one shot

20 Seconds (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


Word Count: 2, 242

Warnings: Mentions of sanitary items?

Notes: This is messy! But I hope you enjoy! Because I’m trying really hard to get back in and write, and this is the first thing I’ve been proud of in a while! Let me know what you think (as always), thank you for being so patient and lovely, and yes I’ve been meaning to write this We Bought A Zoo reference in a one shot for a while so don’t be surprised if it pops up again xx

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Rucas one shot: traveling back home from the ski lodge

Yaassss I also wanted to write this one too!!! Thanks for sending it in :) 

Riley and Lucas finally manage to drag themselves away from the bay window in the ski lodge. The pair hold hands and step onto the bus. All the other students already loaded on hush and stare at the pair. Riley grows nervous under everyones gaze and Lucas just squeezes her hand and leads them towards the back of the bus where their friends sit. 

They’d saved an empty row for them to sit at between Isadora & Farkle and Maya & Zay. Maya let Josh sit up the front with Cory and Topanga because if they were playing the long game then she didn’t need to push so hard now.

Lucas stands back and lets Riley slide in first and she sits by the window and he takes his spot beside her. 

“I take it you made a decision?” Farkle turns around to face them. 

“Yeah.” Lucas looks to Riley and smiles. 

“Did someone get hurt?” Farkle looks to Maya behind them and she’s only smiling. 

“Nope.” She places her hand on Riley’s shoulder and Riley lays her hand on top of it. “If anything I think we’re better friends because of it.” 

“What about boing?” Smakle raises a brow. 

“Maybe someday.” Maya tries to hide her smile. 

Cory and Topanga enter the bus last and start doing a head count. 
“Yeah, don’t worry honey we got your bags.” Cory says sarcastically as he passes their row counting. 

With everyone present the bus leaves en route back to the school. The gang chat friendly amongst themselves and Riley and Lucas keep getting distracted with one another. Riley yawns, tired from no sleep the night before and Lucas wraps his arm around her and she places her head on his shoulder and nods off to sleep. 

@skinandtone :Sorry it’s a long random rambly one, sorry! Could you please do a one shot where Steve is getting jealous/misinterprets reader and her male best friend’s closeness and loses his cool with her and her dad (Tony) has to pick up the pieces. I’m so sorry if this doesn’t make sense! I can’t put my thinks into words, thank you!! xx

TITLE: Don’t make a scene
NOTES/WARNINGS: Swearing. I changed it from Tony being your dad to Tony being your best friend since Childhood. I can’t write the Avengers as readers’ parents very well.

You and Pietro were sat next to each other on the sofa, his arm around your shoulders as you both looked at your IPad screen. You were watching a YouTube video together and introducing Pietro to the world of people such as Dan, Phil, Marcus and PJ. It was nearly mid-night but you both were too engrossed to care.

But Steve cared. He had been waiting for you to come to bed for the past two hours and his usually calm and patient demeanour was replaced with pure annoyance. He marched around Stark Towers in search for you and when he opened the door to the main lounge and saw you and Pietro cuddled up laughing, his heart dropped to his stomach.

Even though he would never admit it, he was always jealous of you and Pietro. He was younger and knew more about modern things. A lot of the stuff you admired and enjoyed, Steve didn’t understand – But Pietro did. You and him would spend hours with each other talking about things Steve had never even heard of, let alone could relate to. He liked the fact you had a best friend. But he hated the fact you seemed closer to him than you did Steve.

“Are you coming to bed?” Steve asked, trying to push all the emotions out of his voice. You looked up and paused the video.

“I will in a little while. You can go to sleep though. Don’t wait up.” You said happily with a smile on your face. You turned your attention back to the video and pressed play. Steve bit his tongue as he was tempted to pull Pietro away from you and take his place however he knew that was a stupid idea. Begrudgingly, Steve turned and walked back to his bedroom with a scowl on his face. He knew he shouldn’t be jealous – it was fantastic you had a friend you were that close to! But why couldn’t it have been with Wanda or Natasha? And not with another male. This had been going on for at least a month and everyone could see how jealous Steve was getting… Well, everyone except you and Pietro.

He got to back to your shared bedroom and loathed how your side was cold. He tossed and turned but it was no use; he could never sleep unless he had his arms wrapped around you. That’s why he was always so tired when he went on missions! He wouldn’t be able to get a good night sleep without you there.

He continued to try and sleep until, at last, the bedroom door opened and you walked inside. Steve was still too annoyed to talk to you and instead of greeting you, he simply pretended to be asleep. You smiled slightly at yourself as you saw your boyfriend look so calm – if only you knew the battle going on inside his mind. You stripped down before climbing into bed and falling asleep almost instantly, leaving Steve alone with his thoughts about you leaving him for Pietro.

The next morning Steve was down at the gym before you had even woke up. You had plans to go see a new movie with Pietro but Steve had seemed really off lately. So you text Pietro and rearranged your plans and threw on a summer dress and put your hair up before going to search for your loved one. The gym was always the first place you checked meaning you weren’t surprised seeing him use the punching bag at such an ungodly hour.

It was just him in the gym. He was completely engrossed in his training he didn’t notice you walk in meaning when you cleared your throat he nearly jumped out his skin.

“You alright?” You asked, your voice laced with concern. Steve looked at you with an emotionless face before going back to punching the bag. “It’s just… you seem to be a little distant lately.” When he didn’t reply again you felt your emotions bubble. You didn’t want to get angry at him but he was ignoring you! “Steve, I’m talking to you!” You said a lot louder. “If you’re going to act like a dick I deserve to at least know why!”

“Don’t make me the one in the wrong here!” Steve said angrily as he turned around quickly so he was facing you. You had never seen Steve angry before but first time for everything. “You’re the one flirting with all the other men, cuddling Pietro until one in the morning even though you know I can’t sleep without you. You’re the one who barely knows I exist now. If you want to date Pietro Y/N, that’s fine. Just have the decency to tell me.”

“Date… What?” You asked, your jaw hanging open. Was he jealous? Of Pietro?

“Don’t. I don’t want to hear it. I knew there were going to be bad times in every relationship but cheating – “

“You think I’m fucking cheating?” You said with your eyes wide.

“I know you are!” You opened your mouth to protest, to tell Steve you just enjoyed Pietro’s company, but Steve held his hand up to indicate for you to be quiet. “I love you so much. But you love him… I’m sure I’ll learn to live with it. Hope he can make you happier than I did.” He grabbed his gym bag and left you standing alone, so shocked you couldn’t move. Did Steve just break up with you?

“Tony?” You knocked on your best friends’ door and waited for a reply. It was still early in the morning but he was sometimes up. You heard a tired voice say ‘come in’. Pushing his door open, you saw Tony lying in bed with his eyes still closed. “I didn’t wake you did I?” You spoke quietly, afraid if you spoke up then you wouldn’t be able to stop the tears from falling.

“No, my alarm went off a few minutes ago… What’s wrong?” Knowing Tony from the age of seven had a few perks; this was not one of them. You had hoped to have a funny conversation with him and get your mind off of Steve but he knew the second he looked at you that something was wrong. Tony sat up in bed and moved the duvet before tapping the empty side of his bed. You climbed in next to him and gave him and hug as he wrapped you up in his duvet. “You want to talk about it?”

“Steve thought I was cheating on him.” You said in Tony’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on the top of your head, showing you had his full attention. “Apparently he preferred to assume that me and Pietro were fucking behind his back rather than consult me about it. He broke up with me five minutes ago.” You couldn’t help it but when you said this, you broke out crying. Saying it out loud made it much more real! Tony hugged you tighter to the point it nearly hurt but it was a comfort.

“Have you told Pietro about this?” He spoke softly. You shook your head. “Maybe you should talk to him about it. Try and get him to convince Steve you and Pietro were – are – just friends.”

“What am I supposed to say? ‘Hey Pietro, we can’t really be friends anymore because according to my now ex-boyfriend, people of the opposite sex can’t be friends’.” You laughed sarcastically. “I just don’t get it. He’s not jealous of me and you.”

“Maybe because he knows you’re basically my little sister.” Tony replied as he brushed some hair behind your ear.

“I guess.” You and Tony lied in silence for a while, just content with each other’s company. It wasn’t until FRIDAY said Bruce was looking for him that you both finally moved.

“Are you going to be ok or do you want me to tell Bruce I’m not working today? I’ll take you shopping.” He chuckled. That was a big perk of being best friends with Stark – he loved to take you shopping when you were having a bad day.

“No, no don’t be silly. I’m fine.” You smiled but your watery eyes gave away the fact you were still broken. “Go do whatever you men are doing.” He gave you a look to say ‘are you sure’. You nodded at him with a smile and he left, but not before telling you that if you need him, call him.

Tony’s room wasn’t exactly your favourite place to be. Instead of spending your day in there, you decided to walk up the two floors until you got to your own old room. You hadn’t slept in here in months considering Steve managed to convince you to start sharing a room with him properly. It was a seemed a lot tidier than you had left it. The bed was cold and the room was dusty, but it was yours. You ran your hand along your old bookshelf until you found your favourite book. If you were going to get dumped, you would have to go to your friends for comfort. Fictional friends always had to best shoulders to cry on.

Pushing the pillows against the back of the bed, you leant back on them and sat with your legs crossed. Getting up YouTube on your phone, you quietly put on some sad music as you read. Occasionally you would think about Steve again and feel your heart sink but you forced yourself back into the pages in front of you and found comfort in them.

“Y/N?” You heard someone call as they knocked on the door. You were so engrossed in the book you didn’t even notice how much time had passed – it was nearly three in the afternoon! Another knock was heard on the other side of the door but they didn’t speak this time. You weren’t paying enough attention before to know who it was.

“Come in.” You had to cough to let your voice out since it had barely been used that day.

“Hey.” Tony. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when you knew it wasn’t Steve dropping off some stuff. “I didn’t want to be one to tell you this but…”

“But what?”

