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Raining Fire - Part II [ft. Jungkook]

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“You’re just another story I can’t tell anymore.” 


Thanks to: taintednerdy & bulletproofbookworm for their awesome suggestions that inspired me to write this sequel! ^^(ily guysss <33)

Part(s): 1, 2

Genre: dozens scoops of tears

Word Count: not long enough to make you happy

tadahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! surpriseeeee guysssss kekekekek

After a rather painful rejection a few years ago from a guy you once thought was your everything, smiling to hide your true emotions had become one of your many habits. 

You had always found smiles fascinating. Because, not only can you use it to express your feelings, whether it’s happiness or excitement, it can also- at the same time - hide them. The sadness, the sorrow, could all be easily hidden behind one single smile. Maybe it’s just you, but isn’t it so much harder to tell whether a smile is fake or not than when it comes to words?

‘I’m fine.’ A phrase that is so commonly used but rarely believed.

A smile, however, to you at least, is so much more convincing. Especially when you had been practicing and practicing until it’s almost natural, almost real.

It was a peaceful evening. Working at a jewelry shop had always been a dream of yours. Even though your love life had been nothing but shitty, it hadn’t stopped you from believing in love.

In true love.

Every once in a while, couples would walk into the shop. Sometimes, they would ask for couple rings, other times it would either be engagement or marriages rings. Your heart always clenched in jealousy every time you saw the happiness covering the girls’ faces.

You were one pathetic soul.

Just like you were now, standing right there in front of your ex-best friend. The pain that had seemed to be done and over with a long time ago came back to torture your poor heart. Yet, you kept a bright smile on your face.

“What do you think about this one, Jungkook?” Her voice was smooth and careful, her smile filled with charm that could easily make any man fall for her.

No wonder he did that too.

“I’m- I mean, it looks beautiful, Eunji.” He smiled down at her for a moment before turning his stare back onto you again.

You were sweating under his gaze, a minute just felt so awfully long now that you were standing there watching the man who once had your heart in love with another woman.

It was one awfully long torture.

“___, you can go home now, I’ll take care of the rest.” Your co-worker smiled kindly at you before nodding her head towards the changing-room where your stuff was.

Letting out a small breath of relief you didn’t know you were holding in, you gave her a thankful nod before leaving the happy couple behind.

Oblivious to Jungkook’s sad stare after you.

“___, please, wait,”

His hand reached out before firmly grabbing yours and pulling you around so that you were facing him.

“C-Can please we talk?” He sounded somehow unsure,

“What is there to say, Jungkook?” You murmured softly. “You’re getting married an-and that’s good. That’s perfect. I’m happy for you guys.”

A forced smile was then placed on your trembling lips as you slowly pulled your hand back and hid it behind your back.”

“___- I’m-” For some reason, he looked just as broken as you were. “You’re crying.”

Your hand immediately reached your cheeks before quickly swiping them away and forced out a choked laugh. “Ah, I’m being pathetic. Don’t mind me.”

“__, about what she said out there-”

“I’ve got to go, Jungkook.”

At that moment, you prayed that your smile was convincing enough for him to let go while all he could think about was how painfully beautiful his name sounded coming from your lips.

Even though his grip wasn’t tight enough to keep you still, you couldn’t pull away.

Because you were too much of a coward to do that.

The way he hold your hand, it was as if he was giving you the choice to whether let go or stay. And you couldn’t do that. You couldn’t choose because you were afraid to face the consequences that would come after that.

It was utterly pathetic. Why couldn’t you just go? Why were you still standing there like an idiot and wishing for him to never let go while you were supposed to have gotten over this jerk by now? Why was your heart beating so fast for someone like him?

Someone whose heart had turned into ice the moment he rejected so harshly without a single flinch.

“I’ve missed you, __, dearly,” His voice came out raspy and deep, making your knees go weak. “What I came here to say was- I-”

“I don’t have time for this.” You cut him off. “Goodbye, Jungkook.

