didn’t you carpool in Rey’s car that day? Ben Solo might be a scoundrel but I’d have to agree on that one” Obiwan interrupted “I know, I know, you’re Kira Kenobi and can take care of yourself, but don’t blame an old man for being a worrier”

“I was planning to use my speeder, since Phasma brought it and I knew she’d be crashing with he’s-just-a-good-colleague Hux in his fancy Coruscant penthouse”

“A speeder in a dress? Force help me Kira! Not even your grandmother ever did that and believe me, I saw Satine wear a lot of strange clothing when escaping assassination attempts back in the day”

“Solo said the same thing…Well give or take a few ‘do you plan on flashing all the Commonwealth district’ and ‘Kira let me drive you home blah blah blah’ oh and when I wouldn’t listen to him he kissed me but that’s unimportant what’s important is that Dabba the Hutt’s minions…”

“Kira?” Obiwan leveled her another Jedi Council eyebrow raise “Ben Solo kissed you?”

“He did, I was trying to get away from him, he followed me to the parking lot and kissed me” She squirmed under her grandfather’s all knowing look

“Ben, the scoundrel you’ve been complaining about since you were thirteen, that Ben” Another Jedi Council eyebrow

“Yes that Ben, the same one I slapped minutes later”

“The Ben that you claim not to like”

“Grandpa! I really don’t like him, he’s an egocentric prick with a hero complex and a wandering dick” Kira didn’t like the laughter in her grandfather’s eyes not one bit and okay maybe that first kiss hadn’t been that bad and maybe he’d tasted like cigarettes and corellian wine but she absolutely still hated him

“Oh the follies of youth my child”

“Anyway, he kissed me, and don’t look at me like that I slapped the grin of his face and told him I’d never in a million years be a notch in his bedpost then he got angry and told me he’d see me in hell for that lie and I thought that was it, except it wasn’t because as he was leaving the parking lot to join the party Dabba the Hutt’s minions ambushed him”

“What is it with Solo men and angering Hutts? I could tell our one or two stories about Han in his Hutt days that would make even you feel like vomiting” Obiwan huffed as he put two and two together “he might be my namesake but Ben takes after his father too much, why didn’t they just name the boy Han junior?”

“I know! But guess what it turns out this time it wasn’t Ben’s fault” Kira smirked “I know shocking isn’t it”

“Very” her grandfather agreed bring the mug of tea to his lips

“So the twilek and the togruta mobsters ambushed him because that skank of Bazine is now Dabba the Hutt’s sidepiece, and pummeled Ben into submission before stuffing the idiot in the back of a van” then she paused “this is the part where I decided to be an idiot too and followed them in my speeder” she HAD been forced to rip her dress but the shorter length had suited her just fine

“Did you subdue them with a blaster or did you let your fist do the talking?” Obiwan hummed putting his mug down

“A Blaster but how did you know?” In fact she’d followed them into a warehouse and had started shooting warning blasts as soon as she saw Solo tied up with a bag over his head

“I raised you Kira, I know everything” was the sage answer she got

“Anyway there was I shooting at some Hutt minions, saving Solo’s ass, handing him my spare gun and he suddenly gives me that look!” Kira grumbled opening her eyes exaggeratedly and fluttering her eyelashes while trying to imitate Ben “you know the look, the pathetic one Kylo gives Rey when she’s not looking”

“Ahh the Bambi eyes”

“Yes and it’s ridiculous because I’m beating the shit out of those dumpsters for him and we’re right in the middle of a fight, what the hell Grandpa? I didn’t ask for the Bambi eyes!” Kira got angrier “that’s Matt’s deal, hell it’s Kylo’s too, but I am Kira Kenobi and I could have lived the rest of my life perfectly happy without knowing Ben was capable of directing that look at me”

Obiwan knew exactly what look she was talking about, the one that only a Skywalker could replicate, a gaze that was a mixture of awe, worship and admiration with just the right ammount of love that made mooncalfs look tame. Leia had a habit of sporting Bambi eyes whenever she looked at Han after the war.

In hindsight maybe the triplets had inherited the look from Shmi Skywalker, the blame for this couldn’t be laid exclusively at Anakin’s door.