“…But Steve’s clearing your stuff out from his room as we speak. Everyone has spoken to him and even Bucky can’t make him see sense. I’m sorry.” You bit your cheek to stop you blurting out a ‘fuck him’ since you didn’t mean it. Before you even got a chance to give a real answer, another man appeared at your door. Steve was holding two bin bags in one hand and a box in the other. You looked at his face and hoped to see even a little remorse but it held no emotion in the slightest.

“Your stuff.” He said, dumping it on the bottom of the bed.

“Steve, please!” You spoke before thinking. “Why can’t you see how ridiculous you’re being!”

“Because I’m not being ridiculous! I want a relationship where I’m not constantly second best. There was always Tony or Pietro or even Clint! I never expected to always be your first priority but I hoped I would at least come close.” At last there was some emotion in his face. His eyes were turning red but he was determined not to cry, not in front of you. He had to push you away for his own good. No matter how much he wanted to climb in your bed and hug you, whispering to you how much he loved you, he knew he couldn’t. “Please, don’t make a scene.” Steve gave you one last look before turning and leaving. Tony immediately went to your side and allowed you to break down on his shoulder. Maybe it really was over between you and Steve…

Let Me Love You the Way You Should Be Loved.

R e q u e s t: an imagine based on fall or I would please :(

N o t e: Inspired by I Would by Justin Bieber (x) and Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes (x)

ps, this entire imagine is written in Justin’s point of view.

W a r n i n g: With regards to (Your Name) and her boyfriend’s relationship, I’m not trying to make it sound like any form of domestic abuse but if that’s how some people see it please know that I’m not trying to romanticize it in any way and I don’t want upset anyone. Thanks.

Word Count: 2,638.

I hate seeing her with him; I hate the way he sat there beside her with his arm draped over the head of the sofa. Occasionally he would turn his head to just glance at her, his eyes burning holes into her skin while she remained silent and staring off into space. By her body posture and facial expressions, it was almost like she was afraid to speak or do anything as it would cause him to make a scene for no apparent reason. 

How can a man like him earn the love and affection of someone so beautiful and precious? He doesn’t even know how to love her and treat her the way that she deserves. 

Ever since (Your Name) first introduced me to Nathan I’ve never liked him. The more I got to know him the more I began to see how obsessive and controlling he really is; he won’t let (Your Name) go anywhere without him, he won’t let her hang out with other guys unless he’s there to ‘keep an eye on her’, as he says. There have been many nights where she has come to me crying because she and Nathan were fighting over pretty much nothing. 

On one particular night, she walked to my home in a rain storm; she was crying because she and Nathan got into an argument because he told her he doesn’t like our relationship, she tried to defend me and she thought he was going to kick her out of the house so she came to me.

I wish (Your Name) could see that she doesn’t have to put up with his bullshit anymore; she deserves someone who can make her smile and not cry; someone who actually cares about her and doesn’t make her feel like shit. (Your Name) is someone very special to me and I don’t think I can take another night of holding her in my arms while she cried herself to sleep because of him. Every time I see them together I immediately regret not asking her to be mine when I had the chance. 

(Your Name) and I have been really close friends for pretty much all of our lives. I always saw her as being more special to me than any other girl I had ever met but I never realized that it was love; it took me years to realize that I’m helplessly and unconditionally in love with her but I was already too late. I see the way Nathan treats her and it makes me so mad because he has no idea just how precious (Your Name) is; if things were different I would never make (Your Name) cry, I would give her every inch of my love and make sure that she wakes up every single morning and goes to sleep every single night with a smile on her face instead of tears in her eyes.

If I could take away all of her pain and put a smile on her face, I would.

“What the fuck are you looking at, Bieber?” Nathan yelled at me over the loud music playing; I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize I was staring in their direction, he must think I was staring at (Your Name). I swear he’s so fucking paranoid; he has himself convinced that there is indeed something going on between (Your Name) and I, as much as I want to be with her I’ve kept it to myself. I don’t know if she feels the same way about me and I know if I tell her and she says that she doesn’t it’ll completely ruin our friendship and I don’t want that to happen; I don’t want to lose her.

Keeping my mouth shut, I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at the floor. At the corner of my eye, I noticed (Your Name) turning her head to look at Nathan; I slowly lifted my head and noticed she giving him an annoyed look. I got up off the sofa and headed for the main doors; I needed so fresh air. 

Nathan glared at me as I walked past, I returned the same look to him; I swear sometimes he makes me want to break his fucking jaw but what would (Your Name) think of me?. “Where are you going?” (Your Name) asked, giving me a sad look. “I just need some air, I’ll be back”, I said and gave her a reassuring smile. (Your Name) nodded her head and stared at her feet; I headed for the exit and walked outside into the cool evening breeze.

Taking another drag of the cigarette, I exhaled all of the smoke out of my lungs as I watched the cars coming and going down up and down the road. I’m going to have to tell (Your Name) I love her at some point; I can’t watch Nathan ruin her happiness much longer; he doesn’t deserve her; he has made her cry one too many times and all I want to do is make it right.

I took one last drag and threw my cigarette down onto the damp pavement. Just as I was turning around to head back inside I saw (Your Name) storm through the doors; I could see the tears streaming down her cheeks and it immediately worried me. Just as she was walking past me I grabbed her shoulders to stop her but she wouldn’t look at me; she was breathing heavily while she sobbed. “Hey hey, what’s wrong, sweetheart?” I asked, cupping her cheek in my hand and lifting her head so she was now looking at me.

Just as she was about to speak, I noticed Nathan coming towards us at the corner of my eye. “Come on, babe, let’s talk about this”, he said with very little emotion; whatever he did or said to (Your Name) he doesn’t really care about the fact that he made her cry. He attempted to grab (Your Name)’s arm but she pushed him away and stepped back, “Stay away from me, there’s nothing to talk about”, she yelled through her sobs. “What did he do to you?” I asked her, putting my hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down.

“Why the fuck do you car, Bieber? She’s mine, not yours” Nathan said with such arrogance; he refers to (Your Name) as his like she’s a piece of meat and not a human being, what a fucking prick. “I care about her more than you do, that’s for sure”, I said; I was trying so hard to keep cool. Nathan shot a devious glare at me and snarled, “Oh, is that so? Why should you? She’s not even your fucking concern” I turned to (Your Name); her eyes were filled with anger. “I’m not yours either! not anymore, you’re more interested in that blonde bitch anyways”, she said with tears rushing down her face. 

“Big fucking deal”, Nathan snapped at her. “You’re no better, you obviously got something going on with your special friend here” he pointed at me before lightly pushing me back. “Get your fucking hands off of me”, I said with a lot of anger and pushed him back, “And don’t you dare speak to her like that, she’s been nothing but loyal to you and all you’ve done is treat her like shit, she doesn’t deserve to be with a no good prick like you”. 

“Oh, let me guess, she belongs with a perfect boy like you, right?”, he said, pointing his finger deep into my chest. In my mind, I was saying ‘Yes’ but I kept my mouth shut in defeat; I just stared at him with my eyes narrowed. He looked at me with a devious smirk and shook his head. “Fuck you, dude”, he said and pushed me out of his way; he then attempted to grab (Your Name)’s arm but she pushed him away. “Don’t touch me, I’m done with you, I’m done with your bullshit, don’t ever come near me again”, she yelled at him.

Nathan gave up and looked back at me, staring me down trying to intimidate me but it wasn’t working at all; he then looked back at (Your Name). “Fine, don’t fucking need you anyway”, he said and walked back into the club. 

I immediately walked over to (Your Name) and wrapped my arms around her shivering body; she was only dressed in a strapless dress shirt and skinny jeans. She rested her head against my shoulder and began sobbing. 

“Shh, it’s going to be okay, (Your Name)” I whispered while rubbing her back, trying to sooth her. “C-Can we leave, please?” she stuttered as she lifted her head and wiped the tears away from her eyes. 

“Of course, we can go back to mine”. I called for a taxi and within minutes it arrived; (Your Name) and I got in the vehicle and I told the driver where to go and he slowly pulled away from the curb.

The taxi driver pulled up in front of my home; I paid the guy and (Your Name) and I got out of the car. I opened the front door and let (Your Name) walk inside first. She held her arms tightly to her chest to give her body the warmth that she needed. I approached her and turned her around so she was now facing me; her eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks were stains from her tears. It tore me apart to see her like this; I just want her to be happy again. I feel like I haven’t seen her beautiful smile in forever. 

I’m just relieved to know that Nathan is never going to hurt her ever again.

“Are you okay, (Your Name)?”, I asked in a whisper. (Your Name) remained quiet; her sad and glossy eyes staring back at me as her lips curled inside of her mouth. One single tear trickled down her right cheek. She quickly nodded her head; I knew I had asked a really stupid question as I already knew that she was far from okay. “I’m fine, I just wish I wasn’t so stupid to think that he actually cared about me” she quickly wiped the water away from her eyes before turning around and walking into the kitchen; I followed close behind.

She held onto the edge of the kitchen counter, slightly leaning over it. She had her back turned towards me and I could hear her soft whimpers. 

“Babe, please don’t think like that; you didn’t do anything wrong, he’s the one who is stupid because he couldn’t even realize that he had the most beautiful and amazing girl all along”, I said as I approached her. As if it was almost on queue, she turned around to face me. “Why can’t I be happy, Justin? Maybe I just don’t deserve to”, (Your Name) choked on her sob as she wiped her face. 

I laid both of my hands on her face, gently caressing her cheek bones with my thumbs. “(Your Name) don’t ever think that you don’t deserve happiness, you deserve all the love and happiness in the world; you don’t realize just how lucky someone would be to be with you, you’re smart and kind and you’re the most beautiful woman, inside and out”, I said, gently tracing her skin with my fingers. My heart ached to see her like this. Nathan as left her so broken and vulnerable that she has herself convinced that it’s her fault and doesn’t deserve to be happy but she couldn’t be more wrong.

There is someone who loves her more than anything in the world and wants to love her each and every day… and he’s standing right in front of her.

