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cinematic moments that have changed my life: 

  • darth vader decimating the rebels at the end of rogue one without breaking a sweat tearing apart this dudes as they all try to shoot him and holding that one rebel on the ceiling leisurely as he simultaneously kills another one
  • diana princess of themyscira climbing out of the trench and walking across no man’s land as bullets wiz by her and the sparks as the hit her arm bands and her bracing herself with her shield and diana princess of themyscira marching on
  • that’s it
The Rogue [Grayson] Part Four

Summary: Being the little sister of a cartel leader is hard. Your skills are put to the test when you’re forced to go undercover and destroy one of the country’s most dangerous cartels, The Rogue. What you weren’t planning on, was to get involved with their leader.
Word Count: 1,591
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, abuse, death, sexual intercourse, cussing.
A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been having a rough time as some of you may know. I finished this part though, so I hope you like it. Don’t forget to leave feedback, your love is what keeps me going. Much love x

The Rogue Masterlist.

“What’s going on?” You couldn’t help but ask.

The two guys in front of you didn’t answer, they barely acknowledged you as they walked, on their way to what seemed like a closed off floor. Everyone halted as you approached an elevator, including you, watching as the brunette pressed the button and stepping inside as the doors separated.

The blond looked at you from where he was standing, eyebrows furrowing as if he was waiting for you to step inside. But your feet wouldn’t move, it was like you’d frozen on the spot, not knowing what to expect once you came face to face with Grayson. For all you knew, you could be walking into your death and you wouldn’t know better. Grayson looked like the kind of guy who would kill anyone on the spot if they even looked at him the wrong way, and it scared you. Not many things scared you, you’d been taught to be strong considering how you’d grown up. But there was something about the cartel leader that chilled you to the bone.

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I do love how the peripheral characters from the movies develop into spectacular characters with rich back-stories and we end up with killer fan art like this piece by @blog-dres13. Would love to know how she got that Sith lightsaber!

698 Days until Episode IX

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A family can be 2 traumatised soldiers and their 30 kids (2)


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Part 2 

It was incredible what some direction could do.

With toys and games, things to occupy the kids, the fighting amazingly slowed. It didn’t stop all together and Reno was still unfortunately a little asshole of a kid, but then again Jyn was starting to suspect that that was just his personality. At least from there, Jyn was somehow able to set a routine that not only worked, but actually seemed to let the kids thrive.

Mornings were dedicated to learning in the classroom – Kady’s basic improved every day (Jyn almost hugged her when the 10-year-old had asked whether she could use the refresher without messing up one word) and Jyn spent that time attempting to teach what felt like every life-lesson she could ever remember her parents teaching her. The afternoons were spent in the training gym, Jyn at least a little more confident there in knowing what kind of combat to teach. The younger ones ran and played on the gym equipment that Jyn had threaten Mothma to order for her, while the older children handled blasters and other weapons.

“How come they get blasters and I don’t?” Rivi would always whine. “I’m old enough!”

“Being old enough isn’t what counts,” Jyn would always remind her. “Until I think you’re mature enough to handle one, you’re staying with the little kids.”

Doing the same thing over and over again didn’t sound too interesting in theory, but Jyn found that there was a kind of comfort in the routine. The children had time to get used to things, could remember things through the repetition and regular actions, and it gave Jyn something to focus on.

(She didn’t want these children realising their new commanding officer was actually a hot mess).

“You’re still not sleeping, are you?” Cassian asked her one evening.

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title: someone to ride the river with

summary:  While on a mission where she has been relegated to a back up position, Jyn gets distracted by her own emotions and finds herself in a bad situation. She’s always had to fight her own battles and Cassian’s done things by himself for so long; it’s both new and a relief to find that they aren’t alone anymore.

notes: So, funny story, this was supposed to be a fluffy and humorous fic about Jyn being jealous over Cassian while on a mission since I wrote a fic about Cassian being jealous. And then…this happened. Uh, it turned into more of an intense and angst fest instead. I literally wrote the first half with the former in mind, then came back to write it after five chapters of the Miss Congeniality AU and it changed into that. Sometimes, writing has a life of its own and that’s my only excuse. Warnings for attempted assault, but nothing actually happens.

