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I love: Vaclav/Adam, Adam/Ivan, Vaclav/Ivan, Malik/Adam, Liquor/Adam, Domestic things, sad things, happy things. the liiiike. I can do just Adam. Just Malik. Ivan. Vaclav. Pritchard. Sarif. God send me a mood and a color and a character or a prompt. etc etc. I fucking love doing not shipping stuff too. You don’t even have to be an RP blog.

For those who don’t know me or care even, if you know the Deus ex tag on ao3 my pen name is Black. i write weird shit. so that’s fun. if you even care im on ao3 and write weird shit that is. toss me a message or just on this post or something?


blacklionshirogane  asked:

Shiro and Lance, Harry Potter AU.

Three sentence fics. (Accepting)


The fact is, Lance might have needed more training with that ice spell he planned to impress his crush with, because the ice with which he’d been forming shapes and patterns above them had melted, leaving them both drenched, with Lance spluttering embarrassed apologies to Shiro.

But Shiro only laughed and Lance felt that familiar tug at his heart at the sound.

“Well–” Shiro said, pushing his hair back and smiling a blinding grin. “That WAS pretty cool.”

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How would you describe jongtae's dynamic? Do you think taemin likes jonghyun as much as jonghyun likes him?

yes?? i absolutely do think taemin likes jonghyun as much as vice versa lmao. people who imply he doesnt just Honestly arent paying attention to the two of them. and then theres the antis who just want to find ways to prove friendships Aren’t Real and are just Forced Images They’re Putting On For The Camera. which w that logic u could say no two ppl in shinee are True Friends lmao. they have been friends for ten entire years. its not some thing sm tries to push as ive seen some ppl claim. 

the justification that a lot of people use when they say taemin doesnt like jonghyun seems to rest on the fact that jonghyun tends to be more physically demonstrative of his affection than taemin. hes rly touchy nd he clings on and in an industry focused on what goes on in front of the camera, ppl latch onto that.

but!! just bc someone isnt as physical with their affections doesnt mean that they dont like that person just as much?? there are many ways to show your affection and theyre all valid. heres taemin saying he worries about jonghyun. heres him saying that ‘its hard to hate jonghyun’ which holy shit is an affectionate thing to say if ive ever heard. taemin talking about jonghyuns poetry skills in a familiar way. taemin going Out of His Way to get a song from jonghyun. taemin talking about how often they talk and discuss music together. this is a familiar ass thing to say if ive ever heard lmao. here he is!! talking v in depth about his relationship w jjong!! saying that they’re very close!! i want to include this bc its super cute (and ppl constantly accuse jonghyun of being Annoyingly Touchy and heres taemin doing the same thing to be playful). heres a whole collection of taemin quotes about jonghyun.

not that it matters if he Wasnt, but there are definitely times when taemin is also physically affectionate?? ppl act like its just jonghyun pushing onto him all the time but its Literally not. taemin acts affectionate to jonghyun All The Time. these are just some examples. and some more. its almost like taemin also wants to be around jonghyun. amazing huh.

their dynamic is v interesting and complex, bc they share a lot of basic similarities (such as being introverted) but they also differ in a lot of ways. their means of emotional expression is one of them. they obviously feel super super comfortable with each other as theyve said they can spend the entire night up just talking to each other. there is a lot of mutual respect involved, enough to seek support nd help during each others solos. but also lots of affection!! and playfulness!! and the ability to have Serious Discussion about topics that are important to them, like music or talk about other aspects of their personal lives together. and heres jonghyun explaining it better than i can. like jonghyun says, its a Mutual Friendship where they stand on equal grounds, not one where jonghyun sees himself as a big brother who has to mentor taemin. 