“So he gave you the Bambi eyes and…”

“And now I’m doomed”

“Perfectly understandable”

“No I mean yes, I mean” Kira fisted her hands “We were fighting and he’s looking at me like I’m his new religion or something and then we’re tying up the twilek and the togruta and getting the hell out of Dodge in my speeder and it felt so right grandpa” she took a deep breath and a gulp of tea “and then I’m dropping him off at the Senate building and he’s kissing me again, only this time I kiss him back because dammit who can resist those stupid brown eyes when they have that look”

“So that’s why you think you’re doomed” Obiwan agreed “you’re right dear, you are very much doomed, has he asked you to marry him yet?”

“After we broke apart from that kiss”

“And now he’s sending you flowers” Grandfather chuckled “if you dislike the gesture why don’t you tell him to stop?”

“Because then I’d have to talk to him!” Kira replied then she smiled a little bit momentarily lighting up the perpetual scowl on her face “besides nobody has ever sent me flowers before, all the guys that like me are way too scared”

“What do your sisters think about it?”

“Oh Force if they knew it’s him I’ll never hear the end of it from Rey, they all know scoundrels are so not my kriffin type”

“Exept one scoundrel apparently is”

“I blame the Bambi eyes” Kira crossed her arms over her chest “and you grandpa are not allowed to tell anybody capisce?”

“Who would I tell?” Obiwan lied knowing fully well what his next topic of discussion with Anakin would be when they met up for senior discount brunch in his penitentiary’s cafe

“So what do I do? I don’t want to like him, he’s still an asshole with a hero complex and a womanizer track record”

“Trust the force?” Her grandfather joked earning him a glower from Kira “just follow your instincts Kira, that’s what my old master used to say”

“Your old master died a virgin”

“Actually Qui Gon lied to the Jedi Council about that but that’s a story for another day”

“So it wasn’t just you and vader who lied about that?…You know you Jedis had a ton of double standards” Kira needled in, much like the eldest Solo triplet, Kira had also done a stint in the Secret, Institution for Terror and Hostility (S.I.T.H) that opposed the Jedi order during her teens.

Obiwan had breathed easily when Kira’s fascination with the emperor (who was rumored to be related to the triplets mysterious mother) had dwindled from Sith tendencies down into a simple knack for collecting empire related memorabilia. As opposed to Kylo’s much more painful experience at the hands of Snoke the last head of the Sith organization.

“And that’s a lesson to learn from the old Jedi order that Luke took into account” Obiwan cut off good-naturedly “avoid double standards” he sent her a pointed look “anything else you’d like to share? I can see it’s eating you, trust me my dear if he likes you everything will be fine”

“His last flowers came with tickets to a Black Sabbath concert” Kira confessed ruefully “I didn’t exactly talk to him, but I might have sent him a text telling him to pick me up in three hours”

“I don’t know what millennials are calling that nowadays but in my time we called that a date”

“It’s not a date! I don’t do dates, dates are for pathetic people like Matt and Daisy”

“Does Ben Solo know that?” Obiwan chuckled

“Shut up Grandpa” Kira put her head in her arms and let out a scream “Force I’m so kriffin doomed”

And Obiwan did as a good grandfather would and didn’t voice his agreement out loud “it’s all right Kira, if he gets too out of hand you can just punch him again”

“What if I don’t want to punch him?” Kira raised her head from her arms

“Then you don’t punch him, simple as that”

“I don’t want to be a notch in his bedpost, I’d die if I’m just a game for his stupid nerf herder ass”

“Kira any man that even thinks that you’re the type of girl that gets used like that, deserves all the pain he’ll get when you disabuse him of the notion”

“Thanks Grandpa, that…Made me feel oddly better”

Obiwan sighed leave it to Kira to be comforted by thoughts of violent retribution “You have a Jedi blessing to break that boy’s bones if he doesn’t behave”

“And here I thought you couldn’t be a sweeter old man” Kira smiled “thank you, I really needed to hear that”

Oh Anakin would have a life support field day when Obiwan shared the latest Grandchild gossip, that’s for sure, but in the meantime Obiwan Kenobi poured more tea and listened to Kira’s dramatic death threats towards the man she liked.

He wished Satine could see him now, she would laugh too.

