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Draco malfoy x reader (feelings, other Side of draco, FLUFF!)

It’s was the night of the nights. The night that would be marked as party history in the hogwarts books. It was the yearly secret hogwarts party where only a couple of student of each house were invited to. And ofcourse the slytherin prince who made the party happening.

This year you were invited for the second time. The slytherin prince has noticed your presence once again. The one time you two talked was last year (5th year). It was a short conversation about quiditch… at least you thought..


Anyway, you were happy to be invited to this party. Especially because it was an masquerade party.


You opened the room of requirement, music was blasting really loud the minute you entered the big room.
You put on your mask and walked into the room. “Hello gorgeous..” draco moved closer and kissed you on the cheek. Luckily it was dark outside or else he would’ve seen you red cheeks. “Do you even know who I am?” You said smirking. “Definitely, I wouldn’t just kiss any girl on the cheek.” He reached out his hand to you. You grabbed his hand. He led you to the middle of the dance floor. Draco put his hand on your lower back, while dancing with you. Draco moved closer and whispered something in your ear. “I’m glad I invited you.” You laughed. “Girl number 47 right?” Draco looked uncomfortable at first but quickly got his ‘act’ together again. “You are not a number to me, I only had one serious girlfriend.” You stared at him. “One? I’ve seen you with other girls.” Draco smiled. “I’m not really a player if you think that, I rarely talk to girls. They come to me sometimes, not that often though. I only talk to girls who I’m interested in.” You gave him a questioning look. “Do you want something to drink?” You nodded. Draco grabbed you hand and leaded you trough the crowd. The lights were going on and off, and everyone was going wild.


Draco walked towards the bar and ordered two drinks. He grabbed the two glasses and handed you one. “How do you give such good party’s?” Draco smiled again. “I learned it from my mother she gave great party’s, when I was younger she would give these big masquerade balls with all her friends and acquaintances, it was amazing. She had beautiful decorations, and lights all over our ballroom. That what I thought of while walking in the room of requirement.” Draco pointed at the big chandelier above the crowd. “IT really is Beautiful! How do you choose the guests for your party’s?” Draco took a sip of his drink. “I.. i dont really choose the guests, I put you on the list myself thought but I always ask blaise and pansy to make the guest list. I don’t know many people, and I don’t have many friends to ask.” You looked at his pale face. His face impression was difficult to read. “It’s lonely on the top.” Draco put his glass on the table and leaned against the bar, his face emotionless. You touched his arm. “Let’s talk outside.” You held his hand and led him out of the room of requirement.


The moment you two walked out of the room draco’s face impression changed. The what seem to be a though boy turned into a sad boy, with a lot of demons to deal with.

“Tell me what’s on your mind.” You placed you hand on his knee. “I..” draco turned his face away. Nobody should feel unloved. Nobody should feel alone. You really wanted to be there for draco. “If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. I don’t want to push you.” Draco looked at you and moved closer. “I just.. I just feel so alone… everyone has friends at hogwarts who care about them… I’m even jealous of Potter and his thight friendships. I just want to feel alive.. I.. want to feel loved.. and most of all.. I just want to be happy….” Draco broke. Tears rolled over his cheeks. You quickly moved closer and wrapped your arms around him. You held him for a long time

“I’m so sorry that you have to feel this way. Nobody should have to feel this way. You got me. Remind that please. You are always going to have me.”

Draco pulled out of the hug and looked at you. You wiped away his tears. “Thankyou..” he said whispering. You smiled at him. “No need to thank me.” Draco moved his head closer to yours and stopped for a second. He looked straight into your eyes waiting for an awswer of a kind of sign. You nodded softly and placed your lips on his lips. You tilted your head slightly and wrapped your hands around his neck. Draco placed his hands on your hips.

Draco broke the kiss. He grabbed your hand. “I really like you (y/n).” The moonlight was shining on draco’s beautiful pale skin. His eyes were sparkling. “I definitely like you to.”

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I propose a tertiary headcanon. If you undo one of Giorno's curls, they all come undone and are in fact just one really long bit of hair.

#84: Pregnancy Series | You're Horny


Some anon requested me to add this to the series, and I laughed for ten minutes straight before I was like, hell yeah, it has to be included. 

