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idk if you'll take this rec because stucky's only a background ship and its mostly spideypool, but You Put Me On a Shelf (and Kept me for Yourself) just updated with an epilogue and there's some stucky in the alternate ending? The whole fic is a spideypool one with stucky parents and it made me cry ok


You Put Me on a Shelf (and Kept Me For Yourself) by Anonymous (underage and not main stevebucky)

“Want to know a secret?”

Deadpool tugs his mask up to his nose and closes the last few inches between them, until his lips are barely brushing Peter’s ear. “I’m one of those guys your daddies always warned you about. One of those sick, filthy perverts who gets off to cute little pretty boys begging them on their knees.”

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Oh Lore I love you for doing this!!! The first 3 fics were adorable so would you please do "“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” with Kabby?

Oh, thank you Verena ❤ I’m so happy you liked them. 

The poem I used in this fic can be found here (I used an existing one because I am terrible at writing poetry)

You are my hope

“Hey, have you seen the -?”, Marcus questions as he enters the council room, only to abruptly stop when he notices the thing Abby’s browsing through, namely his notepad. The one he was looking for and really didn’t want Abby to read.


Shifting nervously, Marcus scratches the back of his head before rubbing his hands together. At his question, Abby raises her head with a look of disbelief plastered on her face and her eyes seem to glisten with tears.

“Did - did you write these poems?”, she asks, her voice soft and filled with wonder and an emotion he can’t fully name.

“Uh”, he clears his throat, feeling slightly anxious. For a second he considers lying to her, but there’s something in her gaze that prompts him to tell the truth, “Yes, I did”

Eyes widen, Abby gives him a small nod before turning her gaze back towards the notepad.

“Do you mind giving it back?”, Marcus utters after a heartbeat, causing her to snap her head up, looking startled.

Abby closes the notepad with a loud thump, her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Oh! Yes. Yes, of course. Sorry. I didn’t mean to snoop”, Abby stammers, offering it with an outstretched arm.

“I just saw it lying on the table and I remembered seeing you write in it on several occasions, so I thought that it perhaps contained information about the new plans. If I’d known that it contained personal things, I would have never –”, she stammers, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Oh, no, that’s okay. I know you wouldn’t”, he reassures her as he accepts the pad, barely suppressing a shiver when their fingers brushed.

An awkward silence descends over them as they’re both unsure how to continue the conversation. After a couple of seconds, Abby breaks the silence.

“Could you perhaps read me one?”, she blurts out, looking hopeful.

Seeing him hesitate, she presses, “Please Marcus?”

Unable to deny her anything, he nods before moving over to the couch, patting the empty spot next to him. Beaming at him, Abby crosses the distance and settles down next to him, their thighs touching.

Marcus opens the pad and turns a couple of pages until he finds a suitable one. Taking a deep breath, he opens his mouth and softly begins to recite:

You are the beat of my heart, you are the blood in my veins,
You are the life of my body, you are the spirit in my soul.
You have given me hope when I thought I could not cope,
In a time when I felt I was at the end of my rope.

As Marcus reads, Abby nearly hangs on his lip and lets the gravelly tone of his voice wash over her. She already knew that he had a lovely voice, but hearing him recite poetry, poetry that he wrote, about her, makes her stomach flutter with butterflies.

Your smile starts my heart to sing, and how I can hear the bells start to ring.
I stare at your face and I get lost in your beauty, my love for you will never become a duty.
To have you at my side, through our lives ride, fills my heart with passion and pride.
Don’t ever forget my love for you, for without your love I’d have no clue.

His voice softly trails off after the last word, and the only thing audible is both of their breathing.

Marcus shyly lifts his head, nervously awaiting her response. When their eyes lock and he takes in her watery smile, he starts to panic.

“I’m sorry. Was it too much? I didn’t mean to-”, he rambles, cutting himself off when Abby shakes her head with a small laugh.

“No, no Marcus. It was beautiful”, she reassures him, laying a hand on his thigh, her touch grounding him.

“Oh”, he breathes, his posture immediately relaxing as he scratches his beard in a bashful manner.

“Did you mean it?”, Abby whispers.

