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“If you’re like me, who can’t dance at all.. just stick your hand out to one side, the other hand out to the other side, legs strangely parted.. if you can’t dance at all, just do this and life is good, you’ll get away with every song in Bollywood.”

BTS + their flaws

based from reading (most of) their interviews

Jin: When he jokingly teases something that could hurt others, without knowing. Sometimes he would feel lonely and down. He could have problems with saying or even knowing what he wants and it confuses others and makes himself feel uncomfortable.

Suga: Looks can be hard as a rock but not unemotional, cares a lot but doesn’t know how to show it. Won’t try to hurt those who hurt him, but can be mean or bitter when he is and wouldn’t admit he’s hurt.

J-Hope: The vitamin of the group who is a bright person who lives in so many colors but there are times he could only see is black and white, could be grey too. He is very known as dork and charming but sometimes he feels like he’s carrying the weight of everyone’s happiness, like he’s responsible for it, and that can be too much for him from time to time.

Rap Monster: Overthinks a lot because he doubts if he’s doing right or wrong, and can get angry over little things. When in rage he might say things he don’t really mean and regret later. Very focused on his goals so much that sometimes he forgets to take care of himself.

Jimin: Pushes himself a lot when he doesn’t need to. Maybe because he sometimes, he feels that he’s powerless, as if something was sucking his energy out of him. And when he feels like you make fun of him or jokingly criticize him, he would doubt himself a lot, which causes the former.

V: He is aware of what makes other people happy and of how to cheer them up – love to laugh and make jokes, especially taking the risks of people would see him that he’s immature. Bothered deep thoughts would keep him awake and although, he usually have many friends they don’t know who to talk to and then could feel like the whole world gave up on him.

Jungkook: Let’s himself get dragged through the dirt all the time and even if someone’s treating him like crap. Pretends he’s okay but truly not and do literally whatever he can to help and make someone happy. Sometimes he regret things so much that he would hate himself for making those mistakes. It takes a lot of strength to seem as strong as he is.

BTS Drunk
  • Jimin:Why doesn't anYONE lOVe me. I have the bodY OF A GOD. ((downs another bottle)) ziimiinnnn ((passes out))
  • Rap Monster:yoU KNoW. ((Hiccups)) I'm not reALLY a master of her bra. ((Has trouble tying his own damn shoe))
  • Suga:((pulls out his big ringz)) aAye shawty. Lemme show you ma big car wHILe I take u to Ma Big houze. Swaggggg. $$$$
  • Jin:((passed the fuck out after one shot))
  • J-Hope:((on his 3rd bottle)) life is great guyZ. I love all of you. Did you know that. You're all so wonderful. You bring hope into MY world. ((Rap Mon throws his shoe at him))
  • V:((has full on conversation with a lady bug)) you and me are the sAME. I remember I had to be like you beFore. I felt...fRee.
  • Jungkook:((looks at his hyungs with disgust)) Bunch of fucking lightweights. ((Downs his 10th bottle of apple juice))
Lucid Dreaming Part 3 - Joker x Reader

So here it is - part 3! I am so glad people are liking it :) And yes, I fully intend on writing a part 4. I hope you all like this part as much as the others and I thank anyone who has liked or reblogged any parts and thank you to those who have followed. Keep requesting and stay tuned for part 4! :)

PART 1      PART 6




You couldn’t remember much after that, you had blacked out in J’s arms as he carried you to the car. The most prominent thing you could remember was waking up briefly to find yourself lying in some bright hospital room, pain searing through you as your wounds were cleaned and J screaming at them to get a move on before someone placed a mask over your mouth knocking you out again.

You finally awoke in your own bed, dim light filtered through the blinds and blinded you slightly as your eyes adjusted. Slowly you started to move, looking down at yourself to see many stitches covering your thighs and what you could see of your chest. You were wearing one of J’s dress shirts, it was slightly big on you and covered most things so you stood shakily and began to walk to the living room, using the wall as a guide. Mister J was sat in the centre of the floor, a gun in one hand and a bottle of something in the other, “J?” your voice was sore but he spun around quickly at the sound of it.

“you’re awake” he dropped both things and stood as you went to him, you wrapped your arms around his waist carefully - he wasn’t a big hugger, he would only do it if something was seriously wrong. His hand found its way into your hair and he pulled your head back slowly as he leant down and kissed you rather harshly but carefully at the same time. He growled slightly into your mouth before pulling away stroking your hair down, “It’s about time you woke up, kitten. I’ve been bored.” you smirked slightly,

“How long have I been out?” you asked as you moved away from him,

“Three days.” he seemed slightly annoyed when he said it like it was an inconvenience to him,

“Want to know something funny (y/n)?” He asked turning from you to pick up his gun again, “The day I decided to break you out I thought you would be just another toy.” He spoke slowly, “Just another someone to mess with, to show off.” You looked at him ever so slightly hurt but he was wandering around the room in thought. “Yet now…” He started hitting his forehead against his gun, “Now, you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger.” He turned to you pointing the gun unceremoniously in your direction scaring you slightly.

“J, darlin’ what’s wrong?” you slowly approached him as he watched your every move, his changes in mood could often be calmed down by you but not this time it seemed “I’m okay, everything’s okay now I’m back with you.”

“What have you done to me?” He asked more to himself than to you.

“What do you mean?”

“You, doll are a weakness. I don’t have weaknesses.” He walked away and out of the penthouse leaving you stood there confused. Tears you didn’t mean to shed started to fall slightly as you collapsed onto the sofa, why was he being like this? What had happened in these last 3 days?

You jumped as Frost cleared his throat behind you. You liked Frist, he was kind to you, didn’t ogle you like some of the others did - he cared. “He’ll be fine in a few days.” he said carefully as you looked up to him and he uneasily took a seat opposite you, “Boss doesn’t normally do feelings. You should have seen him while you were sleepin’ more crazed than I have seen him in a long while and that’s saying something.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that he has almost torched half of Gotham exterminating the last of Andrews men and his family. There ‘ain’t nothing of that man left. Boss has sat in the same spot every day thinking stuff over and I swear he said he loved yo…” You didn’t let him finish,

“He said he loved me?” you couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t true surely.

“I said I think. I’ve never heard that word from him, one thing is for sure miss, you sure as hell mean a lot to him.” he stood and started to leave,

“Thank you, Frost” you smiled at him before he nodded and left.


J still hadn’t come home by 11 and you could say that you were a little worried but at the same time, with him acting the way he did earlier you were a little glad he was still gone. You were the one who had to sit and suffer through the memories of their past life, you were the one who will have the permanent scars on your body matching the worst of them. You could never forget it now. You could never forget your normal family or you were forced to stay alive in Arkham. What Andrew had said still ran through your head, 'we will see if you want him too after this’ You were a cracked doll now, damaged goods and maybe after this morning J realised that too. You weren’t a weakness - you were weak.