Undercover missions were decidedly not her thing. For one, she lacked the patience for them; and two, she didn’t have what it took to slip into a completely different skin. Sure, she’d gone by a variety of different names over the years, but they had all essentially been her. She changed what she could for what she needed, but at the end of the day, Liana Halik was just as ready to get into a fight as Jyn Erso.

One upside about her was that she was a quick learner. She’d had to be even before Saw had taken her under his wing in the Partisans. Living a life on the run meant that she had to listen and understand fast, no matter what, and when she was working with Saw’s group, it was a life or death situation. She had to figure out how to use a blaster, make a bomb, fight with her fists, blend in and hide before she was ten or she would be dead. It didn’t matter what it was; if it meant living and it was for a mission, she would learn quickly.

So Jyn could learn to do undercover work. That was fine. The most difficult part, however, was learning how to handle the many different identities that Cassian wore like a jacket.

It was disconcerting. One second, Cassian was himself, the man she had come to know, respect, and actually grown comfortable with. He was never easy to read unless he let himself be, but that made all the times he allowed himself to be open to her all the better. There were moments when he seemed to retreat into himself when they were around one another, which made things strange, but she knew him when she thought very few did.

And then on a mission, he would become someone else, sometimes someone completely different, and he did it with such ease that it threw her for a loop every time. How could he do that? How could he toss away everything that made him Cassian Andor so easily? There was no regret in his eyes when it came to those types of missions. If she didn’t know his profile by heart, she swore even she wouldn’t have recognized him. Even the way he held himself was entirely different. The way he walked, the way he spoke, even his accent – all gone.

She didn’t much enjoy seeing him like that. It reminded her of Scarif when he’d put on that Imperial uniform. He’d become a different man – commanding, arrogant, cold – though she had known that he had to have been a livewire of nerves underneath that steel. She still didn’t know how he’d managed to school his face so thoroughly as they’d walked through the Imperial base. If not for the helmet over her head, she wouldn’t have been able to fool anyone they’d crossed paths with.

However, now that it was on her mind, Jyn thought that she might have preferred that cover over whatever the hell Cassian’s cover identity was today.

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Ghosts That We Knew, Chapter 3/?

On AO3 if you prefer


Summary: Bodhi joins Jyn, Cassian and Galen on the mission to Fest, will they make it past the Imperial checkpoint?

“The Outer Rim? Why me?” Bodhi asked, after looking around to ensure that Cassian wasn’t speaking to someone behind him. As much as Bodhi had learned in the last four years, he knew there were better pilots within earshot of where they stood on the tech deck, and those that weren’t better at flying were at least much more experienced in ground combat.

“Because I trust you,” Cassian had said in explanation, as if it were really that simple. He clapped his hand on Bodhi’s shoulder with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes and a look that suggested he maybe hadn’t slept much. “You’ll be fine, Bodhi. We leave in two hours - pack for cold weather.”

“How cold?”

“A lot colder than Jedha.” Cassian called back over his shoulder as he walked off.

Two hours and a visit to Supplies later, he found Jyn and Cassian already on the ship stowing away their packs. It was a battered, small freighter once used for smuggling spice, recovered by the Alliance who couldn’t afford to turn up their noses at such things. Bodhi’s hands itched to get at the controls and under the engine of something so patchwork and customised after years of Imperial cargo ships and Alliance transports. Four hatches in the bay hid a small bunk behind each and Bodhi laid claim to his own by tossing his bag full of layers and coats onto it. Everything was dark and dingy, worn and rusted, in contrast to the blinding, sterile whiteness of Home One.

“Is it just us?” he asked Jyn as she emerged from her own bunk, feeling a little horrified that he would potentially be their only back up considering how often they tended to throw themselves into chaos.

“Not quite,” she replied and pulled down the shutter to her bunk as Cassian hauled himself up the ladder to the cockpit. “What exactly did Cassian tell you?”

“That he needed a pilot to get you to the Outer Rim, and to bring warm clothes?”

Jyn rolled her eyes. “So he left out all the important bits.” She glanced towards the ramp, and Bodhi thought her face paled slightly.

At the sound of K-2SO’s heavy metal footsteps stepping up the ramp and into the ship, Bodhi turned, and saw a ghost. A ragged, one-eyed, shaven-headed ghost whose mouth gaped open at the sight of him as if he were the one who had come back from the dead.