I’m going to publish all my fanfics in a big bound collection and it shall be called Old Men Fighting.

while i wait to get properly hungry, shizaya model au with model!shizuo, manager!izaya

  1. shizuo being relatively well off from his sudden trajectory into the spotlight, and yet lives in a pretty run down place. so izaya goes and buys and nicer apartment for him and cancels his old lease. instance one of where shizuo gets really mad at izaya
  2. izaya not understanding why shizuo is always uneasy and hesitant to bask in the glory of fame and avoids interviews as much as he can. izaya is fine with it because it makes him mysterious which will do well for him, but he still doesn’t understand shizuo’s hesitance
  3. izaya has a tragic back story where the real reason he quit modeling despite having a very successful career was because someone he actually cared about got hurt because of a jealous fan
  4. but he also likes the power of this current job more
  5. izaya insisting shizuo pretend to date someone for publicity (probably vorona in this case) and then getting annoyed when they actually get along really well because he’d hoped they’d barely be able to stand each other the way he and his fake girlfriend used to
  6. (hahahha guess who his fake girlfriend was)
  7. shizuo wonders why izaya hangs around his apartment more and more often but he gives up trying to chase him out and even comes to expect izaya sitting on the couch, watching television when shizuo comes out of the shower with a towel around his neck
  8. “does shizu-chan actually like vorona?”
  9. “aah? yeah. she’s nice and she likes cake. we get along well. we’re going to watch a movie this weekend”
  10. “…i see.”
  11. “…?”
  12. shizuo wondering why izaya’s being all childish and jealous and relatively passive and it bothers him so he puts down his milk and walks over and has his hand on the back of the couch, bows so izaya’s forced to look at him
  13. and right before izaya can ask ‘shizu-chan’s face is not the view’ shizuo leans in and kisses him and murmurs ‘i like her, but it’s not that sort of like’ and walks away to finish pouring himself a glass of milk
  14. izaya sitting there and then
  15. “shizu-chan, come back. your face can be the view too.”
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How to Have a Successful Writing Session

Did you write anything at all? One sentence? Two? One Paragraph?

Did you work on your outline or start an outline?

Did you brainstorm? Did you think up any new ideas?

Congrats! You had a successful writing session!

I know it often feels like you need to make a ton of progress to feel like you added anything of value to your WIP, but it’s important to know that’s not the case. Whatever you do to work on your story or brings things forward a little bit makes you a successful writer.

It’s a lot harder for people struggling with depression or other mental/physical/emotional issues to feel like they’re having a successful writing session, so I want to remind you that taking the steps to write a novel is something that a lot of people don’t even attempt to do. Try to celebrate all your accomplishments and remind yourself it’s not a race! Write at your own pace and give yourself a break when it’s necessary.

Here are some additional tips for having a great writing session:

Plan Ahead

At the end of a writing session, I like to plan for the next day of writing. Try to adjust your outline for any changes made during the previous writing session and figure out what you’re going to do next. Having some kind of plan, even if it’s from day to day, can make a big difference

End with a Cliffhanger

Try to end your writing session in the middle of something exciting. Some writers feel like this helps because it doesn’t leave you stuck the next day. I think we often end our writing session when we feel like we don’t know what we’re going to do next—and that can be a bad idea. Leave yourself an open door for the next time you write.

Short Writing Sprints

You don’t have to have two hours of free time to have a writing session. Write for 20 minutes. Write for 10. Write one sentence. Simply adding to your WIP in some way helps you get motivated and excited about your project. Don’t be afraid of short writing sessions!

-Kris Noel

ahaha wow this ‘Joan isn’t Chinese enough’ thing in the tag right now is hilariously meta because Lucy Liu herself has discussed her own experiences with ‘not being Chinese enough’ and not all families are the same and goddamn if Mary Watson married a white guy I’m sure she’d westernize to some extent just so that Mary’s white husband (and I’m assuming that he’s white given the implied ‘whiteness’ of the activities of this most recent episode - obviously yall need to get out more EVERY racial group goes out for dinner together jfc it isn’t unique to white people) and while I get the complaint it just seems to me as though you’re taking something that is exceedingly true to life for a lot of Asian American families (especially those that have interracial aspect to them) one or two generations in (aka they become more homogenized American) and deciding it makes the character ‘not ___ enough’ which is inherently problematic.

I hate that the show sometimes neglects Joan’s not being white, but it’s also hugely refreshing in a way.  Joan doesn’t exist to be the Asian like so many Asian characters do in popular media. She exists to be Joan, who happens to be Asian.  Who happens to come from an interracial family with a mentally ill biological father and a somewhat distant relationship with her family.  Who happens to have been a doctor, and a sober companion, and who is finally finding herself as a detective.  I like that. 