You were about to pull yourself up from the place you had remained all day wen you heard footsteps behind you. Grabbing the nearest gun from the table you turned quickly pointing it to find that it was J. “Put that damn thing down, doll.” You stayed still for a moment before throwing it onto the couch.

“Who’s dead this time.”
“Some broad who thought she could sit in your spot.” you studied him for a moment, he hadn’t been drinking for once,

“I didn’t think you would have minded seeing as I am just a weakness.” you scoffed, starting to head to the bedroom.

“Oh darling, darling, darling. You shouldn’t speak to daddy like that.” he came up behind you taking you by the waist but not tightly being mindful of your wounds. You finally snapped,

“No. I will talk like that J! You weren’t tortured, you weren’t sliced at and used as a drawing pad on the receiving end of a knife. You weren’t trapped thinking that this would be the end, that you would be left alone like that forever and then left by your lover alone when you wanted them most. When you thought they wanted you most!” J turned you around in his grip and forced you against the wall, his grip getting tighter by the minute,

“Oh, I wasn’t tortured? Being told news that my queen had been taken from me and was now being held somewhere! Knowing someone else had their hands all over you doing fuck knows what! Finding you like that bloody and torn on the brink of death and then having to wait and wait and wait for you to wake up. I was trapped thinking it would be the end, that I would be left alone forever because fucking hell (y/n) you’re mine! I love you and You. Are. MINE!” he growled his face inching closer to yours with every last word.

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Raining Fire - Part II [ft. Jungkook]

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“You’re just another story I can’t tell anymore.” 


Thanks to: taintednerdy & bulletproofbookworm for their awesome suggestions that inspired me to write this sequel! ^^(ily guysss <33)

Part(s): 1, 2

Genre: dozens scoops of tears

Word Count: not long enough to make you happy

tadahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! surpriseeeee guysssss kekekekek

After a rather painful rejection a few years ago from a guy you once thought was your everything, smiling to hide your true emotions had become one of your many habits. 

You had always found smiles fascinating. Because, not only can you use it to express your feelings, whether it’s happiness or excitement, it can also- at the same time - hide them. The sadness, the sorrow, could all be easily hidden behind one single smile. Maybe it’s just you, but isn’t it so much harder to tell whether a smile is fake or not than when it comes to words?

‘I’m fine.’ A phrase that is so commonly used but rarely believed.

A smile, however, to you at least, is so much more convincing. Especially when you had been practicing and practicing until it’s almost natural, almost real.

It was a peaceful evening. Working at a jewelry shop had always been a dream of yours. Even though your love life had been nothing but shitty, it hadn’t stopped you from believing in love.

In true love.

Every once in a while, couples would walk into the shop. Sometimes, they would ask for couple rings, other times it would either be engagement or marriages rings. Your heart always clenched in jealousy every time you saw the happiness covering the girls’ faces.

You were one pathetic soul.

Just like you were now, standing right there in front of your ex-best friend. The pain that had seemed to be done and over with a long time ago came back to torture your poor heart. Yet, you kept a bright smile on your face.

“What do you think about this one, Jungkook?” Her voice was smooth and careful, her smile filled with charm that could easily make any man fall for her.

No wonder he did that too.

“I’m- I mean, it looks beautiful, Eunji.” He smiled down at her for a moment before turning his stare back onto you again.

You were sweating under his gaze, a minute just felt so awfully long now that you were standing there watching the man who once had your heart in love with another woman.

It was one awfully long torture.

“___, you can go home now, I’ll take care of the rest.” Your co-worker smiled kindly at you before nodding her head towards the changing-room where your stuff was.

Letting out a small breath of relief you didn’t know you were holding in, you gave her a thankful nod before leaving the happy couple behind.

Oblivious to Jungkook’s sad stare after you.

“___, please, wait,”

His hand reached out before firmly grabbing yours and pulling you around so that you were facing him.

“C-Can please we talk?” He sounded somehow unsure,

“What is there to say, Jungkook?” You murmured softly. “You’re getting married an-and that’s good. That’s perfect. I’m happy for you guys.”

A forced smile was then placed on your trembling lips as you slowly pulled your hand back and hid it behind your back.”

“___- I’m-” For some reason, he looked just as broken as you were. “You’re crying.”

Your hand immediately reached your cheeks before quickly swiping them away and forced out a choked laugh. “Ah, I’m being pathetic. Don’t mind me.”

“__, about what she said out there-”

“I’ve got to go, Jungkook.”

At that moment, you prayed that your smile was convincing enough for him to let go while all he could think about was how painfully beautiful his name sounded coming from your lips.

Even though his grip wasn’t tight enough to keep you still, you couldn’t pull away.

Because you were too much of a coward to do that.

The way he hold your hand, it was as if he was giving you the choice to whether let go or stay. And you couldn’t do that. You couldn’t choose because you were afraid to face the consequences that would come after that.

It was utterly pathetic. Why couldn’t you just go? Why were you still standing there like an idiot and wishing for him to never let go while you were supposed to have gotten over this jerk by now? Why was your heart beating so fast for someone like him?

Someone whose heart had turned into ice the moment he rejected so harshly without a single flinch.

“I’ve missed you, __, dearly,” His voice came out raspy and deep, making your knees go weak. “What I came here to say was- I-”

“I don’t have time for this.” You cut him off. “Goodbye, Jungkook.

Can you just fûcking stop running away from me, for once?!” His hand was ridiculously fast to find its way to hold onto yours again. “Do you know how hard it was for me after you left?! H-How could you just leave like I’m a fûcking nobody to you, huh? Aren’t you fûcking ashamed, claiming that you were in love with me yet it was so easy for you to leave without even a goodbye!

He was pissed off, all the anger that had stored up inside his black heart was finally showing.

“I spent years searching for you.” His voice was softer this time, just like his gaze on you. “I thought i was turning crazy, I was so lost. You were my best friend and-and you just left like I meant nothing to you.”

Taking a deep breath, you finally found the courage to meet his unbreakable gaze, staring right into those dreamy eyes that you used to love so much.

“I’m sorry things turned out the way it did.” You said, smiling sadly at him. “But let’s just move on, Jungkook-ah. Now that you’ve found me, we can always meet another time, to catch up. I mean, we can be friends if that’s what you want.

Friends, the word that kept so many pain and memories behind it. And it pained Jungkook to hear it from you, because what he truly wanted was no where near what you just offered him.

“Have you ever wondered why I kept searching for you, __?” He asked gently, making your heart flutter once again and it irritated you so much because you didn’t want him to have this effect on you.

He shouldn’t.

“I was your best friend-”

I was in love with you, I only realized that once you left. And it made me so mad that I only did it then, when you were out of my reach.” He left out a humourless laughter. “It confused the hell out of me why I wasn’t sad over the fact that Jieun and I broke up but over you, leaving. And then I understood, I was fucking in love with you and I- I just let you go like that.”