“Is that..?” Jyn nodded at him, a little tired looking, and Bodhi thought he understood then why Cassian had asked for him for this mission. “How?”

She reached out and squeezed his arm. “It’s really him, Bodhi. Sorry for the lack of warning, I’m still trying to process it myself.”

Galen stopped on the ramp, and Kay lumbered on ahead with an armful of supplies which he dumped unceremoniously on the floor outside the bunks, and his hands and feet clanged on the ladder up to the cockpit.

“Bodhi?” Galen’s voice was soft, sand in a breeze.

In four years, Bodhi had travelled a broad spectrum of emotions about Galen Erso - gratitude for setting him on the path that led him here, rage about Jedha, anger on behalf of Jyn. They had bonded strongly, like a brother and sister trying to find the measure of one father, each with their own puzzle pieces.

Galen reached out and clamped Bodhi’s arms in his grip. He looked wretched. He had always looked haunted, like someone who wanted to waste away but was being kept alive by something outside of himself. The missing eye, the scars and deep wrinkles - Bodhi took it all in from close up and wondered how he had recognised Galen at all.

“Look at you,” he said, awe in his voice. “You made it. You saved all of us.”

Bodhi flushed hot, and stammered and blinked repeatedly in case he was seeing things. Hero wasn’t a title he had ever gotten comfortable with. “Um… what?” He looked back at Jyn who had crossed her arms over herself and flicked her glance between him and Galen. “How?”

“Plenty of time for that on our way,” sighed Galen as he gave Bodhi’s arms one more squeeze. “What can I do for you, Jyn?”

Bodhi could feel tension running from her, in the line of her shoulders and the way her fingers dug into her own arms. There was awkwardness and unfamiliarity hanging thick in the air between the three of them. “There’s a bunk for you, over there. Pack away your bag and then come up to the cockpit.”

Cassian called to Bodhi from above. He wasn’t sure his feet would get him up the ladder, and he kept looking back over to Galen who was ducking into his bunk, but Jyn shoved him gently from behind.

“I should be going with you.” said K-2SO.

“Sorry, Kay. As much as I would love to have you watching our backs,” Cassian would have liked for Kay to be Jyn’s shadow for the duration of the mission, and possibly the next seven months or more. “The locals aren’t going to think about speaking to us if you’re there. And we’ll have an Imperial search of the ship to get through, unless you want to be dismantled and hidden in the smuggling compartments?”

Kay made a mechanical noise of disgust. “I’d sooner cling to the outside of the ship.”

“I’m sure you’ll survive on base. The Pathfinders will need you.”

“Oh good. Days on a ship with trigger-happy soldiers, no doubt going somewhere muddy,” K-2SO slumped. “Dismantlement would be preferable.”

“Well, then you are spoiled for choice.” Cassian flicked switches on the panel and turned as Bodhi’s head popped up through the hatch. The pilot hauled himself through, followed by Jyn.

“Thanks for the warning, Cassian, really,” Bodhi grumbled as he pushed to his feet. “My heart is in my stomach.”

Cassian shrugged and reached out his hand to help Jyn up. She rolled her eyes but smiled and took it anyway. “Would you have believed me?”

“No, I would have thought Intelligence work had finally made you snap. Are you my co-pilot, Kay?”

“I’m not coming. Apparently I’m too much of a liability.” The droid grumbled as he stepped down into the hatch.

“Finally, you’ve caught on.” Jyn said as she strapped herself into the passenger bench at the back of the cockpit.

Bodhi slipped into the pilot’s seat, dark eyes wide and excited as he took in the controls. Cassian hadn’t doubted that Bodhi would bond instantly with the ship; he always did no matter how much he refused to believe in his own ability. Within minutes the engine flared to life and Bodhi chattered confidently to ground control, giving orders for the hangar to be airlocked as Galen stepped up into the hatch. Cassian reached out a hand to help him too, and he took it more willingly than Jyn had.

“Have you programmed coordinates already, Cassian?”

“Yes,” Cassian strapped himself in beside Bodhi once Galen and Jyn were secure in the back. “We’re going to Fest.”

“Fest?” squawked the pilot before recovering himself. “Oh, I mean, isn’t that where you’re from?”