(Your Name) and I stared at each other, her eyes wandered every inch of my face; it wasn’t until it was too late that I realized I was slowly leaning forward; my lips were just inches away from hers. Without thinking, I enveloped my lips over (Your Name)’s. I knew I had taken her by surprise because at first she didn’t kiss me back but after a few seconds, I felt her lips molding perfectly into mine. The kiss felt so passionate, it felt so pure and full of love and affection. I have never kissed a girl and have such an amazing feeling. After a few more seconds I pulled away, resting my forehead against (Your Name)’s.

“He didn’t deserve you and you certainly don’t deserve him, you deserve someone who knows you and knows how to treat you and love you the way that you deserve… I know he hurt you, baby, I even blame myself because if I would’ve told you I love you from the beginning, you’ve would still be with me and he would have never put you through everything that he did”.

(Your Name)’s mouth fell open and her eyes widened. “Y-You love me?”, her voice broke through her nervousness. I nodded my head in response and lifted my head up, looking down at her. “I’ve always loved you, (Your Name), but by the time I finally admitted it to myself I was too late, it hurt me every single day to see you with him, what hurt even more was having to hold you while you cried yourself to sleep because of him; I promise, baby, I would never make you go through that again”, I whispered, caressing her cheek softly. 

“I-I don’t know, Justin”, (Your Name) stuttered. “I don’t want to make the same mistake again if I lose you I don’t think I’ll ever get over it I-” “Hey hey hey, you’ll never lose me, baby, I’m not going anywhere; please just give me a chance to treat you better, let me love you the way you should be loved”.

(Your Name)’s lips slowly curled into a smile, that’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen her smile and not just as a charade of happiness. She nodded her head, her way of accepting. A huge smile stretched across my lips. With my hands still caressing her face, I pressed my lips to hers; I could feel her lips curl into a smile against mine. (Your Name) pulled away and looked at me; the look of heartache and sadness had been washed away by a beautiful smile and that same sparkle in her eyes that never failed to capture my heart.

“For the record, I’ve always loved you too, I just thought that you never felt the same way about me”, she admitted to me. After everything we’ve been through and after everything she’s done for me I would be a fool not to love her. 

I smiled at her and gently pecked her lips once more. I tend to take things slow with her, there is no way that I’m going to mess this up. 

Thank you so much for reading ♡♡

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Pizza My Heart

Title: Pizza My Heart

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 2,163

Warnings: Pizza?

Theme Song: The One You love by Passenger ft. Katie Miller Heidke

Summary: There’s love and there’s pizza. I’m not really sure what this is, to be totally honest.

A/N: I’m going to blame this one on every single person in the Fort City chat, which includes but is not limited to the people I’ve tagged at the end. Also I didn’t edit this so it’s probably very cheesy…


Your name: submit What is this?


“This is some kind of joke, right? There’s no way this textbook is only ten dollars!” The woman on the other end of the line rattled off some long line about the cost of textbooks being out of her control, and in the end you decided not to question the website any longer. Anything that saved you money was a welcome part of your world. Hanging up the phone, you glanced out at the dining room. It was filling up quickly. Soon you’d be doing what you did every Saturday evening—waiting on tables of sticky-fingered kids and exasperated parents, secretly hoping you’d find your Prince Charming amidst the crowded tables and spilt drinks.

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Somebody Else - Steve Rogers

Title: Somebody Else
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: The reader wonders how Steve could have moved on from her so quickly.
Words: 1,227 (including song lyrics)
Warnings: Mentions of a breakup, mentions of hatred, mentions of a heated argument, mentions of heartbreak, mentions of an upset character
Requested by: Anonymous
Note: Based on Somebody Else by The 1975.

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Rucas oneshot: Lucas brings Riley a sandwich with cake and a drink;)

Hehehehehehhe! This one’s kinda short because I have over 40 others I’m trying to finish for everyone too but considering SL2 and everything I bumped yours up to first priority haha! 

The group arrive back home from the trip to the lodge and Maya is taken back to the Matthews apartment where her and her best friend talk about the whirlwind of a trip. Katy swings by to pick Maya up on her way home from work. 

Riley pulls out the ring box Lucas gave her and twirls it in her fingers. Her face physically hurt from smiling so much. She sits on her bed and replays every second of their moment over in her mind. Any and all insecurities she’d felt because of this triangle were gone she was left completely at bliss. 

Riley wriggles back and rests her head against the bed frame and yawns. She remembers she hasn’t slept in two days. Still clutching to the ring box she drifts off to sleep. 

A few hours later Topanga knocks on the door and peers her head through. 

“Mommy?” Riley is groggy. 

“I was going to wake you for dinner.” Topanga smiles sweetly at her daughter. “But it looks like you’re covered. She nudges her head over in the direction of the bay window. Topanga closes the door and Riley gets up and strolls over to her trusty spot. 

Sitting on the seat is a juice box, a sandwich a piece of cake and a cookie. Riley smiles down at the food items and phones Lucas. 

“Hey.” He giggles through the phone. 

“Thanks for the snacks.” Riley sits down and picks up the juice box. 

“I thought I’d get you a cookie as well.” He sounds breathy, like he’s walking. 

“I love it.” She smiles to herself. “I wish you were here to split it with me.” 

“I didn’t want to wake you.” Lucas admits. “You looked peaceful.” 

“I’ll save you half and bring it to school?” Riley asks. 

“Or we could share it now?” A tap on the glass behind Riley startles her. Lucas is there with his phone pressed to his ear waiting. “I didn’t want to wake you so I just waited at the bottom of the stairs.” 

Riley hangs up there call and lets him in. Lucas crawls through and sits down laughing nervously. “Hi.” 

Riley breaks the cookie passes him the bigger piece. “I think I could get used to this.” 

“Me too.” He grins, letting his fingers brush over hers as he accepts her offering. 

“The Chance Of You”

Requested: Yes

Request: Hi! Could you do imagine where you and Shawn meet at m&g and he tells you to wait backstage and you spend a night at the hotel talking and laughing and something comes up? Love your “definitely love her now” imagine!!! Xx

Word Count: 3137

I couldn’t breathe. I was stressed, I was nervous, I was tense and anxious…you get what I mean. I was currently in line to meet Shawn. Not a big deal, you know, just… my everything. Thinking back to the show, it was absolutely incredible. He put every single part of his heart, soul and body in every word he sang and gave me goosebumps all night long. Even though it ended 30 minutes ago, I was still in a complete fog. I came back to my senses when I realized the line was getting shorter. The meet and greets were starting and I had very little time to pull myself together. I went from going over what I was going to say, to thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Soon enough, I was next in line and as I hear “Your turn.” I just completely forgot about everything that was clouding my head. The curtains opened and I realised he was right there. Right in front of me. I walked in, not knowing what I was gonna do and just told myself that I’d try my best to be normal. His back was facing me as I walked in. I glanced and saw he was laughing at something Brian said from the little table aligned next to the wall. I took extremely slow steps, not knowing what to do until someone on the crew called him out and nodded his head over to me. He turned around with a big smile that disappeared as soon as he saw me. I freaked out instantly but tried my hardest not to show it. Wondering if something was on my face or if I had done something wrong, I stepped up my pace, a million things racing through my mind.

As I made my way over, the huge smile quickly reappeared, reassuring me. He opened his arms wide as I wrapped my arms around his huge torso, my arms not being able to touch each other. I felt his arms hug my neck, since I was smaller, holding me close to his chest. We were embraced in each other’s presence for a couple of seconds, before he pulled away, just so that I was still in his arms, but that he could see my face, looking me straight in my eyes. Before he hugged me again quickly. Which lead me to release a breath I didn’t know I was holding, causing me to make a weird muffled sound due to my face being squished into his chest. He laughed loudly, as I unwrapped my arms from around him trying to hide my embarrassed face. “Are you okay, babe?” my heart fluttered as he spoke those words. But then again he did call all of his fans pet names. “Yeah. I’m alright. It’s not like I was hyperventilating back there.” I said nonchalantly, causing a chuckle to escape from his lips. “And there were a lot of fans there, just not the right kind to help me breathe.” I said. Regretting instantly. I tried to make a joke, but it sounded a lot better in my head. The words came out of my mouth as I closed my eyes, cringing at my bad joke. I don’t know if it was out of pity or if he actually found it funny but my words caused him to laugh loudly once again. “Oh, by the way, I’m Y/N” I said, stumbling over the simple words, realizing I forgot to introduce myself. “Nice to meet you-” he chuckled, “I’m Shawn”. I looked at him with a brassy expression. “Really?” I asked in a shocked tone. “I thought your name was Richard” I continued. He laughed, harder than ever, as he repeated my words “Richard…” I laughed along with him, thinking I was doing a good job so far. “How are you?” I asked, trying to keep our conversation going. You could hear the smile in my voice. He stopped laughing and looked at me like I was out of this world. I guess people don’t ask him that question often. “I’m great, thanks for asking hun” he replied. Yep, people didn’t ask him frequently. The camera man cleared his throat, stopping us from joking around, as we both turned to look at him and him pressing us to take the picture. Shawn rolled his eyes at him, looking back at me. “What do you wanna do?” he asked me, referring to what pose I wanted to do. “Whatever you want, I really don’t mind” I said. Which I thought would’ve been stupid, but I saw him grin. “Whatever I want?” he asked, smirking at me, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah?” I replied, more as a question to myself. He stood in front of me bending his knees slightly, so that he was closer to my height, and picked me up effortlessly. My legs wrapping around him, my eyes widening. I wasn’t expecting that. Nope, not at all. Even if I really like this pose, I would’ve been way too shy to ask for it. He put both of his arms under my tights, making it more intimate, compared to if he’d just put around my waist, as he would normally do with others. My arms found their way around his neck, my fingertips brushing slightly against his hair. He looked directly into my eyes and whispered “This” alluding to the pose he decided on. I looked from the corner of my eye as the camera man was putting his eye on the camera, meaning he was ready to take the picture. I looked back at him, as we both looked at each other adoringly. It wasn’t awkward at all actually, I felt comfortable around him. “I like this one” I whispered back, a huge smile on my face, causing him to smile even harder. “Got it” we heard. “Thank you-” I said “You’re welcome” he replied, still holding me. “-no, no. Thank you for everything. For being the loser that you are and making me incredibly happy and being my light through the darkness.” I said joking but also trying to make him understand the reasons of my “thank you”. He hugged me, moving his arms from under my thighs to my lower back, pressing me against his chest. “I still haven’t had the chance to tell you I love you” I whispered in his ear, causing him to squeeze me, rocking us back and forth. “I love you so much more Y/N” he murmured my name. “Not possible” I said as he put me down. Giving me one last hug. “Thank you Richard.-”I giggled “I love you, bye” I said my final words to Shawn, as I was being rushed out.