“Jungkook, it’s too late now-”

“Why, __? Why is it too late?!” He was practically screaming by this point and it made you flinch, taking a step away from his angry self. The small movements didn’t go unnoticed by him, his angry expression was soon replaced by concern as he stared at you. “I’m- I’m sorry-”

“You’re getting married, Jeon Jungkook.” Your voice was firm yet careful at the same time. “You’re hurting her by coming here and saying all these meaningless things to me. It doesn’t matter anymore what you felt or what I felt. The present is what you should be focusing on. Your future with your soon-to-be-wife. Forget everything, Jungkook. Move on.”

And once again, you turned around and left Jeon Jungkook, the man who still had your heart in the palms of his hands.


Writer’s Note:

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BTS Gif Reaction: Seeing you do a sex scene in a movie

Ah! Thank you for requesting! Luv u anon!

Rap Monster: I’m sure this would be more fun with me.



Jimin: dang, you didn’t tell me about this part of the movie

J Hope:


V: how long did you have to film this with him

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I don't really know what one shot is.. for the Rap Line Smut.. so I guess XD sorry.

I’ll make it a 4some since this is kind of a confusing ask?? This is what I’m getting from it so sorry if I’m wrongggg!! AlSO THIS WAS SO AWKWARD TO WRITE I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO PUT I AM SORRY.

Words: 1284

They were making out. That’s how you’d found Yoongi and Hoseok. It was by accident, of course. By no means did you actually purposely try to catch them getting it on.

You’d also had no intention of getting involved with it.

But still, here you were, getting your shirt unbuttoned by Hoseok as he savagely attacked your neck with his entire mouth, all the while Yoongi was feeling you up and down, whispering multiple profanities into your hot ear. Your breath was caught into your throat, panties already soaked just by these simple acts.

You weren’t just going to ask them to stop, not when you liked it so much.

“I-is the door locked?” You breathed unsteadily, hoping at least one of the boys would hear. Yoongi made a sound of acknowledgement, before squeezing your uncovered breasts.

“Don’t worry about it, nobodies home right now.”

“I walked in here-”

To shut you up, Hoseok’s lips attached to your breast, sucking almost a little too harshly.

“Hey, you’re keeping her all to yourself.” Yoongi whined, and you felt him pull his shirt off behind you. Hoseok wasn’t listening, not at all. He’d begun with unbuttoning your pants.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, before someone pushed it open while in the middle of talking.

“Hyung, are you here?” It was Namjoon. Neither Yoongi nor Hoseok stopped to spare a glance, even though you’d begun to panic. Looking over at Namjoon, his hand slid away from the door knob, his eyes bugging out from his head.

“Why didn’t any of you call me?” He dropped his bag onto the floor, practically slamming the door shut and clicking the lock. His eyes never left your body, which was still being toyed with by Hoseok and Yoongi. Namjoon had begun to crawl up the bed towards you, unbuttoning his pants and kicking them off. 

Yoongi had let you lay on your back, and he was now kissing you passionately, using his tongue to taste every inch of your mouth. Hoseok was taking his sweet time, trailing his tongue closer down to your almost naked core. At one point, he’d stipped away your pants, taking your panties with them. Your panties hung from a single ankle, and Hoseok pulled your thighs apart.

“Your dripping wet, (Y/N)ah.” Hoseok murmured against your core, before bringing his tongue up your slick lower lips. Your whole body shuddered, half in surprise and half in pure pleasure.

Namjoon pushed Hoseok away, immediately filling your core with two long fingers. You moaned against Yoongi’s lips, being hushed by his tongue. One of your hands was being pulled to a bulge, and you realized it was Hoseok. Yoongi pulled away from your lips, watching as you began to jerk Hoseok’s cock.

“Hold tighter,” Hoseok groaned, leaning back on his knee’s so you could feel him better. Yoongi pushed himself off the bed to fully strip himself, while Namjoon’s tongue swirled around your wet bud. Fingers curled inside of you, making you moan at least 3 times, and your fingers held tighter on Hoseok’s member.

Fingers raked through your hair, making your eyes find Yoongi’s, before he pushed his cock into your mouth. You gagged slightly, mostly because you couldn’t properly control your moans while taking a mouthful of dick. Yoongi’s bulge hit the side of your mouth, only going in to a certain extent because of the size. He knew you couldn’t blow him, so he thrust in and out himself.

Your hand still moved up and down Hoseok’s slick member, while Namjoon pulled his fingers out of you. He was muttering about something you couldn’t hear well, before replacing his fingers with his own dick.

He slid in easily, because of how frustratingly wet you were. Namjoon held down your hips so the other boys could still get their fill of you. Yoongi was groaning, along with Namjoon’s simple little grunts from time to time. Already you were wondering if you would make it long enough so Namjoon could cum with you, or if you would finish a little too early.

Yoongi came in your mouth, immediately making you swallow it down before pulling his bulge out of your mouth. Hoseok wasn’t far behind, by the current noise spouting from his mouth.

“Do you need help?” Yoongi breathed, pushing your hand away from Hoseok’s shaft, before placing his own hand in place of yours. Namjoon’s pace had grown unsteady, and he began to leave butterfly kisses anywhere he could reach you. Your now free hands held tightly onto Namjoon’s shoulders, while you watched as Yoongi brought Hoseok to a finish. Moans were filling the entire room, and the first thought you had was how secretive you weren’t being.

Hoseok was coming towards you on the bed, half of his torso covered in his own cum, before pushing Namjoon.

“Let me get in at the back.” His voice was rough, obviously strained by the moaning he’d just done. Namjoon hoisted you up onto your knee’s never leaving you once, only for Hoseok to push his still raging boner into your behind.

There was pain, but not as much as you’d expected because of how lubricated Hoseok’s dick was. Knowing just how tired you were growing, Hoseok went slow, while Namjoon still thrust in an unconventionally fast pace. He was murmuring to hold it, because he was close, his arms wrapped around you tightly. You leaned your head back, moaning for reasons you couldn’t even tell anymore. How could you hold it? You were about to explode.

Yoongi was still trying to bother Hoseok, peppering kisses up and down his back while murmuring things. Hoseok began to kiss and bite at your shoulder, making you whimper loudly.

You came, your whole body shuddering while Hoseok still thrust into you. Namjoon wasn’t far off, only having to thrust a few more times before finishing in you. Yoongi practically shoved Namjoon’s whole body away from you, filling you up with his own member. Namjoon had gotten off the bed, sliding his clothes back on while watching as you were being fucked senselessly by Yoongi and Hoseok.

Yoongi held your chin while he thrust in and out of you, making you look only at him. His teeth were clenched, brows furrowed in determination. Yoongi’s other hand was wrapped around your body to hold you in place, while both of Hoseok’s hands held your thighs just the same. 

You were already barely able to hold it in again. Hoseok had pulled out only to cum on your back, while Yoongi kept a steady pace in you. Your held onto his shoulders tightly, before being shoved with your back against the mattress.

