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So baby pull me closer to the backseat of your Rover ~♡○°


Don’t call me Turtle Man.

remember my love when we’re apart by tiedbows

my ultimate sheith playlist (equal parts tender and emo)

the postal service - such great heights // fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down // the boxer rebellion - if you run // run river north - shiver (cover) // shawn mendes - never be alone // vance joy - fire and the flood // little green cars - the john wayne // ruelle - war of hearts // the cab - intoxicated // dashboard confessional - hands down // no doubt - running // run river north - somewhere // gavin degraw - belief // bon iver - skinny love // howie day - collide // of monsters and men - king and lionheart // snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar // coldplay - in my place // the fray - look after you // relient k - must have done something right // bleachers - i wanna get better // the all-american rejects - there’s a place // daft punk - something about us // angels & airwaves - saturday love // brandon flowers - crossfire // keane - somewhere only we know // rudimental - lay it all on me (feat. ed sheeran) // utada hikaru - hikari // coldplay - violet hill // run river north - seven

  • Headcanon that its gotten to a point where, whenever Keith or Lance deny that they're pining over/flirting at each other, Hunk and Pidge give each other this Look and Pidge blasts 'I won't say I'm in love' through every speaker within a mile radius.

I’m wasted on you

the idea hit me and i had to draw it, i may have gotten carried away…

but regardless these two have the “damsel in distress” and “knight in shining awesome armor” possible dynamic and i kinda love that.

*throws more flower petals*

Daughter (Part 2)-Carl Grimes

Requested: Yes and no

Plot: The day after Negan’s daughter Y/N arrives in Alexandria, Carl brings Michonne and Rick to meet her and talk to her. Y/N, as Carl knows, is on their side-and wants Negan dead. Carl saw a lot of his old, more vulnerable self in Y/N-but will Rick or Michonne?

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, fluff

Paring: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3,098

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m pretty sure Daughter is my most liked post on this blog and I’m so shook! This is all thanks to you guys. If you haven’t already, make sure to read the first part here. Also, let me know if you want another part after this one. If you want to request anything else, my requests for imagines, preferences, and ships are open right now. Anyway, I’m sure you want to read this, so here we go! ❤️ ~Mercury

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Half A Heart (rain edit)
One Direction
Half A Heart (rain edit)


i had to change the speed a bit so it woldnt count as copy right but its not much :) 

song itself isn’t mine, but the edit is so please dont steal or claim as your own! xx