When he throws her a confused look, she rushes to clarify, “About loving me”

She looks oddly vulnerable as she poses the question which rattles him because Marcus can count the number of times he’s seen Abby Griffin vulnerable in all the years he has known her on his two hands.

Capturing her hand between his own, he leans forward, “Absolutely. I love you Abby”, he pledges.

Abby lets out a shaky laugh, her eyes filled with tears before throwing her arms around his neck and embracing him. It takes a couple of seconds before Marcus reciprocates the hug because he’s so taken aback by the action, but then he’s wrapping his arms around her as well, pulling her closer while nuzzling her neck.

“I love you too”, Abby mumbles against his hair and now it’s his time to let out delighted laughter.

She pulls back slightly so she can cradle his head, “I love you”, she whispers before closing the space between them and kissing him.

Doubling up

Prompt: Could you write one where Alby wants gladers to double up for the night since it’s super cold and all the guys are trying to get you to double up with them You chose the quiet greenie (Thomas) because he is the only one not pressuring you and all the Gladers are like “What the shuck, why the greenie!?” And the reader and Thomas end up cuddling because of how cold it is and just a ton of fluff.
Warnings: Fluff


“Aright, shanks, listen up! This is the coldest night we’ve had since I can remember, and we can’t let people sleep outside. But we don’t have enough beds, so you’re all gonna have to pick a friend and buddy up for the night!” Alby yelled over the chatter of the Gladers, but at this everyone fell silent.

“Is that all clear?” Alby asked, but Gally piped up almost instantly. “Who’s Y/N sharing with?”

That triggered a surge of activity. All of a sudden, fifty or so boys were surrounding you, yelling at you. “Slim it!” You protested, but it was drowned out by the boys.

Who were you going to pick? There was no one - no one - who you could stand being with for an entire night. Your eyes flicked around rapidly, sparing barely a second on each boy before moving on. Alby was trying to say something, but you couldn’t make it out. “SLIM IT!” You yelled again, and eventually everyone fell silent once more.

“I’m gonna shucking choose, okay? So you can quit doing those puppy eyes, Clint, there’s no way in hell that I’m doubling up with you.” You said firmly, and Clint scowled and folded his arms sulkily.

You scanned the boys once more, and eventually your eyes landed on a boy you didn’t recognise, standing a little way back from the crowd. Wait - you did recognise him. It was the Greenie from yesterday… what was his name? Timmy? Tom? Oh, that was it. Thomas.

You took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay, I’ll share with Thomas.” The Greenie looked up in surprise, and your eyes briefly met before he was hidden by the crowd of boys. “Why would you share with the Greenie? That’s shucking stupid.” One thousand protests echoed in your ears, but you shoved through them until you reached Thomas. “Is that alright? You’re the only one not pressuring me.” You muttered so that only he could hear. He smiled slightly at you, sending a wave of warmth through you. “That’s fine.”


The two of you wasted no time in diving into bed. It was so cold, you couldn’t spend another second out in the punishing air. “You go this end, I can go there.” You offered, and Thomas nodded.

But within ten minutes, you were regretting this decision. You were shivering, and needed more warmth if you were ever going to sleep. You knee that Thomas was still lying awake, and acted without really knowing what you were doing.

You shuffled around until you and Thomas were both facing the same way. “I’m sorry - it’s so cold.” You whispered, and Thomas smiled again, getting rid of any awkwardness. “It’s fine. I’m freezing too.” The two of you lay like that for a second, and then you felt his arms wrap around you.

Strangely, you didn’t mind. It was definitely warmer, that was for sure. You felt him rest his head against yours.

The two of you settled down, you still firmly in Thomas’s embrace. “I’m glad I chose you.” You whispered, and you felt Thomas smile against the back of your head. “I’m glad you did, too.” He replied, and you finally closed your eyes.

Maybe you would get some sleep after all.

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The only reason people follow this blog is because they relate to how awful and pathetic you are because they too are awful and pathetic. No one in real life would actually want to be around you nobodies. You wouldn't even like each other irl either.

And yet, so many people in my real life gush about how caring and kind and insightful I am, how I’m the only one who understands them, how I’m so funny and brave, how they love me. The list goes on and on. Interesting.