Pregnancy Schedule: 30,5 Weeks // A little over 7 months

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes


Luke held his hands in front of his lips as he tiptoed down the hallway of his apartment, trying to be as quiet as possible, his mind dazed as he almost tripped over his own long legs every third minute. He opened the door to the bedroom, walking inside the dark and turning on the light, his eyes going wide and a yelp coming from his lips as he watched you by the window, a small smile on your lips as you watched him. ”Good party?” You asked, watching him as he tumbled towards you, stopping right in front of you when the belly prevented him from coming any closer. ”Not as good as if you had been there.” He smiled, toying a strand of hair away from your eyes. ”How’s my babyyy.” He slurred, smacking himself down on his knees and instantly smashing his lips against your belly, his eyes closing as he leaned his head against your stomach. ”My little baby.” He cooed, a warm smile on his face as he peppered it with kisses. You let out a sigh by the smaller gesture, grabbing Luke’s upper arm and pulling him up. ”You know, you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever known. Probably the prettiest one.” He slurred, smiling down at you, your cheeks starting to burn. ”And I don’t think I could find a better person to share a kid with.” His hand rubbed up and down your belly as he admired your form, silence starting to fall over you, your cheeks burning even more now, and whether it was Luke’s love confession or the fact that your arousal was getting worse, you couldn’t point out which. ”Luke, I have to admit something.” Luke’s whole face expression changed, his face starting to soften and look more serious one, staring down at you waiting for you to tell him. ”I’m horny.” His eyes went wide by your confession; a weird feeling going through his veins by the fact that he had believed you would say something else, a lump starting to form in his throat. ”And I can’t make myself – not that I would get the chance to hook up with some dude now with this massive watermelon anyways - find some other dude to like uhm satisfy me. So I’m uhm, asking you.” His mouth felt open now as well, staring down at you in pure confuse and shock. ”Please? It’s not like we’re going to have sex, I just need some arousal..” You mumbled, taking his hand and placing it in front of your lips, placing a few kisses here and there and biting down on his skin. Luke’s breathe quickened by the actions and his mind fuzzed. ”And besides, you already know how my body works.” You commented with a flirtatious smile, his mouth shutting as he looked down at you. ”Fine.” He stammered, leaning down and placing his lips on yours, a feeling he hadn’t felt in almost 7 months, his hands starting to roam your body against as he backed you towards his bed, making you smile through the kiss by getting the satisfaction.


A puddle of arousal made your eyes open fast, look around in confuse by the sudden change of light in the room. Or more likely, the fact that you had woken up from sleeping, having a dream that clearly left it’s marks in your underwear, Calum’s arm loosely wrapped around your belly on protection, his breathings hitting your neck making goose bumps appear on your skin. Wiggling in your seat, you turned around so you could face him, his eyes starting to stir by the sudden movement. ”What’s going on?” He questioned with eyes closed, moving his arm to the right so he could press the on bottom on his night lamp, the lamp lighting up your room and you squeezing your eyes. ”Calum. I’m horny.” Your statement made him instantly snort with a chuckle, eyes fully open now. ”Okay, and what can I do to fix that?” He teased, sitting up so his back was pressed against the headboard. ”I just need you to fix it.” You pouted, just wanting him inside you as fast as possible. ”You know I won’t fuck you, I can’t make myself do that in a fear of hurting him.” He reminded, you crossing your arms over your chest, looking up at him. He knew that if you wouldn’t get satisfied, he would get the chance to take the trip down to the living room and sleep by his own, your fuse not being long and hormones from the pregnancy effecting you even more than what you could control. And he couldn’t really complain about your request. ”But I can do something else.” He winked, placing his lips on yours and trying to pull you closer even though it was difficult. At first, his hand were placed on your cheek, caressing down to your neck, leaving a small squeeze on your breast before diving further down, making sure that every place had been touched. His hand glided down to your stomach, his hand stopping right above your abdomen, tracing patterns around your skin with his finger tips to arousal you, your breath starting to quicken by the smaller gesture. After what felt like years, he nibbled shortly on your earlobe as he stuck his hand inside your panties, but as soon as he did, that was when the kicking started. ”You cannot be serious!” You exclaimed in almost rage, Calum starting to laugh out loud as the kicking wouldn’t stop, he could feel it as his arm were half resting on your belly, the skin moving around by the kicks that you received. ”He hasn’t kicked all day and now he decides to do it!” Calum placed his palm on your stomach in amaze, never ever not enjoying feeling the life that was inside of you. ”At least we know he’s still full of energy and in life in there.” He chuckled, placing a kiss to your temple as you let out a huff, pouting your lips and looking up at him as he admired your stomach while adding warm caress with his hands against your skin.