I took in a deep breath, the door closing behind me. This what way better than what I could’ve ever dreamt of. I hope I left a good impression. That he’ll remember me, at least for the day. I was now walking down the hallways, pulling my phone out of my pocket, ready to text my mom to come and get me, since it was now all over, unfortunately.  I clicked on her name, starting my message, but I heard a voice calling my name. “Y/N. MISS, PLEASE STOP” I turned around to see a man that I saw earlier from the crew running down the hallway to meet me. I started to walk toward him, meeting him halfway, wondering what this could be about. “Yes..?” I asked once I was in front of the man, my voice quietening. I saw a “SECURITY” badge on his muscular chest, and freaked out internally. I was pretty sure I was gonna end up in jail for some reason. “Y/N? Right?” He asked me. “Yes?” Will you please follow me backstage?” he asked calmly. “Uh…” I dragged the sound. I was so confused. “Okay… But why?” I questioned him. Trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. “Shawn has requested you to wait for him.” He answered, turning his back, already walking ahead of me. I let out a barely audible “What the fuck” pretty much asking myself….

He led me through a bunch of left’s and right’s going backstage, where all the rooms were. Like the lounge room, the maintenance room, and the dressing rooms. He led me in front of the one with “SHAWN MENDES” written in big bold letters on it. He opened the door and let me in. “He’ll meet you here as soon as he’s done with all of the meet and greets.” He spoke and went out the room, closing the door behind him. Leaving me all alone in this huge room. I stood in the middle, just looking around. I finally decided to let myself on one of the couch, careful not to touch anything. I was still really confused but I decided to text my mom explaining to her the situation and that I didn’t know when I’d be done. Trying to reassure her that everything’s was okay and that it’s was a really cool opportunity, even though I didn’t even know what the situation was. She ended up by agreeing and let me stay until I needed to. I stayed on the couch for about 15 minutes, scrolling through my phone, until I heard the door open. I sat up correctly, repositioning myself from my previous “slouched on the couch” position. I saw those 2 men enter and recognized them as Andrew, Shawn’s manager, and Brian, one of Shawn’s best friend. They both enter the room talking, and saw me sitting there. They both stopped, and looked at me, before they looked at each other. “Uh…Hey?” I said, still unsure about everything. “So you must be the one” Andrew said, making Brian chuckle. “I don’t really know what’s going on…” I said, my voice low, just looking for some answers. “Shawn’s coming, he’ll tell you.” Brian laugh as him and Andrew start to pick some stuff up, packing them, and sitting down on the other couch or the chairs placed around the room. I was still really confused, but decided to wait. Shawn really had some explaining to do. Barely 2 minutes later, I see the door open once again, recognizing the tall figure. He saw me sitting on the couch and smile. Scratching the back of his head. “Hey” he breathed out. “Hi” I replied heartlessly, not on purpose. Looking at him with a very puzzled look. He caught on that I wasn’t too happy and confused very easily. Andrew and Brian left the room, leaving only me and Shawn. “So…are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” I asked. “Because so far, I had this strange man drag me to this place without telling me what was going on, and 2 of your friends make weird comments about me.” I said softly. I wasn’t mad. And I showed that I wasn’t. I just wanted some goddamn answers. “Look…” he sighed. He moved from his previous place to next to me on the couch, sitting down. “-I just-” he sighed once again. Trying to find words. I put my hand over his, which was gripping his knee. Looking at him with an encouraging look. Urging him to speak. “Okay-” he breathed in, once he caught on. “I’ve never done this and this is weird, but I knew I would regret if it I didn’t…” he stopped, trying once again to find words. He looked up, looking into my eyes. Taking my hands in his. “Ugh…Okay, so from the moment I saw you I was shocked because you’re the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen in my life, and I gained instant interest in you, and then you I talked with you and you blew my mind instantly, you’re just so nice and funny and a total sweetheart, and I feel like there’s so much more to you and I wanna get to know all of you. I felt great in your presence and comfortable and having you in my arms made me feel weird. In the best way possible.” He paused to breathe in, since he was pretty much rambling at this point. He didn’t let me react and continued “And I don’t know what this is. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in infatuation at first sight. And I guess that’s what this is. And again this is weird, I never do this, but I couldn’t give up on the chance of you.” He finished. He lowered his gaze during his babble, and was now looking at our hands, too scared to look at me. I took my hands away and took his face in my hands, caressing his cheeks, making him look at me. He reluctantly looked at me and was welcomed with the biggest smile. I was still reacting to what he said. And I decided to just say what I was feeling. “Shawn, I came in here, expecting to meet my idol, and have him forget about me the day after. I could go on and on for hours about what I like about you. Seriously-” I looked at him seriously, my smile fading. “My sister gets so annoyed when I talk about you” he chuckled at me, smiling. The smile was back on my face. “And I felt the same way, and I say that genuinely, it’s not because you’re my biggest inspiration, and my crush, and my everything, I truly felt comfortable with you and felt like I could be myself around you and that it’d be okay. And I don’t know where you wanna go with this, but if you’re down, I’m down.” I said, chuckling at the unplanned reference I made. There was so much more that I wanted to say but at the same time I didn’t know what to say. So I had to run with what was coming out of my mouth. He looked at me smiling, looking down at my lips. We both obviously wanted to kiss each other, but I guess we both knew we had to take this slow, so he just said “You just made me so happy” taking me into his arms. And that was all I needed. He made me happier than ever and I succeeded to make him happy too. “Do you maybe, wanna hang out at the hotel? You know we can just talk, get to know each other more?” he said shyly. “Of course” I replied. “Okay, I think the others are waiting for us.” He giggled. He helped me up, leading me out of the door and to the lounge room where everyone was ready to leave. “Finally man!” Brian came over to pat Shawn’s back teasingly. “I don’t think we’ve had a proper introduction, I’m Brian” he said, making me chuckle.  I simply replied with “I’m Y/N”. Shawn introduced me very quickly to everyone and everyone were now on their way out of the stadium. We were the last one, everybody wanting to get back to the hotel already. I felt his hand brush against mine, taking it into his. Intertwining our fingers I slowly caressed his hand with my thumb. He looked down at me smiling, kissing my forehead.

The ride to the hotel was brief and uneventful. Just Shawn, Brian, Geoff, and another guy, whose name I had already forgotten, and I talking. We got there and everybody got to their room, tired after a long day. Shawn and I entered his room laughing about a story he told me. He quickly changed in the bathroom, asking me if I wanted to change into something more comfortable. I looked down at my skinny jeans and tight top who strangled me all day and gave in. He gave me a shirt of his and some “skinny sweats”, who fitted me as baggy sweats. We were now just talking. Talking. Something that’s hard with someone that you met less than 2h ago, but we just instantly clicked and our conversation when on and on and on. Without stopping. We could talk about everything and anything and still talk. We got at the hotel around 10:30 and it was now 2:45. We didn’t even realize that more than 4 hours were gone. I realized my mom had called a bunch of times and felt bad, she was probably worried and really mad at me by now. But then again, when I’ll tell her about my night, she’ll probably forget about it. She’ll be as excited as I was. “I think I have to go Shawn…” I said sadly, looking down. “Hey. It’s not like it’s our last time hanging out. It’s only our first” he winked. “We can hang out tomorrow if you want to.” he asked hopefully. “Sure!” I said excited, taking my clothes to change back in them. “No!” I heard Shawn say loudly, making me jump, causing both of us to laugh. “Keep them, like that you’ll be obliged to see me again to give them back.” He laughed, me along with him. “And you look good in them.” He added. “Okay then” I giggled as I texted the hotel’s address to my mom. We talked about what we could do the next day, debating whether we should explore the town since it was his first time here or go to eat or go so something fun or a mix of everything, until my mom texted me, telling me she was downstairs. We made sure to exchange numbers as he accompanied me down to the lobby, holding my hand.

 We arrived at the lobby and since it was 3AM, nobody was around. I turned to look at him, hugging him. My arms high, indicating I wanted to hug his neck. He bent down slightly and hugged my waist. Lifting me off the ground in a swift movement, and my legs wrapping around his waist, recreating our pose. I laughed at him, looking at him, my hands playing with his hair. “Starting to think you really like this pose, eh?” I chuckled. “Yeah, I like having you as close as possible” he brought me back to his chest, hugging me again. I kissed his cheek and unwrapped my legs, signaling for him to put me down. “I gotta go now, I’ll see you soon” I said as I was put on my feet. “Okay” he breathed out. “Bye” he spoke again, kissing my forehead, which was at his lip’s level. “Bye” I said back, walking towards the exit, waving. He waved back, pouting, making me smile. Now, all I have to do is explain to my mom why I was in a random hotel, in someone else’s clothes, at 3 in the morning. Fuck.



A/N: Thanks hun!xx I hope you all liked it. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I didn’t think it was good enough. Sorry about that. I don’t know how I feel about the ending, I had to do it over so many time and it still turned out like shit. But I hope you liked it. Btw, I know that meet and greets are normally before the concert, but I put it at the end for the sake of the imagine. As always, feedback is always appreciated, and I need request people!!!:) Thanks guys. Peace out -Red

I Want You Daddy - Josh Dun Smut

Josh and I have been dating for love two years and the spark between us has never died. Part of it is the fact that we love each other immensely and the other part of is that the sex, oh the sex is absolutely freaking fantastic. Josh has a daddy kink, he likes to be dominant and it was so completely hot to me. I liked calling him daddy and I liked being called princess.

“Babe?” Josh says pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I say walking over to him with two cups of coffee handing one of them to him.

“Is it okay if Tyler comes over? He wants to go over some of the details for the upcoming tour,” he says taking a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah that’s fine, Daddy,” I say with a small smirk.