An: lils happy early birthday, Dark Rey was fun to write. Lilithsaur dear this fic was inspired by Franco and Sarita’s relationship in PDG. Also the girls love for quirky Grandpa Martin..

anonymous asked:

Could you write a sweet scenario where Dazai and s/o are on a mission together but none decided to make a move yet? And they're in a big fancy party they had to infiltrated and both are taken away by how the other looks that night? And a slow song starts playing and Dazai takes s/o to the dance floor and he can't help but place a gentle kiss on s/o's cheek, who gets all flustered? Idk how this could end. That's up to you lol Ok I'd love to read sth like this. Thanks for running this blog 😍

((ahhhhh this was such a cute request I can’t. I hope this is deemed worthy and not too cheesy.))

Oh god how you hated this dress.

You mean, the dress was gorgeous and fit your figure perfectly. It was a long, one shoulderer black dress but it hugged your body’s every curve and knew it would be bound to catch many unwanted eyes. But you knew you had to wear it for the sake of the mission.

You heard a car honking outside and as fast as you could you put on a necklace and bracelet before rushing outside to meet with your partner, Dazai, who sat inside the car.

“Here I was thinking I was going to get bored to death waiting for you!” He joked as you stepped into the car. It was rather dark in the car, so neither of you could really see what the other was wearing all to well, but from what he saw you looked quite nice.

“Oh come on, it didn’t take me that long!” You laughed, trying not to be too awkward. It was the first time you were headed to a formal party, and it didn’t help that you were going…well…with him, whom you found you were well…more fond of than most people. Of course, you’d assumed he didn’t feel anything towards you. He didn’t seem to see you any differently as he did other people, and quite frankly, why would he?

The car ride was rather decent however as you quickly managed to calm down as he teased you and made you laugh. Of course, he went over details about the mission as well. “This is the Port Mafia after all,” he reminded you. “There’ll be many people there so it won’t be to hard for me to hide in the crowd, especially since I’m used to these events. As for you, you’ll stick right out if you don’t act like everyone else.”

You nodded at that.

As soon as you two reached the destination of the party he helped you out the car. It was then that you first got a good look at him, and my god that man looked amazing in a suit.

“See something that you like, my dear~?” He said teasingly, noticing you observed him a bit too long.

“W-what? No,” you said quickly, your cheeks flushing red as you got out the car and let him guide you inside, looking down to try and hide your blush.

“Oh, so you mean to tell me I don’t look good?” He pouted. “And hear I actually tried to look nice for once…”

“Oh stop it!” You couldn’t help but giggle at the adorably cute face he made, his cheeks puffed out a bit. “That’s not what I meant. You look great.”

He gave a genuine smile at that. “Why thank you~”

“Aren’t you going to compliment me back?”



He chuckled, leading you inside to the party. The room was filled with life, music playing in the background. Some people were dancing while other’s sat and ate or enjoyed a drink. While parties amongst the higher mafia members weren’t uncommon, mafia parties this grande in which mafia members of each level were invited usually meant something big had happened or was planned to happen. What that thing was, well…that’s what you two were there to find out, and to make sure it was nothing too bad.

He quickly led you over to a small table away from the executives’ line of sight, sitting across from you.

“There’s nothing much for us to do until Mori or one of the executives makes the announcement,” he said,“so do feel free to eat or have a drink in the meantime. May as well enjoy the time we have.”

And so naturally, you both did. Neither of you ate very much but you did share some glasses of wine, talking and laughing as the night went on. Only you occasionally you found it hard to focus on his words as you would find yourself distracted by how amazing he truly looked, the suit he wore fitting him perfectly.

And quite frankly, you weren’t the only one being distracted by looks, as he was equally distracted by how beautiful you looked that night. It was the first time he’d seen you dress so formally, and he found that it was a look he liked seeing on you. The way you had styled your hair and done your make up. Usually those were things he didn’t quite pay attention to, yet tonight they all caught his interest.

“How about a dance?” Dazai suddenly asked, cutting you off mid-sentence, not having actually listened to a word you said.

“What?” You asked, surprised.

“A dance!” he beamed. “Come on (y/n)~! Just one dance!”