“Don’t cum, don’t cum.” He kept murmuring, his voice shaking slightly as he kissed your neck.

“Yoongi-” You mumbled, unable to project your voice any longer.  His body shuddered slightly, so you knew he was almost about to finish. Your walls were tightening, breathing getting even more uneven if possible.

Yoongi was the first to finish, but after feeling him cum, you did as well. It was the second time already, and you were beyond tired. When he pulled out, you laid on the bed for a moment, before sitting up and trying to level your breathing.

The boys were slowly putting their clothes on, and you soon joined them. You talked, but barely. Everyone seemed pretty awkward about the situation, except for Hoseok.

“Next time let’s ask the others, okay?” Hoseok unlocked the bedroom door once you were all dressed, leaving you three standing there in complete shock at his words. Looking back and nodding to himself mostly, Yoongi glanced to see your answer.

“Yeah, okay…”

hush little baby


I’m not sure that this is for everyone as it touches on some stuff that might trigger people, hopefully not though! I tried to make it as fluffy as possible!

Warnings; mentions of some of the symptoms of ptsd, nightmare but mostly just fluff

“I don’t know what to do Frost” Mr J sighed to his only trusted henchman “she’s not the same anymore.”
“Well Boss.. she was in Arkham. You of all people know what it’s like in there.”
J growled as he looked back over to the small, fragile girl that was curled up in a ball on the floor next to the fireplace, just staring at the raging flames.
“Yeah, it’ll make you crazy” he said, waving his hand for Frost to leave as he walked over to his favourite girl.

“Kitten” he barely said above a whisper, but she almost jumped from her spot on the ground, J rolled his eyes slowly losing patience “Y/N baby.”
“I’m tired, J, ” she sighed standing up.
The man puts his hand on his hip letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in and nodded, she half smiled at him and went to walk away but Mr J scooped her up in his arms and carried her.
Y/N’s stomach twisted as she was picked up, but as she looked back at the man that was carrying her she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.
Most people in her position would be scared for their life, but to her being in the arms of The Clown Prince of Crime was the safest place to be, she just needed to remember that.
“I missed you, y'know J, ” she yawned as he laid her down on his blood red bed, his mouth twisted into a wide grin that flashed his sparkling grill.
“I know doll, how couldn’t you?”
She giggled at him as he kissed her forehead, playfully hitting his arm as he stood up to walk away. Her heart raced as she watched him go.
“Stay… with me, please.”
J lent against the doorframe with his back still to her, gritting his teeth before turning back around with a forced smile.
“I was just closing the door, honey.”

He walked back over to the bed, leaving the lights and lamps on for Y/N knowing that can’t fall asleep in the dark anymore.
The darkness reminded her of Arkham, as it did him, but the difference was he found a strange comfort in that and she didn’t. It brought back memories of things that she’d prefer to forget.
The only good thing she remembered from the being in the jet black cell was the day she saw Mr J’s bright green hair emerge from it to take her home.
Every night since she came home that’s what she’d think of, the feeling of seeing his face for the first time again knowing that it wasn’t just another hallucination. It was real, he was there and he’d came to save her.
With that happy thought still in her mind she fell asleep, J gently tracing patterns on the top of her arm as they snuggled into each other.

Later that night J woke up as Y/N began shaking and sweating in her sleep, clenching her fist around his forearm. Leaving indents with her nails.
She was having another nightmare, her head violently thrashing as she turned onto her back mumbling inaudible words before screaming and waking herself up. Mr J grabbed her face and looked deep into the wide eyes of the girl he cared for as she started to cry.
“You’re home now, honey” he growled cuddling her into to him “you’re safe, you’re with me.”
She squeezed him tightly.
“I don’t want to be weak anymore” Y/N sobbed into his neck.
“You’re not” he stated seriously pushing her back to look at her “you have to put up with me everyday.”
She smiled, wanting to laugh at him again, but nothing came out. J sighed before kissing her salty tear stained cheeks and cuddling her again until her breathing returned to normal.

The truth was now J had realized what it’s like for Y/N to live with him, not knowing what would send him over the edge. Make him flip.
Even though she was struggling through her own problems, he noticed how she still tried to make him happy, how she didn’t want to annoy him. Now he understands what it’s like to live on egg shells, but it’s just something that you do for the person you can’t live without.
“You tired?” he asked as he rocked her side to side.
Y/N shook her head and looked up at him with an evil grin.
“Can we do something? Take our minds off of things..”
“Yes, ” he purred lips brushing against hers, “you know I’d do anything for you.”
Y/N squealed and jumped up off the bed, leaving a bewildered Mr J to look at her in amazement.
“Let’s go for a drive!”
The clown’s smile fell from his face for a moment as he realized he wasn’t going to get lucky tonight, but it soon came back when he saw a glimpse of the girl he was used to know kneel on the carpet throwing clothes across the room to get dressed.
“How long you gonna take?” he playfully groaned walking over to her.
“Do you want me to look good?” she pouted back up at him “it is my first debut since you broke me out y'know!”
“That it is, kitten” Mr J grinned down at her dangerously. “So let’s have a blast!”
For now they might be faking it, but over time things would eventually return to normal, well normal for The Joker & Y/N anyhow.

Heartache [f.t Jungkook]

h e a r t a c h e; 

emotional pain; the horrible feeling of a black hole sitting in your chest where your heart should be.

“I can’t believe you told Raina about us!” Jungkook muttered angrily as he ran his hand through his hair furiously and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Wow. Are you forreal right now, Jungkook?” You couldn’t believe he was actually angry at you because of something like that. “Why is it such a big deal? Why can’t I tell her we’re together? She’s your best friend, she deserves to know-”

Because she’s in love with me, okay?!” He snapped. “She told me the other day… and I can’t hurt her-”


Just wow.

“Are you trying to protect her from getting heartbroken?” You asked, still not believing what he just told you. “You know that’s not gonna work right? Sooner or later, she’s gonna find out. It’s ruder to lead her on than reject her so she can move on, Aren’t you smart enough to understand that?”

“Ye-Yes but I just can’t. okay?!” He said angrily. ”I don’t want to hurt my best friend and ruin our friendship because of a relationship I’m not even sure will last.”

You felt your heart dropped as those words left his mouth and lunged at you like toxic arrows.

After three months of dating he still felt that way?

… because of a relationship I’m not even sure will last.

It hurts. It really does.

“You’re right.” You chuckled humorlessly. “I guess it’s a way too big risk to take right? But don’t you worry. This relationship will end now. Sorry for being such a bother all this time.”

The tears escaped your eyes but you quickly wiped them away. You won’t let him see how much it hurt. He didn’t deserve to know. He didn’t deserve to pretend like he actaully cared.


You turned around, ready to walk away but his hand held you back.

“I’m- I don-” He was trying to find the right words to say. He knew he had screwed up badly, but only ended up letting out a frustrated sigh instead.