Can you just fûcking stop running away from me, for once?!” His hand was ridiculously fast to find its way to hold onto yours again. “Do you know how hard it was for me after you left?! H-How could you just leave like I’m a fûcking nobody to you, huh? Aren’t you fûcking ashamed, claiming that you were in love with me yet it was so easy for you to leave without even a goodbye!

He was pissed off, all the anger that had stored up inside his black heart was finally showing.

“I spent years searching for you.” His voice was softer this time, just like his gaze on you. “I thought i was turning crazy, I was so lost. You were my best friend and-and you just left like I meant nothing to you.”

Taking a deep breath, you finally found the courage to meet his unbreakable gaze, staring right into those dreamy eyes that you used to love so much.

“I’m sorry things turned out the way it did.” You said, smiling sadly at him. “But let’s just move on, Jungkook-ah. Now that you’ve found me, we can always meet another time, to catch up. I mean, we can be friends if that’s what you want.

Friends, the word that kept so many pain and memories behind it. And it pained Jungkook to hear it from you, because what he truly wanted was no where near what you just offered him.

“Have you ever wondered why I kept searching for you, __?” He asked gently, making your heart flutter once again and it irritated you so much because you didn’t want him to have this effect on you.

He shouldn’t.

“I was your best friend-”

I was in love with you, I only realized that once you left. And it made me so mad that I only did it then, when you were out of my reach.” He left out a humourless laughter. “It confused the hell out of me why I wasn’t sad over the fact that Jieun and I broke up but over you, leaving. And then I understood, I was fucking in love with you and I- I just let you go like that.”

“Jungkook, it’s too late now-”

“Why, __? Why is it too late?!” He was practically screaming by this point and it made you flinch, taking a step away from his angry self. The small movements didn’t go unnoticed by him, his angry expression was soon replaced by concern as he stared at you. “I’m- I’m sorry-”

“You’re getting married, Jeon Jungkook.” Your voice was firm yet careful at the same time. “You’re hurting her by coming here and saying all these meaningless things to me. It doesn’t matter anymore what you felt or what I felt. The present is what you should be focusing on. Your future with your soon-to-be-wife. Forget everything, Jungkook. Move on.”

And once again, you turned around and left Jeon Jungkook, the man who still had your heart in the palms of his hands.


Writer’s Note:

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Punk - Jack Johnson One Shot

Requested: Yes

Wordcount: 893

A/N: I tried to make it a text message imagine thingy, but I just couldn’t find a right website to do so. So if anyone has any suggestions for a good site, please tell me! :D

“You know, that hurt way less than I thought.” I told my best friend as we exited the tattoo parlour. “Yeah, it looks stunning! Dude, you are totally rocking that lip ring.” She answered while searching for her phone to admire herself in snapchat. While I had gotten a lip ring, she went for a small stone in her nostril. I had to admit, we both looked great.

What would Johnson think though?” I frowned. I hadn’t told my boyfriend of two years anything about getting my lip pierced, cause I wanted it to be a surprise. But now I wasn’t so sure if he would react positively to my new accessory. “I don’t know, to be honest. I hope he likes it, cause I’m not going to stop wearing it just because he doesn’t.” My friend chuckled. “You rebel.” I laughed. It’s true, I’ve always had a bit of a rebellious streak.

“Jack? I’m home!” I yelled as soon as I stepped through the door of our apartment. I locked the door behind me and went searching for my boyfriend. He had the day off, which was a very rare occasion, so he probably spent the whole day at home, watching tv and maybe trying to come up with some new verses. I found him in the living room, slouched down on the couch, watching dr. Phil. He lifted his head to greet me. His eyes widened before he could even form a word. “What did you do?” He asked, and immediately my heart fell. He didn’t sound excited at all. “Got my lip pierced today. Do you like it?” I asked, even though I already knew what the answer was going to be. “Please, take that thing out of your mouth! Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do this?” I frowned. I hated it to be ordered around, especially by my boyfriend. “I just wanted it to be a surprise! What is wrong with it?” He got up and walked in front of me. His eyes kept staring at my lip, disgust was written all over his face. “What’s wrong with it is that your ruining your face! And what are my fans supposed to think, huh? That I’m dating some punk chick? Just take it out!” I laughed, but it wasn’t filled with any happiness or joy. “And what would be wrong with you dating a punk? Would your precious image be ruined? Would you lose your fans? Or would you show the world that your type isn’t just some white supermodel? And by the way, I’m not taking it out just because you don’t like it. I happen to think it looks pretty damn fucking great!” His face turned red as he was trying to think of something to say. Then he groaned and rolled his eyes. He walked off, grabbed his jacket and made his way to the front door. “I seriously can’t take this right now.” He opened the door and stormed out. “Fine! Leave then, you prick!” I yelled, even though he probably couldn’t hear me. I ran my hand through my hair and felt tears rolling down my face. This was by far the worst fight we’d ever had.