Also, I would suggest getting off anon if you’re going to call me pathetic. What’s wrong? Too cowardly to stand behind your words?

Modern heartbreak is “read at 9:13 p.m.” when it’s 9:40. it’s unliked photos, it’s blocking and unblocking and blocking and unblocking. modern heartbreak is sick with being watched, it’s breakups playing out on twitter feeds, it’s unfollowed unfollowed unfollowed. it’s screenshotted photos that shouldn’t have been saved, it’s screenshotted texts meant for one person only. it’s seeing your ex lover with their new one, watching their lives playing out like yours didn’t, it’s phones thrown into bedroom walls when their profile changes from single to in a relationship. it’s snapchat stories to make that one person jealous because it feels like without them you’re nothing, it’s that one story expiring before they see it because they don’t give a fuck about you now and you know it, it’s deleting their contact info but wanting it tattooed on the back of your hand in case you ever want to call, it’s messy it’s messy it’s messy it’s so fucking messy because everyone fucking sees it and it never goes away.

15 things I tell myself when I don't want to work/study

1. You are very lucky and privileged to have access to almost unlimited knowledge and you should appreciate that. 2. Be one of those rare people who step over their insecurities and succeed. 3. Only 5 minutes. Only today. (Repeat it 5 minutes later and every day). 4. You will know what to do as soon as you start. Ideas never appear from inactivity. 5. Make yourself proud. 6. One hour every day doesn’t feel much but it’s 365 hours a year. You can’t not succeed after so much work. 7. It’s not supposed to be easy. Nothing good is easy. 8. If you had a child to look after, you’d make them study because you want them to accomplish something. Don’t you love yourself? 9. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” George Adair 10. Every mistake increases our chance to make progress. 11. If you give up now, you’ll have to return to this later anyway but from the very beginning. 12. Let the process be your result. 13. Every moment you thought your fears would suppress you has become the time you made it. 14. Maybe you think you can never find something to use your skills and mindset for. But if you continue investing in what matters to you, it will find its way out there. 15. I allow you to think globally. You have a right to the boldest dream.

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

“yuuri isn’t a great skater because of victor, victor helped him but he always had the skill” is one of the reasons i will not let go of victor having a long and successful career ahead of him as a coach. one thing that makes a good coach is knowing when and how to push an athlete to get the best out of them that you can and understanding what their best is. celestino is not necessarily a bad coach - he’s obviously taken multiple skaters to the GPF, including yuuri himself - but he wasn’t pushing yuuri to his full potential, he wasn’t getting everything out of yuuri that he could get, and victor saw literally one (1) video of yuuri and understood exactly what yuuri’s potential really is. that’s not easy to do. and then victor didn’t just push him, he tailored programs that specifically played to his strengths and worked to find ways that encouraged yuuri to live up to that potential.

victor nikiforov is a genuinely good coach

I use to talk to you so much. You were the only person i wanted to talk to every day because you made me feel so happy and made me smile like no one else. It’s sad how you just seem to latch on to one person and then seem to forget about me. I had such deep feelings for you but I got over them. I then realized what a fucking piece of shit you truly are. I’d probably still keep talking to you if you actually did try texting me. I’m just done with you. So fucking glad i’m over you.

please don’t be like “oh so now everyone is #prayforBerlin but no one  was #prayforAleppo” because 1) this is a lie a lot of people were talking about Aleppo, it was on the news nearly every day here in Europe, and there was a gathering in my city (only 30 000 inhabitants, it’s not even a Big City) people were lighting candles for Aleppo and praying for them.

and 2) people just died and we don’t know how many, people are scared for their loved ones, we all want to cry because it was at a fucking Christmas market and you don’t expect to die at a christmas market and there must have been children and YES children died in Aleppo and everywhere in the world, but tonight is not about Aleppo or everywhere else in the world it’s about Berlin. So please respect them. You’ll have plenty of time in a few days to talk about how people are desensitived to violence when it’s not happening next door and how the news don’t cover everything fairly, but now, now is not the time.

Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.

Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

This is why I love Pratchett. Not only are his ideas amazing, but he’s really a stunning writer. Sometimes science fiction/fantasy is lacking in just plain writing skills, but they work because of the crazy ideas and events. But Pratchett can deliver these lines that all lead up to one conclusion - elves are bad - and the effect is just huge. This quote has haunted me for years, and it really is all because of the writing. 

Being “that friend” really sucks. I’m the one who never sits/walks in the middle in a group of three, the one who gets interrupted and never gets to finish, the one who’s forced to walk behind when there’s not enough space for everyone to fit. I’m that friend who has friends in different closer friend groups, so I never get invited to anything and if I wanna invite people over it’s weird because none of them know each other very well. I’m just that friend that you only talk to because I’m the only one you know in that class, and you forget about me as soon as it’s over. I’m that friend that secretly wishes the teacher would assign seats and partners so I’m not stuck completely alone. I’m just that friend. The one that no one can find a good reason to want my company. The one that everyone can forget. The one that’s overlooked, cast out, stepped all over, and ignored. That’s all I am.

Remnant Fashion

So lets talk about something I don’t usually, and have never before talked about: Fashion in fictional worlds, specifically the world of Remnant from RWBY. There’s one specific thing I want to point out here so i’ll just talk about that. One fashion trend that seems to prominent all throughout Remnant. Those freaking one finger sleeves. 

Look at those. Those things are apparently common in Remnant. Cinder wears them here, but she’s by far not alone.

Those are Ren’s new sleeves in Volume 4. Because you gotta look good while fighting monsters. Cinder’s not the only Villian, not even the only in Salem’s possy, to wear them.

Tyrion has him a pair too. But it’s not just there, it even spread to Menagerie. 

Here’s Blake’s mom, Kali Belladonna, wearing a similar pair. She’s not alone there either.

White Fang member Fennec has them, and his brother wears an identical pair. Emerald even wears an altered version.

Not really a sleeve, more of a glove. That brings me to another point. Fingerless gloves are common in Remnant too. At least those make some sort of sense as they cover the palm, which those sleeves don’t. 

Nora has a pair, but at least it makes sense for a huntress to wear something that allows dexterity while still protecting their hands. I mean look at all the fingerless gloves.






Cinder traded in her sleeves for them as a disguise.

Then Coco has one finger gloves, probably her trigger finger.

Tiayang wears one. Literally exactly one. not even a pair. Kind of similar to Nora’s on the hand though.

Sun has them, those his have an added bracer for defense. Smart move.

Raven did the same. Even Background characters get them.

In conclusion, one current Remnant fashion trend is to cover the back of your hand but leave your fingers exposed. Covering can extend up into the arm, or stop at the hand. it can be gloves or sleeves. Only rule, cover the back of the hand. 

If my earlier Sherlock theory is right, it’ll prove a mirror for the dead boy in the car.

This morning I wrote a really long theory, basically claiming there are two threads of time being played at once in all of BBC Sherlock – one that’s real and one that’s Sherlock’s imagination – The Six Thatchers being the one where the two layers start to overlap and confuse the audience because pieces of the imaginary timeline are presented as fact a few times too often. Give it a read if you love pain. 

However, one of the main claims of that meta is John’s daughter was stillborn, just like Rachel Wilson in episode one. The scene with Sherlock in the car while Mary gives birth is 99% real – the only part that didn’t happen was Sherlock joining them. John drove Mary to the hospital and she gave birth behind the driver’s seat to a stillborn baby. Sherlock imagined himself part of the family because he badly wants to be in one. “Happy families” are something he claims he does not know later in this episode. But he wasn’t there to see the actual events.

So here’s the mirror: John’s daughter is found dead in the car a week after she died (in the womb), exactly like the boy with the Power Ranger tied to his car. This is why John looks/dresses like the Thatcher Man who lost his son. This is why Sherlock said “I’m sorry about your daughter” and John corrected him to “son”. In The Abominable Bride, Sherlock asks “how could he survive?” and John corrects “she”. They both died. Both in two places at once. How is that possible? How could the boy die in the car but be in Tibet? Because he lied about where he actually was. How can the baby die in the car but go home from the hospital with Mary? Because they lied about where the baby actually was. I wrote this theory a few weeks ago that supports the “two baby Watsons” reading. Again, read only if you love pain. 