He was so close. You could feel his breath against your neck, causing your heart to beat in an inhuman pace.

Jungkook turned you around to face him with a swift movement, making you slamped into his hard chest before wrapping his strong arms around you.

Letting out a shaky breath, you tried to push away from his hold but the movement only seemed to make him tighten his arms around you.

“____. Please, look at me.” He whispered softly.

You refused to do that because you couldn’t trust yourself right now. Not when he was so close, it made you feel dizzy. Just he being there was turning you insane. You wanted to hurt him so bad, make him feel the pain you were feeling.

Fuck it! Please, ____..”

You felt his finger under your chin before he carefully lift it up. You could feel him staring at you, his gaze was so strong that you couldn’t help but gulp nervously.

“I’m sorry. I truly am, ____.”

“You were just being honest. You spoke the truth. This relationship isn’t going last anyway. It’s better-”

“No! Stop it, ____!” Jungkook clenched his jaw. “It’s not true. I didn’t mean what I said. I know I fucked up real bad but please give me a second chance to prove it to you.”

Gulping, you shook your head stubbornly. “I can’t. I don’t think I can handle this. I can’t handle being the only one that cares.”

“You think I don’t care?! I fucking do, ____. I care about you, I care about us. I- I can’t imagine my life without you. Don’t you- I need you, ____. Please, don’t leave me.”
“W-Wait. Why are you crying, oppa? Please stop-”

You were shut up by his plump lips pressed against yours. The kiss was hard and passionate yet filled with love and desire. You were struggling to keep up with his pace. He kissed you as if he was afraid you would vanish into thin air. As if you were going to leave him. And it made you feel like a horrible person to cause him this much pain.

“I-” Kiss.

“I won’t-” Kiss.

“Leave you.”

The kiss stopped and you could see how a smile slowly grew on his redden lips.

“Thank you, ____.” He whispered softly before pecking your lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” You chuckled softly before circling your arms around his neck. You pulled his face down until your noses were touching before finally leaning in and kissed him with all you have.




P.S The gif is not mine! Credits to the rightful owner!

Cameron Dallas One Shot-Cheaters

You were in a blind rage. You threw anything and everything that was in your reach at Cameron’s head. “Babe, stop.” Cameron pleaded, watching you as you tried searching for something else to throw, flinching when you hands grasped the picture frame of him and you, and ducking when you aimed it at his head. “You want me to stop?” You growled, stomping over to him so you were directly in his face. “You want me to fucking stop?!? Did you tell that bitch that when you fucked her? Huh? Did you tell her you had a fucking girlfriend? Tell me Cameron.” You were beating on his chest as you spoke every word. He couldn’t even look at you, so he stared straight ahead, trying to refrain from crying. “Fucking look at me, Cameron!” You exclaimed, roughly grabbing his face so he was now facing you. “Was she good? Was she better than me? Huh? Is that why you left in the middle of the night to go fuck her? Was her pussy tight and we-” “THAT’S ENOUGH!” The sudden outburst startled you, but it didn’t stop you from continuing. “Don’t be shy with the fucking details.” You spat. “But it’s okay, I guess I’m not completely innocent either.” His eyebrows furrowed at your words. “remember when I went to Mexico with a few friends and came back with a hickey and told you that I had pinched myself with the zipper of my wet suite?” Cameron nodded eagerly, bringing his hands up to yours. You pulled away. “I lied.” You spat. “Remember Daniel? Well, I fucked him and good god, was it good. He was so thick and he *actually* knew how to please me.” It was low blow, you knew it as soon as the words left your lips, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He had hurt you so bad, and anything he was feeling at that very moment, didn’t compare to what you felt. With another look of disgust, you made your way to your shared bedroom and began throwing all you shit in one of your suitcases. “Baby, stop. Please don’t go. We can work through this.” Cameron was now next to you, taking the clothes out of your suitcase as you were putting it in. “Stop it right now, Cameron, and get the fuck away from me. I don’t even want to see your face.” You spat angrily, violently wiping the tears from your face; he could not see you cry. You heard Cameron’s sobs and rolled your eyes. “Shut the fuck up! You have no reason to be crying, because nobody told you to put your dick in someone else’s vagina.” You felt Cameron’s hand squeeze your waist and his hot breath wash over your shoulder. “Get off of me.” You said, even though you weren’t making a real effort to move away. “Please, baby.” He gave your shoulders opened mouth kisses, and slowly moved to your neck. “It was a mistake.” He whispered,turning you around and bringing you in for a kiss. You brought your hands up to his arms and pinched him, while roughly biting his lip. Cameron pulled back with a gasp. “I deserved that.” He said, leaning in for another kiss. The kiss was hot and passionate and any other day would have made you felt something. But today, you felt nothing. Cameron pushed you back onto the bed and got on top of you. “I am so sorry.” He said, slowly unbuttoning your shirt. “Shut up, Cameron.” You spat, roughly tugging at his shirt, hinting that you wanted it off. With another kiss to you neck, cameron pulled off your jeans and underwear and got up to rid of his own too. As he climb back on top of you, he pathetically looked up as if asking for permission. You rolled you eyes. “Put your dick inside me before I change my mind.” Cameron didn’t waste time, and as he thrusted, he whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear that usually made your heart flutter, but now made you felt like you were being lied to. “You’re the only girl.” He moaned out, making you let out a dry laugh. “Get off me.” You said, pushing him off and began looking for the clothes you had taken off minutes before. “Baby girl, think about this.” He pleaded. “Cameron! You’re such a fucking liar.” You spat. “You’re the only girl.” You mimicked as you tugged your jeans on. “Bullshit! Did you tell her that too?” “Don’t act like the victim here, you cheated too!” “Are you fucking stupid? I lied. I would never do that to you because I love you. I just wanted you to feel what I was feeling.” Cameron now had tears rolling down his face. “But I love you, so, so much.” You finished dressing and grabbed your suitcase. “That sounds like a you problem.”

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Kyaaa~ Thank you so much for updating your Reaper story! ^o^ Can't wait to read part 5~

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YEEE!!! HOSEOK IS PRESENT TO FUCK SHIT UP. ENJOY PLEASE I’M SORRY I TOOK FOREVER. I think I’m going to start updating on Saturdays or Sundays from now on!! Also, watch out for Hoseok’s past story lol I’ll write and post it soooooooon~~

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!!

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook  

Words: 2723

Namjoon didn’t let you go for awhile, and every moment he was about too, he only pulled you back into him after seeing your face.

“I’m fine, now…” You assured him, trying to push away from his grip no matter how hard he denied letting you go. After a moment of struggle, Namjoon finally released you.

“Yoongi’ll help us, now.” He mumbled, sounding a little angrier than relieved. You were still lightheaded from the blood loss and strain put on your body, so when you stood up, Namjoon had to help hold you up.

“Why don’t I clean you up?” He suggested, and you let him guide you to the bathroom. Once there, you avoided the mirror but still caught a glance of the blood stained face you dreaded to see.