“Yes, Bodhi.” Cassian busied himself with the co-pilot controls. He didn’t want to look at either Bodhi or Galen and see their reactions. “Just get us there in one piece and I’ll worry about the rest.”

Cassian smiled at the sight of Jyn curled up in their bunk. She had disappeared an hour before, claiming she was going to clean her blasters, but must not have made it any further than getting the cleaning kit out of her pack. He enjoyed the view for a moment - her hair mussed and loose, eyelashes dark against her pale cheeks, brow smooth and breathing steady.

It was as if some new part of his brain had flared to life the moment she had told him she was pregnant, a warning system, a constant alarm in the back of his mind telling him to protect and watch her as if his life depended on it. For now, it was muted, and his chest eased a little. He pulled what he needed from his own bag under the bed and left her to her rest.

Cassian set himself up at the small bench in the cargo area and laid out the scan docs they would need to get them through the security check. A married couple, returning to his homeland to visit family - simple and almost true. He attached the docs to his datapad and began building false identities for himself and Jyn. It didn’t take long before Rafa and Nora Ancar had fully fleshed out histories, including records of employment in the Imperial Civil Registries Office on Coruscant, where they met and fell in love.

Galen and Bodhi would have to test out the smuggling compartments. There wasn’t time to create new identities for them too.

He raised his head at the sound of someone climbing down the ladder. Galen appeared, and stretched out his back when he reached the bottom. The four of them had sat in near silence at the start of the journey; Bodhi had chattered nervously and Jyn had talked easily to him in the way she always did. Four people in need of very different conversations trapped on a small ship was always going to lead to discomfort. Cassian needed to talk to Galen but had no desire to be cornered into an awkward conversation about Jyn.

“Captain, I was hoping to find Jyn.” Galen said as he approached.

“She’s sleeping at the moment.”

“She seems a little overwhelmed,” Galen sighed and sat across from him. “Though you would know better than me.”

“She is,” Cassian agreed, though he wasn’t about to share the other reason for her current exhaustion. “Give her time. It’s a lot for her to take in.”

Galen nodded. “But she’s alright?”

Cassian thought of Jyn’s smile the night before, her passionate desire to spit in the face of the Empire by bringing new life into the galaxy, and all the times she had spoken of her father with love. “She is, or she will be. Believe me it takes more than this to knock Jyn down.”

Galen laughed quietly. “She always was more like her mother: stubborn with a will of steel.” Cassian thought it an apt description. Galen looked at his hands for a moment before speaking again. “Captain, Jyn told me about your marriage. I have so little right to comment on her life, but I know that you’re a good man at a time when so few are.”

“I wasn’t,” Cassian honestly didn’t believe that he had been, when they first met, and someday he would have to tell Galen that he had been in the scope of his sniper rifle on Eadu. “But she made me one.”

“Regardless, thank you. It’s easier, knowing that she didn’t end up alone.”

She was for a long time, Cassian thought, you didn’t completely protect her from that. “Tell me more about what you saw on Fest. Names, places, Imperial security.” Cassian asked to shift the focus of the discussion.

Galen ran his hand over his chin. “The only name I remember is Bazan. He was young, younger than the three of you. He did a lot of the bartering on behalf of the rebels, though there was an older man who kept a much calmer head in discussions.”

Cassian couldn’t place the name, it didn’t trigger any spark of recognition. He didn’t know what he had been expecting, his own memories of Fest hazy and mostly tied to his parents. The planet had lost meaning when both of them were gone.

“Is it true?” Galen asked when Cassian didn’t respond. “That’s where you’re from?”

“It was. I don’t remember very much of it, I was only a child. When I left, the people there were still separatists fighting against the dominance of the Core Worlds, though I suppose the Empire was really ruling even then.”

“Something I know all too well from my own homeworld, unfortunately, though I was much older when I left. Your first home always stays with you.”

“It’s another planet that needs to be freed from the oppression of the Empire,” Cassian shrugged, hoping to convince himself and Galen that this meant nothing more to him than any other mission. “Everywhere is someone’s home. It’s why the Alliance fights. You should rest up, it won’t be long until we’re there. Jyn will come to you when she’s ready… she just needs time.”

Galen nodded, and pushed himself up from the bench and headed towards his bunk on the opposite side of the room. “I hope we still have time.”