You were silent for a moment before answering,“I…well, I don’t really know how to dance…”

At this he let out a dramatic gasp. “Whaaaat?! How shameful! I can not let this be. Come along now, for tonight I shall teach you how to dance.”

You didn’t even get the option of refusing as he went ahead and pulled you right on your feet, leading you to the floor but making sure to keep the two of you concealed from any whom might recognize him.

“Alright…” he began, wrapping an arm around your waist and holding your hand with the other. It was impossible not to notice how close you two were, and it took all your might to stop the blood from heating your face. He took his time in leading you and explaining the simple steps to a slow dance, teasing you whenever you stepped on his toes. And surely enough, you soon found yourself getting the hang of it.

“See?” He said once you finally seemed to get it down. “Not too tough, right?”

“I guess…” you said with a shy smile.

He chuckled before twirling you around, admiring you as he did. There was an even wider smile on his face when he brought you back in, arm wrapped back around your waist, this time even closer than before.

And that was when he finally decided to do it.

Not taking a moment to hesitate, he suddenly pressed a kiss to your cheek, lingering there for a moment before backing away. “You look beautiful tonight, (y/n).”

Your heart fluttered and your cheeks became flushed with color. “T-thank you,” you began to stutter, having been caught off guard. He laughed, finding it completely adorable.

“Oh look, there goes Mori,” he said, changing the subject as suddenly a man stood in front of the room, urging everyone to be silent so he could have a moment to speak, but naturally, you wound up not hearing a single word he said.

Remember when Cassandra Clare said this on her tumblr: ”Even the way Isabelle dresses on the show is not the way Isabelle would dress or did dress in the books. (I have a chart of every time Isabelle’s clothes are ever mentioned in the books. Largely it is long skirts, dresses, jeans and gear).”

Well I was pretty sure this wasn’t true so I checked the books and sure, there are some descriptions of her clothes that are similar to what she says Isabelle wears: “wearing a long dress of bottle-green silk with an embroidered black and silver coat over it”, “she wore boots that hit her midthigh, slim jeans, and a red sweater that left one shoulder bare”, and “she was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat.”

But I also found this: “the plunging neckline of the red tank top”, “tight blue tank top”, “black slip”, “Cold air crept around the edges of the doors, making Isabelle, in her short dress, shiver.”, “an incredible golden satin dress that hugged her body like the closed petals of a flower”, “in a short silver party dress that showed her marks.”

And my two personal favourites: “She had her hair up and was wearing a long red dress, slit up the side to show most of her leg. She was covered in marks […] and decorated her chest, a great deal of which was visible, thanks to the plunging neckline of her dress.” And “Typical Isabelle outfit: tight short velvet dress, fishnet stockings, and boots.

That doesn’t sound that different to what she wore in the show. Maybe check that chart again.

Anya was bored and with everyone off doing their own things, she decided it would be a good idea to go out. She was ready for it, taking extra time to curl her hair and properly do her make-up. Taking longer then she had wanted but when she looked in the mirror she looked hot and felt it for once too. Slipping into a short gold one shouldered dress and black boot heels she was ready to go out. 

The club was packed but that didn’t stop her moving her way through the crowd she grabbed the bartender and asked for the strongest drink they had. He smirked at her asking for payment she smiled passing over her card, “Leave it open.” One drink, two drinks, three drinks, four. Now she was feeling it the slight buzz creeping over her body. She moved away from the bar and onto the dance floor, she didn’t know the song or really care. But she let the music take over, the was until someone hands slide across her waist. Anya pulled the hands away from her hips, or rather tried but they wouldn’t budge. “Hey let go!”

You are Hoya’s private English tutor, and he is an awkward cutie

Scenario: You work as a private English tutor for adults and Hoya is your favourite student, who seems kinda awkward but turns out to be so much more
Rating: fluffy smut
Word Count: 3157

You sighed, leaning back in your chair. Just a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts until your next lesson started. It had been three years since you’d started teaching English at the adult education centre as an evening job, and sometimes it was a real strain on you. Especially because some of the students were pretty difficult – the guy you’d just given a private lesson to was one of the worst, a businessman who seemed to think it should be an instant thing and he’d be fluent in English after just a few sessions. You’d spoken to your boss about him, but seeing as he paid the big bucks for your lessons the company was unwilling to get rid of him. Unfortunately for you.