So he just left?” My friend asked over the phone. I could practically hear her surprise. “Yep. Right out the door.” I tried so hard, but I just couldn’t stop my voice from shaking. The tears had stopped, but my body was still quivering. “What an asshole.” She stated. I hummed in agreement. For some reason, my hand kept fiddling with my piercing. I found that it calmed me down to play with the small metal ring.

I had just hung up, when some noise came from the door. I stood up, unsure of what to do. I knew it would be Jack, but I didn’t know if he came to apologize or if he came to collect his things.

The door opened, and as expected, my boyfriend came into the room. His eyes were red and puffy, indicating he had been crying, just like me. We just stood there for a while looking at each other, not knowing what to say. “Y/N,” He started, reaching out for my arm. “I’m sorry. I love you, I should’ve never said those thing. It was stupid and hurtful. I was just so shocked that you would discuss such an important thing with me.” I looked down at the ground, not able to bring myself to look into his eyes. I knew the tears would start flowing again if I did. “Do you really think I look like a punk?” I asked, my voice close to a whisper. He chuckled. “A little. But a very hot punk though. And I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. I love you. I’d love you even if you’d die your hair purple and wear heavy eyeliner all the time. You’re my girl.” I smiled. That was the thing with Jack, he never cared about what a person looked like, all that mattered to him was personality. And I loved him for it. “I love you, you idiot.” I muttered, as I stepped forward to bury my face in his shirt. His arms wrapped around me and he gently kissed my hair. “I love you too.”

If you want a ship, an imagine, or if you just want to talk, please ask! I’d be happy to respond!

We’ll make it work

Title: We’ll make it work
Ship: yoonminhope/yoonminseok (Yoongi/Hoseok/Jimin). Established yoonseok.
Rating: 13+ for swearing and suggestive content. Polyamorous relationship. Fluff, lots of it.
Words: 3214. One shot.
Summary: Yoongi and Hoseok had been dating for a few months now, but a thought has been constantly crossing Yoongi’s mind lately and he can’t be more grateful that Hoseok is such an understanding partner. 

I’m ON FIRE I just uploaded a vminhope yesterday… so it’s now the turn of my second favorite ot3… rest in peace me.

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Birthday Surprises (Suga One shot)

Okay so like before, this wasn’t requested, but today is the first day of school where I live, and it’s also my friend’s birthday!! If you haven’t checked out her amazing blog, I’ll give you the link at the bottom of the One shot! It’s amazing and you’ll love it! 

Summary: It’s your birthday! 

Total word count: ??

  “Happy birthday babe!” Yoongi said through the phone. “Sorry I can’t go and see you today, but the boys say ‘Hello’ and ‘Good luck at your first day of University!’” He sounded sad as you heard the background noises. He was probably at a concert or a fan meeting. “Ah, I gotta go! My manager is calling for me!” He said and hung up after saying his bye. 

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As long as you’re happy

Title:  As long as you’re happy
Ship: vminhope (Taehyung/Jimin/Hoseok). Established vmin.
Content Warning: none. polyamory. a bit of angst. but mostly fluff tbh. hoseok-centric kind of.
Words: 2565. One shot.
Summary: Since Jimin and Taehyung started dating, things have been a little bit rough for Hoseok.

So I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO FINISH THIS FOR THE LONGEST TIME so I finally did hope it’s not too messy… I just love my three babies so much and there’s not enough poly bangtan love out there. I suck at titles sorry about that.