Place your bets, people. 

Carry On Countdown: Prompts!

Hello everyone!

In a month from now (November 23rd), the Carry On Countdown will start, and each day there will be a new prompt where you can create something with. This can be a fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, memes, or even moodboards and playlists, so feel free to do whatever you like with it!

Starting from November 23rd, we will be tracking the tag “#carry on countdown“, so be sure to tag your creation with that so we can find it! We are still not sure whether we will be reblogging everything to this blog, but we will be seeing all of them and mostly reblogging them to our own blogs. You can also tag this blog in your post, that way it’s easier for us to find it.

However, make sure you start early enough if you want to join, because making something new every day can be difficult. Definitely don’t feel obligated to do every prompt though, whether you only make one or one every day, we will be happy.

The actual day chapter 61 happened is actually December 24th, but more explanation about that here. Nonetheless, we thought it would be nice to do a snowflakefaces that day, since it’s been a while. More info on that later.

As for the prompts, you can find the list below. You’ll notice that most of them are only one or two words, because we don’t want everyone’s work to look like each other. Interpret the prompt however you like, and let your creation flow!


November 23rd: Coffee Shop AU

★ November 24th: Fifth Year

★ November 25th: Opposite Day

★ November 26th: Punk/Pastel AU

★ November 27th: Spells (+ Eight Year Spell Challenge, more info coming up on @snowflakefaces)

★ November 28th: Early Gen/Next Gen

★ November 29th: Girl Power

★ November 30th: Front Seat’s For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties

★ December 1st: Music

★ December 2nd: Youtuber AU

★ December 3rd: Crack

★ December 4th: First Year

★ December 5th: Camping

★ December 6th: Ebb

★ December 7th: Angst

★ December 8th: WLW

★ December 9th: Roast The Mage (Let Him Suffer™)

★ December 10th: Hogwarts AU

★ December 11th: Crossover

★ December 12th: Let It Snow

★ December 13th: Christmas Shopping

★ December 14th: Moms

★ December 15th: Road Trip

★ December 16th: Simom & Dadilton (Parent AU)

★ December 17th: Christmas Baking

★ December 18th: Date Night

★ December 19th: Sports

★ December 20th: Underrated Characters

★ December 21st: Memes

★ December 22nd: Sweater Weather

★ December 23rd: Chapter 61

December 24th: Snowflakefaces (more info later on @snowflakefaces)

As mentioned before, you definitely don’t have to be participating every day, but if everyone in the fandom could at least join one day, it would be really awesome. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask.

Thank you and have fun!

Okay but why couldn’t they still have played Quidditch during Goblet of Fire?

I understand that the champions probably wouldn’t want to deal with that while also competing in the tournament but it’s not really fair to everyone else to just cancel Quidditch for the full year.

What about the 7th years who wanted one last shot at winning the Quidditch Cup?

What about the 2nd years who were excited because they could FINALLY try out for the team?

But more so the 7th years, I mean no one even told them “btw we probs aren’t gonna have Quidditch next year so make this year count” like that’s actually really shitty.

And I understand that they needed the Quidditch field for the third task but there’s only like 5 games a year, you could’ve done them a little earlier and still had time to use this thing you teach called magic to grow the damn maze!

OR EVEN BETTER, instead of having the House Quidditch tournament, have the schools play against each other. I mean 3of the 4 champions are kick ass Seekers so why not?

OR BETTER YET have each of the champions form a team using anyone they want

Harry just asks the Gryffindor team to play with him and they use Ron to replace Oliver like in OOTP and at first he’s really nervous but then he gets his nerves on track because there’s NO WAY he’s losing to Krum after he took Hermione to the Yule Ball.

Cedric decides to try to get the best he can from all of the Houses, though the majority of his team is still Hufflepuff because he knows how they play and likes how they work together. He does find a Beauxbatons boy that makes a great Chaser though.

Karkaroff insists that Viktor only use the boys from Durmstrang (because he’s probably a misogynistic little shit) and he doesn’t really care because he’s the best Seeker in the world. Even if he just lost the Quidditch World Cup to Ireland, it’s IMPOSSIBLE that he wouldn’t be able to catch the Snitch before the other team got too far ahead.