”Are we even allowed to be here?” You questioned, looking around in confuse as Michael took his t shirt you were wearing over your head, smiling down at you and placing a kiss to your forehead. ”No. But that doesn’t matter. It’s freaking hot up in our room and I needed to cool down. If we get caught, I will take charge of the blame.” He chucked, hooking his fingers around the waistband of your loose shorts, pulling them down your legs and letting you trip out of them. The pool behind him looked so inviting, so blue, and so romantic at this point of night, making you instantly want to jump in. ”Come on.” He winked, linking your hands together and walking towards the stairs, helping you down into the water, it being cold at first but after waiting a few seconds until the body temperature was used to it, it was pure gold. ”See, this is ten times better than being up at the hotel room, bored.” He smiled, leaning on his back and looking up at the sky. You swam towards him and backing him up against the end of the pool, his eyes wide by the sudden action. ”Someone seems needy huh?” Michael questioned, starting to place kisses along your neck. ”I haven’t gotten anything in almost 7 months, what do you expect Michael?” You purred, smashing your lips against his and letting him wrap his arms around your body as good as he could, rotating you so the belly weren’t pressing into his. Before you could put two of two together, Michael had turned hard as a rock, his crotch pressing into yours making you instantly moan. ”If we’re quiet,” He panted, looking at you, ”We won’t get caught.” You nodded your head fast as he pulled out his throbbing member, placing a kiss to your cheek. He moved the side of your panties to allow him to enter you, but he barely pushed in before he moved completely away, his eyes wide as he looked at you. ”But.. What if I hurt her or something?” He asked softly in fear, putting his length back in his pants. ”You’ve got to be kidding me Michael Clifford! That will forever be the biggest mood killer, ever!” Michael leaned his head back on his neck as he laughed out loud, looking back admiring at you. ”I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can’t do this even though I’m having a hard time resisting you.” He smiled, and took a piece of wet hair away from your sticky forehead. ”Mood killer.” You pouted, folding your hand and sending a wave of splash towards him, his eyes wide by your sudden move. ”Kitten I think that was a bad idea.” He stated, starting to splash water towards you, the two of you swimming around on the easy end of the pool to make sure there wouldn’t happen anything to you or the babygirl, water everywhere as the splashing fight had now started.


”Ashton would you mind come here for a second?” You yelled, lying sprawled on the bed in just a pair of black lingerie, your hair loose as you looked over towards the open bathroom door, the sound of Ashton brushing his teeth inside. ”I’ll be out in second.” His voice was faint, making yourself look down to make sure that everything was perfect, and when he came out of the bathroom, his face expression was pure priceless. ”Babe uh- What are you uh-” Ashton stammered, watching you as you rose from the bed, walking slowly towards him. He let out a nervous giggle, ”Y/N, what are you uhm- doing?” You cocked your head as you stood in front of him now, not even getting the slightest chance of being close to him with the big belly preventing you. ”I’m trying to seduce you. It is that weird?” You asked as if nothing was wrong. ”To me it seems like you tried to squeeze yourself down into some tiny lingerie you.” He commented, his fingers tracing over the skin that was bulged out from your bra cup. You rolled your eyes by his comment, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek and down to his next, watching his puzzled reaction. ”Y/N, we cannot uhm.. Do this.” Ashton tried to explain, trying to avoid your intoxicating touches. ”But Ashton for god sake, it has been 7 months without us being the slightest sexual at all. I’m horny for god sake! Your voice went wide by your sudden rage statement, Ashton’s eyes doing the same exact same. ”Can you please just kiss me without making a gag sound, I feel unloved and repellent here.” Your soft tone made Ashton let out a sigh, his hands coming to your cheeks taking a step to the side so he could give you a proper kiss without having the belly in the way, letting the kiss be intimate and long as he pressed more and more into yours. But when your tongue traced his bottom lip, that was when he had to pull back before it went too far. ”I can’t Y/N, I’m sorry madly sorry, but I can’t stick my dick in you without having the fear of crushing one of the babies.” He stated, you crossing your arms and letting out a huff. ”How forceful do you think your dick is huh?” Ashton rolled his eyes by your behavior and placed a kiss to your forehead. ”I just won’t find it comfortable okay? I hope you understand.” He looked down at you, watching you as you pouted. He let out a sigh when you didn’t look satisfied, trying to find a solution and running his fingers through his hair. ”Go lay on the bed. I’ll be back in a few seconds okay, and then let me eat out that pussy of yours; you think you can do that for me?” Ashton didn’t even recieve any answer before you had sprinted over to the bed in excitement, a giggle coming from his lips as he shook his head at you.