“Oh, Princess,” he says biting his lip, “if Tyler wasn’t coming over I’d fuck you on this couch right here and now.”

I bite my lip staring at him. I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. How I wish he’d tell Tyler no and just taking me now. I shift in my seat a little bit feeling turned on.

“Okay, Daddy,” I say to him. “When will Tyler be here?”

“Um, pretty soon. I actually had already told him he could come over before I asked you,” he says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Wow, Daddy, maybe you should be the one to get punished,” I say with a giggle.

“Now now Princess, you know that Daddy get’s to make all the rules,” he says moving closer to me on the couch.

“I know Daddy, I was just teasing you,” I say taping his nose.

“You know I don’t like teasing,” he says squinting his eyes at me.

“I know,” I say leaning a soft kiss on his lips.

We got caught up in what was suppose to be an innocent kiss, that was until there was a knock at the door. Josh and I pulled away, our breath a little erratic. I take my thumb and wipe off some lips gloss that had gotten on Josh’s lips. I stood up from the couch and opened the door to reveal Tyler.

“Hey, Y/N,” he says to me with a smile.

“Hey Tyler, come on in,” I say opening the door and moving aside.

He walks in and takes off his shoes leaving them by the door. Tyler always takes his shoes off now every time he comes over now because one time he stepped in dog poop and tracked it all throughout the house. He felt so bad that he even paid to get the carpets of the effected rooms professionally cleaned. I giggle at the memory.

“Hey man,” Josh says to him. “Where do you want to work at?”

“Um I guess in your office,” Tyler says to him. That’s what we call Josh’s music room. He use to just keep his drums in the living room but it drove me crazy to have it echoing throughout the house when I was trying to study.

“Do you want some coffee or anything Tyler?” I ask him.

“Coffee would be great,” he says to me with a smile.

“I’ll bring it down when it’s done,” I say to him. “Do you want anything?” I turn my attention toward Josh.

“Um, a red bull I guess. Thanks Princess,” he says kissing my check.

“No problem, Daddy,” I whisper in his ear.

Josh smirks at me and he and Tyler walked off toward the office. I giggle and walk into the kitchen. I start on Tyler’s coffee but it doesn’t take that long to make. Once I had finished the coffee I opened the fridge and grabbed a Red Bull. I swear these things are going to be the death of Josh. With the can and mug in hand I carefully walk in the direction of the office. I knock on the door with my foot and Josh opens the door.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I say to him hoping Tyler didn’t hear me. He moves aside and let’s me in. I hand them both their drinks. “Anything else?”

“Nope, thank you babe,” Josh says to me opening the can.

“Alright, I’m gonna work out a bit. Just holler if you need me,” I say walking out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I walk up the stairs to mine and Josh’s shared bedroom. I walked to my dresser and open up the bottom drawer pulling out a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra, I know that I’ll get punished for walking around the house in this when we had someone over but I didn’t care, I honestly liked it when Josh punished me. I strip down into just my under wear and put on the items I had pulled out. I walk over to the walk in closet and grab a pair of my Nike shoes.

I walk down the stairs and into the other spare bedroom where we kept some workout equipment. I turn on the television that was on the wall turning on CNN and hop onto the treadmill. I watched the screen intently as they talked about the presidential election as I jogged on the machine.

“Princess?” I stopped the machine and muted the television looking over the door at see Josh popping his head in.

“Yeah?” I say looking at him trying to catch my breath.

“Can you help us with something real quick?” He asks staring at my body licking his lips.

“Yeah sure,” I get off the machine and turn off the television. I walk out of the room in front of Josh. As I walked past him his hand made contact with my ass, I jump in surprise. I look over him to see him smirking at me. We walk over to the office and I take a seat on the stool in front of Josh’s drum kit. “So, what do you guys need help with?”

“We need help on what we should wear,” Tyler says.

“Should we wear the red or the blue suits?” Josh adds in.

“The red,” I say immediately. “The fans love the red more so than the blue.” 

“Yeah you’re right,” Tyler says with a chuckle. “Well, I think that was everything.” We all three stand up from our seats and walk toward the living room. “Please let me leave before you two jump each other’s bones.” Tyler says slipping on his shoes.

“What?” I asked him a bit confused.

“I’m not deaf you know,” he says with a chuckle. “I heard you call him Daddy multiple times. Just wait till I leave.”

“Sorry,” Josh says to Tyler apologetically.

“It’s fine,” he says with a laugh opening the door, “I’ll see you two later.” With that he left.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl Princess,” Josh says turning toward me. “First you keep calling me Daddy, then you wear that when we have someone over, and then you embarrass me.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” I say to him. He walks over to the couch and sits down in the middle.

“You know the drill Princess,” he says to me.

I slip off my shoes and walk over to him laying down across his lap. He pulls down my shorts to reveal my ass. Without warning his hand makes contact with my ass cheek. I moan out in response. He repeats this action ten times. Once Josh was satisfied he rubs my ass cheek to try and relieve some of the stinging. I sit up off of his lap and look at him.

“Get on all fours Princess, I’m going to fuck you now,” he says getting off the couch and taking off his clothes.

I fully remove my shorts and thong and do as he says. He kneels on the couch behind me and pumps his cock a few times. We didn’t need foreplay this time, without any warning Josh slams into my soaking wet pussy. He stays still for a moment allowing me to adjust to his large cock at this angle. I nod my head to him, looking over my shoulder when I was ready for him to move. Josh starts to thrust in and out of me at a slow pace, he was trying to torture me.

“Daddy, please,” I beg him.

“As you  wish Princess,” he says with a husky voice.

He doesn’t hold back. Josh thrusts in and out at me with such speed and force I could help but scream out each time, I didn’t care if the neighbors heard us. All that mattered was the immense pleasure I was feeling with Josh deep inside of me. His hands held my waist in place, as he continued his thrusting. It felt so good. I soon felt my stomach begin to tighten.

“Daddy,” I moan out, “I-I’m so close.”

“Fuck! Me too!” Josh screams out. “Cum Princess, cum with Daddy.”

His words sent me over the edge. I scream out as my walls tighten around Josh’s big, hard cock. I can feel his cock twitch inside of me. He moans out my name, his thrusts increasingly getting sloppy as he came. My toes curl, my buckles turning white as my orgasm takes over me. Josh continues to thrust as we ride out our highs together. I felt so tired, once we had finished and Josh had pulled out I completely collapse on the couch, my arms and legs no longer being able to hold me up. We stay silent trying to catch our breath.

“I love you, Y/N,” Josh says looking at me with a deep voice.

“I love you too, Josh,” I say looking back at him with a smile.

“How about we go take a bath and relax a little bit,” he says to me getting up off the couch.

“Sounds amazing,” I say to him, “there’s just one problem. I don’t think I can walk.” 

“I’ll carry you Princess,” he says with a chuckle. He carries me up to our bedroom. I smile into his chest. I love this man so much it’s completely unreal. Hopefully we’ll have round two in the tub.

Number Game-Stiles Stilinski-100

Requested by: polarizedbyjoshdun

Stiles sighed lightly as he sat on the edge of your bed, running his hands through his hair as he put his head down, his hands now setting on the back of his neck.

While you two were out the night before, Scott, and Derek called him repeatedly until he had to bail out on you, which you understood. Though you wished he would’ve been able to stay, you knew his friends needed you.

He looked up as he heard footsteps and saw you coming down the hall, and got to his feet.

“Hey Stiles.” You said, a grin tugging to your lips as you walked over to him, standing in front of him.

“Hey, (Y/N). Look about last night. I just.” He sighed, shaking his head. “I wanted to apologize. I know that I might of seemed like a huge jerk just leaving you there. But I wanted to make it up to you.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Stiles, don’t worry about it. I get it, your friends needed you, and it was obviously serious or they wouldn’t of called you.” You said, reaching up and gently touching his cheek.

I want something to go right with us. Just once… Just-.” His words slowed down as you started leaning in, your lips pressing to his to stop him from worrying about it.

“It’s okay. Promise.” You murmured after pulling away.


161 who is it? Who are you seeing behind my back?

“Alright that’s it.” Aaron says dropping his fork and knife onto the table and looking over at you. You look at him in surprise.
“What’s wrong Aaron?”
“What are you hiding from me?” Oh shit. He knows. How does he know?
“What?” You ask with a small laugh, “I’m not hiding anything.”
“Yes you are.” He levels you with glare and you know he’s not buying it. “You’ve been sneaking around. Where were you last night when I got home? You’re never out that late.”
“I told you Aaron. I ran out of gas.”
“You never run out of gas. You get paranoid when it hits a quarter left.” He gives you a pointed look then sighs. “What other excuses do you have for me?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Are you seeing someone behind my back?”
“What? No! Of course not Aaron!”
“I know I’m gone a lot but I never thought you’d betray me like this.”
“Oh my god Aaron! I’m not cheating on you!”
“Then where were you last night?”
“I told you, I ran out of gas!”
“You. Don’t. Do. That.” He growls. Damn him. Damn him for knowing you so damn well. You were just trying to get him a birthday present that would get him out of the country so he couldn’t work. Somewhere the three of you could relax and you needed his team to help you out. Could he just chill the hell out?
“Aaron, I love you. I’m not going to cheat on you.”
“Then what’s going on?” He looks like you’ve kicked a wounded puppy.
“Damn it Aaron!” You cry getting up from the table. You go to the bedroom and pull his birthday present out from under your bed. You stalk back into the dining room and drop the box on the table. “This. This is what I was doing. Go ahead. Open it.” You cross your arms over your chest and he unwraps the present. He finds the paper inside. It’s a week long vacation to Jamaica, for him, you and Jack. You’d been at Rossi’s ironing out the issue of time off for Aaron. Derek got you a sweet deal with a friend of his and Garcia had been keeping info away from him. You couldn’t have done this alone.
“So where were you last night?”
“At Rossi’s. I was making sure that he had gotten all of the time off you need.”
“I’m sorry.” He looks up at you clearly ashamed.
“Yea, you should be.” He stands and pulls you to him.
“How can I repay you?”
“I have plenty of ideas. Starting with a nice long massage.”


