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Why do people keep painting Jyn as not very bright? There are a lot of indications that Jyn is smart, bordering on genius. She created a fake identity so air tight that the Empire couldn’t see through even when she was in Imperial Custody, for goodness sake. She was Saw’s best fighter at age 16, and Saw fully believed that she would be able to figure out how to survive on her own, and she did. She’s smart enough to read a room of people she’s never met and assess the threats they pose with in minutes.

Lyra even says it in the novel- “She had her father’s mind, if not his obsessions.” Lyra believed that Jyn was every bit the genius that her father was. Think about that. Lyra Erso at that point could only see that kind of intellect as dangerous, as a threat to her daughter’s well-being. Most parents want to believe their kids are smart, but Lyra must have hoped that Jyn was average a best, only to be forced to admit that her mind was exceptional.

Imagine what Jyn could have done with a proper education. Instead of being a prodigy of combat, she could have been an engineer to rival Galen Erso himself. She could have revolutionized any field she chose to study. But the circumstances of her life robbed her of that, and she never got the chance to fulfill that potential.

The saddest part is that she probably never knew this about herself.

Part I

(I am too tired to keep on working on this right now and I still got to paint one set of lineart and work out Part III.
My gratitude goes towards @skitzofreak who let me ramble at her about this piece. Thanks a lot! <3)

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84 for the prompts list please (rebelcaptain of course) :)

Look at me getting prompts done lately! IKR?!?! Still, I’m sorry this is so late.

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84. “I can’t lose you.”

Jyn clung tight to Cassian on Scarif’s beach, wind whipping around them as they awaited the end. The Death Star had fired, and there was nothing to do now but embrace their demise as she embraced this man she’d hated and then come to think of as something more in such a short amount of time. They knew each other so little, and yet, and yet, she felt like she’d lived a lifetime with Cassian in those few short days.

It didn’t feel like the end. It felt like the beginning.

The blastwave was almost upon them. Jyn’s eyes closed.

Suddenly, sand sprayed into her face and a gust of wind hit her from…the opposite direction? She looked up in shock, away from the ocean, to see a shuttle hovering and a rebel pilot urgently beckoning to her.

“We have to go!” she said to Cassian, tugging at him. Already she was moving, the shuttle so close –

But Cassian wasn’t. Jyn looked back at his face, her arms still twined around him. His eyes were closed, but he wasn’t responsive.

He’d passed out.

Or he’d –

“No!” Jyn cried. She grabbed his face with both hands and looked out at the oncoming blastwave. It was too close, way too close, and any second now it would be upon them. Her head swiveled toward the shuttle, their escape, and the rebel now shaking his head and mouthing words to her.

Her gaze went back to Cassian.

“Cassian, no! No…. I can’t lose you!

And she wasn’t going to lose this one chance. She pulled his face to hers, kissed him hard on the lips, and leaned back. With all her strength, she hauled him to the shuttle, and the rebel helped them board.

The shuttle cleared the beach just as the blastwave hit.

By the time they jumped to hyperspace, Cassian had regained consciousness again, and he was gazing at Jyn as he lay in the bunk at the back of the ship. She sat on the edge of it.

“Did you…?” he said to her.

“Did I what?” she asked breathlessly, holding his hand against her cheek. He shook his head.

“Nothing,” he said, and Jyn smiled.

“Rest,” she replied, laying his hand on his chest. “We’ll be home soon.”

Cassian gave her a tentative smile back, and he nodded.

They were going home.

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For rebelcaptain: one sees the other working out and has a reaction( I don’t care what kind). Thank you!!

I am so sorry this took so long! Also I haven’t written in so long so I hope this isn’t too rusty.

Rated: Explicit (this prompt begged for smut I’m afraid)

Jyn couldn’t sleep, and after deciding tossing and turning in her tiny bunk wasn’t helping anything, she changed into workout clothes and made her way to the training room. The base was quiet at this time of night, and she made her way through the dark halls with quiet footfalls. When she reached the training room she saw through the window that it wasn’t empty.

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Update: “Revealing”

Chapter 8

Rating: M

Story: Modern single parents AU where Jyn and Cassian have not seen each other in 5 years, and run into each other at Starbucks. Cassian asks Jyn to meet to catch up, and things get even more complicated in Jyn’s already messy life as the past catches up with them. “Revealing” is a new part of the “Someday Out of the Blue” series that is an alternate take to the story.

Start from the beginning with “Rekindling.”

Rogue One screening at work was funny: 1⃣ geek guy who was beyond himself with excitement when he realized he met a kindred spirit (and it’s been wonderful talking to him), one fake geek guy who tried to quiz me and had to back off when he walked right into a trap (honestly, trying to be smart about Windu and not even knowing what Vaapad is, pathetic), and a bunch of guys at various levels of geekiness, two of them never saw Rogue One before so they cheered and laughed at the right places and enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs (I was so proud of them when they noticed that Wobani stood for Obi-Wan).

Though I might have scared them a bit when I was the only one cheering when the Executor arrived to battle of Scarif.

And the funniest thing:

One of the guys, after watching: “Is it just me or that kung-fu guy and that other guardian guy were… You know.. Gay?”

Words of a casual, vox populi, vox Dei.