It hurt.

He’d never admit it, not in a million years, but it hurt.

Jack and Bitty
Lardo and Shitty
Ransom and Holster
Chowder and Farmer

Everyone paired off easily, either into couples, or pairs of friends.

Everyone except




And it hurt.

Nursey tried not to think about it too much. Tried not to let it get to him when Dex sat with him, just because there was nowhere else to sit, and not because he wanted to. Tried not to get upset when Dex was forced to talk to him because everyone else was in their own conversation. Tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, that his crush only tolerated him - and barely tolerated him, if the look on his face was anything to judge by.

Which was why he only ever cried at night.

He’d never let anyone see him cry anyway. Not since he was a child. His parents were always exasperated and annoyed at the interruption, and his nannies weren’t able to soothe him when he only wanted his mom’s lullaby, or his dad’s hug.

So he only cried at night, in the privacy of his room.

By the time he went to boarding school, Nursey was able to hide his feelings, and always appear chill. He only let himself cry at night, curled up under his blanket, and hiding his face in a pillow. The next day, he’d act as though nothing had ever upset him.

So, he only cried at night. Nursey didn’t let anyone see how hurt he was, and he only let himself cry in the privacy of his dorm room.

Roadies were the hard part.

It wasn’t like he cried himself to sleep every night. Most nights he was okay. And he’d never cried on a roadie before. Even if it hurt when Dex fell asleep on his shoulder on the bus, only to pull away fast, the second he woke up. Even if it hurt when Dex only sat with him for “dmen tradition” or something. Even if hurt when Dex avoided him during a team celly.

He’d never cried on a roadie.

Until tonight.

Because all these things hurt. And so did losing Jack and Shitty’s last game. And so did seeing Dex so upset. But what the most, was Dex pulling away from his comfort like he’d been burned.

He tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, but even if they noticed, it hardly mattered. Everyone was upset at the loss anyway.

He waited until they were in the hotel room before dropping the fake chill he’d kept up. Dex looked over at him worriedly when he threw his bag at his bed, but said nothing. Nursey tried not to let Dex see how much that hurt, but he didn’t really care about his chill anymore.

He waited until they were both in their beds, and the light was off, and he heard Dex’s light snores, before he let himself cry.

He started crying quietly. Tears streaming down his face, as he pulled his blanket tighter around him. But at some stage his sobs must have grown loud.
Loud enough to wake Dex.

“Nursey?” Dex called sleepily. He rolled over in bed, and turned on the bedside lamp. As he woke up a little more, Dex realised that his friend - his best friend, his crush - was crying his eyes out in the bed next to him.

“Nursey, whats wrong?” he called again, only to be met with silence. Dex briefly considered letting him cry - clearly Nursey didn’t want anyone to see him cry or he wouldn’t be hiding under his blanket. But he couldn’t do it. At each sob, Dex felt his heart break a little more, and after a minute’s consideration, he was out of his bed, and lying next to Nursey.

“Nurse?” he whispered, tugging gently at his blanket “Hey, Derek? Are you okay?”

“De-Dex?” Nursey sobbed, as he moved closer to the wall.

“Hey, c'mere” Dex whispered, pulling Nursey towards him. Nursey curled into him quickly, and rested his head on Dex’s chest. Dex played with Nursey’s hair as he cried, and held him close until he stopped

“I…sorry” Nursey muttered, pulling away from Dex.

“Its okay” Dex whispered “Do. Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked awkwardly. He wasn’t good at talking about feelings, but if Nursey needed to, he could listen.

“Its. Its you” Nursey blurted out, then bit his lip. He hadn’t meant to let Dex know why he was upset, but he was tired, and it just slipped out.

“Me? What did I do?” Dex asked, instantly on the defence “I know we still fight a bit, but….”

“Its not that….just. Leave it” Nursey tried. Maybe Dex would drop it, and forget about it in the morning?

Or maybe not

“No, Nurse. If….if I’m upsetting you this much, can’t you tell me what it is so I can stop?” Dex asked

“But you can’t stop! Because its not YOUR that I’M in love with you!” Nursey yelled.

“…..” Dex spluttered, nearly falling off the bed as he pulled away from Nursey. And Nursey couldn’t even try hide how much that hurt.