Finn Balor/OC

For @randyortonstattoos :)

Sydney glanced at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. No matter how much makeup she put or how many hours she spent doing her hair, she was never happy. She never looked like those beautiful models on television or in magazines. Her heart fluttered when she thought about her boyfriend, Finn Balor. He worked with some of the most beautiful women she had ever seen and yet he chose to be with her. She swallowed the lump in her throat when she thought about how easy it would be for him to find someone better than her. People probably gave him a hard time as it was for having a girlfriend that was not drop dead gorgeous like the other guys’ girlfriends were.

When she heard a knock at the door, she set her brush down on the counter and headed towards the door. As soon as she yanked it open and saw Finn grinning like a mad man holding a huge bouquet of roses, all of her worried melted away. “Hello there, Beautiful.” He smiled as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her lips, handing her the roses.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were still in Florida for the live events!” She exclaimed as she stepped aside so he could come into the house. He sat down at the kitchen table as he watched her dig for a vase under the kitchen sink.

“They decided to replace me with Baron for the event tonight. I still have RAW tomorrow night, so I can’t stay long. But I just thought I would spend the little free time I had with you.”  She looked back at the gorgeous man and smiled. She had grown close to a few of the other wrestler’s wives and knew that when most of the guys got time off like this they still stuck around in the state they were due in for the next event. They didn’t normally fly home for twelve hours and then fly back. He truly wasn’t like the others guys. “What are you thinking about?” He asked as he rose from his spot at the table and made his way over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder.

She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shook her head. “Nothing. It’s nothing.” She turned around and smiled.

“It does not look like nothing to me, Sydney.”

“We don’t have a lot of time together, so I don’t want to spoil the few hours we have.”

Finn shook his head as he cupped her cheek in his hand. “I don’t care if we have five day, five hours, or five minutes! If there is something you want to talk to me about, good or bad, I want you to tell me.”

She stepped away from him and picked up the vase, almost as if using it as a barrier between them. “I…I just don’t get it.” She sighed as she slid her finger along the rim of the vase.

“Get what, Love?” He asked, cocking his head to the side. He watched as she grabbed the flowers and began putting them individually into the vase.

“I don’t get why you are with me. Me of all people! You are a gorgeous, fit, athletic, famous profession wrestler who could have any woman he wanted from a Victoria Secret model to a Playboy playmate and yet you are still with me! Not to mention the fact that you work alongside some of the most gorgeous women in sports entertainment for heaven’s sake! I am not the ideal woman. I am not a scrawny, size zero. I don’t have huge breasts, or a perfectly tones ass. I don’t spend thousands of dollars a month on hair and makeup products. I…” Before she could finish, Finn closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to hers.

“Let’s get a few things straight. You may not be a super model, or a famous athlete, but did it ever cross your mind that I may not be attracted to those kinds of woman? Yeah some of the divas I work with are pretty, but what you don’t see is how awful their attitudes are. Nikki had a screaming match with John in the locker room a few days ago because he bought her the five-thousand-dollar necklace and not ten thousand dollar one. Sydney, I like you because you are not those women. You are not high maintenance. I don’t have to worry about you getting pissed at me for not buying you a ten-thousand-dollar necklace.”

“I would kill you if you ever did something so stupid!” She exclaimed causing him to laugh.

“And what you said about you not being the ideal woman…let me just break this down for you…” He reached out and grabbed her hips, roughly pulling her into him. “If you were a scrawny, size zero I would not be able to touch you like this in fear of snapping you like a twig! Not to mention the fact that when I fuck you from behind I would not have anything to hold on to.” He grinned when he saw her let out a shaky breath. “Your breasts may not be huge, but they are a perfect fit for my hands…” He removed his hands from her hips and placed them on her breasts, gently squeezing them in his large hands. She bit her lip to hold back a moan as he continued. “And your ass is just perfect to me.” He whispered against her ear as he reached behind her and cupped it in his hands. He used his grip on her ass to lift her up and set her down on the counter. “Sydney, you are everything I could ask for. You are beautiful on the inside and out. I am the luckiest guy in the world to get to call you mine.” He slid his thumb across her cheek as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

She reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you so much, Finn.” She whispered, trying to fight back the tears of joy that were now threatening to fall. He pulled away and looked down at her with a smirk. She blushed as she felt the heat of his gaze on her. “What?” She giggled.

“I want to show you something.” He replied as he held his hand out to her to help her off the counter. She hopped down and let him lead her through the house towards the bedroom.

“What are you showing me?” She asked as soon as they stepped inside the bedroom.

“Why you and I are the perfect fit.” He smiled as he pulled her into his arms and passionately kissed her. His hands instantly slid down her sides, causing shivers to course through her body. He nibbled on her bottom lip, begging for an entrance. She immediately obliged and parted her lips, giving him access. Their tongues battled for dominance as both of their hands began to slide across each other’s bodies. When she reached out and rubbed her hand along the front of his jeans, he let out a hiss. “If I didn’t want you, would I be this hard after only a kiss?” He moaned against her ear, before trailing kisses down her neck.

She let out a soft moan as soon as he found the sweet spot on her neck, nipping and kissing the delicate flesh. His hands slipped into the waistband of her shorts and began pulling them off of her. She braced her hands on his chest, as she stepped back to kick the denim material out of the way, before pressing her body against his once more. Her pussy grew wet as soon as she felt hard cock pressing against her abdomen.

“I have to get these off before I explode.” He groaned as he quickly unzipped his jeans and kicked them away, along with his Star Wars boxers. Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She licked her lips as soon as she saw his large cock pulsing with need in front of her. The tip glistened from the pre come that had already formed. When she bent down and swirled her tongue around the tip, he let out a curse as he tangled his hands in her hair. She slowly took him into her mouth, loving his musky taste. When she had taken so much that his cock hit the back of her throat, her eyes began to water and she fought hard to keep from gagging.

He looked down at her almost as if to ask for permission as he used his grip on her hair to hold her head firmly in place. When she nodded her head, he began to fuck her mouth. He let out a string of curses and his dick slid further down her throat. When she began softly gagging around him, he quickly withdrew himself from her mouth. “Fuck!” He moaned as he reached down and helped her to her feet, before pushing her back onto the bed. “Get your shirt off!” He commanded as he grabbed her legs and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. He slid his hands across her thighs as he began placing soft kisses along her legs. She shivered under his touch, but did not dare move away. When his mouth got closer to her pussy, he could feel her holding her breath, waiting for it. As soon as his hot tongue slid across her pussy, she nearly bolted off of the bed.

“Oh Finn!” She cried as she reached out and gripped his hair. He did not move his mouth away from her pussy for a second, even as he slipped a finger into her pussy. “Don’t stop!” She begged as he repeatedly pumped his finger in and out of her, driving her closer and closer to release. When she felt her orgasm approaching, her grip on his hair tightened. “I’m going to come!” She cried.

When he suddenly pulled away, a whimper escaped her lips. “You aren’t coming yet.” He told her as he grabbed her hips and filled her over onto her belly.  She let out a moan as she quickly pulled herself up onto her hands and knees. She knew exactly what was coming. He did not fuck her like this often, but when he did she knew it was going to be hot!

As soon as she felt the tip of his dick against her entrance, she let out a breathy moan. She wiggled her hips, begging him to take her. “Don’t worry. I am going to give you what you need.” He whispered before plunging his dick into her.

“Fuck!” She cried as she arched her back. Finn pressed his hand to her back to keep her in position as he began to fuck her. At first he went slow, pulling himself out of her, before driving himself all of the way back into her tight pussy. But after just a few minutes, he had enough of the slow shit. He roughly grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her so hard and fast that the headboard repeatedly slammed against the wall. When he reached around and tugged on her nipples, she finally lost it. She cried out his name as her orgasm ripped through her. No longer able to hold herself up on her arms, she collapsed onto the bed. But Finn was not quite done yet. He placed a hard smack to her ass as he continued to drive himself deeper and deeper into her.

“Come for me, Finn.” She moaned.

Those four words were all he needed. It was only a second before his release shot through him. His entire body shook with pleasure as he rode the high of his release. He pulled out of her and fell onto the bed beside her, trying to catch his breath. She snuggled in closer to him and pressed her ear to her chest. “You hear that? You make my heart beat out of my chest.”

She giggled. “That is just from the sex!”

He shook his head as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “No. My heart beats like this every time I see you. No other person, let alone woman has the ability to do that to me. That is how I know that you are the only one for me. You always have been and always will be the most perfect woman in the world.” He smiled as he pressed his lips to hers.

Prank King & Queen

{Imagine: Reader & Brendon play pranks on each other, with victory for one. 

Request: Yes / Can u make a imagine of Brendon pranking reader so much and reader pranks Brendon but Brendon gets her back by doing a huge prank in the end. (Brendon calls himself the prank King) 

 Word count: 924

 Writing this with blurry vision may not be the best choice haha. Ask box is OPEN! I’ll be able to see in 20/20 vision soon!!! I’m so excited!!!

Imagine coming up *ding ding*}

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“Fire in the hole!!!!!” You hear Brendon scream amused and curios. You turn your head at the sound. But before you can see anything, you smell ‘febreze’, the first few seconds it smelled nice. But after two seconds the smell is too much, you start to choke, notebook and song lyrics forgotten, you scream. Not healping your new headache.

“Brendon!!! What’s wrong with you!?!” You yell while running out of the room you were in. You see Brendon laughing his butt off in the hall of the studio, with Dallon by his side. “Why would you two do that? Now I have the biggest headache.” You say irritated.

The boys are still laughing at you while you stand to the side coughing and gagging. “I hate you both.” You tell them seriously. They both immediately stop laughing and turn serious. “Uhhh Nah, you still love us no matter what.” Brendon says. 

You give them both a deadly stare. “Are you sure about that?” You question. They give each other scared looks and book it in the other direction. You laugh knowing you will get your revenge soon. 

You’ve been planning this for a few days already. You had got a life size cut out of Mr. Bean. You had got to the studio earlier than the guys. Walking into the men’s bathroom, you put the cut out behind the door, so that when you’re walking out of the bathroom you see it.  