A beat after the door to Galen’s bunk slid closed, Jyn’s opened and she stuck her head out and looked around before stepping out towards where Cassian sat.

“Are you avoiding him?” Cassian disconnected the docs from the datapad.

“Not entirely,” she looked sheepish. “It was just a lot easier when he was lying in a medical bed. It seems more… real, now that he’s up and walking. Anyway, you were talking and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Cassian snorted. Jyn could lie her way out of many things, but this wasn’t one of them. He didn’t want to push her on it. “Do you feel better?”

She blushed as he rose to put his arms around her. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to fall asleep when there’s so much to get ready. I promise I’ll be more useful when we get there.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’d rather you took whatever rest you can get.” He pressed his lips to the top of her head.

“For something half the size of my thumb,” she mumbled against his chest. “It seems to need a lot of my energy.”

Cassian was struck by the image. He could picture an actual baby - had of course seen them, even held little Poe Dameron when he was a newborn - and that image alone had been terrifyingly small and fragile in his mind. How Jyn had just described it made his lungs tighten. The alarm in his mind rang loud again as he tried to imagine something so tiny and he swallowed back the surge of fear in his throat.

“Where did you learn that?” He asked when he could trust his voice again.

Jyn pulled back to look at him, green eyes scanning him and he knew she could see his trepidation. “The medics gave me a datapad full of information, Alliance standard apparently. I haven’t got very far with it though, it was frightening enough reading about what’s going on now, never mind what I have to look forward to.”

She chewed her bottom lip, a sure sign of her fear, and he tried to forget his own for her sake. “Come on, let’s go rest for a while.”

“I just apologised for doing that,” she grinned. “Are you sure you’re not just trying to get me into bed?”

He chuckled. “As much as I would like to, I really did mean rest.” He gathered up the datapads. “Besides, we need to go over our cover stories, and there isn’t long.”

He let Jyn, smiling, pull him towards their bunk.

Bodhi’s call had woken Jyn from a deep sleep, something she hadn’t thought she would even get close to but her body had insisted on it, as if it wanted her to sleep and never wake up. Cassian was already up and she wanted to curse him for not waking her when they were close to Fest.

She made it up to the cockpit in time to hear Cassian respond to the calls from Imperial security. He spoke in Festian first, just like a local coming home to find the Empire controlling access to his planet would do. Jyn could only pick out odd words and felt a little stunned at the speed with which he spoke. Her knowledge of the language was limited to words and short phrases spoken slowly for her to pick up, nothing like the rapid fluidity with which he spoke to the Imperials. He switched to Basic when they made it clear that they would not tolerate anything else and feigned sudden understanding. Once they granted access to land, Cassian ordered Galen and Bodhi to hide as he took control of the ship.

The smuggling hatches were invisible from the outside. It took just the right pressure in the exact right spot to get them to flip open. One each for Bodhi and Galen, and the others filled with weapons and identifying materials. Jyn didn’t envy what Bodhi and her father would have to endure as the hatches were barely big enough to hold them. She squeezed Galen’s hand once before closing him in, but Bodhi needed a little more soothing.

“Just breathe, Bodhi.” She urged and placed her hand on his chest. “It won’t be long.”

“Won’t be long until I run out of air,” he grumbled, but nodded at her to close the hatch.

“Are you ready?” Jyn asked when the ship finally touched down and Cassian climbed down the ladder from the cockpit. She had let her hair out of it’s tie and shook it loose around her shoulders as a closer match to her scandocs, and had wrapped herself in soft, warm layers that looked a lot more civilian than her usual gear, more fitting for a public servant from Coruscant. Cassian too had changed into something similar; a soft grey blanket-like scarf wrapped around him covering half his torso.

He nodded as he did a final scan of the hold for errant weapons. Jyn could see the tightness in his jaw, and could see the reality of where they were had just hit him. “Hey,” she said as she reached out to touch his face, longing to dissolve his tension. “We’ve got this. I’m with you.”

He nodded, and turned his head to kiss her palm. “Yeah. We’ll be fine.” Cassian leaned forward and stole a kiss from her, a promise, just as a loud knock on the bay door reverberated through the ship. He hit the control on the wall to open the doors, and suddenly Jyn was glad for the warm layers as a gust of cold air invaded the ship, followed by three Stormtroopers.