“My ears bled, too?”

“He’s amazing, right?” Namjoon nodded, and you weakly hoisted your body onto the counter so Namjoon wouldn’t have to lean down. He got a wash cloth from a drawer in the bathroom, and wet it with lukewarm water. Namjoon began to wipe gently along your cheek bone to your nose as he got the blood off. You watched his face intently for awhile, seeing his expression change from concerned to determined.

“There, you should be fine now. Oh, there’s a little bit on your neck, too.” He wiped the spot of blood away, before quickly dropping his hand to the side and concealing the wash cloth from you.

“It’s fine, I’m not scared of blood.” You kicked your feet off the sink edge, but Namjoon still tossed it into the trash. It didn’t bother you much, knowing how stained it must have been with the redness from within you.

For the past little while, Namjoon had been acting strange. Every time you attempted to do something, he would just get close and tell you he would. Although, before the attack by Yoongi, he was less than eager to even touch you with a clothed hand.

“I need to go to school.” You walked past him, into your room and closing the door on him before he could come in. Namjoon knocked on your door, trying to tell you it was a bad idea when you were still weak.

“I’ll be fine as the day goes on. I’m actually pretty hungry right now. Plus, we both know it was Yoongi making me feel sick, anyway.”

“Even though that’s true don’t you think you should just lay low for the day, so you can be totally fine tomorrow?” He kept on, and you merely rolled your eyes as you slipped out of the blood and sweat stained sweater. Your jeans were fine, so you decided to keep those on.

“I’ll be totally fine when I find out I haven’t missed my lecture. You’ve never been to college, have you? I’m going to have a thousand years of homework when I come home, plus I work tomorrow. I’m not missing my afternoon classes!”

“Why are you so stubborn?” Namjoon mumbled, pausing his knocks. You wondered if he was still at the door, before opening it and him almost stumbling through. He was leaning against the door.

You sputtered in laughter, watching as he regained himself and stood straight, before giving you the most sheepish glare you’d ever seen. Namjoon rounded you again, attempting to place his hand on your cheek.

“Whoa!” You shouted, pushing his arm and dodging the touch. He wasn’t wearing any gloves, what was he doing?

“Oh, shit.” He dropped his hand quickly, and you watched as it hung limply until he shoved it deeply into his jean pocket. “Sorry.”

“How could you forget you can kill me with that hand? Haven’t you been alive for like 6 billion years?”

“The Earth hasn’t existed for that long, so no. Also, I’m just…used to being able to control if I can kill or not…” He sounded as if he didn’t even believe himself, but you let it slide. Namjoon was just a touchy person, you guessed.

“I’ll be here after school, so just go collect souls for awhile.” You twinkled your fingers at him sweetly, and he nodded.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting.” Namjoon grinned, but it still seemed a tad off to you. Instead of wondering, you let it be and left your house.

Your classes ended smoothly, and you ended up emailing your morning class professors to tell them the best lie you could. They informed you to get notes from some of your classmates which you did, so you weren’t as stressed as you felt leaving your house for the second time in the day. Campus was unusually bare as you left the annex and headed for the nearest bus stop, but it was still nonetheless bustling with a few busy bodies.

“Human!” A voice caught your attention, merely because of the single word it spoke. You turned around to see someone waving, before looking in front of you to see who he was waving at. Nobody was in front of you, so you turned again. Of course. Who else would address someone as human? A reaper.

“Me?” You asked, watching as he jumped to a stop in front of you. Nodded furiously, the boy broke into a grin and waved at you.

“I knew someone reeked of Namjoon! You’re with him everyday, aren’t you?”

Silence. For a moment you ignored the boy while studying his features. A rather long face, with a skinny nose and a bright smile. The reapers you happened upon seemed to have a troublesome time smiling, but this one was…odd…

His dark brown hair was brushed back in a middle part, while he wore a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, and a black beanie that covered all but his bangs. This reaper had casual clothes that were very out of season nonetheless similar to the others. Just…all black. Did they all share one big, dark colored closet? His black cargo shorts clung to his skin nicely, revealing a good amount of thigh, and a black t-shirt merely saying life. He took ironic to a whole new level, didn’t he?

“I guess I haven’t formally introduced myself.” He grinned wildly at you, sitting himself on a bench and patting the seat beside him. You didn’t want to get too close for caution reasons, so he seemed to understand and stopped pestering you to sit beside him.

“I’m Hoseok,” he merely said, and a light flickered off to you.

“Hoseok…You mean the reaper of natural di-”

“Could you make your voice any louder?” A hand clamped against your mouth, silencing you. Passerby’s gave you strange looks, but still continued forward. Wait, could they see him or not?

“They can see me, you stupid girlfriend of Namjoon. Anyway, stop acting so tense. I didn’t come here to kill you today, kid.”

“Today?” You retorted, glancing at his face to see another smirk upon his pretty face. “What did you come here for, then?”

“I came to join the little game you were planning on playing with him.”

You were deathly confused. “A game with who? Namjoon? Who’s he?”

His expression changed, and Hoseok backed up into the bench again. He gave an exasperated sigh, shaking out his hair messily before re-positioning his beanie. “I can’t believe they haven’t told you anything…Especially when they’re using you for it…”

“Told me what? What’s going on? What are they using me for?”

“Nothing. God, my hand smells like Namjoon now. Do you know how long it takes for a reaper’s smell to wear off? 13 years! What have you been doing, having sex everyday?”

“No, he can’t touch me without me dying.” You shot back, feeling your cheeks redden at his words.

“That’s a lie.” He chuckled, looking up at you with a disgusted grimace. Hoseok stretched his legs out in front of him in a childish manner, causing you to look at him in a more immature light. Could he really kill you with just a touch?

“What do you mean, that’s a lie?” You wondered, and Hoseok shrugged nonchalantly.

“It just means it’s not the truth. Namjoon can sure as hell touch you, he probably just doesn’t want too. He had a thing with another human in the past which just so ended in him hating everyone that’s not himself. Oh, by the looks of your face I’ve said too much. Didn’t you know?”

“You’re lying.” You scoffed, and he shook his head while making a tch sound with his tongue.

“You’re just too stubborn to believe your beloved little Namjoon would hide anything from you, right? Anyway,” he shot to his feet. “don’t tell him I talked to you. For that matter, don’t tell Yoongi either.”

“Wait,” you called out to him as he suddenly walked away. “Is that it? Won’t he be able to smell you on me?”

“No.” He turned around, crossing his arms as if he were cold. A gust of wind blew by right as he did. Your scarf almost blew away, but you held it down against your body. “His stench is too strong on you. If you want to talk to me again there’s always that club down the street. I’m there every night. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about my good ole pal Namjoonie.”

“That club isn’t even used anymore!” You called back, but he was gone.