You checked your schedule, placing a tick next to the lesson you’d just taught and then feeling your chest tighten just a bit when you saw the next name on the list. Lee Howon. By far your favourite student. You knew it was completely unprofessional to have a favourite, but you couldn’t help it. From the moment he’d started attending your evening classes you’d taken a liking to him. He was quiet at first, sitting at the back of the room and barely ever raising his hand to answer questions. But eventually he came out of his shell, his English skills improving in leaps and bounds over the months. When he’d asked you about private lessons, you knew he didn’t really need them – he would continue to improve at an impressive rate in group situations – but something made you agree to take him on. If you were honest with yourself, it was the idea of spending extra time with him that really excited you. He was around your age, extremely good looking and an enthusiastic guy. Plus there was something about the way he watched you so intently as you explained things to the class; how it felt when his eyes were on you…

The week before, he’d asked you to call him Hoya in the hotpot restaurant you’d taken the class to as a treat. He’d explained to you between mouthfuls of rice that it’s how his friends called him, and made him feel more relaxed. You agreed you’d give it a go next time he had a lesson with you. He’d given you a lopsided grin, telling you that he’d still be calling you ‘teacher’, of course.

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When He Caught You Sneaking Out

Rating: PG-13

Requested: [NO] [YES]


Looking at the dim red numbers flashed on clock that is on the top of the night table, it is flashing twelve o’clock and you slowly took a glance of your peacefully sleeping boyfriend. You and your friends decided to go club hopping tonight since it is weekend, you asked for Ashton’s permission earlier but he disagree about the idea so you have no other choice left but to sneak out in the middle of night. You make sure that you are making less noise with your every move from slowly slipping out of the bed and finding your phone around with no lights. Thanks goodness that your boyfriend is facing the other way so you can freely move a little without getting caught while looking around for your phone, you are pretty sure that you just put it somewhere on the ground earlier since it is part of the plan but seems like it’s gone. You start to feel that Ashton hide it so you can’t contact your friends to fetch you in case you are trying to sneak which is what you are doing.

Getting tired of groping and crawling around in hope of finding your phone, you decided to sit for awhile. “Shit, don’t fail me now baby.” You muttered under your breath. You really need to text your friends so they can fetch you.

You turned your head around and to your relief Ashton is still in a deep sleep, you can tell that with his soft snoring. There’s no other way, if you can’t find your phone and contact your friends, you’ll just go to club all by yourself and appeared right in front of your friends. You slowly crawled your way to the door, grabbing the knob and slowly turning it but you furrowed your eyebrows when you can’t turn it fully. “Shit, it’s lock.” 

There was a soft click and the sudden lightness made you squint, you turned your head only to saw Ashton in his sweatpants that is hanging lowly on his waist, standing all his glory in front of you. Words failed to escape your lips, you are caught off guard, “What are you doing?” He asked in a thick and deep bedroom voice. Gulping the lump on your throat, you danced mentally when you catch a great lie, “I-I need to pee and I stub my toe and I can’t walk,” and you groaned, trying to make him believe. He just cocked his eyebrows signaling you that he is not amused at all. You pout, accepting your defeat. There’s no way that you can trick Ashton, he knows you well and he knows when you lie or not. Standing up with shoulders hanging, you climbed at the bed and just tucked yourself in the blanket while turning your back to him. He turned the lights out and you felt a dip on the bed before a strong arms wrapped around you, “I don’t want you to get in trouble Y/N,” he whispered on your left ear.

“But it’s just a night out,” you reasoned with a pout. He chuckled before kissing your temple, “You cause too much trouble when you are drunk,”

“I don’t!” You whined. “You even forced me once to have sex with you when you came home drunk,” A tinge of crimson red appeared on your cheeks and you are unable to defend yourself so he just chuckled lightly before kissing your cheeks, “Good night princess.” A smiled formed on your lips, “Good night Ash.” And the two of you drifted off to dreamland.