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— Massive Fight ft. J-Hope [Fluff]

Here’s the requested J-Hope fluff scenario~ To the person who requested it, I hope you like it and sorry if there are some typos or smthn. 

“Why are you running away from me?!”

His voice was once out of breath and husky, echoing off the university halls that were filled with students seeking to get out of the way. His heavy thudding steps alarmed bystanders that looked on in curious judgement, but he paid them no mind, ignoring them in his chase. Even though it was late noon, after classes had just finish and students were quickly packing their belongings to either go to cram school or part-time jobs, Ilhoon had it in his mind to set things straight.

“Yah! Nari~” he yelled again. “Answer my question!”

Afraid to turn my head, I screamed just as loudly into the gap. “I’m running because you’re chasing me, stupid!” Turning a corner, I swivelled on my heels, heading down the steps and out onto the physical activities fields and the fundamental gates.

I nonetheless hadn’t even packed my bag but once I noticed him charging straight at me, yelling my name. I was simply placing my books away when I saw his attribute light brown hair pop out in my periphery; gripping tight the book in my hand and losing the bag on my desk. It was simply instinct to select up my feet and bolt in the reverse course. What else would a individual in my quandary do than run?

“You’re the silly one! The only purpose I’m chasing you is for the reason that, you’re running away from me!”

“Well, I’ll stop running if you happen to stop chasing me!”

“I’ll stop chasing when you stop running!”

This argument was under no circumstances going to finish unless one of you gave up. However, having known him since we’re Kindergarten, we were both equally stubborn and neither would relent. Unluckily, my feel of path, or lack thereof, made the ending less difficult: I had run across the exercises fields to the back of the university, hoping that the entrance was open, simplest to face locked metal, an adjoining wall and some trees. Nice going, Nari. You can go all Spider Man now and crawl up a wall or something.

Pressed up towards the wall, I watched intensely his every move – his gradual saunter in the direction of me, backing me further and further into the brick. His breath was heavy and stare heavy-lidded, not like the gentle-hearted gaze he wore in classes.

“Don’t come any closer.” My voice cracked on the final phrase and i slapped myself mentally for seeming like a pubescent girl – the sound wavering into the surrounds. Naturally, he didn’t comply, stepping closer and nearer until he was within arm’s attain.

“What do you want?” I breathed, murmured it out into the chilly air. It was nearing the end of October and a few leaves were already beginning to turn to bronze sunsets. I asked him the query hoping the words would bridge me from him for a moment or two but I knew the answer anyway.

We hadn’t been on good terms since the beginning of school. I don’t know what happened but we weren’t really close at all till the summer holidays when we’d practically spend every day together after my friend started dating his. We took the train to the beach for a day and had picnics for another but just before school started we had a massive fight.

Because our friends were a couple, we didn’t want to be there to spoil the mood so would often invite ourselves out without them around. It was late at night and Ilhoon called me, asking if I was doing anything which I’d said no. He then told me to meet him at the nearby park and to bring snacks. So, after raiding my junk food stash, I had my plastic bag of goodies in hand, walking merrily to the park, happy at the prospects of seeing Ilhoon again.

I never knew why but ever since meeting him, I’ve enjoyed his company. I like the way he talks, that he has something to say. I like how he nods his head to show that he’s listening or just looks down, blankly when he’s not. He really was becoming a good friend until that night.

I found him sitting under a lamp-post on a bench. Even though it was past many people’s bedtimes, there were still some couples roaming around and some forever-aloners as well as the elderly who shared the space. But when I found him, he wasn’t awake. With his arms crossed over his chest and head lolling slightly that his chin touched his neck, Ilhoon slept soundly, casually.

I scoffed, laughed a little at how he could fall asleep like this and prodded around him for a while, brushing his bangs out of his eyes. I couldn’t bear to wake him up and didn’t mind the silence so sat down next to him, giggling a little to myself. It was then though, that I realised he was cold. He kept squeezing his arms, frowning as he ducked his head closer to his chest. I admit, it was pretty cool that night, enough that you probably had to wear long sleeves to bed but not overly cold. Plus, he was just wearing a t-shirt and a loose pair of jeans, so I took the liberty of getting up and taking off my light jacket to drape over him.