You stared at where he stood for a long moment, before walking home instead of busing. You needed time to think, time alone before Namjoon occupied all your time. What did Hoseok mean, he’ll tell you everything you need to know about Namjoon? Didn’t you know enough? Namjoon would most surely of told you if he could touch you without you dying. Right?

You shook your head, hoping the thoughts Hoseok had currently filled you up with would fly out of your ears, but they didn’t.

You were curious, so much so you wanted to try something risky.

You got home later than expected, and you opened to the door to a heavy smell of pasta and garlic. Once coming up the steps, Namjoon greeted you with a smile on his face. He was using a cloth to wipe off some pasta sauce, and he had a small pasta shell stuck to his face. In that moment, Namjoon looked very…human.

“How was school?”

“Mm,” you replied, looking at his face. Hoseok’s words were still dictating your mind, making you feel dizzy with worry and irritation. They couldn’t be true, no doubt. Namjoon would tell you. He would tell you, he would!

Still, you couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t being as cautious as he usually was. Namjoon almost slipped up this morning, by touching your cheek with his hand. There was no use denying that some of Hoseok’s word had to hold at least a minuscule amount of truth to them. Your hand clamped against his face, and you gave him no time to dodge the attack.

His eyes were wide, and he dropped the wash cloth on the floor in momentary shock. You didn’t disappear, or die, like you could’ve. Hoseok was telling the truth.

“You had a pasta shell on your cheek.” You could tell your face was shifting in an uncomfortable anger that had automatically begun to rise once you knew you were surely not dead.

“I…” He cut himself off, closing his mouth and tightening his jaw. Did Namjoon really love you? You were beginning to wonder if he was even telling the truth anymore. Hoseok should not have told you any of these things, that was all you knew.

“How long?” You dragged your hand away as if you had been stung by a bee, and Namjoon winced. “How long have I been allowed to touch you?”

“Awhile.” He replied, his voice sounding flat, dead. You dropped your purse on the floor, pulling your jacket off and hanging it on the coat hanger by the front door. 

“Awhile? How long is awhile, to you?”

“…The whole time.”

“You were lying, then?” You whirled around, voice rising in pitch. His expression was unreadable, which made you angrier than before.

“I wasn’t.” He merely replied, and you punched him in the chest.

“Don’t give me that. Seriously. It’s called lying when you tell a person something but mean another thing! Don’t you know that, Mr. I’ve been living on this planet longer than you’re whole ancestry?” You snapped, and he began to pace into your living room. Following close on his heels, when Namjoon turned around he almost walked into you.

“I just…wanted to act like a real human couple, alright? Where you, you know…don’t touch when you first start dating. It all starts with feelings, doesn’t it?”

“I know how to be in a relationship, Namjoon?” You argued back, wondering if he meant for you to feel dumb. “I don’t believe that shit you’re saying. When we first met the last time you made out with me!”

“Because I hadn’t seen you in years!”

“You really have no idea how to have a functioning relationship, do you?”

“Apparently not, when you’re here bitching at me. Who even gave you the idea to touch me? Have you been talking to Yoongi?”

“Nobody gave me the idea.” You lied, looking at the bridge of his nose instead of his eyes. Namjoon didn’t have to know you were confiding in Hoseok’s words, now. You wanted to see how much of the truth the hipster reaper was saying before spouting anything to Namjoon. “You just had a pasta shell on your cheek!”

“I didn’t think you would be one to gamble with your own life to take a fucking pasta shell off my cheek, huh?”

“That’s hilarious because I could say the same to you, when you tried to touch my cheek this morning! Did you forget you were lying to me, or something?” You rolled your eyes at his accusation, feeling the urge to slap him. Your neighbors probably thought your were insane, arguing with yourself.

The both of you were silent for what seemed like a long while, glaring at each other so much it seemed like your sharp eyes could cut you. Namjoon went to the door, wringing his jacket off the hanger almost violently and sliding his arms into it.

“I cooked you dinner,” he bitterly remarked. You made a noise in response, watching him open the door.

He threw your wash cloth on the floor by your feet, before storming out of your house with a loud bang.

“Insolent, utter piece of shit!” You called after him, kicking the wash cloth against the wall, only to feel bad for taking your anger out on it. It’s not like it even had feelings, or anything…

You slid your jacket on, too, deciding to leave your purse at home and only snatch your keys before walking out into the descending darkness. You wanted to speak to Hoseok, now, to learn things about Namjoon he had ‘failed’ to tell you before. When you walked out into the cold, Namjoon had disappeared and you were glad. You didn’t want him to know where you were heading, especially when it was one of his…friends you were speaking too.

It took you only about 25 minutes to get to the old abandoned club, with blacked out windows and an old wooden door that looked ready to fall off the hinges. You weren’t even sure if Hoseok was just pulling your leg, or if he spoke more truth. 

When you tried the door, it opened easily. Dust and smoke seemed to slap you in the face, and you choked, desperately waving at the air to get some sort of clean oxygen into your lungs.

“I smell the human girl!” Hoseok shouted, meeting you at the door. You were taken aback by his abruptness, but he didn’t seem to notice. Hoseok held the door for you while you gulped in fresh air.

“Need something, honey?” He grinned up at you through his thick lashes. Hoseok already knew what you were here for, he just wanted to hear you say it.

“Information.” You responded, pushing into the dimly lit, run down club. The door slammed behind you, and Hoseok chuckled darkly.

I Can’t Lose You [ft. V]

t h a n t o p h o b i a;

the phobia of losing someone you love 

Requested by our-happyendings

“Where have you been, oppa? I tried to call you so many times! I thought something happened to you-”

Taehyung pressed his lips against your, smoothly shutting you up. After he’d pulled away, you stared at him dreamily as he smiled down at you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the phone. I was kind of busy.” He explained softly. “I walked into Eunji earlier today.”

You furrowed your brows, the name sounded so familiar to your ears. Yet, you couldn’t seem to be able to remember who he meant. “Eunji?”

“Yea, Eunji. You know, my ex-girlfriend.” Taehyung rubbed the back of his neck, smiling nervously at you. “But nothing happened! I swear, ___!”

You chuckled mildly at how quick he was to assure you that nothing happened. “I know, oppa-ah. I’m not that type of girlfriend that will hunt you down just because you spoke to your ex. Don’t worry.”

Taehyung let out a small breath as his body relaxed to your words. He knew it was stupid of him to be nervous, he knew you well enough to know that you could handle him speaking to other females without going crazily jealous about it.

“How’s she doing?” You asked out of pure curiousity.

You weren’t really fond of that woman, not since the day Taehyung told you about how she went behind his back and dated another man as the two of them were still dating. When he later found out about it and confronted her, she put all the blame on him and said that he was the one leaving her with no choice.

She told me that she couldn’t keep dating a child.

“She’s pregnant.” Taehyung sighed. “But the father to the child cheated on her and told her he didn’t want anything to do with them so now, she’s left all alone here.”

“What?!” You felt bad for the girl, even though she’d hurt Taehyung in the past and you hated her for doing that, no one deserves to go through that. “What about her parents?”