You can still hear some gunshots and violent sounds from the background coming from the living room telling you that Michael is still up and is still playing a video game. A soft impatient groan escaped your lips as you looked at your wristwatch, it’s already 11:37 and you can’t be late from your night out with your girl friends. You sling your duffel bag over your shoulder that is containing a one black sweetheart dress, a pair of stiletto and some palettes of make-up since you can’t sneak out with a short dress on and pair of stiletto that will surely make noises as you run so you are on your black hoodie and sweatpants together with dirty sneakers that will help you to move more freely. Michael doesn’t approve about you going all alone at night, he is really protective over you and he can’t stand the idea of some other guys hitting on you but being a hard-headed girlfriend, you will still sneak out. Michael is still downstairs, playing video games so instead of taking the main door, you’ll go to your Plan B which is going out from the kitchen backdoor. Jumping off the window is a good idea too but the last time you did that, you almost broke your hipbone so you promised to yourself that you will cross it out of your option. 

You tiptoed your way downstairs, good thing that your boyfriend is facing the other side of the stairs so you can feel that your plan will go smoothly. You are about to reach the car keys from the table when your pug, Milo barked, startling you and making you come in contact with the vase that is just behind you, knocking it out and the sound echoed at the house. Your eyes widened and your heart hammers loudly against your chest, “Holy shit.”

The soft violent sounds that is coming from the video game stopped and all you know is Michael is already staring at you with a cold gaze, arms wrapped on his chest and Milo is already on his side, wiggling its tail. You smiled to your family awkwardly, “Uh, hi.”

“Good evening, intruder.” he sassed. He made his way to you in the way that made your breaths shallow. You know that he dislikes it when you break rules and shrug off his words. “What are you doing?” He asked sternly when his face was just inch from yours. “Uh, nothing. Just… just—” 

He finished your sentence, “Trying to sneak out.”

You sigh in defeat and your shoulders fell down, his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you a little closer. “You know what happens to bad girls that loves to break rules, hmm?” He whispered hotly in your right ear, sending shiver down to your spine. You decided to play to dumb and asked him innocently, “What?”

A small smirk formed across his lips, “They get punished.”


You patiently tap your fingers against your wooden study table as you plan a great escape. You and Calum had a fight earlier about your idea of meeting with your co-workers and having a night out, Calum strongly disagrees the moment you opened the topic up but you keep insisting that you will be home as early as you can that ended up into an argument resulting him to sleep downstairs, you don’t know if he took that advantage to guard and caught you if you try to sneak out or he just simply don’t want to sleep with you tonight because he is still angry with you. Either way you still need to sneak out since you already said that you will be going with them. Your gaze landed on the open window on your side, it is big enough for you to fit in and it is not that high too. You nodded to yourself and giving yourself a hug mentally for being so genius. Grabbing your duffel bag and filling them with your night out attire after that you put on a light make up and you curled your hair a little bit. You are still in pyjamas but you didn’t mind, you’ll change later anyway. You opened your cabinet and search for a long blanket and hopefully you found one.

Checking Calum downstairs, it seems like he is already asleep since the light is off and there’s no more sounds except the sound soft coming from the air conditioner. You checked out the window and made sure that the paths you’ll take is clear before throwing you duffel bag to the ground and tying the end of a long blanket on the window’s steel grills and draping the other end out of the window. You take a grip to the blanket and carefully sliding yourself down, you let go of the blanket as you touched the ground and quickly grabbed your duffel bag. When you turned around, horror filled your face as you bumped into the man that you are not wishing to see at this time, “Trying to escape, huh?” 

“Uh…well, I-I’m…” You stuttered but he just grinned, pushing you to the wall that is just behind you and put his both arms on both side of your head, leaning against you. “You’re really stubborn, Y/N.” He clicked his tongue as he shake his head. You remained silent and he push himself away from you before taking your hand and lead you back inside of the house, “I’m hungry, make me a sandwich.”


Your boyfriend, Luke is sleeping peacefully that you are thankful about. You can quickly make your escape at this time. As promised to your girl friends, you will be clubbing with them tonight since it’s been almost months since they didn’t saw you. Slowly slipping out of the bed, you reached the door knob and opened the door, still trying to make reduced noises. You tiptoed your way to the bathroom where your dress, shoes and make up palettes are already ready, you made sure to make a flush noise before leaving the bathroom so that Luke will just assume that you just went to pee. It is a struggle for you to not make any noise when your pomeranian puppy, Daisy is sleeping on the living room. You reach for your pocket to get the key to the door and panic hits you when you can’t find any keys on your pocket.

