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“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”

B.A.P 101: How to Stan the Biggest Dorks Ever

Obviously B.A.P aren’t relatively unpopular/new but they’ve been on hiatus for almost a year now and they’ve gotten less and less fans and recognition SO with their come back getting nearer and nearer I had to make this post!!!!! Please support and love B.A.P okay you won’t regret it.

Note: This isn’t a list of everything they’ve been on/done, just the most important(?).


BANG YONGGUK- Rapper/Caretaker Leader in B.A.P. His birthday is March 31, 1990(25 years old; oldest member). Some fans call him grandpa because he moves and talks very slowly and its adorable okay I promise. He’s mostly known for his deep ass voice like seriously I didn’t know a voice could go that deep. Was an underground rapper and went by the name Jepp Blackman(? don’t ask honestly). He writes/has written a lot of B.A.P’s songs and is basically the dad of the group. Also really loves Tigger. twitter instagram

KIM HIMCHAN- Vocals/Visual in B.A.P. Some people call him the mom of the group and tbh it’s true. His birthday is April 19, 1990(25;second oldest). He went to a performing arts school and can play like…a shit ton of traditional Korean instruments as well as guitar and piano. He was an ulzzang pre-debut and a lot of people say he looks scary but really he’s just a big softy and super touchy I love Himchan. twitter instagram weibo

JUNG DAEHYUN- Main vocals in B.A.P. When they debuted their agency called him Busan’s Wonbin in order to cause a stir and I don’t think anybody has let that go yet tbh. His birthday is June 28, 1993(22; B.A.P’s middle child basically). He’s the one screaming in all the songs if you hear a random and super extra high note in a song it’s Daehyun. Talks entirely too much like he really never stops talking(which is funny because when they first debuted he was supposed to be the “silent type”). He’s like an annoying little brother sometimes but he always posts updates of himself and the other members and is always saying how much he loves his fans he’s just. Sinnamon roll. I don’t think he was doing anything in particular pre-debut but he always wanted to be a singer. Also, in desperate need of chapstick. twitter instagram weibo

YOO YOUNGJAE- Main vocals in B.A.P. He doesn’t really have a nickname as far as I know. His birthday is January 24, 1994(21; not really maknae line but not really not maknae line; ice cream line). B.A.P’s second most slept on member(I think people are still hurt about the One Shot MV). Full of sarcasm and always making fun of the other members but never in a harsh way. He and Daehyun are like partners in crimes they really never stop talking. He likes to pretend he’s cool but in reality gets super embarrassed and he is just. Beautiful and also his laugh is so extra he’s so extra please don’t sleep on Youngjae. twitter instagram

MOON JONGUP- Vocals/Main Dancer in B.A.P. His nickname is Moon Angel/Moontos. His birthday is February 6, 1995(20, maknae line). His fans are called Cheetos because his muscles look like cheetos(he literally called his biceps cheetos i love jongup). B.A.P’s MOST slept on member imo!!!!! He’s quiet and usually zoned out but whenever he does talk he’s sooo funny without even trying he’s really an angel. Also an amazing dancer even though on stage he only do like three in a half moves he got jams okay my dude can dance. Plus his singing is beautiful but he doesn’t get a lot of lines honestly #LetJongupCook2k15. Also his smile saved kpop. twitter instagram

ZELO(CHOI JUNHONG)- Rapper/Dancer in B.A.P. World’s largest maknae. His birthday is October 15, 1996(18; a baby). He loves socks and skateboarding and one time he danced in front of the sunset to Hotline Bling and it changed me as a person. He’s the only member with a stage name they picked it from a Greek god I think. And he’s like 7ft tall(6’1) but is still an awkward teenager going through his rebellious stage. Basically a giant baby. Also fashion disaster and constant victim of bad hairstyles.  twitter instagram weibo


Never Give Up(Yongguk/Zelo sub-unit)
No Mercy
Crash(Crash in Sokcho)
Stop It
Rain Sound
One Shot
Coffee Shop
Where Are You?(어디니? 뭐하니?)
Excuse Me
One Shot(JPN.)
No Mercy(JPN.)



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