And then there’s Fleur, who has never played Quidditch before but suddenly there’s a 13 year old red-haired Hogwarts girl asking her if she can be on her team because “I’ve been practicing with my brothers’ brooms for years and I’m actually quite good but I won’t be able to make the Gryffindor team for a few years” and Fleur agrees as long as Ginny helps her find some other teammates and gives Fleur flying lessons. Ginny accepts the offer and, in Holyhead Harpies fashion, sets out to put together an all female team because females are very unrepresented on the other teams. Ginny and Fleur ask two Bulgarian girls to be a Beater and Chaser. One of Fleur’s Beauxbatons friends is the other Beater, and Ginny asks a fifth year from the Hufflepuff team (who Cedric didn’t choose) to be the third Chaser, as well as Cho to be their Seeker. She insists that Fleur be the Keeper so that she doesn’t have to worry as much about not being steady on a broom.

Instead of all of the teams playing each other, they do it tournament style. Harry and Cedric’s teams go first. Ron is a nervous new Keeper and let’s quite a few balls in before he makes his first save and suddenly he’s on a roll. Cedric’s team has gained a substantial lead by now, but Harry spots the Snitch and just barely grabs it before Cedric (Fred and George are pleased since they’re still not over the Hufflepuff victory the year before when Harry was attacked by the dementors).

Fleur and Viktor’s teams play next. The girls have 3 superb Chasers that are scoring constantly. Every time Viktor’s Chasers make it to Fleur’s end of the pitch, they get distracted by her flowing silver hair and tend to miss without her having to do too much (which is good cause even though she’s better she’s still not QUITE comfortable on a broom). Viktor frantically searches for the Snitch because if he can get it soon they’ll still be able to pull ahead but then the Beauxbatons Beater hits a Bludger right at him and in the moment it took him to dodge it, Cho had spotted the Snitch and already had her hand stretched out to grab it. Before he could even reach her elbow she had the tiny ball held tight in her fist.

The losers of the first round face off for 3rd and 4th place. Viktor, with a sore ego about getting beaten to the Snitch in the last game, catches it within 20 minutes. Cedric laughs the whole thing off and gives Viktor his congratulations, but he now has a harder drive to win the Triwizard Tournament.

Everyone is anxious for the Potter/Delacour game. Fleur knows that Angelina, Katie, and Alicia won’t be effected by her the way the Durmstrang boys were, so she trains even harder to keep up with the rest of her team. The game is underway and it’s neck and neck. Both teams have three excellent Chasers, causing the Quaffle to change sides constantly. Ron and Fleur are both highly nervous, but still manage to block most goals. Fred and George know that Ginny is the other team’s best Chaser, but can’t find it in themselves to try and knock their 13 year old sister off her broom. The Durmstrang Beater doesn’t have any such obligations, and aims a Bludger at Alicia as she’s speeding down the pitch towards Fleur. It hits her in the ribs and she is escorted down to Madame Pomfrey. Now that Fleur’s team has the upper hand, they start pulling ahead. Harry and Cho are playing rough searching for the Snitch, trying to psyche the other out by flying in their path. Harry notices Cho following him and decides to dive as though he’s seen the Snitch somewhere near the bottom of the field. He’s surprised when he doesn’t see her dive after him and looks up just in time to see her catch the Snitch 50 yards away. Everyone heads back towards the ground, the girls have a group hug because never in a million years did they think they were ACTUALLY going to win! Harry breaks through to shake Fleur’s hand and tells her “good game”. Fred and George are staring in astonishment at their little sister because “What the hell, Gin? Where did you learn to fly like that?” while Angelina is nearby cursing the fact that they can’t have 4 Chasers on the Gryffindor team.

In the end, Dumbledore allows the teams to throw a party in the Great Hall. Some Hufflepuffs make flower crowns for Fleur’s team to wear as the winners. A hush falls over the Hall when the doors open and McGonagall comes in. They expect her to yell at them for being too loud, but instead she walks over to Fleur and hands her the Quidditch Cup because she “won it fair and square” but explicitly states that if she does not return it to her by the end of the year “I will go to France and take it from you myself”. The Hall bursts into laughter and applause.