“Shit, maybe I drop it somewhere.” You muttered to yourself before carefully taking a step back and start take your trails earlier, hoping that you could step on it. Needing to be extra careful because of your dog, you almost fell on your knees when you stub your feet on the edge of the cabinet. Minutes passed but seems like you can’t find the key of your apartment, you swear that you put it in your pocket before pretending to be sleeping. You squinted when the whole place lighted up, you froze when it was followed by familiar deep slumber voice, “What are you doing Y/N?”

Turning around, you found your sleepy boyfriend across the leaving room and standing while rubbing his eyes in his messy hair, black Rolling Stone muscle tee and gray sweatpants. You gulped at the sight but his question made you gulped harder, “Uh, what are you doing? You should be sleeping right?” Your voice pitched a little than it should be.

“I had a bad dream that you left and when I turned around, you’re not in the bed so I searched for you.” He explained with his soft yet deep voice. A small smile formed on your lips at his cute gesture and it made your heart skipped a beat and a pang of guilt hits you when you are not beside Luke when he is needing you, you let out a small “Aw,” before making your way to him. You hugged him tightly, feeling all safe with his arms wrapped around your tiny frame. “Babe, why are you all dressed up?” He asked in confusion against your hair

“I’m sorry baby, I tried to sneak out to meet the girls,” you pouted, still feeling guilty.

“But I need you,” he whined in a childish tone. A small chuckle escaped your lips, “I’m not going anywhere baby, I’m here.” And you press your face against his chest, smelling the manly scent around him.

“Alright, let’s go to sleep back.” He muttered before a yawn escaped his lips. You both turned around to make your way to the bedroom when he suddenly groped your buttocks, earning a yelp from you, “Nice ass baby,” and he grinned.

"Imagine Sam & Dean meeting you in The French Mistake universe" One Shot
Author: toadvocatecourtney

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: None (really long though, ~4,000 words)


A/N: I changed it up a little bit to where Dean/Reader aren’t “official” but everybody knows they should be… enjoyyyyy~

“Should we be killing anybody?” Sam asked, eyes shifting around.

“I don’t think so,” Dean answered.

Sam paused, “Should we be running?”


They stood up and slowly backed away from the window Balthazar had just hurled them out of. Or – well, a similar window to the one Balthazar had hurled them out of.

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Hip Hip, Chin Chin

Pairing:  Tony x Reader

Warnings:  Hints at smut, Reference to a dance form ‘So you think you can dance’.  If you want to find it and watch it, then look up ‘SYTYCD Hip hip chin chin’

Key:  (Y/F/C) is your favorite color, (G/N) is a guys name, and as always, (Y/N)  is your name.

Requested by:  Anon -  Plz & ty! Request: before the reader was an Avenger, she was a paid samba dancer at a club. None of the Avengers knew. SO when they all go out to celebrate, they ended up going to her old club, where she was greeted by her old dance partner. Everyone pressures her to dance (dare, threat, idk), & she does which amazes the Avengers especially cause she does it in heels. The dance she does with her partner is “SYTYCD Hip hip chin chin”. Hopefully you find the video. Lots of reactions from the team.

Authors Note:  So I think Tony would be a good pairing for this one, and once I started it actually wasn’t too hard to finish.  Thanks for requesting!!! ~ Chloey

Hip Hip, Chin Chin

  Dancing.  Every since you were a little girl, you had danced.  In the rain, to the radio when you cooked, with friends, at one point it was your job.  It may have been at a club, but you weren’t stripping or dancing around a pole.  You had integrity that you intended to keep; and you did.  Dancing was your life, and it meant the world to you, until you joined the Avengers.  You had the ability to tap into other minds to see past and future.  Not to mention, you where a brilliant hacker.  You decided to use that for good, and leave your years and years of dancing behind.  It was hard, but when you met Tony, it was worth it.  Of course, you ended up falling for a billionaire-playboy-philanthropist who was overly cocky, but for some strange reason you love that jerk.

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