The feeling hit Jyn as quickly as the cold air had. Not fear, not for herself, but something just as primal. That white armour was linked to a dozen bad memories and traumas, but as individuals she didn’t find ‘troopers to be particularly fearsome. This was something new: the first challenge to her baby’s safety. I can protect us, her own words to Cassian rang in her ears, so easily said when she was safe on base. Jyn bit the inside of her cheek and took a deep breath and tried to reclaim her mind from the swirl of hormones. If anything happened, she knew, she could take these three on herself without breaking a sweat.

“Scan docs,” grunted the first ‘trooper. One climbed up the ladder to the cockpit while the other poked around the hold and bunks. Cassian handed over their cards, and Jyn slipped into character by clinging to his arm.

“Names?” The ‘trooper asked even as he scanned their IDs with a handheld device.

“Rafa and Nora Ancar,” said Cassian. “We’ve travelled from Coruscant.”

“Business here?”

“I’m from here, though it’s been a long time since I’ve been back. My parents took me to Coruscant as a child so they could serve the Empire.” Jyn envied the calmness in his voice; she had never quite been able to hide herself the way Cassian could. “My wife very much wanted to see Fest - one last adventure before we start our family.”

Jyn gave a bright smile and a nod, though the ‘trooper just grunted as he scrolled through the very fake information that appeared on his scanner.

“Sir,” the second ‘trooper approached them as the third climbed down from the cockpit. “No sign of anything untoward, but there are smuggling hatches in the walls.”

Jyn’s heart skipped a beat, though she kept her smile in place. The ‘trooper reached out and knocked his fist against the corner of a panel which then popped open, thankfully revealing nothing. She didn’t dare steal a glance to the floor beneath her feet; the panels under which Bodhi and her father hid were nowhere near as obvious as the one the ‘trooper had found.

The commander turned back to them. “Anything to tell us?”

Cassian shrugged and kept his voice light. “I had no idea there was anything there. I bought this ship on Tattooine, for a fair price. The seller did say it was an old spice smuggling ship, but you’re not going to find an Imperial-class transport for sale in Mos Eisley. You’re welcome to search.”

“This is really the best we could find, on an Imperial salary.” Jyn laughed, a false echo of herself. “On two Imperial salaries no less!”

The ‘trooper was quiet for a moment, unreadable behind his mask, before he nodded to his colleague. “Check the other panels, just in case anything was left behind.” He turned back to Jyn and Cassian. “Yeah, tell me about it - I’ve heard what the bureaucrats on Corsucant are bringing in while the rest of us make minimum. Look, be careful with the locals, stick to the town, and stay out of trouble - you’ll be sick of the snow and praying to get back to civilisation within a week, I know I was.”

The other ‘trooper popped open each panel on the wall with a fist, revealing nothing more than some old blankets in one hatch. The three Stormtroopers shrugged, the commander spoke into his comms, and they traipsed back down the ramp.

Jyn took a deep breath when they were out of sight, and Cassian slapped the control to raise the ramp again. Her cheeks felt like ice despite her sped up heartbeat. As soon as the ramp slammed shut, she kicked her heel into the right spot on the panel below her to reveal Bodhi. His eyes were scrunched shut and he took a heaving breath as soon as the light hit him. Cassian opened the other panel, and Galen sat up stiffly and accepted Cassian’s hand to help him out.

“We’re safe?” Asked Bodhi as he climbed out and kicked the panel shut as if he never wanted to see that hatch again.

“We’re allowed to be here,” Cassian popped open another hatch in the floor and pulled out a stash of weaponry. “That’s a start for now. It’s easier to fool a few Stormtroopers with good IDs than it will be to get the locals to trust us.”

“You don’t think we can do it?” Galen asked as he stepped up close to Jyn. She could see the darkness in Cassian’s eyes, how affected he was just by seeing ‘troopers here, by having to lie and ask their permission to land where he was born, where his mother had died and was buried. She didn’t doubt him at all when he spoke next, and felt fire flare in her gut at his voice.

“I think no matter what happens,“ he said as he checked his rifle, “we’re not leaving here until those bastards are stopped.”

the concept of demisexual cassian has been stuck in my head all week and it makes s o much sense I’m mad I didn’t think of it earlier