“YOU love ME?” Dex yelled, looking shocked. Nursey nodded. He could feel tears building up again, and he closed his eyes to hide them from Dex.

The next instant, he felt a hand on his cheek, wiping away a tear he hadn’t even realised he’d shed.

“Nursey” Dex whispered “I…. I love you too”

Nursey opened his eyes, to see Dex leaning in slowly. He stopped for a moment, before gently pressing his lips to Nursey’s. He pulled away again, blushing.

“And I promise, to NEVER make you cry again” Dex whispered, before kissing him again.

SSS- These Words are a Lie

My vision is blurry and distorted, tears completely overriding my sight. The blood is pounding within my ears, wreaking havoc on my already fragile mind. My chest aches from every heave. My throat grows rawer with every gasp.

I am in a state like no other.

And I probably would linger here, locked away both physically and mentally, had it not been for a few knocks on the door.

I crane my head up slowly, sniffling and choking out whimpers. But it’s the sound of a voice that tugs me completely back into reality.

“Jennifer? Are you still in there?”

It’s not Liam this time; it’s someone who immediately brings flutters to my trembling heart.


I open my mouth to reply, but all that rasps out is a feeble croak of a cry, my voice completely lost.

And with no answer, Josh only grows more and more desperate.

“Jen? Jennifer? Let me in.”

I shudder, trying in vain to bring my composure back down to something resembling normalcy. But how can I? Not with the positive pregnancy tests strung across the tile. Not with tears and moisture completely soaking various parts of my face and clothing. Not with my body reduced to a fearful, hollow soul.

Josh’s voice sounds from outside once again, and I focus on it, trying to let it soothe me even with its fraught tone.

“Liam…Holy shit….I thought you said she was okay.”

(Chapter Four: Coming this Thursday)


[Screenshot of Character]

Name: Your character’s in-game name. RP name can be in parentheses.
Server: The server your character is on.
Looking For: Which genre of rp are you looking for? You may choose more than one.

  • RP: General role play.
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Orientation: What is your character’s sexuality? This is an optional question unless you are looking for romantic or erotic role play.

Medium: How are you looking to rp with other players? Here are some of the examples:

  • In Game: You prefer to do your roleplaying in game.
  • Out of Game: You prefer other mediums, such as Skype or Google Docs.

Style: How long do you like your RP?

  • Freestyle: You have no set method in roleplaying. You freely jump from onelining, semi-para, and para with no consistency. 
  • One Line: Literally one sentence of post length.
  • Para: Paragraph. Five to six sentences of post length.
  • MultiPara: Multiple paragraphs of post length.
  • PTM: Post to match. You’ll match what your partner gives. Generally flexible.

Links:  Any websites or references you wish to include for your character.

Brief Bio:  A brief summation of your character.

At this time, there are two ways to submit.

First is to use this format in our submission box, and alternatively you can also create your own post and tag this blog so we know to reblog it from you, thus adding it to our “database.”

handwrytten  asked:

I have a really, REALLY long book series I have fully planned out, but now that it's time to actually write it, I find that my motivation is gone and that my writing is actually very poor. Do you have any advice for this?

One step at a time.

One sentence at a time. One paragraph at a time. One scene at a time. One chapter at a time. I think you get where I’m going with this.

Just start writing. I guarantee, no matter how much you have planned, your well-developed and yet developing characters are going to take you down different paths. Even if you manage to scratch and claw your way back onto your previous road map, the journey will be changed. And your work will be better for it.

Every writer ever has had motivation problems. And there are no guaranteed solutions. But they can be overcome and you will overcome them. 

Start with small, achievable goals like “I will write 500 words today.” Or “I will finish this chapter this week.” If that’s still not working (and don’t feel bad if it’s not), try writing something else. Find a prompt online somewhere and write about your characters in a completely unrelated setting. Or write an AU. Write a love song. Don’t get into anything too big because that’s a black hole just waiting to suck you in and keep you from your real goal. 

I don’t want to just dump you in our tags because over-planning is distracting and can be de-motivational. So just read through this one post, maybe follow just the first generation of links, and draw from it what you need. It’s especially good if you really can’t figure out why you’re not motivated and therefore, are suffering from the Blahs.