Pink Balloons.

One day, about a month ago, a lady came into the dollar store I work at, looking for a first birthday balloon for a boy. A boy. She went out of her way to make it especially clear that it was for A BOY. I started showing her all of the choices we have for foil helium balloons, and she began to get increasingly angry because none of the balloons were what she wanted. All of them had pink on them. Now, mind you, none of them were completely pink. Just little spots of pink on each one. But she was getting incredibly pissed off, and soon enough I had no more balloons to show her. Eventually, while this woman was getting more and more red in the face, I told her (as kindly as I could muster) “Ma'am, he’s only one, he’s not going to remember that the balloon had a little bit of pink on it.” The look I got from this woman would likely be enough to send me into the seventh circle of Hell. She was absolutely horrified and disgusted. “Well, if you give a boy a pink balloon, he’ll grow up gay!” She yelled in response. I felt my mind short circuit. Not only did this maniac of a lady enforce gender roles way too hard, but she also honestly believed that exposing a kid to pink would turn him gay. She yelled at me a while longer, told me she would complain about be and have me fired for my “attitude”, and stormed out of the store. My boss confronted me later, laughing his ass off about it. So even though it’s all chill, fuck you, lady. (A nice added tidbit in this story is I am bisexual and agender. This woman was basically my worst nightmare come alive.)

Living With the Boys Would Include:

-being overly comfortable with each other 

-doing your makeup while one of them is taking a shower in the same bathroom 

-”hey Y/N you want to join me”


-”but why”

-stealing one of Mikey’s shirts and wearing only that with underwear 

-you/one of the boys walking into the room shouting “I need to cuddle”

-having a hard time choosing which boy to cuddle with when they all want to

-deciding that you will all just lay together

-you getting totally squished underneath them

-doing Cal’s makeup

-helping mike choose what hair color he should choose

-”you should dye it grey”


-”then why the hell did you ask me to pick”

-getting mad at Luke because he leaves water everywhere after he showers

-you not shouting at him because you know he will cry

-his face getting all red when you talk to him in a serious tone

-going to parties with the boys 

-you looking hot af

-them all running over to you when a guy starts hitting on you

-cheek kisses

-forehead kisses

-cute hugs

-holding hands even though you’re not dating

this sucked sorry

Happened across this gif

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Yuzu now strikes me as the type of friend who has been to the Sakaki’s home  enough times to know where everything is and has tried everything from that fireman pole to the rock wall and even the trapeze pole in Yuya’s room, maybe even the trampoline we haven’t seen but I’m sure exists in that house.

I bet she even stops by sometimes and knows all the pets names, greets each one and every time theres a new one she always has to ask what their name is even going so far as to ask how Yoko found them because theres always a story with Yoko, sitting through the whole thing.

Ya wonder how Yuzu can do those backflips?

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Sakaki’s are why.

I always thought she was acrobatic because she went to You Show but now I just want to believe its all their fault she’s completely fine with jumping off most heights and can hop around like that.

Probably why the d-wheel scared her, she’s only used to being in control of her own movements.

someone: lmao komaeda is trash right

me externally: Yeah haha bring on the garbage jokes

me internally: do you realize what this child has been through he literally saw his parents die in front of him and blames himself partially for it because of his luck like can you imagine what that does to a person no one in his entire life has ever been friends with him and the ones that did probably had something terrible happen to them bc of his luck, bc of this he has an intense self loathing complex that is only increased by his society’s focus on talent that he doesn’t believe he has, he wants to be useful and viewed as important in the world so bad when he sees a chance to become what he believes in shsl hope after death by eliminating the remnants of despair (which a lot of other people agree with in this world buddy) and himself he does it almost without hesitation, the only reason he hesitates at all is bc he’s attached to who he believes is his first real friend that he loved who also rarely thinks of him at all after his death and u have the audacity to call this child trash even as a joke he deserves better

me externally: lmao he can sleep in the can tonight where he belongs

someone: lmao

me internally: I hate myself I need to stand up for this child