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hi, you don't know me, but i've mentally reblogged each one of your arts at least three times with plenty of screaming in the tags. I'm working on doing that non-mentally as well so i'm sorry if i spam your notifications but your art style and ideas are too amazing and beautiful and i need to cry about them thanks. bye ✿


thank u aaaa i love your tags!! they brighten my day considerably!

(and so does your writing♡)

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Jay liked two pictures on ig one hour ago, so she had plenty of time to scream 'hacker' lmao

I think we are past the point of them crying hack. (As soon as I post this they will probably cry hack)

Some answers about Sci’s Holiday Extravaganza!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  More info here!

torchwoodglobal answered: Is there anything /you/ prefer in cards sent to you? (Christmas, Holiday, non-specific wintertime! etc)


draconiarose answered: do you have any preferences on what kind of cards you don’t want to receive?

Honestly, no.  I celebrate Christmas in a secular way, but I like seeing the hints of other people’s lives.  If you usually send New Year’s cards, or religious cards, or post cards, then I’d love to see just that.  I got quite a few handmade or drawn cards last year, postcards and the like, and many of them are still up in my living room, nearly a year later, because they are fab. 8)

I ask because I know it’s a bit overwhelming when you DON’T celebrate or want to acknowledge the cultural juggernaut that is Christmas in the United States.  If you have a different religious background, or have bad memories associated with the holiday, or just will scream if you see one more grinning Santa, then I have plenty of cards!  I can send you a “Peace in the coming year!” card with a bunny on the front.  

Bunnies love everyone.  Except the evil bunnies.  Moving on.

thingsthatverbme answered: do we have to know each other? cause i love cards but we don’t really know each other :x

Nope!  I do ask that people not reblog the notifications about the sign ups, because, well, the internet can get out of control quickly.  I have enough to send out with one of these things going viral on me and people who never heard of me asking for a card.  But if you’re hanging around my blog, then I’d be pleased to send you a card. 8)

robinmarlesuth answered: Is there a limit on the people you will make cards for? Or is everyone who is asking for one get one?

There is, and there isn’t.  Basically, in the next few days, once I iron out one last little glitch, I’m going to post links to two Google Forms.  One for US persons, and one for the whole rest of the wide world.  I will watch those forms until the numbers get to a certain point, then I will take the forms down.  I will fulfill these card requests, and then put a new form up, with a new link announcing it.

Basically, by opening and closing the form submissions, I can keep track of how many I have to process, and make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed.  This is especially important for international cards, as the stamps are… (tents fingers) Rather expensive.  I am still happy to do it!  Super happy to do it!  But I do tend to have to cut those off regularly, because my budget gets strained.  Luckily, this year I won’t have to worry so much about US postage, so I can shift a bit of that to sending cards outside the States.  Yay!

TLDR: If you fill out the submission form, yes, you will get a card.  If you miss the submission form, please watch, I will usually reopen it in a few days.

If you miss the forms completely, there’s one other way.  Any card I get with a legible return address, I will try to reply to.  If I can’t make out the return address, or if my forms indicate that I’ve already sent a card to that address, then I won’t.  But if you miss the signups and want a card from me, send me one, and I’ll reply. 8)

owl-librarian answered: This sounds fantastic! And I’d love to send one in return. Will you post a link to this form? Or have I been very silly and missed it?  

Links will be up in a few days!  The tag I’m using is “sci’s holiday extravaganza!”  Feel free to block that sucker if this isn’t your thing. 8)

Any other questions?