“They don’t really want to get involved either and she just came to Seoul. She doesn’t really know anyone here, except for me of course.”Taehyung looked at you carefully, didn’t really know how to tell you about Eunji’s request.

“What is it, oppa?” You could see the conflicted expression on his face. Taking his hand in yours, you gave him a soft smile. “You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

Taehyung stared into your twinkling eyes he’d fallen in love with since the day the two of you met.“Sh-She asked me if she could stay with us for a couple of weeks and I… I said yes.”


You weren’t going to lie, you were shocked and a little bit disappointed that he hadn’t asked you before giving the girl an answer. After hearing her story, you would be more than happy to help the pregnant woman out. But the more you thought of it, the sadder you became. The fact that Taehyung hadn’t asked you hurt. It was as if he thought you would really say no so that’s why he made the decision himself.

“She told me she’s only staying here for a couple of weeks, until she finds an apartment of her own. Plus, she only has like around a week left until the baby is born and she needs someone to be there for her when it’s time. ” Taehyung explained, reaching out for your hand. “I know I should’ve asked you, I’m sorry, ____-ah.”

“I don’t like the fact that we didn’t talk about it before you gave her an answer but since she really needs our help, I think I can forgive you this time.” You said honestly.

After hearing your rather positive response, Taehyung smiled brightly before pulling you into his embrace. “I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“I can’t believe you’re mine either.” You chuckled softly against his chest.

“Thank you, for being so understanding.” He said before pulling you into a passionate kiss.


A few days after your talk, Eunji moved in into your shared apartment. She’s really beautiful, even now when she’s pregnant.

No wonder she was Taehyung’s first love, you thought bitterly. 

You felt a hint of jealousy whenever the ex-lovers talked to each other which you shouldn’t be feeling since Taehyung had already assured you that it was nothing going on between them and that he loved you way too much to care about other women.

You believed him.


“Oh, are you leaving already, ___?” Eunji asked, she was sitting on the couch comfortably, watching you put on your shoes in hurry.

“Yes, unni. I’ll see you later.” You gave her a small smile. “Oppa, I’m leaving now!” You shouted over your shoulder, just as you were about to open the front door you were pulled back and ended up being pressed against a warm body.

“I really have to go, op-”

Cupping your face with the palms of his hands, Taehyung leaned in and nibbed your bottom lip softly, causing you to let out a small moan before pulling back to place a huge smooch on your lips.

“I’ll see you later.” He smiled sweetly at your dreamy face, causing you to blush furiously.

You punched his chest out of embarrassment before turning around to leave.

Taehyung couldn’t hold back a smile from his face as he watched you ran out of the door. You were such a cutie.

“You really love her, don’t you?” He heard Eunji ask, turning around he was surprised how close she was.

He was sure he just saw her sitting on that couch just a few seconds ago when he was passing by.

Taehyung cleared his throat, feeling uncomfortable about the lack of space between them. “Yes, I do.”

“From what I’ve seen, she seems to be really old-fashion. Tell me, Taehyung-ah. How is she in bed? Is she as good as I am?” She asked before shamelessly leaning closer to press a kiss just below his ear. “How about we have-”

“No.” His voice was firm as he pulled back from her. “Eunji-noona. I don’t think you’re in your right mind right now.”

“I know you’ve been through a lot these past few weeks.” He continued, this time with a softer tone as he placed his hands on both of her shoulders. “Let’s just forget what just happened, alright?”

Pulling his hands back, Taehyung was about to walk passed her but failed as he felt her hand around his wrist, stopping him.

“Eunji-noon-” Taehyung turned around to ask her to let go but she seemed to have other plans.

Right in front of him, Eunji started to take off the dress you just bought for her as a present only a few days ago and to Taehyung absolute horror she had nothing under that dress, she’s fake pregnant belly was also lying on the ground together with the dress.

What the-”

Eunji smirked, feeling satisfied with the man’s reaction to her naked body. “Trust me, Taehyung-ah, you won’t regret this.” With those words, Eunji slammed her lips against his before taking his hands to put them on her back.



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if you’re feeling sad, remember that Hoseok’s smile is like the sun, that lights up your whole world and you could feel the warmth inside.

Gang!AU (J-hope, Angst)

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Jimin // Jungkook // Suga // V // Rap Monster // Jin // J-hope

HELLO THIS IS HOSEOK’S GANG AU THAT I WAS VERY EXCITED TO WRITE I HOPE IT LIVES UP TO WHAT I WAS HOPING IT TOO. Jungkook and Taehyung don’t show up because this is before they join. By the time OC found out about Hoseok’s occupation, Jimin had already joined for about 5 month so Hoseok and Jimin are kind of the newbies. This is kind of like an old chapter in terms of how it was written, so excuse me if you’re confused about how the boys act. This was meant to be based on how the gang got its big name and how significantly all the boys changed throughout the years. @pyrocrastinate, @jinhyong, @hyongtae, @namhyong

Words: 5136

You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel, glaring out the fogged up wind shield as it poured rain on you. Of course on a Sunday, one of your cherished days off, you were forced to work. You’d barely gotten a wink of sleep all night from the loud cracks of thunder or the gusts of wind blown against your thin windows, but what could you do?

It had barely even passed 7 AM when your boss called you, sounding irritated and rightfully so, as your co-worker had blown the day off without all but 20 minutes notice on his first schedule of the day.

You were going to be stuck there, all day, teaching 1 on 1 classes of self defense and hand to hand combat. You’d been warned the one you were teaching was stricter than any you’d dealt with before, and that just made your day all the more brighter.

Parking in the employee only space of the lot, you got out and clambered toward the door, rubbing any excess sleep from your eyes as you nodded toward a fellow co-worker.

“Uh, (Y/N)…” She stopped you at the front desk, looking up from her computer. She looked mildly uncomfortable, brows furrowed and hooding her doe eyes. You stepped toward her, leaning your elbows against the desk.

“What’s up, I’m not late am I?”

She shook her head, gently chewing her bottom lip. “No, but he’s early. That boy, Hoseok, he’s been waiting for you for at least an hour. Right at opening. We told him your shift wouldn’t start, and even let him know he’d be getting another teacher.”

“Oh, goody.” You hooted, pulling away from the desk. You tried your best plastic smile, your co-worker only tilting her head, lips upturning in a smile that told you to do your best. It was going to be a long day…

Hurrying up the steps, you kicked off your shoes, opening the door to the studio and stepping through. The one known as Hoseok was stretching his legs, before you closed the door a little too loudly and startled him. When he turned. his brows dropped very fast.

“Oh, nobody told me it was going to be a girl teaching me.”

“Nobody told you because it doesn’t matter,” you simply stated, rolling out your shoulders and tossing your bag aside. Hoseok rolled his eyes, sighing in disappointment.

“I can’t fight a girl. I specifically asked for a male teacher.”

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