However, as I did so, his eyes shot open. Flinching, he said the words darkly under his breath, “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure you don’t get a cold.” I defended. And that’s when the fight happened. Over something stupid. I was yelling at him for being an inconsiderate jerk, offended that he thought my touch disgusted him. He was yelling at me for thinking that he wasn’t man enough to handle the cold, for being so sensitive over something so small and for being upset. We didn’t talk after that. It really was something stupid blown way out of proportion.

I was pulled out of my trance, thinking about the past when he pressed a firm hand into the wall behind, leaning in closer than usual.

“Bora, told me about you.” He said, focused with a fierce look of determination on his face.

“What? Bora?” She was the whole reason we started being friends but I didn’t know what she had said. Why would she say anything anyway…?

“She said you’re be willing to help me.”

“Help you with what?!”

“Playing Volleyball. You know that I’m scared of balls, right?”

We were both full on yelling at each other now and I was glad he kept his distance, even if it was minimal. But my mind was racing at what he was saying; since when did I volunteer myself to help him?

“I never said that-” I began but he cut me off. And though I would’ve been irritated at having been cut short, his words were more important than mine.

“And I just want to say I’m sorry. About last time. I didn’t mean to fight with you like that. It was childish and immature but this thing, where I get tingles down my spine when people invade my space and get too close- it just creeps me out.” He sighed and I could feel his breath on my cheeks. I raised an eyebrow.

“Then what are you doing now?” My voice was quiet but steady and for a second he looked down, looked at me and blushed, pulling away.

“See, that’s why it’s gotta be ‘you’ to help me. I guess do get close after their first fight.” He chuckled sheepishly but I didn’t see the humour behind it.

Maybe it was the apology that softened me up a little but reluctantly, I agreed – also on the condition that he’d do anything I say. I guess it was because I hadn’t talked to him in ages too that I was quick to forgive. You can’t really resist him, not when he’s like this. But that feeling was short-lived because he blurted out something that sent shivers down my spine. The bad, ominous kind.

“Yeah, if I can’t get used to Volleyball, than how am I ever going to pass the Physical Education Test.”

“Alright. Lessons start tomorrow. Now quit bothering me and go home.” I pushed him to the side to walk back in the direction my abandoned belongings.

“Wait! It can start today! Right now!” There was genuine enthusiasm behind his voice and I turned around to look at him oddly.

“I’ll walk you home,” he offered and with no energy left to be bothered to decline, I accepted his offer with a shrug and a roll of my eyes as he trailed behind like an endearing puppy.

He seemed excited enough.

At least that made one of us.

Let us never talk again

He is and was a total fuckerboy. She met him at a so called Party, where she had way too many shots. His friend whinned at her about some stranger, and he just stood there looking hot as fuck. She does not remember what she told him, but he sure as hell watched some other girl. She does not know what made her talk to him, what made her embaress herself so much. But she never wanted to see him again.(or that is what she told herself). She truley fucked up infront of Sammy Wilkinson!!

———– 3 months later———————-

She stood in her hallway and was eyeing Kenny while some of her friends talked about some shitty project. They weren´t even her real friends, just some nice people who she was in class with. She did not need them, but she had nothing aganist the nice company in a school that she had to managed herself. Nothing was interesting in this posh school… execpt Kenny. The hot athletic who won a thousand prices. Who was sweet and caring ,just a little bit arrogant, and extremly goodlooking.

She really wanted him and maybe, just maybe she would have talked to him a long time ago, but something stopped her. The fact that Kenny was the best friend of Sammy. Moreover was her best really close to Sammy, too. So she did not needed anymore struggle in her mixed up world. SHE DID NOT NEED THOSE BOYS (or at least that is what she thought).


So this is the prolouge of my new fanfiction. I hope that someone will read. Tell me what you think about it. It is based on some real stuff, even though i changed a lot.xxL