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Request: #76 - Smutty, sloppy, dirty sex and #84 - Needy, clingy sex with Derek Hale

Author’s Note: I kinda feel like this sucks, so let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Always wear a condom/practice safe sex, kiddos!

Warnings: Language; smut; it is just plain porn; dirty talk; shitty writing


I let the loft door slam into the wall as I flung it open, storming in with Derek hot on my heels. To say I was pissed didn’t even cover the half of it. I was absolutely fuming.

“Really, Y/N?” he asked sarcastically. God, I could practically hear the eye roll as he pulled the door closed behind him. Biting my tongue, I simply ignored him and removed my jacket with tight, quick movements, kicking off my shoes next. “At least look at me.” I pursed my lips, keeping my eyes off of him. Just as I turned to head to the bathroom, a firm grip on my arm stopped me. “Dammit, Y/N!” Derek growled, spinning me to face him.

“Get the hell off of me,” I spat, yanking free of his hold. His green eyes were burning with anger and annoyance as we stared each other down.

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Special Friends: Chapter 11

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Comedy

All Chapters

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skimmons+season one


Me and my lil girl went trick or treating at the zoo today! She makes me as happy as Happy should. Only 1 person understood us but thats better than none!

Starkiller Science: Chapter 4

Summary: You begin to settle into life on board, getting used to the groove of research and Trooper shenanigans.  Acquaintances become something akin to friends, though you’re already becoming frustrated with General Hux’s ability to hide pertinent information from just about everyone—particularly you. But you’re distracted by another medical mystery on board as well as the angry yells and crashes coming from behind a lightsaber-destroyed door.

Characters in this chapter: you/reader, Kylo Ren, General Hux, Captain Phasma, Dr Talia Minoross, Dr Amena Sayeed, and a Storm Trooper who is out of his damned mind

Ships: Kylo Ren x reader

Word Count: 2349

The third alcove wasn’t inherently an intimidating place.  Nothing was different in comparison to the other alcoves shoved into the metal interior of the cafeteria, and yet, you knew without a doubt that this particular alcove and its non-assuming, metal table had most likely seen some of the most serious conversations in the entire First Order.

Or so you had initially believed.

The first evening that you had dined there had been… an experience.  You had arrived early and sat down with a sandwich before anyone else had arrived.  Praying that Talia would join you soon, you were immediately let down to find the silver Storm Trooper stand in front of your table with a tray in hand.  They peered down at you through the slit in their helmet, head slightly cocked to the side as though you were a strange rodent that had somehow found its way into a proper dining establishment.  You managed a small wave of your hand while trying to swallow a bite of your sandwich.

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Special Friends: Chapter Eleven

It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s a filler and it was written and uploaded from my phone (sorry for any grammatical mistakes), but it’s an update!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

Stiles woke up to his dad knocking on his bedroom door and yelling about breakfast on the table.
He stretched and yawned, moaning into his pillow as the gloomy morning light flooded sleepily into his bedroom. He inhaled strawberries and Lydia’s perfume with a sigh.
He bolted upright, his limbs scrambling
ungracefully between the sheets. His tired eyes cleared and he was confused at the sight of the empty space beside him.
The shirt he had given her last night was folded neatly on her vacated pillow and her clothes that had been drying on the radiator had disappeared.

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