You also thought of something else last minute. Knowing Brendon will take his morning dump. You put POP TNT rocks carefully under the seat of the toilet.

Setting up the camera high up and in a place where the boys won’t see it. You click record knowing Brendon will need to pee right after you guys have your group breakfast. 

“Sup guys, how’s your morning?” You greet. Brendon gives you a look as if he knows you’re up to something. You try to play it off by smiling at them and giving them their breakfast. “Hey Y/N, mine was good. How was your morning?” Dallon says. “Cool cool….” You respond. 

“Uhhh yeah, I’ve had a good morning so far.” Brendon says after a few seconds. Brendon finished his drink in less than five minutes. “Okay! Bathroom break.” He screams, as soon as he walks out of the room you give a sinister laughter that only grows louder and louder. Dallon looks at you. “Okay, what did you do?” he asks. 

You put your hands in surrender. “Hey! He pranked me first, not the other way around. So I only thought I could return the favor of the prank.” You tell him. 

“No, I know that part. But what did you do to him?” 

“You want to see?”

He nods excitedly at you. You smile a wide smile. Grabbing your laptop you turn on the bluetooth, finally after a few clicks you get the feed from the guys bathroom. “Uhhh have you been spying on us this entire time?” He asks.

“Psh. no why would I want to see your man parts?” You say laughing. 

Watching the bathroom feed, you guys see Brendon walking into the bathroom. He’s singing Fall Out Boy. You and Dallon start cracking up at him singing FoB. He walks into the stall. You guys can’t see past the stall door, so you rely on the sound. 

You don’t think you have ever heard a grown man scream so much like a little girl before. The pop rocks go off. He sat on the toilet.

“AHHHHHHHH” The girl screams.

Cracking up you and Dallon are rolling on the floor dying of laughter. “At least he doesn’t need to dump anymore.” You say very out of breath. 

Brendon walks out of the stall pissed. He washes his hands ‘thank goodness’ you think. He grabs a few paper towels, drys his hands. Walking to the exit, he grumbles a few not so nice things about you, once he looks up his face is priceless. Again you don’t think you have ever heard a grown man scream so much like a little girl.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He jumps back at least six feet. 

As soon as his senses are back, he’s moving, running out of the bathroom screaming. He runs down the hall all the way to the recording studio. Slamming the door closed he’s breathing so heavy that he falls to the ground panting like a dog. 

“Ha!!! That’s what you get for giving me a headache the other day!!!!” You scream victoriously. 

Brendon gives an evil laugh when he finally decides on what final prank he’s going to pull on you. He grabs a handful of glitter and confetti pieces and puts them on top of your living room ceiling fan. He grabs your broom and sweeps whatever pieces of glitter and confetti have fallen. 

He finds your camera and hides it high up in a place where it can’t be seen and waits for you to come home. 

Finally after a few hours you come home. You sigh at how hot your house is, looking up you see why it’s so hot. Your ceiling fan isn’t on, you roll your eyes at how stupid you are for leaving it off. You flip the switch and wait for the cool air to circulate a bit. What you get is a face and living room full of glitter and confetti. 

“BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!” You scream at the top of your lungs.

He pops out of no where and screams. 


F*ck, Marry, Kill

A/N: lmao this ending is so crappy but i’ve had writers block for three days so here ya go 

Summary: Murphy stands up for Reader during a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill”

Warning: Language (obviously), Sexual References, and very brief mention of hanging.

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Let’s be real, Earth isn’t the happiest place in the universe, but it certainly beats being stuck in a giant metal box. On the nights off from being attacked by grounders or being plagued by viruses, The 100 can finally let loose. These nights usually involve Monty’s famous moonshine. Unfortunately, moonshine and a group of teenage delinquents don’t always mix.

“Hey, (y/n). You aren’t drinking tonight?” Raven asked as she walked up to the group of girls that had already formed.

“Nah, I figured I’d stay sober tonight. Usually when Monty breaks out the moonshine at least one person gets hurt.” Part of that was true, but you also weren’t ready to re-encounter the famous hangover that tagged along with Monty’s ‘famous’ moonshine.

“Yeah, remember the one time Miller got so hammered, he tried convincing people he was fireproof?” Octavia added, as she downed the rest of her cup.

You all laughed and continued to share all the alcohol fueled stories that you’d encountered since crashing to Earth. Soon the stories had turned into gossip; who’s sleeping with who, people that couldn’t pull their weight, the usual. As hard as you tried paying attention you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching you. You looked up to scan all the people around you and landed on Murphy’s gaze.

You two don’t have the best track record, but recently he’d finally thanked you for trying to help him after his hanging. And for the first time you actually thought there might be at least a tiny atom of decency in his body.

The way he looked at you was unfamiliar. Assuming it was the moonshine, you returned his look with a friendly smile and returned your attention to the girls.

Meanwhile on the other side of camp serious discussions had begun. The boys had gathered around the fire to chug down alcohol and play a fun game of Fuck, Marry, and Kill.

“Okay, okay,” Bryan interjected to gain everyone’s attention, “I have a better one. Craig, choose carefully. Fuck, marry, kill: Harper, Fox, and (y/n).”

When Murphy heard your name every hair on his body stood on end. He grasped his glass of moonshine a little tighter, trying to remind himself that it was only a game. A game that would go terribly wrong if Craig had answered incorrectly.

“Oh, come on man! That’s way too easy! I’d definitely fuck (y/n). Have you seen the tits on that girl?! The things I would do..”

The rest of the sentence blurred out as Murphy focused in on Craig. His eyebrows furrowed and he put his glass down so he could make a fist.

“That’s enough!” Murphy said with a low growling voice. He’d never been protective over anyone but himself, but this was no different. You were the only one that had ever shown him an ounce of kindness, and for some reason the boy who didn’t show an ounce of emotion felt something for you. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he liked it.

“Whatever, Murphy! Don’t lie. I bet you’d bend her over in a heartbeat,” Craig replied as he looked for the approval of the others.

Murphy suddenly launched forward, his fist harshly meeting Craig’s face.
You were in the middle of a sentence when a loud thud followed by applause caught your attention. You looked over to see two boys rolling on the ground while the others sat back and cheered them on. Your eyes slowly focused on who was fighting and you saw Murphy on top, throwing punches as if his life depended on it. You and Octavia instantly ran over to stop them.

“Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off!” Your screams didn’t catch their attention as Murphy continued to throw punch after punch. You reached to grab Murphy’s shoulder, and unsure if it would work, you called him by his first name. It caught both of you off guard, you’d never heard someone call him by his first name before and judging by the look on his face, it was like he’d never heard it either.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but it’s over.” Octavia yelled from behind you.

Murphy nodded victoriously as he stood over a bruised and battered Craig.

“Murphy you’re bleeding. Let’s get you to medical, okay?” You said as you gestured towards the drop ship. Maybe it was because of your recently discovered soft spot for the bad boy or knowing that it was your job to fix these things.

You made your way into the drop ship and began looking for the supplies you’d need to stitch up the gash that split Murphy’s eyebrow. You walked over to him and placed yourself in between his legs to gain a better view of the cut.

“Murphy, what the hell happened out there?” you asked, as you tried to calculate how many stitches he would need.

He just shook his head, but you quickly raised you hand to his cheek to keep him steady.

“Sorry..” The cliche electricity that you felt from the contact came to attention and you immediately removed your hand, blushing.

“It’s okay..”

“Oh, so we’re speaking now?” you said cracking a smile and hoping to alleviate the tension in the room. “So can you tell me what happened?”

“They were just playing a stupid game and it went too far, so I ended it,“ he hissed at the pain of the first stitch entering the broken skin.

“What kind of game?” you asked as you focused on making sure the stitches were even.  

“It doesn’t matter.” Part of him knew that if he started thinking about what Craig said he’d just get angry enough to leave the drop ship and start throwing punches again.

“Well I’ll have to assume you were overreacting if you don’t tell me what happened.” You didn’t know John well, but you could only assume that getting a reaction out of him would be the only way to make him open up.

“They were making comments about the girls in the camp, and I just got tired of it.”

“You were standing up for other people? This is new.” You tried making a joke, you always turned to comedic relief.

“Not people. I stood up for you.” Suddenly the comedic relief ended. You could hear the seriousness in his voice. You finished up the last stitch and wiped the remaining blood from his cut. Thankfully, it gave you a few extra seconds to come up with a response. You took a step back and looked at him. You weren’t used to feeling this way about Murphy and it was confusing. Up until a few days ago you despised each other, but now you could help but feel that maybe there was more to him than you thought.

“That’s really sweet of you, John.” You caught yourself saying his first name again but this time it felt appropriate. “But next time you don’t have to do that, they’re just stupid horny teenagers.”

“I’m always going to stick up for you, (y/n).” He didn’t dare make eye contact as he spoke.  


He rolled his eyes and laughed under his breath in true Murphy fashion. “You don’t get it do you?”

You looked at him waiting for an explanation but you were quickly caught of guard.

“Fuck it…” Murphy pushed himself off the table and walked towards you. In one swift motion he brought both of his hands to your cheeks and crashed his lips into yours.

Your eyes immediately opened, shock pulsing through your body, but you caught yourself enjoying the way his soft lips felt on yours. Your eyes closed as you melted into his kiss. You felt his tongue brush you bottom lip and you granted him entrance. You didn’t bother fighting for dominance in the kiss because you knew you’d lose. Quickly running out of breath, he pulled away.

“Listen, I’m not good with words,” he said still making eye contact with you.

“That’s okay, I’m speechless anyways,” you laughed as you pressed your lips to his once again.

Let’s be real, Earth isn’t the happiest place in the universe, but considering you and Murphy had begun to get along, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Damon’s POV

Y/N was new in the group; she was helping us with Kai since she was Siphoner just like him. Helping us understand how it worked, what we should and shouldn’t do. Apart from that she was really nice but also extremely sarcastic at the same time, the perfect combination, not to mention she was really pretty. Now she was sitting in a chair next to the window at our house, reading one of Stefan’s old books. I couldn’t stop watching her and trying to discover what was going on inside her head.

‘You know; a picture would last longer’ her voice took me back to reality. She was looking at me now with a big smile on her face, a perfect one.

‘Don’t flatter yourself. I was just looking outside’ I told her, trying to hide the fact that I was staring at her.

‘Yeah sure’ there was her sarcasm. Then she laughed and I swear that sound filled the hole room, it was all I wanted to hear once and again and again. That was the moment I realized maybe I felt something for that sarcastic beautiful girl, maybe I wanted to be more than friends if we even were that, maybe I wanted to just grab her by the waist and kiss her till were out of breath or cuddle up next to her in the couch in front of the fire while she read on of her books just so when she felt asleep I could carry her upstairs and lay next to her the hole night.

Requested ↴

Anon: Could you do more with Damon? -When he realise the feelings for you -catch me if you can - the first look - fighting with Ric because of y/n -Elena seeing you two in bed - stefan is jealous of Damon course he is the boyfriend - the first fight -children -wedding You know what I mean? 🙃🙃

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Re-Decide (Revenge Part 4)

Revenge (Part 1)

Re-Appearance (Revenge Part 2)

Realize (Revenge Part 3)

His face being slightly lightened by the moon reminds me of the times when I’m wide awake at night, not knowing what to do but to just stare at his sleeping face; only this time, he’s not sleeping, but staring at me as our hands are laced together, our clothes spread all over the floor and our nude bodies being covered with a thin blanket as the wind outside visits us with its cold breeze.

The enjoyable silence that we share has made me think questions of that night. “What happened to you?”

He stares at our hands, not meeting my eyes as he replies. “I don’t know, I was unconscious… When I woke up, I was lying in a hospital bed with Nathan sleeping on a chair beside me.”

I let go of our tangled fingers and place them on his cheek, making him look at me. “You’re lucky to have a brother like him.”

He takes my hand and holds it in his, making me heat up as those familiar, sparkling eyes stares into mine. “I’m even luckier to have you,” his sheepish smile makes my heart skip a beat and I lay there frozen, missing those sweet words that he would say to me. “Because you’re a rare woman to have.”

I cannot help but to smile as all I’m thinking is that I’m the one who’s lucky; to have someone like him is like having a treasure–you go through all these trials and puzzles and when you finally seize it, it’s yours to keep. That’s what he is to me and I haven’t realized that until now and I deeply regret just using his affectionate feelings for granted.

“I love you…” I whisper to him, our lips colliding with each other like there’s nothing else to do; like they’re two inseparable beings that can’t have enough of each other.

When we break away, we stare at each other for a moment, his eyes shimmering from the light outside and he looks as if he’s in thought but then again, so am I. His eyes stares down and sees the pendant that he gave me for our one year anniversary. I haven’t thought much about it but now remembering it, it had meant a lot to me because that was when I had completely forgotten about Rafe and I thought that Sam was the one. He takes it in his fingers, staring at it intently.

A memory of our last argument about Rafe comes to mind and I can’t help but to just blurt out a remark. “You could have left me for another woman, you know.”

His eyes immediately looks into mine, his brows as pushed together in confusion and disbelief. “What? I would never replace you even if there’s a gun pointed to my head,” his hands move to my cheeks, his thumb caressing it. “Besides, there’s no other woman in the world who’s like you.”

My heart flutters from his sweet remark and we lean towards each other to kiss again until my phone buzzes somewhere on the floor and I curse it for not have the perfect timing. I quickly wrap the blanket around me as I search around the dark surroundings for it, stumbling over our clothes. The blinking light of my phone catches my attention and I immediately swipe to answer.

Where are you?” Rafe’s voice rings in my ears as he suddenly comes in my brain, reminding me of my promise to him.

I glance at Sam who’s putting on his clothes. “Oh, um… I was just out shopping… I’ll, uh… Be there in a minute…”

Don’t keep me waiting…” The call ends and I’m left with remembering that we’re ‘celebrating’ our reunion together. I curse myself for this mistake; angry at the fact that this situation is happening again. Sam leans on the bed, staring at me questioningly as I dress myself.

“You know you’re wearing my shirt, right?” He points out and I stare down to see his shirt reaching until my thighs.

“Oh, bugger…” I mutter to myself as Sam chuckles lightly. When I put everything on, I walk over to him, planting a kiss on his lips before leaving.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, where do you think you’re going?” He stops me by the hand and I turn around to face him.

Not knowing how to put this lightly, my eyes dart around the room for answers but I just come out as blank. “Rafe and I have plans this evening, so I have to go…”

He immediately raises up from the end of the bed. “You’re not going without me… I don’t trust the fucker after last time.”

Arriving at Rafe’s mansion, Sam and I exit the car, him following behind me. As we reach the front door, I suddenly stop in my tracks, turning around to face him.

“Wait outside.” I order him, he shifts in his place in discomfort.

“No, that’s not happening. I will not forgive myself if something happens to you.” He looks into my eyes deeply, like he’s begging and I sigh and let him follow me, knowing that with his stubborn-ass, there’s no use on trying to make him change his mind.

My heart thumps hardly in my chest as I’m thinking how Rafe will react when he sees Sam. I take a deep breath before opening the door holding Sam’s hand tightly into mine, afraid to loose him again. As we enter, Rafe is seated comfortably on the couch, facing the fireplace with a glass of champagne in his hand. The thud of the door shutting catches his attention and he turns around, the smile on his face fading as he sees Sam behind me.

“I thought I killed you!” He yells, making his way towards us while I keep myself in front of Sam, but Sam pushes past me, protecting me. Due to his incredibly tall height, it’s impossible to see what is about to happen when all you see are his shoulders and his back.

I can hear Rafe’s heavy footsteps drawing near and suddenly, Sam falls to the floor, holding onto his jaw. Before I could react, Rafe sets himself on top of him, blowing punches one after the other. I run towards them, yelling at Rafe to stop but he’s just as stubborn as Sam.

“Rafe, please!” I try again, as I nudge his shoulder to stop. My tears start to fall as I see Sam weak on the floor, his mouth bleeding as Rafe keeps punching. Rafe is panting as he stops to look at me, his teeth gritted but I can see through his anger that he’s disappointed–disappointed that he couldn’t keep me to himself.

“What did I do wrong?” His eyes are starting water as he looks at me, placing his bloody hands on my shoulders, pushing me slowly against the wall. “I waited… I changed… For you…” He cups my cheek and rests his forehead onto mine. “Just tell me… What did I do wrong?!” He rests his head on my shoulder, his anger changing abruptly as I hear his sobs on my shoulder. Looking at Sam on the floor, he starts to raise up, regaining his composure and breathing in the air he lost. “I loved you…” Rafe mutters before unexpectedly kissing me, a desperate feeling as he pulls me close like he’s trying to get me back; trying as hard as he can to get the love that we had back. His soft lips brushes against mine and forcing himself onto me; forcing me to love him again. We are cut short my Sam grabbing him by the shoulders and pressing him against the wall, his hands on his neck, choking him as Rafe struggles for freedom.

I place a hand on my lips, trying to get back to the situation that I’m in. I try to talk–to stop him–but my mouth seems to have a mind of its own. My throat comes out dry as I try to scream for Sam to let him go. My heart beats in my ears as my vision starts to blur, wanting to get away from all of this mess and runaway to a safe place; but my feet feels like they’re stuck on the ground and I can’t move. My brain tells me to run but my body doesn’t obey. A crashing sound breaks everything and my vision returns, but I quickly regret it as I see Sam on the ground with Rafe pointing a gun to his head yelling, “Choose wisely, darling! It’s either me or him!”

- - - - -

Who will you pick..?

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For the Anon who asked for 196 (Here let me see) with Bucky

You’re sitting in the back of the quinjet legs folded tightly, your mouth in a thin line. You’re pissed. Bucky had been acting especially reckless lately, you don’t know what has gotten into him. When you were covering him on one of his suicide runs you had let your guard down to attack and attack Hydra did. You were sure that your wrist was broken and you were bleeding heavily from where the Hydra agent’s knife had caught you. You were trying to keep pressure on the wound but the pain from your wrist wasn’t making it easy.
“Can I sit down?” Bucky asks softly.
“If you must.” You don’t really want him to know you’re hurt but he’s not stupid. He’ll figure it out.
“Are you mad at me?”
“You’re not invincible Buck!” You snap.
“More invincible than you.” You glare at him and he motions to your injured arm. “That came out wrong.” He says attempting to backpedal.
“Yea I took this hit when I was covering your six!” You turn away from him and do your best not to wince.
“I’m sorry doll. It’s just, if I can take more people out than you don’t have to and I can protect you.”
“How did that plan work for you today?” You ask softly. His heart is, apparently, in the right place.
“Not well. I’m sorry you got hurt because of me.”
“It’s not so bad.” You turn back toward him and rest your head against his arm. “You have to communicate. If you would have told me you were going in I could’ve moved my position so that I wasn’t so exposed.”
“I’m sorry doll. I hate to see you like this. Here. Let me see.” He takes hold of your injured arm and gently starts to wrap the cut with some gauze you hadn’t noticed in your anger.
“Ow!” You hiss causing Bucky to freeze. “I think I broke the wrist.” You admit softly.
“Oh doll I’m so sorry. I’m horrible.” He looks so sad.
“It’s okay. I’ll heal. Granted not as fast as you will but I’ll heal.”
“That’s why I’ve been so aggressive lately. I can’t stand seeing you hurt.”
“I can’t watch you get hurt either James. This is a two way street.”
“You’re right.” He wraps his arms around you pulling you tightly to him.
“I know.” He laughs softly and you put your uninjured hand on his cheek. “I love you James Barnes. I can’t keep watching you do this. Please don’t make me.”
“I love you too doll. I still need to protect you but I’ll quit being so aggressive about it.”
“Deal.” You agree knowing that’s the best you’re going to get from him. He kisses you softly on the top of the head. You tilt your head up and kiss his lips. Reminding him how much he means to you. Pulling away you snuggle into his chest and close your eyes, thankful that you can fall asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat.